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“Don’t worry Tae, after I make this potion you’ll be all better.”


Taehyung sniffled, “It’s just a cold, I’m pretty sure I can recover naturally.”


“But I wanted to practice my potion making skills.” Jimin pouted at his friend. “Please let me try.”


Taehyung pondered on the request, “I don’t know Jiminie, what if you turn me into a frog or something?”


“Ow!” Jimin placed a hand over his heart in mock hurt. “I’m offended you think so little of my ability.”


Taehyung scrunched his face, thinking of all the other times his witch friend made potions. They all had a 50/50 chance and he wondered if he could trust those odds. He peeked at Jimin giving him his best puppy eyes and plump pout. Taehyung sighed, what’s the worst that could happen? He wondered if he would regret this.


“Fine okay, do your little witch brew.”


Jimin cheered excitedly, “I promise I’ll make you better TaeTae!”


Jimin flipped through his potion book. This was all still new to him and in honesty he wasn’t 100% perfect at getting them right. He thought back to all his errors. Like how Jin was still coughing up glitter to this day and how Yoongi was extremely paranoid about blue liquids... But at least they didn’t die, right?


“Hmm, this one looks to be it. Should head to the market and pick up all the ingredients.” Jimin got his basket and put on his shoes. He felt confident in this one and wanted to make a good potion for Taehyung. To prove his witch abilities and not feel like a failure. He was determined.


“Ah Jimin, welcome! What brings you here?” A very tall good looking man greeted him.


“Hello Namjoon hyung, I need some herbs to make a potion for Taehyung.”


“Potion? Uh oh.”


Jimin pouted at him. “Stop, you and Taehyung make it seem like I’m horrible.”


Namjoon gave him a sheepish smile, “I’m sorry, you’re not horrible Jimin. You just need some practice. What’s the potion for anyways?”


“Taehyung has a cold, and I wanted to help.”


“A cold will go away naturally Jimin.”


“I know that.” Jimin looked down at his boots. “But the potion looks really simple and easy, I know I can do it.”


Namjoon slumped his shoulders and sighed. He walked over to where Jimin stood bending down to make eye contact with him. “You can do it Jiminie, you have my full belief.” He patted his blue hair.


Jimin’s smile brightly at him, “Thank you hyung!”


“So what did you need?”


Jimin gave him the list of things he needed, it was nothing but simple herbs. Looked like a straightforward recipe, no way he could fuck this up. Namjoon helped him pick out everything he needed, and made sure he had the right amount. They made small chit chat, Namjoon talking about his bunny hybrid Jeongguk.


“Where is he anyway?”


As if on cue, a small grey ball of fluff hopped over to where they were at. Jeongguk looked at both of them and wiggled his nose.


“Gukkie!” Jimin bent down to pick him up and scratched the area behind his ear.


Jeongguk relaxed in his arms loving the feeling. They walked over to the cash register so Namjoon could ring up everything they picked out.


Jeongguk jumped out of Jimin’s arms to the floor. Running behind the counter and shifting into his human form.


“What’s all this for hyung? Tea??” Jeongguk asked.


Jimin scrunched his nose at his question and also at his nudity. “Not tea, Taehyung is sick so I’m going to make him a potion.”


Jeongguk’s eyes widen, “Uh-oh.”


“Ugh, not you too! Gosh, okay I know my past tries haven’t been...great. But! I have hope for this one!” Jimin pouted as he continued. “Plus it’s Taehyung, I can’t mess this up and hurt him.”


Namjoon giggled noticing the faint red blooming on Jimin’s face. “It’s going to be okay, this is a simple one to do. I have faith.”


His hyung’s encouragement eased his nerves and soon he felt more confident. They talked a little more, Jimin teasing Jeongguk some more and then he said his goodbyes.


“Let me know how it goes.”


Jimin nodded at him, “Will do hyung!” He grabbed his basket and he nearly skipped out of the store. Too excited to start making this concoction.


Namjoon sighed as he rested his elbows on this counter, propping his chin in his hands. Jeongguk shifted back and hopped his way onto the counter in front of him. He wiggled his nose. Namjoon giggled giving him a soft pet.


“It’s going to be fine, he can do this… i hope.”


Park Jimin was focused. The furrow in his brows was the proof of that. He didn’t want to mess this up and hurt Taehyung. He cared about him too much to let anything happen. Sure he felt bad about the mistakes that happened with his hyungs, but this is Taehyung… he liked him too much to let anything happen.


Jimin was locked away in his basement, his witch workshop he liked to call it. Adding and mixing everything together. Chanting the spell from his book as he did so. The scent filling the small room was very sweet and inviting. He wondered if it was suppose to smell like this. It wasn’t an alarming smell so he figured it was okay.


