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A well-deserved break is most definitely what the boys needed.


Their newest comeback had them worn out and dog-tired. Though they were exhausted physically and mentally, they couldn't help but feel proud after all of the time they put in. It didn’t matter how sore they would be after all the concerts and tours because they would give their all each and every single time.


The first week went by surprisingly fast. Everyone went out and did their own things that they had been dying to do but hadn’t been able to. Namjoon went to visit Jackson after a millennium and they even dragged Jungkook and Yugyeom along. Jimin secretly went out to enjoy a few of his favorite restaurants even though the other members said that it was perfectly fine for him to do so. Taehyung bought a whole case of games that he couldn’t possibly finish playing before their break was over but he insisted. Jin had been learning new recipes and frequently talking to his family, while Hoseok went shopping almost every day for new items of clothing to add to his extensive closet.


Meanwhile, Yoongi was up to no good.


It had been a few months since that fiasco and despite it happening so long ago, the memory always managed to come forth every time he held one of his member's gazes. It resurfaced in the shower, at dinner, backstage and even when he was enjoying some private time with himself. It was on his mind during the most inappropriate times and it made him agitated.


It also turned him on to no end.


Yoongi was a simple man and being a simple man meant that he liked simple things. He wouldn’t go too far out his way to get something unless he really needed it and he didn’t get riled up over small things that would eventually solve themselves. That being said-- his feelings towards his members were so complicated and he hated it. After they had done what they did, it took around two days for everyone to go back to normal as if they hadn’t just had some twisted jack-off orgy in the middle of their living room.


Yoongi had already been sure of his sexuality before that happened but he couldn’t speak for anyone else. As far as he knew, no one was sneaking off to do it in a broom closet or at night while everyone else was presumably asleep. It wouldn’t really bother him if they were but for him personally-  it’d feel wrong to be that intimate with people he saw as brothers. This was why he was so angry at himself when his cock instantly got hard at the thought.


At first, he thought he was some crazy pervert with a new weird kink on top of his other kinks but he eventually had to rule that out. He treated the others no different than before and his brotherly love for them never faded. It was only when he thought of everyone’s pleasured faces, that his blood rushed south and his heart beat faster. He couldn’t pin it on anything except for pure sexual attraction- which totally had nothing to do with romantic feelings at all. He had to confirm this to at least himself before he hit send.


Yoongi: Emergency meeting in the living room. Now!


Yoongi never popped in to check the group chat, let alone text in it. The fact that he did, alarmed the others.


Everyone dropped what they were doing and rushed to the living room, hearts beating because they were nervous to hear what a meeting was being called for. One-by-one they piled in and Yoongi forced himself to not smirk in amusement.


“Hey, what’s going on?” Namjoon was the first to speak, his voice almost wavering due to nerves.


Yoongi contemplated on what to say. He could make up something just to see their reaction but he was a simple man, and that simply would take too much energy.


“I’m horny.”


The room was dead silent for a least four heartbeats.


“What the fuck- I thought someone was dying.”


“I thought he was telling us that he was quitting-”


“Feel my damn heartbeat...I was not okay.”


The room broke into light bickering and Yoongi still stood proud amongst them. He admits that what he did was kind of an asshole move but how else was he supposed to get their attention? He waited until their conversation died down so he could elaborate.


“The reason I called you all here might be selfish but technically it is your own faults.”


“What the hell did we do?” Hoseok asked crossing his arms clearly not understanding.


“You’re right. It is Taehyung’s fault.” Yoongi turned and pointed an accusatory finger at said male. His mouth fell open in shock but Yoongi didn’t allow him to speak.


“I don’t know how you expected me to lead a normal life when I basically witnessed you all jerk-off in this very room. Not to mention- I had to clean up the aftermath.”


Cheeks turned red at the mentioning of their little event but certainly, they had been thinking about it every now and then too.


“So...what do you want us to do about it?” The youngest spoke up, leaning on the doorframe. Jimin grabbed his arm as if he was warning him not to provoke the older but it was too late. Yoongi had his mind set on this.


“I’m simply here to recreate a good memory, okay? Similar rules as last time but…”


“But...what?” Seokjin furrowed his eyebrows.


A large grin plastered itself on Yoongi’s face for the first time that day. He felt so in control- much different than last time and he planned on keeping it that way.


“Check that bag on the couch.”


