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When You Came Around

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Hyuna clings to her father's leg, hiding behind him like her life depends on it. The little five year old girl had never been around so many kids before, and she didn't know what to do. "Abeoji... abeoji...?" She whispered as she tugged on the sleeve of his shirt to get his attention. Yoongi was in mid-discussion with the daycare lead, Dawon, but he paused for a moment to look down at Hyuna with a light smile. "What is it, angel?" Hyuna whimpered and clung to him tighter, and he chuckled. "It's okay, you can make friends. Come on, baby girl." Yoongi urged as he shifted around to sink down to her level and pull her close.

"I'll finish her paperwork. Don't you worry, every kid is like this on their first day! Once she gets a feel for it, she will be just fine. In fact, she will be wanting to come and then you'll be sad." Dawon said, flashing a sunshine smile before she turned and headed into the office. Yoongi chuckled, fully believing the woman's words as he pulled Hyuna into a hug as the door jingled again to signal another parent and child. "It'll be okay, Hyuna. Just get to-" Yoongi was cut off from his whispering by a high pitched squeal. "Daddy, look! A new girl! Hiiiii!" The small boy was urging his father forward by the hand. He looked to be around the same age as Hyuna and he had a bright smile just like the girl who ran the place did. He was absolutely precious. Yoongi held back from cooing at him to look to Hyuna, who shyly peaked around his broad shoulder to waggle her little fingers at the other.

"You're really pretty!" The boy said, causing his father to erupt in laughter and Yoongi to finally break, cooing sweetly at the boy. "Aww, aren't you just so sweet! Must've had a wonderful influence..." Yoongi looked up to finally take a look at this boy's father and his breath caught in his throat. Holy shit. His mind supplied, but nothing even relatively smart. This man was positively the most beautiful man Yoongi had ever laid eyes on. Honey colored eyes and dark, fluffy, wavy hair that cascaded over his forehead. Sunkissed skin that practically glowed. And his smile, oh god his smile. Yoongi felt like the whole world had just bloomed because of this smile. He must've been staring hard because that beautiful smile faltered as the man chuckled. “I'm sorry, he's pretty vocal about pretty things.” Oh god! His voice was like melted chocolate and Yoongi wanted to taste. What? No. Too far. He wasn't a creep by any means but he had not been this heavily attracted to a male in years; not since he and Jimin split up in college.

He remained zoned out for a beat longer before he blinked out of his stupor and shook his head adamantly. “No, no. It's no problem. He's so precious.” Yoongi said, flashing a gummy smile that he rarely ever exposed to anyone outside of his little group of family and friends. He couldn't help it, this man just seemed to bring out the best in everything he came in contact with. Yoongi was sure of it. He looked away from the angel of a man to look at his daughter, the young boy hovering around them curiously. “Hyuna, why don't you say hi? He seems very nice.” Yoongi urged her and she slowly peeked out again, her sweet little voice echoing in the quiet entry space. “Hi.” The little boy did this cute little wiggle as his hands cupped his cheeks and he beamed. “Hi! I'm Seokjin! But you can call me Jinnie!” He chirped happily before he stretched a hand out to her. “Come play wiff me?” Hyuna looked to her father with mild alarm before he smiled down at her. “It's okay, baby girl. I promise he's not going to be mean.” Hyuna seemed to deliberate for a moment before she reached out and took Seokjin's hand gently in her own.

“I go slow so you keep up, otay?” He said sweetly and she looked down with a shy smile and nodded. “Otay.” And off the two went, slowly and hand in hand. “Oh, god. They grow up so quick. It's not fair!” Hoseok whined as he watched the two littles head ro the circle mat to play with toys together. “What's her name?” He asked Yoongi as the shorted male straightened up and stretched some. Holy shit, he was fucking gorgeous. Hoseok's mouth ran dry as he watched the muscles in the smaller Male's arms ripple with every movement before he spoke, this time not in his sweet dad voice. “Her name is Hyuna. This is her first time around kids her age, so she's really shy. I'm glad she was able to warm up to him quick though. Maybe leaving her won't be so hard.” Yoongi chuckled and Hoseok snorted. “It never gets easier, my dude! Seokjin has been coming here since he was six months old. I'm still not over it!” The man wiped a mock tear from the corner of his eyes as a feigned a pained expression and Yoongi laughed. Why was everything so easy with this guy?!

