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Copper and Tellurium | Soulmate AU (Kirishima x Reader)

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A normal Thursday night became anything but.

June 22nd, 2010 Is the night that you had murdered everyone you've ever known and loved in a matter of minutes. All because your quirk had manifested.

Your quirk was called ferrokinesis, you had the ability to control every single metal known and unknown to man without consequence.

The only thing that had consequences was your inability to control this dangerous quirk.

You had a vivid nightmare, one that had changed your life forever and one you'd always remember. And in your sleep you had unconsciously destroyed your entire small hometown. Debris, fire, overturned cars and bodies where everywhere.

Your parents didn't come when you cried for them and your house was crumbling around you.

It took a team of 5 and three days to get you out of your federated home and you where taken into custody and tranquilizer when you began to scream from your mother and father as they pulled you out of the house.

You awoke in a padded room, strapped to a bed and hooked up to screens and monitars. Being only five at the time you didn't know what was going on until a few doctors and scientists came in and told you a story. One you didn't believe.

They told you that a gang of villains had destroyed your town to try and keep you safe from yourself but you knew better. You wouldn't be in government hands if that was true.

And for ten years you stayed in their hands.

Learning to control your quirk, learning to stop feeling emotion, intense combat and fighting training. You didn't speak to anyone and you kept a blank and stoic expression all those ten years of brutal torture.

You where settled in your thoughts that you had killed your own parents and also your friends. A massacre, it was like the little town was wiped off the planet. You heard that the relatives of the people in that town had rebuilt it as a memorial park. And that you where basically damned and seen as a monster.

It made you sad to think you couldn't help them rebuild the destruction you brought around to the town.

"(Y/n), You have a visitor." Your doctor addressed you boringly, you nodded and continued to stare out of the window.

The door closed and a few moments later a knock sounded again.

"Come in." You say, voided and upset with yourself.

The door opened and closed again. You turned to face the man and looked him over.

"No metal, a smart choice considering you don't know me." You grunt.

"I know all about you actually." The man held up a manilla folder that said top secret in big bulky letters stamped on the front of it.

"Level five clearence to even hold those pieces of paper in your hands. Level seven to study them, who are you exactly?" You inquire, turning your body to face him and adjusting your hoodie.

"The President of the United States of America." He grinned before pulling up a chair. It scratched against the hardwood floor before he actually sat down.

"A pleasure to meet you Ms. (L/n)." He adds. You nod at his greeting and lean back.

"What do you want from me?" You ask.

"Just a few questions, please answer honestly." He says simply and flipped your file open and grabbs a wooden pencil from his left breath pocket beneath his may jacket.

"Are you happy here?" He starts with a heavy one right off the bat and you can tell he is serious by the way his eyes flicker over your facial features to gauge a reaction.

"No, I'm not." You say, your chest felt tight.

He closed the folder. "That's all I needed to hear. Tell me, would you like to be a hero?"

"Yes, very much so, sir."

"And you want to go to school like you've stated in previous requests?"

"Yes." You answer again.

He nods, a smile settling into his mouth. "Good, you start school next Monday at the UA academy in Japan. The top hero school in the world."


And that following Sunday you where put on a plane with your belongings and now you sat in a car with a pro hero on your way to the most prestigious hero academy in the world.

You fidgeted in your seat and tugged at your red tie. The uniform was a bit much and you ultimately missed your hoodie already, a skirt didn't hide you as much as you would have liked. You fiddled with the brass coin, letting it spin in front of you, anything you could do to not focus on the stress would be fabulous.

"(Y/n), we've arrived here. I'll have some assistance move your things into the dorm room but your be responsible for unpacking and decorating." Mr. Yamada, also known as Present Mic, speaks up next to you in the car, the coin you where flipping mid air falls to bounce in your lap before stilling.

"Yes sir." You say softly. (E/c) eyes casting downward as you pick up your bag from the seat next to you.

"Try to have a good day, I know it'll be knew and all but. . ." He trails off and you nod.

"I'm the first year English teacher here so you can come talk to me at any time you need. I'll even write passes for you-"

"I'll be okay Mr. Yamada, thanks for everything." You peomise, stepping out of the car, you probably would see him later since he was the English teacher.

He had given you a map of the campus and your class schedule, it was the middle of the damn last semester you had no clue why the hell you had to transfer at this point in time.

He gives you a wave and you nod again, shutting the door. You take a few steps back and bow before watching the car drive away. You turn around to look at the building.

U.A. highschool, the best hero academy in the world.

You took a shaky breath as a few students walk passed you and your legs began to carry you. It sure seemed a lot better than a US military training camp.

"Class 1-A." You mutter, looking at your map then back at the building you continue walking. You stop to find your lock and stuff your bag into it only taking your scheduling files with you as you began to search the building for the classroom.

You can't find it, and the bell soon rings.

"Fuck, where is it?" You grunt to yourself, circling a corner and looking up and down at the doors. You could speak Japanese thanks to your schooling in the US but you couldn't talk to anyone because not a single soul roomed the halls of the now seemingly desolate place.


"(F/n)(L/n)?" Aizawa called out and the class looked around confused. "(F/n)(L/n) are you here?" He grumbled flipping through his papers. He could have sworn he had a new student in his room. The door busted open and you fell into the room on your hands and knees.

"H-Here! Sorry I'm late." You stand up and brush yourself off. "I had a hard time finding the room I think my map is incorrect." You hold up the piece of paper sheepishly and the teacher snatches it from you and looks it over.

"You do have the wrong map, who gave this to you?" Aizawa throughs the paper into the trash bin besides his desk and you rub the back of your neck.

"Mr. Yamada, Present Mic sir." You say, standing up straight, arms behind your back and your legs a few inches apart as you stand.

He raises a brow and sighs before nodding. "Well, please take time to introduce yourself." He gestures from you to the class and you turn stiffly.

"My name is (L/n)(F/n), I'm a transfer student from the USA." You say stoically, your posture is still stiff but your Japanese is perfect.

A few students mutter amongst themselves and you bow. "I hope to be friends with you guys in the coming school years, I won't fail to do my best." You say before standing up straight. Aizawa nodded and pats your shoulder, he hands you a new map and tells you to take your seat.

You walk to the back of the room and take seat in the empty chair. A few other students stare at you and some begin to mumble about how you didn't say what your quirk was.

You roll your sleeves up and sit straight in the chair as Aizawa begins to teach the class. You don't pay attention to the few people that stare at the plus sign on your right wrist.

And you don't really give a shit as a matter of fact.

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You sit straight and your posture is stiff, your leg taps a bit against the ground as you write your notes diligently. Some students try to interact with you but you give brief and uninterested answers giving everyone reason to leave you alone.

You where taught to be polite, not kind, or caring or compassionate and you didn't find interest in learning of emotions that would only get in your way.

So you didn't speak, you sat up straight, answered with clear and announced answers when called upon and you kept your eyes forward.

In your peripheral vision you say that you're seated next to a boy a facial scar covering his right eye, red hair, and maybe white on the other side? And then a brunette chick with pink cheeks and a heart warming smile. But you show the same disinterest until Aizawa's voice breaks the silence of note taking and drops his chalk in the holder on his desk and turns away from the blackboard.

"Alright, go get changed into your gym clothes and meet in the courtyard. (Y/n), come with me, I'll get you a gym uniform and then we can continue." He says tiredly. Every one gets up and you follow suite, topping at Mr. Aizawa's desk and letting him lead you to someplace else while class 1-A goes in the opposite direction, and you don't look back at their retreating forms.


"So, what do you guys think of the new girl?" Ashido chimed, twirling to walk backwards as she spoke with the girls that exited the locker room.

"Well she seems kinda. . . I don't know." Momo rubs her chin.

"Distant?" Asui spoke up to finish Momo's and the black haired girl nodded.

"What do you think of her Uraraka-chan? You sit right next to her don't you?" Tooru placed an invisible hand on the brunettes shoulder, who nodded at the question.

"She reminds me of one of those guards, like, really stiff and brief if you ask them a question and only speaking when spoken too." Uraraka shrugs, adjusting her gym jacket and stretching her calves and hamstrings as she bent over at the waist, leaning back.

"Its probably just first day jitters, everyone gets them, and it's the middle of the semester!" Jiro hums as she tightens the laces on her shoes, a few of the girls agree.

"Why don't we try talking to her again?" Asui suggested and the girls begin to chatter their plans of action and excitement to get you to become they're friend.

"Here she comes!" Tooru whisper screams at them, ashido immediantly shushed everyone and all the girls watch you come out in your gym clothes. You stand straight and tall with Aizawa and the stoic expression on your face is probably more intimidating than it should be.

He pats your shoulder and you begin to jog laps with the boys rather than do stretches with the girls. Now that was a surprise. A surprise to a lot of the boys too as you ran to catch up.

You weren't even going full speed when you centered yourself in the middle of them and matched their pace.

"Nice of you to join us (L/n)!" A boy with black hair and a wide grin waved at you before continuing his run, he had some weird elbows but you focused on the jog after giving him a brief nod.

Your eyes flicker among them and you spy the familiar looking half haired boy which to conclusion yes he did have red and white hair. The rest seemed plain looking besides the blonde with a tail and the bird head. You weren't bothered by the guy with six arms considering you met an eight armed fellow in the holding facility.

"Kaminari, why is she running with us?" You hear a voice whisper behind you.

"Not sure dude, just enjoy the view." Another sounded.

Where they checking you out? How rude! Then again you've never had a guy look at you with any sort of interest.

'Enjoy the view of the ground.'

You spun around mid step and winked at the boys behind you, a blonde with a black streak in his hair and then a tinier child like man with what looked to be grapes on his head.

You winked at them both, activating your quirk just enough to catch the metal aglets of their shoe laces, pulling them backwards and making them trip over themselves before continuing your run.

A few of the boys behind you laughed while they kept running.

"Nice one, (L/n)!"

"You shouldn't be encouraging such deplorable behavior!" A boy with navy blue hair and glasses called from the front.

You ran past Aizawa who was holding a stop watch in his hand before she screamed bloody murder at you.


Full sprint.

You could handle that. You shoulder yourself upwards more towards the front to get a better start. Passing a red haired boy without interest and sidling up to the red and white haired boy.

You rounded the oval of the 400 meter dash lane and continued to jog towards your teacher you weren't even in a sweat yet and neither where the others and you didn't fail to notice that the blonde and grape boy catch up again.

As soon as the feet of the navy boy stepped pass Aizawa he sped along the tracks. You flinched in surprise but made a break for it. Pounding your feet against the red track and going head to head with an ash blonde guy and the white and red haired on. You passed a few inches and listened at the blonde next to you roared in disapproval and carried his feet faster.

A challenge. You felt your heart and mind swim with your more competitive nature and soon you where racing and pouring everything into your legs to beat the lean bastard next to you.

"Ah no you don't you bitch!" He screaned, damn this one had a short fuse. He set off an explosion in his hands making you jump a bit which only sent you further ahead as you lunged.

Third lap, final stretch and you were killing it, you had built up a sweat by now and a sheen of liquid crossed your forehead but you weren't by any means tired.

You had almost forgotten the white and red haired boy but you looked behind you and there he was next to the blonde one, panting with each step while the blonde raged against the world at your victory, you didn't even notice you crossed the finish line as you came to a stop.

You swiped the back of your hand against your brow and listened as a few of the girls cheered for you and the rest of the boys fell in.

"(L/n)-Chan! That was amazing!" A brunette gushed.

"You did fantastic, you where so fast!" The pink one stated.

"You even beat Bakugou!"

Bakugou? Well that was either the candy cane or that explosion of an angry Pomeranian that chased you down.

"He looks so pissed off!" The invisible girl pointed out.

You turn around to look behind you and saw as the blonde seethed with rage and sparks crackle from his hands. Angry Pomeranian it is.

"Bakugou always comes second or third after Iida along with Todoroki, so being beaten by the new kid isn't his style." Round eyes and green hair popped out into your vision, an index finger on her chin in thought and her tongue poking out to the side.

"Um. . . Yeah, thanks." You say quickly.

"We should introduce ourselves, you guys are probably freaking her out." A girl with black hair chimes. The others nod and begin to introduce themselves and their quirks one at a time, patient for the other to finish before beginning and you think you have Every ones names down.

The brunette is Uraraka and her quirk is zero gravity.

The green one is Tsuyu and her quirk is frog.

The pink girl, Ashido, who prefers for you to call her Mina, has an Acid quirk.

The black haired girl is Momo with the quirk of creation

Hakagure is the invisible one.

Jiro would be earphone jack.

You introduce yourself again and prefer to tell them about America rather than your quirk, you don't want to scare anyone on the first day but you become less uptight around them as they ramble about the wonders of UA and traveling.

"Alright! Line up!" Aizawa shouts, he now holds a tablet in his hands with a digital pen, you get in line with the others and stand with your hands folded behind you back, your chest puffed out and your head tilted upwards slightly.

"You all will be picking a partner and doing combat training today, don't over do it, you're allowed full access to the courtyard as along as you don't break anything, students who do disturb or disrupt school property will be spending volunteer hours to fix it and will receive extra special lessons with me." Aizawa grins sadistically but you brush it off and nod at his instruction.

"You have 2 minutes to partner up, begin."

The line dispersed and everyone walks away to find a partner. You see the angry Pomeranian grab the red heads hand and drag him away, Tsuyu teams up with Uraraka, Hakagure rakes on the tail boy, Momo goes for the bird head, Ashiso gets to the blonde with a black stripe in his hair from earlier.

You feel a tug on your pants and look down. The grape haired boy from earlier is smiling up at you pervertedly and has a faint blush on his cheeks.

"Hey, wanna be with me?" He asks, trying to be smooth as he crosses his arms and leans to the side, you click your tongue.

"No thank you."

"Awww come on, it'll be fun~" He purrs grossly and your suddenly frowning at him.

A cold hand touches your shoulder and a boy clears his throat, you turn around to see the red and white one from earlier and your frown softens as the grape haired boy hisses at him.

