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Playing Beneath Ground

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You always thought that life was unfair for yourself.

Sure, that might sound selfish to practically anyone else, but life kinda just dragged on with nothing to look forward too.

You grew up, got through school, got your bachelor degree, bought an small and dirt cheap apartment, got a job; it all came back into a cycle in the end after your high school days. Wake up, eat, get dressed, get on the bus, get to class, study, head to work, go home, take a shower, go to bed and repeat.

Life had nothing waiting for you, and you hated that.

The only thing left for you at this point were your video games on your Steam account. Ones like Stardew Valley, Terraria, GTA, The Forest, Don’t Starve, Little Nightmare, ectera ectera.

Then there was the single game that changed your entire life.


You were sixteen when it first came out, and going through a real rough time due to your parent’s mental manipulations while they were divorcing; it was breaking you and you needed to get away from it all. You ended up getting recommended Undertale from one of your friends and bought it just because they said it was really good; ‘interesting,’ they’d said.

So you booted up the game, and fell in love with it.

The characters were funny, the storyline was engaging, the designs were flexible, and the music was amazing.

And ‘ya know what was the greatest part of the game?

It let you have choices; choices that changed the entire storyline depending on what you do.

Deltarune came out too somewhere around the time you turned 19, give or take a couple months, and while you loved that game too, Undertale would always have a special place in her heart (You’d be lying if you said that you didn’t cry a lot while in hometown in Deltarune though).

Now, you were a young woman at 22, six years after the initial release of Undertale, and the fandom has finally died down to a quiet shimmer. You’d made a post that held every version of every AU out there, and there was easily a few thousand in total, which in turn made it to where practically every AU possible was done, so the fandom was left to rot.

You didn’t leave though.

Even now, as a aspiring young woman, you still play the game.

You were so inspired by the game in fact, you created a world-wide MMORPG that allowed you to spare and be kind to your enemies; earning their favor, you could call upon them in battle to help you. Of course, there was the pure pacifist and genocide route you installed, but there were fifteen other endings as well as hundreds of secrets and easter eggs you laid within the game, some dating references back to Undertale and EarthBound, while others had those like Pokemon, Persona and Borderlands.

People told her that some of the endings were rather wicked for such a cute pixel styled game, but you merely told them that it was part of the XPerience.

Your game, released only earlier that year, took the internet by storm and had millions of fans playing it day in and day out; you were famous and your game, your characters were beloved by millions.

It warmed your heart; it really did.

But, with fame, comes jealousy.

One of your old friends, Miame, also rose to be a game developer, but with how yours stormed the market, hers never got noticed. And the few that did take notice, quickly left reviews that honestly left a bad taste in your mouth (honestly; there was no reason to be such a dick about it! People make mistakes; you just got lucky after a popular youtuber played your game on a livestream, and thus became your popularity. You knew that your old friend worked extremely hard on her game, and sure, her storyline ideas weren’t always the greatest, but neither were yours! It takes time and practice to make a popular game, as well as a shit ton of luck, which you got by complete accident).

The reviews and jealousy quickly led to a fallout between the two of you, and you haven’t spoken to each other since.

You wanted to make up, you really did, but you’ve just been so busy.

Traveling to conventions every few weeks, winning three game award oscars (you even got Game of The Year! How fucking cool was that?!), and just working on DLC updates when you had downtime.

So, yeah, you were a busy bee.

Now, imagine having your entire life ahead of you, when you were finally making a name for yourself-

And then you get murdered.


Ripped away.

In a fucking instant-

You didn’t know which emotion was more powerful at the moment- rage, hatred, sorrow, maybe grief too?- but you knew that all together they made you want to cry and throw something.

But guess what? You couldn’t fucking do that because you’re dead.

Curling in on yourself wasn’t hard, but it certainly messed with the mind when thought about (like, seriously, how the fuck did you curl in on yourself when you’re dead? It was mind boggling, but you were kinda in a state of morbid shock, so maybe its okay that the thought didn’t even occur to you). An inky like space, void of any color, lied around you, nothing there.

It was just darkness.

Just a void.

And there was just you as its inhabitant.

Honest to god, you could have laid there for years (fuck, was there even time here?) before you noticed a bright yellow exclamation mark off to the side of your vision; so blaringly bright that you were puzzled how you didn’t notice it sooner.

It wasn’t much of a stretch to say that you reached out to touch it, instead breaking out one of those old RPG Game Over windows, and whoo boy were you livid upon reaching the end of the list.

[Hey, congrats, you DIED! Here’s your endscore :D]



AGE 1 +50



AGE 2 +50

SHY -100


AGE 3 +50


AGE 4 +50



AGE 5 +100





AGE 6 +50



AGE 7 +50

MADE FRIENDS +500 (+50 per friend) (+200)

LONER -100




AGE 8 +50





AGE 9 +50



AGE 10 +100





QUIET -150


AGE 11 +50





AGE 12 +50








AGE 13 +50






AGE 14 +50



AGE 15 +100




AGE 16 +50









AGE 17 +50


OLD CAR -350


AGE 18 +50

AGE 19 +50




AGE 20 +200


AGE 21 +50

AGE 22 +50





FALLOUT WITH YOUR FRIENDS -5’000 (-500 per friend) (-4’000)


DIED YOUNG -50’000

INSANE MODE: (22’450) x 10 = 224’500 POINTS!

[POOR: 0-50’000] +10 Stat Points

[AVERAGE: 51’000-150’000] +25 Stat Points

[ADVANCED: 151’000-250’000] +50 Stat Points

[EXPERT: 251’000-350’000] +100 Stat Points

[MASTERY: 351’000-500’000] +150 Stat Points

[LEGENDARY: 501’000-800’000] +250 Stat Points

[DIVINE: 801’000-+20’000’000] +500 Stat Points

Your scowl darkened upon seeing that Miame, fucking Miame, killed you; swears bouncing around in your head as your hand clenched hard enough to draw blood.

“That bitch,” You spat, tone acidic, “I would be alive if it weren’t for her fucking jealousy! When she dies, ooh, am I gonna-” You wring your hands together in the motion of strangling someone (or, at least, you thought you did; couldn’t really tell) when another one of those text boxes popped up in front of your face, stopping you half-way through your mental strangulation.

[Please understand miss that we know that you’re angry; furious even. But you’re being given the offer of a lifetime, so please, calm down and hear us out.]

You didn’t know who this person (thing?) was, but if they had an offer for you, you might as well hear them out.

Even if you are dead.

It was hard to calm down, and you must of stood (floated?) there for a good hour- day? Month? Year? Fuck, you couldn’t even tell- before the burning rage inside you diminished into a dull ache that made your chest feel tight and uncomfortable.

It didn’t take long for another one of those boxes to appear (you didn’t notice it before, but the color was a rather rich periwinkle with white text).

(You thought it looked nice.)

[Good, you calmed down. This will process easier then.]

[Greetings human, we are Gaia; and no, not GOD. That’s someone else.]

[We are here to offer you the chance at another life, in any world you want, as THE GAMER. And, yes, this ability is indeed the OP superpower you’d read in one of those “webtoon” things.]


Well, living again sounded pretty nice; plus, you could be reborn anywhere-

Yeah, you already knew the world you were choosing.

“I accept Gaia.”


[And you already have chosen your new world young Gamer.]

[We, as Gaia, welcome you to: ]
[UNDERTALE: Gaming Multiverse Edition]

[Have fun with customization :)]

Wait, fucking shit, what?

Next thing you know after giving a confused blink; you were in a cute little boutique that had hundreds of outfits, wigs and hairstyles, eye contacts- yeah, okay, that was a little weird.

You glanced to the side and saw a sign pointing towards the stool, bold red writing standing out dashingly against the whiteboard.


Yeah, okay, that kinda made sense in this dream-like feel- wait…

Were you dreaming?

Was this all just a lukewarm dream you were having in the middle of the night, or were you in coma or something?

Screw it; you wanted to have fun so goddammit you were going to have fun!

Planting your foot on the pedestal, you lifted yourself over the side of the block to sit down on the stool, officially beginning the customization process.

[Please choose a hair color and style!]

You blinked owlishly at the box, pondering on what to choose until merely shrugging, “Eh, I kinda like my hair color and style, so might as well go with it.” Tapping a series of pop-ups, willing them away, another one of those screens appeared, asking you to choose an eye color.

Again, you liked your eye color, but that probably wasn’t surprising since it was a bit more on the unique side compared to the rest of your family. They weren’t two different colors or anything, but they were yours, and you quite liked them, so you tapped their color option and moved on.

Outfit actually took a bit of thinking when it came up, but that probably shouldn’t be so surprising as you really didn’t want to copy Frisk or Chara, but you also didn’t want to copy anyone else in the underground. The system also told you it was mandatory to get something with stripes on your person, so that also went into the thought process.

It took a while, but finally you narrowed it down to a thin-strap black dress with pockets (thank god), an off-the-shoulder long-sleeve midriff shirt that was your favorite color in two main shades, taking turns in being darker then lighter for each stripe. A white paw-print laid over the breast pocket of the shirt, allowing you to carry something in it if needed. You wore black shorts under your dress as extra protection, leggings that pretty much matched your shirt with its colorful stripe scheme, and dark brown boots that were extra cushioned just for you.

Overall, you liked the look; it was very you, if that even made sense.

Then, the system gave you a simple and rather blank stat sheet as well as 80 points to spend however you wish (30 being for you just starting you and 50 from your score).

STR: 5
END: 5
DEX: 5
AGI: 5
INT: 5
CHA: 5 (+10)
LUK: 5
Stat Points: 80

Seeing no harm (and wondering where the fuck the extra 10 charisma came from) you quickly distributed your points relatively fair, keeping those last twenty in case of an emergency.

STR: 10
END: 15
DEX: 10
AGI: 15
INT: 15
CHA: 10 (+10)
LUK: 20
Stat Points: 20

You wanted that fucking luck goddammit; ain’t no way you’re going into the Undertale Multiverse with only 5 luck; yeah, no fuck that. Twenty it was.

[Congrats! You have unlocked the HP and EP bar!]
[HP: 750/750]
[EP: 2’500/2’500]

[Achievement Unlocked: Starting Off]
[+100 XP stored, +1 Perk Point to spend, A Random Item]

[Random Item has been placed in Inventory!]

[Please choose (2) Perks: ]

[Protagonist (Tier MAX): Hey congrats, you’re now the protagonist of the story! Don’t you feel special? Gives a +1 CHA increase for your base stat per level, and a passive +10 increase as well. +25% REP gains with everyone.] [X] [<-- Mandatory to Progress]

[Determined to The End (Tier MAX): You’re determined in everything you do, no matter the challenge, you’ll overcome it. Only those who are the absolute most determined of individuals hold this perk in their midst. Gives the user the [Reset], [Save], [Load] and [Pause] option to their playthrough, but immediately place the user at the [Unfriendly] REP or lower with anyone who remembers the Resets and loads. You are placed as the first or eighth fallen human.] [ ]

[The Patience of a Soul (Tier MAX): You’re a very patient individual and tend to have a thought process and personality that wears like water (+3 INT). [Pause] and [Resume] option unlocked during playthrough; You are placed as the third fallen human.] [ ]

[The One Who Braves The World (Tier MAX): You have an unyielding bravery about you, and never stop no matter the challenge in your way, always going in headfirst. You’re headstrong, but not the sharpest tool in the shed (+5 STR and +3 VIT, -5 INT). [Pause] and [Resume] option unlocked during playthrough; You are placed as the fifth fallen human.] [ ]

[The One Who Perseveres (Tier MAX): An intelligent brain with little brawn, you evaluate the situation and come to a compromise with everyone around you, even as you persevere through the depths of the Underground (+5 INT, -3 STR). [Pause] and [Resume] option unlocked during playthrough; You are placed as the fourth fallen human.] [ ]

[The Kindest of Souls (Tier MAX): You have a certain kindness to you that few humans have, even in the 60’s where peace and love has overridden the country (+5 CHA). [Pause] and [Resume] option unlocked during playthrough; You are placed as the sixth fallen human.] [ ]

[An Honest Soul (Tier MAX): Honesty is the best policy after all! You’re a rather blunt child with a knack for dancing, thus bringing the ever popular name “twinkle toes” to the Underground (+5 AGI and +3 DEX). [Pause] and [Resume] option unlocked during playthrough; You are placed as the seventh fallen human.] [ ]

[The One Who Seeks Justice (Tier MAX): Vengeance, Justice; it all goes hand-in-hand. You shoot and avenge to your own rhythm, even as the many years have passed as such. Will you condemn, or free thy monsters? Only you can choose (+5 DEX and +3 VIT, -2 INT). [Pause] and [Resume] option unlocked during playthrough; You are placed as the second fallen human.] [ ]

Ooh they’re asking you to choose your soul!

This was a tough one too decide though; on one hand, you could become Frisk and do the things that Frisk does, but on the other, you could become any of the fallen humans and probably save a lot of lives by doing so.

“Does the Save, Reset and Load option only for Determination, or can it go to the others too because I’m the gamer?”

[Originally, only Determination. However, we are feeling nice, so you’ll have a Save and Load option for any Soul. Reset is Determination only, but you get a total of thirty save files to use, so I don’t think you’ll really need it considering you can just start a new game whenever.]

You nodded, smile twitching at your lips, ”Cool cool- then I know what I’m choosing!”

Tapping [The One Who Perseveres] and [The Kindest of Souls], your soul was set at PERSEVERANCE, a crisp purple, as its main trait with a thick outer layer of solid green, KINDNESS, surrounding it.

It looked a little off, but hey, it was your soul now (you kinda liked it too; it was unique and strange, just like you!), no use in trying to change it.

There were no take backs.

You’d have to persevere and get through this entire customization if you wanted to save everyone.

[Achievement Unlocked: Create your Soul]
[Hidden Objective Completed: Create a Soul with two traits]

[Rewards: +500 XP, a Soul, +15 Gold, +2 Lucky Coins]

[Achievement Unlocked: Perseverance]
[+200 XP, Item: Torn Notebook, Item: Cloudy Glasses, +1 Lucky Coin]

You blinked, squinting at the box, “Okay, so I get the experience and items, but what the hell are Lucky Coins?”

Gaia was quick to answer your question.

[Lucky Coins are rewards for many completed tasks, be it quests or achievements, and you are granted one when you reach a new level. Flip the coin and catch it to receive a random reward, from money to the ancient Gaia card.]

Okay that was a bit surprising and extremely overpowered, but hey, you weren’t complaining. If this was going to help you through the entire multiverse, then you were going to take whatever you could get considering you would probably have to go against AUs like Dusttale and Horrortale as you explored.

