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Oh, Baby

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"Despite your success as an author, much of your work has been criticized for being outlandish and disrespectful to omegas. How do you feel about this?"

"As an omega myself I feel that any criticism should be taken and reflected upon. That being said, most of my readers are omegas, and I get plenty of fanmail saying how reading my works makes them feel liberated sexually."

"Could you elaborate on that? Many prominent omegas have spoken out saying you write omegas as sex hungry, and too promiscuous."

"Omegas in our media and movies are portrayed as these wooden characters who have no sexual desires of their own outside of heats. It's insulting. I don't write omegas as sex hungry or promiscuous, I write them as being in tune with their sexuality and equal to an alpha."

"What do you say to your critics who believe omegas shouldn't have relationships as characterized in your books?"

"You mean the omega characters who like to have sex outside of their heats? That is a stupid criticism and shows just how behind some people are. Omegas should be free to explore their sexuality, in and out of heats. There's a reason why so many omegas read my books, it's wish fulfillment. It's letting them experience sexual gratification. I got tired of seeing the same trope of an omega who was sad and alone because they didn't have an alpha to mate them so they could experience sex."

"I'm sure you know that you've also been criticized for your characterizations of alphas. Some say you write them as unrealistic alpha behavior and no real depth to their character. That they're simply there to act as a means for pleasure for the omega"

"Well, like I said, it's wish fulfillment."


As a romance novelist, Jimin had endured a lot of harsh criticisms for his work. At first he'd been angry, and humiliated. But as the years had gone on, and more and more people responded t o his books positively, he learned to ignore them. Of course he would defend his works tooth and nail in an interview, but mostly he just didn't care anymore about what people had to say.

There was a reason his books flew off the shelves upon release. There was a reason a dozen publishing companies contacted him every month wanting to steal him away. There was also a reason why a dozen copycat authors had sprung up out of nowhere after the success of his first book, The Omega Within.

Omegas were tired of their sexuality being reduced to biological necessities to have children, that they were unable to feel pleasure outside of heats. It was especially damning for male omegas, who unlike female omegas who had heats every month, only had the potential for heats twice a year. Jimin wasn't trying to change society with his books, he was trying to get people to notice the realities that were already there. Omegas were strong, independent, and did not need an alpha for anything.

Well, mostly anything.


"Wow, that sarcasm at the end though," Taehyung snickered when he finished reading the magazine article. "I'm surprised they let that stay in."

"Controversy sells magazines," Jimin shrugged, popping another grape into his mouth. "Everyone will want a copy of the magazine where that damn omega author just wants alphas to be a big dumb brute like in his heat satisfiers."

"You hate that term," Taehyung made a face, closing the magazine. Leaning into the couch cushions, he rubbed at his back. "Seokie! Can you bring me my heating pad?"

"Of course I hate the term, they call my books this derogatory term, heat satisfier despite the fact that a heat can only be triggered by long proximity to an alpha," Jimin rolled his eyes. He watched Hoseok, Taehyung's alpha mate come scrambling into the room with the heating pad.

"Thanks Seokie," Taehyung smiled as Hoseok plugged in the heating pad and helped Taehyung get comfortable on his end of the couch. Taehyung hummed happily, his hands resting on his swollen belly. Jimin looked away, eating more grapes when Hoseok leaned down to give Taehyung a kiss.

"I'm allowed to use the term ironically," Jimin said petulantly.

"Okay, when you do use it ironically let me know," Taehyung said, getting himself more comfortable. "Can you please stop glaring at Hoseok?"

"I'm not!" Jimin huffed in defense. "He's just… hovering. All the time."

"That's because he's a good alpha," Taehyung said. "He's anticipating I'll be needing him."

"Because you're making him run around and do things, things you can do yourself," Jimin said. "It's not like this is your first kid."

"And he was even worse with the first one," Taehyung snorted. "At least now he has a two year old to keep an eye on instead of peeking at me from the other room. I don't make him do anything. He wants to be helpful. I let him. What's wrong with you today?"

Jimin sighed, slouching down in his seat. "I'm jealous."

"Jealous? Of Hoseok?" Taehyung's eyes narrowed slightly and Jimin knew Taehyung would whip his ass, pregnant or not.

"No, I mean, not because of him, but… the baby," Jimin said. "I want a baby."

"You want a baby?" Taehyung sounded so stunned it had Jimin slouching a bit more. "You, the I never want to have anything to do with another romantic relationship again in my life omega wants to have a baby?"

"And I stand by that!" Jimin said with a pout. "I don't want another relationship. I just want a baby."

"Where is this coming from?" Taehyung asked. "Is your internal clock ticking?"

"No, I've always wanted a baby, a family," Jimin said. "It just comes with having to have a mate usually and I didn't want that. But! I realized, I don't need a mate to have a baby."

"Oh, okay, so… are you going to adopt? Or use a female surrogate?" Taehyung sounded confused, and Jimin didn't blame him. This was a very un-Jimin like thing to do.

"No, I want to have the baby," Jimin said.

Taehyung had a right to look at him in concern, he would too if the positions were reversed. Jimin had never voiced the desire to have children before. Not even when Taehyung had his first son, or even now that Taehyung was pregnant with the second. In fact, Jimin had never said anything to anyone about it.

"Jimin, I don't mean to sound negative or anything," Taehyung said, using that gentle voice of his when he wanted to be soothing. "But you know how hard it is for male omegas like us to get pregnant. You know what Hoseok and I went through to get pregnant the first time. All the shots and the hormones and waiting for my heat. It took almost three years."

"I know, I know," Jimin said. "But then you went and got knocked up like it was nothing."

"This is our little lucky miracle baby," Taehyung said, patting his stomach. "But that doesn't happen often. We know it doesn't. How are you going to have a baby without even an alpha? We're not made for in vitro to work."

"I found this clinic, that does genetic testing for compatibility," Jimin said, reaching for his bag. He pulled out the pamphlet he'd gotten from the clinic and handed it to Taehyung. "They said single omegas can now hire alpha's to help them get pregnant."

"That doesn't strike you as just a little bit… weird?" Taehyung frowned, reading over the pamphlet. "Wait, it says here you have to pay the alpha for their "services"? You have to pay them to fuck you?"

"Well, no, kind of," Jimin scrubbed a hand through his hair. "You're paying for an alpha to live with you. And, to be a donor. They're signing away all rights to a baby."

"Jimin this is… wow," Taehyung looked like Jimin's concerned parent and since Jimin hadn't even told his own mother about his plan he knew how this looked. "Wouldn't it just be easier to, I don't know, find a mate?"

"I do not need a mate," Jimin scowled. "I don't need some boorish alpha to tell me what I can and can't do."

"One bad alpha does not mean-"

"Three bad alphas."

"- all alphas are bad," Taehyung said. "Hoseok isn't an asshole alpha like those three were right? Is Namjoon? Do you think he's a bad alpha that tells Jungkook what he can and can't do?"

"No," Jimin muttered, looking away. "But Hoseok and Namjoon are mated to my two best friends. The rest are assholes."

"And what kind of alpha do you think agrees to going to a clinic to become a donor?" Taehyung asked. "What kind of alpha would you be letting into your home? They could be dangerous, they could be even bigger assholes just looking to get laid and a free place to stay. You know there are alphas out there who fetishize male omega's heats?"

"Look, they do very thorough screening of these people," Jimin said. "And I would meet any of them before I agreed to it. I want a baby Tae. It could take years, like it did for you. I don't want to waste time."

"I'm not going to talk you out of this am I?" Taehyung sighed, handing the pamphlet back. "Just, let me meet any of them before you let them move in? Please?"

"If you insist," Jimin sighed, but gave Taehyung a smile. He knew Taehyung was just concerned, and that concern would probably lead to a proper dressing down by Taehyung and Hoseok to whoever the future alpha Jimin decides on is.


"No, mom, I don't have a mate yet," Jimin sighed, phone tucked between his ear and his shoulder as he tried to get his apartment door open. "Yes, I know you're confused about the text I sent but I'll explain it tomorrow at dinner okay? Okay, see you then."