When he mentioned the bag, the members turned and noticed the large, black plastic bag sitting neatly on the couch. Taehyung made his way over to the bag and wasted no time in opening it. He gasped when he saw the contents and a beautiful red hue came across his cheeks. His mouth flapped open and closed as he struggled to comprehend what was happening.


“Tae, come the fuck on, what’s in the bag?”


“He has goddamn cock-rings .”


It was almost impossible to miss the shiver that ran up Taehyung’s back as he continued to stare at the toys that he was holding.


“Yoongi you cannot be serious! There’s no way I’m doing that again- and with cock-rings? Hell no.” Seokjin protested and tried to walk away. Before he could get far Namjoon stopped him and brought him back to the group.


“Hold on let’s...let’s just hear what he has to say.”


“Thank you. As I said before similar rules apply. With the addition of the cock-rings, the last one to cum has to clean me up.”


There was another pause of silence before anyone dared to speak up.


“Wait, what? Just you? That doesn’t necessarily sound too bad.” Jimin toyed with the hem of his shirt.’


“Ah, Jiiminie, you ruined my surprise. I may have forgotten to mention that you all will be finishing on me as well.”


Seokjin and Hoseok looked mortified and it was fucking hilarious.


“Oh hell no, never gonna happen, Yoongs.”


Easier said than done.


Somehow Yoongi finally convinced everyone to form their little circle again. They were quietly removing articles of clothing while trying to read the air of the room. It wasn’t so much as uncomfortableness as it was nervousness. Jungkook’s mind was reeling back to the first time they did this and he thought he would have known exactly how he felt about this but apparently, he didn’t. He even went as far as to ask Taehyung on his opinion but all he got was a nonchalant ‘It is what it is.’


If there was anyone benefitting from this, it was Jimin. Poor Jimin had been pent up for months on end and it was like a weight had been lifted off of his shoulders as soon as he had climaxed and he’d be lying if he said he didn’t want it to happen again. It was more about the release than it was about the actual activity for him which made him a bit more compliant than the others.


He defineitely wasn’t complaining when Yoongi laid down in front of them, naked and erect, waiting for his little game to begin.


“Put the rings on and let’s get this show on the road, yeah?”


A few grumbled before they ultimately gave in and slid the cock-rings on, though Jin acted like it was such a bother to do so. Once they were situated they awaited commands, similar to puppies waiting on instructions but no one spoke on it.


“Hold on, what are these?” Namjoon asked inspecting the packages that the toys came in. There were small oval objects buried behind the plastic packaging, each matching the color of the toy they were assigned to.


“They look like...remotes! Oh my god, Yoongi do these vibrate?” Hoseok squeaked out, taking the remote out of the hard plastic. Yoongi smiled devilishly before nodding his head and gripping his length.


“Yeah. I wasn’t gonna make you guys use those unless someone noticed but now you do, thanks to Joon. Turn them on will you?”


Small electric buzzing filled the space of the quiet room and Taehyung will be damned if he wasn’t turned on. The cock-ring vibrations felt heavenly against him and they looked even better on the surrounding men. Jungkook’s face was contorted into unfamiliar pleasure and Yoongi was already lubing and stroking himself, relishing in the control he had. Seokjin, who originally didn’t seem to keen on this, was now itching to grab his own girth but he refused to cave in first. Luckily they had Namjoon to thank again. Namjoon hissed quietly as he stole the lubricant from Yoongi’s side and used it to aid in his self-pleasure


In a domino effect, they all joined, eager to find some sort of release. Jimin set out a decent pace for himself, knowing that if he wanted to let go he would have to work for it. Hoseok was pumping himself fast, wanting to get it over with as usual. Jungkook seemed a bit more relaxed than last time as he allowed himself the pleasure of properly teasing himself.


Seokjin was very accustomed to his body so he knew all the right tricks to get himself worked up even while being in the presence of others, but Taehyung was losing it. Slowly everyone was letting sounds of pleasure fall from their lips and coupled with the vibration noises and Yoongi squirming beneath them, Taehyung was going mad. This whole voyeurism thing was his newest kink and the fact that he didn’t appear to be the only one who wanted it excited him. He stroked himself frequently, getting lost in the waves of pleasure and grunting at the lewd moans that the others made.


“Holy shit-- this is so hot.” Yoongi panted beneath them. He never would have thought that having six cocks dangerously above you was something he needed until now. From his position on the ground, he could see everyone’s expressions clearly and he found himself getting worked up at the smallest details.


