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Run Boy Run

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Under the stairs of number 4. Privet Drive, a little boy sat motionless, staring at the letters carved into his chest. this one said WORTHLESS. He didn't know how many others he had; he didn't know anything, he thought bitterly. He didn't get to go to school. School was for good boys and Sir hadn't been able to beat to freak out of him yet. But that's okay, it's not like he deserves to go to school and he was sure that books weren't that fun to read anyway.

He held in a sob as he reached to get some tissues to clean up the blood that had fallen onto the floor- he was a burden, he doesn't get a mattress, but that was okay because he slept on an old pair of clothes and that was plenty more than he deserved. As he cleaned he scolded himself, stupid Freak, why can't you do anything right? maybe if we get all the blood out Aunt Petunia would love us...

But he was so tired. Not necessarily because of his head- which to be honest hurt like a bitch from when the boot came down on him... but because of life. He used to ask Nunca (his now dead pet snake) why he had to suffer when all the other boy's didn't but Aunt Petunia told him he wasn't like other boys.

He was Freakboy.

he liked to call himself Freak though, because it was like a nickname all for him! His Aunt and Uncle where very kind because they used his nickname sometimes even though he was a Bad Boy.

He knew that now. He understood that he was bad. But he'd do his best to be good.

If he kept working then one day he'd get a smile or even a hug!






'Come here, you fucking bastard!' Uncle Vernon roared as the little boy ran. He couldn't do it anymore. He let out a small shriek when a meaty hand grabbed his neck and then immediately shrunk back knowing what would happen for his bad behaviour. 

' Was that a sound? Did I give you permission to speak?' Spittle flew everywhere but still he didn't move, hopefully letting his uncle get the worst of his anger out verbally. It didn't work. 

'You wanna speak? Huh Freak? Well then- Imma teach you to scream. And scream he did as his uncle unbuckled his trousers and pulled out  his-

'No please! please I'll behave! Please!' Sobbed the boy while his Uncle taught him just how much of a Freak he was.

You might be asking yourself- where was Dudley and Aunt Petunia? Please... They didn't care. In the months that followed Dudley would join in with his knife or dick while Aunt Petunia praised her husband for being brave enough to go through such an ordeal.

Freak didn't hate them for it.

How could he? They said he deserved it and they must be right. They must be, he thought while he lay in bed after a particularly violent day. Dudley hadn't won a football match (online of course) and he'd wanted to release his stress.

So, he sat in his cupboard, darkness surrounded him. It was reassuring and petrifying. It was calming because after all that had happened that day, the dark felt like no one could see what was occurring, like of all this was not real.


No one could see his shame. And with that thought, he fell into a fitful sleep.


The next day something happened. Something bad.

A letter came.

Now at first, Freak didn't know what was wrong. He gave all the post to his Uncle, not knowing one was special but when he went back to cooking breakfast, he felt a shadow line up behind him. Sir put the letter in front of him,

'Do you know what that says? What that means?' Freak stared at the squiggly lines, trying to make some sense of it but to no avail, and shook his head. Sir was being very calm and it frightened FreakBoy. 

'It means... that you're still a fucking Freak!' He yelled, smashing the boy into the wall. It didn't stop there. As the boy crumbled onto the floor his Uncle started kicking him, his face purple with anger. it was only when Freak started coughing up blood that he stopped. 

'you burnt breakfast. I expect it ready when I come back down,' his uncle stated as he went upstairs, 'and you stained my fucking shirt.' He muttered as he frowned at the little boys blood on his ghastly green button up.

With a groan, Freak pulled himself up the floor feeling himself heal already. that was a trick he learnt early on to stop people for asking questions. he didn't want anyone to know what a bad boy he was. When breakfast was on the table he went back to his cupboard and sat down carefully allowing his probably punctured lung to repair its self. He knew this wasn't normal, it was because he had a disease. He had magic. And magic was very very bad.


The next few weeks where of the same very ordinary nature. He got up, did his chores and any other... extra things his Uncle and Cousin had planned and stayed in his cupboard. The letter went forgotten with his Uncle sending back a reply, saying Freak didn't want to go. Go to what, Freak was still trying to figure out but it wasn't any concern to him anyway. Uncle would never do anything that wasn't in his best interest. That afternoon everyone was going about their own business when a knock sounded at the door. Freak opened it to see a very stern looking lady, wearing some very weird clothes, looking rather put out to be here.

'Ah, there you are child. Dumbledore was worried something had happened to you, what with the strange reply. So I volunteered to come give you a letter myself.' she said while holding the letter out infant of her. Freak just stared at it blankly. 

'oh, that's right! I forgot to introduce my self. Professor McGonagall, Deputy Head of Hogwarts, school for witchcraft and wizardry.' she said with a small smile on her face. realisation dawned on Freak- this was the school his Aunt and Uncle where trying to protect him from. He knew he it wouldn't be so easy as to just say no so he tried to be smart about it. he plastered on a grin and rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly,

'Sorry Miss, but I'm going somewhere else. Another teacher came and said they'd give me a scholarship and everything. Me and my family where about to go get my supplies now." The Professor looked shocked. But she didn't tell him that there was no other school for magic so he knew he'd guessed right. He wasn't smart- but even he knew that there would have to be more than one school for magic in the entire world.

'Well, this is an interesting development. I don't suppose you'll change your mind?' Freak shook his head, 'no I didn't think you would. Your Father was just ask stubborn, you know.' Freak startled at the mention of his Good-for-Nothing Father. He wanted to ask her if he really had hated Freak so much as to kill himself but the teacher was already turning away and so Freak walked back into the Hell-Hole he lived in. 





He did it.

He ran away.

He knew his Uncle was yelling at him as he ran away limping; knife still stuck in his leg. But he gritted his teeth against the pain as he ran.

Eventually he ran out of fuel and found an abandoned warehouse that looked safe. Looking around him and seeing no one, he blended into some shadows and felt a tingly feeling wash over him as he transported himself into the building. He collapsed and propped himself up against the wall and he let out all of the pent up emotion go in one shuddering breath. His consciousness was fading but suddenly there was a pale concerned face in front of him.

He raised his hands in front of him, shielding his face as she said something, while looking down to presumably find a hair tie for her short blonde hair. 

'I don't know what you're saying,' he croaked out. Realisation dawned on her and he saw her sign something but he told her he never learned the language. ' Do you mind just speaking slower?' She nodded.

'Are you okay? My name is Sangre. Did you run away from home?' He nodded. 

'That's okay, so did we.' He looked behind her after catching the plural and say more dirty looking kids behind her, looking at him with tears in their eyes due to his current state. 'You don't ever have to go back. You're part of our family now... that is, if that's okay with you?' Freak nodded gratefully, trying to hold the blackness at bay. She lit up with his acceptance and he stared at her with wonder in her eyes; no one ever looked at him with happiness. 

'Can you tell me your name?' He looked apprehensive at that, ' you can change it if you want, but make it good.' She said with a wink.

'What about FB?' There. That would work. FB. Short for FreakBoy- but she didn't need to know that. Sangre seemed pleased with his choice but then said, 

'Well if you insist, but I'm gonna call you Shadow because don't think we didn't see you form from the dark like some kind of mutant Alien baby.' She said waggling her finger at him. He looked at her eyes and saw laugh lines so he cracked a smile, knowing she was teasing him. She called out some other things to the other kids and suddenly there was a blanket around him.

