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Our Heartbeats Becoming Slow

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It’s a few hours before you can even think about moving from one of them and they don’t make a move to separate. After years of this relationship they knew everything about your body language and were still deciphering ways to calm you when your shoulders tensed, the tremble in the crease of your eyebrows, and the far away look in your eyes surfaced. Chuuya’s hands would ghost over your legs, across your waist, and up your spine as he placed kisses to the skin just under your neck and between your shoulder blades.


The brunette’s soothing voice is humming idle notes as they keep fingers roaming through your hair, down your neck, over your jawline, across your forehead, hovering around your lips. Every inch of your body is thrumming with the attention and you find yourself slipping into the pleasant emptiness of your mind that they lead you to.


You stay in a calm dissociation, warm and safe . When you feel yourself floating out, the heat around you keeps you anchored as the initial panic sets in before a familiar hum sounds around you once more. With trembling fingers, you keep your eyes closed as your body works out the terror in favor of numb aftershocks. The hands had disappeared from your body - something they'd learned within the first year.


When you finally blink your eyes open, the lamp is the only illumination as the curtains are drawn. Sometime while you were gone, they had switched positions and a bright galaxy mets your eyes.


There's love, concern, adoration, and relief in the irises that confiscate your attention. A soft, questioning hum reaches your ears and you blink twice, an unspoken key agreement that had been settled upon before the three of you were in a relationship - after all you all had trained and worked together.


Chuuya leans forward and presses his lips against your forehead, fingertips just barely caressing your jaw in a protective manner. It melts everything in your body that had tensed upon waking.


You miss the ocean orbs connecting with dark hazels, relief evident in both of their gazes. Almost immediately after, you feel hands press ever so slightly against your hips, the pressure consuming you and not enough at the same time. You need Dazai, need their touch, reassurance, peace . You don't feel the shiver working through your nerves at the touch, but you feel the heat and soothing coolness of No Longer Human coursing through your veins.


If you could have nothing else when escaping from your dissociation, you would chose No Longer Human every time. Your mouth opens and a sigh is released - the first sign that you're easing out of the empty floating and back down to their level. The fingers hovering over your jaw became more prominent after the sigh was released, a silent reassurance you ached for.


The nerves in your legs light up when you feel Dazai’s legs tangle in yours. Within moments, your hands are brushing over Chuuya’s arms, your feet curving around the bandaged limbs behind you. That’s all the permission they need before you’re lifted into strong arms, red curls tickling your shoulder as you bury your face in the crook of his neck. With Dazai’s hands missing from your body, the trembles return with a light shake, just enough to be noticeable in your fingers.The tremble was always a constant in your life, never had a moment passed where you hadn’t felt it - until Dazai.


You turn your head to the side and catch sight of the brunette ahead of you, leading the way into the kitchen where Chuuya floats up to sit on the counter, keeping you in his lap. It’s fairly easy for him to sit with his legs crossed as he props your back against his chest. In four years Dazai had grown by leaps and bounds in their cooking abilities so it’s safe to say the detective no longer burns pots and pans. The hands around your arms rub idle patterns against your skin, soothing you enough to close your eyes once more.


It isn’t until the sounds of pans and pots clink against each other that you feel a bit more alive and even sit up straighter, able to control your body once more.Everything is too quiet so you choke out a rough, “Osamu.”


The response is immediate; espresso curls bounce lightly as they gather a bottle of water from the fridge and hand it to you with a bright smile, eyes gleaming. “Hello there,” Their voice wraps around you and caresses you in a warmth you'd die without. They’re moving into your arms before you've become conscious of their movement. Your fingers brush against soft material as you hook your arms around a bandaged neck with a sigh, chest clenching with a feeling you're still growing into.


Agile fingers deftly open the bottle and it's tipped to your lips as you take slow sips, Dazai carefully attentive to when you swallow and when you're no longer drinking from the shallow level meeting your lips. Closing the water, they set it on the counter.


Bandaged hands fall onto your sweatpants-clad thighs as lips are pressed against your cheek. An arm disappears from around your waist and you see gloved fingers sift through Dazai’s hair. There's a hum that vibrates against your shoulder as the detective nuzzles into your neck.


You're reminded of just how much you love these two, how often they've known what you've needed before you knew it yourself. It's an overwhelming thought and you feel tears prick behind your closed eyelids. A trembling of another kind shows itself in your stomach, sides, and thighs as you try to contain your emotions. “I love you.”


Soukoku responds equally, a kiss applied to your shoulder and another to the back of your head; the hands at your thighs massage lightly while the gloved fingers against your side clench protectively. “I love you…” Your voice is breaking at the heat running through you and in the next instant, lips are on yours and you melt into the kiss.


Dazai always loved the reassurances, the nicknames, the attention, and the affection so they always made sure to return it all tenfold. The hands leave your thighs and you feel them tilt your face up as they find their home against your face, long fingers dipping into your hair. You can feel kisses press against the back of your neck and shoulders, dark hums lighting your nerves the way only Chuuya could.


Your hands cinch into the soft material as you pull Dazai closer, feeling a leg slide between yours and then they’re flush with your body. Your legs wrap loosely around their waist, tilting your face to the left as you roughly press your lips deeper against Dazai’s. The peace that radiated around the detective was one you wanted to consume you - and consume it did.


A nip was given to your bottom lip before you feel fingers dip under your hair, gripping lightly to pull you away from the lips in front of you to tilt your head back and another pair replaces the empty space.