So, yeah, you weren’t gonna look a gifted horse in the mouth.

“Ohhhh,” Your mouth formed an ‘o’, gears grinding in your head, “Neat!”

There was a little bit more of customization that you didn’t pay much attention too (I mean, come on, skin color? You knew your skin dammit!) until you got to something that made you perk up in interest upon reading the message board.

[Please choose an Affinity: ]

[Water] [ ]

[Fire] [ ]

[Wind] [ ]

[Earth] [ ]

Sure, it wasn’t much of a list to be honest, but you were going to take a wild guess that this was for your magic (or EP or whatever it was called)?


But you already had a solid idea on what you wanted.

“Wind please!”

And that was that.

Finally, you were done with customization and were now instructed to check your quest log (which you didn’t even realize you had) to check out your most recent quest that you did.

And holy crap was it way more than you expected.

[Quest Completed!]
[Info: Customize yourself before you head off into the Undertale Multiverse!]

[Requirements: Go through the customization process]

[Hidden Objective: Go through every single customization and pick one thing from each]

[Rewards: +500 XP, +50 Gold, +2 Lucky Coins, a Winter Jacket]
[Bonus Rewards: +1’000 XP, +100 Gold, +5 Lucky Coins, Random Skill Book]

Okay this was way more than you thought it’d be- ah well, the rewards were nice at least.

Closing the notification window, you were shot off into an large white room (‘The anti-void?’, you wondered absently) with seven glowing icons blocking half of your vision, and everytime you turned your head they were there.

You huffed, hands on your hips, how annoying!

However, one good look at the list of icons quickly told you what was actually in front of you, your jaw dropping open a bit in surprise.

[Universe Selection: ]

Yeahhhh, you’d already decided on your starting universe (what better than the original?), but if Undertale wasn’t there you would have likely chosen Underswap or Outertale; they were both unique and seemed like quite the adventure now that you thought about it.

Especially Outertale.

But, you digress; Undertale was the best to start in, and if you changed a lot of things, maybe it would help the other universes too?

[For coming to an logical answer, you have earnt +1 INT!]

Well, that answered your question.

Reaching out, you tapped Undertale as your starting universe, openly grinning when you felt a burst of warmth form from the button all the way around your body, causing you to bask in the afterglow of safety that surrounded you.

Then, another bright box filled your vision, quicky diverting your attention.

[Long Term Quest Alert!]
[Quest: Carving a Tale Underground]

[Info: You are about to be sent to the famous world of Undertale, which is truthfully never been used by other gamers as their inhabiting realm, let alone multiverse. Show the entire multiverse what you got and create your very own route, either good or bad!]

[Requirements: Finish the Undertale Storyline]

[Bonuses: ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?]

[Accept this Quest?]

Y / N

The ‘no’ was crossed out, meaning that you couldn’t choose it even if you wanted too; you could only go forward now, there was no going back.

Shifting your hand over the ‘yes’ and tapping it, your vision was quickly obscured by a flash of white, and a loud ringing filed through your years; and then you were falling.

And falling…

And falling…

And fall-


You fell unconscious shortly after a searing pain ripped through your body from, where you felt, was your shoulder.

And, just like that, you knew no more.

[XP and Leveling reviewed and rebooted]

[Level 7 reached; 55 Stat points to spend]

[Day One Log Finished]

[Auto Save File One complete]

[Systems shutting down.]

[Sleep well Gamer, you are going to need it.]

Chapter Text

There was a light filtering around you, and goddammit it was getting in your eyes; someone shut the damn curtains, you had a meeting tomorrow! Goddammit, shut the damn-




Why the fuck does your bed feel like gravel and dirt?


Your eyes were quick to snap open, and your body jolted upwards, but immediately regretted it upon feeling the surge of searing pain to filter through your shoulder, as if it was sprained or, worse, broken.


Raising your head, you narrowed your pain-ridden eyes and surveyed her surroundings; a filter of light from a distant hole in the ceiling of the rocky terrain surrounding you, and golden petals fell around you like a halo of gold. Adjusting your sight, you glanced down underneath you and noted that you were sitting on the same golden flowers that lied on some of the rocks around you.


Tilting your head, you pondered where you were until yesterday’s (last month’s?) memories swarmed back into the forefront of your brain.




Oh .


“Ah,” you muttered, “Right, Undertale multiverse gamer shit.”


You sat there for a few minutes, your brain still processing the newfound information, until it hit you full force.


Holy fuck -


You were in Undertale .


Scratch that; you were in the Undertale Multiverse !


If your shoulder didn’t hurt so damn much, then you would have fucking pranced around the cave with the biggest fucking smile on your face, squealing until your voice let out; but you didn’t.


Because your shoulder hurt like hell.


Fuck .


Sighing, you waved your right hand, “Menu,” you ordered, giving a small grin upon seeing the periwinkle option menu lying in front of you, happy to see that no , you were not hallucinating prior to your awakening.


Noting the flashing icon beside notifications, you frowned and opened the window, “Notifications.”


It was a quick scan of the list to see what you missed, and surprisingly, you missed seven level ups to your person (somehow though, that didn’t surprise you. You were never the most observant when it came to RPGs). Seeing as you could distribute your stats later, you decided to take a crack at the Lucky Coins, considering you had 17 of them to spend.


So, you took three from your inventory and started to flip them for prizes.


And upon flipping the first one, a plume of smoke erupted from it and in the coin’s place was…


A fan; quite a regal looking one too!


Its design was gorgeous, and it looked to be something you’d see a posh japanese woman use on theirself to wave off the absurd heat. The fan however, while extraordinarily beautiful, seemed to have a secondary job of slicing due to its bladed edge; what with its serrated and deadly design, picturing an glorious and elegant ice-blue eastern dragon ( ‘A chinese variant,’ you realized) patterns that was marked against the majority of the fan.


The wood itself seemed to to be made of a dark bamboo color, which only made the design against the sinful masterpiece all the more stunning.


[Rare Prize!]


[Blizzard’s Breeze] - Rank: B (Rare) - Durability: 2’500/2’500 - ATK: 250

[Stylish yet deadly. This fan holds the element of the cold inside, giving a wonderful cool breeze if you waft it at yourself to fend off the hot of the world and giving a damn deadly frostbite of you were to slice at an enemy.]


[Effects: Always produces a cool breeze for the holder; causes frostbite on the enemies “lucky” enough to get hit by it.]


Yeah, you were so keeping this.


You quietly placed it in your inventory and pulled out the second coin, flipping it with a gleeful grin on your face.


[Common Prize!]


[Mini Health Juice] x 6 - Rank: D (Common) - Consumable

[While food can most certainly heal you and restore lost energy, sometimes you gotta stick to something else to get the job done quicker. This item is useful to use in a pinch, and restores +50 HP per bottle]


[Effects: Restores +50 HP]


Upon seeing the six-pack of glass bottles, you let out a silent snort, not expecting what was considered a “health potion” to Gaia. Literally, it was a yoohoo milk bottle with a metal cap covering the top of the bottle, sealing off the liquid until needed. What was even funnier (at least, in your mind) was that the fucking paper-plastic like wrap around the middle of the bottle was a pastel pink with a strawberry winking at the user and giving them a thumbs up. The liquid inside was a vibrant strawberry-red color.


You grabbed one, feeling parched, and placed the other five in your inventory for later use. Popping off the cap, you took a swig (blatantly ignoring the [+5 HP] that appeared) and flipped your last coin.


The item that appeared made you giggle though; you just couldn’t stop!


The item in your hand that appeared from the coin-


Was a goddamn pen .


With cat ears.


And it was pastel pink.


[Rare Prize!]


[Infinite Pen]  - Rank: B (Rare) - Indestructible

[This pen will never run out of ink! It can also change ink colors with a twist of it’s cap.]


[Effects: Never runs out of ink]


You cackled at seeing the “eyes” of the cat cap, which was literally just the infinity symbol, and sipped at your juice again, raising your HP again. Storing the items in your inventory (as well as the now empty bottle), you instead pulled out your Torn Notebook and Cloudy Glasses (though, you had to admit, the notebook was more like an textbook and both items were in much better shape than they initially were).


[New [Soul-Link] Items acquired!]


[Reformed Notebook]  - Rank: U (Unique) - Durability: 1’500/1’500 - ATK: 25

[A notebook that is direction linked to your soul; they can appear to you in an instant and are 100x more durable than usual items of their kind.]


[Effects: Infinite paper]


[Perseverance Glasses]  - Rank: U (Unique) - Indestructible

[A pair of glasses linked directly to your soul; they can appear to you in an instant and have the unique [Scan] ability so you can see the base stats of anything you need too..]


[Effects: Passively uses [Scan]]


You blinked owlishly at the weapons, “Oh,” and quickly placed the glasses on your face, taking the time to glance at your surroundings for anything you might have missed. When you didn’t find anything, you merely picked yourself up and dusted yourself off, grabbing your notebook and placing it under your arm, carrying it out of the room.


Your boots clacked against the hard gravel, and upon entering the next room, your face immediately soured at the single flower sitting there.


Upon seeing you, it’s golden petals perked up and the former frown on its face turned into a cute smile, “Oh, howdy!” It cheered, swinging side to side a bit, “I’m Flowey! Flowey the Flower, and I welcome you to the underground!”


Yeahhhh, you weren’t trusting this.


[Scan] .’


[Scan loading…]


[Scan Complete!]


[Flowey the Flower]


[LVL: 14]


[LV: 2]


[HP: 50]


[ATK: 10]


[DEF: 7]


[*Wants to help]


[*Has no alternative motives]


[*He’s lonely; bring him with you.]


[*He hasn’t been broken yet but he’s almost there; please, someone, save him.]


Staring at the screen, your lips well down into a small frown; he wasn’t broken yet? He wasn’t crazy yet?


‘Well,’ you thought, watching the flower start to sweat, ‘Everyone does start out innocent; experiences only shape in a bad way if they’re traumatic enough. I’m guessing after the third or fourth human, Flowey just stopped caring seeing as he couldn’t help those people anymore since they just kept dying no matter what he did.’


‘Its kinda sad, actually.’


You opened your mouth to reply to the monster-like flower, “(Y/N).”


Flowey perked up, blinking his eyes, “What?”


“My name. It’s (Y/N).”


He sat there for a minute, processing that thought, before shooting you with a beaming smile, “Well, it’s nice to meet cha! As I said before, this is the underground; realm of monster-kind! Down here, we tend to do everything a little different than the surface!”


You quirked an petite eyebrow, “You mean the whole ‘fight’ and ‘mercy’ thing with Souls?”


Flowey bobbed his head up and down in a nod, still grinning, “Yep!” His smile however slowly turned into a confused frown upon a thought hitting him, “Wait, how’d ya know ‘bout our fight system? We only implemented it after we were sealed!”


You blinked, trying to think of something, and your mouth was flapping before your brain even realized what you were saying.


“Oh, that? Humans sometimes use it in murder investigations or show-downs, as stupid as that sounds. But, yeah, we use the ‘fight’ system, and sometimes the mercy one too, but not many humans give mercy so I suppose that it doesn’t really matter up on the surface.”




That made no sense , but fuck it, you were gonna roll with it.


The monster perked up, blinking his eyes, a smile blooming on his face, “Really?”


You shrugged, “Yeah, but then again, it isn’t use very often because anything having to do with Souls is quickly going out of practice. I actually jumped down here to study souls; the documents on the surface just isn’t very trustworthy to be honest.”


Another periwinkle window popped up at of the corner of your vision, and almost snorted at what was written on it.


[Due to repeated action, a new skill has been created!]


[Bullshitting] - Lvl. 1

[Your ability to bull your way out or in a situation!]

[Effect: +5%+[LUK] chance of working.]

[Effect 2: -15% chance if the bull lie is just stupid or unorthodox]




Though, thankfully, it seemed your luck held out, because it seemed that Flowey believed you, so thank god for that.


He grinned up at you, swaying side to side, “So, do you need a refresher on our system, or do ‘ya wanna see your soul?”


Seeing nothing wrong with it, you merely nodded your head to the flower, who quickly initiated a FIGHT with you. The world went black and white, and your soul twirled around in front of you, pulsing with energy. You also noted the standard Undertale menu stood to both sides of you; FIGHT, and ACT on your left side, and ITEM, and MERCY to your right.


Above FIGHT and ACT was your basic info of your normal status, and you weren’t surprised to see Flowey performing a check on you; after all, every monster technically could do so, they just didn’t .




[Their Last Hope]


[LVL: 7]


[LV: 0]


[HP: 750/750]


[*The Soul who Perseveres, and who brings KINDNESS to the table wrapped in MERCY.]


[*She’s here to save you.]


You grinned at the surprised look the flower had from your stats; you were quite proud of them. Besides that, you HP was abnormally high ( totally has nothing to do with the fact it’s ‘Hit Points’ and not ‘HOPE’. Nope, nothing at all), meaning you could take a lot of hits and barely be winded. Your HP was fifteen times as much as Flowey’s, meaning you could probably get through a good chunk of the underground without losing all your health.


“You have…” he started slowly blinking as his mind tried to process what he was seeing, “ very high HP and… LVL?”


Hearing the unspoken question, you elaborated, “LVL stands directly for ‘Level’, meaning how much I’ve experienced. Once I reach a certain threshold, my level rises to the next one. The more one has experienced, the higher your level.”


Which is probably why Flowey’s own level was twice as high as yours is. After all, he’s experienced more through the many timelines than any other monster underground.


The former-goat turned flower monster’s mouth formed into a ‘o’, seeming to understand, “So it’s like LV, but less… stabby stabby?”


“Essentially, yeah.”




There was an awkward silence as Flowey exited the FIGHT, practically squirming under your scrutinizing stare as you studied the monster, thoughts and ideas bouncing back and forth in your head until you finally decided on speaking.


“Hey Flowey, wanna come with me?”


The flower froze, expression dumbfounded as he processed what you just said, “Uh, excuse me; what?” He asked, turning back to you, face scrunched up.


You absently giggled, “I asked if you wanted to come with me. ‘Ya know, travel through the underground? I mean, company is always better than traveling alone!” You blabbed, a beaming grin lighting up your face. Seeing as Flowey was lonely, you thought this might be a good chance to change the entire timeline for good!


And lucky you; you were right.


The monster stared up at you and sighed, “Alright, where will I be though if we travel together? I can’t stand Snowdin, so it would be stupid of me to try to follow you through a shit ton of snow,” he stated, confusion still etched across his face.