'this is Baby.' She said gesturing to a really tall and scary looking boy with multiple tattoos and piercings. His favourite was the lip ring. ' We call him that because when we firs' saw him he had a plastic doll that he refused to let go of.' Baby roller his grey eyes and shook out his dyed red hair. She pointed to the girl next to him who had the biggest afro he'd ever seen. ' This is Silver. We call her that because she always seems to know where to steal it from. she's also deaf, so if you ever want to learn sign language, hit her up.' She stared at him with kind brown eyes and decided to take her up on her offer. 'The next but not last is Rybet... we call him that because he has a weird fascination with frogs.' She said laughing at a nice looking guy with neat brown hair and a latin complexion. 'He acts like our teacher, because he graduated at... like ten.'

'Sandy we've been through this I was fifteen.'

'Oh I'm soooo sorry.' She said rolling her eyes. FB snickered, they acted like an old married couple. He wanted to hear more but soon the pain in his leg got to be too much and he felt the floor come to meet him.

But he didn't care.

He didn't care that he was, now as of tonight, deaf.

He didn't care the Dursley's would probably try to kill him if they saw him again.

He didn't even care that he probably just joined a crime gang, filled with teenagers and kids.

Because for the first time in his life FB had something that no one could take away from him-

He had a home.



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'I will never understand how you can loose to that looser every time but win everything else.' Sangre whined as she sat by the edge of the ledge, looking down at the fighting ring below her. FB looked up at her about to give a snarky reply when-

'Ow!' FB yelped as he felt a light slap hit his arse. He scowled at the person responsible. 'Is that really necessary Baby?'

'No,' Baby smirked, 'but it is good incentive not to mess up. Focus- remember to look at the eyes, they will always give away where someone wishes to strike. Now, again.' He said folding his arms across his chest, while FB questioned why he couldn't stop thinking about how his arms looked quite nice like that. Quite nice indeed.

They got into positions and suddenly FB was attacked by multiple people. Ahhh- you didn't think just one person would be fighting this young boy did you?

You forget, this boy had great magic whirling inside his body.

Great blood pulsing through his veins.

A great mind waiting with a vision.

And right now, his vision was to pummel some ass. 

Truly it wasn’t a fair fight. He was a whirlwind of destruction; a warrior crafted by death its self. When Baby first started teaching Shadow or FB as he likes to call himself, (really? FB?It's just such a boring name and reminds him of facebook and he's way too cool to be named after something old people use but- sorry we're getting off topic) he expected him to try to injure everyone who fought him but he realised that wasn’t the case.

Don’t get him wrong, Shadow was certainly doing a lot of injuring but he was making a point to avoid some people. The people who would be nice to him before or after a fight because- as far as Baby could tell- Shadow was so used to people wanting to hurt him he just couldn't do the same to someone who seemed nice. This had caused a problem when teaching Shadow how to pickpocket but after an incident where Shadow thought a man was nice and tried to return what he stole and the man... please don't make him talk about it.

But let's just say that Baby taught the man a lesson with a knife and carved into him exactly what he'd done to his little brother. And after the accident FB became a lot more determined to steal.

The fight continued for about ten minutes before people stopped trying to attack Shadow and started defending them selves. That's when Baby stepped in.

'Aight I think we have a clear winner. Shadow stays undefeated!' There was a sly grin given to Shadow saying well, undefeated if you don 't count me...

There was some grumbling as the competitors left while the rest of Shadows crew hung back.

'See ya Lost Boys!' Tommy yelled, as Sangre lost her eyes at him. The name was christened to the little group of criminals when Rybet had been reading the story Peter Pan to some kids down at the local library. One of the guys who came to the fights had been there with their little sister and had commented on how he knew a little group of kids who shared ac strange resemblance to the tale. The next night when they went to the Hole (the place the fights took place) that's what everyone knew them as.  

The fights where illegal, but innocent. There wasn't any betting or anything- to be honest it was mostly about learning to protect your self and getting any frustrations out in a semi-controlled environment. Baby had suggested going when they realised Shadow might suffer with a form of PTSD due to the abuse and that since Rybet's suggestion of doing math din't work- in the slightest and Sangre's way of dealing was music- and well y'know, well Silver and Baby shared a smirk and suggested putting him in a position where he'd feel less vulnerable.

Just as the group was leaving they saw Silver hanging with a girl.  Well, when I say hanging....she might as well have been playing tonsil hockey with her. The group snorted but kept going- well, everyone except Shadow,

'Ewwwwww. Ewie ewie ewie. That is so grooooosss. Silveeeer, why would you do that?' He started fake gagging, while the rest of his gang stared at him with a mixture of amusement and aspiration. The girl Silver was with started laughing, gesturing to the little boy who was rolling on the ground so Silver would understand what was happening. ' do you want to get cooties? That is so blegh,' Shadow shuddered. Everyone was now in hysterics, Shadow was so shy so to say the Lost Boys weren't getting over this for a long time would be an understatement. Silver discreetly signed,

'you are so freaking dead dude.'

'it's not my fault you where dry humping someone in public' Shadow retorted. The rest of the group who of course also knew how to sign where in a laughing fit seeing Shadow act like this. Well everyone except for Sangre who had kind of adopted Shadow as a kid and was not happy with her little angel knowing what dry humping was. She glared at him and he turned to her, signing and speaking at the same time so that everyone would understand- something they all did now without fail,

'Ah c'mon Sandy. I'm fifteen. I'm gonna know some things.'

'Say's the little b-dude who nearly had heart palpitations over a kiss.' She said dryly. The learnt very quickly to never use the word boy around Shadow.

'But that's different, she's my sister, I don't want to see that. And she's like fourteen' The rest of the group all sucked in a sharp breath, he'd never called anyone of them anything like that. He was too scared that if he admitted it out loud they'd all leave him but he didn't realise his slip up.

'Um, little bro- I'm seventeen.' Silver piped in. Shadow went very red while everyone chuckled. 

It wasn't till later that night at the warehouse when after an honest meal- bread stolen from a fancy ass shop and the routine kisses where given out that Rybet reflected on the day and caught something Shadow had said. He got the others to wake up, leaving Shadow asleep, luckily he was deaf or that kid would have woken up multiple times with how noisy a clumsy Rybet could be. They all gathered around the small fire they kept going,

'Did anyone notice something Shadow said today?' Rybet asked. Baby snorted,

'Mate I noticed a great many things he said today. Damn that kid can be funny...' We all felt the unspoken if he wasn't so scared that every time he spoke he'd be beaten. They all knew he'd been abused but they didn't know how bad. He wouldn't speak about it. 

'Yeah, but it was this one thing he said that got to me.' Rybet looked up from his hands to stare at the group, ' he's fifteen.' The group paused. 

'Are you sure you heard him right?' signed Silver. Rybet nodded. They all sat in silence for a while after that. He saw Baby wipe a tear from his eye,

'He looks so small...'

'I thought he was just a small eleven year old. To say he's fifteen?' Sangre whispered. Silver slammed down a fist,

'Those fucking bastards! I'll make them pay!' she said eying up her favourite knife. Rybet, ever the peace activist,

'No. We won't hurt them. Not physically.' Everyone looked at him in surprise. They knew what he was going to do. You see, he's not cyborg.