“I think that’s it.” Jimin poured the liquid into a bottle.


“Well time to take this over to Tae so he can try it.” Jimin packed everything he needed. He shot Taehyung a quick text message to tell him it was ready and if he could come over. Taehyung messaged back a ‘sure’ and Jimin was on his way.


“Taehyung I have a good feeling about this. I’m 100% sure it’s good.” Jimin was proud of himself.


Taehyung grinned at his friend, his nose stuffy and red. “Can’t wait Jiminie.”


Jimin reached in his bag pulling out a bottle. It had a red violet liquid inside, a cute little label and a purple ribbon around the neck. Taehyung gratefully accepted it, admiring the bottle. “Oo, very pretty.”


“Presentation is key my friend.” Jimin smiled smugly.


Taehyung pulled to cork off and gave it a sniff, which was futile since his nose was too stuffy he couldn’t smell anything anyway.


Taehyung hesitated a little bit, still wary of the outcome. Looking at Jimin’s face he only received an encouraging smile. He let out a small sigh from his lips.


“Cheers!” he said and downed the whole bottle.


Jimin looked at him hopefully and Taehyung stared back. After a couple of seconds he could breathe better, his cough gone, and he didn’t feel so sick.


“Oh my god, I think it worked!”


Jimin had the biggest smile on his face as he clapped his hands together. “I did it! I’m a good witch!”


Taehyung smiled at his friend, happy for him.


“I’m going to text Namjoon hyung that it was a success.” Jimin said already shooting a message to his witch hyung.


“Jimin I’m proud of you. You actually did it.”


The boys celebrated by chilling on Tae’s couch and watching a movie together with popcorn. Everything went fairly well, Taehyung was no longer sick or felt it. He felt a hundred times better to be honest. It seemed like Jimin did it.


After a while everything still felt peachy, however things took a turn when Taehyung’s body started to heat up.


“Does it feel warm in here to you?” Taehyung asked Jimin. Jimin shook his head no in response.


Taehyung could feel his body heat getting higher and higher. He stood up from the couch pacing back and forth, he didn’t feel comfortable sitting down. Jimin looked at his friend in worry.


“Taehyung, what’s wrong?”


“I- I don’t know. My body is hot.” He fanned himself.


Jimin was really worry now, was this his fault? Who was he kidding, of course it was! Jimin grabbed Taehyung by the shoulders and he could feel the heat radiating off his body through his clothes. Same time as Jimin grabbed Tae’s shoulder a low moan ripped through his mouth.


Jimin eyes went wide. “Taehyung are you okay? Are you in pain?”


Taehyung shook his head no, his whole body was shaking and his eyes were half lidded. His mouth open letting soft pants out. “I need to take these clothes off. ‘M to hot.” Taehyung started to rip all of his clothing off his body. Soon he was standing naked in front of the other. Jimin was no stranger to Taehyung’s nudity, they were really close after all. He was more worried about what to do to help him cool down. Jimin grabbed Tae’s hand dragging him into his room.


“Maybe if you soak in a cold bath, could that help?”


“M-maybe.” Taehyung laid in his bed completely nude.


Jimin ran into the bathroom to start the bath. He put it on the coldest setting and plugged the drain letting the water fill the tub up. He could hear Taehyung’s whimpers and groans and felt so bad he did this to him. He felt this potion was going to be it, the recipe was simple as hell for pete sake!


“Taehyung the tub is ready.”


Taehyung rutted his body against his mattress he turned to look at Jimin locking eyes with him. “J-Jiminie..” He was lying face down, lifting his hips up higher until his ass was in the air. Jimin gulped at the sight. Taehyung swayed his hips side to side almost enticing Jimin to come closer.


“J-Jiminie… I need you to fill me up.”


Jimin stared at the sight in front of him in utter shock. What did his best friend just say to him?


“W-wha… what?”


“N-Need you to fill me up, n-need your cock.”


Was this real? Taehyung needy and begging Jimin to fuck him? This was like one of his fantasies coming true. Even though Jimin would jump at the slightest chance to have sex with his best friend, it didn’t feel right. Taehyung was mostly saying these stuff cause of the potion he drunk, it wasn’t him talking.


“Taehyung, just soak yourself in the bathtub. The cold water will help you.”


Taehyung shook his head no, “P-Please Jimin, n-need you.” He took his hand using his fingers to spread his cheeks more, his pink glistening hole on display.


“I don’t think that’s a good idea TaeTae… this isn’t you talking it’s the potion.”