You were greedy - oh how you were greedy. You needed to be reminded why they loved you, why they'd kept you after all these years after everything you'd put them through. You were trying to love yourself, to see what they saw. And because of this - amongst other reasons, you released a hand from Dazai’s neck to delve into sunset curls and pull Chuuya closer, tilting your head to the right and further against his shoulder.


A groan left the boss’s lips to dance around your ears, setting a fire alive. There was a need in those lips, in the kiss that was impossible to not notice and you found yourself shifting in the lap, releasing your legs from Dazai’s waist as your hand curved into brown curls. Turning into the body behind you, you settle on your knees on either side of Chuuya’s hips as you pull the detective closer by the hand in his hair. Hands encircle your waist as leather ghosts over your neck and into your hair.


Lidded, but clear azures meet yours and you take in the wonder that is Nakahara Chuuya. The blush that’s blooming over his cheeks and nose, the gleam in his eyes that you only notice when he is around you or Dazai, and the swollen lips. Lips you can no longer ignore.


Just as lips meet your shoulder, yours drops to Chuuya’s reddened ones with a vigor that surprised even yourself.


Show me why you want me.


The hands in your hair tighten their grip and you're pulled closer, deeper into the kiss as Chuuya’s tongue flicks out and you eagerly allow permission before he's memorizing the inside of your mouth again. When you'd usually be melting, instead you're fighting just as strongly for whatever it is they see in you, a thread of something to keep you here. There's a moan that lights up in your mouth and you're unsure just who it belonged to, but you couldn't possibly have cared less.


A nip is given and a hard suck to your neck, instantly shaking your core. Your lips shudder to a stop with a broken moan that vibrates Chuuya’s lips. With a fervor, teeth nip onto your bottom lip before he’s pulling you back into the kiss and you're submissive to the attention. With Dazai’s mark gleaming brightly under the lights, you feel calmer and necessary , important. The thrum in your body remains as Dazai turns back to the stove, nutrition weighing heavily on their mind after what you'd been through.


The slow, intimate kiss against your lips soothes your soul, his lips caressing yours in the erotic way that only Chuuya could do. You quickly lose yourself to the motions, shaking lightly as his tongue flicks up the back of the roof of your mouth in three consecutive strokes before sliding up to just behind your teeth to give slow brushes.


Your chest curves against his as you drop your head to his shoulder, memorizing every movement he makes as you give in to his affections, allowing him to spoil you. The fingers in your hair massage your scalp lightly as his other hand wraps around your waist, securing you to him in the protectiveness you've associated with him long before the relationship was established. A moan sounds from the back of your throat and the kisses slow to gentle caresses.


Before long you smell the signature scents of seafood and pasta. You've long lost yourself to the silk between your fingers, the mouth against yours, the heat radiating to you, and the hand rubbing along your skin. Plates are set onto the counter and the kiss breaks apart.


You watch as Dazai's lips cover Chuuya’s in a gentle manner before the nip provided by Dazai makes it rougher. Chuuya, never one to back down from a challenge, meets the dominance fight head on and it's entrancing to look at. Brown melds with red, light skin crashes against tan and dirty moans sound from both.


The jawline before you is entirely too enticing and you watch as it grows closer and closer until your lips catch on the bone. A dark groan leaves Chuuya’s lips and he leans slightly into your lips. At first all you do is brush over the skin, not pressing down enough for the pressure you know he wants. Not until a hand molds against the back of your head to push you forward - only it's not the hand you thought it'd be: it was Dazai’s.


You could tell from the thin, yet light pressure on the fingertips but a heavy force against the palm: a technique Chuuya had yet to learn. Eagerly, your teeth snap out to mark the boss just under that lovely jawline. It earns you a needy moan that you'd recklessly do anything to wring back out of him. Without preamble, you kiss a few more inches of skin before marking him again where his jawline ends, releasing a shiver from the other. This time it's Dazai who moans.


It had always mesmerized you and Dazai how beautiful Chuuya looked wrecked, just as you and the mafioso appreciated a scattered Dazai. And you could do that to them. They wanted you to do that to them. This reminder sets a fire inside that you release in marking the boss under you, down that strong neck, over popping veins and sheer muscle. Chuuya was a wonder on the eyes and the universe of marks over his tanned skin strains for your eyes. All types of sounds are now leaving Chuuya’s mouth, the fingers that had been in your hair now brushing over your neck as if Dazai were leaving kisses of his own.


And then all at once hands lift you by your thighs, a small, shocked noise emitting from your mouth. There's a low chuckle as a kiss is placed to your cheek and you allow your body to be twisted so that you're being cradled in bandaged arms. Hazelnut eyes gaze down with a cheeky smile as you're sat on the other side of the plates resting on the counter. Your legs dangle over the edge and there's a dangerous growl from the boss that has you covering your mouth at the laughter bubbling up inside.


Always so impatient…


Fingertips graze your jawline and you close your eyes with a gasp, the touch more caressing than mere sliding of fingers. Instinctually your face leans into the touch and your neck cranes up to chase the warmth that disintegrates the moment Dazai's fingers leave you. You always knew the little things that worked Dazai up, most of them you did unconsciously. This was one of them.


Soft lips cover yours and you feel your chest expand with heat as you desperately reach up to be consumed. But Dazai doesn't offer that. Not yet. His hands cover your wrists as you try to reach for him. Planting them back on the counter, he spreads his fingers over the cold surface as he leans back.