"Would you like to be my partner (L/n)?" He asks polielty and you find yourself nodding at him.

You step to the side, making the perverted on fall over.

"I'm Todoroki Shouto, it's nice to formally meet you." He extends his hand and you briefly glance at the positive plus sign on his right wrist as he shakes your hand.

"Nice to meet you too, I'm (Y/n)(L/n)." You nod to him.

"Just so you know, I don't lose." He says.

"Guess that makes two of us, I look forward to beating you into the ground." You smirk.

"Likewise." He grins, you both turn away from each other and walk off.


"Who the fuck does she think she is!" Bakugou roars to his friend.

"Um, the new girl?" Kirishima shrugged with a nervous laugh, Bakugou smacks him upside the head.

"She can't just waltz in here and steal the thunder. The nerve of that bitch!" Bakugou grips his hair and shakes his head.

"Don't call her that, it isn't manly, besides, she looks pretty strong, maybe it'll be a better challenge than Midoriya right?" Kirishima suggests, holding his hands up to smash his hardened fists together.

"She better be, I'll put her in the dirt, she can't just show up and expect to be the best, she's gotta deal with me first, and no one gets past me and lives to tell about it." Bakugou smirks evily and stretches.

"I guess man, hey, looks like she's gonna fight Todoroki." Kirishima points out as you two shake hands, smiling competitively at one another before turning and walking away.

"Pfft, she won't be even half as good as him, like I said, her ugly ass doesn't deserve to be here." Bakugou waved him off as Aizawa called everyone over so they could report their opponents.

"I actually think she's kinda pretty." Kirishima muses.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever floats your boat hair for brains." Bakugou shoved his shoulder as both walked over to follow everyone else.

Aizawa scribbled down the names and pulled up a random generator of who would fight first. As fate would have it.

"First match, Todoroki Shouto vs (L/n)(Y/n)."

You both smirk at one another again before crossing into the field and taking stance atleast 4 yards away from one another.

"Ready, Fight!" Aizawa screams.

You both lunge.

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You stomp your foot into the ground causing it to shake with the manipulation of the earth metal and pipes underneath your feet, Todoroki was quick to regain his footing and looked a bit puzzled as you rush towards him. You didn't even give away your quirk yet, it left a lot to imagine what powers you had. You didn't give Todoroki breathing room, you where trained to strike hard and fast and then strike again when the opponent was down.

Said opponent was quick on his feet, and he was clever. Dodging your incoming fist he ducked to the left, swirling on the ball of his heel to narrowly miss your attack, he pushed his hand into your side, making a clump of ice form before he stepped back, giving himself distance to counter an attack if you gave him one.

Luckily you where trying to get the extra weight off your body. You dig your hands into the solid ice and rip it off you, your hands wetting and burning at the cold, it took a chunk of fabric from your gym jacket but you were well suited to the tank top beneath your clothing.

You take a step back and chuck the ice block at him, catching him completely of gaurd he manages to get out of the way fast enough and he melts the block of frozen water as it whizzes by his face, barely catching his cheek.

“Woah. . .” Todoroki murmurs, caught off guard, he rears his hand back to send more ice her way while giving a brief compliment. “That was a nice move!"

“Thanks!” You yell at him, flipping out of the way and rolling into a cartwheel before standing again, you both circle one another before he makes the first offensive attack this time.

Todoroki uses his ice to launch himself upward before landing a fist into the ground where you once where. You managed to jump back just in time and kick at his forearm, sending him tumbling to the side. He rolled with the momentum and sprung up to his feet again,

“Colour me impressed, not bad,” you say with a smile as he lunges again.

“Thanks. Not bad yourself!” He grunts as you block again, slipping down to bend at your knees and gliding behind him.

You smack his shoulder, and dodge to the side as he swings behind him but you've already tripped his feat and crush your knee into the side of his head, Todoroki felt his brain smack around in his skull as the power of your move had sent him stumbling dizzily out of bounds, making him promptly land on his butt.

The class cheered and you smiled. Shedding your gym jacket before walking over to him and helping him to his feet.

“Where’d you learn that?” He asks, he was surprised, confused, dizzy, and happy? Why was he grinning like a fucking wacko right now? He could blame the knee to his face.

“Myself.” You say with a small smile as you hauled him upwards and steadied him.

“Well, yourself is. . . a good fighter.” He nods, a smile still settled in his features, you must've knocked him stupid because he was still swaying a bit on his feet as youh lead him to the bench.

“Thanks...?” You smile a bot at him as he leans back against the bench and everyone starts to weave around you to ask you questions about the fight and congratulating you on your win.

"She was pretty great huh Bakugou?" Kirishima asked him. Bakugou shrugged, looking at you with interest.

"I'm gonna go congratulate her!" Kirishima says finally, a huge grin plastered to his face, Bakugou snorts as Kirishima walks towards the group excitedly but reluctantly follows.

Everyone is crowding around you and Todoroki as cheers and compliments slew around the both of you. Your smiling proudly and patting Todoroki on the back who is nodding to Recovery Girl's questions.

Kirishima starts to speak and you turn. "Hey! That was a great fight-!" He clapped you on the shoulder, and as soon as he does everything turns dark and both of your minds race with memories that are not your own.

Your witnessing a black haired little boy cut his eye, get pushed around, dying his hair a fiery red collar, taking the written exam for UA and fighting in an arena with robots. A fist clipping Bakugou's cheek in the tournament. The fear he felt during a rescue mission of his blonde friend. The soft smiles he would give his peers. The room he played to bed in, the weights he trained with, you can almost feel the grip guard.

Your horrified and shocked as you realize the he, this red haired boy, is in fact your soulmate. Your vision clears and you see him staring at you with a look of terror, tears, and his face is red. His hand removes from you as if you've burned him.

"(Y/n). . .?" He says softly and everyone stares at you both quietly. Knowing what you two have experienced just now.

He recalls the visions in his head as he stared at you, both of you frozen in your places.


"Okay, this will only pinch but its gonna help with whats to come, understand?"

You nod your head slowly and don't even flinch as he pinches your arm with the needle and puts some sort of substance into your system. You sigh as he tightens the strap of thick leather on your waist and makes sure the other straps are secure before stepping away.

Your wrists and ankles are bound, so is your neck, not to mention the strap around your waist. You already have a few scars and scrapes and bruises on your body. You had a blood streaming in a line from your nose, over your lip and down your chin to curve on your neck before finally dripping to a splotch on your sports bra.

A different person wipes the blood messily from your nose mouth and chin before everyone leaves the room and the doors close and lock into place. Leaving you alone with nothing but a camera and microphone to capture your movements and record your noises.

From the machine next to you, it charges up with a wirey beeping noise before the metal plate beneath you lights up with energy and shocks you. Your back tried to arch and you squirm to move you, but you stay still, the electricity freaking your muscles before it stops and you let out a pained scream.


Another shock.


Your screaming does nothing to stop them from completing their task.


Your hands are tied behind you back in snug nylon rope, your hair is wet and your freezing your ass off, shivering violently in the celler, your on your knees, sprayed with water in a meat locker. Chilled to the bone, nothing hits you but the pain and burning is severe as your sprayed with a mist of water again to make another sheen layer of ice flow over you.

"M-m-make i-it s-stop-p. . ." You mumble, as beg but no one responds and your left to freeze in the celler.

Another half hour of this continues until light blinds you as the door opens and two guys pull you up from your knees gently, careful not to rip skin your dragged away to be healed and thawed and then briefed on the experience of hitting -47 naked and wet.


"AGAIN!" A man yelled.

Your head was hanging low and the hospital gown you wore was highly uncomfortable, you felt the other man press a towel against your cheek before slamming a metal baton into the side of your face, knocking your head sideways, you gargled blood and red saliva dripped from your mouth unforgivingly. You spat out a peice of white stone from your mouth, a broken tooth which they would fix later. You're being trained to take pain, to take hits, no matter how hard and still be able to function.

After each hit they would ask you a simply math question, or ask how many fingers were being held up, or how to spell a color. Simple questions a kindergartener could answer, with each one you got right you got a five millimeter loosen on your restraints, with the ones you got wrong they tightened it by ten millimeters and smacked you with the stick again before asking you another question.


Discipline, was taught easily at a a young age. You were seven years old when they struck you first, it was hard enough to send you to the ground a few feet away, you tumbled over and rolled in momentum. Your head pulled to the side, it wasn't hard enough to knock you out but more so to split your skull and make painful ringing sound throughout your ears.

"You speak when spoken to, act when told to act, be still when told not to breath, you do as your told." The voice was soft as a large hand stroked your hair before the hand brushed the bump on your head, you winced and cried hard, really hard, hard enough to make you throw up.

It wasn't the last time you got bashed in either, you're fucking lucky your nose isn't broken, or permanent damage to your features.


And so, it continued like clockwork, their goal is to stress you out immensely to recreate the situation of the destruction of your home town when you were five. It's been unsuccessful, the pain makes you more numb and emotionless since you can only be drowned in an 11 pain scale rather than feel real sadness.

It was borderline human experimentation and if anything it was, they tested weapons on your metal, tried to recreate mind control from someone's quirk on you, beat you senseless if you stepped out of line. You've had plenty of broken bones and fractures with even more scratches to spare. And all of this was before you turned fifteen.

Ten years you spent in a hell cell with nonstop torture, training and routine. And Kirishima just saw every peice and part of that routine.

And he was scared for you.

He grabbed you by the arm and pulled you away from the other students, you were still, unable to move a muscle as he took you away, he was oddly gently until he stopped behind the bleachers and held you by your fore arms, looking at you with glossy carmine eyes.

"(Y/n), what the hell was all that?"

His voice was soft and strained in his throat, and you couldn't answer as he took you in a firm grasp against his chest, hugging you tightly as he willed for you to speak.

But all you could do was let tears silently fall down your cheeks and you returned his hug just as tight.

Chapter Text

After you're entire ordeal with Kirishima, you were the one to push him away first, quickly apologizing and running off, leavening Kirishima shaking on his knees and holding his hand up to silently call you back to him so he could put his hands on your body again to comfort himself. It may have been selfish of him but when you'd firm come back he stood on his feet and ram back into Bakugou who just growled out.

"What the hell was that all about? Why the fuck are you crying? What did you idiots say to eachother?" Bakugou demanded, dropping himself in the grass and Kirishima followed him to the ground.

"Your not gonna believe what just fucking happened." Kirishima shook his head.

"Try me."


You found yourself running to the only room you knew of besides class 1-A, which was Present Mics room, you figured you could put enough trust in him considering he practically took care of you since you got off the plane that took you here.

You walked in quietly, noticing his students chattering amongst themselves and talking idely while Present Mic was reading something on his computer. He looked up when he heard the door close. He smiled when he saw you but it quickly faded when he realised that your eyes were glossy with tears.

"Alright, class dismissed, everyone can go to their dorm alliance and prepare for tomorrow's midsemester exam." He instructed, the students flowed out of the door pass you, leavening you and the teacher in the room which made you finally break down once more.

“Hey, hey,” Present Mic get up from his work space to clasp your arms, softly but firmly, he leads you to sit in a chair next to his desk, his gaze is soft and parent like unlike his hero and radio persona. “What’s going on, (Y/n)?”

You’re shaking in his grasp, but don’t resist. “I-“ you close your eyes, causing more fat tears to roll down your red cheeks, you take a deep breath. “It’s- this,” you lift your hand, showing the positive mark on the inside of her right wrist. Mics green eyes widen a little, he didn't notice that before but He knew full well what it was and what it meant. “He touched me, and I saw...”


“Everything,” Kirishima exclaims to Bakugou, shaking as well despite himself. “I saw her past- she, she was tortured, Bakubro. It’s crazy the shit she’s gone through, and she must’ve seen all my past too.”

Bakugou grimaces, trying not to get pissed off at the situation. Whether it was because Kirishima mentioned you where tortured or how both of you were shaken up he didn't know.

He didn't know why he would be pissed off in the first place, you didn't deserve his sympathy, you were the newbie. Bakugou looked up. “So she started crying because...?”

Kirishima gives an exasperated sigh. “Because-“


“Everything in my past,” you explain to the blonde man as he leans back in his chair, taking in your words and nodding his attention as you continue. “It’s... been a lot, and I’ve never shared it with anyone before... And I didn’t expect to have to share it, let alone have it flood the brain of a stranger. He knows everything now, and-“


“I don't even know her, or I didn't, I just met her today!” Kirishima grips his hair. “It’s her first day and now we know everything about each other. How are we even gonna speak with each other normally?? She knows everything about me, what would we even talk about!”

“Calm down, shitty hair,” Bakugou scoffs, smacking Kirishima's hands so he stops yanking at his red spikes. “You guys are soulmates for a reason.”

“I guess,” Kirishima sighs. “But what if-“


“He doesn’t like me? He’s seen everything,” you say, voice small. “I wouldn’t want to be around someone who’s not even human anymore.”

“What are you saying?” Yamada says softly, patting your head, smoothing your (h/c) hair out from how much You were running your hands through it. “You cry. You hurt. Those are human things, aren’t they?”

You nod solemnly. “I still feel like-“


“She hates me for knowing her past,” Kirishima sighs deeply, brows furrowed. “That’s not something I’d wanna share with a stranger, and I don’t expect her to either.”

“Only one way to find out,” Bakugou shrugs dismissively.


“Why don’t you try talking to him once you calm down?” Mic suggests.

You and Kirishima both sigh. “I guess you’re right. Thanks-“




“Mr. Hizashi."

"I'm always here, my doors always open. Why don't you just head to the 1-A alliance and find your dorm. I can tell that this wore you out. I'll drop by later to check up on you." The man promises and you nod approvingly, you take his extended hand and he helps you stand up and make your way to the exit of his room.

"Perhaps try talking to Mr. Aizawa about the issue as well, let him know what happened and an arrangement can be made." You again nod at his suggestion and bow your thanks.

He tells you the dorm room number and the building and you nod again, heading in the direction, deciding you can retrieve your clothes later.

