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Me and You Will Do

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Sometimes Katsuki Bakugou looks at Shouto Todoroki doing something so stupid, so idiotic that he had to mumble, “Remember how good he is at giving head.” quietly under his breath.

“What did you just say?” Said man growled.

Many people would call Katsuki and Shouto powerful. Most of the country would, as they were both ranked in the top ten heroes. Hell, even Bakugou would call Todoroki that, he has enough sense to give him credit where credit is due. But there was nothing powerful about Shouto eating a God damn mother fucking lunchable at nine-thirty at night.

“I was just saying that you're good at giving head.”

“Oh!” Todoroki looks kind of pleased because he's a dumb idiot asshole eating a lunchable. “Thanks.”

Calmly, Bakugou walks over to Shouto and snatches the vile excuse for processed food out of his hands before depositing it in the trash.

“Hey! I was eating that!”

“Yeah, you sure fucking were and you are not anymore!”

“Why not?”

“Because if you left that fucking, that thing out room temp for twelve hours it wouldn't change. It's not even food! It's like putting God damn flavored styrofoam in your fucking body.”

Todoroki blinks at him. “That's exactly the point.”

Bakugou places his thumb and pointer finger over his eyes hard and doesn't move for ten seconds. Todoroki, thankfully, is silent. When Bakugou thinks he has the mental energy to merely look at Todoroki once more, he's making a facial expression that screams, “I legitimately do not care way you're about to say but I know you're going to stay it anyway but could you hurry it up because I'm hungry.”

That's fine. Katsuki Bakugou can multitask.

He pulls a stool out and into the kitchen, grabbing Shouto by his shoulders and sits him down on it. “Stay,” he growls. Todoroki positively glares back. Bakugou then cooks them both a real dinner (chicken and veggies) and gives him a lecture about the dangers of consuming absolute garbage (death). Todoroki appreciates one of them much more than the other. The discussion about Todoroki's bad self-care habits continues well into the time where they're actually eating the dinner. “You just gotta eat better,” Bakugou says with his mouth stuffed full.

The piece of chicken that Bakugou's cuts next is too big to fit in his mouth all at once, so he uses his fork and his teeth to rip it into a smaller piece that he can chew.

A wrinkle forms on Todoroki's nose that screams, why oh why did you let this man into your home?

Bakugou frowns. “You can stop wrinkling your nose at me now.”

Todoroki rolls his eyes. “I am not wrinkling my nose at you. How would I even wrinkle my nose at someone? I was just-” Todoroki starts, all high and mighty like he's going to make a great point.

Bakugou interrupts him immediately. “Yeah, yeah. You're perfectly innocent, but that doesn't mean I have to sit through you treating your body like shit.”

Todoroki sighs and Bakugou knows he's about to win. It's Friday night so that can only mean Todoroki is thinking about two things: curling up like a human cat on Bakugou's lap while they watch a movie and then going to have sex. He might even just be thinking about having sex. He looks about four seconds away from saying something cheesy like, “Come over here and show me how I should be treated then, big guy.” He doesn't really think that Todoroki would ever call him 'big guy’ but still. Cheesy.

“Fine. Okay,” Todoroki says with a shrug.

“Great.” Bakugou stuffs another mouthful of chicken in before he continues. “Tomorrow morning we're gonna get up early and go get some real fucking food.”

Early?” He whines, actually whines like the way Bakugou used to when his mom would make him go to bed extra early on Sunday nights before school.

“Yes. Early.” The words leave him in a growl. He's always been in awe of Todoroki's work ethic, but just how the guy can be one of the top ten heroes in the entire country and yet still be so fucking lazy continues to baffle him. One time Bakugou saw him set an alarm for one in the afternoon.

Todoroki finishes his meal and deposits his dirty dishes in the sink with a scowl. He folds his arms like a petulant child and leans against the counter in the kitchen Bakugou does the same. He can't help but take in Todoroki's cute little pouty mouth. Suddenly the roles reverse and he's the one thinking about sex while Todoroki is contemplating waking up early on his day off.

“I think you should go home,” Todoroki tells him, still scowling like he's just remembered that Bakugou does not in fact live with him.

“Too late,” Bakugou says, grinning. “If we start now we can get enough sleep to make it to the market before nine still.” He wraps his arms around Todoroki and brings him into a too-tight embrace.

Todoroki sighs.

“Please go home,” he tries once more, disturbingly close to right after they've both come. He's lying in his own mess on Bakugou's stomach, and Bakugou is a little afraid they'll get stuck together if they don't get up and clean off soon.


“Please go home,” Todoroki tries again, his last stitch effort, when Bakugou's phone alarm wakes them (well, him. Bakugou had been up dicking around on the internet and letting Todoroki's unnaturally hot body keep him warm for awhile) up. He sounds close to tears. Bakugou is so, so very happy. The great hero Shouto brought down by one tiny cell phone alarm. He should sell the information to villains and get himself an apartment as nice as Todoroki's.

“Nope.” Bakugou takes mercy on the man and makes them both coffee. Bakugou technically slept in today, but they were up until almost midnight doing things much more fun than going to a market. He shoves a mug of the coffee and some eggs under Todoroki’s face which he obediently eats and drinks. He seems to perk up just enough after that to glare at Bakugou. It’s delightful.

Bakugou shoves a cap and sunglasses onto his face before shoving a beanie and sunglasses onto his own. He can normally go through an entire day without being recognized, but Todoroki has not only lived the majority of his life in some kind of spotlight, but is pretty damn recognizable. He’d rather spare their hero agency the nightmare of dealing with cranky, tired Todoroki telling small children off.

They both work for Endeavor’s hero agency. Bakugou’s not quite sure how it happened, but there really was no one better to help mentor him (and cover his property damages) on how to use a destructive quirk in the most productive way than the man who literally sets fire to everything. Endeavor pays well, and he was really happy to have Bakugou. His PR team is full of experts that know how to deal with a hero who doesn’t want to stop and pose for pictures. Bakugou knows he’s unlikable and he’d prefer to keep it that way. He sees how Deku gets stopped by civilians constantly while on duty. He’d rather not have to deal with that shit.

He’s even less sure how Todoroki ended up working for his dad. Bakugou suspects that it has something to do with a mixture of coercion and Shouto having a similar sense as he did-- fire equals damage, and his dad might be an asshole but he is still the number one hero. Bakugou also figures there’s specific perks to working for your very rich father, like the beautiful apartment they’re standing in now. It’s nowhere close to anything Bakugou could afford. He doesn’t question it, rarely does when it comes to the Todoroki family. There are some things that you just have to wait to be told.

Todoroki follows him on what seems to be autopilot as they take the train to the outskirts of the city. Bakugou has been to this market quite a bit before. He finds the entire journey relaxing. It’s a long train ride, and as expected, Todoroki falls asleep on his shoulder. Bakugou lets him, enjoying the way Todoroki’s warm side radiates heat onto him as the train rocks them back and forth.

“Hey half-and-half. We’re here.”

Todoroki wakes up in a flash, eyes blinking rapidly. Bakugou hands him the sunglasses that had slipped from his nose. Todoroki takes them without thanking him, apparently not awake enough to have his manners back online.

They exit the train and leave the station side by side. Bakugou hears Todoroki taking deep breaths next to him. The air is clearer out here. He wonders if he could make Todoroki go hiking.

“Oh,” Todoroki says when they’ve reached the market. His voice has a happy tilt to it. “This is really cute.”

It is fucking cute. The market is laid out in a park, the different stalls taking up most of what’s normally a place to walk and ride bikes through the green of the park. Bakugou grunts his approval and immediately starts meal planning for them both inside his head.

They go from stall to stall gathering items. Bakugou is picking out fresh peppers while Todoroki admires flowers at the stall next to him. From his side he hears, “Why don’t you buy some sunflowers for your husband? They’re yellow like his hair,” from the owner of the stall.

“He’s not my husband,” Comes Todoroki’s monotone reply.

“Oh! Your boyfriend then.”

“He’s not that either. But I will take a couple of these purple ones. My mother will love them.”

Todoroki’s right, they’re not dating. His words don’t make Bakugou flinch or sour. It’s just a fact. Todoroki and Bakugou have been fuck buddies for five years now. It had started in high school. They both got to a point where they were too pent up and too angry at each other to do anything but start fucking or kill each other. Murder was against the law so fucking won. He’s pretty sure he was Todoroki’s first. He’s not sure of Todoroki has fucked anyone else after. He doesn’t want to know, so he doesn’t ask.

Bakugou’s just been too busy himself to find someone else to sleep with, and it’s entirely too dangerous to date anyone as a pro hero, at least right now as he rises through the ranks, basically putting a bullseye on his back at all times. Todoroki’s a good lay. He knows Bakugou well. Puts up with his shit. Knows that sometimes after hard days Bakugou wants to scream and fight. Knows that sometimes after hard days Bakugou wants to sit silently in a dark room. He knows where Bakugou gets aches behind his shoulders and how to rub them. He knows how to make a blend of tea that makes Bakugou’s headaches go away when his brain overloads from the lights and sounds he’s had to emit. He knows what Bakugou needs and how to give it and Bakugou never has to ask him for it.

Bakugou does the same for Todoroki. He never says a word when Todoroki will have a nightmare so violent, so clearly ripped from his childhood, that he freezes the bed in his sleep. He knows that sometimes touch is hard for Todoroki, and sometimes he craves it. He knows that sometimes he’s mean to Bakugou just to pick a fight or to test him to see if he’ll leave and go home. He knows when it’s the right time to pack up his shit or hunker down, fight back and stay. He knows Todoroki’s favorite teas, his favorite foods, that he’d much rather read a book than watch tv. Bakugou doesn’t think either of them meant to get this close to each other, but here they are. It’s a good arrangement.

But it’s not love.

It’s not, and being reminded of it so clearly kind of snaps Bakugou out of the faux-domesticity he and Todoroki had fallen into for the past day. It happens more than Bakugou wants to admit. He decided a long while ago that it’s just deep in his lizard brain to find a warm body and want to settle down and take care of it. It doesn’t mean shit.

“Hey, Candy Cane.” Todoroki’s eyes snap up to him from the other stall. “I’m texting you the list of shit you need for the week. I’m gonna go get my own. Meet up with you in a bit.” He doesn’t wait for Todoroki to reply as he heads off.

About twenty minutes later, Bakugou’s phone starts buzzing. He opens it to see a picture of Todoroki’s left eye and a regular white potato next to it. The caption reads. “What’s a yam, Bakugou?”

“Worthless spoiled fucking brat,” Bakugou mumbles. But he calls Todoroki to try and find him, anyway.