“Later, my love. You need to eat.” The words ghost over your lips and you release a hungry, needy whine that goes upon deaf ears.


“How can you ignore that , Mackerel?” The words are growled out from the angry Chuuya, you were stolen from him as well as the warmth that came with you. Of course he'd be angry. Chuuya always wanted to give what you wanted - always wanted to spoil you.


When you were sick, he'd lay with you and pamper you - give you amazing baths, savory soups, heated blankets from the dryer. Some days you even tried faking illness so you'd receive that treatment (and to be a brat, but you'd never admit to that aloud). In the end he would ruffle your hair with a scowl and remind you that all you had to do was ask and he'd provide. But where was the fun in that?


Dazai mockingly stands before Chuuya with bandaged hands on their hips and a bright smirk on display. “Is Chuuya mad~?” A deep scowl. “Is Chuuya jealous~?” Leather screams against the counter as it strains against fisted hands. “Would Chuuya like some attention~?”


Dazai was ever the sadist, ever the ultimate tease. On first glance, no one would think Soukoku could possibly be in the same room without at least one thing broken - be it furniture or bones. But when you came in the picture, they both began to learn gentleness that extended to more than just for you.


Despite the teasing words, bandaged hands cup the boss’s face and a blush appears on Chuuya’s cheeks as his eyes widen. Almost imperceptibly, the smaller leans into the hands, a movement only the two of you can tell. The smirk is still stubbornly in place even as their lips meet. You bite your lip to staunch a moan and as if they know what you've done, red curls tilt as gloved hands sift into chocolate locks and pull , a flash of a tongue is seen and you notice the smirk fall from the taller’s lips: your throat closes.


You know those lips well, that tongue and those vicious teeth that wrap around you with unspoken promises he will definitely feed into within the next hours. The image before you makes you shiver, unable to tear your eyes away.


Strong legs wrap around a thin waist and Chuuya pulls himself closer, ripping apart from the kiss as Dazai's head falls back and teeth latch onto the skin above their jugular. A sharp hiss leaves your mouth, heat simmering everywhere as your fingers clench the edge of the counter. Although Chuuya's mouth is on Dazai, you feel it sharply against your skin.


As soon as it starts it ends and Chuuya's pulling away to admire the mark he left against Dazai's throat. It's a lovely dark red already. He smirks at the image before a hand sifts into sunset curls to expose the neck you'd marked up previously. You watch mesmerized as the galaxy of colors shine against the light then shiver again as lips caress Chuuya’s clavicle.


It's always a game with Dazai, a dangerous, savory, delicious game of whether pain or pleasure will come from the lips, hands, teeth, and eyes . Your nails dig in anticipation at the scheme inside that detective’s brain.


And then the most delicious sound escapes swollen red lips: a mixture between a groan and a scream and you know immediately what happened, what Dazai had done to reduce Chuuya to such a submissive state. Your neck aches with the wind gusting over your cold skin, reminding you with vicious intent that you're alone without a mouth on you.


The hands in those dark curls are clenched tight, pulling and loosening and it's evident just how hard of a challenge it is to push Dazai away when all he wants to do is keep him there. He loses the fight and you see those gloved hands drop loosely to the back of the brunette’s shoulders. Those lips are still on that neck, rasped out gasps and whines rip from Chuuya's throat, a symphony you feel down to your bones.


“…” It takes a few moments before you realize the name had fell from your lips, your eyes lidded and body aching . You miss the wide-eyed glances from the two, the gasp that leaves Chuuya's lips and the sharp pop as the taller’s lips leave Chuuya’s neck. You rarely ever begged untouched. It was a sight to be treasured and Soukoku always made sure to reward it with heaps of pleasure.


As Dazai pulls away from Chuuya to walk to you, gloves are torn off and thrown to the back of the counter. Hands settle over your thighs to spread them before the detective slips between them, pressing their mouth against your neck and you jolt . Your back arches as your palms dig into the edge of the counter, dropping your head back just as Chuuya’s shoulder appears behind you to catch you. His legs stretch out along either side of yours, and you're too far gone to notice the shiver that shakes the boss’s spine.


Dazai’s tongue tastes along your skin, forming figure eights along your clavicle and the junction of your shoulder. Their teeth are a constant, scraping along your skin in the most delicious of ways; at your jawline and clavicle Dazai’s teeth latch onto the quivering skin only to suck harshly for a split moment before soothing it with their dangerous tongue. You're unaware of the sounds passing your lips, unaware of the effect they have on the ones around you.


Unable to hold back any longer, Chuuya leans forward and whispers heatedly into your ear, the voice shocking your nerves along your ear and neck. “Good girl.” His tongue is vicious as it curves around every syllable to drag them out with earth-shattering arousal.


At this point, you're completely limp in their grasp. As nimble fingers slide along your shoulder, your shirt is pulled lower and the exploration of your body is extended, but your lungs aren't given the same luxury. You can no longer feel your hands as they're gripping the counter hard enough to shatter.


Turning your head almost takes too much effort but you easily capture one of the fingers that were ghosting over your neck. You feel the shudder from behind you as you pull the digit into your mouth by your teeth then flatten your tongue around the knuckles. “Babygirl, oh.” The remaining fingers clench onto your jaw as his mouth snaps to your neck to leave marks of his own.