Luckily for him, you had an idea.


“Just tie yourself around my waist, and then you can be close to be for body heat! Besides, I got a jacket somewhere…”


It was only five minutes later that you were walking into the beginnings of the Ruins with Flowey’s vines wrapped around your midsection, his face and petals peeking over your shoulder, studying everything curiously.


You, again, ignored the notification popup ( [You have gained +500 REP with [Flowey]! [Flowey] has joined your party! +500 XP] ) as well as the following window ( [You have leveled up! You are now LVL 8!] ), instead opting to save at one of the stars that was at the base of the stairway to the ruins.


[The shadow of the ruins looms above...]


[But you’re driven by PERSEVERANCE, and press onward.]


[Y/N     LVL 8      12:47]

[Ruins     - Entrance]


[File 1 Saved]


Grinning, you pull away from the file and move further into the ruins, feeling a weight press down on your chest. It wasn’t uncomfortable , but it certainly was a weird feeling; almost like when you were swimming underwater.


What a strange feeling…


Feeling Flowey shift, you noted how he seemed to be drawing into you, a nervous frown on his face as sweat (water?) dotted his petals.


“You okay?” You ask, the edge of your lips flipping downward.


He glanced at you out of the corner of his eye, and shook his head, “No, it’s just…. The guardian of the Ruins, Toriel, doesn’t really like me; I was helping the last kid who fell down here, as he’d gotten hurt, and she attacked me with all she had!” You winced; that had to hurt.


He continued, not noting your wince, “She… thought I hurt the kid, but I guess it didn’t really matter in the end if I did or not; he died not long afterwards from facing off with her. The other kid that fell down here got killed by Gerson in waterfall.”


Gerson? That old explorer-looking shop owner turtle?


Well, the game did say he fought in the Human vs Monster war, so it should be a given that he was a good fighter. Plus, you were pretty damn sure that he killed plenty of humans, so him killing another probably wasn’t that big of a deal to him, even if it was a kid.




‘Note to self; avoid Gerson at all costs.’


Rolling your shoulders, you darted up the stairs, laughing when Flowey screeched, startled, as you skipped a good two stairs with each burst of energy, “Eh, don’t worry Flowey; I won’t let Toriel hurt, you no matter what!” You called, finally breaking your sprint into a jog after reaching the first corridor.


The first “puzzle” was easy; just go left the right but never touch the middle, and you were able to move on to the next room. Next room was selecting the switches to open the gate, which was easy enough when you actually dug through your memory of the game, and the next room was probably the most annoying out of the bunch, at least until hotland.


The fucking giant spike bullshit.


Flowey was at least helpful with that, whispering to you where to go until you finally made it across the other side. You heaved a sigh of relief once your feet touched the other platform, seeing as getting stabbed by a giant spike was not on your agenda for today, or any day really.


The next few puzzles weren’t too hard, just kinda annoying to get through (you did end up pretty much taking that entire bowl of monster candy though when Flowey told you that they were manufactured right there in the Ruins, as well as in Snowdin). The whole “floor breaks when you step on the wrong tile” almost made you break your neck a couple times, and certainly took a chunk of your HP with each landing (by the time you were finished with it you were sitting on 655 HP), but you made it through in one piece. Sure, you were down 95 HP, but that’s fine , you didn’t need it anyway!



Okay, maybe you did, but hey, at least you haven’t died in a FIGHT yet!


Speaking of FIGHTs, you never realized how bustling the RUINs were before! In the game (at least from what the Genocide run showed you), there were 22 monsters living there as well as Toriel, making the total number 23.


The RUINs now had at least twice that many.


The entire chunk of land had so many monsters walking about (you noted at least 3 per room), and only a few saw you as a threat; an example was one of the Froggits who attacked you until you were able to calm them down enough to start complimenting. After that, it was a smooth MERCY and you were done.


(All those fights had done you some good though, causing you to rake in 175 G, bringing you up to a total of 335. You had enough to buy a bunch of Spider Donuts and Cider!)


You explored as much as possible (even finding the mini Froggit in the wall), and tried to uncover any secrets about the area. When nothing was noted, you moved to the Spider Bake Sale and bought whatever you could (you still smiled when you noted how shocked and excited the spiders seemed upon seeing how much you wanted to buy) with the money you had on you.


In the end, you bought fifteen Spider Donuts, five Spider Ciders, five Glazed Spider Donuts, and three Cherry Spider Ciders, raking up the total cost to be 320, leaving you with a measly 15 G as your change.


You didn’t regret it though; you had plenty of healing items now to use as you pleased, and you knew you were going to goddamn need them after learning that a regular Froggit’s attack did a HP damage of fucking thirty on average. And those were some of the weakest monsters in the underground, god help you against someone like Papyrus or, god forbid, Undyne and Asgore .


Though, you were surprised that after buying what you needed, another one of those pop-ups appeared showing what you gained other than the items.


[You have gained +500 REP with the [Spider Clan]! Your REP with the [Spider Clan] has evolved from Neutral to Friendly!]


[Because of your first [REP Evolution], you have gained +350 XP!]


[Achievement Unlocked]

[First REP Evolution]

[Rewards: +25 G, +350 XP, +100 REP with whomever was your first REP Evo]


Well, that partially solved your Gold problem, and now you were only 100 XP away from leveling up again, which was good you supposed, but you were confused on where to go on from here.


Waving to the spiders, who cheerfully waved back, you threw yourself into your thoughts. Should you meet Toriel? Should you go and collect-




Your eyes popped open in horror as you had completely forgotten one little thing .


“I FORGOT TO COLLECT THE FADED RIBBON!” You screamed, causing Flowey to jolt out of his slumber (he’d fallen asleep shortly after the broken floor puzzle) and open his mouth to question you. Unfortunately, that question was instead replaced by a scream of unbridled terror as you fucking booked it back down the hall to one of the puzzle rooms to go get the ribbon, having completely forgotten it prior to your exploration.


Monsters turned in confusion at seeing a screaming flower holding onto a human child race past them, quickly sliding into another room, leaving a trail of confusion and chaos in your wake.


Finally, you slowed to a jog, grinning sheepishly at Flowey whose petails were actually pale in fear, and stopped to fall down one of the other holes, picking up the ribbon that you could still sense had magical residue on it.


[You have obtained one of the Fallen Human [Defense] Items!]


[Self-Inspired Quest Complete!]

[Find The Faded Ribbon]

[+150 G, +300 XP, [Faded Ribbon] added to inventory]


[You have leveled up! You are now Lvl 9!]


You grinned, ‘Nice!’


The ribbon flashed and vanished right before your very eyes, and you were quick leave the area, ignoring Flowey’s questioning looks. You actually headed back to the Bake Sale and bought three more Spider Donuts and two more Spider Ciders, stuffing them in your inventory before you continued on your journey.


It didn’t take long to reach the next puzzle room, and this one was just annoying to get through because there were four of them. Besides that, you wouldn’t read the inscriptions on the wall, needing Flowey to read them for you (you rationalized to ask him to teach you later), so it took longer than it should to get through, and that was excluding all the FIGHTs with other monsters you had to get through as well.


Sure, you got another forty-something gold, but that was the only good thing that came out of it.


Finally, after what seemed like forever, you reached two pathways. The left would lead you to Toriel’s house, and going straight would lead you to the Toy Knife, which you needed to get first, so that’s what you did. You passed a Froggit who told you that they saw Toriel coming home with a bag of groceries, and walked through the archway, staring in awe at the sight that greeted you.


In the game, you thought the Ruins city looked gorgeous, but the graphics couldn’t even hold a candle to this .


Buildings from as far as the eye could see greeted you, each one a rich violet with some, mostly shops, having more of a indigo color lined with yellow tile. The ceiling had gemstones (your [Scan] told you they had sapphires, opals, rubies, emeralds, diamonds, and quartz) dotting the entire surface, leaving any artificial light gleaming off the gems, giving the city a beautiful and unworldly glow.


“It’s pretty, ain’t it?” You breathed, eyes wide with amazement.


Your companion merely watched with glistening eyes, a soft, yet sad, smile lighting up his face, “Yeah. Yeah it is.”


You and Flowey stared out into the beautiful setting for a little while longer until you noted a knife (not really sharp, and seemed to have a rubber blade) sitting only meters away from you, just barely at the edge of the balcony. Moving closer, you reached you and grabbed it, bringing it up to your face to study it.


The grip was a dull cyan color, and the blade was obviously rubber. It wasn’t hollow though, you could feel it; there was something inside it.


“Flowey,” you began, eyes narrowed, “What do you know of the last two fallen humans?”


The monster blinked, taken aback, but still answered you nethertheless, “Uh, well, they were both boys; that I remember vividly. The first kid wore a cowboy-like outfit; hat, gun, boots, all of it! He was actually the first one I helped, and he fell not too far from waterfall. Apparently he slipped and fell into a stream, and I fished him out. His name was… Clover, I think it was? Sorry, it’s been a while,” he explained, grinning sheepishly at the last bit.


You nodded, urging him to continue.


“The second boy is who I remember a lot more about, since he was pretty recent; maybe five or six years? We talked a lot when he first fell. He told me his parents were really mean, but I could read between the lines; they were abusive, I could see the bruises and the winces when he walked. But he was nice; a little quiet, but nice. He threw himself down here with his only belongings; that knife, and that ribbon you found. Apparently they were gifts from his late sister,” you narrowed your eyes; a child was being abused? Humans truly were the most horrible creatures to ever exist, truly they were.


“When he didn’t die from the impact, he cried . Sobbed and screamed, really. He was so heartbroken , and I ended up having to pull him through a good chunk of the Ruins, where Toriel found us and chased me out. She said she’d protect him, but he died not even three hours later because he was trying to leave her safe little bubble, and she killed him. It was a mistake, but it still happened.”


There was a crisp silence, one where you would process something and mourn, until it was broken by your choked whisper.






“What was his name?”




You smiled, “Then I will make sure that Rigel is not forgotten; not by us, and not by anyone else.”


[You have gained a new Perk after discovering 2 Soul Items!]

[Blissful Memory of a Star’s Patience: You have decided to always remember Rigel, the Patience soul, for what he has done and what he has gone through. You have decided to protect his name and items with your very life. +1 to INT per level; you have been blessed by the Spirit of Patience, use its power wisely. Adds [Patience Strings] to Skill List. ]

Chapter Text

You were quick to pack everything up and head onwards to Toriel’s house, and moved through the hallway up to that tree with the beautiful red leaves (you noted how it was still alive and fresh) where a violet-brick house lay.


It was cute, and homey, but you weren’t about to go barging in on this poor woman’s home screaming; that was just plain rude .


Walking forward, your boots crushing the leaves beneath you, you stopped in front of the house, tilting your head with narrowed eyes.


Now, you didn’t really dislike Toriel, but you did think that abandoning her kingdom in its time of need was stupid, cowardly, and wrong. She could have actually helped the kingdom, and yet she decided to run like an absolute coward . The knowledge that she killed Rigel was just icing on the cake, and your chest burned with pent-up rage.


However, you didn’t act on it; there was no reason too.


Fighting, killing , would not help you in any way, shape or form; only hinder your progress.


And right now, you couldn’t take that chance.


Raising your hand, you knocked softly on the wooden door, waiting for Toriel to come and open it. Luckily, you didn’t have to wait longer than maybe a minute, because the former queen opened the door, staring down at you with the most bewildered look that almost had you cackling (the scrunched up look on her face was just too funny).


You held out a hand, a sneaky grin lightning up your face, “Nice ‘ta meet ‘ya! I’m (Y/N), and this,” you dipped your head over your shoulder, where Flowey was seen hiding as best he could against your body, “is Flowey!”


The much taller monster (seriously, this woman was like, what? 6’3? 6’4?) blinked her cinnamon-red eyes at you, and opened her muzzle to speak, “I’m, ah, Toriel; caretaker of the Ruins.”


Grinning, you nodded up at her, “Good ‘ta meet ‘ya! Flowey here said I should come by and stay with ‘ya after he found me by the flowerbed!” You chirped, slightly swaying side to side. Seeing as the woman still seemed a bit out of it, you discreetly preformed a [Scan] on her to get a gauge on her abilities.


[Scan loading…]


[Scan Complete!]


[Toriel Dreemurr]


[LVL: 48]


[LV: 6]


[HP: 440]


[MP: 31’600]


[ATK: 80]


[DEF: 80]


[*The Runaway Queen of the Underground]


[*Feels confused]


[*Severely depressed]


[*She just wants her children back.]


You found it interesting (and, honestly, it shouldn’t have come off as a surprise but it did) that she had depression. You also noted that her just over half of your own, meaning she can take a hit, but her attack and defense were abnormally high, even for a boss monster.


Then again, if you remembered correctly, her and Asgore had the same stats, but their HP was vastly different. Asgore’s was, what, 3’500? That was a little under eight times as much as Toriel’s!


Then again, HP for them meant HoPe; if Toriel was depressed, then it was no wonder that her HP was so much lower than her husband’s. Maybe you should stay with her and raise her HP a bit…


You were snapped out of your musings by Toriel moving out of the way, a tired smile making its way onto her muzzle, “Ah, well, you mustn’t stand out here! Please, come inside!” Gesturing you to step in, you did so and blinked at how large the house was. Well, maybe “large” wasn’t the right word; it was more so how tall the interior seemed to be, though with Toriel living her comfortably, maybe it was for the best to be so.


You glanced at the monster out of the corner of your eye, “Should I… take my shoes off by the door or…?” You purposely trailed off.


Flowey merely watched your interactions, never saying anything, but he certainly seemed amused by the two of you.


The goat blinked her eyes owlishly at you for a minute before face-palming, “Ah, of course, human customs!” She muttered, grumbling, but then brightened into a beaming smile, “Sure, leave your shoes at the door dear! I’m sure navigating the entire Ruins must have put quite a strain on your feet!”


You nodded, and slipped off your boots, sighing when your feet met the cool polished wood beneath you, “Yeah, it was quite tiring. Some of those puzzles were annoying though,” you grumbled, stuffing your hands into your dress pockets, “Like that ‘floor breaks when you step on the wrong tile’? Yeah, that one I hated most, but otherwise navigating through here wasn’t too bad; I at least had a guide to help me.”


You jabbed a finger to Flowey, who grinned sheepishly and waved a leaf, “H-Howdy Mrs. Toriel!”


Toriel stared for a moment before smiling, “Well, thank you for helping them Flowey; that was very kind of you to do!” Reaching out, she pet his petals and moved into the dining room, leaving you with an astonished buttercup.