“So, I'm Min Yoongi.” The smaller male said as he held his hand out with a confident smile and Hoseok offered a lopsided, bright smile of his own as he firmly gripped the offered hand and shook it. “Jung Hoseok. The owner of this place is my noona, Dawon. Hyuna will be in the best care possible!” Yoongi smiled cheerfully, all gums and teeth as he nodded. “Your sister, huh? Makes a lot of sense.” He mused quietly and Hoseok raised a brow questioningly. “What do ya mean there, Yoongi-sii?” He leaned against the counter, a playful smirk blossoming on his lips as Yoongi's mouth fell open. He said that out loud? Well shit. “You, uh, both have the same smile is all.” Yoongi said quietly, almost shyly even. And that said smile broke out across Hoseok's face, heart shaped and shining like the sun. God, it was amazing.

It was then that Dawon returned and cleared her throat. How long was Yoongi staring, how hard was he staring? Was it obvious what was in his mind? Oh fuck. Oh no. “She's all set. Pick up time is three thirty, unless you'd like after school care which would make pick up time six thirty.” She explained, a devious smirk playing on her lips as she watched the two. Yoongi was looking at her with a dumbfounded expression and hadn't noticed that Hoseok had not once looked away from him yet. “Uh, no. Three thirty is fine. I'll be here.” Yoongi replied in a strained as he too cleared his throat, it suddenly having gone dry after his moment of panic. “And no other parent or guardian to list? It's just you?” She inquired, that smirk spreading further as she watched realization dawn on Hoseok from the corner of her eye. “Ah, yeah. Just me. There is no one else.” It was apparent that Yoongi wasn't catching what she was doing, too lost in his own thoughts but she nodded and handed his ID back to him. “Alright, we will see you at three thirty then. I promise, Hyuna will have a blast!”

Just as she said that, a peel of laughter came from the small classroom that Yoongi knew so well. Hyuna's little bell like voice sending warmth spreading through him as he looked over to where she was seated. “Yeah. I think you're right.”

After giving Hyuna the biggest hug and kiss goodbye, Yoongi made his way through the front door only to be followed out by the sun incarnate. “Hey, Yoongi-sii! See you this afternoon?” His voice was such a contradiction. Smooth and velvety deep, with little bits what could only be described as happiness. What the hell! He turned and smiled with a single nod. “Yeah, I'll see you later, Hoseok-sii.”

Hoseok hesitated for a moment as Yoongi turned and started walking in the opposite direction before he finally steeled his nerves. “Hey, actually!” Hoseok called out as he jogged the small distance back to Yoongi's side. Yoongi looked up at him with wide, curious eyes before his head tilted in silent question. “If you're not busy, like, immediately… maybe we can grab a coffee? My shift doesn't start for an hour, so…” Hoseok trailed off, his heart doing somersaults in his chest as he hovered beside Yoongi, unsure of how he would react.

Several changes went over Yoongi's features. Surprise, worry, suspicion, before a small but guarded smile formed on his lips. “I have nothing else to do, so why not.” He added a noncommittal shrug before he motioned for Hoseok to lead the way. Hoseok didn't know how to take that, but it hurt a bit. It wasn't a rejection but, it was exactly what he was expecting either. Wait, what was he expecting? He's a stranger and he just asked this dude out for coffee! What if he doesn't swing that way? Shit. Hoseok really did not think this through. “Hoseok-sii, are you okay?” Yoongi's intoxicating voice slithered through his chaotic thoughts, the smaller male eyeing him with a worried expression. He hadn't even realized he had been pouting, but he felt it now and startled out of his daze completely.