Or a robot.

Or any other crazy thing you could possibly imagine.

He does however have a photographic memory.

That’s it.

And that might not sound like a lot but it was the difference between life and death in this line of work ( and by line of work, we're refuring to crime).

When he was fourteen he hacked into the Secret Services. What people often forget is that children are way smarter than adults are. They don’t think about the probability or the facts. They think about what they would do and what they can do to find information out.

If you play hide and seek with a kid you’ll see that once they’ve played through possible situations and none of them are working they use the fail safe and make the hider think they’re injured or upset.

They draw them out.

He did the same. When Rybet was hacking into their system he had four other computers copying his movements in different locations. So, when they took their attention off him, he was able to find a hole in their system. Considering his sister is the Boss (capital B) he got in a wee spot of trouble.

Meaning he was disowned.

But not before he found out some really whacky things that the government where hiding from everyone. So here's what he was thinking- he'd mess around with certain things, bills, credit scores, how much debt they're in. And once all of that's done, well, he'd be contacting the friends he made when he hacked the governments system.

He'd be contacting Diagon Alley.


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'But whyyyyyyyyyyy,' exclaimed Shadow. Rybet didn't turn around from where he was fishing inside his crate of belongings to find some weird gold coins. What he didn't know Is that a certain little kid had them hidden in his coat pocket.

'Because I said so.' 

'Pffft that doesn't work on me. You're being so mysterious. Are you like a spy or something? You gonna meet up with your information dude? Oh! I know what it is... you're meeting up with a girrrrlfrieeend," Rybet turned four shades darker with that comment, while glancing to where Sangre was eating a pop tart. How people can eat those was beyond him but when Sangre did it- it just... it just, well it just made him want to steal buy every type on the planet for her. The look didn't go unnoticed by Shadow yet he didn't do anything except smile wickedly and go right up to the girl.

'Hey Sandy,' he said while battering his ridiculously long eyelashes.

'Ya applesauce?' She replied sweetly. Oh right- Shadow should probably explain that weird little nickname.


They had been in a shop, doing some browsing when a lady had come up to Shadow. She started asking him all these questions. 

'Why hello Darling, where's your Mother?'

'In the car.'

'What kind of car? Maybe I saw it on my way in.'

'Um... I don't know?'

And so on and so on it went. Until...

'Can you tell me your name?' She inquired.

Shadow's gaze darted around wildly while the rest of his family looked on in various stages of concern (and amusement from Baby), until he saw a certain shape. 


The woman startled backwards.

'I beg your pardon?'

'My name, it's Sauce.' And with that, he grabbed the packet of tomato sauce and ran for it, the lady looking on at him dumbstruck and the shopkeeper hurling insults as the rest of the Lost Boys pegged it after him.

After that incident Sangre started inventing different types of sauce to call him, much to Shadows chargon. However... the part of him who had grown up wishing for a nickname, wishing for love couldn't help but preen under the terms of very weird endearment. But that didn't stop Shadow from playing up his frustration of never being called FB- regardless of the fact that he had started calling himself Shadow inside his head as well. 

But back to the present,

'I'm kinda cold.' Shadow said pulling out a pout. Now on anyone else, this would look ridiculous but this kid didn't even realise how bloody adorable he was, making everyone just want to ruffle his hair. 

'Awwww, come here,' she said while pulling him on top of her lap, never mind that he was only two years younger than her. As she hugged him, Shadow found Rybet's incredulous face and waggled his eyebrows at him while wrapping his arms around her. And just when Rybet was about to give a slow clap at the sly little bugger, the kid pulled out the money pouch containing his seventeen sickles. 

'You're still not coming.' Mouthed Rybet, and Shadow scowled and tossed him the money and a kind little gesture telling him exactly where he could shove it up.


One long ass train ride later and Rybet was standing outside a very dodgy looking pub named the Leaky Cauldron.

He knew he should go in but he had just realised one wee problem in his plan of revenge.

'Mr. Callyron I'm not sure if your time away from civilisation has effected your general knowledge but generally when you have a meeting: you show. Up. Clean.' Drawled a bored voice from behind him. Rybet turned around to see the same greasy git who had saved his life after a particularly bad burn, from when he'd been trying to re-make his broken computer. They entered the pub and Rybet tried not to look so weirded out by the clothes. Yes, it was the clothes he had a problem with, not the magic. 

'Well sorry I don't meet your expectations of clean but surprisingly, your advice on etiquette aren't what I'm here for.' Retorted Rybet. 'Also call me Rybet.' He added. Sevreus Snape raised a brow at that,

'And pray tell, what caused the change in name?'

Rybet scratched the back of his head at that, trying to make something up on the spot, 'Uh, I thought it was time for a change?'

Snape just let out a sigh at the obvious lie, ordering a glass or two to help get him through this painful meeting with his friend.

'I don't have time for your insolent lies, just tell me why I'm here, when I could be down at the Three Broomsticks to drown out the vision how how bad my O.W.L students are. And don't even get me started on dealing with those bloody Weasleys.'

'It's for my little brother-'

'You don't have a little brother.'

'Okay well now I do. We-'

'Who else is involved?'

'Oh my God! If you stop interrupting me I'll get there. Geez dude!'

'My apologies. However I would like to pay my condolences for you having to have resorted to using "geez dude" in a sentence.' Snape smirked. Rybet just scowled.

'Alright, this is the truth because quite frankly I don't want to tiptoe around it. I'm in a kinda gang. We don't do drugs or anything like that, it's just. safe place for kids to go. We all have different names to separate us from our past but one boy there had the worst case of abuse I've ever seen and I want revenge for him. Sev, he doesn't even understand that what they did to him was wrong.' Rybet pleaded with the surly man. Snape looked up from his glass of firewiskey. 

'I'll need his name. And the extent of what they did to him. Is his new family okay or is he in foster care?'

'Right about that...' Rybet looked nervous, 'I uh, idon'tknowhisnameorexactlywhattheydidtohim.' he rushed out in one big breath.

'Mr. Callyron, you should know I do not accept mumbling.'

'I said that I em, well I don't know his exact name or what they actually did to him.' 

Snape pinched the bridge of him nose, 

'And what exactly can you tell me?'

'He goes by FB but everyone calls him Shadow and he's-' whatever he was going to say was interrupted by the boy himself suddenly appearing,

'Wait a fucking second! You're here because of me?' Shadow bursted. 

'Shadow what the fuck are you doing here!' Rybet yelled standing up from his seat.

'I'm spying on you wha' does it look like I'm doing! Silver wanted to hang ou' with her new girlfriend so I decided to go my work in London but then I saw yous with a greasy looking dude and thought I'd see if this was why you wanted those weird ass coins but then I heard yo-' Shadow's rambling was cut off by Rybet

'And you didn't think to get Baby to come with you???'

'I'm not a kid anymore! I don't need him to watch me, I never get caught!'

'That's not what I meant and you know it! What if you had ran into the very people you ran awa-'

'Children! Sit down now. Both of you.' Snape hissed. The kids both did abruptly, having forgotten about the man sitting across from them. 'Now, why don't we all talk about this in a calm manner. You,' he said turning to look at the boy who had supposedly been the reason Rybet had contacted him. 'Look at a man when he speaks to you.' 