You glance up at the flower, radianting a smug aura, “ Told ‘ya she wouldn’t hate ‘ya!”


Flowey pouted, cheeks lighting up into a pastel pink, “Shut up.”


You were happy to note that there was no real bite in his tone; it was more so fond exasperation.


You liked it.


Slipping into the dining room after Toriel, you blinked in surprise to see her placing down a cake holder, with what smelt like-




Oh fuck you really hope that’s what you think it is.


[Scan] .’


[Butterscotch Pie]  - Rank: C (Uncommon) - Consumable

[Butterscotch-cinnamon pie; floods your mouth with flavor and is one of the most delicious things that you’ll ever taste.]


[Effects: Heals all HP and EP, no matter the amount]


Fuck yes .


Skipping over, you tap the woman on the shoulder, catching her attention, “Would you like me to help you set the table?” You inquire, a smile pulling at the edge of your lips.


Toriel copied your smile and nodded, pointing to the kitchen, “Plates are on the far right cabinet.”


You nodded and made your way into the kitchen, opening the bottom cabinet to see a stack of pristine plates. Taking three, you closed the door and glance down at the beautiful glass, only to freeze when you see your reflection.








It was how you customized yourself, no doubt, but…


But you were a child .


A chubby cheek, shiny-eyed, gap-toothed child .


Dear lord , you couldn’t be older than seven, and if you weren’t, then you were irrationally short.


‘Menu, oh god, open menu and status!’ You bit your lip and watched as everything turned gray, time completely stopping only to show that common periwinkle window screen.


[Name: (Y/N) (L/N)]

[Title: Their Last Hope]

[Sub-Title: N/A]

[Age: 5]

[LVL: 9 (200/900)]

[LV: 0]

[HP: 750/750]

[EP: 2’500/2’500]


[SOUL: Purple (Perseverance), Green Outline (Kindness)]


[HP REGEN: +30 HP every five minutes]

[ENERGY REGEN: +30 EP per half hour]

[ENERGY RESIST: +3% resistance to Energy]



[Wind - 4.5%]


[STR: 10 (-3)]

[END: 15]

[DEX: 10]

[AGI: 15]

[INT: 16 (+5)]

[CHA: 19 (+15)]

[LUK: 20]

[Stat Points: 65]

[Money: $0]

[Gold: 176]

[Perk Points: 0]

[Ability Token: 0]

[Lucky Coins: 16]

[Skill Points: 90]


You were five.


Five .


Jesus christ, what the fuck ?


Taking a deep breath, you decide it might be about time to distribute some of your stat points; but only twenty! You could always use those other 45 as an extra boost if you’re in a pickle.


Sighing, you place five in AGI, END, INT and LUK each; might as well make your build a paladin or battlemage.


Deciding it might be a good idea to check your skills too, you head over to your Skills menu and are not surprised at how empty it is.


[[Gamer’s Mind] (Passive) Lv. MAX: [Gamer's Mind] is one of the skills of (Y/N) (L/N) granted to her by her Gamer ability. [Gamer's Mind] is a skill that already obtained and maxed since Gamer ability starting to develop. Allows the user to calmly and logically think things through. Immunity to psychological status effect (confusion, panic, rage, fear, trauma, etc.) ]


[[Gamer’s Body] (Passive) Lv. MAX: [Gamer's Body] is one of the skills of (Y/N) (L/N) granted to her by her Gamer ability. [Gamer's Body] is a skill that already obtained and maxed since Gamer ability starting to develop. Grants a body that allows for the user to live the real world like a game. (She receives no physical damage from attacks only pain for a few seconds and a loss of HP). Depleting MP down to 0 results in Fatigue. Depleting HP down to 0 results in a loss of consciousness. After sleep in a bed he restores HP, MP, stamina and all status effects. Can take physical damage when HP is below half, though the pain of those injuries are severely numbed. ]


[[Bullshitting] Lv. 1: Your ability to bull your way out or in a situation! ]

[ Effect: +5%+[LUK] chance of working. ]

[ Effect 2: -15% chance if the bull lie is just stupid or unorthodox ]


[[Patience Strings] Lv. 1: The strings used only by those of the Patience-Souled Mages; these strings stick onto it’s objective until they’re broken or until you will them to release. Currently, at this level, you can only make 2 strings. ]


Okay, yeah, your menu was ridiculously empty. Now that you think about it though, don’t you have a skill book in your inventory?


Opening your inventory, you were ecstatic to learn that yes , you did have a skill book, but it was one that would give you a random skill, and you prayed your luck would hold out that it would be something useful and offensive or defensive for battle.


Breathing in, you place the plates down on the counter and hold the thick book in your tiny hands, letting the screen window appear in front of you again to see what the skill actually was.


[You have obtained the Skill Book [And They Walked]!]


[This Skill Book has the two skills [Danger Sense] and [Cure]. Are you sure you want to learn these skills?]


Y / N


You grinned; it maybe not have been what you were looking for, but anything that can heal somebody is a damn good skill! And Danger Sense seems like it will be incredibly useful to you once you level it up; but then again, you have skill points, you can just put a bunch in it and it’d be just dandy .


You tapped yes and waited for the skills to appear.


You didn’t have to wait long.


[[CURE] Lv. 1: You can cure or heal little bruises and restore 5 HP every ten minutes. ]

[ Uses 5 EP per sec ]


[[Danger Sense] Lv. 1: You can sense the ill intentions of those that are directed towards you. ]

[ +.5% chance of finding the originating source. ]


Grinning to yourself, you cackled evilly (oh, it would take all of your MP to cast Cure, but again; skill points. Oh you were so placing like twenty points in that skill) and started distributing points.


Cure got 20, Danger Sense got 10, Patience Strings got 15, and Bullshitting got 5; meaning you wasted over half of your skill points but it was fine; you still had forty left, but you’d keep them for later. Besides, you seemed to get ten skill and five stat points per level, which means they were going to get progressively rarer as time goes on, and Quests and XP was rare, which meant that you were going to have to be careful with your gatherings.


Still, while your “game” was still paused, it might be a good idea to waste a couple of those Lucky Coins to get some items; you just hoped your luck would hold out.


Taking seven of the coins (you snickered when you noticed that you were back to your original number of seventeen) from your inventory, leaving you with only ten, you began to flip them one by one.


[Common Prize!]


[Mini Energy Juice] x 6 - Rank: D (Common) - Consumable

[While food can most certainly heal you and restore lost energy, sometimes you gotta stick to something else to get the job done quicker. This item is useful to use in a pinch, and restores +200 EP per bottle]


[Effects: Restores +200 EP]


You blinked and held up the case, studying it.


It pretty much a version of the health juice, but instead of being pink and red, it was blue and purple. On the front of each bottle was a few blueberries and grapes replacing the strawberry, leading you to believe that the drink itself was blueberry and grape flavored. But you were going to save these; EP was extremely hard to recover due to how horrible your regeneration time was.


Currently, the only items that regenerated EP were the Glazed Spider Donut and Cherry Spider Cider, which generated 50 and 100 energy respectively. If you stayed in the Ruins for a long time, then it was probable that those were going to be your go-to items since they could be bought in bulk with enough gold.


Shaking your head, you flipped your second coin.


[Rare Prize!]


[Money Purse of Infinity]  - Rank: B (Rare) - Indestructible

[The Money Purse of Infinity is an enchanted money pouch, used to hold a, well, infinite amount of money! It can also be used to hold cards and pictures, as well as small items like a phone. There’s even some gold inside, isn’t that nice?]


[Effects: Purse holds infinite amount of money, and is kept light as a feather even when holding enough to form a mountain.]


[Currently Inside: 350 G]


Well this will help your money issues, especially around people if you need to take out money like in a store or something.


‘Plus,’ you thought, staring at the violet purse that had two kitty ears and the infinite sign as its eyes, ‘It’s kinda cute, and totally something that a child would have.’


Deciding to place it in your inventory for now, you flip the next coin, only to have it vanish and a fortune wheel appear in front of you.


[Epic Prize!]


[Fortune Wheel] - Rank: A (Epic) - Indefinite

[It’s time to spin little girl! Every month, this wheel will appear and by spinning it, you get a prize that only it can provide! Be it money, legendary weapons, or a new companion; you can get it here!]


[Current Spin: 1]


Shrugging, you spin the wheel, watching the array of colors flash before your very eyes until it landed on one that was yellow. The wheel banished and was then replaced by a periwinkle screen, signaling your gift.


[You have won +5’000 GOLD!]

[Item: 5’000 G]


[See you next month!]


Now it was official, you legit didn’t have to worry about gold anymore. Hell, you probably had more than most monsters in the underground!


So, for now, you were set.


But, to be honest, you already knew where you going to spend most of this gold.


You started flipped your fourth coin, watching it vanish and in its place lied a… silver disk?


You blinked, studying the disk, but finding nothing out of the ordinary with it; it didn’t have any writing, so you didn’t know if it had a movie on it or not. Or maybe it was a game? It’d be stupid to get a game disk with no console though…


Sighing, you tapped your round violet-framed glasses, using [Scan] so see what the disk was.


[Uncommon Prize!]


[TM54]  - Rank: C (Uncommon) - Consumable???

[A disk well known in the PokeVerse that is used to each Pokemon new moves, and now with your abilities, you can use them too! This disk has the move [False Swipe] logged on it’s hard drive.]


[Effects: Teaches [False Swipe] when used.]


Your jaw might as well as dropped to the floor; you could use items for other multiverses and worlds?! No wait, scratch that, you could learn Pokemon Moves ?! Granted, False Swipe wasn’t that good of a move unless you were specifically hunting for shinies or legendaries and wanted them as catchable as possible, but still; this was insane !


Quickly absorbing the disk, which vanished soon after its use, you were stupidly happy to note that you did learn the attack after a pop-up confirmed it.


You quickly flipped your fifth coin, absolutely giddy at having gained another skill to use as you pleased, and earned yourself another pack of those mini Health Juices, though you certainly weren’t going to complain.


Coin six was an entire butterscotch pie (you giggled a bit at the irony), which you quickly threw in your inventory for later use incase you got into a huge fight with a monster, or human, both were surprisingly probable.


With your last coin you had in your hand, you prayed, and prayed, and prayed , for a good item that could severely help you. And with that prayer, you flipped the coin.


You weren’t disappointed.


[Uncommon Prize!]


[TM35]  - Rank: C (Uncommon) - Consumable???

[A disk well known in the PokeVerse that is used to each Pokemon new moves, and now with your abilities, you can use them too! This disk has the move [Flamethrower] logged on it’s hard drive.]


[Effects: Teaches [Flamethrower] when used.]


Your face brightened considerably, and you were lightning-quick to absorb the skill, squealing when it showed up in your skills tab. With no more coins on hand, you picked up the plates again and resumed your ‘game’, skipping to the kitchen with a merry hum.


You placed the three plates down and grinned up at the much taller woman (no wonder she towered over you; you were a child ) who replied with her own sugary smile. She set the plates, having already gotten the forks, and let you sit down while she placed some of the pie slices on the beautiful dishware.


“So,” Toriel began, sliding a plate towards Flowey, who started to eat with vigor, “Where are you from, my child?”


You were going to be honest, but tread carefully with this question.


Opening your mouth, you began to explain, “I grew up in a small-time city; nothing like new york or manhattan, but it was still larger than a village and had things like subways to take us from point A to point B when needed.” Picking up the fork from the plate she slid to you, you gave her a grateful nod and tried a bite of the pie, having to stop yourself from groaning at the taste. Swallowing, you gave a thumbs up and continued, “Mom and dad had a pretty toxic relationship, and were in the middle of a divorce when I fell. They… well, saying they were manipulative with my feelings is putting it nicely. Can’t say I’ll miss them though; they aren’t the best of people.” You mused, munching on a piece of the pie thoughtfully.


“You said ‘were’ and ‘had’,” Toriel noted, “Like you are using past tense. Why?”


“I can’t find it in me to love them anymore,” your statement was just that; a statement.


A fact.


“They broke that relationship years ago from a one-night stand, and I was the product. Unfortunately, they had to get married because of me, and have hated each other ever since. They don’t care about me, and I don’t care about them; simple as that.” Your eyes were cold and unforgiving; much like a snowstorm.


You shook your head, a frown marrying your lips, “I just… can’t find it in myself to believe in them anymore…” Not giving in, you continued, “The surface isn’t a good place Mrs. Toriel; not in the slightest. Humanity is cruel and unforgiving, and if monsters were to ever get to the surface, then it is likely that they’d be discriminated against and maybe even tried through slavery.”


Finishing up, you placed the final nail in the coffin, “Humanity are the true monsters, and it would just be better if they disappeared forever.”


There was a daunting silence, one which you ignored as best as you possibly could.


You just threw all of your emotional baggage at the woman, with no warning whatsoever, and that was probably the worst possible decision you could have made at that very moment.


But, alas, you didn’t have a time machine, so you just would have to keep pressing forward.


So deep in thought, you didn’t notice a chair scratch against the floor, nor the soft padding of feet coming towards you. What you noticed, however, was the warmth of the embrace that Toriel was currently giving you, petting your head and cooing into your ear on how everything would be alright.


How she would help you…


How she could be the mother you never had.


And just like that, a dam broke and you were left sobbing in the monster’s warm embrace as you thumped your hand against her chest, hiccuping on how it wasn’t fair that you didn’t get any love from your family; how they broke you before you could even start living .


It wasn’t fair .


And you hated them for it.


But maybe Toriel can help you as much as you can help her…




It took almost twenty minutes for you to stop crying, and by then, your throat was sore and scratching, and it hurt to blink with your puffy red eyes.


But, surprisingly, your chest felt lighter, like a harsh weight was just lifted off your shoulders. And with Toriel’s arms still wrapped around your tiny frame, you felt… safe , and loved too.


It felt nice; it really did.

Pulling away, you wiped your eyes, ignoring the worried looks from the goat and flower monsters. Once your eyes felt a little better, and there were no more tear-tracks on your face, you glance up at the woman and ask in the smallest voice you’ve ever heard yourself have-


“Mama, can I… stay here?”


The ‘mama’ part slipped out by complete accident, but by the exhilibrated look on the former queen’s face, you found you couldn’t care whether or not it was an accident; as long as Toriel was happy, you were happy.


The smile on Toriel’s muzzle, as well as the aura around her, was motherly enough for you to snuggle up against her, barely hearing her whisper of “Of course my child.”


You yawned, suddenly much more sleepy than you were prior, and pointed towards Flowey, a drowsy but determined light in your eyes, “Can Flowey join us?”