They manage to get everything they need. Todoroki gets called an idiot so many times Bakugou actually starts to worry they’ll get recognized and tomorrow there will be a news headline about him verbally abusing pro hero Shouto. They stop at Todoroki’s apartment to drop his things off first because it’s closer, then Bakugou’s. Somehow, Todoroki manages to weasel his way into staying for dinner. Afterwards he rides Bakugou on the couch, moaning so loudly his neighbors start hitting the walls.

“You’re such a spoiled, little prince. Can’t even respect my neighbors,” Bakugou all but growls, hips fucking up into Todoroki’s.

“Ah,ah!” Todoroki moans, coming unexpectedly and immediately onto Bakugou’s stomach. They both blink at each other for a second.

Well, Bakugou thinks as Todoroki finishes him off with his mouth. Guess there’s always something new to learn about each other.

Bakugou eventually gets Todoroki dressed and starts to force him to go home. “I refuse to have you show up tomorrow at work in your father's office wearing my clothes.”

“Why not? It'd be fun.” Todoroki gets shoved out of his front door without a kiss goodnight.

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“I'm so sorry. I am so, SO, sorry. The villain just moved so fast,” the poor detective is scrambling, hands up in a defensive stance.

“I am very mad at you. I want to hurt you,” Todoroki tells the guy, because they've both been hit by his truth-telling quirk.

“How long is this going to last?’ Bakugou asks.

“Just one day, maybe less.”

“I want to watch him hurt you,” Bakugou says, snapping his mouth shut just before the 'because it'd be hot' slips out.

“Both of you. Out,” Comes Endeavor’s booming voice. “You are embarrassing me. Come back tomorrow after this fool's quirk has worn off.”

Bakugou nods, because that's what he trusts himself to do. Todoroki opens his mouth to speak, but judging by the sour look on his face, it won't be anything nice. Bakugou slaps his hand over Todoroki’s mouth and nods again, throwing his other hand around his shoulder and guiding him out of the room.

The two of them find themselves on Shouto's couch, facing each other in some kind of miserable, truth-ridden silent staring contest. They're both too afraid to speak, which says more about the two of them than Bakugou wants to admit.

“I could go home,” Bakugou offers. It's much easier to deal with things like this alone.

“I don't want you to leave,” Shouto says. Then he starts pouting at his mandated honesty.

Something inside Bakugou does a somersault. “I don't want to leave either.”

“I hate when you go home. It's too quiet because all you do is stomp around and yell.” Todoroki makes a fist, grimacing.

“Yeah well I hate fucking going home. There's nobody to talk to and I'm always fucking cold and I-” Bakugou actually slaps his own hand over his mouth to keep himself from talking anymore.

“This is embarrassing,” Shouto whines. “I can't believe that God damn idiot detective couldn't tell the difference between us and the villain. For one, there's two of us.” He stands, detangling himself from Bakugou to fully be able to dedicate himself to his righteous speech. “Now we're hit with this ridiculous quirk and you know what, Bakugou? We're embarrassing. I'm embarrassed for us both.” Bakugou raises an eyebrow and cocks his head. Todoroki's hands are flying out at his sides, more expressive than maybe Bakugou has ever seen him. “We've known each other for six years, been fucking for five. You are with me more often than you're not. You're my best friend. Fuck, I'm in love with you and we can't even spend one day together without lying. What's wrong with us?”

Bakugou's mouth falls open.

Todoroki's eyes widen as he realize what he's said. His hand runs through his bangs, pulling the strands and mixing red and white together. “God damnit,” he says. Then he shakes his head furiously. He wants to say more, wants to take it back, wants to explain himself but he can't. He shakes his head again, lips pressed tightly together and walks suddenly to his bedroom.

Bakugou waits for about ten minutes. Letting himself breathe as the realization that Todoroki is in love with him washes over him. Then he does the worst thing he could do. He gets up and leaves.


His feet take him to Deku's apartment before he can stop them, head swimming far too much to think clearly. He's never even considered love and Todoroki in the same sentence but now it's all he can think about. Does he love Todoroki? Why the fuck does Todoroki love him? He'd be a terrible boyfriend. Doesn't he see that he can do better? Didn’t he fucking get the rules early on? Why the fuck would he step out of line like this? Why would he be so stupid to love a man as awful as Bakugou? It starts to rain halfway to Deku's apartment, and by the time he gets there he's shivering, probably looking more like a wet dog than his normal self.

“Kacchan!” Deku just about wails when he answers the door. “What happened? Are you okay?”

“This is really dramatic but I need your help because you're my oldest friend.” He grimaces so hard his teeth ache. Deku's eyes bulge out of his head, obviously shocked to hear something so tender coming from Bakugou's mouth. “Listen here Deku, I got hit with a fucking truth quirk by some dumbass cop. If you so much as bring anything up that I say to you in the next while again, I'll say I'm going to kill you but I won't do anything besides be furious at you for years.” His words start off in an angry growl but finish in something that would best be described as a pathetic whine.

Deku nods, and then invites him inside.

Deku makes him tea because Bakugou can't tell him not to. He's really cold and it does sound nice. “Don't make me the kind in the red container. It makes me think of Todoroki,” Bakugou admits before he grabs one of Deku's couch cushions and screams into it.

“So I take it this is about Shouto?” Deku asks, bringing out two mugs and placing one next to Bakugou before he settles in on the couch.

“Yes. I need you to do something for me, because since I can only tell the truth, it's my best way of knowing.”

“Sure, Kacchan, anything. What is it?”

“I need you to ask me if I love Todoroki.”

Deku blinks, and Bakugou can see about four thousand questions enter his head. But he does as he is told. Simply saying, “Okay. Kacchan, do you love Todoroki?”

Bakugou takes a big breath and then answers. What comes out of his mouth surprises them both. “I don't know,” he starts. He frowns at himself, but he keeps talking. “I've never been in love before so I don't know. Shit, I haven't even fucked anyone else since my friend, ugh, I can't remember his name. One of those punk ass kids I hung out with in middle school. He had a crush on you, by the way, and so did I.” Deku's eyes might fall out of his skull. “I did not want to tell you that but I can't fucking help it. It's why I fucking started to hate you, because I didn't want to be gay. Fuck. But then it went away and then I met fucking Icyhot and he just took over everything. I never needed anyone else because was just so perfect. He's good in bed and I like having him around. I've always been so fucking busy so fucking damn focused on being a hero I never stopped to think about love or what love was or what the fuck this half and half bitch meant to me! Until today because that asswipe had the nerve to tell me he loves me. Can you believe him?”

“The audacity,” Deku mumbles, taking a sip of his tea. Somehow he's managed to get sassy around his shock.

“Your attitude is making me feel inferior.” Bakugou honestly might start crying if he has to say another Goddamn word.

“Kacchan, I think you need to go home and think.”

“You're not allowed to kick me out! You're Deku.”

“I'm allowed to do anything I want,” Deku says. He puts his hand on Bakugou's shoulder and Bakugou hates that it makes him breathe out and settle. “I think you need to go home and think. You need to think about exactly what Shouto means to you. You guys are almost inseparable. He makes you smile. You have gone out of your way to make sure he's okay for years. He told me about the market the other day.” Bakugou feels his cheeks heat up. “I think you know the answer. I just didn't think you thought you were allowed to feel it. Imagine your life if you never saw Shouto again. How would you feel?”

“Bad,” Bakugou says. He hates how small and vulnerable his voice sounds. He hates everything. Realization settles within him, it makes his bones ache.

Deku gives him a small reassuring smile. “Then you know what to do.”


The next morning, (after joyously yelling lie after lie in the shower) Bakugou even goes as far as to stop and get Todoroki a coffee. He's gonna do it. He's gonna march into work, find Todoroki and tell him how he feels. He's gonna romance the fuck out of Icyhot. He's gonna stop running from shit that he's known all along. He's gonna be the best God damn boyfriend in the entire fucking world. If Todoroki wants love, then he’s gonna fucking get love. Bakugou pushes down every insecurity he has. They bubble up in his throat and make him swallow hard. He doesn’t want to do this, but he has to. He has to.

Todoroki's desk is right next to his and when he walks in, a grey and a blue eye snap up to meet him.



They both start and stop speaking at the same time before Todoroki gives him a tiny amused smile and grabs him by the hand. He leads Bakugou back to and inside Endeavor's office. Bakugou opens his mouth to ask about their location and Todoroki just waves him off, says, “He won't be in today,” before pulling Bakugou close to him.

Bakugou goes, and it isn't just Todoroki's hands on him that have him feeling more unsteady than when he walked in the office. He hands Todoroki the coffee. “I got you this.”

“Aren't you just a sweetheart,” Todoroki says, smiling along Bakugou's cheek. His hand on Bakugou's hip tightens.

“Listen, Todoroki, I-”

“Bakugou,” Todoroki says, firm. He kisses Bakugou on the mouth, making him blink. Then he leans back to take him all the way in and keeps talking. “Just because I might feel a certain way about you doesn't mean that I want things to change.”

“What?” Bakugou answers, because that was not what he was expecting.

“It's simple. I don't want you to love me back. I don't want to be with you.”

“What?” Bakugou’s brain spins around so fast he’s dizzy.

“Come on, Katsuki,” Todoroki gives his hip another squeeze. “It isn't that hard. If I could have it my way. I wouldn't love you at all. Everything's okay. I gotta go patrol.” Then he kisses Bakugou on the cheek and walks out of Endeavor's office like nothing happened, like the bottom of Bakugou's stomach isn't now residing on the office floor.

He gets a text from Todoroki around four, when he's getting ready to pack up but Todoroki is still on his way back from patrol. The day's been mostly a blur, with Bakugou moving on auto pilot and focusing in one one tiny detail.

If I could have it my way, I wouldn't love you at all.

Behind that he hears Deku's voice telling him, imagine your life if you never saw Shouto again.

Sometimes, there are two things that are sort of alike, but not really. Sometimes Bakugou squishes them together, a bad habit he's had since he was a teenager. It's improper compartmentalizing, and it was a shit habit to break. Sometimes, his brain takes a little piece of dust and rolls it from compartment to compartment, getting larger and larger with every semi-related scrap he can think of.

Right now, Bakugou's dealing with a fear-shaped boulder. He imagines it to be half red and half white and just as annoying as Todoroki himself. He wants to cling onto the side of it, say, “Why don't you want to love me?” And “Is it because I'm not good enough?” Wants to yell, “You're not allowed to do this to me!” Wants to tell Todoroki to come back, even before he's gone anywhere.

Icyhot: u want to come over later?
You: nah. Got some laundry to do.