A cry leaves your mouth at the mounting pleasure, the teeth on your neck, the lips hovering just over your hardened bud, tongues teasing and heat coursing through your veins like the familiar drug you've known for the past four years. It's intoxicating, overwhelming, and yet not enough . You nip the finger over your bottom lip and it's slid in as well, your teased movements of tongue turn serious as you suck harshly on the digits. The lips on your neck stutter and a groan wisps over your flushed skin.


You're pulling all your tricks out, needing more. Sliding between the two fingers, your tongue strokes at the junction of the digits before you nip and suck again, keeping this cycle for all of ten seconds before a low laugh leaves Chuuya’s mouth.


“What do you want, my kitten~?” You shake at the rough tone, knowing it could be deeper and exactly what happens to make it sound wrecked. You need that tone. Need to be reminded you could do that to him. And so, you use the leverage of your hands to grind back against the hardened member.


At this movement, the stimulation from your chest is ceased in favor of watching what you'll do. And simply that is enough to set your skin ablaze; knowing that Dazai knows what you can do to Chuuya, what you are doing and they want to watch it .


It’s with a bright revelation that you know what you want; and know that the weak state of your body will not be able to maintain itself long enough to get Chuuya to that state.


And so it is with deep regret that you shakily release the grip on the counter to wrap around the wrist of the fingers in your mouth. You scrape your nails against the sensitive backside of Chuuya’s palm and a groan leaves the boss’s lips. Pulling the fingers out of your mouth, you kiss the inside of his palm and the hand caresses your cheek, rather shakily if you didn't know better.


Your eyes open to meet espresso orbs and a deep smirk is seen at eye level. It’s always hardest to get Dazai to lose dominance for you - a meticulous scheme that only you know. Of course you'd be the only one to know, otherwise Dazai would be able to know your moves and never relax enough to the pleasure you would be giving.


However, you feel the need to wreck Chuuya, and you need it now .


But first, food.


You continue to grind against Chuuya’s member as you pick up the closest plate and set it in your lap as you look into dark eyes, an order evident in your pupils as they dilate. Immediately catching the drift, Dazai leans close to Chuuya over your shoulder, his fingers hooking under the smaller’s chin as he confiscates the mafioso’s attention with deep kisses you hear in your ears.


The ache in your body crescendos as you quickly eat the food but not enough to make you feel sick. The sounds behind you push you further and further into desperation and you're halfway through the food before you deem it necessary to just bring small snacks to the bedroom to replenish afterwards. Setting the plate down a bit harder than anticipated, you catch the shocked expression on Chuuya’s face, the dark hunger in his eyes.


He's caught onto the fact he was distracted while you were eating, you see him process the glint in your eyes and the blush on his cheeks blossoms and opens significantly.


Before he can think too much on it, you turn in his lap and drop your arms over his shoulders, legs wrapped around his lower back. Your teeth nip into his bottom lip and pull before a loud groan vibrates your lips as the arms around you tighten and Chuuya’s lips are flush against yours.


Although it'd been merely five minutes since his lips were last on you, you feel as if he hadn't been with you in ages. Your nails scrape along his scalp as you deepen the kiss, tongue leisurely brushing over the roof of his mouth only to dip down and dance with his. The nails digging into your hips tells you he's not fighting you, probably can't at this point.


You feel hair brush your cheek as a loud whine leaves Chuuya's mouth. A soft growl sounds from your lips before you latch your teeth to Dazai’s neck in an unsaid order: he is mine .


There's a bright eagerness to Dazai’s eyes as they relent. It's a false relinquish, especially if it came that easily, however Dazai never objected to watching the two of you. They understood what you wanted - no needed and would gladly watch the show you provided if they were good for you.


Your eyes soften as Dazai moves back, a grateful gesture the demon sees but you turn your attention to Chuuya before you see the sadistic simper that graces the detective’s mouth. Just as your lips find the boss’s once more, the hands at your hips grip inhumanly tight before the two of you are lifted from the counter to drop to the floor.


Your mouth leaves those beautifully swollen lips to journey down to his neck, nipping the already formed hickeys in reminder as well as adding more. Chuuya’s body leans against the counter for a moment under the onslaught, head tipped back as gasps and groans light the room.


It's when you nip his jugular that he's spurred into action - gripping your ass tightly as your legs tighten their hold on his waist. Chuuya's fighting for dominance, you can tell in the way he sucks on the unmarked side of your neck, the way he nips there until you start to suck on his neck, digging your teeth into the skin and flicking your tongue to taste him. It's enough to stutter his movements only for an instant before his attention is back on the hallway leading to the bedroom.


He can feel your smirk as sharply as the teeth in his skin. He won't take much of this, but you've planned that. You grin widely as he throws you onto the bed before climbing over you, pupils blown wide enough that his ocean irises are now sapphire. It's entrancing, but not enough to stun you from the need burning at your blood. You can see the shadow of Osamu from the doorway and you know they won't move another inch, not even to walk to the chair next to the bed.


Hooking your legs back around his waist, you reach up and bite into the bottom lip teasing you from above. Your hands slide up muscled arms and settle into russet curls just as his lips meet yours. His tongue slides through easily as you let him dominate for a moment - only a moment before you rip it back by sucking on his tongue.


You feel his back relax under your legs; you strike. In the next instant, Chuuya’s hair flows over the navy pillowcase, and you're straddling him with your hands over a black T-shirt.