The goat monster glanced at the flower, still smiling, “I don’t see why not.”


Cradling your body to her chest, Toriel held a hand out to Flowey, whose vines shakingly wrapped around the appendage, and hauled the both of you to your new room, where you were lied down on the bed with Flowey on the desk.


You could hear the two whispering, but were too tired to care what they were talking about, instead opting to snuggle into the comforter and get comfy, drifting off into the bliss that was the realm of dreams.


Tiredly, you wondered how your time living with Toriel and Flowey was going to be like.


‘Oh well,’ you thought, blinking sleepily, ‘It’ll probably be good for all three of us…’


And just like that, you were out like a light.

Chapter Text


[Three Years Later]

The house was quiet, with only the shuffling of the blinds to create any noise. The rooms were spotless, and there were some scorch marks were and there, but otherwise the building was in pristine condition.


There was were some muffled ruffling, and a scream of laughter as a blur ran out of the hallway into the family room, showing an 8-year old child, you , having the time of your life while carrying a oversized plastic sword. Wrapped around your shoulders were your white sheets, and atop your head was Toriel’s old crown.


“You’ll never defeat me!” You called, laughing heartily as you swung the plastic weapon.


Jumping out from behind the corner, Toriel let out a roar, stomping her feet, “We’ll see about that, my child!” She cackled, chasing after the human who promptly squealed and bolted, zipping around the table and sliding out beneath Toriel’s legs, leaving her to let out a halloring laugh at the tyke’s, admittedly, impressive move.


This continued on, with the two “fighting”, until you finally stood over your mother’s downed body, heaving the sword up, “I win!” You crowed, only to squeak when Toriel grabs you by your leg, bringing you down to the floor, and starts to tickle you, leaving the child to squeal out laughter.


“N-Not fair mama!” You gasped, heaving in breaths of air into your abused lungs.


Toriel chuckled and hauled you to your feet, brushing off your costume, “I know dear, but I need to start lunch soon, and we need more groceries for dinner!” She explained, patting your head, “Can you go out and get some? The list is on the table if you decide to do so.”


You blinked before saluting, a cheeky grin on your face, “Yes mama!”


Smiling, Toriel shooed you off, telling you to change into something appropriate before she herself moved into the kitchen to make lunch. Inside the dining room, Flowey watched from one of his pots with an amused expression, munching on some monster candy that was lying on the table.


You dashed to your room and threw open your closet, which had an array of outfits waiting for you to wear. Seeing as your mother’s idea of “appropriate” was something slightly dressy, you pulled out a violet knee-high dress with white stitching and collar, black tights, and violet slip-ons that had little white bows along the edges. Adding onto it, you pulled out a black headband with a collection of stitched-on golden flowers and stuck it in your head, pushing your bangs back while also letting the rest of your hair flow down the small of your back.


Stepping to your full-view mirror to study how you looked, you gave a nod, and pulled your infinity purse from out your inventory, slinging it across your side while also slipping on your two enchanted rings.


Both rings actually came from the Fortune Wheel, with the first being the Ring of Protection that was a crisp silver color that held a dragon’s mouth open wide were the enchanted sapphire sat, while the other was classes as the Ring of Regeneration; the ring itself being a rose-gold with garnet and rubies encrusted into the ring. The most prominent thing about it though was the four-star shaped ruby that helped you regenerate much quicker than most would realize. In an half hour, you would be regenerating 316 EP and 312 HP, which meant you were regenerating about 11 or 12 of each every minute. The other ring however used green magic to create a shield that would protect you from most magical attacks, and you could change the shape from being only shaped like an actual shield, to being a huge bubble that consumed your entire person.


So, with how useful they were, you always carried them on your person, seeing as it was an extra measure to making sure that you don’t die.


Sure, you could save and load, but you’d rather not feel the cold embrace of death ever again.


Sighing, you stepped out the room and into the hallway, speed-walking to the dining room, where you said your goodbyes to Flowey and Toriel, telling them you’d be back in an hour or so.


Stepping out into the open, you glanced at the Save Star that gleamed right by the entrance, and held your hand up to it, watching the world gray out of the corner of your eye.


[Living in such a homey atmosphere restores your PERSEVERANCE, and you tread on.]


[Y/N     LVL 17        3:36:02:17:51]

[Ruins     - Home]


[File 2 Saved]


You made it a point to constantly change save files between 1 and 2, and make sure to save every three days at least.


Pulling away from the star, watching it decrease to a small twinkle rather than the beaming light it’d been before, you made your way down the lane and then took a left to where that balcony was, where you later learned a staircase sat so that one can get down to the market when needed.


And previously when you said the Ruins seemed much bigger than in-game, you meant it, and were completely right in that fact.


The ruins itself might as well have been its very own civilization, because there were hundreds of monsters living there. Only so many of them lived on the ground floor, like Toriel, but those that didn’t thrived in the deeper aspects of the village. While only so many lived on the ground floor, there were hundreds living around the market and such.


Sliding down the rail of the staircase, you slowed just enough and jumped off, waving cheerfully at the tall male rabbit-like monster, who nodded stiffly in your direction. That was Marlo C, a security guard that patrolled the Ruins and helped everyone in need. What did his last name stand for? You had no clue, but you do know that he maybe seem like a hardass, but he’s just trying to do his job and is actually a very kind man.


His wife, Donna C., is the resident saleswoman that just about everyone adores; plus, she always has the best deals for you and Toriel since apparently the two grew up together, so there was that too. The two had twin daughters who were currently teens (you were a bit surprised to learn that the two would go to become the shop and inn keeper of Snowdin) and seemed to be troublemakers at their finest.


Honestly, you quite liked them; they knew how to have fun.


Skipping along the sidewalk, you glanced at the yellow paper in your hand that had a list of scribbled on items in bold black.


  • Butterscotch (5 jars)
  • Cinnamon (2 jars)
  • 10 Red Apples
  • 5 Pears
  • 5 Peaches
  • 15 Oranges
  • 2 Green Bananas
  • 20 Tomatoes
  • A bag of baby Carrots
  • A bag of salad leaves
  • Sliced Cheese
  • 2 Pounds of Ground Beef
  • 2 Jugs of Fresh Milk
  • 3 Jumbo Chocolate Bars
  • 2 Loaves of Bread (wheat)
  • Carton of Orange or Grape Juice
  • Noodles (3 Packs)
  • Ricotta
  • Parmesan Cheese
  • 2 Bags of Flour
  • 1 Jumbo Box of Butter
  • 3 Dozen Eggs
  • 5 White Gravy Packets
  • Vegetable Oil


You deadpanned at the list, which was just ridiculously long at this point. Thank god for inventory, or else you wouldn’t have been able to carry even half of this, let alone get it up those wretched stairs. Sighing, you shook your head, mumbling on how Toriel is lucky that you love her or else you would have dragged her along with you.


Sometimes, you think that Toriel forgets you’re an actual child , and not the borderline pre-teen you act like 95% of the time. Today was just one of those days where you embraced being a child again instead of hating it with every fiber of your being. The only other reason you liked being a child was because you didn’t have to deal with PMSing for at least another four years, maybe five if you’re lucky.


Hey, maybe you wouldn’t even have to go through it because you were the Gamer!



Yeah, you didn’t believe yourself either.


Shaking your head, having realized you stopped in the middle of the sidewalk, you jogged to reach the market, which honestly wasn’t even that far away. A little over two minutes later, you were standing in front of the bustling supermarket where vendors were screaming their sales to anyone who would listen.


Huffing, you moved away from the noise and deep into the crowd, ignoring the other monsters like they ignored you.


Most monsters in the ruins didn’t care if you were a human or not, and those that did were quickly silenced by their former queen’s icy stare and menacing words.


Almost three years ago, one monster had actually tried to kill you while you, Flowey and Toriel were out shopping, and the monster was beaten to pulp (Toriel) and almost dusted (Flowey) for even trying to do so. You’d actually just forgiven them and decided to showcase your healing abilities, astounding the crowd that you’d gathered at the time. From then on, you were given lessons on being a medic, and monsters usually came to you, asking you to help heal them or someone of their friends or family.


Hell, the Ruins even came up with a little nickname for you after your first couple patients, after they learned that you restored someone’s full HP, and you’d even brought a small child, who had been diagnosed with the ‘Fallen Down’ status, to be completely healed in less than ten minutes.


After that, you were known by the entirety of the Ruins as The Medical Miracle, bring miracles to whomever you heal, thus bringing you to a very high reputation with the population of the Ruins.


No, like, seriously.


Your reputation with the Ruins was at the Honoured status; what the fuck?


Speeding through the crowd, keeping your head down, you finally reached Donna’s booth, where most of the items you needed lied awaiting for your pick-up. The short rabbit was wrapping some steak and, upon noticing who was standing by the gate of her shop, let out a squeal, hoping over the gate to hug the child who was only a little bit smaller than her, “(Y/N)! It’s so good you see ‘ya hun!”


You smiled and patted the bunny’s back, “Hi Mrs. C; how’re Arlene and Claudia?” You ask, causing the woman to bark out a laugh.


“Ah, knowing those lil’ imps, they’re probably vandalizing some poor ‘ol abandoned building with their buds,” She recalled, smiling heartily at the thought of her daughters.


Honestly, you wouldn’t be even the slightest bit surprised if that was exactly what the two were actually doing. They behaved with horrible fury, and you were still skeptical to believe that those twin hellions would come to be the local hostesses to the Snowdin Inn and Shop. Though, despite that, they shared all the looks of the characters, so you would give them the benefit of the doubt, but it was still weird to see two monsters so…


Teenager-ish .


Though, you supposed, hormones got to everyone eventually, be it human or monster.


You rolled your eyes, tone exasperated, “Riiiight.” Glancing at the bunny, you held out your list to her, letting her know to take and review it, “Mama said I need to buy everything on this list and bring it home, so I was wondering if you had these so I can get ‘em.”


Donna rolled her violet eyes and scanned the paper, before quirking an eyebrow at you, “Lemme guess; she forgot you’re actually a mere eight-year old kid with the strength of an average teenager, and seems to think that you’re actually a teen with the strength of Mr. Jenkins?”


You shrugged, “I don’t act my age; what else do you expect?”


Scoffing, she tapped the list, “And ‘ya gonna use your ‘dimensional boxes’, right ?” She asked, narrowing her eyes at you.


[You sense a dangerous presence! 5 feet away!]


Ha, funny story; Donna accidently found out about your inventory when you took out like fifty books and fifteen grocery bags out of thin air, and hounded you to tell her until you snapped. Officially, because of this, you were given a high-grade “dimensional box” (which apparently most monsters use, ain’t that wild?) and that’s how you explained your little inventory feature.


Ironically, Donna is literally the only person that you’ve told; not even Flowey or Toriel know about the infinite space you hold within your power.


Nodding that, yes, you were going to use your ‘dimensional boxes’, Donna let up on the sharp glare she had and instead replaced it with a beaming smile, “That’s good dear! Now, I have most of the fruit, meat, and vegetables as well as some oil and gravy, but the noodles, eggs and dairy you’re gonna have to get yourself at Watson’s.” She stated, frowning a bit before brightening, “But hey, at least you’ll get, like, 85% of what you need here! That’s a good thing, right?”


You winced and gave a shaky thumbs up, finding the woman’s glare to be even scarier than Toriel’s, which was saying something considering the sweet woman could be an absolute demon when provoked enough.


Grinning, the blond-furred rabbit skipped away further into her little shop, throwing in plenty of fruits and vegetables, making sure that they were all fully ripe before placing them in the bag. You only had to stand there awkwardly for about ten minutes before the woman was ringing up all your items, having already placed them into bags.


Donna held out her hand, still grinning that same cheeky grin, “That’ll be 41 G please!”


Reaching into your purse, you started to take out the needed money before pausing, expression confused, “I thought it was 82 G?”


She waved her hand, “Shh, we both know that I give you everything for half-price on your total. Now, 41 G please.”


Rolling your eyes good naturedly, you handed her the appropriate money, shaking hands with the rabbit, “Pleasure doing business with ‘ya Mrs. C!”


Perking up, the monster’s ears twitched slightly as she released her own soft smile, “Fufufufu, same to you darlin’! Now, off with you before Watson’s milk spoils; bleh!”


You giggled, and waved to the bunny, throwing all your bags into your inventory before rushing over to Watson’s, whose shop was sure to be crowded.


And sure enough, it was.


You had to push yourself through more than once, and almost got knocked over a plethora of times, until you finally reached the counter, sighing softly while the store owner, Watson the hyena, heaved a rough-sounding cackle, patting the counter, “What can I get ‘ya today kiddo?” He asked, leaning halfway on the counter and staring down at you, causing you to pout.


“Two jugs of milk, parmesan cheese, sliced cheese, a couple jumbo bars of chocolate, ricotta, three packs of noodles, three dozen eggs, and a jumbo box of butter,” You recited, leaning against the counter and yawning, rubbing your left eye tiredly.


God, sometimes you hated being an night owl.


The hyena-like monster grinned, using his magic to levitated the needed ingredients, tapping you on your nose when you moved to stare up at him, blinking at the yellow aura surrounding the items.


Sometimes you forgot that monsters had magic; they never seemed to use it, so you never really saw it much except for Flowey’s, who only really used it to make sure that the golden flowers at the cave’s entrance never died; apparently, they were his best friend’s favorite flower before they died.


Of course, you knew he was talking about Chara, but never pried because, honestly? It wasn’t your business; if he wanted to keep most of it a secret, well, you would respect his privacy.


Shaking your head, you watched as the monster rung the items up and handed Watson the fifteen coins needed, ignoring his attempts at trying to return seven of the coins.


You glance at him and shrug, rolling your shoulders, “Just take the G dude; I’ve got plenty, and I surely ain’t runnin’ out anytime soon.”

Seeing as you wouldn’t budge, the store owner reluctantly took the gold, and you continued on your way, throwing all the bags into your inventory for later.


Because, right now? You had a library to raid.


Speeding down the sidewalk, you didn’t even blink as you weaved through the crowds, breaking off to run through certain alleyways to get to the bookstore faster. Sure, you could have walked, but you were kinda on the time limit; Toriel said to be back home by 12:30, and it was 11:58 now, meaning you had to hurry if you wanted to get there on time and eat lunch.


If there was one thing that Toriel didn’t tolerate in the house, it was punctuality. Either be on time, or no pie and you’re grounded.


You learnt that the hard way.


Sighing when you reached the tiny orange and yellow-tiled building (honestly, it stuck out like a sore-thumb to the rest of the Ruins), you sped through the door, squeaking out a call of ‘Hello’ to the librarian who blinked owlishly at the blur running around her store.