Your legs carry you quickly, to quickly, your mind is racing as you think about him, your soulmate, Kirishima Eijirou, thee boy with once black hair, the boy with the scar of his right eye from his first time using his quirk. The boy who was born in the Chiba Prefecture on October 16th with red eyes and blood type O.

How he styled his hair with purposefully two little horns at the front and the fell he used which took three minutes to set. And when it became floppy he tied it back with a white bandanna.

You felt like a stalker, you felt like you were being stalked.

And maybe it was because a pair of red eyes did indeed follow you as you walked across the campus to the dorm. The class 1-A alliance where Kirishimas room sat in the middle space between Kaminari's room and Ojirou's room.

You walked into the building, quickly apologizing as the students said hello and you bristled up to your dorm room, hunting for the number in the right wing of the building. When you found it you opened the door and shut yourself in, looking at all the cardboard boxes that littered the ground, right, you had to unpack.

Some of the items you didn't even have a clue of since the government packed your old room up and then more essentials and decorations.

You opened on of the boxes and pulled out a picture of your mother and father kissing each other in the middle of a street in your home town. The one picture you had of them.

A desk was already built along with your bed and you set the picture down, adjusting it be for your hands left the glass and you looked around at the other boxes.

"One down."

Chapter Text

You finished unpacking the room but you had to rummage around still to find pillows and bedding, which seemed to be non-existent in any box you searched in.

"Am I really going to have to buy some?"

Knock, Knock, Knock

You turned your head to the door, it was obvious someone stood outside of it and you prayed for it to be Present Mic with your bedding.

When you opened the door your lips pursed as you saw the angry explosive Pomeranian from earlier. Bakugou? You think that's his name.

"Um, can I help you?" You ask, your voice isn't timid or rude or happy, it's not really anything but Bakugou kisses his teeth as if you just offended him.

He thrusts a brown bag in your face and you step back, you take the bag from his hands and look inside of it, finding your school uniform in a nicelyg folded pile inside.

"Round-Face said you left those in your locker so I brought them to you, be fucking grateful ya damn loser."

You quirked a brow. Why should you be thankful for something that he didn't even want to do? That was like putting a dead, uncooked, smelly fish on a platter and saying it's the best thing in the world and that you should be thankful to have such an amazing treat infront of you. And didn't you beat him and then Todoroki? Why where you suddenly a loser.

Sometimes you forgot that Japan was not the government facility you were raised in and that people wouldn't treat you with curt attitude or businesslike fashions. You are now a teenager in highschool who was thrown into the chaos of it without knowledge of how teenagers bahaved, you considered this abnormal all the same since he was calling you and other student names. You had no clue who 'Round-Face' could be.

You set the bag down all the same and sighed, maybe if you played nice he would tell you where to get bedding.

"Thanks, Bakugou right? I'm (Y/n)." You hold your hand out to him to shake and he stares at it confused for a moment. You clear your throat awkwardly and drop your hand, brushing off his attitude. "Forgive me for asking but do you know where I can buy bedding? Or does the alliance house give youh bedding?"

"Didn't bring your own, Moron?" He looks cocky with his question and you sigh, knowing that he probably wants an explanation. You have to keep where you came from a secret.

"I just forgot to take it with me. I didn't have much I had to buy a lot of my things here, bedding just so happened to be something I forgot to buy so excuse me." Your voice is a little hostile and he tsks.

"There are a few stores in the city you can get it from wannabe, but curfew is in an hour so you might wanna hurry your ass up, shouldn't be hard with how fast you are." He shruggs, leaning in the doorway and taking in your room as you put the clothes he brought into your dresser.

"Thanks?" You say to his backhanded compliment.

"Tch, whatever Try-Hard. . . By the way, are you okay from earlier? I know Shitty Hair can say some stupid shit at times but it's not like he's smart enough to know the meaning in his words." You freeze a bit but cover it up by pulling your hair back into a pony tail and securing it with a nearby hairtie, assuming that Shitty Hair was kirishima that is, you answered briefly.

"Yes, I'm fine, thanks for asking." You dismiss curtly. He rolls his eyes, believing once again that you've just insulted him.

"See you around American Cheese!" He tosses his hand up in a half ass waved and leaves you alone with a raise brow, dropped jaw, and the most confused you've ever been.

"Did he really just call me 'American Cheese'?"


You tie your shoes quickly and walk out of your dorm room. You peek up and down the halls to see if you notice or recognise anyone of the girls but no body is seen on the floor. You continue on your way and see that the girls are curled up in a huge cuddle pile sans Kyoka who is sitting under her own blanket.

They didn't invite you which you where slightly grateful for since you would have declined anyway, but I guess the thought of them not asking settled like a weight in your stomach.

You walked past them quietly to not disturb them and left the alliance, the sun was half way set meaning you really only had 30 minutes to get to the store, pick bedding, and then comeback. Maybe you should just go to present mix to see if he has any instead, your legs don't seem to stop carrying you in the direction of it though.

You keep your gaze down as you think about your day, your very first day at school.

You beat almost all the boys in a sprint race, then kicked Todoroki's ass without using your quirk, met your soulmate, had a panic attack, and lost your bedding.

Maybe you should ask Todoroki to come with you, he was nice, and his calloused hands were gentle.


"Oh, I'm sorry." You completely walked into the back of some stranger with your walking.

He turned around with a raised brow before smiling widely and pointing at you enthusiastically. "Oh, hey, you're (Y/n) right? From class 1-A? I saw your fight with Shouto earlier, you were amazing!" He cheers with a heavy Russian accent mixed in with his japanese, he grabs your hands and shakes them in a friendly greeting, he reminded you of an over excited puppy. Before you could ask his name he was already telling you.

"My name is Alexander Pyotr! But you can call me Alex if you'd like, I know people go by their last names but mine's just as hard to pronounce as it is to spell, it's wonderful to meet you and I can't wait to see more of you!" He grins. You find yourself smiling lightly with him, his happiness is infectious and you begin to take him in as he compliments you on your fight.

The sides of his head are shaved short and he has a shoulder length fluffy looking mohawk, which was a bright blue despite the dark one inch roots he had which was clear in his hairstyle. His eyes where royal purple with flecks of pink and blue in them, it reminded you of an alexandrite gem. His nose was small and round which made his features a little feminine along with the splashes of freckles on his upper cheeks and the dark brown beauty mark under his right eye.

Those features didn't distract from the silver snake bites he had in his lower lip or the fluffy coat he wore even though it was spring. Under his coat he wore a dark purple deep v-neck shirt and dark blue ripped jeans on his thigh, knees, and a few on his shins. Speaking of legs, his are long and his thighs are muscular. He stands taller than you, about 5'10 but he doesn't lean down to speak to you, which you're thankful for.

You finally tune back into what he was saying after looking him up and down, and he didn't miss how your eyes took him in like a breath of air. He smiled, he wasn't cocky but he felt handsome when someone was practically undressing him with their eyes, even if it wasn't your intent.

"I'm in class 2-A but I stay in the 1-A dorms considering there are only a few in class 2-A, it's surprising that Aizawa-Sensei hasn't expelled any of you. He got rid of half my class since they bombed the quirk testing on the first day. But hey! I heard that you beat Shouto without your quirk today! That's pretty impressive, I've fought everyone in class 1-A and I couldn't beat him, so color me impressed."

"Well, you are very colorful." You try to make a joke and the pair of you fall into step to keep walking, he just tags along and laughs at the lameness of your joke.

"Thanks, I appreciate that." He grins and runs his hand through the waves of his blue and turquoise tendrils. "So where are you heading to? Kinda late, curfew is about to start soon." He tests in English, you actually like his Russian accent and he's surprised to see you answer back in English.

"Oh, I forgot my bedding in America so I need to go buy some if I actually want to sleep tonight." You roll your eyes at your own stupidity and his smile falters.

"Well it's a pretty long walk, you won't make it back before curfew and then you'll get in trouble, I have extra bedding you can borrow will that be okay? I know we just met and all but-"

"That's actually really kind of you, thank you." You cut him off, your voice is surprisingly cheery and he smiles.

"Well, let's head back to the dorms them before we get locked out for the night. Race you back?"

You smirk, your competitive nature stirring "You're on!" He tells you his dorm room number which makes you slightly confused but wheb he says "Go!" Your to caught up with the way your legs carry you, you both race back to the gates of UA

Red eyes continue to watch and smile at the way your legs hit the pavement, your a few feet infront of the boy chasing after you and the face frowns, the camera shutter clicks and smile before averting his gaze and admiring the focused photo of you.

You're panting heavily and your hand hits against the gate of the class 1-A alliance you stop but Alexander runs past you, "Winning!"

Is what he screams as he flings the door open and suddenly you realise he told you the dorm number for a reason.

You clamber after him and watch in defeat as he's up the stairs, the boys of 1-A and a few you don't know are screaming at you as you both race past them up the stairs. He stops at the end of the fourth floor and slams his hand on the door. He falls over as you barrel into him and you both become a giggling mess as he helps you to your feet.

"Christ, (Y/n) Did you play football in America?" He jokes and you shake your head as your laughter dies away and he opens the door to retrieve the bedding.

He allows you in as he rummaged through his closet for what you assume was the bedding and you take in the space he calls home.

Fluffy blankets and downy bean bags littered the room, you noticed his love for fluffy and soft things quickly and smile. On his desk is a computer with gaming equipment and to the side are books about areodynamics, water and electrical control and snowboarding and then an actual snow board in the corner next to a punching back.

"I like your room, it's cozy." You voice. You hear his chuckle.

"Thanks, if you haven't noticed already I have a 'soft' spot for fluffy things." This makes you both laugh at the horrible pun and he holds up a plastic carrier with blue bedding in it.

"Hope you don't mind this color, I would give you my purple set but it's kinda attached to the mattress right now." He rubs the back of his neck and you smile genuinely and take the bag from him.

"No I like this color, matches your hair."

He nods and you leave before stopping infront of the door way, watching as he sheds his coat and now you can really look at the muscle on his biceps. He catches your eyes but says nothing.

"I'll see you around, yeah?" He smiles.

You of course nod your head. "Yeah, maybe we can train together sometime. Or I could rematch you in that race."

He smirks, he's clearly competitive too. "You're on." With that, the door shuts and your smiling about your new friend and the bedding in your arms.

You miss how Kirishima is watching you from down the hall, wondering what to do about your presence in the left wing of the class 1-A alliance house.

He makes his way down the hall and calls your name, he wants to talk to you, he wants to tell you things. So he gives his voice a shot to say your name, he uses your last one to remain both friendly and formal.


Your head turns to him in attention and your smile faded to a loom of shock.


Well, you can't hold this talk off any longer, you both step towards the other.


"Tomura, is this really a good idea? I mean, she's not exactly the type to even consider being evil." Kurogiri hums as Shigaraki swirls his drink of Cranberry Sprite.

The picture in his hands is what he's been staring at for the last ten minutes. "Think about it like this, she just needs the right motivation, her past is that motivation, with all that she's been through, she has the potential of being a great villain, which is exactly what we will push her for. The U.S. government just tossed her into highschool without social skills or even knowledge of how a teenager should act. It'll be easy to sway her."

"While you have a point, I just don't-"

"What's so hard to understand about it? Our informant hasn't failed us yet, so why would they fail now?" Shigaraki mused.

"You know, boss, you haven't even given us a clue on who our informant is." Dabi cut in. Sipping a scotch and drumming his fingers on the bar.

"That's for me to know, not you." Shigaraki growled at the man. Gulping his drink again while Toga slapped her hands on the bar for another milkshake.

"But I wanna meet our friend! I bet they're good looking! You just won't tell us because you want them for yourself Tomura-chan, I wanna sink my teeth into them, I bet their blood is just as good as all their information they've given us." Toga cheers and maniacally giggles as Kurogiri gives her another strawberry milkshake.

"Think you've had enough sugar yet psycho-pants?" Dabi chuckles and finished his own glass of alcohol, he crunches the ice in his teeth as Toga whines that she has a skirt instead of pants.

"Both of you shut up!" Shigaraki groans dangerously at them. Despite Dabi wearing a cocky smirk he stops talking while Toga quietly rambles about the informant being her victim as she slurps the sweet pink drink of her milkshake through a metal straw.

Shigaraki picks up the photo of you again and smiles to himself, "so beautiful."

Chapter Text

You both approach one another cautiously until you know you're standing infront of his room. He looks to the door and then you and starts to scramble to open it. "We can talk in here." He states, you sigh, nodding as you walk into his room. It represents him that's for sure.

You see that he's a fan of Crimson Riot like you, not that you didn't know that already. You both sit down, he on his bed and you at the computer chair at his desk. You continue to hold the bag of bedding and he begins first.

"Hey," Kirishima begins, "we, should, uh, talk about..." He trails off and looks at you, his carmine eyes sparkle with hints of sadness but they're gentle and you can't help but keep his gaze.

You raise an eyebrow, despite the weight that you feel in your stomach. "Being soulmates?"

He chuckles, scratching the back of his head sheepishly. "Yeah, that..."

You shrug. "There's... nothing to be done about it. You already know everything about me, and I know everything about you. And, I know it's not the most ideal thing to find out about someone without even... talking first, but..."

"R-Right, I'm- I'm sorry about that," he mumbles.

You watch him in confusion. "Why are you sorry? You're the one who- who had to see... all of that unpleasant stuff."

"But- you're the one that had to go through it!" he exclaims, gwtting up from the bed he walks over to you and clasps your shoulders. "I barely wanna talk about my past with people I don't know, I can't imagine how it must feel having all that out in a stranger's head."

You nearly laugh. "So, you're worried about me because you have my memories, and I'm worried about you having my memories?"

He chuckles again, you now notice that it's a nervous tick for him to find unpleasant things a little funny, which you don't mind, you like his laugh. "I guess we are..." He clears his throat. "Well, aside from that, I-I want to help in any way I can. You're away from them now. You're in a new school, and can make new friends! So-So no worrying about it anymore, alright?? If-If they every try anything again, I'll beat them up, you got me? It's what any man would do!"