“Oh.. sorry! Haha, I um, I just realized how weird it was that I asked you out like that. I'm sorry, I-” He stopped mid sentence as the cutest thing happened. Yoongi blushed. Even the tips of his ears became red and he ducked his head down shyly. His deep voice came out in a hushed whisper as he rocked back and forth on his heels. “That… was you asking me out…?” Hoseok strained to hear it, and he wasn't even sure if he believed what he had heard. Oh god, he ruined it! He could have at least made another dad friend, but no! He had to be an aggressive gay! “Uh. Yeah? Yes, I mean. Fuck. I wanted to but then I started thinking, like, shit. What if he doesn't like dudes. Why didn't I ask? Maybe he's not actually single, but like.. not serious. And…” Hoseok rambled on and felt his face grow hotter and hotter with his ever prominent blush. He was just digging his own goddamned grave.

“I-I do. And I'm not…” Yoongi shyly mumbled as he shifted his weight slightly, becoming more fidgety. Hoseok blinked as he tried to process what he could hear. “I-I'm sorry. What?” He fumbled out, leaning in closer and crowding into Yoongi's space to try and hear him. “Yah! Don't you think you're a bit too close?!” Yoongi snapped, finally looking up and snapping his mouth shut as he realized just how close they really were. Hoseok flushed but didn't pull away, staring defiantly into Yoongi's eyes. “Well, if you wouldn't mumble in the middle of a busy sidewalk, I wouldn't have to.” Hoseok said lightly, no bite to his words. In fact, there was a playful glint in his eyes that made Yoongi's insides heat up. “I said I'm interested!” Fuck! No he did not! Where did his intelligence go?! “I mean, in guys! Not… oh jesus christ, just buy me a coffee already!”

Yoongi snatched one of Hoseok's hands and began dragging him down to the local Starbucks, glad he at least had a little knowledge of the area. Hoseok stumbled at first before regaining his footing and walking in stride with Yoongi. The man was shorter than him but not by much and Hoseok absolutely loved that. And his hands, his hands! The hand he held was bigger than his own, slightly chilled, and so, so soft! Hoseok internally squeed happily as he let Yoongi lead them inside the busy coffee shop and queue into the line. Yoongi had a mighty pout going on and Hoseok internally cooed at him as he stole glances while they moved silently forward.

Once their orders were placed and in hand, they moved to an empty table in the middle of the small shop and took a seat across from each other. Neither of them were sure how to break this awkward silence they had built up, but Yoongi was going to go nuts if he didn't try. “So, Hoseok. What do you do for work? You mentioned a shift coming soon…” Yoongi questioned though his tone was more lax than he was hoping for. Almost disinterested even. He pissed himself off so bad! Hoseok smiled sadly and shrugged a bit before he spoke. “I work three jobs. Though my main job is teaching dance up the street at that newer studio. My other two jobs are in retail, but it's how I make ends meet. Life is expensive when you have a kid and you're on your own.” Hoseok sighed heavily before taking a swig from his overly sweetened drink. “What about you, Yoongi? What do you do?”

“First, let me say. It's very admirable how hard you work to keep your son's life a happy one. I know it must be hard. I work as a composer and producer. I usually produce tracks for up and coming idols so I basically make my own schedule. I have my friends and family to help me with Hyuna, so I guess I've never really gone it alone persay. But since I won custody, it's just been me and her.” Hoseok smiled sheepishly at Yoongi's compliment as he listened on with rapt attention. “That's so cool! I wonder if I've ever danced to something you've made…” Hoseok mused with a curious expression and Yoongi chuckled with a halfhearted shrug. “Probably. I think it's cool that you dance. What type of dance, exactly?” Yoongi asked with curious eyes as he chugged down his coffee. “Well, my personal preference and what I'm best at is Hip-hop. Street dance, things like that. But I enjoy getting to teach interpretive dance.”