It's a lie but it works. Bakugou might have a landslide happening in his head, but he's really good at ignoring things and pretending like they're not there.

Deku texts him and asks how he's doing later. Bakugou, who's been face down on his couch, wasting into a puddle of worthlessness while he flips through tv channel to tv channel, simply replies, there's way too much romance shit on tv. He gets a sad face in return.

“Pathetic. Even worthless Deku feels bad for me.” He groans into the pillow, and doesn't move, willing himself to magically fall asleep at 8pm again like when he was at UA.

It works.

The next day, Todoroki is off doing more patrolling while Bakugou is stuck doing shitty desk work. Normally, he’d be throwing a fit right about now, but being able to stay away from Todoroki is a perk that he’s just not ready to give up.

Todoroki crosses paths with him on his way out, holding the door for Bakugou to walk through it. “Wanna come over later?”

“Can’t, going out with Kirishima,” Bakugou lies once more. He’s not sure why he just doesn’t talk to Todoroki, in fact, the logical part of his brain is screaming at him to do so. He tells it to shut up, and buys his favorite mochi on his way home.

Which is how Bakugou finds himself watching a stupid sad movie that he didn’t know was going to be fucking sad. He thought it was going to be about killing badass zombies but then there was a dog and the dog went and fucking died in the most tragic way ever. Bakugou blows his nose into a tissue. He just really fucking likes dogs.

“Hey, you know what’s funny?” Bakugou hears the slamming of his front door and a very, very familiar voice coming closer to his bedroom. He jumps and his mochi tumble out of the container onto his sheets.

“You made me spill my fucking mochi, dipshit.”

“Pick them up then, they don’t stain. Are you fucking crying?” Todoroki asks him.

“What’s funny?”


“I wanna know what the fuck is so funny that you have to come here and tell me about it.”

Todoroki blinks. He sets down his bag on Bakugou’s chair and then rounds his bed to hop onto the other side. “Just that Kirishima and Deku were hanging out and neither of them had talked to you in days.” He reaches into Bakugou’s bowl and picks out a mochi. “You really were crying. What’s the matter?” He takes a polite nibble of the mochi, even having good table manners while he’s eating in Bakugou’s bed.

Bakugou gestures to the tv. “He fucking killed the dog.”


“Yeah,” Bakugou watches as Todoroki finishes his mochi, eyeing the movie in front of him. “Why are you here?’

“To catch you in your lie.”

“Okay, You fucking caught me. Why are you still here.”

Todoroki turns to face him then, capturing Bakugou’s gaze in his own. “Because somewhere I screwed up. We have off tomorrow together, Katsuki. It’s one of those rare weeks where we share every day off, and I don’t think there’s been a time in five years where you haven’t wanted to spend it together, beyond that, I don’t think there’s ever been a time where you’ve lied to me about what you were doing so you could sit in your bed and cry.

“I didn’t want to cry! It’s the fucking movie’s fault.”

“Bakugou,” Todoroki warns.

“Yeah, yeah. You’re fucking right, okay? I’m upset.”

“About what?”

Bakugou doesn’t say it at first, instead choosing to pick the treads from the edge of his blanket. After a minute, Shouto’s hand closes over his, nagging him on. “You don’t wanna love me. Why not?”

“Because it’s messy. It’s complicated, and you don’t love me back it’s-”

“I do,” Bakugou says, the light of the Tv makes the red in Todoroki’s scar and hair look purple. “I do, you idiot.

“Oh, well, that’s-” He pauses, leaning over to grab the beer off of Bakugou’s bedside table. He takes a sip. “That changes nothing.”

“How the fuck does that not change anything? That changes everything!”

“I don’t want it to.”

“Yeah, that’s exactly fucking it.”

Todoroki sighs. “Can you explain why you’re upset, please?”

Bakugou picks up a mochi and bites into it. He chews for a second, then he says, “You said that you wished you didn’t love me at all. And ever since you’ve said that the only thing I’ve been able to think about is my life if you weren’t in it, and I don’t fucking want that.”

“Oh, Katsuki,” Todoroki says, disgustingly soft. He leans in and kisses Bakugou’s cheek and Bakugou lets him. “This was exactly why I said it in the first place, because you heard ‘love’ and went straight to panicking about everything ending if you weren’t enough immediately, right?”

Bakugou scowls. He’s absolutely furious that this man knows him this well. He doesn’t answer, because somehow his brain has equated that to losing.

“Okay, so I’m right,” Todoroki takes a mochi and bites into it, and to Bakugou’s surprise, he keeps talking with his mouth full. “When I hear ‘love’ I start thinking about all the ways we can hurt each other until one of us goes insane. But when I am with you, I think about being safe. I think about being happy. I think about being home.”

Bakugou reaches out and rubs Todoroki’s knee, because that was just too fucking much. “That’s so fucking gay.”

“Yeah, I guess.”

“So what you’re saying is, you want a relationship… without a relationship?”

“Is that not what this is?”

Bakugou takes his beer back from Todoroki and takes a long sip. “Are you sleeping with anyone else?”


“Have you?”

To this, Todoroki turns red and looks at the TV again. “No.” His voice is quiet, embarrassed.

“I haven’t either,” he admits. That brings Todoroki’s eyes back to his again. “So, yeah, I guess that’s exactly what this is.” His thumb keeps rubbing circles into Todoroki’s jeans. “You need therapy.”

“So do you,” Todoroki says, laughing. “Did I tell you I got therapy once? Well, more than once. But the first time. It was at UA.”

“No shit.”

“Yeah. You know how sometimes I,” his fingers dance along his lap, and Bakugou knows that’s his imitation of his ice forming, because he’s a big loser nerd. “Freeze the bed?” The first time that nightmare happened it was right after we moved into the dorms. I guess somebody heard me yelling or maybe it was Aizawa himself but I was sleeping and the next thing I knew I was frozen in a cocoon of ice and my teacher was asking me how long my dad hit me for.”


“Right? So then I went to this therapist UA hired for me. I swear Aizawa and All Might paid for it so they could get me some help behind my father’s back. I used to go twice a week at first. It’s her that made me start opening up more.” He bumps Bakugou’s shoulder. “It’s her that made me try and be friends with you.”

Bakugou lifts his beer in cheers. “Thanks for the years of dick, whoever you are.” When he looks back at Todoroki, he’s smiling, and he can’t help but smile too.

“I used to go to her every week with this laundry list of shit that had happened and sit down all stern and ready to go and half the time do you know what she told me? Shouto, please stop trying to fix things that aren’t broken. There are plenty of broken things inside you, but you need to stop prioritizing the things that work perfectly fine.”

Bakugou feels the light bulb go off inside his head. He asks the question anyway. “What were you trying to fix?”

“Do you remember, when basically everyone in the class had a crush on Izuku?” He grins, sharp. Bakugou starts frowning before he even speaks again. “Except for you, you got that out of the way in middle school apparently.”

“That stupid fucking nerd. I’ll kill him!”

“You won’t! I think he’s going to die of alcohol poisoning first. I’ve never heard him sound that drunk. Kirishima was yelling something about manly shots in the background.”

“Oh fucking christ, the two of them are going to ‘hey yeah, you can do it!’ each other to an early death.” He does his best impression of Kirishima, which makes Todoroki let out a real, belly laugh. Bakugou drains the last of his beer to hide his smile.

“Hey I wanted some of that. Can you get me a beer?” Todoroki asks. He kind of pouts, so of course he gets what he wants. Bakugou gets up to get him one, and isn’t surprised when Todoroki follows him to the kitchen anyway, restarting his story halfway down the hallway. “I wanted to ask him to hang out more because I had this puppy dog crush on him. And I went from ‘cool. I made a new friend.’ to ‘I will crush him under my demons.’ within about four seconds flat. She told me that there was no need to try and fix this already-doomed relationship I had made up in my head. I just had to go and handle the problems as they came along.”

“Makes sense.” Bakugou hands him the beer out of the fridge and they both head back to the bedroom. He realizes, as they settle back into the bed, bodies touching, that this is the most open and honest they've been with each other maybe ever. He won't thank the defective with the bad aim in reality, but a secret part of him is really grateful.

“It turned out that that was even better advice than she knew, because someone else stole my attentions pretty soon after.” Bakugou feels his cheeks heat up. “Bakugou, my point of all of this is, why would we fix something that isn’t broken? We work perfectly fine. I love what we have. I don’t want to change it. If we love each other, well, I guess that’s a plus.”

In lieu of answering him, Bakugou leans over to kiss him. They stay like that for a minute, mouths moving together in a way that’s comfortable, but still never ceases to send sparks up Bakugou’s spine. “For the record I haven’t heard you talk this much since you accidentally ate a pot brownie at Kamanari’s graduation party.”

Shouto smiles. “I know. I understood astrophysics. That was fun.”

Bakugou, who remembers carrying Todoroki home like a sack of potatoes while he spoke in a mixture of jibberish and put me down, Katsuki, I'm gonna puke, kisses him again, and then says, “No. It fucking wasn’t.”

Chapter Text

Bakugou was enjoying a very quiet, very peaceful night alone when he heard keys jingling in his door. About a quarter of a second later, Todoroki comes bursting in, face bright red and out of breath. “Bakugou!”

“What the fuck? Are you okay? Is someone after you?” Bakugou’s on his feet in an instant, running to the door to lock it.

“No, no. It’s worse.” Shouto’s eyes are huge and for a moment, Bakugou wonders if outside, the world is ending. Shouto looks like a man possessed, or high. Maybe he’s accidentally gotten blitzed again.“I found a kitten.”

“What the fuck?” At least he’s not on drugs.

“I know! One second I was just finishing my patrol and the next I heard this little crying, right? And oh! It had just started to rain. So it was raining, and this animal was crying. I didn’t know it was an animal but I followed the noise and then I saw it was not just any animal, it was a cat! So I leaned down and picked her up and,” He takes the first breath he has since entering the apartment and unzips his jacket in a hurry, revealing a kitten with light brown fur that’s speckled with dirt. “Look at her!”

“She’s fucking filthy.”

“She looks like you!” He turns the cat around to show her face, which looks like it’s been squashed into a permanent scowl. “She makes the same face as you!”

Bakugou, predictably, scowls. “I hate you so much.”

“I love her.”

“Yeah, yeah. How do you know that fucking cat bastard doesn't have fleas? Some kind of other disease? Or, I don't fucking know, an owner?” Todoroki frowns. “Why did you bring it to my apartment anyway?”

“Yours was closer.” He's holding onto the dirty ass cat like it's a newborn child, cradling it in his arms.