You tilt your head in a childish way. "Why? Because we're soulmates?"

Kirishima shakes his head. "I... I'd do it if you weren't my soulmate. You're meant to be special to me and I'm not sure what that means for us yet, but for now... friends?" He extends a hand.

You hesitantly take it. "Friends," you agree after a moment with a small smile. "I... I like that. And," you add quickly, "I appreciate your offer. Truly. I've... never had a hero before," you admit.

Kirishima smiles brightly, showing off his sharp teeth. "I'm happy to be your first." He blushes lightly at his own innuendo he didn't mean to say. "Hero! F-First hero. Yeah." He laughs awkwardly, covering up his mistake.

You nod innocently, missing the innuendo. "First hero."

"Well, um, I'll let you go then, I know you have things to do considering the bedding that Alex gave you and all. But don't be worried to ask me anything if you need to." He takes your hand to help you stand up and you bow to him which he returns the gesture.

"Same here, you can talk to me if you need to." You smile at him and he nods his thanks.

"By the way, I think your quirk is really cool. Goodnight (Y/n)."

You blush lightly and nod. "Night Eijirou."

You can see his cheeks turn pink at the use of his first name, but what the hell did it matter, you had a right to since you knew everything.

On your walk out of Kirishima's room you mull over his words in your head again, they play on a loop in your brain. 'A Friend.'

You smile at the though and your nose and forehead knock gently into something solid.

Once again you've bumped into someone.

Todoroki looks at you with concern as you rub your nose with your free hand and give a nasal-y apology.

"Hey, I don't know if you remember me or not but, are you okay (Y/n)?"

He catches your hand to your hand away from your face. You looked up at him then down at your wrist where he holds it. "I remember you Todoroki-Kun, and to answer your question, I'm not sure." He smiled at the fact you did indeed remember him.

"Well, a few of us where going to play video games in the common room in this wing, do you want to join us?" He inquires, your kinda grateful for the offer and you nod slowly. You don't seem to notice as his hand slips into yours and he leads you down the hall.

"I've never touched a video game consol or controller I hope you know that."

"Oh, I haven't either so it'll be a first time experience for the both of us." Todoroki smiles at you and you nod again.

"Oh, do you want to go change into pajamas first? You don't look comfortable in your gym outift. N-Not that you don't look nice I'm just saying it gets a little warm in the common room because of the AC being broken."

"Oh, thanks for the warning, yeah, I'll head over to my wing and get pajamas, I'll be back in a few, is there anything specific that I need?" You ask, fidgeting with the sleeves of your gym jacket, he shakes his head and you nod. He let's go of your hand and you leave the wing to go to your dorm room to change.

True to your word, you come back a few minutes later in your pajamas with a plush pillow from the bedding that Alex gave to you. You squeezed the plush thing to your chest as you walked. You wore black capris and a white baggy crimson riot logo t-shirt, one of the sleeves hung of your shoulder and left the gray strap of your tank top bra bare to the world along with your collar bones. The plush pillow was a light blue and made you look smaller than you ere.

You walk into the common room of the boys wing and see a few of them chattering with each other quietly. Todoroki was sitting on the couch with an open spot which you assumed was for you. You stopped and took in the boys in the area, Bakugou was holding a controller in an arm chair and a blonde with the black streak from earlier was also holding a control, both had focused looks on their faces.

You counted the rest off, bird head, six arms, grape head, and then a boy with green hair resting on the other arm chair, a notebook in his lap and his eyes flickering between the screen and what he was writing. Well you couldn't call them that now since you learned their names when visions flashed while Kirishima touched you for that split second. You tried again with their names. Tokoyami, Shouji, Mineta, Midoriya, Kaminari was the blonde sitting next to Bakugou.

"Hey, you made it!" Kaminari stated with a charming smile making everyone but Bakugou looking at you, Todoroki smiled and waved you over. You tip toed over to the candy cane boy and sat cross legged on the couch next to him to watch the game.

"How long have you been standing there?" Todoroki asked, his head tilting to the side. You smile at him and shrug.

"Few minutes, nice to see everyone." You look around the room, Bakugou scoffs while everyone smiles.

"You seem in a much better mood, how do you feel?" Tokoyami questions with a raised hand in greeting.

"Much better, thanks, you guys don't mind if I hang out do you?" You ask, Kaminari is quick to answer.

"You're always welcome to join the squad pretty girl, as long as your down to take me on in the next round, since Bakugou is so bad at this game." Kaminari rolls his eyes.

"Shut the fuck up spark plug I am not!" Bakugou growls at him, you laugh and hug the pillow some more.

"I've actually never played video games before, so I don't think I'd be much better off, especially when I'm low on caffeine."

"Oh, well there's a coffee machine in the kitchen I can make you something to drin-"

"I got it." Bakugou cuts Tokoyami off and throws his controller in Todoroki's lap, Bakugou gets up from his arm chair and shoves Kaminari's head to the side making him lose his balance in his sitting position and toppling over, making his fighter go off the edge of the map. Kaminari groans as the round ends, he won anyway but the movement cost him that last round.

"Its surprising that Kacchan would want to make coffee for you, he never does that for anyone." Midoriya perks up and you look at him, smiling and the freckled boy.

"Maybe he's finally changing his ways for once." Shouji shrugged as Todoroki handed the controller to him, not wanting to play yet.

After some time of Kaminari and Shouji picking their characters Bakugou came back and handed you a mug of coffee you take it giving him a "thank you" but his cocky smile throughs you off.

You take a sip of the drink as he sits down and you raise a brow.

"Did you seriously make me an Americano coffee?"

And at those words the room is filled with laughter. You don't know how to feel about it, your cheeks are red and you feel an emotion that you haven't really felt before, you understand that it's a harmless joke but why does your heart feel like it's about to burst?

Embarassed, you felt a little embarrassed and it was a first time thing.

You take another drink of the coffee and laughter dies away. You slurp it loudly to gather every ones attention.

"Thanks Bakugou, how'd you know that it's my favorite, have you been stalking me?" You deadpan and stare him down as you take another drink, smirking into the mug.

The room bursts into fits of giggling as Bakugou growls at You, swinging his legs over the armrest of his chair and leaning on the other one, trying to look relax.

"As if theirs anything to stalk fucking try-hard." You smile as every one settles down.


A few hours into video games with the boys Shouji and Tokoyami went to bed, Midoriya did to after them. The boys said good night to you as they went each went to bad, Kaminari and Bakugou were still playing, determined to be the winner over the other. Todoroki sat on the couch and you were hugging your pillow tightly while Mineta sat on the other end of the couch eyeing you.

You didn't really understand why he looked at you so often, you yawned and leaned into the cold side of Todoroki since you felt yourself becoming a little warm.

"Hot?" He asked quietly, you nod your head tiredly and he opens his arm to invite you into his space, you gladly accept the invitation and curl up to his side, leaning over to rest on his shoulder. His arm wraps around you and settles on the dip of your waist and you sigh as his left side becomes colder, making you shiver in a good way.

He smiles as you curl up with your pillow and he touches your hair, the minstrations soothe you to sleep and your breathing slows down, Todoroki maneuvers the pillow into his lap and your head follows, Todoroki smiles gently and watches Kaminari and Bakugou play video games more, he picks up Bakugou's controller from the blonde and tries his hand at playing for the first time now that your passed out in his lap, he feels more at ease and Bakugou watches on, playing on his phone a little while no one pays mind to the grape little shit. You sigh contently in your sleep, shifting in a way that accentuates the curve of your thigh and backside. Mineta's eyes snap to your assets, not bothering to hide his lecherous expression.

"Too bad she didn't take off more of her clothes, if she was feeling so hot, woulda made for a better show," he cackles.

"Shut the fuck up, you fucking perv." Bakugou snaps, the blonde is in no mood to put up with Mineta's shit, especially when it came to you, which surprised him a little.

"What??" Mineta asks, surprised. He turns to Kaminari. "Back me up on this; we gotta get some pics before she wakes up~!" He drools, making grabby hands towards your prone body.

"No way!" Kaminari says, somewhat angry, he's whisper screaming at Mineta now. "Don't drag me down with you! I may like... checkin' out the goods, but not when they can't defend themselves." Kaminari checked you out earlier that day and got a face full of the red track. And the fact that youh liked his jokes and didn't find him absolutely annoying made him like and respect you.

Mineta takes out his phone and opens the camera function. "Whatever, pussies." He chortles. "Speaking of which..."

Todoroki puts his controller down, no longer focused on the game, he swiftly and smoothly grabs the phone from Mineta's hands and sets it ablaze, crushing it as he does, all the while making sure you're not disturbed, he lets the burnt and broken device slide out of his hands to the carpet and away from you. "If we see you or hear of you doing something like this again, I won't destroy the evidence. I'll take it straight to Aizawa. Do you understand?" Todoroki's voice is icy and protective as he rubs your shoulder to soothe your stirring body.

Mineta looks fearfully at Todoroki, then at Bakugou, and Kaminari. All three hold similar expressions of disgusted anger.

"F-Fine, whatever. Lame." The perverted boy mumbles and gets off the couch to go to bed.

Kaminari glares at him ad he stalks off and then looks back to your sleeping form. "Did she wake up any?" He asks quietly. Todoroki shakes his head and smoothes your hair out of her face.

"We should take her to bed." Todoroki states, setting his controller aside again. "But, I don't know where her dorm room is."

"I do." Bakugou smirks, of course the hot head did.

"Well what room is it?" Kaminari asks as Todoroki lifts your body up into his arms carefully and Kaminari grabs your dropped pillow.

"Tch, I'm not telling you Lidocaine, I'll take her to bed, Kaminari can get the pillow and you can clean up that." Bakugou points to the broken peices of Mineta's phone on the ground.

Todoroki sighs, looking at you then at Bakugou and Kaminari who remains expressionless about the issue. Todoroki sighs in defeat and Bakugou holds his arms out and Todoroki passes you carefully into Bakugou's hands. Bakugou is gentle to adjust his grip on you and you snuggle into his warm caramel scent.

He smirks and carries you along while Kaminari follows behind with the pillow, bidding Todoroki goodnight.

They reach your room with Bakugou in the lead and he opens your door, glad it isn't locked. Kaminari steps infront of him to set the pillow on your head space in the bed and pulls back the comforter and sheets so Bakugou can lay you down.

He kneels slightly to make sure your comfortable on your side, you grab the pillow Kaminari put down and snuggle into it immediantly, making both boys chuckle.

"She's quiet the cuddle bug isn't she?" Kaminari tucks you in and both boys leave the room, closing the door carefully behind them.

"Damn straight, let's get back." Bakugou throughs a thumb over his shoulder towards the door seperating the left and right wings and Kaminari nods his agreement.


"Why do you make me feel this way little girl? I don't even know you, so why?" Shigaraki whines into his pillows as his hand slides up and down his cock. Pictures of you are scattered around his bed as he thrusts into his fist. Biting the fabric of his pillows and groaning.

His pre-cum sat in a pool underneath him and he panted and drool ran down his cracked lips to his chin, his body was hot and slick with sweat, he was only in his boxer briefs that sat on his thighs. His tongue hangs from his mouth needily as he fucks himself into his hand. His strokes are rough and his dick is overly stimulated with how he edged himself to your picture. Pictures he took of you all day with his dick hard in his boxers.

The sheer power you had over others and your classmates and even the teachers had him gasping on air with the need of wanting you be between your legs. He's never loved someone before, he's never lusted this much, he felt so perverted.

But he didn't care about that now, he wanted to desperately to cum, he wanted you on your knees begging for his cock like it wad the last thing on the planet.

He wasn't in any means small, his dick was of considerable size, a length that could reach with a girth that could stretch and fill someone, preferably you, up so, so well. He can almost imagine hearing your delightful squeals and moans, he feels like he'll fall over at the thought of you marking him and clawing at his skin.

His palm rolls roughly over the tip of his cock as he feels himself come closer, mind reeling at the thought of you- under him, on top of him, mouth around him, tight pussy twitching around his cock. His hair clings to his forehead, sheen of sweat covering his body. His ruts become uneven, more sporadic, a strong wave of heat flowing through him.

“F-Fuck little girl, fuck-“ Shigaraki’s cum spurts out of his cock and onto his sheets, thick ropes of white splattering onto his pictures of you.

He pants harshly, his legs tremble and his hand tries to soothe his dick as he buries his face into his pillow, licking the saliva from his lips, he falls to the side to avoid landing in his flyids, he's spent.

Shigaraki lifts up a picture that has splashes of his fun on it and smiles to himself. "You're going to look so perfect with you marked in my cum, Babydoll."

He presses a kiss to a spot that isn't covered in cum before rolling out of bed to wash up.

Chapter Text

When you wake, your tangled in your sheets and blankets that you got from Alex, half on half off the bed. Your arm and legs hanging off it while a trickle of drool pours down your chin.

Is it obvious that you aren't a morning person?

When in the government facility you had to be strapped down to the bed while you slept because of how much you moved around and tossed and turned. You were quite surprised that you didn't sleep walk.

You tumbled out of bed and deranged yourself from the fabric and warmth before proceeded to lay on the ground on your back, stretched out like a starfish with your cheek pressed to the carpet.

knock, knock, knock

Again with the fucking knocking? You groan not bothering to get up but yes bothering to tug your shirt down and roll over on your stomach.

"Come in." You say with a yawn in your throat. The door opens and you look up to see Mina and Ochako with a confused expression.

"Um, (Y/n), why are you on the ground?" Ochako questions.

"Why aren't you on the ground?" You counter.

Mina and Uraraka look at one another.

"Fair enough," Mina walks into the room and sits next to you and pats your head to somewhat smoothe out your wild bedhead. "Come on, Bakugou and Tsu-Chan are making breakfast for everyone before our morning run." Mina smiles as you sit up and Ochako laughs as you fall over in the other direction.

"You guys all run together?"