The blush covering his face extends lower and under the collar of his shirt. Your fingers roam over the boss’s sides earning a sharp gasp and a shifting of hips. Sliding under the soft material, your fingertips brush over hardened abs and within milliseconds his shirt is off and thrown somewhere behind you.


The eagerness in your hands is an energy Chuuya isn't familiar with - not from you. You watch as he settles himself into the pillow, his hands loosely falling to the sheets. A horrible choice to relax, really.


Your mouth descends upon his chest, ghosting your lips over his abs before you memorize his skin with your tongue, following the path of the natural dips and curves of his chest. His breath increases, chest arching under your ministrations.


Dazai's eyes watch you from the doorway, hands leisurely resting in pockets. They can see the iron focus in your eyes, the way your fingers tremble only slightly and your back taunt in concentration. It's a wonderful view, one they’ve seen many times before and know the outcome of it almost like the back of their bandaged hand. Dazai’s lips burn with an ache to be on yours but merely nibbles on their bottom lip and watches your back arch down into Chuuya's body.


Dazai knew how lithe you were, especially how flexible. There was no stopping the smirk that curved the edge of lips at the images flashing through their head, and more to come tonight. Dark eyes followed the path of your hands as they delved lower into black sweatpants. At the jerk in Chuuya's knees and dug heel, Dazai knew you were kneading that wonderful ass the both of you had left your mark on multiple times before.


The detective analyzes your every move as you rise from the mafioso’s stomach to the pleading lips. As soon as your lips connect with Chuuya's, strong legs wrap around your waist and you moan heatedly into the kiss. Dazai knew how much you had wanted to dominate Chuuya, to be able to push him into submission with meticulous planning and they had helped push you there.


You were raised in a narrow-minded family who looked down upon the relationship you now had, and therefore those thoughts had prevented you from exploring the way you wished. Soukoku hadn't pushed, but had encouraged your short bursts of domination. It had started small: grinds on the couch to Dazai prepping Chuuya before you slipped in right before the detective could. He never minded, honestly, it was easier for them to praise your backside and please Chuuya at the same time.


Within the next year you had begun learning how to prep Chuuya and now had no problems doing so; you were almost able to play the boss like a violin and Dazai was proud .


Chocolate irises watch as you slide the sweatpants off, along with the black boxers underneath. Dazai had taught you this tip: to have Chuuya undressed before you. It stated to the boss exactly what you wanted and if you were up for a stronger fight for dominance, undressing Chuuya first was the best start.


Dazai’s eyes gleamed as the mafioso’s body undulated under your mouth, long fingers delving into your locks. Your mouth roamed leisurely along the bones and muscles at his hips, hands sliding down quivering thighs to throw the legs over your waist - a move not fought.


By now, Chuuya would've tried to overthrone you at least twice, but he had made no such move, not even lifted a finger against your demands. With calculating eyes, Dazai analyzed the submission.


Dazai knew how much Chuuya adored you, ever since he'd laid his eyes upon you. Soukoku had established their relationship before taking you and Dazai had walked in on Chuuya moaning your name after a stressful day at work that not even Dazai could have helped with. If only they had caught onto the shake in the boss’s hands during the battle that day; the bright ceruleans latched onto your every move.


Dazai would've noticed if their eyes weren't confiscated by you as well.


That night Chuuya had confessed he wanted you, needed you. The three of you had been close for a year and Dazai couldn't deny the curiosity clinging to your thighs and ass. Dazai's intentions had been more...physical while Chuuya had been more protective and emotional.


There had been multiple occasions in which you would throw yourself into the battle and Chuuya would lose his shit, forcing Dazai to hold him back as well as they could.


The first time you all had sex, you were bottoming but hazel orbs didn't miss the burning gazes at Chuuya, didn't miss the dark gleam in your eyes that matched theirs. A gleam radiating from your irises right now.


Chuuya wasn't known for giving in easily - especially when his emotions were wrecked. But when it came to you….there was a special protection that sung from his bones and you accepted it with your entire essence. As it was, they had left you when you needed them the most - and Chuuya felt doubly responsible because he had been the first to recognize it (only by seconds) yet allowed it to continue without addressing it.


Leaning against the door jamb, Dazai realized belatedly why Chuuya was submitting. The Port Mafia Boss almost lost you, all from his own undoing. The three of you were in this together and although you all had agreed to a long engagement, you were engaged to them, entrusted them with yourself. And they'd let you down when you needed it.


Chuuya was apologizing.


But there was always more to the Port Mafia boss - had to be.


“,” The repeated nickname was said more tenderly than ever before and it sent the epiphany ringing through Dazai's brain. Of course it took the demon longer to understand this side: it was the emotions Dazai was still trying to open up to.


Chuuya needed to be reminded you still wanted him. That you forgave him for leaving you when he knew about it the longest, especially considering Chuuya was just a prisoner to his gift as well as you were to yours. As well as Dazai was to No Longer Human.


Chuuya needed to be forgiven, to be reminded you loved him. And so he submitted - craving your attention like the oxygen seeping through the air. And you provided.


Dazai knew you realized all of this when you stopped your movements, your hands freezing over wavering hips and your back stiffening over the mafioso’s. A tense rope had been strung through the room.


Glistening sapphires met your eyes as you rose to hover over Chuuya. There was a softness to your fingers as they brushed over darkened cheeks.