He shook his head no again. “I know the potion is making me feel this way, but I promise… I still want you to help me.” A lewd moan slipped from his mouth. “P-please help me Jimin.”


Jimin debated if he should help Taehyung relieve himself, or try to persuade him into the tub again. He looked Taehyung in the face, his pleading eyes staring into Jimins. His face flushed and red, lips moisten with his spit, his mouth wide open as his breaths came out quick and sharp. Taehyung’s words sounded sincere, but he was worry if after all of this Tae would regret it. He was pulled from his thoughts when Taehyung spoke again.


“Please Jimin… fuck me with your thick cock.” He used one of his fingers to tease himself.


Jimin let out a groan and made his way over to where Taehyung was on his bed.


“I hope this is what you really want Taehyung.”


Taehyung nodded frantically and letting the loudest obscene moan fall out of him when Jimin finally touched him. Replacing Taehyung’s finger with his own as he teased him.


“Yes! Yes! Touch me!”


“You’re so sensitive baby.”


Jimin ran his finger on Taehyung’s hole again smirking at the dramatic reaction he got. Taehyung was leaking, his body self lubricating (a side effect from the potion most likely). Jimin gave him a long lick moaning along with Taehyung loving the taste of his juice. It was sweet like honey, He dived back in to taste him more. Licking around the rim, and sucking him.


“Ah, fuuuuck...god yes, more.”


Jimin chuckled as he kept licking and sucking at his entrance. Nipping every now and again earning small yelps from his friend. He pushed his tongue past the tight muscle, pushing it in as deep as it could go. Jimin could feel Taehyung’s body shake and quiver. Taehyung’s fingers grasping the sheets under him, pushing back onto Jimin’s tongue. His back arching beautifully, mewling and breathing hard at the sensation.


“FUCK! FUCK!” Taehyung yelled.


His body shook as he came hard after Jimin pushed a finger in. His toes curling and his breathing coming out sharp and raspy. Jimin pulled away and Taehyung whimpered at the action.


“Taehyung, are you okay now?”


Taehyung shook his head no, “I need more, give me more.”


Taehyung’s throat felt so sore from all the noise he made and how loud he was. He couldn’t believe he came from having his ass eaten and a finger. His body must be really sensitive. He still felt hot and hungry for more, he needed more. Taehyung needed Jimin to ruin him and reck him. Thinking about Jimin fucking him stupid into the mattress made his cock hard again.


Jimin was standing by the side of the bed, watching Taehyung’s movements. Taehyung crawled over to him and gripped at the waistband of Jimin’s pants, pulling them down fast and swiftly.




Taehyung grabbed Jimin’s member, he always admired the size of his friend. Jimin had a nice juicy cock. It was bigger than average, in length and girth. Taehyung couldn’t wait to have this inside him.


Taehyung gave Jimin a few pumps before sinking his whole mouth on his length. The blowjob wasn’t something done with care and patience. It was more sloppy and very desperate, like Taehyung wanted to be as messy with Jimin’s cock as much as he could.


He took Jimin like a pro, the tip of his head all the way in his throat. Taehyung swallowing around him and making as much sinful noise as he could. Drool spilling around his mouth, his whole face wet.


Fuuuck Tae. Look at you, taking my cock so well.”


Taehyung moaned at the praise, his teary eyes staring up at Jimin. Completely filled with lust and need. Taehyung pulled off with a wet pop, coughing and stroking Jimin.


“I knew you would have such a delicious cock Jiminie.” Taehyung ran his tongue up the length. “Fuck my mouth Jiminie, wanna taste all your cum.”


Fucking hell. You’re such a little cock slut aren’t you?”


Taehyung only responded with a deep moan, and nodded with his head. He looked up at Jimin and had his mouth open, waiting for Jimin to use him.


Jimin cursed under his breath grabbing the back of Taehyung’s head and pushing his whole length into his mouth. He pushed all of himself inside.


T-Taehyung, if it gets to be too much pinch my thigh as hard as you can and I’ll stop okay?”


Taehyung could only groan while his mouth was stuff but understood what Jimin said. Jimin grabbed onto Tae’s hair and started to thrust into his mouth. Taehyung moaned at having his throat fucked, taking all of Jimin like a good boy. He kept eye contact with him, his mouth and chin covered and dripping in drool. He loved the feeling of Jimin’s head hitting pass his throat. He couldn’t wait until he felt him inside and the thought made Taehyung squeeze his thighs together. The action didn’t go unnoticed by Jimin.


“You like having your throat fucked?” Jimin asked a teasing smirk on his lips.