Bakugou sighs, then gets his phone out. He texts Kirishima, because he's the only person they know with a car. The city is too crowded to drive, but Kirishima works in a part where public transportation is sparse. About thirty minutes later, his friend arrives, eyes sparkling like he too has just fallen in love.

“Oh my God, Bakugou, she's your twin.”

Bakugou looks to the scowling kitten and sighs.

They find a 24 hour vet and Kirishima happily drives them. They all pour inside, crowding around the kitten like she's an actual child and not a dirty animal. She doesn't have fleas, thankfully, and it turns out that after she gets a bath, she looks even more miserable than before.

“Oh my God,” Todoroki says. His eyes might be filled with tears.

“I want to be her godfather,” Kirishima say, looking just as sappy and gross.

Bakugou just says, “Ugh.”

After the kitten has gotten a clean bill of health, they all get back into Kirishima’s car. Todoroki and the cat get the front passenger seat. Bakugou keeps stealing glances at them. Todoroki is looking at the fucking furball with this look of love and awe on his face. It’s fucking gross.

“So what’s the little lady’s name?” Kirishima asks, breaking Bakugou out of his hatred spiral.

“I don’t know!” Todoroki says. He thinks for a moment. “Bakugou, since she’s obviously your offspring, why don’t you name her?”

“She’s not my fucking offspring you dimwit, I don’t even know how that-” Then Bakugou stops talking, because there’s the tiniest little kitten in his lap. “What the fuck!” He hisses through clenched teeth. He doesn’t want to startle her, but he is not happy about holding her at all. He’s never had a cat, didn’t even know any cats while he was younger. He’s completely clueless as to what to do.

He grimaces at her. She grimaces twice as hard back. Bakugou tentatively brings two fingers up to pat her on the head. When she doesn’t immediately bite them off, he runs them gently down her back. Then, she starts to purr. He does it again, and again. She looks up at him. She’s still fucking grimacing.

“Princess Explosion Murder. That’s her name.”

“Isn’t that the hero name you tried to pick when you were fifteen?” Todoroki asks.

“You forgot my birthday two years ago but you remember that?”

“Well, that was embarrassing. Missing your birthday isn't." Then he shrugs like that explains everything.

“You’re an asshole piece of shit. Yeah that was the fucking name, what of it?”

“What about just Princess Murder?” Kirishima says, interrupting what probably would have been a three day long fight. He momentarily takes his hands off the wheel to announce the name properly.

Both Todoroki and Bakugou just grunt in reply, because it’s absolutely perfect, and they're both a little wounded they didn't come up with it alone. The cat rides in Bakugou’s lap until they get back to Todoroki’s apartment. Kirishima looks proud.

They stop at a pet store to get some supplies and food on the way home. Bakugou stays in the car with Princess Murder, because she’s asleep and that wouldn’t be fair to wake her up She’s just a fucking baby. She needs her goddamn rest. She even scowls in her sleep. He can’t stand her and makes a mental note to ask Todoroki if he scowls in his sleep too.

Todoroki comes out of the store with a horrible, awful, mother fucking pink sparkly collar. Princess Murder refuses to let him put it on. At one point, she jumps off his lap and hides under the passenger seat of the car, causing them to all have to pull over to get her out. Bakugou takes her back, grumbling angrily at Todoroki because he has bad fucking taste and you can’t just force an animal to wear things you dumb shit.

He pets Princess Murder until she falls asleep on his lap again. If he has to be in the presence of a cat that’s exactly like him, at least she has good taste too.

Kirishima leaves them when they get back to Todoroki’s apartment, and together Bakugou and Todoroki get the cat all set up. If anyone asked him, Bakugou will deny it forever, but they spend a lot of time sitting on the couch watching the kitten jump around and play with her new toys. She seems really happy, almost as happy as Todoroki, who keeps giving the cat these soft little smiles that Bakugou wants to punch off his face. They’re too damn cute, and Todoroki is dangerous when he’s cute, as proven by how long it takes Bakugou to leave.

Todoroki walks him to the front door. “Thanks for helping me,” he says, looping his arms around Bakugou’s neck like a real soft fucker. Bakugou wraps his arms around Todoroki’s hips and mumbles a ‘you’re welcome’ into the crook of Todoroki’s neck. Shouto leans in and kisses him goodnight, but it’s not a normal goodnight kiss. It’s a lingering kiss, like his tongue flicking into Bakugou’s mouth is trying to wave him back inside and get him to stay.

“I have to go,” Bakugou says against Todoroki’s mouth, because he does. He has an early shift tomorrow and Todoroki has off. He wants to continue the rest of his quiet night alone and then get some fucking sleep. Todoroki pouts, actually fucking pouts like the brat he is, and Bakugou leans in and bites his plush bottom lip. They kiss some more, and Bakugou presses Todoroki back into the doorway. It’s a lazy makeout, their bodies just pressed up tight, their mouths moving. Todoroki keeps making these little happy breathy sounds that are gonna kill Bakugou right there and then. When he feels himself get hard and a little needy and starts thinking about grinding on Todoroki and getting them off right there, he detaches himself with a final peck. “I gotta fuckin’ go, asshole.”

“Okay,” Todoroki pouts, but his mouth is curled up in another teeny smile. Bakugou turns and leans right then, because he knows if he doesn’t he never will and then he’ll be wrecked and exhausted for the next day. He knows he’s too damn good of a hero to let the world down like that.

Bakugou gets home and as soon as he gets changed and into bed, his phone rings.

“Icyhot.” He recites the name on his caller ID as a greeting.

“The baby misses you,” Shouto says. His voice sounds a little muffled like he’s lying in bed. He probably is, knowing that lazy shit.

“The baby?” Bakugou knows exactly what he’s talking about, but the fact that this asshole has had a cat for a total of five hours and is already calling it ‘a baby’ is disgusting and he refuses to take part in it.

“Princess Murder,” Todoroki clarifies. “She’s been curled up in your spot on the bed like she knows- oh nevermind she just jumped off and ran away.”

“Pfft. She’s fine. Why’re you calling me, nerd?”

“Well I was telling you about the baby but since she’s gone…” he drifts off and there’s the noise of rustling blankets in Bakugou’s ear. “I miss you too.” Todoroki’s voice suddenly gets lower, smoother, causing heat to form in Bakugou’s belly like it always does.

“You just saw me,” Bakugou continues to play dumb even though he lets his hand creep lower on his stomach, skirting the edge of his sleep pants.

“I wish you were still here,” Todoroki says, then he sighs.

“Are you fucking jerking off?”

“Mhm.” He draws it out, his voice sounding so fucking sultry that Bakugou’s toes curl. “You should join me, talk me off.”

“Why the fuck do I have to do all the work, huh?”

“Because. It’s like you said, I’m a spoiled little prince, right?”

Bakugou growls. “Oh now you’re asking for it.”

“Yeah? What am I asking for?”

Bakugou doesn’t answer, because he’s throwing clothes for the morning into a backpack and putting on his shoes. He grabs his apartment keys from where he keeps them by the door, and is halfway down his hallway when he realizes he’s about to ride the train to go have a booty call in his pajamas. “Bakugou?” Todoroki asks, wondering where he’s gone.

“You can keep touching yourself, you brat. But do not come. I’ll be there in twenty minutes. Fucking spoiled,” And then he hangs up, counting on the cold air of the night to will his body to calm down for the train ride.

As he expected, Todoroki's waiting for him by the door, not even allowing Bakugou's key to be placed in the slot before he's opening the door and pulling him inside. He slams Bakugou up against the door, their lips meet in an instant, kissing roughly. Todoroki's hands are under his shirt, one cold and one hot. He's worked up already, hard and pressing into Bakugou's thigh. Bakugou wants to devour him, and kisses him like it. He licks into Todoroki's mouth and bites at his lips, pulling Todoroki closer to him with two hands on his ass.

Todoroki jumps, actually jumps, forcing Bakugou to catch him. He does, hand gripping greedily at Todoroki's muscular thighs. Todoroki moans, rolling his hips to push himself against Bakugou's. Bakugou pulls away to bite at Todoroki's neck, feeling his blood simmering. He bites the cold side, and is pleased to find Todoroki's skin freezing. He loves making him lose control, loves to feel the drastic temperatures of each half of his body when he can't help but let them flare.

“B-baby-” Todoroki stutters. It's not something he normally calls Bakugou, but it has to be the heat of the moment.

“What is it?” He sucks another bruise into Todoroki's neck.

“No, the baby. She's looking at us.” Bakugou pauses, looking up to the same place Todoroki's looking.

The cat is looking at them, sitting on the floor of the living area with her head cocked to the side. “Okay, and?” Because she's a damn cat, she won't know what the fuck they're doing.

“I don't want her to see,” Todoroki says, turning to him with wide eyes.

Bakugou growls, because he was really fucking into the idea of taking Todoroki apart right here against his front door. He lets out a frustrated puff of air, then walks Todoroki straight back to his bedroom. He gives a yelp at being carried, but Bakugou shuts him up, saying, “I'm not about to quit, so we will just have to find another Goddamn door.”

He kicks the door of Todoroki's bedroom shut behind him, and continues to take him apart. He makes Todoroki come like that, with his back jammed against a doorknob, kneening, nails digging into Bakugou's skin. After, Todoroki drops to his knees and sucks Bakugou so good that Bakugou things that maybe he's found God for a moment. Shouto's always been good with his mouth. There's little Bakugou likes more than fisting one hand in red hair and the other in white and fucking into that velvety heat. Then, they move to the bed and do it again (and again). His sleep schedule is already fucked. He might as well enjoy it to the fullest.

The next day at work, Bakugou spends his entire lunch break taking a nap. He only regrets his decisions a little.

Chapter Text

This is the worst.

“I love you so much, Shouto, baby,” Katsuki slurs. He's high as a kite.

No, that's not the worst. Shouto likes that, likes it more than he wants to admit. What's the worst is the fact that Katsuki is so high (and supposed to stay this high) that Shouto is basically carrying him the entire walk to his apartment.

“Bring me to my house,” Katsuki had said.

“Okay,” Shouto had said, and then had promptly brought Katsuki back to his own apartment.

Katsuki's apartment was small. His was just better. Katsuki would thank him when he gained the ability to figure out how surroundings work again. Plus, he knew that Katsuki was going to fall asleep the second his head hit the pillow and Shouto had leftovers in the fridge he had been really looking forward to-- that is, before he saw Katsuki get thrown off the side of a building.

It had happened fast, one second they were fighting some random two-bit villain who’s quirk Shouto doesn’t even remember, and the next he watched as Katsuki was hit in the head hard enough to knock him out and then thrown off the building like he was a sack of garbage being thrown into a dumpster.