"Well yeah, we are like a big family here. It's a few laps around the campus to get our blood pumping." Uraraka holds up her arms and flexes with a beaming smile.

You like her smile, you decide.

"Okay, I'll be out in a minute, I just need to get dressed and then I'll join everyone." You say, stretching and making your back pop in a cacophony of cracking noises which make the girls in your room wince.

Mina giggles and gets up from her seared position, she offers a hand to help you up and you hesitate for a few seconds before taking it. She helps you stand up and you thank her with a nod and sleepy smile.

"Take your time." Is what she says before walking out of your room and shutting the door behind her.

You run your fingers though your hair, understanding it's frizzy state for bed head before you begin to shuffle around the room for your clothes.

You find your military grade gym clothes that help you regulate your quirk so you decide to throw them on.

You tighten the belt around your hips while the baggy camo green fabric bunches around your legs. You put on a black sports bra before the also green camo tight fitness shirt. You tuck the fabric into your belt and lace up the combat boots you use to run laps in.

With the final touch of tying your hair back into a tight pony tail with your brush, you feel the hair pull on your scalp and relax at the pressure while it slowly wakes you up.

You step out of your door after fixing your bed, remembering that you need to return the bedding to Alexander later and go to the store for different bedding. You step into the alliance house kitchen and see half of your classmates in barstools and munching on breakfast. Asui and Bakugou are in aprons and cooking like psychos but the food looks really good none the less.

You take a seat in between Kyoka and Ojirou and say good morning to the people that pass you buy, some are still in pajamas, others are in their gym uniforms.

"Good morning, (L/n)-chan, anything you want in particular?" Asui smiles at you and you smile back.

"Can I actually have some-"

"Coffee? Got you covered already." Bakugou jumps in and puts a mug of Americano in your hands, you can't help but roll your eyes at the smirking blonde before turning back to Asui.

"Anything with veggies in it." You shrug, not having a preference for breakfast. You sip from the mug in your hands and Asui leaves a moment before coming back with a plate that has bacon and a delicious looking omelette on it.

Your mouth waters as she places it infront of you. "Is this okay, (L/n)-chan? It has peppers and spinach in it with some onion too, oh and cheese." She lists of while you set the cup to the side and pick up a fork.

"Thank you, Tsu, it looks delicious." You grin. She smiles again and sneaks a peice of bacon from a plate she made earlier and you laugh. "Thanks for the coffee Bakugou, I appreciate it." You hold up your mug to gesture to both it an him.

"Whatever," is what he scoffs before screaming at Asui and a few others who pay no mind to his demonic screeching.

You take a bite of your breakfast and practically moan as it all melts together in your mouth. Kyoka laughs and pets your pony tail as you eat.

You like how everyone is a little touchy in their own way. You've never receive much affection or attention so it makes your heart warm to know that people want to touch you in one way or another.

Ojirou's tail wags as he eats his own breakfast and you take note of it. You put your hand out and his tail hits your hand, making you both flinch back.

"Sorry, you okay?" He asks, his voice is soothijng and you nod as his tail stops wagging.

"Can I. . .?" You point to his tail and his concerned expression falls to be replaced with a smile, his tail maneuvers over to you and you hesitantly touch it again.

"It won't bite, don't worry." He laughs, you play with the tufts of blonde hair at the end of it and smile as his tail begins to wiggle in satisfaction, he goes back to eating his breakfast.

Your grin widens as you pet and rub on his tail, bringing it to rest in your lap while you eat it keeps your legs warm while you eat quietly and listen to the hustle and bustle around you. Pushing your plate to the side with the un-eaten bacon still on it you sigh, and drink your coffee and keep focused on Ojirou's tail in your lap like a dog.

You notice his bashful smile as he eats and you drink your coffee until Bakugou screamed at you, something about your plate, and both of you jump, making Ojirou's tail hit you in the nose as it flies upwards. You topple of your stool and land on your back with a groan. You don't curse but you do whimper as you try to move.

"Woah, (Y/n)!? You okay?!" Kirishima is quick to be by your side. He practically flew off the couch to help you out, Todoroki put his plate down from the other side of the room and went over to help you out while Ojirou said apology after apology.

"I-It's fine," you promise as Kirishima helps you sit up and youh rub at the back of your neck. Todoroki feels around your head and finds the bump right below your pony tail, he places his left hand on it gently and you shiver at the chills that run through you.

You suddenly find yourself looking at Kirishima's hand in your face and drawing backwards. He holds up some fingers.

"How many?"

"Two." You answer, he does it again.

"How many this time?"


"And again?"

"Two." Kirishima nods at your correct answers and with the gentle help of Shouto, they lift you off the ground and steady you.

"Are you alright?" Todoroki asks, his hand still cradling the back of your head. You nod and you sit down again.

"Thanks Kirishima-kun, I have her." Todoroki states.

The red head nods and watches as Kyoka gets up. "You can have my seat, Kirishima how about you and I pick a playlist to run too this morning?" Kirishima nods but he looks disappointed to go, he releases your hand to leave you with the half and half teenager and the couple blondes there.

"I really am sorry (Y/n), Bakugou just startled me, I didn't-" Ojirou rambles but you cut him off.

"Seriously, Ojirou-Kun it's okay."

Bakugou is cross armed infront of you when you look foreward, your head slumps to your forearms as he smirks. Todoroki takes Kyoka's offered up seat and thanks her to keep hold of your head while Bakugou speaks.

"How was the trip down?" He asks. You blink in confusion, unaware he's making fun of you.

"Fine?" You answer, a bit conflicted with his laugh.

"(Y/n) is that your plate?" Todoroki points to the dish of un-eaten bacon before you and you nod.

"Why didn't you eat all of it, you have to keep your strength up." Todoroki scolds and you shrug.

"I've never had that before, I don't really know what it is." Both Todoroki and Bakugou stop to stare at you and you stare at them both confused. "What?"

"You've never had bacon?" Todoroki asks, staring at you like you have five heads and each is speaking a different language.

"What kinda parents fucked you over six ways to Sunday to not give you bacon?" Bakugou takes the plate and tosses the cold food away to place a few peices of the warm strips of meat onto it. You brush off his comment about your parents, not wanting to give anything away. Bakugou puts the plate confront of you.

"Eat it." The blonde demands. You lift your head and stare at it.


Five heads turns to eight and atleast two of them where speaking Portuguese. Todoroki picks up a strip and takes a bite.

"You just pick it up, no forks or knives, you just take a bite." He holds his bitten peice out to you for you to take it but you surprise both boys by just taking hold of his wrist and snatching the bacon from his fingers with your hand.

You crunch on it, admiring it's crispness and sigh happily, licking the crumbs from your lips you look back at him and release his wrist.

"Like that?"

"Yeah, that works too." He nods approvingly as if you didn't just tongue fuck a peice of meat that was in his hand, infront of him. And Todoroki was completly unaware of the blonde boring holes into him.

Ojirou gets up to leave and rinse his plate, wanting to avoid the awkward situation in fear of making it worse. Bakugou takes a peice from your plate knowingly hopefully He holds it out and leans on the counter to test his little theory. In five seconds you would be eating out of his palm literally and figuratively.

"Here, this one might be a little better without someone taking a bite out of it." He holds it out to you and like a five year old you take his wrist and open your mouth, only for it to close around the strip of bacon, your lips brushed against the tips of his fingers and Bakugou held his breath as your tongue licked his fingers to get all the greasy goodness of the bacon.

You smile and chew on it, thanking him and Todoroki for his help at your discovery.

"Its time for our morning run everyone, line up!" Iida calls out demandingly. Bakugou snorted and pulled his apron off, scowling as the moment was destroyed.

You brush Todoroki's hand away gently and he releases your head. "Thanks Todoroki-kun, I appreciate it."

"No problem, will you be okay to run with us today?" He nods to your head, referring to the bump.

"Oh yeah, no problem, it's a matter of you keeping up with me that will be the question." You smirk, making him smile and push you along to the line.

"In this outift? I think you have it backwards."

"Lets test that theory." You smirk, both of you line up at the front of the alliance, you nod to Alexander as he stretches at the end. Kirishima and Kaminari and Bakugou are chatting in a group and lining up, you take space in the middle with Todoroki next to Midoriya and the floating gym outfit that is Hakagure.

Iida gets into line and calls out, "ready. Set. GO!" and with that, all of you run away towards the campus to make a lap.


"Bakugou! It's your turn to go food shopping!" Momo holds a grocery list out to the blonde and he growls.

"That stupid race, classes all day and now I have to God to the grocery store for you freaks?" The angry blonde snatches the list from her hand as she walks away with Uraraka.

"Bakugou, it Is your turn, why not take someone with you this time around instead of going alone and pouting the entire time." Ochako suggests.

Kiri jumps in on the conversation and grins. "I'll go with you bro, I need to drop something at the post office anyway so I don't mind tagging along for the store."

"You can't just invite yourself along Shitty Hair!"

"Can I go with you? I need to pick up some bedding." You raise your hand to speak and lower it when your finished.

Bakugou glares at you but he sighs frustratedly. "Fine, you two can come with me, I'm leaving in 15 minutes so hurry the fuck up and get ready." And with that the blonde storms away to his dorm room.

Kirishima opens his mouth to say something. "Hey, I never really got to say this earlier but, you did really well with the running, especially-"

"With my clothes? It's what I was made to wear when I was in the government facility." You shrug, "I was practically bred it that outfit, thanks though."

Kirishima blushes as you punch his arm in a goodbye gesture you saw a couple other students do before you leave for your dorm room. Once your out of sight he rubs the spot where you hit him, he would never admit that you had a good arm.

Fifteen minutes later, true to his word, Bakugou is annoyingly tapping his foot and waiting for you and Kirishima. You come down first in the same outfit you wore for the race. Bakugou still remembers the triumphant smirk you hold while passing him in the second lap.

Kirishima is quick to follow you, wearing casual shorts and a black short sleeve tight fit shirt and his hands are fisted into his hair to the it back, he was freshly showed and his shirt was a little damp from the water clinging to his body but he kept his stride as he tied his hair back.

"Are we fucking ready to go now?" Bakugou growls, you nod and look at Kirishima. He agrees and all of you walk out the door, Bakugou keeps a steady pace with you and Kirishima follows, you all agreed to head to the store first.

You've never been to a grocery store now that you thought about it, maybe before the facility but it's not like you remember that time.

You're looking at anything and everything as the boys drag you through the streets to the store, you haven't been places in ten years, you wanted to make the most of the few hours that you had.

So you would do that.

You would experience this while two boys held your hand to lead you along while you're eyes wandered, a blonde on your left, a red head on your right, and a light blue haired male watching from the back.

Chapter Text

You walked along with them, your hands behind your back and holding a bag of bedding. It was purple with white flowers and the pillow cases where white with purple daisies and leaves. Kirishima walked next to you with a letter hanging out of his mouth by his teeth and two pillows under each arm.

Katsuki was in front of you both with a shopping cart, snatching things of the shelves angrily and crossing items off an alphabetically assorted list of food. You kept walking and looked at Kirishima as he adjusted the pillows in his arms, his nose wrinkled and you plucked the letter from his lips.

"You're gonna get it wet, I'll carry it, thank you again for carrying my pillows." You say, swinging the bedding back and forth with the letter in your other hand. He grins and sets his jaw from having to keep it closed for so long.

"It's not a problem really, thank you." He nodded, Kirishima continued to walk with you and you surveyed katsuki as he stopped and grabbed cans of whatever needed and placed them in the cart.

"Alright you fuck ups, we needs to get a few more things before we check out. Shitty Hair I'll need you to help me with carrying stuff so go mail your letter like the fucking wind. Put some fire under that red ass of yours. I'll take these." The blonde yanked the pillows from the red head and you shrugged, handing Kirishima the letter which he took with a sharp toothed grin.

"Works for me, don't call (Y/n) a fuck up, I'll be back in twenty minutes, sound good?" Kirishima looked from Bakugou to you and he nodded. You smiled and nodded back at him.

Kirishima turned on his heel and walked out of the store towards the post office which was only a block away.

"You're kinda a fuck up." Bakugou broke the silence and you rose a brow at him.


"Like, you don't know the first thing about anything social or normal, what's with that?" Bakugou turned to you and took your bedding, putting in in the cart. He gestured for you to walk infront of him and you obliged, walking a bit faster.

"Oh um, guess I was just really sheltered as a kid, I don't know." You shrug.

"Oh? And what changed that shit, how come you aren't so sheltered anymore, why'd you move here?" You weren't fond of the Bakugou interogation system, it made you sweat with slight nervousness you didn't want to slip up a question.

"My. . . My parents passed away in a car accident in the state's, but they were very strict on what I ate, learned, trained, slept, thought, I was made to follow orders and obey, but when they died I was sent here at their request. So here I am, learning how to be a teenager." You explain, leaving out as much detail about the government and your past to make him leave the subject alone. He tsked and pulled you out of the way of another shopper.

"First off, watch it, secondly, that must fucking suck, sorry bout your luck but you ain't going through that anymore, you can be a teenager, experience shit." He grabbed your right hand and yanked your sleeve down, looking at your soul mark. "Have a fucking soulmate and friends."

"Will you be my friend?" You put your hand around his and gave it a gentle squeeze, making him release you but drop his hand into yours.

"Tch. . . I don't have friends."

"What about Kirishima?" You blink, confused at his statement.

"Shitty hair isn't my friend."

You become silent, biting your lip.

Noticing Your change in behaviour, he sighs and scratches the back of his head.

". . . He's my family. And considering you're his soulmate, I guess this makes you my family, so yes. . . You can be my friend or whatever." He grumbles, pulling you along, still holding your hand, and making you smile.

"How'd you know he was my soulmate?" You become wide eyed, afraid he knows everything about where you came from and the life you lived.

"Well, I was the first person he told when your who vision thing happened. He was pretty shaken up. . . But if it's your past you're worried about, I don't know much. And I don't plan on telling anyone. . . It wouldn't be respectful of me." Bakugou admits, your gaze softens and you walk next to him, locking your arm with his as he walks. He doesn't push you away or object. He just stays quiet, and he secretly relishes in the feeling of your touch.