Needing to see your face, the detective ghosted over the carpet to settle in the chair a few feet from the bed, knees tucked up to their chest. There was a weight over their lungs - one Dazai had been ignoring in favor of watching over the two of you the moment your eyes opened hours ago.


Dazai hated weights - hated regret. The demon understood your need for space, hell they needed it sometimes too. All of you did. Dazai had underestimated the toll your thoughts would take on your mind, a miscalculation of the detective’s own doing. Sure, mistakes were human nature but Dazai had never felt regret like this in his life.


They’d pushed you to lie to them for weeks, pushed you to feel alone when you all went through the same damned thing . It had been a commonality that had convinced you all to become friends, after all. A bond of trust that was broken.


And so, with a heavy chest the taller closed their eyes and allowed their prickling skin to embrace the emotions and tension in the room, knowing you meant what you were going to do and say for the both of them.


Dazai’s teeth quivered only just as they began to decipher each emotion, each energy seeping through the air. Dazai could do this, would do this for the relationship - for you.


“There's nothing you could've done.. nothing .” Your voice quivered along the syllables, at once alerting the detective of everything going on inside you. From the clenching chest to the self-depreciation in your thoughts.


They all had been there, after all.


But those ocean orbs were clear despite the tears forming a sheer layer of shine. The hands in your hair slid down to cup your face. You couldn't move, your own body frozen when you were supposed to be comforting them. The fingers graced over your jawline to lightly lift it up where your hickeys were more pronounced.


Immediately the brunette knew what Chuuya was planning and hazel eyes widened at the knowledge. Yes, they could have helped. They could have. To provide what they all wanted when their thoughts were too much for them.


Relief .


Lips pressed ever-so-lightly to your pulse and you relaxed significantly, your hands melding to the sheets on either side of Chuuya, your head falling and the tension in your spine breaking.


“No, babygirl. There was something.” The mafioso’s voice sounded on soothing notes, embracing the ears of everyone present. Amber eyes watched as plump lips slid over your skin, down every dip and around every curve of your neck and shoulders.


Gasps were falling from your lips, tears forming in the edge of your vision.


The fingers at your cheeks urged your attention back to Chuuya, but you couldn't open your eyes. “ Mon cherie , we could've distracted you.” Another kiss was placed to your neck that trailed up your jawline.


“We could've relieved you.” You had missed the fingers that left your face to suddenly appear at the inside of your thighs, stroking the sensitive skin there. A sharp inhale was ripped from you as your fingers clenched in the sheets. The light fingers slid up to dip between your folds and rub against the bundle of nerves that had you immediately shaking with a gasped sob.


“Isn't that what we all want when we are lost in our minds?” Chuuya's voice had turned throaty at your reactions, his fingers continuing their circular motions as he spoke - as if proving his point down into your chest.


Dazai noticed the widening of your eyes at the boss’s words, that piece of logic long lost the moment your thoughts started to intrude weeks ago. You had known what they needed - always had. Why? Because you went through it and knew what you wanted. It couldn't have possibly been that different for them.


The finger in your folds slid lower to push into you, teasingly slow at first leaving you gasping into a sweat-slicked neck. There's a soft cooing in your ear and it soothes your muscles beyond belief, the ache of the past tension massaged away. And then all thought breaks as two fingers push into you, curving up and fucking you furiously as if he were using his fingers as a grip on your body to pull you closer and closer, higher and higher over his waist.


The sensation consumed you and your hands cinched the sheets as you choked on the air that wouldn't fit in your lungs. Your thighs had clenched against Chuuya's waist, your back arching marvelously for Dazai’s eyes as lips slid along your neck, nipping and tasting all the same. Those vicious hands played you like the instrument you were.


Unable to speak, you quivered above the mafia boss as those digits slid deliciously along your walls. After weeks of no intimacy, the touch was borderline painful and simply too much . But when two fingers changed to three you sung gorgeously for Chuuya, a strangled version of his name ripping through your throat. In no time he had rubbed against your spot, sending you sprawling against him as your nails dig into cotton sheets.


“B-bab-baby,” Your voice croaked out between moans and rippled screams of pleasure. You were helpless to the onslaught and within seconds your body was tightening, your orgasm hitting you like a train as you scrambled for purchase, nails ripping through Chuuya's chest with a broken shout. Those fingers didn't give you a second to breathe, merely avoiding that bundle of nerves in favor of thrusting slowly in and out.


After a few gasping moments, your energy returned with a vengeance. You leaned back, shuddering as the fingers extended inside you to brush against your undoing. One of your hands shakily loosened itself from the sheets in search of Chuuya's hand in your hair to pull it down and lace your fingers together.


Those sapphires softened and teeth bit into Chuuya’s bottom lip, eyebrows dropping. Leaning forward, your lips collided with Chuuya's, an urgency in the action - a desperate plea that Chuuya answered with his entire body.


His fingers clenched between yours, his other hand pushing digits in and out of you in a stunning pace that had you releasing moan after moan between kisses. Eagerly you rolled your hips, meeting those fingers halfway. A deep groan flitted through Chuuya's lips and his fingers increased their pace. Your loves could always have you in pieces within minutes, but that wasn't what you wanted right now. Oh no.


Breaking the kiss, you gasped for air as your chest heaved. Leaning back on those fingers, you released the other hand from the tangled sheets to grip the boss’s wrist and pull the fingers out of you. You had incredible stamina, yes. However, you wanted to spend as much time as possible on Chuuya.


On wrecking him.