Hoseok hummed as he thought before he continued. “I do these videos, on youtube. It's called Hope on the Street, because the kids dubbed me with the dance name Jhope. If you ever feel like checking it out.” Hoseok smiled and winked. Fuck, he winked and Yoongi's stomach dropped and swooped like he was on some kind of roller coaster. Was he already this fucked by sunshine boy? Shit. “I just might have to; see what you're capable of.” Hoseok had the audacity to blush at Yoongi's words after blatantly flirting with him and that only steeled Yoongi's resolve to ask for a second date. Because this was definitely counted as date one, he didn't fucking care. Hoseok checked his phone for the time and gasped. “Shit! I gotta go or I'm gonna be late! Time flies when you're having fine, I guess.” The taller chuckled as he pushed up out of his seat and Yoongi rose along with him. “I'm honestly not sorry if I made you late, but I am sorry if you get in trouble.” Yoongi joked with a playful smirk that had Hoseok melting on the spot.

Hoseok shifted on his feet nervously, unsure how to end this… date? Was it a date? God, he hoped it was. And that there would be another. As if on cue, Yoongi spoke. “So, can we do this again sometime?” His voice was quiet but his chocolate colored eyes were earnest and Hoseok's heart skipped a beat. “Uh, coffee? Sure?” Hoseok didn't want to make a joke out of something so serious, it was just habit, but his worry of being taken the wrong way fell away from him as Yoongi smiled. “Another date, I mean.” Shit! It was a date! Hoseok wanted to scream but he didn't want to make an ass of himself so he would text Jin hyung and scream when he was on his way to work. “What makes you assume this was a date?” Hoseok fired and Yoongi didn't miss a beat in retaliation, “What makes you assume it's not a date?” Hoseok blushed again but his smile never faded. “Yes, I'd like another date please. What will it cost me?” What the absolute fuck Jung Hoseok! “A kiss goodbye, maybe?” Holy shit.

Hoseok felt like he was going to throw up it heart if it kept beating in his throat as he stared at Yoongi wide eyes. Yoongi was dead serious, almost hopeful in his expression even. And that was enough to propel Hoseok forward, closing the gap between him before Yoongi reached up and gently cupped the back of his neck. “Only if you want, I mean. I'm not trying to-” Yoongi's voice was just above a whisper as they both continued to lean in, his words cutting off when their lips met. And that whole cliche thing they talk about in movies, where you see fireworks when you share a first kiss with someone who feels the same as you. Shit was real! A warmth spread from Hoseok's chest, spreading quickly through his body like sparks of a flame and colors danced behind his closed eyelids. Holy fuck, this was all so fast but it just felt right. If this was how a small, chaste peck made him feel… what the hell was going to happen if they actually made out?! Hoseok was pretty sure he wouldn't be able to contain himself then, actually hella sure.

He pulled away after a few sweet moments, resting his forehead on Yoongi's before finishing what the other was saying before with a statement. “I don't think you could ever force me to touch you, Min Yoongi, it's hard enough to force myself not to.” Hoseok had no idea where all of this honesty was coming from but his hands moved to rest on Yoongi's hips as if to give truth to his statement and he could hear Yoongi's breath catch. “Oh.” It was more air and mouth movement than an actual voiced word, but it sent a spark through Hoseok; it let him know that Yoongi felt the same. And damn if he didn't have to work right now, he wouldn't stop himself. “I really should go…” Hoseok whispered before he pulled away and letting his hands fall to his sides, taking a step back and flashing a blinding smile. “Text me details of our next date and I'll get back to you between jobs!” The younger chirped before he hurried out, knowing that if he staggered even a hit that he would never leave.

Hoseok worked his first job with the brightest smile on his face. Nothing could bring his mood down after the best start to his morning ever. And talking to his hyung had only amplified it. Then in his break, he chatted with Yoongi too, and felt a rush of elation at the fact that the man wanted to get closer to his son. Yes, he knew this was pushing borderline crazy on fast pace. But something felt so right about Yoongi. Like. Everything. He was literally perfect. That wasn't to say that this whole situation didn't scare the ever loving shit out of Hoseok, since his last relationship went to hell and was definitely abusive. He and his son had suffered a lot from his mistakes. From his bad habit of falling and trusting too quickly. And here he was, doing it again. But every fiber of his being was telling him that Yoongi was trustworthy, and even Jin hyung and Namjoon knew him well. Jin would have told him if it was a bad idea, right? Of course he would.