"Woah!" You squeal as Kirishima lifts you up, swinging you over his shoulder with a cheery laugh. Bakugou rolls his eyes at the sickeningly sweet scene of him practically man-handling you with a package in his other hand. Bakugou is wheeling a cart full of groceries behind him and your clinging to your bedding and items as Kirishima walks onward.

"Come on, shitty hair put the American down, she doesn't understand affection if it smacked her upside the head." Bakugou glowers and quite literally smacks you upside the head, making you yelp and rub at the spot while Kirishima sets you down.

"What is that supposed to mean!?" You whine.

Bakugou doesn't answer you, only smirking as he rests his case. Kirishima brushes him off and pats you on the head, understanding completely considering he knew practically everything.

"He doesn't mean anything by it (Y/n)." The red head promises and you nod.

"What's with the package?" Bakugou cuts in.

"Yeah, I was wondering the same thing." You speak up, looking at him expectantly with a cute tilt to the side of your head.

"Oh, it's a surprise for someone's birthday, I'll let you guys see it later." Kirishima states and you grin and nod.

The three of you continue walking, enjoying the chilly spring air, before to long you make it to the gates and you spot Alexander leaving the dorms. Smiling instantly you practically slip over to him, he was your very first friend. Or second one if you counted your fight with Todoroki as something.

Alexander's face lit up when you approached him and he beamed a thousand watt smile at you. "Hey (Y/n)!" His accent was practically music and you held up your new bedding, prepared to speak.

"Oi, Americano! You coming?!" Bakugou yelled at you and you looked back to see them waiting for you.

"You guys go on ahead, I'll just be a moment!" You called back at them, seeing him and Kirishima shrug and walk into the dorm house you turned around to see Alexander chewing at his lip peircing. His hands in the pockets of his dark ripped jeans

You pushed a price of hair behind your ear and smiled, a bit timid you finally held your new bedding up.

"Ahh, does this mean I can have mine back?" He chuckles and takes the bag from you, getting a better look. "I like the color, it suits you." He smiles.

You glance up at his alexandrite eyes and he runs a hand through his turquoise waves.

"Well, of course you can have your bedding back. Why don't we go get it now?" You toss your thumb over your shoulder in an awkward gesture and he smiles.

"Yeah, that sounds great, then maybe we can go for icecream later? That's where I was heading just now." He suggests. You smile and nod. Taking your things into the girls wing of the Allience.

You say hi to some of the boys and girls and watch the common room that connects the girls and boys wing.

You walk up the stairs, Alex close behind. You don't realize that he's admiring the curve of your butt. You reach your door and unlock it. Stepping in, you hold the door open for him and he steps in aswell. The seventeen year old looked around your room, laughing inwardly at a few of the red riot posters and the simplicity of your room.

You begin taking the bedding off and the soft pillow he had given you the day before landed on the ground. You both reached for it, your hands touching briefly.

You flinch back, letting him smile gently and picking the pillow up himself.

"You know, you can keep this one." Alexander handed the pillow back to you and you took it gratefully. Pulling it to your head to bury your face in it. You quietly inhale the still scent of his cologne that still rests on his pillow. your pillow.

He chuckles, saying something about you being adorable before taking the now folded bedding.

"Well, how about we go get the icecream n-"


Ah, the signaling bell that curfew has now been started and that the students weren't allowed to leave school grounds.

"Damn, ah, I'm sorry, you could've still gone if it wasn't for me." You chuckled with a sad smile.

"Hey, no I enjoyed my time with you, let's go tomorrow okay? Tomorrow is Saturday."

"Yeah, I'd really like that!" You grin at him.


"Jesus!" You yelp. While Alex curses something in Russian. You practically jump into the blue haired teen and he wraps an arm around you whole you look at Todoroki who is standing in your doorway, holding his sling back across his chest and tilting his head to the side.

"Sorry, am I interrupting?" He apologizes with a short bow. "Hello Alexander."

"Todoroki-kun, you scared us, no you aren't interrupting anything. (Y/n) was just returning my bedding." Alexander says, letting go of you but you were more hesitant. Taking a step back, you apologize. Alexander brushes your words of sorry off and pats your (h/c) hair.

"Oh, well I'm sorry to have startled you. (Y/n) said we would study at 7:00 PM," Todoroki checked his watch and frowned. "Granted that I'm a few minutes early, sorry about that."

"You're fine Todoroki! Come on in, let me just finish putting the bedding on and we can start studying." You muse, unzipping the plastic and taking the bedding out. Your favorite color of course and since your room was so minimalistic it matched.

Todoroki stepped into your room and walked over to your desk, sitting down in your chair.

"I'll see you later Alex." You say, giving him a smile, he's staring intently at a picture of your parents standing in the street and throwing up peace signs while the sunset behind. He steps back and smiles.

"Yeah, I'll. . . I'll see you later." He says quickly. You raise a brow but he's out of your room before you can say anything else.

With a shrug you turn back to making your bed and Todoroki clears his throat.

"I'm sorry I interrupted." He says again and you wave him off.

"Do you mind getting the door please? And you're fine Shouto, it's my fault for forgetting our study date." You crawl onto your bed and pick up your bag, pulling your textbooks out while Todoroki gets up to close the door. He pulls his house slippers off and sits on the bed next to you, grabbing his own textbook.

About into an hour of going over math problems that didn't make sense to either one of you you had changed positions multiple times in the hour. From on your back to your stomach to your side, to sitting on your butt on the floor. Todoroki would switch between sitting crosslegged on your bed, in your rolly chair or hanging upside down on your bed.

"Shouto, do we really have to study this one subject over and over? Let's do something else. It must be about 9:00 p.m. right now." You whine. Todoroki looks at his watch.

"It's 8:39, but I guess we can take a break if you want." He shrugs, closing his book to sit up on the bed properly. You sit up as well and stretch, your back popping and youh sigh, falling back against the cushions.

Todoroki lays down next to you seeing as there is room for you both and you sigh. Staring at the ceiling. But Todoroki has his eyes on you.

"You know something?" He says softly.

"Out of the millions of ways we could've died today we've avoided all of them, go us." You smile at your morbid joke, lookikng at him finally.

His nose wrinkled and he shakes his head. "What? No. No, you're the only person who calls me by my first name."

You let out a sigh through your nose. Rolling your shoulders in your bed and bending your knees to make yourself more comfortable.

"I'm sorry, Todoroki, it's just, in America we always call one another by a nickname or our first names. We only use our last names when addressing a soldier. . . Or something." 'smooth cover up'

"Well, I know that, how have you been? Adjusting and all?" He turns on his side. Putting a hand under his head to prop himself up.

"It's been. . . Quite the experience, I'm not really sure how to act or anything." You turn to your side and face up, holding your hands to your chest and smiling while he moved a piece of hair out of your face.

"I actually like it when you call me by my first name." He whispers, he puts his other hand on your hip, bringing you a bit closer. You place a free hand on his chest and he kisses your forehead.

You close your eyes. "You do?"

"Yeah, it makes me feel. . . Significant." He murmurs. You look at his heterochromatic eyes. His aquamarine and silver gems staring down into your (e/c) ones.

You bite your lip and the hand that rested under his head is now against your cheek. His thumb brushing your bottom lip.

"I'd advise you to not bite your lip (Y/n)." He instructs, you release your lip from your teeth and look at him, your innocent eyes piercing him like a knife.

Your hand clenched his shirt and you lean against against him, he allows you to cuddle into his chest and you take the time to hug him. He wraps his arms around you, pressing his cheek to your head.

"I really like this, Todoroki."

"Please, keep calling me Shouto." He asks, it sounds like a beg and you understand that he's starved of physical attention.

You nod your head against his chest and he relishes in the feeling of your touch. His eyes shutting and his body relaxing.

You feel his bicep relax, his arm becoming your personal pillow and you enjoy the feeling of his body encasing yours, because let's be honest, you're just as touch starved as he is.

You both lay there for a few moments, prolonging your studying session and a few thought cross both of your minds.

Soon, your head is being tilted upwards, your eyes are opening. His are already open but they shut again when he closes the gap between your head and his. His lips are on yours in a soft, slow, and languid kiss.

Your eyes shut and you move your lips back against his. The kiss lasts for almost five seconds. Almost. But it ends quickly, Todoroki is still holding you. You're still against his chest. You felt nothing in his kiss unlike the huge build up of fairy tales from Disney movies when you where so tiny. It wasn't love. It is what it is.

Just a kiss.

"(Y/n)?" He begins.


"I think, that maybe. . . I think I'm gay."

Chapter Text

Hizashi thumbs a few of the graded English papers at his desk, sighing, he's quiet for once but it's due to how much is running through his mind.

He takes his glasses off and shakes his hair, letting it loose from the thick styled gel and trying his best to rectangle it before throwing it into a messy bun.

He's actually thinking about you. It had been only a few days since youh transferred in but he wondered how well you were coping considering the last time you spoke to him, you were on the verge of tears and panic was swarming your system.

The subtle vibration of his phone made him jump a bit. Digging a hand into his pocket he pulled his phone out,

Restricted Number

Hizashi sighed, Perfect.

He clicked the green call button and held it up to his ear. Exhaling he spoke first.


"Do You have anything new?" the caller on the other end didn't hesitate to ask.

The blonde pinched the bridge of his nose and nodded to himself.

"She's. . . Uh, well-"

"Spit it out for God's sake."

"She got a soulmate her first day."

". . . Oh? Who would that be?"

Hizashi stays silent.

"Who is it?" The voice is, cold. Calculated.

"I actually don't know." He says quickly. The callers tongue clicks and then the line goes dead. With the unusual call ended. Hizashi looks back at his phone. A red screen,

Call Ended

Call Time: 1 Minute 47 Seconds

Restricted Number

Call Back

He puts his phone back in his pocket and hangs his head low. Damn the government, Damn Japan, Dammit, Dammit all.


"You think you're what?" You ask, perplexed. Todoroki sits up and you fallow his movements, you cross your legs and chew your lip. "You know what, nevermind it doesn't really matter, gay or not I still consider you my beat friend."

He stays silent and you take cue to continue. "Why did you kiss me?"

"I thought I liked you. I wanted to make sure, cause I feel things like everyone else but I don't know what label to put on these feelings besides that I may or may not be gay." He sighs and leans against the wall.

"Well, is maybe just, Bi?"

"No, this is a leaning towards gay type thing."

"Well who are you gay for?" You inquire, leaning on your stomach.

"Midoriya. . . Maybe, I don't know. I catch myself looking at him sometimes. . . But Kaminari's kinda cute too." Todoroki shrugs, his face heating up.

"Well that's good. I'm glad I was a little experiment for you then." Genuinely happy to have helped him figure things out.

"Best friends?"

"Best friends." You agree, holding your pinky up he locks his own finger with yours and you both lie down to cuddle again.

He tucks you against his chest and you dig into his warmth. "I like doing this with you though. Being, 'cuddle buddies'."

"Is that really what it's called?" You snort.

"I think so, yes." Todoroki shrugs. You bury against his neck and smile as he kisses your forehead.

"We're not gonna finish studying are we?"

"No probably not."


"Kurogiri, what's the point of this girl? What use is she to us?" Dabi swirled his scotch around in his glass, ice cubes clinked against the side tok make a satisfying noise.

Dabi scooped up one of the many photos of you, curious, you didn't look all that special but that didn't stop Shigaraki from rubbing his dick raw and then some.

The scarred man rolled his eyes at his thoughts, he was all for a life of sick crime but jerking it to fifteen year olds was just down right stupid and sickening.

Then again, when fifteen year olds are fucking hot and the Japan legal age to have sex is over thirteen.

"Shit, did I really just hop on this train?" Dabi mutters under his breath, the picture in his hand bursts into blue flames and he crumbles the ashes in his hands and lets the pile fall next to him.

"I'm not at liberty to say," Kurogiri sets a drink infront of him and takes the empty glass from Dabi before sweeping the cremated remains of the picture into a trash can. "All I'm really able to divulge is that she's important to future plans. Tomura is actually in the midst of trying to befriend her, so she has a bigger chance of joining us."

"Fuck Hands? Really? Him befriending her?" Dabi starts to laugh as he downs another drink. Pulling a carton of cigarettes from his pocket he snaps his fingers, lighting a blue flame on his thumb. Sticking one between his teeth he lights up and takes a drag. "I don't see that happening, I think I have a bigger chance at that."

Kurogiti shrugs, nodding lightly. "Well, perhaps you can bring up that idea to him later when he gets back."

"Maybe I will."


Alexander laid sprawled out like a starfish on his bed, sunk into his blankets pillows with a warm feeling in his chest. And on his chest. Considering his lap top was sitting there. Alexander was going over last year's snow boarding video to mentally prepare himself for this season of competition.

The back of his mind bubbled with thoughts though, thoughts of you, thoughts of the familiar people in pictures in your room. He couldn't stop thinking, why did they look so familiar? Shoving his thoughts back again, he looked at the noise coming from his computer that wasn't from the competition.


Low Battery

Alexander cursed something in Russian before bringing his hand to the charging slot on his computer and placing his other hand on the outlet in his wall, activating his quirk, pulling the electrical current from the wall, generating it through his body, and putting it into the laptop, it made another noise a few seconds later.


Fully Charged

He smirked and placed his hands behind his head, shaking his shoulders a little at the tingly feeling he felt. He heard his phone buzz but ignored it after looking at it.

Foster Mom:

'Will You be joining us for dinner this weekend at some point?'


Kirishima sat is his room, fumbling with red wrapping paper and tape, trying deperatly to wrap a box.

The box.

The package he got earlier in the day.

Knowing everything about you meant knowing when your birthday was.

A few days from now, he would hand you a gift, something to symbolize every birthday you were left out on.

He was glad he remembered that Crimson Riot was your favorite hero, he was also glad that he found such low price limited edition merchandise.