Something you’d learnt early on upon living in the Ruins, was that books were much more expensive than food; the average book costs 20 G, and that’s for a fucking child’s storybook , not the novels that you usually gathered.


And you went for almost any book too, as apparently reading a book and completely understanding its premise would give you both XP and a random skill if one was used in the book. Sometimes, you’d even get special items too, but those were few and far inbetween.


Grabbing ‘Legend’, ‘Prodigy’, ‘Champion’, ‘Bloody Red Riding Hood’, ‘Dorothy Must Die’, and ‘The Little Wolf Cried’, you placed them on the counter and waited, vibrating in place. The librarian kind of just stared at you for a minute, weirded out of her mind before sighing and ringing the items up, bringing out her paw, “That’ll be 200 G please.” She drawled, obviously not expecting you to be able to pay for it.


You grinned, pulling out the required about and handing it to the puppy-like monster. Placing the books into a bag, you waved to the monster and skipped out of the store, humming merrily, ignoring some of the stares you got for your efforts.


You knew that you probably shouldn’t be spending so much money, but personally, you didn’t care. You had “lotteries” that gave you most of your money anyway, so it wasn’t like it really mattered in the long-run; as long as you have enough to sponsor your family, you think you’ll be fine.


Taking a chance to glance up at the way too tall staircase, you instead decided to try to take a shortcut through one of the alleyways, seeing as they too could reach the upper-floor to the Ruins; it’d just be farther from your house.


You sped through the alley, taking in its sights, when your [Danger Sense] suddenly activated, causing you to hurl yourself to the left as something smashed into the spot you were standing just moments before.


Glancing around you, you grumbled upon seeing five monsters ganging up on you.


Unfortunately, it seems that it would be a while until you got home.


You frowned, ‘Sorry mama.’


Peeking at the monsters surrounding you, you almost groan upon seeing who they actually were.


[Royal Guardsman Recruit]

[Danny W.]

[Lvl 22]

[HP: 480/480]


[Royal Guardsman Recruit]

[Quinnie R.]

[Lvl 19]

[HP: 500/500]


[Cadet Royal Guardsman]

[Owen H.]

[Lvl 25]

[HP: 450/450]


[Royal Guardsman Recruit]

[Finn A.]

[Lvl 20]

[HP: 320/320]


[Second Lieutenant Royal Guardsman]

[Elsie J.]

[Lvl 33]

[HP: 650/650]


The lieutenant was a pastel green alligator-like monster, kinda like Bratty, and had a tuff of rich blond hair sitting along her shoulders, and a smirk along her muzzle.


She was tall, you noted, standing at about 5’7, and a quick [Scan] told you that she was at LV 4 with high EXP, meaning she’s killed plenty of people (monsters, maybe some humans too?). You wondered why there were here until you abruptly remembered that, oh yeah, you were human.


And the Royal Guard killed humans.


So, in the moment, you only had one thing to say.


“Aw shit.”

Chapter Text


“Aw shit.”


One of the recruits (wow, you already forgot their names; that’s how unimportant they are) chuckled and gestured all around them, “Hey kid, make this easy for yourself and just give up. You’re surrounded, with no way out against five trained monsters; so just do everyone in the underground a favor, and give up your soul.” He snarled, glancing at his smug teammates.


They all snickered to themselves, save for the lieutenant, who merely narrowed her eyes at you; you noted she seemed more curious than anything else.


You internally groaned; these assholes were keeping you away from mama!


And nobody would keep you from your mama.


Subtle in reaching into your inventory, you pulled out [Blizzard’s Breeze] and waited for a second, acting like the scared human child they most likely deemed you as, then swung the fan as hard as possible, releasing a blast of frigid wind onto the guardsmen.


The recruits shivered and curled in on themselves, whining as frost appeared on their fingers and ears, while the cadet and lieutenant gave a small shiver, but didn’t appear too affected by your attack. Running at one of the recruits, the one with the 480 HP, you placed your hand on their arm and flipped yourself over their shoulder, activating [Flamethrower] at the same moment.


[-450 HP!]


Their scream of agony was haunting, but you pressed on, ignoring the rise of your LV and the burning ash-like smell that caked the alley.


Pooling a large sum of mana into the soles of your feet ( [-300 EP!] ), you pushed yourself up and jumped , sending yourself right into the air from the force. Grabbing onto one of the pipes, you hauled yourself onto the roof and fucking bolted .


You heard a faint curse and the rapid pattering of feet, but merely continued on your path while hopping from building to building, acting much like a rabbit running from a fox.





Leaping to the left, a fireball just barely passed by your knee, and you could certainly feeling the blistering heat from it skim you.


You harshly landed, skidding against the ground, hissing when your back smashed against one of the roof pipes, and winced at the pain throbbing in your leg. It was dull, but due to the fact that you haven’t had an actual injury or felt pain in so many years, it felt so much worse.


Glancing down at your leg, you wince upon sighting the dark scorch mark littering its surface; it certainly wasn’t pretty. The little boils starting to pop up against the scorched skin made it look rather ugly, actually, and you immediately wanted to cover it up and just forever ignore it.


“Dammit,” you hissed, slowly pushing yourself up, only to be smashed down to the ground, losing 200 HP immediately.


So far, you’ve lost 550 HP.


Wonderful .


Cracking open an eye, you trail your gaze from the pristine-looking boot, to the stocky legs, to the chest, and all the way to the face of Elsie, who grinned sharply down at you, twisting her foot into your sternum, electing a gasp of pain from you.


[-25 HP!]


“‘Ya know,” the alligator drawled, leaning on one foot, staring down at you, “I usually wanna to give any humans I meet a pretty quick death; last two were kids, so what’s stopping from another brat popping down here? Besides, I maybe haven’t really killed much down here, but I did fight in the war ‘ya know.” She explained, curly strands hanging in her eyes as she tilted her head to the right.


“But you?”


And just like that, the agonizing pain of her boot pushing into your chest flared up again, tearing a scream from you. Elsie’s eyes were sharp, and a roaring flame waiting to be unleashed upon some helpless grass.


You won’t get that pleasure.


Feeling, for the first time in a long time, panic swell up in your horribly aching chest, and you did the dumbest, yet smartest, thing you could have done.




The alligator blinked her pink irises, and opened her maw to question you when she suddenly froze, her muscles constricting as the world around her vanished.


The world was quickly sucked of its color, only with yourself remaining. That beautiful periwinkle screen popped up again, and you willed it to open status, checking your stat points.


You had 85.


You glance up at the window, eyes pleading, “System, please place thirty points to endurance, fifteen to strength, twenty-six to agility, five to luck, and the last nine to intelligence.”


The numbers, upon hearing your request, were quick to change, and you were finally back down to zero stat points. The screen then showed your changed HP and EP.


[HP and EP updated and restored!]


[HP: 6’100/6’100]

[EP: 6’650/6’650]


Seeing as those numbers were high enough that you could sustain large amounts of damage and still come out alive (probably), you moved onto your skills.


“System, place 39 skill points into Physical Endurance, 25 in Fireball, 34 in Hex and the last 22 to Cure!”


Those numerals changed too, becoming level 50, 40, 35 and 60 respectively.


Hitting ‘Accept’ to all the numeral changes, you were assaulted by two new seperate screens.


[Due to raising your END to 50 or above, you have gained a new Perk!]


[Down But Not Out (Tier MAX): Gives you a “second wind” and doubles all your stats, giving you a taste of true power. A finisher skill, but realize that you'll pass out after this perk is used. Automatically unlocked when host is under 20% of max HP. Triples END and EP capacity. ]


[Due to raising your AGI to 50 or above, you have gained a new Perk!]


[Fast Striker (Tier MAX): Get tired easily and can’t hit as hard? No worries! Your attacks, with the Fast Striker perk, will demand 30% less EP! Passively increases AGI by +2 every level. ]


Oh hell yes !


Raising your hand, you slid the boxes away and resumed your game, grinning to yourself as the world returned to its former scene, of you under the crocodile-like monster who still stared at you confused. Reaching up, you laced your fingers against her leather-covered ankle and set it on fire .


[-225 HP Dealt!]


Elsie hissed and pain, raising her foot to stomp on you again onto to get met with a fireball being shot against her chest ( [-800 Damage dealt!] ), causing her to let out a roar of pain before she turned to dust, the remaining particles scattering into the wind.


You glared at the remains, hissing, and honestly didn’t feel too bad about killing her; she tried to kill you, so it was only fair that she got dusted.


You felt a little bad for leaving Bratty alone, but nothing more than that.


Besides, you had other fish to fry.


[You have killed one of the fifteen Lieutenants of the Royal Guard!]

[Rewards: +2’500 XP, Crocodile Scales, Royal Guard Armor (Rare Quality), +15 Stat Points, +15’000 G]


You frowned at the message and shooed it away, glancing at the other monsters who were finally reaching the roof, all four of them barring their teeth. It was only when the cadet glanced at the minor amount of dust on the ground as well as the clothing did they let out a howl of despair and attack with everything they had.


You swung to the side, kicking them away, dealing 25 HP, then jumping away from the other mass of bodies.


You glared, hissing at them, “‘Ya know, I wouldn’t wanna dust you guys if I knew you wouldn’t report me to the king, but I know for a fact that you will, so I guess I won’t feel too bad.”


One of the recruits growled, “You’re human, of course you’re here to kill us!” They called.


You glance at them and scoff, “Please, don’t you remember when the King and Queen adopted that human child? The prince, Asriel, absorbed their soul after they died and bypassed the barrier! Asgore could have passed the barrier with the first soul he obtained, let alone the second. So what’s stopping him?” You ask, kicking away another one of the recruits, causing them to backpedal enough that they hit the edge of the roof and fell, screaming.


You ignored the sick crunch that followed seconds later, as the well as the message that followed, instead focusing on fighting.


“He wants to break the barrier!” The cadet screamed, slashing at you with his claws.


You just noticed that he seemed to be a wolf monster and couldn’t help but let out a laugh of pity.


“Fool, he could have easily gotten six more humans from the surface and broken the barrier then and there! No, Asgore is scared ,” your words held merit, not that these monsters knew that.


Asgore, in his own way, was indeed a coward, but so was Toriel.


Both of them made plenty of mistakes, and it was honestly a bit amusing to see them playing out.


Another one of the recruits screamed and rushed at you, only to get hit by HEX and trip over their own feet, hitting the edge of the rooftop. You were quick to appear behind them and kick them down.


Goodness, you’ve never felt so alive before!


You’ve never felt so horrible either.


Swinging to the side, you dodged a sword that was coming for your head, and kicked the last recruit, your leg engulfed in flames, dealing 400 DMG.


The poor monster turned to dust only moments after.


Raising to a straight position, you glared hotly at the Royal Cadet, who returned your gaze twice as furious.


“Our king is not a coward!” He hissed, flexing his paws.


You snorted at that; the king wasn’t a coward? Oh no, he most certainly was such a coward.


“I disagree,” You mumble, brushing your hair out of your face, “Asgore is a coward; he doesn’t wanna die to the humans despite how many of your numbers were lost in the war. I mean, look at the skeleton tribe; they are almost completely wiped out! Your king…”


You flex your hand and raise it, forming a crackling fireball in your palm, its flames furious in its intensity.


“... Knew he wouldn’t have been able to win against seven billion humans , which, while smart, is still cowardly in the eyes of the people.”


The wolf howled furiously and scampered towards you, green eyes alight with hatred at your very being. And being so furious and induced in his own befuddled rage, he made one fatal mistake.


You were still holding that fireball.


Once he was close enough, you spun and slammed the fireball into his back, grinning slightly to yourself as he yelped in pain.


[-1’200 DMG Dealt!]

[Enemy’s spine has been broken, -10’000 HP!]


Falling to the ground, the monster glared up at you one last time, slowly turning to dust, “I loathe you,” he mummered, eyes still hot with rage.


You stared at him, still smiling that same smile you always have, “Oh, the feeling is mutual hun!”


And just like that, the monster faded away to nothing more than dust, and you were finally alone.


You stayed there a minute, merely inspecting the same spot the wolf once laid, before the famed periwinkle screen popped up in front of your face once more.


[You have defeated 3 [Royal Guard Recruits] and 1 [Royal Guard Cadet]!]


[Rewards: Wolf Fur Pelt (Uncommon Quality), +9’000 G, 2’500 XP (Recruits: 500 x 3, Cadet: 1’000), RUINS Field Dungeon Chain Unlocked, Your Presence is Kept Secret, +25 Stat Points (Recruits: 5 x 3, Cadet: 10)]


[You have leveled up! You are now Lvl 18!]


Shaking your head lightly, you swiped the windows away and pushed 300 EP into your shoes, hopping away from the crime scene to the balcony.


Landing on the purple brick tile, you glance at the clock sitting at the very edge of your vision and groan.


[12:53 PM]






Chapter Text


Because of how late you were, as well as how scruffy you’d looked (“Goodness (Y/N), what’d you get into, a fight with the Royal Guards?!” “...Maybe.” “(Y/N)?!”), you were grounded for an entire two weeks which, when you sat and thought about it, wasn’t that bad.


You were just really upset because dammit , you wanted to go check out those Field Dungeons!


And, upon looking it up in the guide (apparently new stuff about new items or dungeons gets put in the Guide or Help option), you found that the Ruins had seven of these field dungeons. All of their levels ranged from certain criteria, and to advance you’d have to defeat the prior dungeon. That could be a little repetitive, but you supposed it could be worse.


The thing that was actually annoying about these damn dungeons were their fucking leveling system.


First off, the dungeons inside were wack . The monsters had long since gone crazy, and you quickly found that some of the bosses would actually be from alternate universes because they were too much of a threat and the great Gaia thought “Hey, I have a champion, I’ll get make them get rid of this little annoyance!”


And, sadly, that’s what you’ve become at this point; Gaia’s personal trash disposal.


You took care of the ‘bugs’, which were actually glitches that bypassed the safety system that Gaia implemented, and you earnt XP for them. Luckily though, because you were helping them, Gaia took it upon themself to give the system, as well as the world around you, a major update.


By that, you meant a ‘Daily Quest’ sequence (hey, you weren’t complaining; free XP), as well as a shit ton of new items, perks, quests, areas (and boy howdy did you notice those damn things; the Ruins literally must’ve tripled at the very least in size!), skills, and they even implemented these cool things called “Legendary Spots”.