Jungkook was now more vigorous with his left hand, working faster to get his release but the cock rings were making it so hard for him to do so. He needed more and doing this by himself wasn't going to cut it.


“Hyung…” He moaned out but to which one was unclear. Yoongi decided that he wanted it to be addressed to him so he quickly took control.


“How can you all be so nngh - rude to our Jungkookie? He needs some help, don’t you Kook?”


Jungkook nodded rapidly and bucked his hips high into the air. Jimin unfazed and in a trance, crawled over and took Jungkook’s length in his hand. Jungkook sighed and let the older male take control for a moment. Having someone else’s hand truly did wonders.


Hoseok whined at the sight and mentally cursed himself. He remembered how good it felt to have someone else do it for you but he didn’t want the others to know that. As if sensing his distress, Seokjin looked over to him and they made a silent agreement. Reaching over at the same, they pumped each other whole-heartedly and Hoseok felt a fire coursing through his veins. The only two left on their own were Namjoon and Taehyung but it didn’t look like either was going to make a move towards the other since they were on opposite sides. Namjoon did, however, run his tongue across his bottom lip ever so slowly. His eyes flicked to Taehyung’s pulsating cock as he bit his lip.


Taehyung could have came right then and there if it wasn’t for that stupid cock-ring. He let go a loud, guttural moan and quickened his pace on his dick. Pre-cum was now falling from every angle on to Yoongi’s body and he became dizzy with all the sexual energy in the room. He had to slow his own pace down so he wouldn’t cum way before everyone else but the thought was tempting. He was so delirious that he almost missed Jimin asking Jungkook something.


“...this. Is that okay?”


Whatever was asked, Jungkook nodded quickly and Jimin did something that made the entire room freeze. Namjoon held his breath as he saw Jimin duck down and wrap his lips around Jungkook’s cock. Jimin didn’t play around, taking Jungkook’s cock until it hit the back of his throat. Jungkook’s eyes fluttered closed as he gripped the back of Jimins head.


This time, Hoseok whined loudly at the fresh sight and thrust harshly into Seokjin’s hand. In that instant, whatever mood they had was broken. All hell unleashed as the room turned damn near animalistic. While Jimin was busy taking in Jungkook, Namjoon took it upon himself to stroke Jimin as well. Taehyung’s mind went blank as he felt his release creeping up on him. He needed another person’s touch- it didn’t matter where but everyone already seemed to be occupied. Out of sheer desperation, he threw his head forward and connected his lips with whoever was on his right. The person turned out to be Seokjin, but instead of moving his head he reciprocated the kiss, sloppily, but reciprocated none-the-less.


Yoongi was an even bigger mess beneath them, jerking himself to the 6 other men in the room. The room smelled like sex and the scent felt delicious in his lungs and coursing through his veins. His face and body were most likely slick and shiny from all the sweat, pre-cum and lube dribbling down on him but he couldn’t bring himself to care. Nothing in the world could have made him feel any better than this and he was so sure of it. He didn’t even know what this would mean for all of them after this was over but the addicting churning in his gut egged his arm to glide faster over his length.


Jungkook was close and he could feel it. It was creeping up on him slowly and Jimin’s mouth felt so warm on him. He was nowhere near in his right mind but he was finally about to get what he wanted. He patted Jimin’s head a few times to get him to get off but Jimin wasn’t done yet. He took him in one last time, letting himself gag on Jungkook’s cock before Jungkook quickly moved away. He hurriedly maneuvered the cock-ring off before pumping himself over Yoongi’s body.


“Oh my- I’m about to... shit!


His hips locked up and he spilled all over the elder’s stomach, fringe sticking to his sweaty forehead. Yoongi whimpered below them and similar to the first time, this seemed to be a catalyst. Namjoon snatched his own toy off before greedily stroking himself to completion, cum splattering on the inside of Yoongi’s thighs.


“So fucking sexy...”


Sometime in between the next two minutes of heavy breathing, Seokjin cried out. He was bucking his hips furiously into Hoseok’s warm palm and vice versa. Their skin colliding against each other’s cocks created an echoing sound that bounced off the walls just a bit louder than the vibrations did.


“Hoseok…’m gonna cum soon.”