And as Shadow lifted his green eyes to meet the cold yet curious black of Snapes', the man's world tilted on his axis.

'Lily?' He gasped out, stumbling out of his chair in shock. Snape reached forwards, not seeing how the boy flinched back violently, and lifted his bangs to see one very peculiar scar. And so as the Potions Master saw the eyes of his long dead love, he did the only thing he could think of.

He took the boy by the arm, and apparated them both into Hogwarts.




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'What the fuck is wrong with you! Stop kicking me! What have I possibly done to deserve this treatment!' Snape yelped as Shadow tried his best to do as much damage as possible from where he sat tied up on a chair.

Seriously, you borrow someone without their permission, and suddenly you're the Bad Guy.

Snape had been trying to get the boy to look at him for an hour but he wouldn't respond to his name, nor any other prompting (aka bribes of sugar), nor would he stop trying to throttle the Potions Master, so Snape did the only thing he could think of- he tied him to a chair. Not his best decision, he will admit, but considering the fiend from Hell had been screaming bloody murder since he got here. Was it really that hard just to get a bit of peace and quiet around here? He needed to find out how the boy had managed to place such powerful glamours on himself to make him look like the late Harry Potter.

Truly it had been something for the Headmaster to find out that Potter had never arrived at another Wizarding School and upon looking at the Blood Wards on Privet Drive, and seeing them broken, Dumbledore had reached a conclusion: Death Eaters found him and Harry didn't leave alive. The Wizarding World had grieved, to say the least.

'Let me go! Let me go you motherfucking son of a bitchy rat bastard's-' Snape cast a silencing charm and let out a sigh. He needed something stronger than water if he was going to figure out what the hell to do with this Potter lookalike. He didn't want to resort to potions just yet, he was, after all, just a child, and potions had been known for being rather painful to consume when their intention was to break a spell.

 He turned his back on the boy and started walking out to find a stronger beverage until he remembered children need to eat. With a wave of his hand the charm was undone and the sound of broken sobbing could be heard.At least that ingestive screaming had stoped. Honestly, there had been times where he had been pronouncing words completely wrong- a trait that annoyed Severus to no end. Without turning around Snape started trying to find where he put some nutrient potions, if he was leaving his private chambers, he might as well deliver somethings Madame Pomfrey had been asking for.

'I'm going to the kitchen boy, would you like anything to eat?' When the boy kept on sobbing and showed no indication that he'd heard him, Snape repeated the question louder. Again, nothing from the boy. How very typical. He boy showed all the adeptness of a toddler. 


'Fine,' Snape snarled when the boy refused to answer, 'starve.' And with a dramatic- but very called for billow of his robes, he stormed out of his room not remembering to lock the door behind him, nor seeing his calendar flash to remind him he had a chess match with a certain godson of his in five minuets.




'You did what?'  Sangre screeched. Rybet sat on the floor with his hands in his head getting told off by one very mad momma bear. Rybet had been getting his ass handed to him for the last seventeen minutes and was not looking forward to having the rest of the gang arrive. Bu as fate would have it-

'Baby, Silver, come here!'

'What's going on? Where's Shadow?' Silver signed.

'Whydon' you ask Rybe' hmmm? Ask Rybet!' Sangre said looking distressed. Silver came and made soothing sounds,

'Okay sweetie that was a bit too fast for me to read. Can you take some deep breaths for me and try again?' Sangre locked onto Silver's hands, seemingly trying to focus on deciphering the gestures as a way to relax. After a few minutes of Sangre trying to speak but just breaking down into sobs and her hands not being able to make out some of the signs as they where to shaky, Rybet decided to step in. Placing a hand on both Baby's and Silver's leg she looked down at him and Baby glared, already sensing something was wrong.

'So, I uh... I lost Shadow.' Both teenagers went very still.

'What do you mean, you lost Shadow?' Baby said quietly. Rybet started fidgeting with his hands trying to figure out the best way to get out with his life. Once he had a pretty good idea, he started speaking and signing again,

'Well, ya see, a uh wizard kidnapped him.' 

'Sweet Baby Jesus he's gone insane.' Silver signed, eyes wide with disbelief.

'I'm not crazy! Y'know when I said I had connections that could do things to help us get revenge for Shadow? Well, they're wizards. I had made a friend with one of them, a teacher some school for people who can go magic and we met up at a pub. Turns out Shadow had decided to go to the same part of London as me, saw me go in and because no kid has ever been better at lipreading then him- understood that we where talking about him. He came crashing in and the next thing you know- Bam! Both of them are gone... But on the plus side, I think I know where they went.'

Silver did a small clap, using her knives to make the sound. With her hands full she spoke which in it's self was terrifying. Silver hated speaking, preferring the accuracy of BLS.

'Well guys, did you hear that? He thinks, he knows where they went with our little brother.' She turned to stare at him , 'I'm gonna kill you.' She leaped at him but Baby had expected it and hauled her over his shoulder, knowing she wouldn't use her knives on him.

'Thanks dude.' Rybet breathed a sigh of relief. One that was short lived when Baby came close to him- Silver still across his shoulder, and punched him right in the eye.

'Couldn't let her do any permanent damage, we might need you later.' 

He placed Silver down and gestured to wear Rybet was now clutching his eye and swearing vividly. She nodded to him and put her knives back where they belonged. They all sat down in what they had dubbed their meeting place for when discussing Shadow- because yes, that boy got in so much bloody trouble that it was necessary to have a meeting space just for him, all of them chasing a dirty blanket to sit on around the fire pit.

Sangre stared into the flames,

'We need a Game Plan.' She stated, looking across into every battered but determined face. 

'Any ideas?'



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'Who is Salazar's name are you?' A haughty voice demanded by the doorway. Now usually, this is where the hero would snap his head up in shock and then use his mind to convince this stranger to let him go or whatnot.

But this is Shadow. 

Shadow wasn't exactly aware of anything except that there where 148- no, 149 tiles of the ceiling. 

Being ignored didn't really fair well with the teen who had purposely posed when he saw quite a bloody delicious jawline connected to a rather bloody delicious boy, so stalking forwards he grabbed the boys chin and jammed it down so that they could look at each other in the eye. And by Merlin did this boy not have the most amazing eyes... all green like Slytherin but- not exactly the same shade and so pretty, was that a fleck of gold? It must have been, he was just magical... and apparently screaming in his ear.

'Let me go! What the fuck is wrong with you people? Didn't they teach you guys anything in kidnapping school? Why don't I give you a hint- don't fucking kidnap someone with no money they can give and a hoard of hormonally unstable family who are going to burn shit down just to get to me! Oh fuck! That's why you're here isn't it? They're already started burning things down-' 

'Will you shut. Up.' The other boy drawled, leaning in closely with a smirk on his face and covering the boys mouth with his hand. He stepped away. 'Lovely. Now why don 't we try this again. The name's Malfoy. Draco Malfoy. And you are?'

'Shadow. Just Shadow.'

'Well Just Shadow, would you care to explain to me why in Merlin's name you're tied up in my God-father's private rooms?' Draco had a horrible realisation, 'Oh Merlin- tell me this isn't some kind of kinky foreplay?'

'Uh no. How would that even work, we're both- never mind. Could you just undo these ropes for me?'

'Why should I? How do I know you aren't his prisoner?' 