He dropped his phone on the couch as he came in, unloading his bags and briefcase. A two week tour book signing around the bookstores had been tiring, but fun. He got to meet a lot of omegas who told him they had changed his life. There were also some protests, some people who snuck in who tried to demean him for his writing. But those were few, and security took care of them easily enough.

But he was glad to be home, in no small part to the large manila envelope that had been waiting for him in the mail. It was from the clinic. He'd gone through their battery of tests almost a month ago and it had taken a while to do their tests. Inside that envelope was the future alpha donor for his baby. The future alpha who he would get to know, fuck, and then eventually say goodbye to. It was a little exciting all things considered.

Jimin didn't open the envelope until after he'd eaten a quick dinner, changed into some comfortable pajamas and poured himself a glass of wine. Inside the envelope were two folders. One had his genome mapping and the potential defects or complications he was a carrier for. Those markers were then matched against the alphas in the database to find the best genetic match possible. It was an imperfect science because of the limited number of donors and there were things still not mapped out completely on the human genome. But it was better than nothing.

The second folder was the potential matches. Ranked from worst match to the best just in terms of compatibility. Sipping his wine, Jimin slowly flipped through the profiles. Complete with academic history, genetic profile, and background. Jimin was supposed to pick four to meet in person at the clinic. It was well and good to pick an alpha out of a catalog but if their personalities didn't mesh well then living together for a couple of months would be hell.

Jimin wondered if the alphas got the same kind of dossier for the omega matches.

So Jimin picked his four and sent an email to the clinic with his choices. Then polished off the rest of his wine and wondered if Taehyung was right and this was a bad idea.

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There was no time for Jimin to be nervous. It was three days before the clinic called him to set up his meeting appointment with the potential alphas, and in those three days he had meetings with his publisher, his editor, and a meet and greet with fans at one of the larger bookstores in Seoul. He had no time to think about how his life was going to change after that meeting. How he would be worrying about heats and fertility and a potential life growing in him. He had no time to think because all of his energy was focused on keeping people around him happy.

So when he arrived at the clinic, it was the first moment he felt like he had to breathe. Even if it was a breath of realizing he was going to meet someone here that would help him have a child.

"Unfortunately one of the matches didn't show up," the doctor told him as she led him down a hall lined with doors. "So you'll be meeting three alphas, you can leave at any time. We have the rooms monitored in case there's any problems."

"Is there problems very often?" Jimin asked, shivering a little at how chilly the building was.

"No, you're perfectly safe here of course," the woman rushed to say but that wasn't what Jimin was worried about. "So, this is the first one, his name is Han Sohyun."

Jimin let out a breath and opened the door, closing it behind himself. He wrinkled his nose slightly at the pervasive smell of alpha in the room. Synthetic, of course, because most alphas don't blast their scent like this unless in the presence of an omega in heat. Which meant this alpha was trying to either impress Jimin, or kickstart his heat. Neither of which Jimin liked.

"Hey there, you're adorable," the alpha, a taller man, the equivocal alpha male build. He was seated at the table in the middle of the room, feet up on the table, leaning back in his chair. "You've found your alpha, baby."

Jimin blinked two times before turning back around and heading out of the room. He gave the doctor a flat look and she sighed.

"I know, he's been here a few times," she said, shaking her head and continuing down the hall. "Unfortuantely my tests don't filter out the skeezy types like him. I'm sure some omega, somewhere, will like that."

"Not today," Jimin said.

"Okay, the next is… Kim Seokjin," the woman said, motioning towards the next door they stopped at.

"...Seokjin?" Jimin's eyes widened. Surely, it couldn't be… He quickly opened the door and stepped in. "Jin?"

"Jimin?" Seokjin, the most handsome of alphas Jimin has ever known, the kindest and gentlest alphas, and Jungkook's ex boyfriend stood up, gaping at Jimin. "You want a baby?"

Closing the door, Jimin crossed his arms over his chest and frowned at Seokjin. "Yes, I do. What are you doing here? You never wanted kids!"

"I could say the same to you," Seokjin sniffed. "I did so want kids, but I'm happy with an arrangement."

Jimin thought, very hard about this. Seokjin was someone Jimin trusted, someone he cared about, and a very good looking alpha. He knew Seokin would be someone he could get along with. There was just that little, tiny problem.

"Jungkook," Jimin said and Seokjin flinched back. "It would be weird."

"He went and mated someone else," Seokjin said. "He shouldn't be a factor."

"He's one of my best friends, and you two were together for a long time," Jimin said. "And, I"m not looking for someone to be involved."

"Oh," Seokjin took that in, sighing heavily. "Well, it was good seeing you then. I hope you… find someone that doesn't want to be involved. That's such an odd thing to say."

"And I hope you find someone who is," Jimin said with a small smile. "We should get together. All of us."

"Jimin," Seokjin's shoulders slumped. "You know that's hard."

"You promised we'd all be friends," Jimin said. "He misses you too. We were all friends first right?"

"Yeah, but it's… it's hard to think about him and Namjoon together and then seeing them together. They mated so quickly-"

"How about we start with you and I having coffee, some other time," Jimin said. "I have one more to see. My… last chance as it were."

"Right, right, good luck," Seokjin nodded. Jimin huffed a little and pulled Seokjin into a hug. He hadn't seen Seokjin in over a year. It had been a hard breakup, on all of them.


Jimin needed a second to compose himself before he let himself into the last room. The doctor had said his name was Min Yoongi and Jimin thought that was a rather pretty name for an alpha.

But Min Yoongi was not at all what Jimin had been expecting. Compared to the previous two, who were tall, well built with that typical alpha straight back stance, Yoongi was… tiny.

Well, tiny for an alpha.

Jimin blinked at the man with dark brown hair who stood up, near Jimin's height. His eyes were sharp, his expression pinched, and he looked like he'd gotten dressed in a garbage heap. Not that Jimin thought clothes made a man, but he was a very typical college looking alpha who dressed for comfort. It wasn't bad, just wasn't what Jimin was used to in his social circles.

"Um, hi, Yoongi?" Jimin gave the alpha a stiff bow and Yoongi, who had seemed to stop moving entirely, jerked into his own little bow.

"Uh, yeah, I'm Yoongi," he said, his voice and gravely.

Jimin thought maybe that was the nicest voice he'd heard in a long time. "Nice to meet you, my name's Jimin."


They sat down at the table, Yoongi looking about as awkward as Jimin felt. Did Jimin look this anxious? He wasn't chewing at his nails like Yoongi, and wasn't bouncing his leg nervously under the table, but he was wringing his hands in his lap.

"So, why don't you tell me about yourself? I mean, more than your little blurb in your file," Jimin said.

"Um, well I'm a graduate student at Seoul University," Yoongi said, his eyes going between the table and Jimin. "Sound engineer, music, mostly. Got another year left or so."

"Why is it you want to do this?" Jimin asked. "I mean, why not find a mate?"

Yoongi stiffened slightly, his lips thin and pressed together. "I… I wouldn't be a good mate. I'm not… I'm not the kind of alpha anyone wants."

That answer took Jimin aback, not sure what that meant. "But, a child? Helping someone like me have a child? And not having anything to do with it?"

"If I'm going to be honest, it's the money," Yoongi said. "You know, a donation was one thing and could me some money quick but, I'm graduating next year. I need money. For loans, for apartment, get my studio up and running. I'm not a kid kind of guy, so, I'm happy to help."

Something about Yoongi's answers didn't make sense, but seemed very sad if they were real. Jimin wasn't going to try to analyze the alpha, or make him tell him the complete truth. It was obviously something very personal.

But there was an aura around Yoongi that had Jimin intrigued, and at peace. Yoongi wasn't like any alpha JImin had met before, and even though Jimin could smell the subtle trace of alpha pheromones on him, it wasn't a thick cloud. It was almost imperceptible. But his presence, and the way his eyes could cut through like daggers, that was entirely alpha presence. If they were on the street, Jimin probably would have never known, would have walked right by him, but he'd have smelled that scent and would have looked for a strong, typical brutish alpha. It was… refreshing to look at this alpha who radiated power, but looked like a harmless kitten.