They were just these cool spots that were special to the original game, an example being Toriel’s room (actually, Tori’s house was littered with these little things, and you fucking loved that). Her room, which was a lovely deep blue color, made the glowing gold heart sitting to the left of the bookshelf rather obvious.


At first, you thought that it was a new design she added, but upon touching it, a message popped up.


[Congratulations! You have found a Legendary Spot: Toriel’s Room!]

[Legendary Spots in RUINS found: 1 outta 12]


[Please select your reward!]


[15’000 XP]


[10 Stat Points]


[3 Lucky Coins]


[500 G]


You blinked, “Legendary spot…?”


[Hidden in this world, both under and above ground, are locations of utmost importance or noteworthiness. This could range from monuments to even small closets. Each location is special in some way, finding one will give you a reward!]


[NOTE: The underground has these spots littering the entire kingdom.]


Well, this was an easy way on how to get free items or XP without having to do anything.


You’d tapped the 15’000 XP (hey man, free level ups), which jumped you to Lvl 21, and moved on, checking out the rest of the house. You found one in your room and grabbed the +5 Stat Points, found one in the living room stitched along Toriel’s chair ( [+5’000 XP] ), as well as one on the plates you all were eating off of ( [+15 Lucky Coins] ), leaving you to be able to find four out of the twelve spots hidden along the Ruins.


Unluckily, you couldn’t spend your points, remembering how you can, ‘ya know , gain stat points by doing certain tasks, and you only really stopped or found it hard to get points once your stats hit the threshold of 200, but otherwise it wasn’t too hard to get a bunch of points.


You were lucky that Toriel, as well as Flowey, promised to train you and goddamn , they really shouldn’t have said it was “training”, more like torture!


However, it certainly didn’t come without its results.


Your strength raised from 32 to 35, which in truth wasn’t that big of a jump, but you tried to be more of a speedy-type Gamer than an extremely strong one. However, even if you were more based on speed, you could certainly take a damn good hit, especially after everything Toriel put you through (it was never stated in canon, but Toriel was apparently the head of the Royal Guard before she became queen, and was Asgore’s personal trainer and bodyguard when he was still a prince. You found that fascinating, considering in game Toriel looked to be pretty weak compared to people like Undyne, Sans and Asgore. But you took a peek at her actual stats, paled drastically, and immediately took back any thought you might have had on Toriel being weaker; this woman had an fucking 93 in STR and 75 in AGI!).


Thanks to always being pretty much beaten senseless into the ground, you were rather happy at seeing your END jump from 61 to 70. You weren’t able to raise your AGI by much, only two points, but you were still pretty damn quick!

Still, you had to eat so much monster food to restore any of your lost health, but your body was a bit more defined now with all the muscle you’re working up! The game said that once puberty hit is when more of the muscle would show, but as of now your legs were a bit more defined, showing that you run around a lot.


Not only that, but you went and re-checked Toriel’s health, and imagine your surprise when you find that, instead of the 440 HP it was before three years prior, it was now a strong and healthy 2’500 HP, meaning the monster was hopeful and strong; Toriel even started training herself back up to her original glory after you asked if she could due to being worried (she didn’t have to know that you were worried over Frisk killing; all you cared is that she got strong enough to survive), which she was quick to agree to.


Flowey started training too! His HP raised to 350, and he even grew to be stronger, and can now teleport all over the underground by moving beneath the ground. However, he still hates Snowdin, and finds Hotland way too hot; he likes Waterfall more, its cool yet warm enough that you won’t freeze, and there’s plenty of water and the echo flowers were a nice added bonus too. You actually found out by accident that he was best friends with the Tem Village’s Tem Shop host; Temmie.


She actually came to the Ruins once; you found her very amusing, and certainly a breath of fresh air since you usually hang out with mature monsters. She was also one hell of a prankster, and left you with the angered adults, but it was so worth it to have some fun, even if you were grounded at the time.


Sighing at the fact of how you were reminiscing the past, you rolled over on your side while lying on your comfy bed and yawned.


Tomorrow was the last day of your punishment, then you get to go out and finally fight that one dungeon you were hoping too since you found out about it.


Pouting, you snuggled under your covers, cheeks red and lips jutted out as you whined, “I just want something different to happen; is that too much for a girl to ask for?!”


Because, yes, you were finally getting sick of the Ruins.


Living in the same place for three years can really do that to ‘ya, especially if you know the area like the back of your hand. Sure, it was much larger, but you were still grounded, so it wasn’t like you could go and explore without getting a harsher punishment.


Sitting there for a few minutes, drifting in and out of sleep, a alarm woke you pretty quickly. Your body jolted upwards, and you stared, wide-eyed, at the red message (why was it red ?) floating in front of you.




[Source: Dreamtale]


[Answer the call for help?]

Y / N


[NOTE: If you answer the call, you will be teleported to that universe until something else comes up!]


[Note: This is a one-time call; you will not get it again.]




Practically punching the accept button, you felt a very soft, somewhat sleepy, feeling warp over you and, in a single great flash of white, were gone in the blink of an eye.


Flung through a series of whites, yellows and pinks, you winced at the bright onslaught of color that invaded your vision, only to let out a “Oof!” when your body was spat out against the soft plain grass- wait…


Eyes snapping open, you jolted up and scanned the landscape, jaw dropping when you saw a small village that was surrounded in dense forest and high plains with a tall hill that had an huge tree overlooking the entire surrounding area.


You would certainly admit that the AU was gorgeous, much more than you initially expected due to the fact that it was on the surface and nothing was wasted to ruin.


Pulling yourself up, you brushed off your pajama bottoms and stauntered through the plains, planning to head directly to the village to gain some information. You were determined to gain some answers on what time it was, as well as some on the Apple Brothers, as you called them.


That was, until you heard the sob-stricken screams coming not too far from where you currently stood.


Your body froze in place, mind snapping back to harsher times where that voice was you , and you held in a snarl and spun around, marching back through the tall grass and instead bursting through the treeline, scanning the clearing with sharp eyes with your [Perseverance Glasses] activated, and one look at the lone group of monsters had your blood boiling and teeth gritting.


[Monster Villager]

[Idiot 1]

[Lvl 7]

[HP: 250/250]


[Monster Villager]

[Idiot 1 and 2’s Leader]

[Lvl 9]

[HP: 400/400]


[Monster Villager]

[Idiot 2]

[Lvl 7]

[HP: 300/300]


Those three monsters were relatively normal, but it was the last one, a skeletal monster shivering on the group while curled up into a whimpering ball, that made your blood boil and freeze at the same time.


[Born from the Hours Beyond Dusk]


[Lvl 16]

[LV: 1]

[HP: 67/300]

[MP: 173/5’700]

[Status: Wounded (Broken right leg and left hand)]


*He has the dying hope to be saved.


*Wants to be beloved much like his brother; beaten into shadows by humans and monsters alike.




*Low HP; why have HOPE anymore…


Oh hell to the no-!


Using your highly superior speed that outclasses most monsters except for maybe Bosses, you promptly smashed your fist against Idiot 1’s face, knocking the rabbit monster to the ground while you skid over to Nightmare’s shivering body, glancing at the smaller monster and letting a small wince pass through.


He had marrow dripping from his disconnected joints and open wounds, and the wounds themselves looked to be really bad. The boy’s once pristine clothing had been soiled and torn in multiple places, and his right pants leg was ripped from the knee down, just like his leg which was sitting not too far from him, dust flaking off of its greying bones.


Your attention was taken away when one of the monsters, a tall teenage cat who seemed to be the leader of the little band of troublemakers, hissed at you, “Hey ‘ya lil’ shit! What the fuck was that for?!”


Your warm eyes chilled, your face forming into the very same face that Toriel often used when up against other monsters wanting to hurt you or Flowey. It was something that many feared, and was revered everywhere.


Twas the face of a true warrior.


Opening your hand and twisting it, Blizzard’s Breeze slid out of your sleeve, its blades glinting ominously in the warm sunlight. Flicking it open, your harsh eyes glared at the band of monsters, your weapon pointed towards the group.


“You were hurting an innocent monster,” You began, tone leveled and eyes glinting, “And continued to do so for what? Sick amusement? My, you three truly are monsters.”


The leader gripped at his paw, teeth barred at you as a growl escaped him, “That is no “innocent monster”!” He spat with more venom than a viper, “He brings horrible nightmares and thinks that we should thank him for that!”


You tilted your head, eyes narrowing and lips pursed, “Shouldn’t you? Nightmares bring fear, and fear brings caution. Those aren’t bad things ‘ya know; quite the opposite actually.”


The feline monster scoffed and pointed to you, his posse following, “If you’re protecting that freak, then we’re going to have to kick your ass to the curb too!” He grinned at his minions, “Come on boys; let’s show this bitch how ‘thankful’ we really are!” He crowed, his annoying laugh only being enforced by his underlings.


Your eyebrow twitched and, with a fling of your fan, sent an incredible blast of cold air at group, the rapid winds so strong that they took the monsters right off their feet. The three slammed roughly into the ground, and could only look up in fear at your sudden intimidating presence which seemed to fill the entire field and leave a strange and rough pressure on the gang’s souls.


You glared at the group, looking down your nose at them in distaste and disgust, “ Leave ,” You snapped, raising the fan once more in a threatening gesture, “And never come back here and hurt Nightmare, or else I’ll do a lot worse than take off a couple HP!”


Terrified, the group scrambled up and ran away, and seeing as you could still see them, you snapped your fan shut, sending another blast of air at them, shooting them deep into the plain-covered hills as their terrified screams echoed in the air.


[Due to your intimidating presence and aggressive behavior, your LV has risen to 3!]

[Current LOVE Stat: 3]


[You have gained +250 XP from the encounter with the wayward bullies!]


You scoffed; those idiots weren’t even worth the EXP nor the XP. Hell, they weren’t worth the effort to even think about, so instead, you turned your attention to the whimpering ball of bones and slowly moved over to him, cooing softly.


“It’s alright dear,” You cooed, “Those mean ‘ol monsters won’t get to ‘ya now; not with me here!” You promised, watching the Prince of Nightmares glance up at you with teary eye sockets and quivering eyelights, only to harshly flinch and cry out, which almost made you groan aloud.


Stupid LV….


Reaching out, you tapped his cheekbone, earning his attention, “Come on darlin’, lemme heal those ‘ol wounds; they’re pretty bad, and you could dust yourself if you don’t get some help!” Your words did nothing but further depress the boy, and you bit back a curse when you saw his HP drop even lower by fifteen fucking points.


“Who’d care about me?” He slurred, voice tired and bitter, “I’m just Nightmare ; I shouldn’t exist ! Nobody cares for nightmares; they only like dreams! Nobody likes the negatives, only the good in life!” While he rambled on, you sighed and used your [Patience Strings] to grab the missing appendage, yanking it over to the slowly dying monster.


Placing the broken-off leg as close as possible to the stump, you placed one hand over Nightmare’s sternum and the other on the broken knee, pouring your magic into using [Cure] , carefully watching his HP rise and fall.


[Cure] was special because you could have healed Nightmare completely in ten minutes or less, but the thing about it was that it focused more on HP and Soul healing; not the physical kind, so it was taking you much longer to reattach the detached limp without it breaking off again and doing more harm than good.


Thankfully, you had mass reserves of EP to use and waste, and since it takes 300 EP per minute to cast, you could technically keep this going on for over 129 sessions in a row until you completely tire, but that was taking out your regeneration which, while very slow and small, was still there.


You eyed Nightmare’s leg some more, distinctly hearing his continued ramblings (“-and everyone likes Dream and his apples the best; mine are good too ‘ya know! They’re the night apples, unlike Dream’s day-oriented ones!”), and pursed your lips when you found the magic wasn’t sticking as well as it should’ve been. Looks like you’re gonna have to get a bit more creative for this to heal…


Very carefully, you pushed magic into the skeleton’s joint and used your [Patience Strings] to “sew” them together, pulling the lost appendage closer and closer until it clicked, signaling it was back in place. You noted how the joint now glew a very soft blue color, almost unnoticeable unless you were close or actively looking for it, and smiled, shifting your attention for the broken hand the skeleton had, and held back a physical wince.


The fingers were horribly broken and bleeding marrow, the hand was disconnected from the wrist, and there were chips, cracks, and-


Why the fuck was the pinky missing?


Reaching over Nightmare, you tried to feel around for it but found nothing and leaned back, mind whirling on how cruel these people were, and how Nightmare had even dealt with this for as long as he did before he snapped.


The poor guy was merely misunderstood for what he protected, nor projected .

Fighting back the snarl that wanted to rip past your lips and the inner beast (your LV was really hard to control sometimes after what happened in the Ruins supermarket. Honestly, [Gamer’s Mind] was a goddamn blessing in that fact) that wanted to hunt down those damn monsters and tear them apart, you plastered on a strained smile and got to work, using your strings to fix the dislocated joints and also had them actively looking for the missing pinky.


Luckily, it was found pretty quickly; it was halfway buried in the ground, and looked rather bruised and beat up to boot; it certainly wasn’t pretty, and you wondered what the fuck was wrong with people to abuse someone who was, quite literally, just doing their job and wanting to fit in with his brother.


Maybe humans and monsters were more alike than you initially thought…


To fix the pinky and reattach it, you kinda had to… jam it on his hand, and luckily the skeleton didn’t even seem to notice it (wait; is Nightmare still rambling? Was he ever this much of a chatterbox in any of the comics???), so you were pretty glad for that. From there, it was only reconnecting the appendage with his hand with some magic, and he was all done in terms of being whole; he still needed to be cleaned and fixed of all his cracks and chips though.


And you weren’t by a lake, so you might have to wait until later to do that.


Reaching up, you pushed the male’s surprisingly squishy cheekbone, grabbing his attention as he trailed off on something you’d long since stopped listening too, “Nightmare?”


“...Hm?” Ooh he seemed to be getting tired now; you’d wondered how long it’d take! Healing magic does make people sleepy after too much usage on one’s body after all.


“Is there a cave somewhere that has water so I can clean you, or is your home nearby? You still need to be cleaned of your wounds,” You explained, eyeing his HP with a critical eye.


Thankfully, it seemed to have finally stabilized at 220.


Not the full amount of his HP, but it was certainly much better than it was prior, so you supposed there was nothing more you could do except maybe giving him some spider donuts and cider and just hope for the best.


Unfortunately, Nightmare refused to take me anywhere near the tree, but did end up leading you to the village where we then parted ways. However, he did bow all the way to the ground in in thanks once we reached the village gates, his head touching the dirt.


What the fuck-?