'Well if I was, don't you think he would have made sure no one could enter his uh his private rooms? It was a silly prank that went wrong really.' Shadow thought quickly.

'Hmmmm, I'll bet it was those insufferable Weasley twins that did it.' Malfoy pondered out loud and with a swish of his wand and a muttered spell, Shadow was free. Shadow looked at the boy in disbelief.

How dumb could you be?

If he lived in the streets, Hell; if he lived with the Dursley's he'd be dead within a week. Well, he probably wasn't a Freak like Shadow so he guesses the Dursley's would like Draco just fine. 'Well come along, we haven't got all day. You can come to my dorm and tell me why I haven't seen you before. ' Draco said with another appreciative look. What he didn't see was Shadow flinch as soon as he saw the Draco check him out.



'Noooooo!' Shadow gasped in howls of laughter, 'You didn't?' 

A grinning dark haired girl ruffled his hair, not seeing the boy shrink away a bit, 'You can bet all the galleons you own I did. Poor Draco still hasn't gotten over it.' Speaking of Draco, the teen had not been pleased when upon entering the supposedly empty common room his ex-best friend had pounced on them and dragged them up to Draco's bed to start embarrassing him. 

'Pansy- you messed with my hair. I'm going to get retribution. It's never been touched and I plan for it to stay that way.'

'Hold on a sec! There is no way your hair is like that naturally.' Shadow exclaimed.

'Please, it took centuries of inbreeding for that hair to occur.' Pansy scoffed. Shadow wasn't sure if that was a joke... 'But onto the important stuff, so how did you two meet?' Shadow turned to Draco in confusion not understanding what she meant, they told her they saw each other in the 'Sev's' private rooms already, but by the time he had shuffled so that he could read at a good angle he was sure he had missed quite a lot of the conversation,

'-like me at all in that way. Please Pansy you really can't assume.' Draco rushed out looking very red.

Shadow looked down not caring if they said something important, he couldn't believe Draco could tell he was a Freak so quickly, after all, the Lost Boys where still figuring it out.

Pansy however, was extremely amused. She had never quite seen the blonde look quite so... unraveled. She liked the boy immediately- she was curious though, about Shadow's origin. He hadn't presented a last name, though it could be because he was of a low status. Perhaps he believed the misconception that all Slytherins where bigots, or that those who's parents where twats, must be themselves. Who would blame his though? All three houses thought they where evil, why would this smol bean be any different... 

'Well if you insist darling.' She purred. 'If you insist.' She gave Draco an innocent grin and he internally just went: shit

She tapped Shadow on the shoulder when he didn't reply to his own name. He seemed to get lost in his own thoughts a lot, never seeming to hear someone but he was also very intense she thought, when you spoke he'd watch your face with rapt attention and by Merlin she could imagine how much a certain blonde diva must preen under his gaze. He jumped a little and looked at her sheepishly with a touch of sadness. Really, this boy had tragic angst teen down to a notch.

'Shadow sweetheart. I was just wondering exactly how you got here?' She'd been going to ask him something else but well, he might be cute but she was willing to bet so where a lot of serial killers.

'Sev brought me,' he replied remembering how Draco had mentioned that name when referring to the rooms he'd been in. 'We uh met,' well kinda, 'at a bar and one thing led to another and here we are.'

'Oh, you must be a transfer student or something. After the Triwizard Cup you must have visited and seen that this school is better.' She said rather smugly. Shadow was fixated on a word she had said though. This was a school?

Where teachers allowed to kidnap kids?

He wouldn't know as he'd never been but maybe there was a rule that said they where allowed to.


Who knew. Learn something new everyday. He smiled thinking about how weird it must be to know your teachers could kidnap you when he remembered something else she said.






He was in a bad school. Nononononono! This couldn't be happening. He started to hyperventilate- what id Sir found out? He'd get the belt for sure. Oh dear god what if he thought that wasn't enough? 

While Shadow started spiralling, two friends gave each other worried looks.

'What's going on? Are you okay?' Draco said worriedly.

Pansy tried reaching for Shadow's shoulder but he flinched away violently and shouted out a warbled, 'No! Please!' 

They started debating whether or not they should get help when as suddenly as it began it stoped. 

'Shit! We killed him Pans! We killed the hot guy!' Draco wailed. Pansy went to check,

'He's sleeping you great dolt!' She scowled and wacked him across the back of his head, ruining his hair. He glared at her,

'One- that was rude and unnecessary. Two- what the hell do we do now?'

'I don't think we should get a teacher, we don't want anyone to see him in this vulnerable state nor do we want word getting around. You said the Weasley's tied him to a chair?' Draco nodded his conformation. 'Hmmm, well I'm guessing he's had enough excitement today. I'll bet something bad happened when the Triwizard cup thing was going on, like a creative died or something and now he associates it with that. Dumbledores out, the old baboon would use this against Slytherin and I really don't feel like getting your Godfather involved. He's so bloody dramatic.'

'Well where did you think I learnt it from?'

'Oh hush you. Personally I think the best plan is just to let him sleep. They must have planned to do his sorting in private but it's obvious he'd be a Slytherin with those eyes. Maybe he was already sorted? You know what? I think he definitely was.' She decided, wheels turning in her head.

'And how do you figure that?' The blonde interjected.

'Oh Draco, think about it. He got pranked by the twins and who was responsible for him? Snape. Obviously, the responsibility would fall on the Head of House. Shadow said Snape and him met at a bar, that must have been an informal interview and I bet he wanted to go to Slytherin once he met our charming Potions Master. I wonder why his trunk isn't here? Never mind that he can borrow some of your robes. Can you imagine how funny it would be if we walked down to breakfast with another Slytherin that no one has seen before? Yes, well done Pansy, we are soooo doing this.' She said with a note of pride in her voice.

'Was I even needed in this conversation?' Draco asked dryly.

'You're my favourite accessory so yes.' She retorted. He flipped her the bird as he started looking around for spare robes.

'I've got to say, this boy is tiny. He must be at least two years below us. I guess that's not too much of an age gap.' Draco commented.

'When you're older sure. But people might have something to say mind you.' 

Draco just gave an evil smirk, 'all the better.' 

They both looked at each other before they burst into laughter.

'Pans, unfold my bed will you.' Draco instructed as he picked up a sleeping Shadow. Once the bed was open Draco carefully laid the boy down and tucked him in.

'He is rather cute isn't he. I don't think he's old enough to classify as hot but he'll definitely get there.' She said side-eyeing Draco. He chose to ignore the subtle reminder of  earlier on when he might have lost his cool a bit and thought they'd killed him. Well who could blame him, he sniffed. It caught him by surprise. 'Uh Draco, where do you plan to sleep?' She said, realising that it would be wildly inappropriate to go to sleep in the same bed as an unconscious boy that they barely knew.

'Why with you of course.' He grinned

'Yay!' She squealed. 'Slummberpartyyyyyyy! What colour do you want to paint your nails?' She questioned.

'I'm thinking black with green sparkles.'

Pansy raised an eyebrow. 'And this decision of course would have nothing to do with a black haired boy with sparkly green eyes?'

'Of course not.' He winked. She chucked and went by Shadows side,

'He can sleep through a lot of noise huh?' She said soothing his hair. It was so soft and curly... she just couldn't help her self. But as she did, his bangs moved out of her way and she stilled.