The rest of their meeting went well, Jimin finding out a few things about Yoongi he wanted to know. His personal habits at home, how clean he liked his place, if he cooked. Things he needed to know to make a good decision. This was someone who was going to be sharing his space for a few months minimal, he had to know if he could at least tolerate him. If he was a slob, Jimin would kick him out. If he burnt his house down, he'd kill him. Those kinds of things.

Jimin felt good about Yoongi, felt that he could live with him and he was the most genetically compatible alpha the center had matched him with. But he took his time getting to know Yoongi over the course of the next week in between meetings. They had coffee one afternoon and dinner a few nights later. Yoongi was funny in a dry kind of way, but he had a shy smile and an endearing laugh. He was like a calm pond, unlike the tsunamis of most alphas.

Jimin never pressed about Yoongi's real reasons for wanting to help him have a baby, frankly it didn't matter that much as long as Yoongi was willing to sign the contract and relinquish his rights. Which he did, two days before moving into Jimin's condo.

The contract was written up by Jimin's lawyer and the clinic. It outlined what Jimin wanted out of their agreement, what he was willing to pay, and how long the contract was good for. One year or at a confirmed pregnancy. If Jimin couldn't conceive after a year, the terms would be renegotiated or they parted ways. Simple. Easy. And legally binding by their signatures.


Living with someone, is not something Jimin had ever done though. And that he knew was going to take a lot of adjusting on his part.

Starting with moving day and Yoongi bringing in boxes and boxes of things from the rental truck downstairs into the guest room Jimin had cleaned out for him.

"Just how much stuff do you have?" Jimin asked when Yoongi had brought the last of his things in. Jimin stood at the doorway to Yoongi's new room, which only had a bed in it and about a thousand boxes.

"It's mostly uh, equipment," Yoongi said from within. "I don't have a studio space off campus, and I can't always be on campus."

"You're going to record music here?" Jimin frowned. Was that part of their agreement?

"Kind of, it's just beats, you won't hear anything," Yoongi said, emerging from behind a stack of boxes. "I said I was quiet, I meant it. I wear headphones."

"Oh, okay," Jimin shifted from foot to foot anxiously. "You need any help?"

Yoongi tilted his head slightly at Jimin. "You're going to fuss about the mess until it's cleaned up aren't you."

"I like my space to be neat," Jimin said petulantly. "How long is this going to take?"

"It'll take a lot less time if you go somewhere and let me unpack," Yoongi said, eyeing him. "I didn't figure you for a stereotypical nesting omega."

Jimin's nostrils flared and he growled out a huff at him before turning away. He was not going to be so insulted in his own home thank you.

Hours later, Jimin had decided to get some work done. He had the outline for his next novel done and his editor had been harassing him for days to get him a first chapter. So lost in his typing and the scene he was playing out in his head, he nearly jumped out of his chair when there was a knock on his office door. Whirling around, he looked at Yoongi with wide eyes. "Yes?"

"Sorry, didn't mean to scare you," Yoongi said, crossing his arms. He was layered in baggy flannel and Jimin wondered why he liked to look like a homeless man with all those layers. It was like he was trying to drown his shape in straight lines. "I finished unpacking, thought I'd see if you wanted some dinner."

"Oh," Jimin slumped back in his chair. "Yeah, in a little bit? I'm kind of in the middle of something."

"Is that one of your heat satisfiers?" Yoongi motioned with his chin towards Jimin's computer.

"One of my novels, yes," Jimin growled. "Don't use that term."

"What? You don't like it?" Yoongi chuckled, padding into the room, Jimin's personal space and office and Jimin had so many warning alarms going off he couldn't even speak let alone tell Yoongi to leave before he was leaning down to look at Jimin's screen. "What's this one called?"

"... The Satisfied Omega," Jimin said, minimizing his document. "It's rude to read before a first draft."

"Oh, sorry," Yoongi put his hands up defensively, but had a teasing smile. "It's neat though, you writing those books. I've read one."

Jimin narrowed his eyes suspiciously at him. "And?"

"And… I think you've got quite the con going," Yoongi shrugged. "Over the top alphas and swooning omegas. No one really acts like that."

"That's the point," Jimin said, puffing up in irritation. "No one acts like that because society tells us omegas to act the way an alpha thinks we should."

"That so?" Yoongi looked thoughtful at that. "I don't know, I don't think I've ever made an omega faint from the size of my knot, or had an omega as a quivering wet mess for me to "plough and sow the field with my bountiful seeds.""

Pushing his chair back, Jimin frowned at Yoongi. "You really did read my book?"

Yoongi's lip curled into a smirk. "Of course, I had to know what you were expecting in an alpha, and what you would be like as an omega." He turned and walked out of the room before Jimin could lift his jaw up off of the floor.

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In preparation for conceiving a child, Jimin had done a lot of research. Mostly reading books and internet blogs. He tried not to let the horror stories worry him, or the depressing posts about omegas who had a hard time conceiving. Jimin was young, he was healthy, the doctors at the clinic had told him he was an excellent candidate and not to worry too much. The only hiccup in the process would be triggering his heat.

Heats were triggered in male omegas by a buildup of estrogen as a result of being in proximity to an alpha's pheromones. Jimin knew the basic theory, he had taken sex ed classes when he was in school, he just didn't get all the science behind it. He just knew that to trigger his heat, he had to be around an alpha a lot more than usual.

It also meant Jimin had to let Yoongi into his space, touch him, scent him. Little things that would get his levels up where they needed to be. And he did check them, constantly, but he was told the process could take months. A male omega goes into heat only twice a year at maximum. Jimin was just impatient.


"You have to let him scent you," Taehyung said. "And not just a quick nuzzle at the neck. But, for at least an hour."

"An hour?" Jimin scowled down into his coffee cup. "The books don't say anything about scenting."

"Because the books are written intended for mates, not for an unmated omega," Taehyung said. He didn't say it to be mean, just to be honest. "Mated omegas have a different chemistry going on. You have to do what you can to replicate that. So, you need to let him scent you."

"I suppose you're right," Jimin said with a labored sigh. "I've just been spending all this time with him lately and he's so…" he waved his hand as if it would come up with the word for him.

"Cute? Sexy? Handsome?" Taehyung tried. He hadn't stopped gushing about Yoongi since Jimin made the mistake of letting them meet.

"Mean," Jimin huffed out.

Taehyung's eyes narrowed and Jimin could see those gears turning. "Mean how? Is he hurting you? Hoseok!"

"No! Not that kind of mean," Jimin immediately shook his head, holding up his hands to keep Taehyung from calling for the alpha again. "He teases me all the time."

"Oh," Taehyung relaxed. "Nevermind," he shooed Hoseok off who poked his head in the room. The alpha made a face and disappeared quickly when there was high pitched shriek from the living room.

"I mean, I know he's just teasing, but it's like I can't catch my breath," Jimin said.

Leaning in, Taehyung had a sly smirk on his face like he knew a secret Jimin didn't. "That so? What does he say?"

"When we went to the grocery store, I couldn't reach a box on the shelf, but he could," Jimin said, crossing his arms. "He said it's because I'm short so I have short arms. But he's barely a centimeter taller than me! He's just got weirdly long arms and long fingers. Oh, that's the other thing! He keeps saying I have baby hands."

"You do have baby hands," Taehyung said, motioning for Jimin to keep going when Jimin scowled at him. "Get over it, you do."

"Anyway, he's mean," Jimin concluded dismally. "He's not who I thought he was."

"He's exactly who you thought he was," Taehyung said, earning a snort of derision from Jimin. "He is! You wanted an alpha, you got an alpha. He's… not a typical alpha it seems, but that's good right?"

"I mean, yeah, he's kind of sweet, sometimes," Jimin said, leaning back in his chair. "He cooks."

"He cooks?" Taehyung's eyes widen comically. "How unusual, I don't know any alphas that cook. Except Hoseokie, and Seokjin. And every other alpha I've met besides Namjoon."

"That's not what I mean," Jimin groaned. "I mean, he cooks and cleans and keeps the condo really tidy."

"So your place isn't a pig sty, why is this a problem? He sounds like a perfect alpha, a perfect man," Taehyung said with a wistful sigh.

"You're not very helpful," Jimin groaned. "Okay, so, he's a very nice, clean person. He's still mean!"

