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A Shot of Adrenaline

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“You have nothing to be frightened of,” Mallory assured Regina who was sitting in front of her. It was late at night and Regina had snuck out of her house to meet Mallory in hers to discuss a sordid topic.

Regina squirmed in her seat, still completely in shock that she had even been brave enough to come here. Either brave or stupid. Maybe she should head back....?

“I'm....I'm just-” Regina tried to voice her concerns, fidgeting with her fingers. She felt younger than her 18 years while Mallory was so cool and collected in front of her. Perhaps it wasn't a big deal for Mallory but it was for Regina. She'd never been this open about her feelings for women, always having to repress it should mother find out. And as for BDSM? That was even bigger of a deal to hide.

A part of her, a part that sounded a lot like Mother's voice, told her it was wrong and sick and that Regina should run away and never look back on this. But another part was curious, was aching to seek release and understanding on such desires. And Mallory was such a woman.

Her keen eyes had noticed the crush Regina could not help but have on her. Mallory was mature, wise, and intense. She did not cow to anyone and Regina respected that because she wished she could be the same way. Brave and unyielding to her mother's requests. How could Regina not admire and then grow to love such a woman.

Mallory always showed her compassion or gave her hard advice when Regina had problems. And now, Mallory was going to open up a whole other world to Regina entirely.

“I understand,” Mallory interjected over poor Regina's stammering. “I am not going to rush you into this. I will tell you whatever you wish to learn about this topic and then if you don't like it, we won't have to engage in it. If you do, then we will take it slowly, do you understand?”

Regina nodded her head yes, because she found herself too breathless with anticipation and nerves to answer fully. Her hands grabbed her knees and held them tight.

“Good,” Mallory purred, coming up and standing over Regina who hesitantly met her eyes. “I will take care of you, my little sub. And you will serve me in exchange.” Her hands slid up the arms of the arm chair Regina was situated in as she leaned down and pressed a soft kiss to Regina's lips.

The brunette let out a happy gasp at this, so surprised she didn't kiss back for a bit. Mallory pulled back a little, but only enough so they could look into each others eyes. Uncertain brown meant certain green. “We are going to have fun, my little Regina,” she promised, hand slipping under Regina's chin. “I will teach you so many things, open so many new worlds for you. Are you sure you want this? Because there will be no going back.”

Regina takes a moment to think this over, to look deep inside herself. But yes, she does want it. She's know she's different from other girls. She likes women, for one, a fact that has only become more glaringly obvious the older she gets. And she likes....pain. Not the pain her mother causes but pain that can lead to pleasure. Regina is all too used to denying herself, to suffering for some goal or another. Why not make that pain pleasurable? Why not have it be used for fun instead of only for suffering?

Though, Regina knows she likes women, she isn't entirely sure how deep into BDSM she falls into, and Mallory will help her figure that out.

“I want this. I do,” Regina breathes, lips trembling with the after sensation of Mallory's kiss. Regina's never been kissed by a girl before and her insides are screaming in big bold letters for it to happen again. And again. And again forever.

“Good,” Mallory smirks and it makes Regina's insides warm up all over. Mallory leans in and kisses Regina once more and this time, Regina kisses back, finally able to cave into what she's craved for so long.

And this, is just the beginning.