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Forbidden Love

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Once Abby had calmed down enough,

Kate said, “who are you on about Abs."

Abby looked shocked and said, “I said that out loud didn't I."

Kate said, "Yeh Abby so come one spill."

Abby rolled her eyes and said, "Kate do you remember the lad I was dating who you gave the nickname army boy."

Kate said, "Yeh, wait, no way you're still with him."

Abby said, “well err I."

Kate said "Abigail Louise Scuito spill."

Abby said, "Well remember when I bailed on you about five months ago."

Kate said, "Yeh you said you were seeing a friend off travelling."

Abby said, "well it kind of was, but they weren't going travelling he was going on a 4-month tour, but that weekend we had got married and was spending it as our honeymoon, but the idiot is currently missing in action."

Kate looked shocked as did everyone else and then said: "Abby you married him, why didn't you say anything."

Abby just smirked and said, “well you didn't like him especially considering you're a marine and he is army." 

Kate just laughed and said, "Abby hello my husband is a navy seal, and hey he was ok but remember he was acting an idiot when I met him, but then again so were we, just a warning to all never go drinking with Abby, without eating first."

Abby said, "hey that was your fault I did say to get something to eat first, and you decided to try to drink him under the table which you managed but did have a hangover for the whole weekend".

Tony piped up and said" wait so the boss is married, so is Kate which we found out via someone else, Abby's married so is Bud and Harriet and me and McGee, Mac and Harm aren't,"

Kate just smirked and said, "hey do you blame me for not telling you, that we were married and anyway Harm and Mac are engaged, and Mac do not even think of trying to deny it I saw your ring early which is now on your necklace."

Mac just looked shocked, and Harm laughed Mac then said "yeh we are”

Jenny laughed and said, “You do realise we all got engaged and married in the order we said we would; now it’s just Heathers turn.”

Kate said, “It did, didn’t it, though I'm sure Heather is never going to settle down.”

Mac said “pretty sure there's a lot of bets to settle and not just between us four, and she will when she finds the right person, anyway shall we carry on with the Game.”

Abby then spun the bottle for it land on AJ; she said "truth or dare."

He replied "truth."

Abby smirked and said, "What was it that made you fall for Kate."

He smiled and said, "She’s beautiful, strong-willed, fiercely independent, but I also fell for her gobyness and her sass."

 Kate punched him in the shoulder and said: "I'm not Goby."

He just looked at her and said: "you can be, does the whole incident with Sergeant Major Smith, Ring any bells."

She just smirked; he then spun the bottle which landed on Mac.

He said “truth or dare."

Mac said "dare" he smirked got up went into the kitchen mixed Sprite brown sauce and Apple Juice and brought it in and said, "Drink this."

Mac said “told you so one sailor drink" she then downed it and laughed "not as bad as the marine drink."

She then spun the bottle, and it landed on harm she smirked and said "truth or dare."

Harm said "dare."

Mac smirked and said, “I dare you to run up, and down the road shouting I love the Marine Corps." 

He looked at her and said "no way Mac."

She said, "A dare is a dare."

He went "fine" and did the dare when he came back in the talked while the ordered pizza then Jenny's phone rang she saw it was her sister and put it on speakerphone

She said, "hey Heather."

Heather replied "don't you hey Heather me Jennifer Lilly Gibbs what do you think you are doing sneaking out and pretending to be me while I was asleep now I can't leave till your security detail find you, they've already checked Gibbs house, where are you anyway,"

Jenny just laughed and said “Payback and tell them they can take the night off and I'm at Kate’s.”

Kate shouts across “Oi H come and join us, ill text you the address.”

She then hung up and said "what."

Everyone was looking shocked. Jethro said, “Jen you didn't tell your detail where you were going? So they think you're at home.”

She just smirked and said, “I took Heather's coat and car; I doubt she has noticed her car is gone yet."

they all laughed, they carried on talking to the food came they were sitting eating and talking while waiting for Heather and her Detail to turn up, once they did she dismissed her detail and introduced Heather to everyone continued with the game and then told stories about each other.

The next morning they all got up at around 6:00 apart from Harriet and Bud who went home last night some who were more, worse for wear then others they sat around talking and

Gibbs said to AJ "do you mind if we borrow Mac today they can help build up information for the case as they both knew him as she worked alongside him along with Kate."

AJ replied “sure she finished everything up yesterday."

They all laughed and made plans to leave for work then Jenny sighed and said " Jethro we need to get going as I have a meeting and I want you in with me, Heather here Your Car Keys you can come in as well if you want " and chucked to Heather who Caught them

He smiled wrapped his arms around her and said: "of course Jen."

With that they left to go to their workplaces, once they Arrived, Jenny and Jethro went upstairs for the meeting, which was decided she would be Team Leader of the secondary MCRT Team, and then they finally closed the case.