"He's teasing you Jimin, tease him back," Taehyung chuckled. "I've never seen you this discombobulated over an alpha."

"I've never lived with an alpha other than my father," Jimin said. "You know I don't have great experiences with them. I've never been with one long enough to be around one this long."

"Those alphas were absolute dicks to you," Taehyung said, the humor in his expression gone in an instant. "They were cruel and had no respect for you. I still maintain, pregnant or not, if I ever see what's his face, Shinwoo again, I'll tear his dick off and feed it to him."

"And that's why you're my best friend," Jimin said, leaning forward and sliding his hands toward Taehyung on the table. Taehyung curled his hands around Jimin's and smiled sadly at him.

"I know you're worried Jimin, but Yoongi sounds like a very nice alpha," Taehyung said gently, the low timbre of his voice putting Jimin at ease. "It's been what, two weeks? You just need to give it a bit more time."

"I know, otherwise it wouldn't be fair to him and I'd be backing out of the contract," Jimin said. Taehyung looked at him sadly, and Jimin knew Taehyung was not a fan of the contract but he was being a good best friend and keeping his thoughts to himself.


By the time Jimin got back home from his lunch with Taehyung, Yoongi was already at class for a few hours. He left a note on the counter for Jimin to find, saying he'd made dinner and it was in the fridge, ready to be warmed up when Jimin got hungry. But if Jimin didn't eat it by the time he got home, Yoongi was going to eat it all.

"Tsk, brat," Jimin wrinkled his nose. He made a mental note to eat in a couple of hours and toddled off to his office to get some writing done.

Of course, if Jimin were smart he'd have set himself a timer because he got so wrapped up in his writing he didn't realize how late it was until there was a knock at his office door. Shrieking, Jimin whirled around to see Yoongi looking at him with a small smirk.

"Shit, you scared me," Jimin slumped back in his chair. "Wait, aren't you supposed to be in class?"

"I was, and then class was over and I came ho- back," Yoongi said, twitching a little at his slip. "You haven't eaten yet. I checked the fridge."

Jimin groaned, rubbing at his forehead. He was starving too. "I was going to in a little bit, but lost track of time. Guess I'll have to find something else huh?"

Letting out a soft laugh, Yoongi shook his head and motioned for Jimin to come with him. "Come on, let's eat."

"You said you were going to eat all of it," Jimin said, but he got up and followed after Yoongi glumly.

"I could, but I'm not that mean," Yoongi said as they entered the kitchen. He pointed for Jimin to sit at the counter, and Jimin followed orders like the good starving child he was. He watched Yoongi pull out the stir fry he'd made earlier. "How's your story going? Anyone rip off each other's clothes yet?"

Jimin rolled his eyes, resting his chin in his hand, elbow propped on the counter top. "It's just the first chapter."

"So, just a blow job then?" Yoongi chuckled, dumping the stir fry in a pan. "I'm kidding, don't pout at me."

"You're making fun of my work," Jimin grumbled.

"Maybe, but you're not writing the next great novel are you? A literary classic for the ages?" Yoongi said, glancing up at him as he stirred. "It's basically erotica, written porn."

"So? I take pride in my work," Jimin said. "I don't like it being made fun of."

Yoongi nodded, his lips thinning a little. "You're right, I'm sorry. For what it's worth, I think you're a great writer."

"Meaning you think I should be writing more than just porn," Jimin said. He'd heard that often enough from other alphas, it was insufferable to have to argue about the validity of his writing.

"No, I mean it, you're a great writer," Yoongi said earnestly. "Writing erotica isn't something just anyone can do. You're the best in the genre for a reason."

Jimin was a little taken aback at Yoongi's praise when he was so quick to judge him for it in the first place. "Then I'd appreciate it if you don't make those jokes."

"I won't make fun of your books again, I promise," Yoongi said. "It was entirely insensitive of me."

"Alright then," Jimin sniffed. There was an odd lull between them that Jimin didn't know what to do about. He'd technically won this round but it felt… hollow. So, he tried to just push past the awkwardness and on to something else. The only other thing he could think of was what Taehyung had told him. "Um, so I was told by my friend, Tae? You remember Tae, um, he told me that to help me trigger my heat faster? That you should scent me, every night. For… like an hour. Before bed."

Yoongi's had stilled and he looked back up at Jimin again. His expression was strangely still, only his eyes blinking every now and then gave away he hadn't had a stroke.

"Run… that by me again?"

"He said to help trigger my heat, you need to scent me," Jimin said, looking away, all of a sudden feeling how ridiculous this all was. "He says I have to replicate the hormonal balances of a mated omega."

"Oh," Yoongi said finally, turning the heat down on the pan. "And… you're okay with that?"

"Well, I guess? I mean, the whole point is for me to get knocked up right? For that to happen, I kinda need my heat and I kinda will have to uh-" Jimin's voice caught and he looked at Yoongi, mouth open, unable to say the words.

"... Let me plow your fields?" Yoongi said with a smirk. Jimin couldn't help it, he couldn't help sputtering into embarrassed giggles and covering his face with his hands.

"Um, yeah," Jimin said, his shoulders shaking. The euphemism was apt. Yoongi was going to have to fuck him. For days on end. It's what Jimin had signed up for, what the whole thing was about. "So, being close to you, it's something I'll have to be used to. Or, I'll reject you."

"Yeah, I don't think there's anything in the contract about what happens if you reject me and tear my face off," Yoongi said. Jimin sat up straight, nodding seriously. He hadn't thought about that. Yoongi had put his life on the line in this agreement.

In the order of things, an alpha was a provider and cared for omegas and children. The omega was the protector, keeping their family, their offspring safe. If Jimin went into heat and rejected Yoongi, it could turn violent. Omegas had to accept an alpha being close while in heat, an instinct to protect themselves from an unwanted child or mating they could seriously wound or kill an alpha. Jimin didn't want to hurt Yoongi.

"Let's eat, then we can discuss the whole scenting thing," Yoongi said, dishing out a portion for Jimin into a bowl and sliding it towards him. Jimin murmured a thanks before digging in, humming in appreciation at the food.

"You're a really good cook," Jimin said when he was halfway through his meal. "I want to thank you for cooking for me, you know you don't have to."

"Well, we both got to eat," Yoongi said with a shrug. "We're both pretty busy, but you're paying me to stay here. So, gotta earn it some way."

Jimin didn't like that's how Yoongi saw the payments, but he supposed if it helped Yoongi think of that way then who was he to argue really? "Well, okay, but thank you still, I appreciate it."

They ate in silence after that, Jimin doing the clean up and driving Yoongi out of the kitchen. It didn't take him long to get the pan and the bowls clean, letting them dry in the rack before joining Yoongi on the couch.

"So, it's been a while since I scented someone," Yoongi said, breaking the awkward air. "Usually I'm… dating that person."

"I've never been scented before," Jimin admitted, refusing to look Yoongi in the eyes.

"Does that mean… you've never had help in a heat before?" Yoongi asked.

"No, it means I don't get help often," Jimin said, bristling. "We're not discussing my past sex life."

"Fair enough," Yoongi said quietly. "Just… I kind of need to know. How long has it been?"

Jimin sighed, closing his eyes. "About four years," he said quietly. "I don't really want to talk about it."

"Jimin, did someone hurt you?" Yoongi asked, hsi tone serious enough that Jimin looked up at him. "They did, didn't they."

"Not in the way you're thinking," Jimin shook his head. "I just dated some real assholes before. Who… weren't in it for the same reasons I was. Made me wary of dating after that."

"Understandable," Yoongi murmured. "But, this isn't us dating right? This is… just making a baby. So, we both know what reasons we're here for."

Jimin's brow furrowed slightly, nodding. "Right, I get a baby, you get paid. Shit, saying it like that sounds horrible."

"It's true, we have our reasons for this," Yoongi said. "That doesn't mean we have to act like that's the only reasons, you know? We can be friends, right?"

"Wouldn't that make it harder when… when it's done?" Jimin questioned, worrying at a hangnail on his thumb. Whether it was in a few months or a year, the contract would end at some point. So would their cohabitation, and any relationship they had would be over.