A lot of people would call Katsuki Bakugou just that, Shouto figures. A lot of people don’t like Katsuki, and that’s not news to him. But now as he looks at him, looking impossibly small and young, sitting on the side of Shouto’s bed with his eyes big and shocked, Shouto can’t imagine why. “It hurts,” he says quietly as Shouto takes off his shirt. He broke a ton of ribs on his right side in the fall along with parts of his ankle. Recovery girl had come out to see him (and healed the damage to his spine thank the heavens), but the healing to the ribs and ankle didn’t quite take all the way. Shouto’s heart breaks. He’s never heard Katsuki sound this frail before.

He kisses the side of his temple, and drops the dirty shirt to the floor. He'll pick it up later “It hurts,” Katsuki repeats and Shouto breaks even more.

He cradles Katsuki’s head against his chest, running his hands through his hair. He kisses the top of it, unable to help himself. Katsuki smells like he always does after a fight-- like sweet burnt sugar and smoke, almost like a roasted marshmallow. “I know it does, baby.” He’d never say this kind of stuff to Katsuki if he wasn’t in this state, but he doubts he’d be hearing the confessions from the other man’s mouth either. “You need to sleep.”

“‘M sleepy,” he confirms. Shouto gets him lying flat on his back on the bed, tucks him in under the covers. He sits next to Katsuki and strokes his hair for a moment. Katsuki peaks an eye open to look at Shouto. He reaches out to grab for him and misses by about half a foot. Shouto can’t help but smile. “You’re pretty,” he croaks.

“Thank you. You’re high.”

“I’m sleepy.” Then, Katsuki yawns, shutting his eyes again.

“Then sleep,” Shouto tells him, even though he thinks Katsuki is already out by the time he says it.

Shouto stays right where he is, running his hand through Katsuki’s hair for a really long time, willing the image of the man he loves’ body hitting the ground to leave his brain and staring at Katsuki long enough to give himself something to replace it with.

The next morning, Shouto finds out that as horrible as that was, there is nothing worse than a Katsuki who is much, much less high and still in pain.

Around six am, which Shouto had forgotten fucking existed, the good medicine from the hospital starts to wear off leaving Katsuki incredibly nauseous. Shouto finds this out because he’s awoken by the sound of Bakugou puking in the trash can he keeps next to the bed.

Katsuki doesn’t keep a trash can next to the bed at his apartment. See? Shouto always makes good choices.

Shouto gets up and helps him to the bathroom where he starts puking again. Then he starts crying because it hurts but he’s not high enough to admit that it hurts or that he’s crying so he starts yelling, actually yelling at Shouto for calling the doctor and making sure that everything’s okay and they don’t have to go in.

“Well, it doesn’t sound like he’s punctured a lung,” The doctor says in a sympathetic tone.

Shouto sighs.

He wrangles Katsuki back into bed and forces him (he may have told Katsuki that he’d freeze him to the bed if he didn’t comply) to take the weaker, but still effective pain-killers the hospital sent him home with. It doesn’t take the pain completely away, but it does make him stop yelling. Around eight Shouto is drifting off while Katsuki watches the morning news when he feels a weight on his shoulder. Katsuki has let himself slump onto him.



“I’m sorry.”

Shouto peeks open an eye at that. Katsuki has gotten much better at apologizing, but it’s still nice to hear it. He kisses the top of his head and says, “I know.”


“What was it like?” Katsuki asks him later. He's got Katsuki eating soup on his couch. Getting him there was a challenge, and Katsuki cursed him out the entire way. He hasn't apologized for that. Shouto doesn't think he wants him to. It couldn't have felt good.

“What was what like?”

“Him throwing me.”

Shouto isn't a man that cries. He was raised by Endeavor, who at times can be a heartless man, and trained to be a powerful hero for as long as he can remember. He's been through more shit than he will ever tell another soul. Sometimes, he thinks it's a wonder he is as functional as he is. He doesn't cry, because that's just not the man he was made to be. He thinks that maybe, if Katsuki was still as fucked up as he was the night before, maybe if his eyes were a little less clear, he'd let himself cry then.

Instead, he says, “Like my entire world was falling down,” and leaves it at that.

Katsuki doesn't say anything back and Shouto doesn't think he wants him to.

Katsuki ends up falling asleep sitting straight up after dinner, which apparently in his state looks like a lot of drooling and mumbling. He's currently going on about people who litter. Shouto can only make out about half of the words he's saying and is strangely reminded of Midoriya. He chuckles to himself, whispering, “Yeah, tell them to throw their water bottles away.”

“Mmph. Fucking lazy mmph assholes mmph thinking about the dolphins mmph.” Shouto is so charmed it kind of makes him sick. He gets up, collecting their dishes and washing them quickly in the kitchen sink. When he gets back to the couch, Katsuki has managed to tilt completely over onto his side with his feet still planted on the floor. It looks extremely uncomfortable.

Shouto winces on his behalf, and kind of manhandles him so that he's at least lying on his back. To this, Katsuki says, “Mmph and the fucking bottles…” so Shouto figures his maneuvering didn't do any damage.

Shouto wonders if he should bring Bakugou to bed. He would be more comfortable there and Shouto could keep an eye on him overnight, but to do that he'd have to risk dropping him, which would not be good for
his healing ribs. He'd probably also get cursed at again, but that's nothing new for a Wednesday night with Katsuki Bakugou, but still not his favorite pastime (outside of special occasions, that is).

He leaves Katsuki there for a bit, instead deciding to give Princess Murder some much needed attention and love. He holds one of her toys-- a feather on a string-- and watches her viciously attack it with her teeny tiny kitten claws. She looks absolutely miserable while doing so. Shouto is in a house full of miserable-looking blondes.

He loves it.

He decides to leave Katsuki on the couch, despite the twinge of guilt that appears when he covers him up with a soft blanket. He'd rather not rouse or drop him, so it's the safest bet.

A few hours later, after he's fallen asleep, he hears some crashing, then an actual explosion. He doesn't move at first, because surprisingly, hearing explosions inside his home is a very common thing and most of the time he would much rather never see the damage from them. After a moment, Katsuki comes stumbling into the room. He's running his mouth, clearly and colorfully cursing about Shouto leaving him.

“You're a horrible caretaker,” Katsuki grunts, easing himself into the bed. “I hate you,” he tells Shouto. Then he does his very best to touch their bodies together everywhere he can.

Shouto wraps an arm around him, just humming in reply. Together, they fall asleep.


“I'm not eating this,” Katsuki says, pouting in a way that reminds Shouto of his brother, Natsuo's, daughter. He hasn't spent a lot of time with her, but she seems to never want anything, yell a lot and frown. Apparently, that's just what toddlers do. Shouto makes a mental note to ask Natsuo how he handles her for later.

Now, he says, “You have to.”


“Because it's what's for breakfast.” It's not a bad breakfast. Shouto's made a fried egg and rice which is something he knows Katsuki eats. He's not sure why he's refusing it now.

No.” Somehow, Katsuki pouts even harder.

“Don't make me call Deku,” Shouto threatens. Midoriya has been calling Shouto about every four hours to check on Katsuki and offering to come help, much to Katsuki's dismay.

"You wouldn't.”

“I would. I'll call him right now and tell him you aren't eating your breakfast like the doctor said you had to.”

Katsuki absolutely glares at him.

Shouto glares back.

It's bad enough that Katsuki broke a vase and literally burned a hole into his wall because he thought that's just the way you catch yourself when you're about to fall last night. Shouto is running low on patience for Katsuki's nonsense. He just wants the guy to eat so he doesn't start puking again. Shouto knows he's not the most patient or affectionate person, nor is he the best cook, but the least Katsuki could do is at least try the food he's made them.

Katsuki, while continuing to glare at Shouto, fumbles until he finds his fork and then picks it up. Shouto watches. Katsuki stabs the egg rather violently and brings it to his mouth before taking the meanest and most vengeful-looking bite Shouto's ever seen. The yolk of the egg drips from the egg, half landing on the table and half in the bowl of rice. He chews without breaking eye contact. Shouto's eyes start to water from not blinking.

“There. Was that so bad?”

“Horrible,” Katsuki replies, but he takes another bite after anyway.

Shouto positively beams.


The next morning, Shouto does call Izuku, but it’s not because Katsuki’s been misbehaving. His father has been kind enough to give him a couple days of leave after Katsuki’s incident, because he thinks that the two of them are dating. He doesn’t have the mind to correct him, since doing so would rob him of ‘someone gets blown off of a building’ leave days and would be more trouble than it was worth. His days off are over now, though, and frankly Shouto is getting rather antsy being stuck in the house. Izuku has the day off so he heads over to help with Katsuki. He arrives so fast that Shouto is immediately provided with the mental image of him jumping from rooftop to rooftop to get there, his quirk zinging lightening through his body. Actually, by how sweaty Izuku looks, he’s exactly sure that’s what happened.

“Kacchan!” Izuku absolutely wails. He rushes over to Katsuki who immediately starts slapping at him and yelling at Shouto for inviting him over. Then the two of them have some kind of argument-conversation while Shouto is getting dressed that he only half-hears. There’s the sound of an explosion and then Izuku yelling, but when he comes back out to his living room he finds it intact, and Katsuki rather happily slumped into Izuku’s side with the cat on his lap. Their expressions match perfectly. Shouto takes a mental picture, since an actual picture would probably result in him having his eyebrows singed off. He’ll never understand Izuku and Katsuki’s friendship, nor does he want to. The two of them do more punching and yelling than actual talking sometimes, but they’ve grown immensely close since graduating UA.

“Are you two going to be okay?” He asks, knowing the answer already.

“Yep! Me and Kacchan will be just fine! I’ll call you if anything happens!” Izuku tells him, smile bright and eyes shining.

“No,” Katsuki grumps. Shouto smiles, and then kisses both him and Princess Murder goodbye before leaving.


It takes two weeks for Katsuki to fully get on his feet. Shouto never thought he’d be happy for Katsuki to say that he’s going home to his own apartment the next morning, but he is. He’s more so happy for the fact that he actually can rather than for the fact that he’s actually leaving, but the joy is there nonetheless.

“Thank you for taking care of me,” Katsuki tells him. They’re facing each other in bed, just a breath’s distance apart. “I love you.”

“Anytime,” Shouto replies, because even though it was hard and kind of horrible, he’d do it again, he’d do it again anytime Katsuki would need him to. He lets the other half of Katsuki’s statement go ignored, because it isn’t something they say. He doesn’t know if he can say it back, if he should. Katsuki knows what he feels anyway, he hopes. His body fills with the warmth of it anyway.

“Let me make it up to you,” Katsuki offers, and Shouto lets him.