Hoseok nodded and worked his hands faster, making sure to catch the bead of pre-cum before it leaked down and spread it back across his dick. Seokjin peeled Hoseok’s restraint off and Hoseok returned the favor. Both boys were bucking into the other’s grip and it wasn’t long before they broke. Almost simultaneously, they both spurted thick gobs onto Yoongi’s toned stomach, struggling for breath as they did.


By now Yoongi had enough and was ready to let go. Technically he had the authority to do so and he couldn’t hold on any longer. A low growl left him as he arched his back and twitched with every string of cum that left his body and landed on his neck and chest. Jimin, who got so caught up in everything, had been taking his time. He hadn’t expected anyone to bust as quick as they did but he noticed that now only he and Taehyung were left.


He lifted his gaze to lock eyes with the slightly younger boy but he couldn’t linger there for long. Naturally, he dropped down to stare at the other’s cock and moaned. Taehyung’s dick was thick and long but the tip was an angry red. It looked so enticing and Jimin imagined what it would taste like. Jungkook tasted good but he imagined Taehyung’s would taste even better. He visualized it sliding in and out of his throat as Taehyung fucked his mouth. Jimin shuddered before his climax was suddenly upon him.


He practically threw the cock-ring off before he jerked his head back and bucked into his small hand. Curse after curse flew from his plump lips as a hot white flash ran through him. He was cumming on Yoongi’s face, sliding from his nose across his cheeks and down on to the floor beneath them.


And then there was one.


Everyone’s eyes landed on Taehyung who was still trying so desperately to get himself off. He couldn’t take this anymore and he just wanted to let go and get it over with. It was a miracle how turned on he still was even after all this time.


“Taehyung, are you having trouble over there? Poor you, someone please help him.” Yoongi’s condescending tone strangely aroused him once more and he became putty underneath the gazes. Before he could blink, Hoseok and Jungkook were making their way over to aid him. Each of them took a thigh and spread them apart, exposing Taehyung in a way he had never been exposed before. He slid that torture toy off of him and relished in the new feeling he had. Jungkook attacked his neck with warm, wet kisses and Hoseok encouraged him to finish.


“Look at you Taehyungie, desperate to cum. You will won’t you? We’re all waiting on you to finish on our precious Yoongi. He’s been waiting so long for your cum, look at him.”


Taehyung wished that Hoseok was wrong but when he glanced down, Yoongi looked so fucked out and pleased. His tongue was dangling slightly out of his mouth and Taehyung just knew that is was because Yoongi wanted him to cum in that pretty little mouth of his.


Taehyung’s legs were spread wider by the two men and his eyes rolled to the back of his head. His body seized up before it relaxed and a wave of fresh, hot cum fell out to coat Yoongi’s mouth and chin.


“Holy fucking shit- you look so beautiful.”


And indeed to them, Yoongi looked like a god covered in all of their combined semen. He swirled a finger over his chest to collect some of the mixed release and watched it glisten under the lights. He sucked it so sensually that Taehyung felt like he could get hard again if he wasn’t already so damn tired.


“Delicious. So delicious that Taehyung should complete his punishment now, right guys?” Sinister hums of agreement filled the room and Taehyung crawled forward on his knees to place himself in between Yoongi’s legs. He leaned down and ran his tongue around the inside of his thighs where Namjoon had came. Yoongi shuddered at the feeling but otherwise didn’t tell him to stop. The taste wasn’t bad at all, it tasted like cum and Taehyung could put up with that for a few more moments.


He moved farther up to lap up the cum that was splayed on his abdomen and almost giggled when he dipped his tongue in Yoongi’s belly button to get the rest. Next, he placed himself over his chest and swirled his tongue playfully around the elder’s nipples, teasing him sort of like a punishment for giving him a punishment. Yoongi moaned under the ministrations of his tongue but tried his best to stay composed.


Finally, Taehyung moved up to Yoongi’s face and stared down at him a little moment. Yoongi was really handsome and he couldn’t help his heart fluttering a bit when he saw how wrecked and beautiful he looked with cum smeared across his face and lips. Taehyung dipped down and lapped up the salty substance before pausing at the male’s lips. He slowly licked the top lip clean before repeating the steps with the bottom one. Before he pulled away, he connected their lips and allowed Yoongi a taste of what he had tasted. They moaned into the kiss and stayed like that until someone coughed behind them.


“Now that that’s done-”


I call the first shower!” Namjoon cut off their youngest member and sprinted to the bathroom.