"I don't want to stay here and think I'm just um… an inconvenience for you," Yoongi said. "I'd like if we could get along. Would make it easier. If that doesn't mean friends but civil to each other, that's fine."

That didn't sound right either. Jimin sighed softly, turning his head to look at Yoongi. Yoongi didn't look happy either, his lips pursed into a frown. "I think being friends would be better than that."

"Yeah, I think so too," Yoongi said with a dry laugh. "Um, back to the scenting thing. Do you want to try it and see how it goes?"

"Well, it couldn't hurt," Jimin shrugged, though he didn't make any move to get closer. They stared at each other from opposite ends of the couch before Yoongi got up, holding out his hand.

"Come on, let's do this," Yoongi said.

"Where are we going? We're not going to do it here?" Jimin blinked up at him, but took his hand anyway.

"It's better if we do it in your bed," Yoongi said, wincing. "Because, the smell, the scent will linger better."

"Right," Jimin nodded, getting up. He didn't focus on how much larger Yoongi's hand was compared to his, and how it felt comfortable in his gentle grip as Yoongi led him to his bedroom.

"You should probably get ready for bed," Yoongi said when they were outside Jimin's door. "Scenting is very relaxing. You'll probably fall asleep the first few times."

"Oh," Jimin nodded mechanically, opening his bedroom door. He'd never fallen asleep next to anyone before, usually too uncomfortable. He didn't think he would, but he got ready in any case. He changed into a light tshirt and his flannel sleep shorts before brushing his teeth and washing his face. Not thinking about how there was an alpha sitting on the edge of his bed, waiting for him. Not thinking how close they were about to be. Not that he would have an alpha in his bed with him. Of course he'd had partners before, he'd had sex before so it's not like this is the first time he'd have someone in his bed. But they usually didn't stay long.

When Jimin came out of his bathroom, Yoongi had pulled his covers back and was looking about as uncomfortable as Jimin felt.

"So, how do you want me?" Jimin asked, approaching his bed.

"On your side, it's easier to do it from the back," Yoongi said, wincing slightly. Jimin found it a little endearing that Yoongi was as nervous as he was. This was just scenting, why were they acting like kids?

Climbing into bed, Jimin laid down on his usual side of the bed, facing away from Yoongi. His heart raced when he felt Yoongi climbing in behind him and scooting up closer. He didn't mean to flinch when Yoongi touched his arm, and if Yoongi noticed he didn't say anything. A chill went up Jimin's spine the closer Yoongi got, and JImin could feel Yoongi's breath on the back of his neck when Yoongi was pressed solidly up against his back.

"Just, try to relax, close your eyes," Yoongi murmured, his low gravelly voice combined with his scent had Jimin going lax quicker than he imagined.

"That's not fair," Jimin whispered in reply. "How did you do that?"

"Do what?" Yoongi asked. Jimin whimpered slightly when he felt Yoongi's nose against the base of his neck, could smell Yoongi's earthy musk much stronger and it flooded his senses. All he could register was sensations of touch and warmth and the smell of an alpha. It happened so fast that Jimin felt like he was falling into a black hole, letting his consciousness slip away.

By the time he came to, Jimin wasn't sure what time it was. It was still dark out, and when he squinted at his clock it was barely past midnight. But Yoongi was still there, pressed solidly against his back. Yoongi's arm was around his waist and his was breathing steadily into Jimin's ear. It seemed Jimin wasn't the only one who had fallen asleep. Jimin thought he would panic in this scenario, but he was still so calm and relaxed that he closed his eyes and fell asleep again in seconds.


Neither of them said anything the next morning. Yoongi was gone by the time Jimin woke up from the best sleep he'd ever had. It felt awkward to mention it, and Yoongi seemed to think the same. They went about their day, living their separate lives until it came to bedtime again later that night. Jimin wasn't sure how long it would take for him to get used to this, but he didn't last much longer the second night either, or the third night. Each time he woke up in the middle of the night, Yoongi was still there and it filled him with such a feeling of contentment that if he were honest, he never wanted it to stop.

And with their newfound proximity, they seemed to get along better. They talked more openly, they spent time together. If Jimin was struggling with work and he just wanted to sit and watch a movie for a while, Yoongi joined him. If Yoongi wanted to talk about something, Jimin listened. Jimin had never considered what their relationship would be beyond an alpha and omega, but as two people. It was better than he could have imagined.

So, Jimin decided nearly a month after Yoongi had moved in, that it was time to have him meet everyone. So far Yoongi had only met Taehyung the once and Yoongi needed to know about the important people who was in his life. The reasons why were elusive, but Jimin considered it to be important so it was.

But getting all of his friends together was going to be tricky. He had to omit some things to some people and it could potentially blow up in his face but this was important that everyone be there.

So, when Jimin opened the door to find Seokjin standing on the other side with a bottle of wine and a confused look, he just pulled the alpha into the condo.

"I thought you said it was just… dinner," Seokjin hissed at him, trying to get his shoes off as Jimin pushed him inside. The rest of the condo had gone quiet, five pairs of eyes on them.

"It is dinner, dinner with our friends," Jimin said with a plastered on smile. "Seokjin, I want you to meet Yoongi, Yoongi, this is my friend Seokjin."

The two alphas sized each other up, much as Hoseok and Namjoon had done to Yoongi earlier. Jimin thought it might have been a little cruel to make Yoongi meet so many alphas at once who would judge him, but he figured it would happen eventually anyway.

"Okay! Now that we've all been introduced, let's have some wine," Jimin said, taking the bottle from Seokjin and heading for the kitchen. It didn't surprise him one bit that Yoongi trailed after him. Now that Seokjin was here, there was a battle going on in the looks being thrown around the room between Seokjin and Namjoon.

"What's the deal there?" Yoongi asked quietly.

"Seokjin was with Jungkook for like, ever," Jimin whispered. "But they broke up for reasons I don't know. Then Jungkook and Namjoon got together and mated within two months."

"What?" Yoongi's eyes widened. "That quick?"

"Yeah, I know, it was… a very disastrous time," Jimin said with a sigh. "Jin and Joon were really good friends before that. All three of them were. They've missed Jin, but Jin's upset about what happened."

"I don't blame him," Yoongi said. "So why did you invite all of them here at the same time?"

"Because I missed my friend," Jimin said, digging through a drawer to find the bottle opener. "Get the glasses please? And this party is about me, they can deal with their hang ups somewhere else."

"I don't think they will," Yoongi said, going to the cabinet and pulling out enough glasses for everyone. "It's just going to be awkward."

"No, it won't, Taehyung won't let it be awkward," Jimin said, twisting the corkscrew into the cork. As if on cue, Jimin could hear Taehyung from the other room.

"Would you three just kiss and make up? You're making hoseok anxious," Taehyung said. "And making me nervous too. I won't have this baby with you three being at odds with each other anymore."

"Don't say that to me, I'm not the one who cut off-"

"As if I could be around someone who betrayed-"

"It's not his fault, Jin, please-"

Jimin's shoulders slumped. "Well, this is-" He jolted slightly, eyes widening as a strange sensation slowly crept up his spine.

"You okay?" Yoongi was at his side in seconds, a concerned look on his face. "Jimin you…"

"My heat," Jimin nodded, his skin prickling. "You better get them out of here."

"Right, don't come out yet," Yoongi said, pressing his nose into Jimin's neck. The fresh wave of Yoongi's scent helped ease his agitation at other alpha smells in his home, though just barely. Jimin nearly slumped over when Yoongi left.

"Hey, sorry to cut this short, but Jimin just went into heat," Yoongi said. "The alphas need to go before he gets violent."

There were confused murmurs and gasps and before Jimin could think, a familiar omega scent was at his side followed by another.

"Jimin?" Taehyung turned Jimin around to face him, his eyes wide. "Oh, wow he wasn't kidding. All of a sudden? No symptoms?"

Jimin shook his head, latching onto Jungkook next to him to keep him steady. "No, it really just… it hit."

"Probably the alpha testosterone being thrown around," Jungkook muttered. "Are you really going to be okay?"

"Of course," Jimin nodded. He could see Yoongi had come back in over Taehyung's shoulder. "I have my alpha," he said with a soft laugh, a little hysterical.