He smiled at your own thoughts and he felt his soul mark tingle and singe over like sunshine warming his skin. He touched it. Shit, did he like you? It had only been a few days it shouldn't have been possible.

But there he was, thinking about you. His mind running wild. He could see it.

He could see your figure laying down, naked, only covered with white sheets with sunshine pooling around you and making you glow. Your hair splayed out across a pillow.

"Eiji, lay back down with me?"

He shivered and shook his head, taking a hand through his red locks, washed and lacking it's usual product. He sighs. His soul mark spikes again and he smiled. What on earth was she doing to feel so damn happy? He didn't care, as long as he could physically feel you smiling. It's all that mattered.

"How to wrap a box." Is what he spoke and typed into the search engine on his phone. Opening youtube he followed an instructional video.

It took him seventeen tries, forty-five minutes, and two tubes of red wrapping paper to finally get the box wrapped correctly but he smiled and looked over his handy work when he was finished.

Kirisihima felt his soul mark since again and he sighed at the warmth it gave off. Pushing the remains of paper off his bed to the floor, and setting the box on his bedside table he laid down in his bed and turned the lights off.

He didn't know that you're smiling at your buzzing soul mark too.

Chapter Text

It's your fucking birthday.

It was also two weeks after Todoroki forced himself out of the closet.

You groaned at the light and blaring of your alarm clock, ripping you from your sweet dreams. Okay, today's the big day. What a way to start your birthday. Did anyone even know besides the government? And maybe Kirishima? Oh god did he care?

It's the first birthday in ten years that you don't have to spend it alone in a facility.

You're sixteen now.

The word 'birthday' was becoming lackluster and your plus sign stung as you got out of bed. "Fuck, Kirishima, what are you doing?" Your arm buzzed and you shook your hand out.

"Knocking on your door that's what I'm doing." You jumped. You could tell that it was your soulmate muffled voice on the other side of the door.

"Well stop knocking and just come in." You roll your eyes. You get up to your feet and stretch. Kirishima walked in and closed the door before turning around and flushing.

"Jesus, (L/n), put some clothes on!"

"I just got up, don't look if your uncomfortable." You shrug.

Granted, maybe telling him to come in your room while you where only in a pale pink camisole and black panties. You grabbed some sweat pants from your dresser draws and told him he could look. Kirishima turned around, eyes still closed. Cheeks flushed, arms crossed.

"Sorry." You mumble, crashing back on your bed. He peeks a carmine eye open.

He could feel is mark singe.

"Hey, what's the matter?" He sat next to you on the bed and you sighed.

"How'd you know something was wrong?"

"I can literally feel it, so what's up." He laid down, his feet handing off the bed and you sighed.

"I hate these marks sometimes." You scratch your right wrist where it sat and he chuckled.

"I know. Because-"

"Because you just know, yeah." You sigh.

"Hey, (L/n)?" Kirishima spoke after a few seconds of silence.


"Happy birthday."

You stopped your fidgeting movements and smiled at your ceiling.

"I was wondering if you cared."

"I do, come on, me and the others have a party planned, it's Saturday. So we don't have classes. That means we can do whatever we want." Kirishima got up and extended his hand. You smiled and took his hand and he pulled you up easily.

"What's a party?"

He stopped dead in his tracks, nearly out the door. Before he turned around.

"I forget that you've been in a government facility all your life." Kirishima says softly. He takes your hand and gives it a gentle squeeze.

"W-Well it's not my fault! I-I mean it is but I didn't mean to do it-!"

"I didn't mean anything by it. It's not your fault. A party is just a gathering, you celebrate things. Any thing. But this particular thing just so happens to be you." He taps your nose and your face wrinkles up. You scrub at your nose while he opened the door and drags you from the confines of your room.


You squeak, jumping back behind Kirishima as your classmates screamed at you and blew on whistles





Your birthday became excitable again. All your friends and a few froms Class 1-B and 2-A. Kaminari was teaching you how to flirt while people mingling over cake or taking selfies.

You hadn't opened presents yet but you where getting around to, quicker when Mina took your arm and dragged you along.

"Come on, you have to open presents now."

"Mina I still don't see the point in getting gifts."

"It's just something nice for everyone to do but your opening mine first!" She squealed, you sat on the couch infront of the pile of colorfully wrapped boxes and bags. "Come on everyone! (Y/n) is gonna open her gifts!"

Everyone began to gather around and you smiled sheepishly as Mina thrusted a pink slender box in your lap. You pulled at the luminescent green ribbon and pulled the box open before. You cocked your head to the side and pulled out the lace bra and panty set.

"What's this for?"

Jirou placed a hand on your wrist and made you put the set back in the box while half the dudes flushed. The other half laughed. Mineta had a nose bleed and Shouto was just snickering at your lack of knowledge on what it was for.

"Next!" Bakugouh shoved the box out of your lap and put a new paper and tap covered sack in your hand. He rubbed your shoulders as you tore it open and you lifted it high in the air.

Everyone burst into laughter and Bakugou began to cackle hysterically.

"It's cute, why are you all laughing?"

You grin and press your cheek into the soft blue and red fabrics.

"I don't know, maybe because it's a Captain America onsie and Bakugou is making fun of you." Kaminari snorted. He pulled the onsie from your grasp and it was passed around while you opened other presents.

Mineta placed a black box infront of you and you took it from him. You opened it up and pulled out a blindfold. Making you raise an eyebrow.

He wiggled his own eye brows grossly and purred. "I forgot to ask, (Y/n), are you a top or bottom?"

"I don't have bunk beds," you shrug, tossing the box behind you to pick up the last sleek red box. You brush your thumbs against the sleek paper. Instead of tearing it open you pop the tape on the side and pull it carefully off the box. Desperate not to rip the red paper that reminded you so much of someone.

You tore the box open with a knife and opened it up. Laughing at how many packing peanuts you had to dig through before your hand grabbed some fabric and you pulled it out.

Crimson Riots logo was in your face as you held up the sweatshirt. If this was an anime you would have hearts in your eyes and your face would be on fire. You new this was the sold out and limited edition Crimson Riot Sweatshirt that had to have been hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

And you put it on immediately, your class mates voices drowning out as you burried yourself in that hoodie which was oversized by multiple sizes so you'd never grow out of it. One would display such a hoodie but you knew better. This was a gift, you would wear constantly.

Kirishima smiled at you and you mouthed the words "thank you" too him, afraid if you spoke that your vouce would crack.

"Hey, (Y/n)!" Mineta spoke up again and you turned. "On a scale of one to America-" Wow "-how free are you tonight?"

You rolled your eyes but Alex spoke up first. "North Korea, because I'm taking her for ice cream tonight." The blur haired boy smiled, ruffling your hair and making you grin and that's how it went for a few more hours. Mineta trying to flirt with you and you shooting him down while also unaware that he's flirting with you.

"You know (Y/n), you remind me of the sun, cause your pretty hot."

Bakugou laughed. "Oh, I thought it was because I would burn you alive if you got to close to her."

You roll your eyes and snuggle into your hoodie. Smiling brightly at Kirishima as Mineta and Bakugou argued back and fourth about you but you paid them no mind.

"Ready to go?" Alex asked.

"Hmm? Oh, no let me go change into my school uniform so we can get back on campus."


Well this wasn't the most ideal thing. You didn't plan to get separated from your friend. You still had an icecream cone in your hand and you looked around for Alex who was nowhere in sight. You walked around the train station for a little more before you tossed your half finished cone away and giving him a call.

"Oh, jesus, thank the gods, I can't find you, which car are you in?"

"I'm not on the train I'm actually still at the station," you say sheepishly.

"Damn, well I can ride back and get you-"

"No it's alright, I'll walk."

You hear Alexander sigh. "Are you sure?"

"Yeah, I'll see you back on campus." Is what you promise before hanging up.

With your first step you begin a leisurely pace in the direction of UA, out of the trainstation, not concerned in the slightest. You trust your sense of direction. Alex’s, however, concerns you, but you figure he’s lived in the area longer and don’t feel too much guilt on going back alone.

You soon find yourself in step with another person. You peek a glance at them- a tall man with jet black hair, leather jacket and dark jeans. His skin is half smooth and pale peach toned, half blistered and purple, the two halves held together by garish silver medical staples. You sense staples beyond that on his face- the man is covered in them. Down his arms, his torso, his legs. Among other places. But you couldn't tell if they were purposefully put there or something happened. You could tell that his quirk wasn't metal based since you had a sense for that sort of thing. Besides the staples he had multiple pairings on his face, ears. And other places.

He glances your way, and you feel your face heat up. You’d been caught staring. “Like what you see, short stack?”

'Short stack?'

That sounded like something Bakugou would say.

“S-Sorry.” you clear your throat.

He chuckles. “Think nothing of it. I was making eyes myself. Just wasn’t caught,” he smirks, his voice teasing, but not chastising.

You relax. “I can’t imagine why. I'm not much to look at, whereas you-“ you cut off. You aren’t sure where you were going with that. 'That he was easy on the eyes despite all of his scarred tissue.' He raises an eyebrow as you struggle for an excuse besides the one you thought up. “Y-You’re just, more interesting to look at, is all.”

“You’d be surprised,” he laughs softly, dismissing the comment of how you yourself 'wasnt much to look at', Oh he would argue that shit. “I went to UA too,” he mentions after a moment.

You look down, noticing you’re in uniform, the one you insisted putting on, which you were grateful for, before leavening in order to get back onto campus since you didn't have a license quite yet, or a student ID. “Ah, yeah. When’d you graduate?”

His expression sours for a split second, but returns to casual confidence the next, so quick you wonder if it ever happened.

“Three years ago. I was in the hero course, but after graduating I decided to go to college instead.”

You tilt your head, interested. “You decided not to be a hero?”

“Yeah. If I’m gonna help people, I can’t do it as a hero.”

You laugh. “That’s the definition of a hero, isn’t it? Someone who helps people?”

The man nods. “It should be. But, in this society, more harm than good comes from the hero-saturated culture we live in, people only do their jobs for money and fame, hero's are a perfect example of that, and I believe that if all you ever save people for is the money instead of really saving them out of good, then your more a villain than a hero.”

You stay silent, pondering upon what he said. Eventually, you decide to switch topics. “So what are you studying?”

He parts his lips in thought. “Teaching.”

You giggle. “You sound like you made that up on the spot.”

He smirks. “Caught me. I’m undecided. Took two years off and started in the fall.”

You nod in understanding. “I transferred here not too long ago.”

The man raises his eyebrows. “Oh? From where?”

“United States,” you explain. “Got into the hero course a little late in the year.”

“You must have a powerful quirk to be able to transfer so late in the year,” he notes.

You shrug. Instead of saying anything, you stop walking and face him. Holding up a hand, you use your quirk to toy and wiggle the staples around his mouth and the tongue ring you sense embedded in the strong muscle. You wiggle it up and down and you can feel little shivers run around his nerves through the metal in his body.

His eyes widen, then relax as he chuckles. “Magnetic?”

“Just any metal,” you say, walking once again. He matches your pace. “How about you?”

He snaps his fingers, and a small blue flame appears above his hand. You watch him wave it away with a smile.

“Fire?” You raise a brow,.

He nods.

“That’s pretty hot.” you grin,

He rolls his eyes.

“Didn’t catch your name.” You cover it up easily. You still didn't have the whole flirting thing down.

He watches you carefully for a moment. “Call me Dabi,” he says.

“Dabi,” you say with a smile. “I’m (y/n).” You stop in front of your school, not aware that you’d arrived.

“I assume this is where I leave you?” He asks.

You nod. “It was nice to meet you, Dabi.”

Dabi smirks, giving a small wave. “Have a good day, (Y/n). Have a happy birthday.”

You smile with a nod, skipping inside. The thought occurs to you that you didn’t say it was your birthday, but you chalk it up to poor memory. After all, he just met you.

Chapter Text

Your encounter with the man named Dabi left you exhausted, maybe if you were able to get on the train you'd have a little more energy but after this morning and walking around with Alex.

You made your way to your dorm room, opening the door you smiled upon the sight. All your presents had been taken to your room.

You looked at the Crimson Riot hoodie Kirishima had given to you. You took your school jacket and blazer off and slipped into it. Inhalling its cinnamon scent, you turned the lights off and crawled into bed. Picking up your phone you shot a few goodnight texts to your friends before plugging it in on a charger.

You snuggle into your hoodie more than your blankets and you're reminded again of your soulmate. Kirishima could be simply put as a big bear, and you were content with that statement because it was true. He made you think of Alaskan Black Bears, true Alaskan Black Bears, not blue ones. You find yourself dozing off to cinnamon smells and the image of a bear walking through a snow covered field, flakes of white on its soft black fur, and lumbering paws making prints as it walked.


"Are you sure you want to do this?" Kirishima panted as you ran your hands up and down his chest. Your cheeks where flushed and you nodded, panting.

The red head put his hands on your hips and drew you closer to his body, his lips stealing yours in another heated kiss, possibly the thousandth one you've shared in the past hour. The dorms were empty and the tension you both shared had finally snapped. You admitted that a soulmate bond just couldn't be broken.

You whimpered into Eijirou's mouth as his teeth sucked your lower lip, fuck, he loved your lips, they were so soft and plump, perfect for sinking his teeth into.

"Please, Kirishima, I don't know what this feeling is, my body feels so hot." You whine,

"Don't worry, I'll cool you down." He promises.

He holds your jaw, walking you back against the wall. You gasp as your back hits the door of his dorm room and he lifts you up. Fuck, why was this so hot? Why did your body feel like this. You squirmed as his large calloused hands pet the flesh of your ass. Your shorts did nothing to hide your dignity and niether did your tight fitting black t-shirt.

"I love your ass, it fits so well in my hands." He purrs in your ear and you melt against him as he smashes his lips onto yours again. Your lips tremble and he opens his door. Stumbling in, your grip on him tightens and he kicks the door closed.