Pressing his hand into the mattress, you kissed a path down Chuuya's neck. Bright sounds lit the room as you slid your body lower, lips grazing shoulders, chest, hardened buds, and hard abs before nipping along the sharp V of the boss’s waist. The hands left the mattress in favor of digging into your hair, gripping and loosening in praise. Although your body was shaking under the affection you'd been craving, you spoiled Chuuya’s body with attention and love bites - something Chuuya had become accustomed to over the years.


The one thing you and he had in common was marking and when the two of you went to wrecking Dazai, there was little power the detective had over you while your mouth was on them.


Your fingers ghosted over muscled legs - legs that had carried you, legs that had supported you, legs that had caged you, and legs that had helped free you. Unable to resist any longer, your mouth covered Chuuya's cock, sheathing him to the hilt.


Immediately the mafioso jerked against the mattress, head lifting from the pillows before dropping back down with a gasping moan as the hands in your hair tightened. Holding your hand out, you sucked up along the member in your mouth, reveling in the vision of Chuuya's head thrown from side to side in pleasure.


A few moments later, a bottle of lube and a glove was placed in your palm and you glanced sideways to the detective for a moment, letting your tongue slide lower and poke out from your bottom lip in an erotic picture Dazai adored . You could see the clothed member twitch and you smirked widely, the gleam in your eyes matching Dazai’s.


Sliding up, you maintained eye contact with the other, watching as Osamu’s eyes grew hungry . It was a glorious sight and it warmed your insides, reminding you that they still wanted you - that you still had this effect on them. Now you just needed to remind them of the effect they had on you.


Quickly sliding on the glove, you popped open the lid of lube and lathered three fingers generously. Humming in the back of your throat, you took Chuuya to the hilt once more and watched the undulating chest of the mafia boss as you convulsed around his member. Just when it looked like Chuuya was accustomed to the stimulation, you slipped a finger through the resistance. A sharp gasp ricocheted off the walls as he shook around your finger.


Hollowing your cheeks, you helped distract from the unpleasantness as his breathing evened out. Curving and twisting, you stretched him before brushing over the tip with your tongue as you added another finger.


A loud hiss left the boss as you began thrusting your fingers slowly, back arching as sweat trickled down the sharp jawline littered with multiple galaxies. When those glorious hips began thrusting against you, you stretched your fingers out in a mixture of curls, twists, and brushes.


Popping off the member in your mouth, you hovered your lips over the beautifully full thighs. Forming an O with your mouth, you created a small gust of air that caressed Chuuya’s skin, resulting in a keen and quivering thighs, fingers loosening in your hair.


In a stark difference, your teeth dug into the supple skin as your fingers curved against Chuuya’s prostate, eliciting a shout that lit the room and nails scraping your scalp.


“Babygirl…” There was a plea in those tones, a plea you weren't ready to heed to quite yet. It was much too early for the attention you wanted to give your boss.


Leaning up, you straddled the other’s waist as your fingers remained a tease inside Chuuya. A small hiss left your lips at the unexepected stimulation from your arm between your thighs and against your folds. The hands in your hair pulled you down for lips to crash, moans and sighs alike sneaking between the shared space.


Chuuya’s legs bent up, pushing you further on his waist as well as your arm. With the new angle, the boss shook under you, ragged inhales and broken exhales brushing over your lips as he pressed your foreheads together.


Ah , baby, baby,” Sweat slicked skin brushed against each other as you folded yourself against Chuuya as the boss melded into your hands, chest arching into yours. “I love you, I love you, I love you.” The words were tinged with pain and your chest twisted harshly.


You'd made him feel this way. You'd made him feel inadequate and pushed him away. The hand braced against the sheets shakily left to delve into sunset curls as your elbow carried your weight. Lifting your head a few inches, you pressed your lips against his forehead a tear falling from your eyes. “I love you, Chuuya. I love you.”


Although shaky, the syllables were loud in the room and you ceased remembering Dazai was in the room. Chuuya, Chuuya, my baby Chuuya . The hands in your hair quivered as they ran through your locks. You pressed your mouth against every inch of skin you could find - across his forehead, down his nose, over his eyes and temples, circling his cheeks, grazing his jawline and chin before your boss could no longer stand it and he pulled your lips to his as he released a soft whine into your mouth, teeth nipping yours.


There was a sharp ache inside you, one that you needed filled. Removing your fingers, pulled back from the tempting boss to roll the glove off by your teeth before throwing it in the trash can nearby. Roaming a hand over his chest, you lift your hips and slide lower, rubbing against his member and you shakily release a breath as lips collide again.


To the symphony of grunts and moans, you sheathe him to the hilt and immediately set up a pace, not giving him a chance to adjust. You wanted to overwhelm him with pleasure, overwhelm him so that he knows you still want him - still need him.


His hands score down your back, collecting skin between his nails as he throws his head back against the onslaught, back arching with groans and heaves for breath falling from his lips.


Your hips rise and fall in quick succession, teeth tasting skin as you devour his pleasure. “I love you, I love you.” Your words wisp across sweat-slick skin as you increase your pace, nerves shaking with the pleasure as you angle yourself just right and your back arches beautifully for Dazai’s eyes.


You choke on a moan as you chase your orgasm, each hit pushing you closer and closer. You stop yourself just before it, enjoying the way Chuuya's body undulates as you tighten around his member in waves of heat. His curls are splayed in a tangled mess over pillowcases, blush blooming down his chest and over his shoulders. His nails grip your ass as if he could make you move but he's reduced to a stumbling mess as you attach your mouth to his nipple, twirling your tongue around it as he squirms under you.