Throughout the rest of his busy work day, his second job, and even the bus ride to Yoongi's; Hoseok's anticipation and happiness only grew. He had been in relationships before, sure, but they've never made him feel like this. Like nothing could go wrong. Like maybe he could finally have the love and support that he yearned for and so desperately needed. It wasn't a financial thing, and he always had Jin hyung, but it was different. He wanted emotional, and physical support that Jin couldn't offer. Jin had Namjoon, and Hoseok was never really interested in his best friend like that. He looked up to see that the next stop was his and his heart kicked into high gear. So close, and now he was getting nervous? The man had his son! He couldn't back out.

He stepped off of the bus and looked up at the high rise condominiums in front of him. Yoongi lived here?! Holy shit, he must be way well off! Hoseok actually felt underdressed walking into this place but he couldn't help that. He buzzed up to the room that Yoongi sent to him before he stepped onto the elevator and headed up. He was on the 46th floor. 46th!!! As soon as he stepped off the elevator he had the urge to rush to the window at the end of the hall, but a door was opening just in front of the elevator and he was struck by the most beautiful gummy smile. “Hey.” Yoongi rasped quietly and Hoseok broke out into a sunshine smile of his own. “Hey to you.” He replied cheerfully as he crossed the hallway to the door and Yoongi moved so he could enter. Hoseok pulled his shoes off and sighed happily, finally free of their painful confines as Yoongi closed the door.

“They're asleep in Hyunnie's room, so take a minute and sit down. Relax some, I brewed some tea, do you mind green tea?” Hoseok felt warmth flood through him, not only at Yoongi's over generosity and sweetness, but his overly fond tone. Like they had been doing this for years. And if Hoseok admitted to himself, he wouldn't mind this every day for forever. “Thank you, Yoongishi. I don't mind green tea, but you really didn't-” Yoongi cut him off by placing his index finger against his pursed lips to shush him. “No complaints. Go sit on the couch and relax. I'll tell you all about our exciting day once I join you.” Yoongi said, that smile still on his face as he disappeared into the kitchen and Hoseok admitted defeat before he went and flopped heavily onto the couch. He sighed happily once again as he sank in, comfortably molding into the cushions.

When Yoongi came back, he held two mugs of tea in his hands that he set down on the table next to Hoseok on the side of the couch. Yoongi moved to sit down next to him, sinking in and resting his cup on his lap. “Where did you get this couch? I need six.” Hoseok mumbled sleepily as he positioned himself, leaning more into Yoongi than he had anticipated but the man wasn't complaining so he stayed. It was comforting. Yoongi chuckled and shrugged some. “Found it at some furniture store back home and had it shipped here. It is the best couch, I must admit.” Hoseok chuckled before his hand flew to his mouth to stifle a yawn. “Why don't you just stay? I have a guest room, and Jinnie is comfortable. Your sister gave me extra clothes for the kiddo and I'm sure I have something big enough to fit you. What time do you work?”

My god. When did he stop being the perfect man. It was frightening and exhilarating and so, so special to Hoseok. He almost wanted to cry. “I don't want to burden you guys, it's okay…” He mumbled, rubbing at his eyes to fight away the random tears and sleepiness that was building up. Yoongi sighed before he leaned into Hoseok, causing his pulse to skyrocket as he froze. “It's not a burden, Hoseokie. I want you guys here.” Hoseok turned his head slowly, finally registering how close Yoongi had moved as their foreheads bumped and his eyes fluttered closed. “You're making this really hard to think logical and take things slow.” Hoseok whispered and he felt Yoongi huff out a quiet laugh against his skin. “I don't feel like I need to with you… if that makes sense. I don't know everything about you yet, but I want to get there. I just… feel different with you.”