"God damn." Kirishima grunts when you start to wiggle around again and you feel something hard press against the back of your thigh.

"You're so strong, I bet you could hold onto me all day and you wouldn't break a sweat, would you?" Kirishima laughs at your praise and shakes his head.

"You'd have to hang on to me the entire time, I'll probably be to busy fucking you into my mattress."

You shiver, "You know I'm inexperienced."

"That doesn't mean you can't learn. I'll teach you, and I'll be extra gentle." He promises with a smile. He pulls back to look at you and you can see the honesty in his eyes. His hair was a bit disheveled from how you pulled at it with each kiss.

"I'm afraid." You admit.

"(Y/n), I promise you're safe with me, I'll take care of you if you still want to do this, I-"

"No, I mean, I'm afraid I'm falling in love with you." You reiterate.

He pulls away from you again. Kirishima smiles down and kisses you on the lips. A chaste and loving peck, so much different than the hasty passion you shared not moments ago.

"I'm already in that boat, (Y/n)." He whispers, your heart leaps and you roll over, straddling his hard stomach and kissing down his haw. You didn't understand the impulse you had to completely turn the tables but neither of you complained. It just felt right.

Kirishima moaned as you kissed down his jaw. Nipping at the muscle and flesh of his beck and shoulders. You sat up and he followed your lead, throwing his arms up for you to lift his shirt.

You practically rip his tank top off and you use your quirk to lock the door. "You're so sexy, fuckin' A." Kirishima always did love it when you used your quirk for anything that wasn't mandatory. Power, prowess, perfection. That was how he saw you. He didn t care what everyone else thought, he didn t even care what you thought about yourself.

Well, he cared. But if you didn't think you were perfect, then he had plenty of love to give you to build you up.

"Don't say that, I can't help but think it isn't true when I look at an Adonis like you." Is what you purr and he groans. Before he can get to into telling you how beautiful you are. Your lips are on his chest.

"Ah, that's so sensitive stop." He begs, you tug at his nipples and smirk. A teasing nature washing over you, you lean your head down and slide down his body, your but sitting against his pelvis as you curl and take one of the rosy pink buds in your mouth. Making Kirishima gasp. His hands slide up your back and into your hair despite his words of wanting you to stop he pressed you further into his pectoral.

You moan and bite at the flesh. Suckling on the muscular skin hard enough to leave a hickey. "God, yes, yes!"

You chuckle and close your eyes. Giving his nipple a particularly hard suck before switching and giving the other one the same treatment. His hips ground up against your ass and you felt something hard like against your and your brows raised.

You pulled away from your treatment and looked up at him, his entire face was red and he was chewing impatiently at his bottom lip.

"Are you using your quirk?" You blink. His eyes open and he shakes his head. You wiggle your butt back against the hard object and he gasps.

"That feels good. Keep going." Kirishima begs,

You chuckle. "There is no way that, that can be your dick, it's. . . Big." You admit shyly and put a stray piece of hair behind your ear.

Kirishima flushes and puts a hand on his face. "You can't just say stuff like that." He whines.

"Why not? Is it weird?"

"No it's just. . . Embarrassing."

You giggle and he looks down at you. "Can I see it? I want to confirm my suspicions."

He sighs and turns his red face away, his hair splaying put on the pillow. He nods and you scootch down his thighs sitting on the muscle above the knee. He props his head up on a pillow and watches you as you fiddle the the button and zipper of his jeans.

"Here, this might make it easier, yeah?" He lifts his hips easily and you get off him. Kirishima wiggles out of his jeans and boxers and you watch as his cock bounces back up against his abdomen with a delicious smacking sound.

You absentmindly lick your lips, wanting to taste it. It looked like a popsicle. To no surprise his lucid hair was black against his pale skin but the member itself was tanner. It was thick and veiny, creamy looking, with a red head that dripped with a clear and milky looking substance.

On impulse, you crawl over him again.

"(Y/n), what are you- Ahhh!"

You dragged your tongue over the head of his dick, tasting the creamy substance and moaning at the slightly bitter and salty flavor. The taste reminded you of almonds and you hummed, opening and closing your mouth around the head of his cock. He held your cheek, chest heaving in air like a man starved of oxygen and affection. His thumb brushed your cheek and the tips of his fingers harden. Drawing a thin red line down your cheek by accident as you fed more of his cock into your mouth.

He purred something that didn't reach your ears and you continued to suck on his dick, lapping at it and wanting more of the almond flavor. You hollowed your cheeks and his hips jittered, thrusting up lightly into your mouth. You held his hip, thighs, knees, anything to keep you grounded and give you leverage until the amazing idea hit you.

You added your hands into the mix.

Taking one hand you took what wouldn't fit in your mouth and began to stroke him in time with your hand while your other hands scratched at his abs before sliding down to fondle his balls.

Kirishima gasped and jolted. You couldn't hear what he was saying, warm liquid pooled at the back of your throat and instictivly you swallowed. Kirishima pulled you away from his cock and you breathed deeply, watching as his dick softened.

'I love you, (Y/n).'

You blinked.

But as soon as you opened your eyes kirishima was no where to be found, and you were in your dorm room making out with your pillow you got from Alex.

You wake up, lips tingling and body warm. 'That dream...' You think, shaking your head. You didn’t want to think about it too much, but your body was buzzing with an electric feeling that had your mind reeling. You didn’t bother looking at the time, or putting anything on besides your panties and the long Crimson Riot hoodie. You exit your room, an undeniable need to find Kirishima pushing your feet forward.

You round the corner to the common area, heading in the direction of the boys dorms. Reaching Kirishima’s room, you don’t think, your hand just knocks on its own.

For a moment there’s nothing, and you feel a bit silly; it’s the middle of the night, why would he even wake up to a knock on the door?

But after a minute, the door opens. Your met with soft crimson hair, burning crimson eyes, and pink tinted cheeks. “(Y/N)?” He asks, blushing more.

You smile up at him. “Hey.”

“What- um- what are you doing here?”

Your smile drops, and it’s your turn to blush. “I-I’m sorry, I really just... needed to see you, I don’t know why.”

He watches you with a soft expression. “It’s ok.” His face suddenly looks frantic. “Uh, just, g-give me a second, I need to ah, clean up my room.”

You laugh to yourself, but nod. “Alright.”

A few minutes after he disappeared behind his door he reappears after a moment.

You follow him inside after he prompts you to do so. You notice his sheets are different than the last time you were in his room, but you don’t think too much about it. You perch yourself on the edge of his bed, and he sits beside you, the need to be close obvious.

His hand hesitantly reaches to the small of your back, and you sigh at the touch. His thumb rubs small circles.

“I, um,” you begin, unsure of what to say. “Did... did you sleep ok?”

He chuckles nervously. “Yeah, pretty alright. You?”

You nod. “The same.” Your thighs press together, fighting the searing heat that your body feels. His touch isn’t helping; every circle he draws into your skin sends you deeper into the feeling.

“There’s a lot I haven’t done yet,” you say suddenly. You know he understands what you mean; he’s seen your past, after all.

“That’s alright,” he smiles sweetly, fingers clawing gently at your back, giving nice little scratches. His eyes wander over your chest, but he quickly looks away, afraid what the result on his body might be. “You’ll get there. If you want to.”

You bite your lip, remembering the feeling of him in your mouth. It was a dream, but it felt fantastic.

He notices your action, sighing at the sight of your plush lip trapped between your teeth. He’d felt those lips. He was sure of it.

You sigh. “Sorry. I know it’s late.”

Kirishima shakes his head. “Don’t worry about it, I was awake.”

You blink. 'Strange.' “I can leave if you want to get some rest.”

He shrugs. “I do, but you can stay with me if you’d like.”

You look at him. You smile. “I’d like that, yeah.”

Kirishima stands and turns off his light, then rejoins you on his bed. You lay beside him, head on his arm. His hands rests on your back, his other arm wrapped around your waist. You curl up into him with a sigh.

You vaguely wonder if it felt so nice because you were tired, because of the soulmate bond, or because of the dream. In the end, you decide it doesn’t matter; you’ll enjoy the warmth while you have it.

Honestly, you love his warmth.


'What a funny word.'

Kirishima feels his mark tingle with electricity and happiness and he finds himself squeezing you to his chest. Inhaling the copper smell of your hair before you both finally sleep.

Chapter Text

"Hmm mm?" You make little humming noises as your mind fights within itself to keep your eyes closed or open them to wake up.

You pout and let out a little huff. Yes, you're fully aware that you're in Kirishima's bed. Yes, you're fully aware your currently on top of him. His pecs were nice and squishy, perfect pillows just like last night is your dream. You think about kissing his chest but think better of it when you look up at his still sleeping face. His head is inclined by his pillows and his red hair is flopped out in thick strands. Your friend looked so peaceful. You smile to yourself and lift your head as gently as you can to not stir the sleeping boy by your movements and you look at his clock. It was still dark out so you guess that it was still early in the morning.

4:21 AM

You had a few hours before class started but you needed to make it back to your dorm. For the two and a half weeks that you had been at UA you learned that a girl walking out of a guys dormitory in nothing but an over sized hoodie looked absolutely horrible. It would be better to get up now to save him the embarassment, and you the so called "walk of shame" you weren't really sure why people called it that, expressions such as that still puzzled you.

All in all, it was best if you snuck out now while you could. You lift yourself slowly and Kirishima's nose wrinkled as you got out of his bed. You re-covered him with his blankets. You tilt your head at him, leaning down you kiss his nose and pull back. Not giving much thought as to why you did it as you leave his room and travel back to your own. As you tip toe through the halls, your feet sink into the carpet and you glance around the cold and quiet dorms. Maybe you should try to get a run in? You were awake already and surely if everyone thought you were training you wouldn't be reprimanded if you were caught-


Goodbye cruel world.

You flinch at the highpitched voice. Not a teacher, and not a girl either.

"Izuku?" You ask as you turn around, you see the green haired male froze in his spot, clearly on his way to his dorm room. He blushed as he looked you up and down and you quickly pull your hoodie down further.

"Wh-What are you doing up?" He asks timidly and you take him in.

He's clearly back from a work out considering how much has sweating. The sweatpants, and the sweat soaked muscle shirt.

"I could ask the same, you know." You state and look away from him.

You both stay silent for a bit.

"I just got back from a run." He explains sheepishly.

"I was about to go on one myself."

"Half naked?"

"I. . . Just need to get back to my room." You sigh and continue walking. His eyes search yours and he touched your shoulder, shakily, as you pass him. You halt and look at him.

"Can. . . Can I talk to youh about something?"

You raise a brow.

"O-Of course you don't have to! I know we aren't super great friends or anything but-" you cut him off by putting your hand over his on your shoulder.

"You can talk to me. Living room? And I'll make tea too."

"Yeah, that sounds good. See you in a few?"

You nod and both of you make your way to your dorms.

You continue your walk, fidgeting with the strings of your hoodie. He wanted to talk, about what? You didn't know. It didn't matter really, if he wanted to talk, that was fine. So why did you feel so anxious about it?

You round the corner and walk into your dorm room. Picking up your phone off the charger and then some sleep shorts from your floor. You slip them one and stop to look at the picture of your parents. Dimmly lit from your phone screens light. You pick up the frame and shake you head.

"I'm trying, momma, I'm trying." You promise the photo quietly, you set the frame down in its place again. You walk out of the room and shut the door. Your hands hesitant before you finally let go of the knob and make your way to the kitchen.


You sit at the counter and sip on your tea. Midoriya sits at the counter too although there is a seat between you. He was extremely nervous to talk to you apparently.

"So. . . What did you want to talk to me about?" You ask after clearing your throat. He tenses and drinks his tea.

"It's, well, it's about Todoroki-kun." He admits.

"Oh? What's wrong with Shouto?"

He flinched as soon as you said his name.

"It's fine if you are, and I know it's not my business but are. . . Are you and him, um, d-dating?"

You still and your lips break into a smile. You start to giggle and he whines, putting his head on the counter.

"What gave you an idea like that?" You say between giggles.

"W-Well jeez you don't need to laugh," Midoriya pouts, his chin resting on the counter. You sigh and move over a seat to rub his back.

"No, I'm not dating him 'Zuku, now, why were you thinking that in the first place? And to ask a better question. Why do you care if I am or not?"

Midoriya sighs and sits up. "It's just. . . You guys are always clinging on eachother. You use eachother first names. You guys study together all the time. I just assumed-"

"Katsuki told me that "assuming things makes an ass out of you and me," you know? Because of the letters and the- nevermind the point is. I'm not dating him. Im on a first name basis with everyone because I still don't really understand Japanese etiquette. And we're clingy with eachother because we're best friends, we cuddle for the sake of comfort and that's it. If you haven't really noticed I'm a little clingy with everyone. So, instead of assuming and bottling up, talk to me first okay?"

He smiles a bit at your explanation and nods. "Thank you, (Y/n)."

"No problem. . . So, about why you wanted to know?" You smirk, you've learned enough in the past few weeks to know the more obvious emotions.

He blushes and looks away. "I. . . Um, I-"

"Like him?"

He tenses and nods. "But it's more complicated than that. B-Because I like Kaminari-Kun too. We've gotten to talk a lot lately since he's my study partner, but I don't know if he likes me back."

You still, this was probably the worst fucking situation for you to be in, you can't exactly give advice either, since you've never been in a relationship, and you've never been in love. "I'm sure everything will work out. Sometimes you have to just roll with it. I haven't had a single clue of what I should do with myself since I got here. I've just been taking it day by day and step by step. It's all you can do sometimes." You say softly and spin on your stool to lean back against the counter.

"I guess that makes sense." He nods, rubbing the back of his neck, as he ponders it more his face lights up gently and his smile increases. "I'm glad you talked to me. I feel a lot better now."

"Good, that means we can finish our tea and go back to bed. Or, you can join me for another run?"

"Haha, I'll go on a run with you, my minds to racy to really sleep now after all." He admits and you nod.

You hug him and he sighs, relieved and relaxing now. "I'll get changed and then we can go, sound good?"