'Draco...' The silver eyed boy moved to her side, ' We have a problem.' 

And with one shakey hand moved Shadows bangs out of his face to reveal-

One big fucking problem in the shape of a lightning scar.




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'Yes Draco?' Pansy whispered looking faint.

'We got a motherfucking problem.' Draco said with wide eyes.

'I believe I already mentioned that.'

'I felt this scenario allowed the phrase to be repeated.' He said dryly.

'Well in that case allow me to add some new dialogue- WHY ARE YOU BEING SO CALM ABOUT THIS?? WE HAVE THE FUCKING BOY-WHO-LIVED IN YOUR BED!' She screeched. Draco winced wondering if there was any banshee in her bloodline because Merlin's tits that girl could scream. 

'Pansy dear, you know how to read right?' He inquired. She shot him a seething look and it took all he had to only flinch once she looked away. 'I'll take that as a yes. Anyway, I'm assuming you've read the Daily Prophet?'

'Of course I've read the Daily Prophet, what does that have to do with-' 

Draco raised an eyebrow, as Pansy suddenly developed a smirk.

'Well, well, well.... Draco sweetheart- it look's like we have ourselves one very naughty boy.'

'Right well I'm going to sleep.'

'Uh Dray? You are aware of what's happening?'

'Sure, I probably took Sev's prisoner out for lovely tour of my bed chambers.'

Seeing Pansy's unimpressed look

'Well it's not like he's actually naked!'


'Oh fuck off but bring the chocolate frogs.'


'Please, you think having a stowaway is any reason to stop a slumber party? Darling, this just means we get to plot while drunk.' He said turning away from his friend and the temptation to wake the boy up with a kiss. 'Don't forget to bring the nail polish!' He called back as he stormed into the girls dorm- the magic didn't work in the Slytherin dorms because please- they're Slytherins and if they want to slyther-into someones bed, no old fool is going to stop them. 

Pansy stared at Draco leaving then turned her attention onto the Shadow-Potter-look-a-like,

'Please don't break his heart.' She whispered. 

Her words floated around the dorm room and Shadow rubbed his ears, almost as if he could hear the softly spoken plead from a Slytherin girl who had never wished for anything in her life.






'Who's brilliant idea was this again?' Baby said pouting. The whole gang held their breath, trying to hold in laughter and embarrassment. Holy crap they couldn't believe they got him to wear it. 

And by it- we're talking Wizard robes. 

They where all wearing them but everyone knew that Baby still wasn't completely sold on the idea of y'know, magic and weren't sure if he'd play along with the plan.

A very sour Silver put her hand up and he sighed. Their little thief was just a wee bit pissed when she ended up breaking up with her girlfriend because apparently- and this is a direct quote- "going off into the bloody sunset to find some stupid little teen is just fucking stupid. Just leave him"

Silver handled that as well as you can imagine. 

But too be fair, when she threw the knives she wasn't trying to do any permanent damage...

Oh please, the hair will grow back and it's not Silver's fault if she 'accidentally' cut the bitches ear- never mind that she never misses.

'Right.' Rybet clapped, obviously trying to get Silver to stop swirling her knives dangerously as she thought about current events. 'Who want's to go over the plan?'

'Oh Shit up Ry. We got this.' Sangre sighed. Everyone was still a tad bit mad about him loosing Shadow. 'It's simple. We all wait here pretending to be talking and every time someone opens up the portal thingie, one or two of us go in. From there we try to find out as much info about the school you think this Snape guy works at and "borrow" enough Money to be able to use this Floo powder thing you said they used to get somewhere close to the school where we can then sneak in.' She finished crossing her arms.

'Yup that about sums it up. And if anyone ask's your name or why we're not in school?' Rybet prompted.

'We only know how to speak BSL.' Silver signed.

'Correct. And remember, stay away from anything that says Gringotts. All of their things have curses and tracking spells for stealing.'

Then as the minutes went by they all slowly filtered in, trying to contain their amazement of the Alley. Sure enough they  Sangre thought she was going particularly well when she saw a red-headed guy laughing with a massive pouch peaking out of his pocket.


She crept up to him, grabbed the pouch and walked away, not seeing the engraved initials B.W on the side of now her hefty little pouch, nor the symbol on the side pronouncing it property of Gringotts. But perhaps most discouraging for the thief, was her being so in shock with her surrounding that she missed someone watching her as she walked away.

Bill Weasley watched the enigma leave with his money and with a few muttered words under his breath, a tracing spell. They'd be seeing each other soon enough.




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When Shadow woke up he groaned. He had fucking done it again- knocked himself out. It was a defence mechanism from back at the Dursleys, when the beatings got really bad- boom- his whole body shut down. He thought it must have been from shock at first but then just became the default setting from when in doubt, though he wondered what had happened this time.

Eh, he didn't really care as long as it continued working.

Speaking of working... he was sure Baby or someone would have woken him up to get working on taking from the rich and giving to the poor (a.k.a themselves). He opened his eyes and that's when everything that happened rushed back to him.

'Well fuck me backwards with a crap covered lollipop...' he muttered. 


Unknowing to Shadow, a certain Slytherin named Blaise had stormed into the room with his second cup of coffee expecting a silver haired demon to start whining about getting up but instead he found... that

And by that he means a boy with the most refined language and accent who most definitely didn't have a certain oder to him nor the looks of a street rat. And of course this boy wasn't a perfect mirror of James Potter- there was a picture of the man playing Quidditch with his then team near the fields, (he wasn't a stalker thank you very much) and this boy was certainly not ignoring him as he cleared his throat for the FUCKING FITH TIME! 

Getting bored of waiting to be acknowledged he marched straight up to the boy, discarding his cup of coffee on a ledge and tugged on his sleeve. Unsurprisingly the boy squealed.


Just the pitch Blaise want's his eardrums to be aquatinted with at seven in the morning.

'Who are you? Where's Dray and Pansy?' He warbled. Blaise sighed. Of course those two miscreants managed to find a new student before anyone else had a chance to sink their claws into him. They must be so proud of their little pet, bet they can't wait to show him off. Actually... that wasn't a bad idea. If they went through all this effort just to be the ones to show him off, wouldn't it just be oh so very tragic if this boy was introduced to the school under Blaise's arm instead?

Oh yes...

tragic indeed.

'Hola pendejo, quieres que te coma tu culo?'


'I asked if you wanted to eat with me? You look a little peckish.' Blaise said innocently (I'll give you hint- that's not what he said). Oh how he'd missed having foreigners not understanding spanish. After First Year, he'd been insulting his friends for so long that they started to understand little worlds and phrases.

'Um... I don't know you.'

'Oh right, just call me Blaise.' Blaise had stopped offering his surname right around the death of his Mother's third husbands death.

'I'd still like to see Dray and Pansy.' How... interesting. The boy had a nickname for the Prince of Slytherin. 

'Yes, they're having breakfast. They asked me to show you to the room- got called in by a professor.' 

The raven haired boy seemed wary but the thought of food was enough for any boy to risk it. 

'Alright let's go. You can call me Shadow by the way.' As Shadow made for the door, Blaise grabbed his arm, causing Shadow to jump. Now, Draco and Pansy weren't exactly known for being the most observant but Blaise had always been paranoid that his Mother might one day tire of him and he'll suddenly disappear under mysterious circumstances. Which is why he very much did not miss the jump nor the slight whimper. 