Hoseok is too tired for this, he knew that and now his composure was slipping as he closed the distance and pressed his lips to Yoongi's. It started off gentle, fleeting, and sweet. Yoongi moved to pull away and Hoseok wasn't having it. He cupped the back of Yoongi's neck and pulled him back, kissing him harder than before and running his tongue along the seam of the smaller males lips. Yoongi gasped and gripped the front of Hoseok's shirt and Hoseok took that chance as his tongue pushed past Yoongi lips, curling around the others lightly. Yoongi melted into him, giving up control rather quickly as Hoseok gripped his hips to pull him into his lap. Yoongi groaned slightly into the kiss before he froze, the sound of little footsteps on hardwood. He pulled back roughly and quickly scrambled off and up to his feet only to spot his little girl exiting the hall and rubbing her eyes sleepily. “Abeoji? ‘M thirsy…” She mumbled sweetly and Yoongi shot Hoseok an apologetic look before he straightened himself out and hurried to her, lifting her up, and carrying her to the kitchen in silence.

Hoseok hadn't heard her at all, and now he felt bad. He was entirely too lucky that yoongi was fine tuned to the noise or that could have been seen as messy. “Okay, angel girl. All good?” Hyuna nodded and let her head sag on her father's shoulder as he carried her off back to bed. Hoseok found the whole situation endearing rather than aggravating though, probably because he was a parent too. He knew things like this could happen. Being a single parent was hard. With both of them being single parents to young children with little to no time, he knew it would be this way and he was totally okay with it. When Yoongi returned to the living room, he flopped back onto the couch with a sigh and shielded his eyes in the crook of his arm. “‘m sorry.” He mumbled and Hoseok smiled to himself before he wrapped his arms around Yoongi before he pulled him up into his lap and rested both of them back into the couch. Yoongi immediately curled into him and sighed contentedly.

“You have nothing to be sorry about, Yoon. We both have kids and that's gonna happen. Plus, I kinda lost myself there, so I'm sorry too.” Hoseok whispered against the top of his head before pressing a kiss to the top of Yoongi's head. “‘m just used to people bein’ disappointed.” Yoongi mumbled, sleep trying to take him over. “I could never be. Not in you, or over the kids, or lack of personal time. Whatever it is. Our kids come first. Don't ever think I'll get upset over this, please.” Yoongi hummed, sounding much more relaxed. “Thank you, Hoseokie… We have so much to talk about but.. ‘m tired.”

“Mm, me too. Let's get you to bed.” Hoseok sat them up and Yoongi leaned against him as they walked down the hall to his room. The room itself was homey. The walls were decked in pictures of He, Hyuna, and someone Hoseok noticed. Taehyung! Oh, and there was Namjoon! “Seems we have a similar circle of friends. Wonder how we never met before.” Hoseok mused and Yoongi fell onto his bed before he rolled over, eyeing Hoseok with a brow raised. “Say what?” Hoseok chuckled. God damn, he was making it hard not to just pounce him. “Namjoon is my best friends boyfriend; Jin. And Taehyung is close to my other friends; Jimin and Jungkookie.” Hoseok could pinpoint the exact moment that everything settled in Yoongi's tired mind as his eyes widened. “For real?! And they kept you from me?! Those bastards!”

Hoseok was finding it hard to keep himself from laughing out loud and waking the kids, his whole frame vibrating from holding it in. “It's okay. Fate has it's own way, right?” Hoseok said lightly after he caught his breath before he walked over and bent down to place a kiss on Yoongi's lips. “Go to bed now. Get some sleep.” Yoongi shook his head some before he grabbed Hoseok's shirt and pulled him down on top of him before rolling him off and onto the bed. “Stay?” His voice was small, almost afraid. “I'm kinda… scared of the dark… and Hyuna is already asleep with Jinnie and…” Yoongi was cut off as Hoseok pulled him into a tight embrace. “Okay, I'll stay. I didn't know, I'm sorry.” Hoseok really had to wonder now, what all had happened to the smaller male in his arms. He was so fragile like this, a shocking contrast from how he was when they met that morning. Yoongi shifted to get right in the bed, Hoseok following after him as they pulled the blanket up over themselves. Hoseok wrapped him in his arms again and Yoongi curled into him, melting into his embrace like he was made for it. “Thank you… g'night, Seokie…” Yoongi mumbled as sleep overtook him.