Taehyung pulled back, exchanging glances with Jungkook but seemed to know better and not saying. "Right, well, you call me soon as you're lucid, okay? Be careful."

"I'm always careful," Jimin said, keening a little when Yoongi's scent got closer. He searched him out by scent and looked into the alpha's eyes. The others seemed to melt away from his awareness as he nuzzled up into Yoongi's space. "Alpha."

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Later, when Jimin was lucid and no longer hazy from heat pheromones, he'd recall how different spending a heat with a partner was to what he had imagined. There was no instinct in his mind to be claimed, no desire to beg for an alpha to fill him. No writhing on the bed mewling and whimpering to be touched.

What he felt, as Yoongi lifted him up and carried him to his bedroom, was an intense desire to own Yoongi. This alpha who was laying him down on the bed and helping him out of his clothes. Not because Yoongi was affected by his pheromones, but because Jimin was trying to tear them off of himself. His skin burned a cold fire, wanting nothing more than to slide it over Yoongi's skin and make their scents match.

Jimin snarled when Yoongi moved too far, latching onto his arm and running his nose up the length of Yoongi's forearm. "Yoongi," he said lowly, not really knowing what he wanted from the alpha other than for his scent to fill his nose.

"Jimin, I need… two minutes okay?" Yoongi said, gentle, calm, but with a tremor that gave away he was being affected.

"No," Jimin snarled, trying to pull Yoongi closer. "Mine, mine, my alpha."

"I'm just going to get a glass of water," Yoongi said, but let himself be pulled into Jimin's orbit. "You'll want it, we'll both want water."

"Don't care, alpha," Jimin said, running his hands up Yoongi's chest to his neck, loving the way the alpha felt under his hands. Strong and beautiful and so good for him. He'd be so good. "Alpha, I want a baby, you'll give me baby?"

"Of course," Yoongi said, his breath hitching at Jimin leaning up to latch onto his throat. "Shit, shit, Jimin." Yoongi had his arms around Jimin's back, keeping him from falling back into the bed. Jimin didn't care how uncomfortable their position was, or that they hadn't even kissed yet. He just wanted to envelope Yoongi's scent, let it coat the insides of his skin until it was a part of him.

"Please alpha, give me a baby," Jimin whimpered, latching onto a different part of Yoongi's neck, where the scent was so powerful it burned his nose.

"Jimin, stop," Yoongi forcibly pushed Jimin away, the omega crashing back onto the bed with a groan. "We can't."

"Can't… can't?" Jimin shook his head in confusion as he sat up on his knees and tried to get back to that scent. "Can't what? I want it, give it to me."

"Jimin, please," Yoongi held him afar by the shoulders. "You're trying to initiate a mating bond. I know that… that isn't what you want. Try to breathe okay?"

The logical part of Jimin's brain reared it's ugly head and the whiplash had JImin falling back again. "Oh, oh fuck," he said, shaking hands running over his face. "What's going on? What…?"

"You've never been in heat with an alpha," Yoongi said, keeping his distance for now. "It's intense, isn't it."

Nodding, Jimin looked up at Yoongi again, trying to ignore how his body was aching for Yoongi in a hundred different ways. "I want… you. So bad. Like, horny, but like I want to consume you."

Yoongi laughed softly at that, shuffling forward on his knees. Jimin just noticed that they were both naked, having forgotten how that happened and well, Yoongi was much more attractive than he should be.

"Hey, eyes up here," Yoongi said, tapping Jimin's chin to draw his gaze away from Yoongi half hard dick. "You didn't reject me, so that's a good sign. But, you still want to go through with this?" he asked, searching Jimin's eyes.

"There isn't anything else I want more right now," Jimin said. It was true, his body was ready, his head was ready, everything that was going to happen now and the next few days was what he had been waiting for. They were going to make a baby. A baby that Jimin desperately wanted.

Yoongi's smile softened and he leaned down, cradling Jimin's face in his hands and kissed him. There was a heat licking at Jimin's insides from the kiss, though it was soft and gentle. So much like Yoongi's aura. Calm, steady, and in completely control. Jimin moaned into it, needing more and wanting nothing else than this perfect moment.

"Alpha," Jimin whimpered against his lips. There was an itch he needed to scratch and that was Yoongi. Only Yoongi. His alpha. Jimin wrapped his arms around Yoongi's neck and pulled him down harshly. He gave a small grunt when Yoongi toppled down onto him but the kisses didn't let up.

It was like a switch had been flipped in that moment when their skin met and Yoongi growled, buffeting Jimin's consciousness as a challenge. He may have verbally consented, but this was the challenge from an alpha, waiting to be accepted or rejected by an omega in its purest form. Jimin growled back, snapping at Yoongi's lips and a battle waged between them for control.

As an omega, Jimin held the control. He could accept or reject Yoongi. He could kick Yoongi off and shout him down. He always held that control, and though the part of his head that was scared by letting an alpha in so close was terrified, he knew this was okay. In this moment, he could let Yoongi in. He could let Yoongi win.

Jimin pulled back, meeting Yoongi's eyes as he turned his head to submit. To accept Yoongi as an alpha and the sire to his baby. He could hear Yoongi suck in a soft breath at the gesture.

"Jimin," Yoongi murmured, turning Jimin to look at him again by a hand on his cheek. "Thank you."

Scowling, Jimin hit him on the arm. "Don't be weird," he muttered, his voice thick and scratchy from the growling but Yoongi just laughed and leaned down to kiss him again.

Yoongi was a good kisser, that was more than obvious. He teased, h e nipped, he knew the right about of pressure and when to back off. It didn't feel like he was trying to eat Jimin's face or ram his tongue down his throat. It was soothing, but Jimin was always an impatient omega and he wrapped his legs around Yoongi's waist. A hint to get on with it.

"Slow down," Yoongi chuckled, nipping at Jimin's lower lip as he slowly slid down Jimin's body. He was pressing his lips to various points of skin, parts that no one has ever paid attention to before. Jimin keened, feeling how hard his dick was getting and that impatient side of his was screaming at him to just flip them over and take what he wanted.

But then Yoongi was licking a long line up his dick slowly as he pressed a finger into him and Jimin's eyes fluttered shut. "Oh, fuck me," Jimin moaned, thighs quivering in anticipation because Yoongi was working him open. He could feel how wet he was getting, not something he was used to outside of heats. It made the slide of Yoongi's fingers easier as another was pressed into him. Jimin could hardly stand that alone but Yoongi was taking his dick into his mouth and lapping at the head and Jimin wanted to come.

It was intense, holding back his release, though it ultimately didn't matter if he did it now or later when Yoongi had him good and knotted. But something about the anticipation, the build up would make it feel so much better. Jimin bit back more whines, his bottom lip caught between his teeth because Yoongi was pushing Jimin's legs up and shuffling back up to his knees.

"You okay?" Yoongi asked, waiting for Jimin to give him an okay nod before he slowly pressed his cock in. Jimin felt like his chest was going to explode, unable to draw in a breath from just how fucking good that felt. This wasn't sex, this was miles and heavens above what sex ever felt like. Why, why had he never given in to his curiosity? Why had he never tried?

When Yoongi was fully pressed in, his hip doing small circles to give Jimin that bit more of sensitivity, it fully hit Jimin why.

Because there'd never been an alpha like Yoongi before.

Any lucid thoughts where fucked out Jimin the moment Yoongi started a fast pace. He fucked with abandon, he pushed and pulled and had Jimin screaming. Jimin felt like he was being torn apart and put back together every time and it felt so fucking good he never wanted it to end. He wanted nothing more than Yoongi to fuck him like this until the world died in a blaze of fire and sulfur. A meteor could come and crack the planet apart and Jimin wouldn't care because Yoongi was fucking him like the world was ending.

This wasn't him being a pliant and helpless omega,this was Jimin, the proud omega and man who was being fucked like he'd never been fucked before. This was him, getting what he wanted in the best possible way.

"Oh, fuck, Jimin," Yoongi groaned, adjusting their position so their foreheads were pressed together as Yoongi set a new, slower, deeper pace. "Gonna come, gonna kot you, okay?" he said, and Jimin wished he would stop asking for permission but he cooed internally that he was still being so thoughtful.

