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A Cinderella Story

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You knew that all eyes were on you while you packed your things. Leaving your home felt strange but refreshing. You would miss the smell of the wood and the dusty bookshelves, but this wasn’t your home anymore. It had been invaded and taken from you long ago and it was time to give it up.

When you walked to the door where Steve was waiting for you, mustering you with a calm, yet attentive gaze, you took a last glance at your family.

Your father was sitting in an armchair, his eyes starring into your direction. But his face was blank, and his gaze fixed on the distance. You knew that he was gone and still it hurt. “Goodbye father”, you whispered, taking his hand into yours and squeezing it gently.

He showed no reaction.

Next you looked at your stepsisters. They were watching you with mixed emotions. Jealousy and despite stood out, but there was also a small trace of pure sadness. Maybe they would be real sisters to you, if they would have raised by a different mother, you thought to yourself.

Lastly your gaze met your stepmothers. She was starring back at you emotionless and that she didn’t say a word only scared you more. But Steve’s presence probably intimidated her too much to raise the word against you.

With a small smile you turned around to Steve, who was waiting patiently for you. “Ready?”, he asked, and you nodded, intertwining your fingers with his while walking out of the house and back to the carriage.

Climbing inside you waited for it to start moving, but nothing happened. “Why aren’t we moving?”, you wondered out loud, giving Steve a confused glance.

You grew even more confused when he reached behind himself and showed you a shoe.

Your shoe.

“You kept that?”, you wondered chuckling. “Of course! It belongs to this woman that I am going to marry. But first I must give this back to her”, he grinned, and you blushed.

“Would you do me the honour and try it on?”

You nodded, watching Steve with a smile while he put the shoe onto your foot. It fit perfectly and you grinned at him proudly. “Don’t let her run away ever again”, you whispered, and Steve leaned in close.

“I won’t!”

Your lips met his and you smiled, wondering how on earth you had found someone like him.

The carriage started to move, away from your home and to the palace, where your new life would begin.