Taehyung’s response was a muffled yes. His gaze completely filled with lust and half-lidded. Jimin pulled out of Tae’s mouth. Taehyung coughed and winced at the feeling of his throat. It felt so sore and it burned a little bit but it only made him want more.


Jimin grabbed the base of his cock and squeezed it. He could feel himself close to cumming while he was in Taehyung’s mouth. When the feeling subsided he looked down at his friend his face red with swollen lips. Taehyung’s eyes stilled screamed for more, his cock standing tall with precum leaking out.


“Does baby still want more?” Jimin cooed.


Taehyung nodded his head quickly. “M-more Jimin.”


“How do you want this Taehyung?”


Tae shuffled on the bed until he was back on all fours. With his head pushed down into the mattress and his ass in the air. He used both of his hands to spread his cheeks apart for Jimin again.


“Fuck me like this.”


Fucking hell Taehyung. ” Jimin groaned as he aligned himself up with Taehyung’s hole.


He was so wet and Jimin couldn’t help but rub his head and teased him.


Taehyung let out a small moan, “Jimin please, don’t tease.”


Jimin chuckled darkly. Jimin eased his length into Taehyung, pushing into him slowly. Taehyung’s mouth fell open as he let out a shaky moan. Just as Tae thought, Jimin was too big for him, but it didn’t mean he wanted to stop. Taehyung wanted Jimin to drill into him.


Once Jimin bottomed out he waited for Taehyung to get use to his size. Taehyung was so tight, wet and warm. Jimin always fantasize of having his friend on his cock and now it was a reality.


Taehyung started pushing himself back onto Jimin’s length. Jimin took the hint and pulled out until only the tip was in, and pushed all the way back in.


Ahh, Jiminie.


Jimin kept up a moderate pace, he didn’t want to go too hard on Taehyung. Also because he wanted to enjoy himself in this moment. He might never have a chance to be like this with Tae again. It kind of made Jimin worry again about what will happen to both of them after his friend comes off whatever this is. Will they still be friends? What will become of their relationship? Jimin was pulled out of his thoughts when Taehyung started pleading.


Jimin harder...please! Need you to wreck me.


“You sure Tae? I don’t want to hurt you.”


Taehyung only pushed himself back. Using Jimin to fuck himself how he wanted to. Jimin growled and squeezed Tae’s hips, sure to leave marks. Jimin slapped Tae’s asscheek as hard as he could. Taehyung let out a loud cry, his skin where Jimin hit it blooming a bright red.


“Such a brat, no manners.” Jimin muttered.


He pulled himself out and slammed himself back in hard.




Jimin smirked as he snapped his hips harder, slamming himself in and out of Taehyung. Taehyung arched his back as much as he could letting out screams and cries of pleasure. It was exactly what he wanted and craved. Jimin’s thick big cock abusing his hole and making a mess of him.


Jimin’s grip on Tae’s waist was tight. He snaked his hand up into Tae’s hair and grab a bunch of it, pulling on it with such strength.


Taehyung clenched around Jimin’s length. His leg began to wobble as Jimin kept fucking him at an intense speed, using his hair the pull him on his cock. Jimin paused for a few seconds to angle himself and continued on. The new angle hit Taehyung’s prostate dead on.




Jimin felt Taehyung squeeze around him as his body shook. Taehyung came for the 2nd time, his cum landing all over the sheets underneath him and some on his chest.


Jimin stopped to let Taehyung come down from his high.


“Taehyung are you okay?”


Jimin could barely hear his reply so he leaned forward to hear. The process only pushed him in deeper making Taehyung mewl in sensitivity.




“I said more, I need more Jiminie.”


Jimin was surprised at Tae still wanting more, this was his second orgasm already. Jimin pulled out of Taehyung and the other pleaded for him to put it back in.


Jimin turned Tae around until he was on his back. He put his legs on his shoulders.


“Are you sure you want more Tae? We can stop if you want to.”


Taehyung shook his head no. “I need more, I need to be filled with all you cum.”


Jimin pushed himself all the way into Taehyung after hearing that. “ Fuck. I’m going to give you every drop of my cum then.”


Jimin started thrusting into Tae hard. The sound of skin slapping and a wet noise filling the room and maybe even the whole house. Taehyung threw his head back as he yelled and chanted Jimin’s name. Followed by a few cusses and ‘oh yes’s’.


Jimin pinched Tae’s nipples making him mewl. He used both hands to rub each nubs. He leaned his face in the crook of Tae’s neck, licking and leaving wet kisses. Jimin again hit Taehyung’s spot head on.


THERE JIMIN! Fuck right there!


Jimin pistoned his hips, drilling himself into Tae and making sure to hit where Tae wanted him.