Katsuki kisses his way down Shouto’s body, past his dick. He places a soft kiss to Shouto’s hole and Shouto knows he’s done for before anything’s really started. He holds onto Katsuki’s hair and does his best not to burn half of it off.

He’s still shaking after he comes, when Katsuki kisses his way back up Shouto’s body. He bites down onto Shouto’s neck and Shouto, gone, absolutely lost in it, says, “I love you too.”

Chapter Text

It's six in the morning on a Tuesday when Katsuki Bakugou opens his underwear drawer to find it empty.

“Huh,” he wonders aloud, since he likes to keep on top of his laundry. He wanders over to his basket and finds it just how he thought he left it, almost empty spare the clothes he wore last night. “What the fuck?”

Did a magical underwear thief come into his house? Did one of his fangirls figure out where he lives and come and steal all of it? He sits down on his bed, naked and still a little wet from his shower, and has himself a think.

Then, after about two minutes, he calls Todoroki. Surprisingly, he answers on the fifth ring. “Hmm?”

“Yo, asshole, do I have underwear at your house?”

Todoroki grunts, then says, “In your drawer. Folded them.” The lightbulb goes off, the dots connect and Bakugou is suddenly aware of where all of his underwear is.

He goes to Todoroki's house commando, which could be worse, and lets himself in. “Hey, Icyhot!” He yells, since he stopped to get Todoroki a coffee on the way and figures he will be awake. He's wrong, and Todoroki is lying sprawled out in his bed, dead asleep and phone in hand. Bakugou sighs, and then goes to his drawer in Todoroki's dresser go get his underwear. In it he finds-

Well, he finds half his wardrobe. He's actually appropriated two drawers now, and wonders when it got to that point. He pulls on his underwear and thinks about the last time he's brought an outfit to Todoroki's house during one of their many sleepovers. He finds that he can't remember.

“Shit,” he sighs, because that's just too much and too close for comfort.

Or maybe, that is comfort, a small part of his brain supplies. He shoves it away and then decides to wake Todoroki for work instead. Everyone needs a shower before work, this lazy asshole is no exception.

Todoroki's apartment is just nicer than his. It's about twice if not three times the size. He'd finally strayed from the similar styles of his home and UA dorm room and with a lot of care, managed to incorporate a sleek modern style into his traditional Japanese tastes. Bakugou is not a man of design, but he likes to think he has a good eye. To him, Todoroki's apartment is both aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. He's really done a great job with it. Plus, it has the full-sized oven Bakugou dreams of at night.


Sometimes, however, Bakugou dreams of other, less-pleasant things at night.

There are many days when Bakugou can forget just how much he's seen, how much he's dealt with. He can forget that he was kidnapped when he was fifteen and then shortly thereafter forced to watch his hero meet his end to protect him. He can forget that he'd seen multiple people die by the time he was a legal adult, and had failed to save more than one of them. He can forget a lot, until he can't.

He wakes up with his hands straight out, grabbing at the air. His voice dies the second his eyes open, but he knows what he was trying to say. He's had this dream before.

Sometimes, heroes kill people. Bakugou will never stop being afraid of it happening again.

He shakes his head to try and rid himself of his twisted memory, of the AP shot he thought would just knock the guy back, of the scream that left his mouth when he realized what he'd done, of watching what happened next. He rids himself of the vision of that villain lying on the ground, except for in his dream it's Shouto. It almost always is, but occasionally it's Deku or Kirishima or even his mom.

Bakugou's mind is often mean to him. He figures it's karmic, considering how much it a mean little shit he was for most of his life.

He gets up to wash his face, since his hands are still shaking and he feels a little sick. He grips the edge of the sink after, realizing why he's not recovering as quickly as he normally does when he has this dumbass dream.

It's because normally, fucking Icyhot is next to him, either making him freeze or sweat or sometimes, when he's got Bakugou wrapped up in a human burrito, both. Bakugou suddenly hates Shouto Todoroki more than anything else, ever while also having a sudden and intense need to see him immediately.

He sighs, and doesn't bother throwing clothes into a bag before he heads out of his front door. There are clothes at Todoroki's house anyway.

When he gets there, he only has to twist his face up at Shouto's mostly-asleep face full of question. Shouto holds his arms out, beckoning Bakugou into them. Bakugou fucking hates him, hates himself, but he goes. Maybe he cries a little when he smells Todoroki's shampoo against his nose, maybe he doesn't. It doesn't matter, because Todoroki lets him.

They lie intertwined and face the rest of the night together.

A week later, Bakugou's phone starts ringing while he's in the shower. He lets it go, figuring whoever it is can wait until he's out. The caller doesn't, and just as soon as his phone stops ringing, it starts again. It's not the ringtone he uses for official hero business, so he isn't fucking sure who's blowing his shit up like this. He continues to let it ring and washes his damn hair.

Then the phone rings. Again.

“Someone better fucking be dead,” he growls, leaning out of the shower, still covered in soap, to blindly hit the answer button appearing on his screen.

“What the fuck do you need?” He says, and prays to God it isn't his mom.

“Katsuki!” And it's mother fucking Todoroki. Of course it is. “It's an emergency!”

“What? What the fuck? Are you okay?” He starts furiously washing the soap off of himself. Todoroki sounds absolutely panicked, and the foreignness of it makes anxiety spike inside of Bakugou.

“Princess Murder! Something's wrong!”

“What is it?”

“Well, we were just sitting and then she ate a piece of my-” Todoroki stops dead in the middle of his sentence.

“Shouto?” Bakugou says after a minute. He turns off the water and gets out of the shower to quickly dry off.

Shouto then mumbles something that's mostly incoherent, but Bakugou catches one single word.

“You let the fucking cat eat a damn lunchable?”

“...She took a bite of the lunch meat when I wasn't looking!”

“You dumbass piece of shit,” Bakugou growls, because not only is that dickhead eating shit garbage when he's not there, but he's gonna kill the fucking cat with it. “I told you that shit was bad!”

“Bakugou!” Todoroki grunts. “Are you going to come help me or are you just going to keep yelling at me?” He sounds halfway between absolute panic and exasperation.

There's a part of Bakugou that will always be soft and squishy for Todoroki, that has been ever since when they were 17 and he and Todoroki had planned to have a good stress relieving fuck before finals started but then ended up sitting up in Bakugou's bed talking and laughing almost all night long until they both passed out. They had overslept the next morning, but when Bakugou had woken up with an armful of Todoroki and had opened his eyes to see sleepy mismatched ones looking back at him, he had somehow managed to wake up with a heart full of him too.

So, when he hears Shouto on the other end of the line sounding so distressed, he can't help but stop his chastising and tell the man, “I'm coming. Try and calm down.”

“Okay,” Todoroki says, breathing out, voice small, and Bakugou knows he's said what Todoroki needed to hear.

By the time Bakugou gets there, he finds Todoroki furiously scrubbing the area rug in his living room. Princess Murder is curled up in a ball on the couch. She looks okay, but Bakugou still doesn't know jack shit about cats.

“She had to fucking hit the rug,” Todoroki manages after a moment. He sniffs and then leans up, disgustingly wiping his nose with his sleeve as he looks up at Bakugou. His eyes are swollen and shiny, his brow furrowed like he's about to split into the two halves that make his whole.

Bakugou has seen Todoroki cry less than five times in so many years. Seeing this puffy-faced version of him makes something inside Bakugou turn to mush. “Shouto,” he starts. He doesn't know what else to say, then, so he opens his arms wide to beckon Todoroki into a hug. Todoroki stands immediately, moving to him and dropping the cleaning products onto the floor. Just before he buries his face into Bakugou's shoulder, his face cracks once more. Bakugou wraps him up into his arms, squeezing him as a new round of tears shake Todoroki's shoulders. “It's okay. She's going to be okay.”

“S-she's sick and it's my fault. It's al-” he stops trying to speak, overwhelmed with it all.

Bakugou shatters, absolutely splinters into a million pieces of himself that are all desperately in love with this big idiot. “It's not your fault. It was a mistake.” Bakugou says the words clearly, a touch slower than he'd normally speak. Sometimes, there are things that would knock a normal person on their ass for a few minutes that positively destroy Todoroki. It's like he's bottled so much up that sometimes the lid just pops off and he overflows. This is one of those times. Bakugou considers for a moment what would happen to him if he fought his boss. Things may be better between Endeavor and Shouto now, but he can't help the flash of anger towards the man that makes his palms ache to explode something. “It was a mistake, Shouto.”

“She's my responsibility and I hurt her.”

Bakugou's mind starts putting things together and he rubs circles into Todoroki's back, searching his internal dictionary to pick his next words carefully. “No, you left cheap, shitty human food out and your dumbass cat decided she was too good for the cat food I bought her.” He kind of chuckles. “Reminds me of someone.”

It takes Todoroki a moment to get the joke but he gives a sigh when he does, his tears stopping. After a moment he says, “Don't call her a dumbass. She's your daughter.”

Bakugou grunts in reply. Todoroki's lucky Bakugou's soft as shit for him right now. “Well, whatever she is, she looks pretty damn okay right now.”

Todoroki lifts his head off of Bakugou's shoulder to see for himself. Princess murder looks content as she sleeps. His entire body relaxes against Bakugou's and for a moment, it's quiet. Todoroki breaks the silence, asking, “Will you stay tonight?”

“Mhm. Of course. I can't fucking leave either of you alone apparently. Now I have to worry about your fucking cat's bad taste too.”

“You know, this wouldn't have happened if you'd just move in with me.”

Bakugou gives a noncommittal grunt.

Then, Todoroki's words hit him.

Move in with you?

Todoroki blinks up at him like he hasn't just dropped a bomb in the middle of his living room like it was a feather. “Yeah. I don't know why you won't.”

“Because, oh, I don't fucking know, you haven't asked me to?” Bakugou thinks his eyes must be the size of small planets.

His brow furrows. “I haven't?”

“No! You dipshit! You've just had your place and I've had mine and that's been fucking that! That's how it goes! You stay in your damn corner and I stay in mine.” Bakugou hears his words fully about four seconds after he says them and internally flinches at their harshness.