But he was a snake, not a fool hearted lion. He wouldn't demand answers, he'd wait and see. 

'Shadow, you seem to be missing something.' Blaise said with a raised eyebrow.


'Your wand and robes perhaps?'

'Right.' Shadow said looking very red, 'well, uh they got lost on the way here.'

'...Right. Well, you can just wear Draco's. The prat won't mind.' He said accio-ing some robes for Shadow to wear. 'You can change in the bathroom if you're shy.' He added when the boy made no indication to start changing. As the boy started to leave for the bathrooms, Blaise had a certain thought, 'and have a shower if you like!'

In a few moments both where ready to leave and walking towards the Great Hall. The robes where rather big on Shadow, Blaise thought to himself, it was actually rather cute.




'PAAAAANSYYYYYY!' Draco wailed.

'What is it you great oaf?' She said skidding across the pathway that lead from her room to his.

'We lost our stowaway.' He said with a look of horror. Pansy and Draco both shuffled into the room in just their fluffy socks and underwear- don't judge it's more comfy sleeping that way and they where safe from each other- and Pansy sniffed a cup of discarded coffee. Cuban.

'Blaise that son of a -'




Shadow was nervous. He wasn't sure how long it would take until someone realised he wasn't exactly supposed to be here. Or maybe he was. I mean the teacher did technically kidnap him, so he guessed that meant they wanted him? And maybe they would be nice? To be honest though, Shadow wasn't really complaining. He'd met a few people that seemed really nice, was wearing the best clothes he'd ever owned and had helped himself to a shower. No one had hit him for it so he supposed it was allowed. He knew Blaise was talking to him but couldn't exactly keep track of the conversation considering THE PICTURES ON THE WALL MOVED! That didn't seem to bother the other boy but Shadow was left wandering if it was an effect from a drug he might have taken subconsciously. And that's not to mention the other stuff he'd seen... seriously, the school had so many weird things it was hard to keep track of it all.

Like the staircases.

Let's not even talk about the staircases.


Suddenly Blaise took a sharp right and they where in front of a big set of doors. He turned to face Blaise and saw him saying,

'-is where we eat.'

And as the doors open Shadow wanted to let out a squeal. He'd never seen so much food in his life! Unknown to Shadow, the whole Hall had slowly gone quiet as more and more people noticed a new student who looked suspiciously like the pictures they'd seen around school and such. I mean, being Head Boy and a star player kinda meant photos...

They sat at the furthest table where everyone wore green robes. No one started ac conversation with him. In fact, they said nothing at all, marvelling at the fact that this boy seemed happy to be there. But as time went on and he didn't seem to say anything either, everyone got back to eating, casting looks at the boy who had arrived unexpectedly.

As Shadow sat he stared at the food longingly, he didn't want to get in trouble for touching what wasn't his but it had been so long since he last ate. He lived on the streets, remember? Sometimes there just wasn't enough. 

Blaise nudged him and he looked at the boy solely having coffee, 'Eat.' 

And so Shadow slowly started adding food to his plate and everyone smiled at what looked to be a sweet Third Year. Then he ate and all the Pureblood children dropped their mouths in horror. The table manners... He ate with his hands, stuffing everything into his mouth. A girl named Astoria Greengrass whispered to her friend,

'He's going to be sick.'

And by the time Shadow finished he did indeed look a little queasy. And then he reached for seconds.



Blaise had watched in morbid fascination as this act occurred, wishing that his Head of House had been present to see such a fiasco. Snape always made sure they looked and acted proper. And this... this was not proper. But Snape along with Pansy and Draco had not made it to Breakfast yet and as he watched his new friends eat, he wondered where they where.



'You're telling me that you kidnapped the boy?' Snape said with two fingers massaging his temples. 'From my personal chambers?' Draco and Pansy looked down at their feet.

'Well technically Sir- you kidnapped him first.' Draco intervened. The glare Snape sent him was enough for him to shut his mouth after that comment. 

'And then,' he continued as if there hadn't been an interruption, 'you proceeded to loose him?'

'Well again Sir- you did actually loose him fir-'

'Mrs Parkinson I highly suggest you think about whether a months detention is worth finishing that sentence.' 

Both students shut their mouths with an audible snap from where they'd both about to intervene. 

'Where do you think this imposture could be?'

'Considering it's Blaise? Probably somewhere public.'

'Right well off we go to the Great Hall.'

And so the three of them hurried out of the Dungeons trying to look as if they where as calm and collected as possible. They didn't want everyone realising that not only was someone disrespecting the dead and doing an imitation of what Harry Potter could look like, and Snape most certainly didn't want it to be anyone but him who dragged the answers out of the boy. His plan was simple: drag the boy back the dungeons and use as much vertiserium as needed then discreetly leave him somewhere for Rybet to find- before the damned boy figured how to break into the school.

But of course nothing ever goes to plan.

Just as the three where about to enter, two streaks of red flew past them yelling,

'WE FOUND HARRY POTTER! HARRY POTTERS ALIVE!' Fred and George Weasley said standing on the Gryffindor table and holding the Marauder's Map up in the air for everyone to see. Everyone turned to the very boy they'd been looking for who sat obliviously eating his toast.

'Shit.' Draco whispered.

'Five points from Slytherin.' Snape said is disbelief at what was going on. 'But shit indeed.'





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'I'm seriously wondering why the hell I'm following you. At this point I might as well follow an actual frog!' Baby seethed.

Everything had been going to plan. They'd stolen enough of those gold coin thingies- galleons or something? Which they (and by they, I mean Baby, Silver, Sangre, Rybet and the honorary friend Sarcasm who never seemed to leave) had then used to pay for a kinda transportation devise with was shaped like a watch (all Baby knew was it had a weird name and reeeeeally wasn't his favourite way to travel) and they where supposed to have landed right outside of Hogwarts. 

Instead... nada.

Like there was legit nothing there except for some fucking ruins.

'Hey! For all we know this is Hogwarts.' Rybet said defensively. The rest of the gang looked at him with disbelief.

'Yeah, that makes perfect sense. Y'know I bet the teachers where thinking, " kids never get any fresh air... so, LET'S BLOW THE FUCKING ROOF OFF!"' Sangre roared.

Rybet to his credit, only flinched once she looked away.

'As much as I enjoy verbally abusing Ry, did no-one remember that it's a magic school? Meaning there might be protection again people like us?' Silver signed while rolling her eyes.

'Ha! Thank you Silver, for being a reasonable human being.' Rybet said smugly.

'Shut up, I'm still pissed you let my favourite little bro go missing.' She singed with narrow eyes.

'Right, moving on... any ideas?'

Baby grinned and took out some fireworks from inside his jacket, 'Oh I'm sooo glad you asked.'






Shadow was interrupted from his eating when he felt a light shove on his side. Looking up at Blaise he caught him looking frantically around.

'Shit. Here wear this.' Blaise said, transforming his plate into a very hard looking baseball hat. Shadow put it on with a little bit of apprehension. 

'What's going on?' Shadow asked fearfully. 


'Whats that?'

'Demons from hell with surprisingly good hair.' 

'Oh...' Shadow whispered looking a bit lost. 'Okay.'


From the teachers table a very disgruntled Dumbledore stood up.