"Please, please," Jimin whimpered, his hands unable to find purchase against Yoongi's sweaty shoulders, his nails digging into the skin to hold on because Yoongi was slamming his dick in so hard Jimin was sure he was going to go through the headboard.

Jimin had taken a knot or two in his time, but nothing, nothing felt like this when Yoongi thrusted one last time so hard into Jimin, the knot squeezing into place. Gasping for air, Jimin felt Yoongi shushing him with his hands on Jimin's cheeks and soft kisses to his forehead. Jimin couldn't breathe, couldn't think, could even move. He didn't even realize he'd come until it was dripping down his sides onto the sheets below.

That part of his mind that had wanted to eat Yoongi alive receded into the far depths of his mind, but Jimin knew it was there and would come back. He was grateful for Yoongi staying so calm, not letting the pheromones or scents that had been so thick cloud his good judgment. Jimin was grateful for Yoongi in many ways, and hsi heart sang in contentment when Yoongi rolled them so Jimin was cradled gently on top of him. It was comfortable like that, even if the knot was shifted and Jimin was shuddering in Yoongi's arms.

"How we doing?" Yoongi asked after a long expanse of time went by with Jimin in a hazy half awake state.

"Thirsty," Jimin muttered and pouted when Yoongi chuckled at him.


The times in between when Jimin went rabid with the need to be fucked were nice, though awkward. Jimin appreciated Yoongi doing his best to take care of Jimin by bringing him water and food to nibble on. The intensity of the heated waned on and off, but no matter what he always wanted Yoongi by his side. He wanted his skin on his and his scent to be so thick he could choke on it. It was a little unnerving to him in those moments when he felt the most normal. That he could want and need an alpha so bad he would physically shake from it.

The fact that it had taken such a short amount of time for his heat to be triggered also weighed heavily on his mind. Everything thing he had read, everything he knew said it took months for a heat to be triggered outside of a mated pair. They'd barely been cohabitating for a month. The scenting had only been for a few days. How had it hit him so fast?

It wasn't something he wanted Yoongi to worry about, so he kept his maudlin thoughts to himself, only thinking about them when Yoongi was out of the room.

The days melted into each other, hours of wakefulness punctuated by fucking and food until it was back to sleeping. When Jimin woke up one morning without that twisting in his gut, the stench of alpha and come making him want to throw up, he knew it was done.

Stumbling out of bed, he ignored Yoongi's calls after him as he made his way into the bathroom. Bile rose up into the back of his throat and he threw up, his body so exhausted from everything. He leaned back against the wall when he was done, noticing Yoongi was crouched beside him.

"You okay?" Yoongi asked, check his forehead with his palm. "You don't have a fever anymore."

"It's done," Jimin said softly, his arms folded over his belly. "I'm gonna take a bath."

"Okay," Yoongi got up and moved around him to start drawing the bath. Jimin watched in sleepy amusement that Yoongi was still taking care of him. How long would that last?


The bath felt like the best thing, the water temperature was perfect and Yoongi had even put in one of his bath bombs. Yoongi even helped wash him with soft hands and gentle rubbing of the washcloth. He washed Jimin's hair, fingers scratching at his scalp and rinsed by cupping water and slowly tipping over Jimin's hair. It was soft, it was gentle, and Jimin felt like he was wrapped in a fluffy blanket made of cotton.

Yoongi left him in the tub to make him something to eat, coming back to help him out and dry him of. Jimin just let him, a small smile on his lips at being cared for so tenderly. It almost made him cry. How could anything ever compare to this?


When he was clean, dressed, and eating a bowl of porridge on the couch in the living room, it hit him. He could be pregnant. Yoongi had done what he'd been contracted to do and Jimin could now have a life growing in him. Of course he would have to wait a few weeks to be sure, a doctor would have to confirm, but Jimin finally let himself think about it. He could have the baby he wanted. He set his bowl down, placing both his hands on his belly.

"You okay? Nauseous?" Yoongi asked, coming from the kitchen. He crouched down next to Jimin, eyeing his hands.

"No, just thinking," Jimin said. "I could be pregnant right now."

There was something odd in Yoongi's eyes when he looked away, but he smiled at Jimin. "I hope so," he said, resting his hand on top of Jimin's hands.

Jimin took the sentiment for what he wanted it to mean. That Yoongi hoped he got the baby wanted, and not that he was ready for the deal to be done. That Yoongi was ready to leave so soon after Jimin's heat. He really didn't want to think about how that made him feel either.


Cleaning the apartment was a task they both took on once Jimin was feeling up to it. Sheets and blankets were washed, the bedroom aired out through open windows, and every inch of the room was sanitized with cleaner. It felt good, and Jimin felt like he could breathe again when they were done.

He didn't think much of Yoongi making them lunch, or cuddling on the couch for a nap, or how they seemed to gravitate towards one another throughout the day.

Nor did he think anything of it when they went to bed, Yoongi curled up against Jimin's back and scenting at his neck. Jimin may have even went to sleep with a smile on his face, feeling warm and safe. And content.


Nothing changed, but everything changed over the course of the next two weeks. Yoongi was the same, if not more attentive. He went to school, Jimin worked. Yoongi came home and made them dinner, they ate at the table, talking about the things normal people talked about. Their days, their friends, their dreams for the future. They didn't talk about the elephant in the room.

It was the strangest two weeks Jimin had ever lived. Yoongi was a constant he hadn't known he needed in his life, but with Schroedinger's baby hanging in the balance, he felt his chest constrict whenever he thought of the impending doctor's appointment.

Nothing changed, but everything changed as he and Yoongi sat in the exam room. He'd told Yoongi about the appointment, not expecting the alpha to want to go. That wasn't part of their deal. Yoongi wasn't supposed to care.

"You need someone for support," Yoongi had said. Jimin hadn't argued, though he could have taken Taehyung or Jungkook, or anyone else. But it didn't feel wrong that Yoongi was there, holding his hand while his blood was drawn or the physical exam.

When the doctor came back in, Jimin sat up straight, not sure how he should feel Excited? Nervous? Nauseous?

The doctor sat down in the chair, flipping through Jimin's chair for an interminable amount of time until he looked up at Jimin and gave him a sad smile.

"The tests came back negative," she said. "Sorry, you're not pregnant."

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JImin doesn't remember getting home. He felt like he was in a fog, the world around him gone except for the doctor's sad smile and the words over and over, not pregnant. Jimin knew it was going to be difficult,and the chance of conceiving so quickly wasn't realistic. But he'd wanted it so badly. He thought with how quickly he'd gone into heat with Yoongi that it had meant something, that it was going to be a miracle. But as he lay on his couch, staring out the window at the tops of the surrounding buildings and the gray overcast sky, he knew the reality. There was no such thing as miracles.

"Hey, you want some tea or something?" Yoongi asked, the alpha crouching down next to him.

"No," Jimin murmured, not even looking at him. "I just want to be alone."

"Okay," Yoongi said, running his hand over Jimin's hair. It was such a sweet, simple gesture, like Yoongi cared. "I'll be in my room, I'll keep an ear open, so just yell if you need anything."

Jimin didn't reply, and Yoongi pressed a kiss to his forehead. It was too much. Jimin sucked in a breath before his face crumpled and he sobbed. Tears of frustration, sadness, and a profound loss for something he had never had. Despite his words, what he thought he wanted, he found himself clinging to Yoongi when the alpha crawled up onto the couch with him and pulled Jimin into his arms. Jimin didn't understand why he was hurting so badly.

For his part, Yoongi said nothing. He held Jimin, caressed his hair and his back and didn't let go. Jimin didn't know how Yoongi knew that's what he needed, but he was so, so grateful for the alpha. It was like Jimin was an open book to him and his instinct to care. He didn't know how that worked and a short while ago he would have balked at the idea of any alpha being that attuned to him. Right now though? Right now Jimin wanted to keep him forever.