Hoseok wasn't sure when he fell asleep, but it was long after Yoongi. He sat awake, just holding him close; a strange feeling enveloping him. Why? Why did everything feel so easy, so right with Yoongi? Hoseok couldn't fathom ever being this quick to comfort with a stranger. His son was the most precious thing in the world to him, and he just… trusted Yoongi to take care of him. After having only just met him! It was risky, but it proved okay. Jinnie was sound asleep, and happily snuggled up with Hyuna. They were already like siblings. God, this was too much but not enough at the same time. Hoseok didn't understand it, but he wanted this. So badly.

Hoseok groaned as his eyes fluttered open only to be assaulted by bright white light. The sun was already up and streaming through the flowy, white, lace curtains on the window. Wait… that was his window. He blinked, rubbing the sleep away from his eyes before he slowly started remembering. He and Jinnie were at Yoongi's house, and when he looked over, Yoongi was not in the bed. He blushed furiously then as the rest of the night came flooding back to him. How the hell had he been so bold! Shit! But before he could overthink too much, he heard little feet charging down the hall before his son burst through the door. The little boy ran at the bed before he jumped, landing solidly on top of his father. “Abeoji! Good morning! Yoongi-appa is makin bweakfast! He said not to wake you… but I misseded you and wanted morning kisses!” With that, Jinnie began planting loud, wet kisses all over Hoseok's face, who squirmed and laughed beneath him. “Good morning to you too, baby boy.” Hoseok bellowed as he wrapped his hands around the little boys waist and rolled him to pin him to the bed before he started with his morning kisses attack. Jinnie giggled loudly, pushing against Hoseok to stop him as Hyuna ran in and hurried to the bedside. “I wanna pway too!” She whined. And how could Hoseok ever deny her? Hoseok pulled her up onto the bed and ascended on her like the kisses monster he was as she giggle screamed and wiggled around, flailing her arms. He could definitely get used to this.

Yoongi snuck up quietly, standing in the doorway and watching the fun transpiring before him. God, he really wanted this. Every morning, for the rest of his goddamn life. As a matter of fact, he had called Namjoon that morning just to gush about how much he wanted this, and discussed all of his worries of feeling this way so fast. This was literally only the second day of knowing Hoseok and he already wanted to risk it all for the man. Seokjin had just so happened to be with Namjoon when he called.

Flashback to the call:
“Namjoon-ah. What do I do?! Hoseok stayed the night last night, it was so late and I didn't want him going home in some shady taxi and… fuck. I… I don't want him to leave, Joon-ah!”
A deep sigh came through the receiver.
“I knew you were fast to fall, hyung, but this is wild even for you.” Namjoon paused as something shuffled in the background and Jin soft yet booming voice came through.
“Yoongi-ah! Namjoon is giving me the look. Talk to me, tell me what's up.” Yoongi paused, mulling over what Hoseok had said last night about being in the same circle of friends, but honestly; he didn't care if Jin told Hoseok what he said. It was all true.
“Hyung, I fell for Hoseokie. He's just so… so perfect! So fucking perfect. I'm already ready to lay it all on the line. Help me! I don't know what to do!” Yoongi whined, high pitched and desperate. Seokjin had the audacity to laugh at his suffering before he went on.
“It's nearly impossible not to, Yoongi-ya. Seokie is literal embodiment of the sun. But he's had a rough run with relationships, except ours. We just realized we were better as friends.” There were hushed words going between the two on the other end before Seokjin spoke again.
“We will keep the kids this weekend. Talk to him! Be honest, tell him anything and everything. He will do the same, I promise. He is a very open person, he will tell you exactly what he's feeling. So sort it out.”

Yoongi watched on as the kids wrestled Hoseok in the bed for a few minutes longer before he cleared his throat and they all froze, looking like they had been caught doing something wrong. Even Hoseok. Yoongi couldn't hold his laughter back at the sight and soon after, Hoseok laughed along as well. “Breakfast is served. Let's get to the table and eat!” Yoongi exclaimed and watched as the kids rushed off the bed, pushing past him to hurry down the hall. Yoongi stood and watched them for a moment before he looked back to Hoseok, whose eyes hadn't left him. His expression was soft and there was a smile dancing on his lips as he watched Yoongi. Under Hoseok's intense, warm gaze Yoongi felt himself growing shy as a small blush warmed his cheeks. “I made pancakes with eggs and bacon, if you're hungry.” He said shyly, but never let his eyes leave Hoseok's.