Todoroki just says, “Well. Come to my corner, then.” And in that moment, Bakugou feels an intense rush of gratitude towards him, that Shouto can just take him, harsh words and all, and know exactly what he means. It's the worst thing he could have done. Bakugou was already soft, but now he's nothing but a puddle on the floor. He lets himself imagine it, living with Todoroki. It wouldn't be that much different than normal, spare the rare nights that one of them is working and they retreat to their own houses. They almost never spend days off apart, and when they do, it's because one of them has plans with someone else. Bakugou thinks of the drawers full of clothes in Todoroki's room, his toothbrush on the bathroom sink, his favorite foods in Todoroki's fridge. He thinks of waking up before Todoroki and feeling his sleep-warmed skin. He thinks of laughing until late at dumb movies on the TV. He thinks of the feel of having to go home when he wants to do anything but, even if he wouldn’t ever admit it. He thinks of the deafening quiet and coldness of his place sometimes when he’s alone. Then he thinks of Todoroki's full sized oven.

He hates Todoroki. He hates this cat. He hates this apartment. He hates that this makes logical sense. He hates that he immediately knows he wants it-- wants to wake up every morning and fall asleep every night with that Icyhot bastard close to him.

He doesn't know how long he's been lost in thought, but it must be awhile since Todoroki speaks once more. “You can take your time to think about it.”

“Uh, yeah. I will.” His head spins a little.

Todoroki gives him a tiny smile and kisses his cheek before returning hair attentions back to Princess Murder. Something inside Bakugou sighs at the reprieve. “She does look better.”

“See? I told you.”

The two of them make their way to the couch. Princess Murder gets herself comfy on Todoroki's lap and they turn on a cooking contest show to watch.

“Oh no. “I can't believe she's using rosewater. That is not going to turn out well,” Todoroki says, like he fucking knows what rosewater is.

The contestant's dish wins the prize despite Todoroki's judgements, and the 'what ifs’ inside Bakugou's head start to multiply.


“What if I meet someone else I wanna fuck?” Bakugou asks Deku the next afternoon. Shouto's off with his mom and Bakugou may have texted Deku the second the door clicked shut to see what he was up to. Bakugou also may be following Deku around on his patrol right now so that they can talk. Deku, thankfully, is smart enough to not say a word about it.

He does, however, stop dead in his tracks-- placing both hands on his hips and glaring at Bakugou with the most dumbfounded expression he has ever seen Deku make. He blinks twice and then says, plainly, “You have a threesome,” before he starts walking again.

Bakugou gawks after him for a moment, and has to half-jog his way back to him. “I'm fucking serious, Deku!”

Deku stops once more, and Bakugou swears for a moment that the green lighting of his quirk flashes in his eyes. “Are you going to meet someone else you want to fuck?”

“Maybe,” Bakugou replies. Deku just keeps staring, doesn't even blink. With a sigh, Bakugou finally admits, “No.”

“Then that's a moot point, Kacchan. Next?”

Bakugou has been rattling off questions to him for the better half of thirty minutes now. He owes Deku a drink after this, the fucking shitty nerd. “What if I get tired of him?”

Deku sighs, looks up to the sky and then heads over to a bench in the park they're walking through to sit. He looks up at Bakugou who's standing across from him with his arms folded across his chest. “You mean, what happens if he gets tired of you?”

Bakugou gives him a glare that five years ago would have made Deku burst into tears. Now, he just meets it with an annoyed glare of his own. He raises an eyebrow asking the question once more.

Bakugou plops down on the bench next to him with a thud.

“Deku, I don't know if you know this but I can be a fucking lot.”

“You don't say,” comes his deadpan reply.

“Don't be a fucking dick. I'll fuck you up. I'm just saying that I'm a lot to handle and I just…” he trails off, hating that he not only can be but wants to be so open and honest with dumbass Deku. “I don't want him to get tired of me.” The last of his words come out quieter than the ones before.

“Kacchan, he won't.”

“How do you know that, dumbass?”

“Because I know him and I know you.” He says it with so much sureness Bakugou actually feels jealous for a second. “Because he’s put up with you for this long. You just have to trust him.”

Bakugou takes a moment and lets Deku's words sink in. “Yeah,” he says finally. A warm breeze starts and rustles the air around them.

They sit quietly for awhile, Deku apparently deciding that his rapid fire questioning allowed himself a break. Then, Bakugou asks, “What if he doesn't wash my cast iron pot right?”

Deku whacks him on the shoulder.


One month, three days, a meeting with the owner of his apartment and fifty-two dollars of beer for Deku later, Bakugou flops down next to Todoroki in bed and says, “Okay. Fine! I'll fucking do it.”

Todoroki puts down the book that he is reading, carefully folding the corner of the page to keep his place. “Do what?”

“Move in with you, shithead! You twisted my arm enough. I'll fucking do it.”

“T-twisted your arm? Katsuki, I asked you once and then you went and panicked for a month.”

“I did not.”

“You drunk dialed me like, nine different times asking me things like, ‘What kind of laundry soap do you use?’ and 'Will you have enough hangers?’” He imitates Bakugou's voice very, very poorly as he speaks.

“You're not funny at all. Do you know that?”

“You know what wasn't funny? Getting woken up at seven in the morning and being forced to memorize the proper way to wash a cast iron pot.”

Bakugou rolls his eyes. It's for the greater good of the world. If his pot got ruined, so would Todoroki. Then the world would be down one great fucking hero and it would all be Todoroki's dumbass fault. “Yeah, yeah.” He waves his had dismissively. “I'll fucking do it, okay? But you're never eating another lunchable again."

Todoroki chews on his bottom lip for a moment before he breaks into a giant grin. “Okay.”

Bakugou pinches the skin on his arm, because that was too cute and too gay. “Okay."


Somehow, nobody dies during the moving process. Bakugou's parents even stop by to help.

“We're just so happy you finally got your damn act together and moved in with your boyfriend, Katsuki,” his mom tells him, ruffling his hair.

“He's not my boyfriend,” Bakugou growls.

His mother laughs at him. His father sighs.


It's well past eleven and Bakugou's kissing his precious sleep goodbye at the same time he's kissing Shouto's lips hello. It's the kind of kiss that starts things. His hand grips roughly on the swell of Todoroki's ass while the other pulls at his hair.

“Let's christen the bed,” Todoroki mumbles into his mouth, biting at his lip and making him gasp.

“We've, ah-” Todoroki slots a thigh between his, pressing up hard against his erection. “Already fucked in this bed a thousand times.”

“Shh.” And then Todoroki rips the covers off of the both of them, kissing his way down Bakugou's body. He slips his boxers down just enough to let his dick spring free before sliding the entire length of it into his mouth.

“Fuck,” Bakugou gasps out. Todoroki's movements are frantic, needy, and it lights the fire inside Bakugou's veins like nothing else. He bobs his head up and down, swirling his tongue around Bakugou's dick. Todoroki always makes these happy little hums when his mouth is stuffed full of cock. It's Bakugou's favorite fucking thing in the world.

Bakugou grips his hair with both hands, trying to keep his hips remotely still as Todoroki gets him into the back of his throat. He swallows around him, and Bakugou absolutely keens. Todoroki keeps at it, working Bakugou in and out of his throat, his fingers gripping tightly onto Bakugou's thighs. Bakugou's shivering, his leg muscles jumping. He's close already.

“Yeah, Shouto, you're so good, so fucking good.” At his words he feels Shouto's hands drastically spike in opposite temperatures. It makes him lose it, crying out as he spills down Todoroki's throat. He takes it all, swallowing and making those happy sounds that are going to kill Bakugou one day.

He pulls off and a string of come hangs from his lips. He licks it off and then says, “Let me fuck you.” Like Bakugou could fucking say no right now.

He opens Bakugou up slowly, taking more time than when he was sucking him off. There's a thrum of need under his skin, one that Bakugou can feel as hot fingers open him up one by one. He's oversensitive, and Todoroki gets him through it, kissing him and murmuring all the things he likes to hear into his ears, biting at his skin, marking him like he could possibly belong to anyone else.

Todoroki slicks himself up and slides into him when he's hard again. When Todoroki fucks him, the sex is always different. It's painted with gentleness, with care, with the power that Todoroki always carries inside of him. He always fucks Bakugou like he owns him, like he's a puzzle that Todoroki wants to get finished. He changes angles, positions, speeds, playing with Bakugou until he's a moaning mess beneath him.

Bakugou comes with Todoroki's hand around his cock, crying out too loudly, uncaring as he loses it. Todoroki follows him after, breathlessly moaning his name.

Neither of them want to move to get cleaned up, but the mess of come and sweat on the sheets is enough to motivate them after a while. They share a shower, wordlessly washing each other. The unsaids fill the room, thickening the steam. They both think it's okay that way.

They settle back into bed. Bakugou finds himself feeling disgustingly cuddly. Todoroki, thankfully, doesn't say a word, just letting Bakugou use him as a pillow. He runs his hands through Bakugou's hair and says, “I want an omelette for breakfast.”

“Pfft. Make one your damn self then.”

“Okay, I'll just use your cast iron pan.”

“I'll fucking kill you.”

Todoroki laughs.

Chapter Text

Katsuki Bakugou has spent the better half of his life hating the ever loving fuck out of Izuku Midoriya.

If asked today, Bakugou would say that yes, he does still hate that little asshole nerd, even though it’s far from the truth. Deku’s become, well, he’s become Bakugou’s friend, and a damn good one at that. He’s always sticking his neck out in some stupid way or another, always there to help when something dumb happens like when Todoroki’s upstairs neighbor overflowed her bathtub and they had to stay somewhere else for a couple days, or when Todoroki locked himself out in the middle of a rain storm and Bakugou couldn’t leave patrol to come give him the spare key and Deku had let him sit there and gotten him dried off until Bakugou could get home, or even the few (very few, like, maybe two) times when he’s actually saved one or both of their lives by stepping into a fight with them.

So, when Kirishima hands him a beer and casually says, “Izuku and I are like, hanging out a lot now and I think I like him,” and “I’m trying to think of something manly and badass to do for him for his birthday,” it makes perfect sense that when he gets home, Bakugou throws open the door to his apartment and fiercely tells Todoroki, “We’re throwing Deku a fucking party.”

Todoroki doesn’t move, he doesn’t even blink. “Why?’ It comes out flat, like it’s more of a statement than a question.

“Because Kirishima and Deku are like, fucking and he was gonna throw that dipshit a party for his birthday!”

Todoroki blinks at him, then his eyes get wide. “Oh my god, do you want to fuck Izuku?” He moves instantly to pick up his phone without breaking eye contact, like he’s going to send a mass message to the group chat including most of their entire UA class that reads ‘lol holy shit guys Katsuki wants to bone Izuku’ because he’s a drama queen and would absolutely do that.

“No!” Katsuki rushes over and places his hand over Todoroki’s phone. “No i do not want to fuck that fucking nerd. I just-” his mouth freezes over the words he wants to say, which he realizes makes him look even more like he’s lying. “I don’t!” He insists, practically whining. Then, he mumbles, “I just want to be the best friend.”

