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Dysfunctional Heroes

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Blue as Sky. He was only by himself. Always longing for somebody else To hold, To smile, To hug. Always praying for somebody to see him, 'Til there came the time when he stopped looking. He grew tired but until then, all he can do is Smile to himself if no one will.

Pink as the Cherry Blossom. She was loved by everyone around her. Full of warmth that she can't appreciate for She was looking for approval. Always nodding and agreeing to every word that was spoken until she can't bare herself anymore.

Red as blood. He was lucky, or so he thought. He was loved, or so he thought. One day was all it took to smash those thoughts away. Betrayed and beaten, He shut himself out. He filled his heart with negativity until that's all that remains.

Part 1.

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A loyal tainted Dog. Following every law and Order. Playing by the rules and never question. But never again will it take away his loved one, Those who follow the rules are scum but those who leave there friends are worst than scum.

A painted tiger. Nothing but an ink full canvas. Can be painted but never named. Emotions he can't show, Actions He can't freely take. There was nothing to be seen, Nothing to be shown. He was just an art not yet thrown.

An Experimental rat. Toyed and played, He was one of his creation. A perfectly good experimentation. Never meant to be nothing more than just a past time for his sick curiosity. Rescued he was but there are still a scar that will forever remain.

Part 2