“Mmm, pancakes sound really good. Thank you… hyung? Are you my hyung?” Hoseok mused with a playful smirk and Yoongi felt the tips of his ears burning. What the hell was this man doing to him. “We could find out, you know? I'm twenty-six this year.” Yoongi said quietly, picking at his thumbs cuticle in silence as he gazed across the room at Hoseok. Hoseok's eyes widened slightly and a bright smile broke across his face. “So you are my hyung! Ha! I'm twenty-five this year!” God, Jung Hoseok was going to be the death of him, and he would die happily. He smiled, gums on display as he motioned with his hand for Hoseok to tag along. “Come on, Seokseok. The babies are waiting.” Yoongi said, still smiling as he turned and disappeared. Hoseok waited a moment, pushing himself into an upright position as he clutched his chest. “It's too soon for all of that now, heart. But… Seokseok!” He quietly cooed as he rose to his feet and did a small happy dance.

He hurried from the room after that, joining the kids and his hyung for breakfast. Fuck the job he managed to lose this morning. He only worked that third one for extra spending cash, but there was no point when he had no time to do anything with it. There were smiles and laughter and happy kids and cute cat eyes. This was probably one of his most favorite mornings ever. Breakfast cleared away, they all piled on Yoongi's couch, snuggling in close to watch Bubble Guppies as Hoseok and Yoongi tangled their fingers together behind their respective children's backs. They watched one episode before they all rushed around, getting the kids ready for their day at school. Yoongi drove them there and together, he and Hoseok dropped the kids off. Dawon eyed them for a moment before she called Hoseok back into the office and Yoongi waited for him in one of the seats by the front desk.

“Hoseokie. What exactly is happening here?” Dawon asked, an edge of playfulness in her tone as she turned to face him with a matching smirk. Hoseok blushed under her gaze before a soft smile graced his lips. “I like him, noona. So much. But… I know it's way too soon for me to be thinking the things that I am, and wanting for more. Just a little of his time would be enough.” Wow, okay, he didn't expect to just blatantly open up to her even if it was his sister. Dawon giggled and moved to Hoseok's side, pulling him into a hug. “Hoseokie! He looks at you like you're the sun in his sky. I'm pretty sure all of the feelings are the same on both ends. He's probably just as worried about that as you are. But it's about the pace you're both comfortable with; not what anyone else thinks or says. If he makes you and Jinnie happy and comfortable then don't let that go!”

Hoseok thinks about what his sister had said as he and Yoongi leave the daycare. “So, when do you work next?” Yoongi asked light heartedly before he reached out and took Hoseok's hand, lacing their fingers like it was the most natural thing in the world. It made Hoseok all warm and fuzzy and he felt the storm in his brain clearing away. He felt more focused just because Yoongi was touching him. What the heck. “Well, I probably lost my job at the coffee shop. Was supposed to be in at six this morning.” Yoongi gasped, appalled by that information. “Seokseok! Why didn't you tell me! I could have gotten up earlier and had us all-” Hoseok didn't want to hear that, and his brain was in overdrive with Yoongi, Yoongi, Yoongi! Hoseok pulled them both to a stop as Yoongi was mid-complaint before the taller leaned in and cut Yoongi off with a quick kiss. Yoongi kissed back immediately and blinked at him in awe and confusion when Hoseok pulled away just to rest their foreheads together. “Don't. I wouldn't have missed this morning for anything. Do you know how long it had been since I was able to actually enjoy a meal with my son?” Yoongi's eyes widened before his features softened and he smiled. “We could… do that more often. If you want…” Yoongi whispered, his eyes lidded as he gazed at Hoseok. A day, a month, a year. Time didn't matter. Hoseok was sure of Yoongi. Something was so right about this. “Yeah, definitely. If we could do this every day, I would die a happy man.” Hoseok admitted quietly with a bright smile and Yoongi's own smile mirrored his. “Me too, Seokseok. Me too.”