'What is the meaning of this my fellow boys?' He said with a twinkly gaze, looking down at the two Weasley twins who seemed to cause more trouble than ADHD pixies on coke who just got told no rules apply.

'Well you see my old...'

'But very handsome Professor...'

'Gred and I where using a completely normal map...'

'For no mysterious...'

'Nor nefarious reason...'

'When suddenly...'

'Quite out of the blue...'

'We seemed too notice something very strange...'

'Very strange indeed...'

'And considering this is Hogwarts...'

'And we are us...'

'Well it truly is quite a remarkable feat...'

'A remarkable and tasteful feat to be able to shock us.'

Because Dear Professor, it would seem that either Harry Potter somehow managed to raise from the dead...'

'Which we're all for happening aren't we Gred?'

'Oh very much so Forge.' 

'Or it would seem we have a prankster with even better glammers and befuddlement charms than us.'

'Well at leat they don't have the charms of our personality...'

'Quite right my good-looking brother.'


Dumbledore stood perfectly still.

'I'm sorry, could you please repeat that?'

At this Snape bellowed in.

'Allow me to summarise: a Harry Potter look-a-like is in this castle and seems to have enough magic to trick this so called map.' He said dryly, stopping the twins who had just taken a rather large amount of air to repeat It all, not seeming to care about the glare the twins sent him for interrupting. 

'.... I see. And do you have any idea where this boy might be?' Albus inquired.

Without turning from Dumbledore, Snape snapped, 'Blaise!'

'Yes Professor.'

'The boy.'

'I'd really rather not Sir.'

'Well I'd really rather not take five hundred points from Slytherin but...' he let the threat hang in the air.


Shadow who had only been able to hear one side of the conversation was very confused when suddenly he was being told to stand up by Blaise. Cautiously he stood and walked behind the boy, going over defence of offence tactics in his head. They stopped suddenly and Shadow gasped,

'You're the man who kidnapped me!' 

Whisperings broke out over the Hall and Snape had the decency to look embarrassed.

'Severus what is the meaning of this? Did you bring the boy into the school?' Minerva said icily from her chair where she'd been observing it all.

'Well, yes...'

'And you didn't think to alert the authorities that there was someone using illegal potions?'

'Well, no-'

'And did you manage to loose the boy within the few hours he's been here?'

'Technically, he escaped...'

'Escaped from what?'

'Well the chair I tied him too but in my defence-'

'Your did what?'

'If I may...' Shadow interrupted, 'this could all be resolved if you just let me go?'

'As we will. But first you're going to have to talk to the Auror's department force about those pesky little illegal glammors or polyjuice potion you're using.' Minerva said staring holes down at the illusion. She had loved that boy, had known little Harry when he was just a wee babe. It had crushed her when he had turned down the offer at Hogwarts and when Dumbledore had sent her down to investigate, well, she couldn't exactly remember what happened. She remembered him saying something about another school and had remembered feeling like she should- no had to walk away and leave him with those muggles. But why? She never would have done that... just accepted that he wasn't going so easily and leave...

'Sorry miss but I have no idea what that is.' The boy said.

'Severus, go get any potions you think necessary. Everyone- please leave the dining Hall unless you're directly involved.' There where quite a few grumbles as everyone except Draco, Pansy, Blaise, the Twins and a handful of teachers emptied out. 'We'll hold out on calling for the Aurors yet.'

A few minutes later Shadow had been told to sit in a chair and people started to start prodding him with a wooden stick thing.

'I don't get it! Not a single spell is working! These should work on even the most powerful spellwork!' Severus said feverishly. Nothing had worked. 


He'd thought it would just be a simple case of finite cantantum but of course the bastard had to make life difficult for him. All Snape wanted was to get Lily's eyes to stop staring at him with such sadness and despair

'Perhaps, Severus...' Dumbledore had mused, 'we should use your special version of Vertillisium on the boy?'

'Albus he's just a boy!' Minerva interjected.

'For all we know he could be a fifty year old man.' Snape replied.

'Um, hi, sorry not sure if you forgot about us,' Pansy said with crossed arms and and raised brow, 'But Draco here is pretty fucking-' 

'Language Mrs Parkinson.'

'Ugh. Pretty darn good at potions and what was it you said to me about Snape's personal collection of that particular potion?'

'I said it was barbaric.' Draco said scowling. At the twins questioning look he continued, 'It makes you feel pain for every time you try to resist. Each time you resist the pain goes up, it can even rival the crutiatus curse. And you will not be using it on my friend.'

Albus' eyes twinkled dangerously,

'Severus- bring the potion.'

And with that he shot out his wand arm and made ropes appear from nowhere and tie the boy to the chair, ignoring his tears of confusion.

Shadow was so confused. He'd tried to make the boy Blaise and Draco like him. But then they let him be tied up and wouldn't look in his direction so he didn't know what was happening.

He'd tried so hard to be a good boy.

Why couldn't anyone love him?





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Things weren't going like they should.

Okay, technically they literally never did but this was just getting ridiculous.

In all the stories Pansy read as a child, the witch or wizard would always escape the chains and defeat the bad guy just in time for dinner.

So why weren't the chains fucking breaking!

Ah yes, the other thing. Old Dumbledore had decided to place invisible chains on the fucking red monstrosities and her darling crew of Slytherins. Speaking of which, her honorary Slytherin was about to be torchored and pansy should really do something about that...

'Oi, Dipshit!' Everyone turned to face her. Draco looked at her with an increadious expression,

'Pansy! For Merlin's sake! If you're going to curse at someone do it with your wand and with proper grammar! I mean really where is your class your utter- Wait stop!'

Unfortunately for them, Pansy's plan had actually caused Dumbledore to be able to place five drops of that forsaken potion onto Shadow's tongue. Ok, she's not an expert at things, but like- that was really anti-climatic. And it had been a good plan! Dumblesnore was supposed to fall for it not fucking Draco!


'Is this your true appearance?' Albus asked.

'Yes.' Shadow said with a raised eyebrow.

'Do you... do you live with your Aunt and Uncle?'

Shadow hesitated. Legally he did... so he nodded but felt a bit of discomfort and struggled to hide the wince, unknowing that most people would have been yelling by now.

'Tell me your name.' Albus said calmly.

'Shadow.' He said looking confused.

'Is that your birth name?' 

Ahhh. Finally Albus thought as the boy let out a gasp of pain. He must have some secrets that should be exposed for the Greater Good.

'Please, what is this? Make it stop,' Shadow said, his eyes darting around wildly.

'Your real name.'

'FB!' He said desperately and shuddered in the relief that came. His back still felt that fantom pain of Uncle's belt.

'That's short for something. What is it? Tell me!' 

Minerva and even Snape stepped forwards,

'Albus stop this at once! Look at him! This is inhumane!' Snape said to the shock of the others. he wouldn't admit it but seeing Lily's eyes in that much pain just crushed him.

'Please!' Shadow begged. 'Please don't make me!' There was pressure in his ears now, it felt just like The Night, where his Uncle had hurt him so bad his hearing left him just like everything else. Eventually though he couldn't take it anymore...

'Freak!' He said heaving.


Everyone stood in silence watching the broken boy.

'My name is Freak.' He said looking up through his lashes, tears in his and everyones eyes.

And yet his only thought was of the scar going through his chest.

The Freak Who Lived To Die.