Taehyung arched his back off the bed, he could feel himself closer to another orgasm. His walls clenching around Jimin, letting him know he was close. Jimin was also close, his movements started to become sloppy and he wasn’t able to hold on much longer.


Taehyung wrapped his arms around Jimin’s back. His nails digging into his back as he could feel himself creep closer and closer to release. His vision started to get blurry.


Oh, God.. I’m cumming, I’m cum-


Taehyung came for the third time in a row. It came out into big spurts, landing all over himself and on Jimin. Jimin came afterwards, pulling Taehyung into him and shooting his cum inside. Filling him up like he wanted. Taehyung cooed at the warm liquid inside him.


Taehyung panted, his eyesight hazy. He felt around for Jimin’s face pulling him down into a deep kiss. Jimin kissed Tae back, holding on to his waist.


Jimin pulled himself out of the other, his cum spilling out and onto the bed. Taehyung’s eyes drooped more and more until they were close, falling asleep.


Jimin reached his hand out, patting Tae’s forehead to see if he was still warm. He felt fine, his body didn’t feel like he was touching fire. He pulled his friend more into his bed tucking him in.


After Taehyung was all tucked in and sleeping soundly, Jimin grabbed his phone to text Namjoon quickly.


Jimin: HYUNG! I think I messed up again on the potion ㅠㅠ


Namjoon: Oh my, is Taehyung okay?


Jimin: I think he is now, he’s asleep.


Namjoon: what happened?


Jimin: well Tae drunk the potion and seemed fine. He wasn’t sick, but after a while, he said he started to feel hot. His body felt like I was next to an open fire. And uh…


Jimin paused looking at his phone. It must have been awhile cause Namjoon texted back.


Namjoon: Jimin?


Jimin: .... he kind of wanted me, and we ended up having sex ….


Namjoon: WHAT?!


Jimin: idk how it happened? Taehyung was really needy and kept saying he wanted me… so we just ...did it.


Namjoon: Jimin, was there something off about the potion before you gave it to Taehyung?


Jimin: ? I don’t think so… I really thought I got it right this time ;3; everything looked nice, it even smelt good!


Namjoon: smell? That potion isn’t suppose to smell… what did it smell like?


Jimin: mmm hard to put my finger on it, it was very sweet.


Namjoon: and the color?.....


Jimin: like a reddish violet, it was really pretty which is why I thought I got it ;_;


Namjoon: JIMIN! That was an aphrodisiac potion! HOW THE HELL DID YOU MAKE THAT?!


Jimin: Don’t yell at me ;-; I thought it was right okay? Idk how the hell it happened.


Namjoon: smh…


Jimin put his phone away and slumped in bed. “Fuck, I’m the worst witch.”


The body next to him stirred followed by a very small hoarse voice.




“Taehyung? Are you okay?”


Taehyung nodded his head a little bit. “Yeah, 'm body is just sore.”


Jimin groaned, “I’m so sorry Taehyung, I’m like the worst witch in the world. I accidentally made you an aphrodisiac.”


Jimin pouted and Taehyung couldn’t help but smile at him. He leaned up as much as he could kissing his pouty lips.


Jimin became flustered. “Are you still under the influence?”


“No dummy, I did that myself.”


Jimin’s eyes widen. “Really? I was really worried that after you got over this you would be upset with me.”


Taehyung cocked his head to the side. “Why would I be upset?”


“Uhm, because I made you into some horndog and we had sex and I figured you wouldn’t of want to that it was just the potion and when you come to you would be upset and mad at me and-”


Jimin was stopped with another kiss on his lips.


“I would never be mad at you, plus I’ve always wanted you to fuck me.”


Jimin's eyes widen even bigger. “REALLY?!”


Taehyung laughed at him shaking his head yes. “To be honest I think this was just a push for me.”


“Cool, cause I’ve been thinking about doing it for a while too.”


“Well, thanks to your horny potion than.”


Jimin chuckled. “I guess it pays off to suck at being a witch.”


“Hey, you don’t suck. If anything my cold is still gone.”


“That makes me feel a little better.”


They both smiled at each other. Taehyung pulling Jimin down so he could cuddle closer. He wrapped his limbs around Jimin snuggling as much as he could into him.


Jimin felt happy, Taehyung didn’t feel so disgusted that they fucked and his cold was gone.


“Wait… so like what are we?” Jimin whispered.


Taehyung giggled. “ If you want.”


Jimin turned to look Tae in the eyes, “I want to.”


Taehyung smiled at him. “Okay.”


They kissed each other lazily as they both slowly drifted to sleep.