Pulling off his member, you meet hazel eyes for a split second before returning your attention to Chuuya's lips. Immediately his tongue curled up to brush against the roof of your mouth and heat flourished over your face. His mouth had always been relentless but it was even more so today, almost pushing you to submit to the other.


But as leather slid along your inner thighs and hips to button at your waist, you were reminded what you wanted for Chuuya. Leaning back on your knees, your hands left the Mafia boss’s skin to tangle into brown curls as Dazai presses their lips to yours, nails scraping against your scalp. Their tongue slips in to caress the roof of your mouth, teeth pulling on your lower lip with a barely restrained purr that had you preening . The hands in your hair slid lower to press against your hips, pulling you back from the kiss.


It was always very easy to lose yourself in the promise of more in Dazai’s kisses but you managed as they took measured steps back, smoldering ambers meeting your eyes. And then blazing azures captured your attention a millisecond before lips were pressed against your neck, teeth scraping impatiently. With a breathless laugh, your hands settled on Chuuya's hips as you met the challenge with sucks to the supple skin before you.


Blindly your right hand slid past his hip to mingle with the wrinkled sheets to locate the lube and spread it along the strap on you were now sporting. The hands in your hair left to brace against the bed as you pressed against him, his back slowly melting with the sheets.


From there the fire simmering between you two burst free as your hands braced against the bed on either side of Chuuya’s splayed sunset curls as you breached his entrance. Hands clenched between Egyptian cotton and auburn locks swayed as Chuuya threw his head towards Dazai, eyes flashing with desire.


You were slow, achingly slow and Chuuya wasn't having it. The legs around your waist clenched and you could feel his thighs rock against you in an attempt to make you go faster. However, your knees sunk deeper into the mattress as you braced them against the pressure on your hips. Groaning, the boss unclenched his hands from the bed to score down your back, eyes ablaze as they met yours. Turning your head to the right, you pressed your lips against his wrist as your hands left his hips. Meeting his eyes, your fingers wrapped around naked wrists before guiding them over scattered curls and against the pillow. Following the path of your body, you met his lips as you slowly sheathed yourself in him to the hilt.


Dark eyes became mere shadows as Chuuya's pupils expanded, back arching slightly with a gasp tumbling out. His thighs clenched around you and you stilled for a moment as he adjusted.


Your lips met once more and your fingers brushed over the backs of his palms as your tongue caressed the backs of his teeth, moan vibrating your mouth. After a few moments, his thighs tightened and began undulating to gain friction you knew he desired.


Tightening your grip on his wrists, you pulled back before sliding back in just as slowly, sweat rolling down the center of your back. A growl slipped past Chuuya’s lips and into the kiss as you set up the slow pace.


His fingers twined in yours and he pulled back from the kiss, back arching to provide the position. Simmering irises met yours. There was a demand in that gaze and you smirked in response, not giving in yet but you allowed your body to press against his chest bodily kissing him silent. The softest of whines met your lips but your hips maintained the slow speed, making sure he felt the vibration of you pushing through and out of him.


He broke the kiss to delve his face in the crook of your neck, curls brushing against your jaw soft as silk. And then pain blossomed against your collarbone and your hips stuttered into the fast pace you both wanted. Your hands left his wrists to dig into the soft sheets at either side of Chuya’s shoulders and nails immediately scored down your back. The boss was nothing short of demanding with what he wanted and he knew how to go about it. He knew exactly what would push you closer and closer to fucking him into the mattress.


And damn was he persistent right now. But you weren’t complaining.


Just as you were about to thrust into him, pressure strengthened against your lower back and the body under you began to move. With a breathy moan, you glanced below you to see the other fucking himself on the dildo, his wondrous hips lifting and falling as he balanced himself with Tained and the legs wrapped around your waist.


Come. On. ” The order was growled into your ear. But with the way the pressure against your clit increased, you weren’t willing to go anywhere any time soon, thrilled with seeing Chuuya undulate under you. It was a sight worth devouring for however long Chuuya would allow it to continue. A moan sounded from beside the bed and a dark chuckle was ripped from your mouth to bombard the boss’s ears.


“Enjoying the view, Dazai~.” You murmured out before lifting back from Chuya’s neck to make contact with the demon’s eyes resting above the chair they were sitting on. That gaze was dark, a hunger seeping from those eyes but hands remained on the arm rests of the turned chair.


“How could I not, lovely~. The way you make Chuuya ravenous .” And goddamn that tone had your eyes rolling back and a shiver claim your spine. With a growl, you fell into the trap Dazai set and a hand clenched into sunset curls to bring the smaller’s face from your hair to pin it against the pillows.


The storm that met your gaze was one worth deciphering the momentum of but you just couldn’t focus enough to follow through with it. Your lips clashed with the boss’s as your hips jerked back to push forward with enough strength to send Chuya sprawling under you, pillows scrunching under his head. A soft shout met your ears before it turned into a laugh, half-hysterical with glee as he pushed forward against your thrusts with heaving pants.

“Yes yes yes yes. Finally, babygirl.” His voice sounded raw as his eyes simmered open. “Give me everything .” There was a need in those words that had you throwing yourself into your pace, burying your face in his neck as your teeth snagged the sweat-slicked skin.