“Thank you,” he expressed, raising his head from its former position to stare you in the eye, his own irises twinkling slightly, “Thank you so much; without you, I most likely would have turned to dust and left my little brother all by his lonesome. So, for that, you have my eternal gratitude, miss...” He trailed off, eyeing you distinctly where you quickly caught the hint.


“(Y/N). And please use just (Y/N); miss makes me sound old.” You answered, giving the skeletal monster your own courtesy, arm crossed over your chest while you lifted the edge of your pants, which looked insanely awkward but Nightmare at least didn’t call you out on it.


The Guardian of Nightmares bowed to you again, reaching up and kissing the knuckle of your hand (you quietly laughed on how a monster, who you knew couldn’t have been more than a year older than yourself, was so old fashioned that he resorted to the 1700’s method of greeting) as his smothering violet eyelights gazed up at you, “Pleased to meet you Madam (Y/N); I am Nightmare.”


You gazed at him, amused, a smirk twitching at the edges of your lips, “I figured, considering your prior babbling.” You snickered, pulling your hand away to place it on your hip, the other covering your mouth trying to hide your humorous laughter.


From the look the prince gave you, it didn’t seem to do much, but the cute lil’ blush on his face was just too cute to ignore!


Giggling, you reached out and patted the monster’s cheekbone, grinning cheekily at the surprised stare he shot you, “Well, I know that you need to still heal and clean out those wounds, and I can’t just leave someone untreated! So-” you reached into your inventory, not caring if it looked weird the the fucking air was rippling (You actually grinned upon seeing the wide-eyed gawk that Nightmare was giving you), and pulled out a small plastic bag, about the size of your purse, as well as a tall bottle.


You handed both to the still gawking monster, smirking up at him, flicking his forehead with a snicker, which brought the Guardian of Nightmares back to reality.


Your grin widened at seeing the male pout at you, ‘He’s so cute!~’ you internally cooed, the Undertale fangirl in you squealing in delight.


You pointed to the bag, “That bag has three spider donuts, and the bottle has some specially made cherry cider!” You explained, bouncing on your heels.


At the blank stare given to you, you merely rolled your eyes, “It’s monster food dummy; restores your magic and even heals ‘ya too!”


Perking up, Nightmare nodded cheerfully, a smile twitching at the edges of his… lips???


You blinked for a moment, then shook your head, ‘I don’t know skeleton anatomy, and I don’t think I ever really will completely figure it out.’


The two of you chatted for a few more minutes, a few giggles flying here and there, and Nightmare gave you one more small bow, thanking you a final time before heading off towards the hill, causing you to smile when you noted that he wasn’t limping at all.


Seemings like your reputation as the “Medical Miracle” is finally gonna hold out even in an entirely separate universe. That was something you were happy for; you worked very hard to gain the medical prowess that you have currently obtained; you’d much rather be remembered for what you could do than what you couldn’t .


You pushed past the gates and smiled at some of the monster and human children that were kicking around a soccer ball nearby. One however, a female pup monster, kicked the ball too hard and it bounced away, hitting your knee lightly before rolling to a stop.


“Hey!” One called, “Can you kick that ball back over here? We need that for our game!”


Blinking, your eyes trailed down towards towards the monochrome orb and kicked it, causing it to bounce back to the group of children.


The group all grinned, going back to playing while one thanked you, waving cheerfully before returning to their game.


You softly smiled and drifted towards the center of the village, wandering around without any real destination in mind until you bumped into someone, the impact causing you to trip and fall on your bum. You hissed, rubbing at the aching muscle, glaring up at whomever you walked into only for that glare to fall as your eyes widened as your face paled and your jaw dropped.


A yellow cape with a golden sun-


The golden crown-


The gloves and belt-


The figure jolted and turned, its face forming into one large grin.


“Oh, hello there madam!”


Dream Sans

Chapter Text


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Chapter Text


‘Fuck fuck fucking goddammit, fucking of course this fucking shit happens, fuckING-!’ Your jumbled thoughts scrambling to somewhat reorganize themselves, and you felt a certain tug in your chest when you noted how innocently happy the skeleton seemed to be while his brother had to mature in a way that no child should have to go through.


You felt a spark of anger settle in the pit of your soul before being squashed by [Gamer’s Mind] , any emotion you previously felt vanishing as your face turned into a stare of neutral apathy, eyes dimming a bit as well.


You glance at the hand held out for you, then back up to the skeletal face and grimaced, slapping the appendage away while you pulled yourself up, dusting any dirt off of your bottoms.


You stood at your full height, and quirked an eyebrow at the smaller skeleton.


The top of his cranium reached your nose, and his eyes were leveled to your chin, so you had quite a bit of height on him compared to Nightmare, who was shorter than you by about half an inch.


You supposed all that exercise and healthy snacks really have done wonders for your body.


Studying the skeleton in front of you, you noted how she seemed to be sweating, and hid a smirk at the reaction, finding it amusing to an extent.

[Scan] .’


[Scan loading…]


[Scan Complete!]


[Dream Sans]


[LVL: 11]


[LV: 1]


[HP: 1’000]


[MP: 5’700]


[ATK: 12]


[DEF: 25]


[*Guardian of Dreams]


[*Not as ignorant and naive as he looks.]


[*Feels confused and scared of you.]


[*He can see your LV and EXP.]




You hummed in thought, stepping away from the skeleton who heaved a sigh of relief when your eyes shifted from their dead-like state to one with a twinkle of amusement.


Feeling a tense atmosphere settled around the two of you, you decided you might as well break the tense before it’s too pressuring, “Are you the one that the villager’s call ‘Dream’?” You wondered, leaning on one foot while your eyes studied him.


Dream shivered at the sharp gaze; it was too much like a predator eyeing its next prey.


Forcing a smile, the skeleton nodded, voice strained as he spoke, “Yep, that’s me! Did you need me for something?”


You were silent for a moment, thoughts bouncing around in your head before you finally sighed, “I just healed your brother a little while ago; you might wanna go check up on him and fix anything I missed.” You explained curtly, spinning on your heel to an Inn you’d see not too far from where the kids had been playing.


You could hear Dream yelp and run off, and smiled in amusement when you heard the “BROTHERRRRRR!” he yelled as he sped off.


You found Dream having the same voice as Alphonse Elric was incredibly hilarious and ironic.


Nice to know that they both had brother complexes.


You snickered to yourself and made your way over to the inn, renting out a room for a week and handing them 25 G, and headed inside the small room, moving towards the bathroom to take a quick shower. Luckily, the water was hot and so so good and good god did you miss scalding showers-


Sighing contently, you step out of the shower and grab a towel hanging on the rack, rubbing at your hair as you walked into the bedroom, sighing slightly as the chilly breeze that flew through the open window, causing your body to invariably shiver as it chilled your small heated body.


Shaking your head, you reached into your inventory to take out something to wear for the day (you legit had like six outfits in your inventory just waiting for you to use them for an emergency) only to freeze when you eyed the single outfit, the single one , that had brought you your first and most treasured moments in the world of Undertale.


The black pocket dress and striped crop top.


Wow , it’d been years since you’d worn this damn thing; what a way to flow down memory lane.


Just looking at it is bringing back a severe sense of nostalgia that you couldn’t even begin to describe; it was like a warm bubbly feeling that settled in your chest and threatened to erupt and spill over, but instead it just stayed, swirling by your sternum as your heart thumped in your chest.


God did this bring back some amazing fucking memories; like meeting Flowey and getting to know him, and meeting Toriel, being adopted, having a nice warm home and bed-


The bubbly feeling settled down into a baritone hum, and it kinda felt icky.


Aw, you’re sad now; thanks memories , pleasure doing business with ‘ya.


Sighing, you dropped the towel to the floor and pulled out some underwear to put on, then pulled the black dress over your body as well as the crop top and found, surprisingly, that they still fit perfectly !


‘That’s-’ You began, narrowing your eyes in thought, tugging at the black cotton skirt, ‘Really fucking weird; shouldn’t this have been too small for me, especially with how big I’ve gotten these past few years?’ You wondered, mildly glaring at the article of clothing.


[For deducting something obvious to everyone but yourself, you have earned +1 INT!]


[Current INT Score: 56]


You glared at the window, swiping it away with a scowl, “Oh, piss off you nipplewank!”


[Fuck you too bitch.]


Rolling your eyes, you once again swept the message away and instead moved to pull on your combat boots, which was actually one of the gifts from the [Fortune Wheel] , and it’s statistic buffers were just plain badass !


[Leather Combat Boots] - Rank: C (Uncommon) - Durability: 175/175 - DEF: 5 - ATK: 15

[A simple pair of black combat boots made of leather with violet lace woven by the Spider Clan. Worn by even the most common of baddasses due to being fairly affordable and its great speed boost. It’s also fashionable, and hella comfy!]


[Buffs: +25% to AGI and overall movement, +20% to base ATK]


Sighing once you are finished, you pulled your glasses out of your inventory as well as your notebook, settling on the bed with the [Infinite Pen] in hand as to write down your daily log; it was something you’ve done for years, and you weren’t going to stop now.


Besides, infinite pages were badass, especially when you could just open the book and boom! You’re at the page you want; it doesn’t even matter where in the book you open.


Uncapping the pen, you twisted its cap, making sure the ink was on black, and opted to write in your now opened notebook.


[Daily Log]

[Day 1’108]

[Time: 1525 Hours]

[It’s barely more than two hours since I’ve arrived, and I’ve already let my hero complex get the best of me; go figure. Even so, I’ve managed to save Nightmare Sans’ life in a matter of minutes after finding him. Well, minutes might be stretching it a bit; it felt more like an hour, but time is wonky so who knows.]


[I've’ noted that Nightmare is surprisingly… polite, especially for someone who was abused for so long, but then again, abuse and trauma affects the soul and its effects can be… worrying at best. Thankfully, he seems to faring fairly well when it comes to the magic I’ve connected to his joints, but I don’t know how long it will take until the magic vanishes. It might also very well mix with his magic and both well help keep the joints and broken bones connected correctly; it merely depends what happens.]


[However… I worry.]


[This… place is too much of a toxic environment for Nightmare to live here, and I already know that nobody is stupid enough to steal his apples, so it’s likely that the tree would never be killed due to how they all seem to fear it, but living here is just dwindling at Nightmare’s sanity, and I can’t really have that be left alone without any help.]


[My first idea is to take him with me, but I don’t know how that would affect Dreamtale or the Multiverse itself. It could be good for both and have nothing happen, catastrophic for one, or completely destroy the AU and erase its entire existence.]


[I just don’t know , and that thought terrifies me.]


[However, I will do what I need to make sure Nightmare is safe; no matter the cost.]


[It could be the AU, or the village’s life, or the destruction of the Tree, or even the death of Dream and all of the village inhabitants. Hell, it could even be MY life.]


[But no matter what, I am damn well determined to help him, and will persevere towards my goal no matter the cost!]


[I am the Gamer afterall; what’s the worst that could happen?]


[Daily Log 1’108 end.]


Closing the book, you heaved a breath of relief and rolled your wrist, groaning at the harsh pops that echoed from the rough joints.


“Dammit,” You groaned, eyeing the slowly darkening sky; you were such a slow fucking writer! It took you for fucking ever to write a daily log, and you were just slow in writing too; you might have the intelligence needed, but your dexterity was severely lacking in terms of its entire stat compared to all of the other ones.


[Due to flexing those fingers and workin’ them hands, you have earned +1 DEX!]


[Current DEX Score: 16]


You sighed, swiping the window away from you as your eye twitched, ‘Note to self; train up dexterity like crazy when I get home.’


[For making a relevant plan after so long, you have earned +1 INT]


[Current INT Score: 57]


Scowling, you swiped again, mummering underneath your breath, “Assholes.”


Sighing, you pushed yourself up and stretched, giving a small moan when you felt your spine pop a couple times, taking out some of the knots you get from sitting down too long.


God bless Gamer’s Body, or else that would have hurt a lot more than it did.


Infact, the Gamer’s skills have saved your ass multiple times; makes you wonder if they can be modified a bit.


“Gamer Skill set.”


[Current Gamer Skillset: ]


[Gamer’s Mind] (Passive) Lv. MAX: [Gamer's Mind] is one of the skills of Tsunayoshi Sawada granted to him by his Gamer ability. [Gamer's Mind] is a skill that already obtained and maxed since Gamer ability starting to develop. Allows the user to calmly and logically think things through. Immunity to psychological status effect (confusion, panic, rage, fear, trauma, etc.) ]

[Turn ON/ OFF Skill]

[Gamer’s Mind is currently at 100% efficiency]


[Gamer’s Body] (Passive) Lv. MAX: [Gamer's Body] is one of the skills of Tsunayoshi Sawada granted to him by his Gamer ability. [Gamer's Body] is a skill that already obtained and maxed since Gamer ability starting to develop. Grants a body that allows for the user to live in the real world like a game. (He receives no physical damage from attacks only pain for a few seconds and a loss of HP). Depleting MP down to 0 results in Fatigue. Depleting HP down to 0 results in a loss of consciousness. After sleep in a bed he restores HP, MP, stamina and all status effects. Can take physical damage when HP is below half, though the pain of those injuries are severely numbed. ]


You quirked an eyebrow at how Gamer’s Mind had changed; the off and on status as well as efficiency bar never used to be there before. How strange… but now you were curious; what would happen if you turned the skill off?


Reaching out, your fingers brushed against the OFF button, and felt a surge of emotions strike through you. They were so strong that you fell to the floor, body shaking as tears built up in your eyes, which now burned with an intensity they haven’t in years .


Monster! Monster monster monSTER MONSTER-!


You killed someone; how could you?!






Their dust is on your hands; you didn’t even TRY to save them! What kind of demon are you?


You’re a pathetic waste of space; Toriel shouldn’t be housing you. She shouldn’t LOVE you.


You’re really something else; can’t even feel the remorse for killing those innocent monsters now can ‘ya?


Those poor soldiers were just doing their job and you KILLED THEM!


You’re no better than the WORST type of murderers!


I wonder how disgusted Toriel and Flowey are at you…


Truly a demon.


The pain it HURTS-


Make it stop make it stop maKE IT STOP MAKE IT STOP-








You let out a heart wrenching scream, shattering the peaceful air of the inn, and passed out on the floor; blood pooling around your body from how you kept scratching at your now raw arms, as well as some drooling out of your mouth, ears, and nose.


You barely had enough time to hear the door slam open, as well as the rapid footsteps of your neighbors before the shivering cold of unconsciousness fell over you.


Heh, you must look horrible…


Just like how you felt.


My my; you were just not a pretty sight after all, now were you?