“Excuse me, what?”

Bakugou repeats himself, mumbling even harder this time.

“I’m sorry,” Todoroki makes a big show of pretending to clean out his ear. “I thought I just heard you say that you wanted to be Izuku’s best friend.”

“Not his best friend, the best friend. I want to win.”

“And what is it that you want to win, Katsuki?”


Todoroki blinks at him once more, and manages to stay completely silent and still for half a minute. “I don’t even know why I’m surprised anymore.”

“Great. So we’re throwing him a party.” Bakugou says, ignoring Todoroki’s attitude.

Todoroki opens his mouth to answer, but then stops, entire body freezing on the spot like what Bakugou’s asking him to do has just really sunk in. “Bakugou. I hate parties.”

“Yes, I know.”

“I hate throwing them.”

“I didn’t know that, because you've never thrown one, but I could assume.”

“We are not throwing Izuku a party.”

Bakugou throws his hands up. “What the fuck! Come on! He’s your best friend! He’s my-” He stops speaking because he apparently is physically unable to say the words “Deku” and “friend” in the same sentence. “Shouto, we have to throw him a party.”



“No! I”ll help pay for someone else to do it! I’ll even ask my dad! Why don't we just help Kirishima throw it?”

“We’re throwing the party.”


“I’ll cook you soba every single time you ask for the next month.”

Todoroki narrows his eyes. Bakugou narrows his. He’s suddenly reminded of old American western movies. They're in a standoff, both of their guns drawn.

“Fine,” Todoroki says, before he dramatically gathers up Princess Murder and heads into their bedroom to pout.

Bakugou grins to himself, very pleased with the outcome. Then, it hits him.

“Oh fuck I have to throw fucking Deku a party.”

The first thing he does is Google 'how to throw a good ass birthday party’. The next thing he does is text Kirishima to tell him of what he's doing, since he does feel kind of guilty that he's stealing his friends’ glory (Bakugou decides this means he's maturing, and therefore comes to the conclusion that he's about to win both adulthood and friendship in one shot). Kirishima replies that he's 'super excited’ because Todoroki's apartment is 'really big!!!’ He's not wrong.

Bakugou makes a mental list of things that make a good party, since he's been to a couple (more than he wanted to go to). He decides that there has to be food, good company, and good music.

He's got down the food part, because he's a good enough cook to cater a relatively small event. He's also aware of Deku's favorite foods, much to his dismay. He can also handle the good company part of the event too, since there's no shitting way he's letting Mineta step foot into his fucking apartment. He runs through his mental list of people he knows, and if they know Deku too he adds them to the list.

That's where Todoroki finds him, slumped over a pad of paper, trying his best to remember the name of the kid in their class that had like, six arms.

“What are you doing up so late?” Todoroki is dressed in his softest clothes-- sporting a pair of PJ pants with kittens on them and a too-large red pullover hoodie. He looks fucking dumb. It's cute.

“What was the name of the asshole we went to school with who could make eyes on his tentacle-arms?”

Todoroki shifts on his feet, and that's when Bakugou realizes that he's carried a pillow from the bed with him and is squeezing it sleepily at his side. What an asshole. Bakugou can't stand him. “Shoji.”

“Right,” Bakugou replies, nodding as he adds the guy to his list.

“Come to bed.”

Bakugou looks up. Todoroki looks absolutely pathetic, standing there snuggling a pillow, mostly still asleep and grumpy. He's pouting a little. He's dumb as shit.

Bakugou realizes he can't remember the invisible girl's name from their class either, and it suddenly seems like the perfect time to go to bed and get cozy. He doesn't say anything, just stomps his way past Todoroki down the hall.

Todoroki's cuddle pillow goes forgotten at the foot of their bed and he uses Bakugou instead. Bakugou waits until he's fallen back asleep to kiss his head softly.


When asked about what music to play, Kirishima informs him that Jirou (who Todoroki kindly reminds him is the girl with the headphone jack ears) would be willing to make a playlist for the party. Bakugou agrees to it. Kirishima then informs him that she's just gotten engaged to Kaminari. “What the fuck?” Bakugou replies, since he's both genuinely shocked and hadn't realized it had been that long since he talked to the electrified idiot.

“Yeah! They're young but they've totally been together since they were like sixteen… just like you and Shouto, actually! You guys are gonna get married next!” He laughs like it's a funny joke.

“No,” Bakugou tells him. “And we're not together.” Then, he forgets about it because he has a menu to plan, dammit, and Deku's shitty birthday is less than a week away.


Todoroki is useless at planning parties, surprising no one. Bakugou tasks him with distracting Deku during the normal hours when he'd be with either Bakugou or Kirishima (who's quickly become his assistant. Bakugou's still taking all the credit for the party. He deserves it.)

Todoroki texts him that he misses him two days before the party when he and Kirishima are out grocery shopping. He's got Deku at the movies, and shouldn't be texting Bakugou shit.

“I miss you too,” Bakugou texts him back. He scowls at his phone, because he actually does. It's not just something to say because he feels like he has to. He genuinely wishes he were the one at the movies with Todoroki instead of standing in an isle full of meat with Kirishima.

Kirishima scowls at two similar packages of ground beef, trying to decide which one is superior. Bakugou feels the sudden urge to smile at him, his face all twisted up, trying to hard to make the best decision for the guy he likes, all earnest and shit.

“I'm happy for you, you know,” he tells Kirishima before his better sense catches up to him. “Deku's an idiot but he's not too stupid to miss out on you.”

Kirishima looks up at him, giving him a smile full of pointy teeth. “Thanks, man. I'm happy for you too. Things with you and Todoroki seem really good.”

Bakugou scowls, scrunching his face up. He wants to tell Kirishima that it's none of his damn business, but instead he admits the truth, saying, “Yeah, things are good.”

Kirishima claps him on the shoulder. Bakugou smirks in return.


Both Todoroki and Bakugou manage to get the day of the party off of work. Bakugou's pretty sure it's Todoroki's doing. He grumbles about going to a family dinner and comes home looking just plain miserable, plopping himself down on their couch next to Bakugou before announcing that they both have the following Saturday off.

Bakugou kisses him right there even though his favorite show is on the TV and he's missing a new episode. Todoroki kisses him back even though he made himself fish for dinner and hadn't brushed his teeth.

Bakugou starts to wonder when this happened, but then Shouto drops to his knees in front of him. Bakugou decides he can watch the reruns of his show tomorrow.


The day of the party comes before Bakugou feels ready for it. Kirishima is worse off than him, nervous in a way that Bakugou has never seen him. He uses up most of his social skills giving the guy a much-needed pep talk that ends in a crushing hug. Kirishima deserves nothing but happiness, and if anyone's gonna give it to him, it's smiley fucking Deku.

He's putting out the food when Todoroki saunters his way into the kitchen holding a clear drink in a fancy glass. “Hi baby,” he tells Bakugou by way of greeting.

Bakugou takes the drink from him and takes a sip before kissing Todoroki hard on the mouth. “You drunk already asshole?”

“Nah, just gay.”

Bakugou hums, and then kisses Todoroki again.

The apartment fills up quickly. Everyone that can get out of duty comes, because everyone loves that green haired idiot. Their home is a mess of lights and sound, and Bakugou can't help but stick close to Todoroki, hanging onto him like an anchor, both of their subpar social skills combining together to form one semi-functional imbecile. They're catching up with Jiro and Kaminari. Apparently they got engaged on vacation or some shit. Bakugou's only half listening. That is, until Jiro asks, “So when are you guys gonna get hitched?”

“Oh,” Todoroki says. He pauses to take a sip of his drink. “We're not together.”

Bakugou laces their fingers together.

The music plays and the drinks flow. Bakugou finds himself feeling a little light, trying to pace himself as person after person tries to talk to him. Something's missing. Someone.

It's then, in a room full of his old classmates and friends that Bakugou realizes, “Holy fuck, I forgot to tell Deku about the party.”

The room goes from buzzing to silent in an instant, holding the awkward pause for a moment before Todoroki breaks it, saying, “Oh. I told him. He should be here soon.”

Relief floods Bakugou's entire body and he's grabbing Shouto by the face before he really knows it. He kisses him, then says, “I fucking love you.”

The silence in the room somehow grows louder. When he pulls back from Todoroki, even his eyes are big and shocked at Bakugou's public admission.

Bakugou looks to the floor, suddenly feeling like he's fifteen again. “I'll fucking kill all of you,” he grits out of clenched teeth.

The normal chatter of the room restarts immediately. If he kisses Todoroki again for good measure, well, that's his business.

Deku gets there about ten minutes later and immediately starts crying, surprising no one. What surprises everyone (including himself) is how Bakugou makes his way to the asshole and pulls him into a tight hug, whispering, “happy birthday, dumbass,” into his ear. Todoroki joins them, then it's some kind of crushing group hug with Uraraka and Kirishima and Bakugou hates it so much. He holds on tight and doesn't let go.

They present Deku with a birthday cake (that Bakugou made from scratch, thank you very much). He blows out the candles and cries on the damn thing. Kirishima, obviously unable to stand the weeping anymore, pulls Deku close to him and grips his face before kissing him gently on the lips. Deku looks like he just got punched for a second before he relaxes into it, letting his eyes shut and kiss back. It's disgusting, and Bakugou is equally parts ashamed and amused when beside him Todoroki starts wolf whistling at them.

“They're gonna be next to get married after us,” Kaminari says.

“No, that's going to be Todoroki and Bakugou!” Uraraka supplies.

In unison, Todoroki and Bakugou say, “We're not together.”

Deku starts laughing so hard he can't kiss Kirishima anymore.

It starts to get late and a couple people with early shifts the next day empty out. The guests who are still there are rightfully drunk, including the hosts of the party. Todoroki and Bakugou sit slumped around each other on their couch, watching the rest of the room. Bakugou feels warm and fuzzy, good all over. He leans over and presses a kiss to Todoroki's cheek, just because he can.

Todoroki rubs his thumb along Bakugou's knee. The alcohol in his system makes his scar-less cheek pink. His smile is bright, so happy that it makes Bakugou's heart clench up in about twenty different ways. “Do you think we should get married?” He wrinkles his nose and giggles when he asks, but he means it. Shouto always means what he says, buzzed or not.

Bakugou feels his jaw drop, and surprisingly, for once in his Goddamn life, the answer that comes to him is simple, easy. It's there without doubt or fear. He reaches down and envelopes Todoroki's hand in his own, their knuckles brushing. He looks into Todoroki's eyes, both blue and gray, both beautiful-- just like him. Bakugou smiles, smiles so hard his eyes crinkle up with it.

“I think we already are.”