Jimin didn't realize he'd fallen asleep until he was opening his eyes slowly. He was laying on top of Yoongi on the couch, the alpha still cradling him in his arms, nose buried in the top of Jimin's hair. He didn't remember how they'd gotten like that but it was like being swaddled delicately. Yoongi was still asleep, his head propped up onto the side cushion lips parted slightly as he snored. Jimin had never seen Yoongi look so docile, so innocent. Yoongi, by all rights, was a beautiful alpha. His features were delicate, and soft and Jimin wondered if he had met an alpha like this years ago if would still feel the same way about them.

Yoongi was kind and gentle and caring and everything he'd been told an alpha was but had never met before. The one thing he couldn't reconcile though, was why Yoongi had agreed to this arrangement. Why an alpha would be willing to give up their progeny so easily, for something as simple and greedy as money.

As he stared, Yoongi's eyes slowly opened and looked down at him, smiling softly. "Hey, how are you feeling?" he asked, gently carding his hand through Jimin's hair again.

"I'm okay," Jimin said. "Sad, but okay."

"Good, that's good," Yoongi said, looking over his features in concern. "Do you want to talk about it?"

"No," Jimin shook his head. He was still trying to sort himself out and how he felt about it. He couldn't do that with Yoongi's scent in his nose, something about it making him very confused.

Yoongi didn't look dismayed, or upset, instead he nodded and secured his arm around Jimin's waist. "Okay, if you do want to, we can talk. Okay?"

Jimin didn't answer, still confused about a number of things he didn't want to put a voice to. Instead, he just laid his head back down on Yoongi's chest and enjoyed the comfort the alpha was giving.


"I hate to be that person, but I did tell you it was going to be hard," Taehyung said. He and Jungkook had stopped by when Yoongi went to class the next day. Jimin hadn't done much other than move from the couch to the bed and back again. His head was in Jungkook's lap because Taehyung's belly was too big.

"I know, I just… I hoped okay?" Jimin said, pouting at him. "Everything was just so… easy with Yoongi. The heat, him, everything was going so well I thought it would work out."

"Things with Yoongi are going well?" Taehyung asked, his eyes lighting up. "How well? He took care of you right? He was good to you?"

"He was… he is absolutely the best," Jimin said. "He's the kind of alpha you think about who'll make you really happy. I feel like I'm robbing him of something with this arrangement. He'll be such a great father, and I'll take his child from him."

Jungkook and Taehyung exchanged looks, like they wanted to say something that Jimin wasn't going to like.

"You know, it doesn't have to be that way," Taehyung said gently. "You can change the terms and have him involved more if you want. You could even, oh, I don't know, really date him?"

"He doesn't want that," Jimin frowned. "I don't know why he's doing this, honestly."

"Seems like you two should talk about it," Jungkook said. "You'll have lots of time before your next heat to figure out things, right? Maybe it's a good thing you get to spend more time with him while you wait. What is it you want, Jimin?"

Jimin didn't know, honestly, something about the whole thing had him on edge. Maybe he should talk to Yoongi. But his head was all over the place and he was sad and he didn't want to make Yoongi uncomfortable. But Jimin had an uncomfortable knot in his chest he was trying to ignore because if he acknowledged it, it would be real.

"I just want a baby," Jimin said, closing his eyes. "Why does it have to be so hard?"

"Because if having kids were easy, we'd overrun the earth," Taehyung said. "Believe me, being pregnant isn't all that it's cracked up to be."

"Yeah, but then you have a baby to take care of," Jungkook said quietly. Jimin turned his head to look up at his younger friend, seeing the sadness in his eyes.

"Kookie? Are you and Namjoon trying?" Taehyung asked, reaching over to touch Jungkook's shoulder.

"For a while," Jungkook nodded, chewing at his bottom lip. "But, we can't. We can't have kids."

Jimin sat up, eyes wide. "What?" he asked softly, wrapping his arms around Jungkook and letting him lean into his body. "Like, ever?"

"Namjoon's sterile," Jungkook said, sniffling. "We tried, all kinds of things. Our only chance is a donor."

"Oh, Kookie," Taehyung bowed his head. "I'm sorry, I know you wanted a family."

"We're looking at adopting," Jungkook said, wiping at his eyes. "Namjoon said he'd be okay if we tried with a donor but, seeing what you're going through Jimin, I don't know if I could do that with a stranger."

"No, I understand," Jimin said, hugging Jungkook tightly. "I don't know if I could do it if I was already mated either. Namjoon would go feral."

"No he wouldn't," Jungkook said. "If I wanted it badly enough he'd agree to it."

"That's because he worships the ground you walk on," Taehyung snorted. "I've never seen an alpha so whipped."

Jungkook and Jimin exchanged looks before looking at Taehyung. "Speaking of whipped alphas, where's Hoseok with our lunch?" Jimin asked.

"He's about ten minutes away," Taehyung said, picking up his phone. "Look, I know Hoseok's whipped. I bought him a saddle and ride him around the living room like a pony. You don't need to say a damn word, I know."

Jimin opened his mouth, then closed it. He'd wanted to tease Taehyung a little more but he was stuck on something. "... Wait, you bought a saddle?"



Waiting in the living room for Yoongi to get back from class, Jimin was stressing himself out. He knew he had to talk to Yoongi, knew he had to figure some things out. But he was scared. Scared of a lot of things he didn't have a name for. Maybe he had a name, but he didn't want to think about it too much because that was the scariest thing of all.

It wasn't supposed to be like this. This wasn't supposed to happen like this.

The door opened and Jimin sat up, waiting to see Yoongi coming out of the hall. He was on pins and needles until the familiar mop of black hair came into view. The alpha looked exhausted, which was understandable. Neither of them had slept well the night before.

"Hey, I thought you'd be in bed still," Yoongi said, shrugging off his jack to lay over the back of the couch. He sat down, crowding into Jimin's space and nuzzling against his scent gland. "How are we doing?"

"Better," Jimin said, unable to help the sigh and soft smile at the gesture to help calm him. "Um, I think we need to talk."

"Yeah, I think so too," Yoongi said, sitting back. "You go first."

"I've just been thinking, that maybe this arrangement isn't the best thing for us?" Jimin said, frowning down at his hands. "That, um, I don't know why you wanted to do this. I've just gotten to know you and you're so attentive and caring and I don't see you as the type who would want to give up a child?"

The happy expression on Yoongi's face fell and he seemed to lean back into the arm of the couch more. "So, what are you saying? You want me to leave? You want to break the contract?"

The thought of Yoongi leaving sent a shooting pain through Jimin's chest. "I…"

"If you really want to know, Jimin? The reason why I agreed to this, why I was willing to sign away my rights, was because I didn't think I had it in me," Yoongi said. "My father left when I was young and I always feared I'd end up just like him. I worried I wouldn't be a good role model."

Jimin's heart clenched in his chest. "I think you'd be a great role model," Jimin said quietly. "You're a good alpha, and you would be a great father. The reason I said the arrangement isn't good for us, is because-" Jimin froze, the words sitting at the tip of his tongue but he didn't know if he could even say them.

"Because…?" Yoongi frowned, scowling down at the couch cushion. "Because you don't want me to father your baby after all?"

"No, that's not it at all, I do want that," Jimin said, fearing the worst with Yoongi's line of thinking. "But I want more than that."

Yoongi's head snapped up and he looked at Jimin with confused wide eyes. "What?"

"I know we don't really know each other that well, but you know I… I don't want to do this alone," Jimin said. "I thought it was best, because alphas were assholes and I would never find one that would live up to what I thought an alpha would be. But, you do, and you're just, you're perfect. I want to have a baby, but I also want you. If that's not what you want, then you should leave."

It took a long, interminable amount of three seconds before Yoongi moved. He crowded into Jimin's space and kissed him so hard it had Jimin melting in his arms.

"Is that a yes?" Jimin asked when Yoongi pulled back. "Yes you want to do this with me?"

"Yes," Yoongi said, nipping at Jimin's jaw and pushing him back to lay down. "Yes, Jimin, I want to do this with you."

Grinning, Jimin let Yoongi roam his body, let him peel away clothes and fuck him on the couch. And the bed, and even in the shower later. Even outside of his heat, Yoongi was a caring, attentive lover. But he knew how to make Jimin scream for him, fold him up and spread him out.

Of course, they would need to iron out some things later, but Jimin wasn't going to worry about any of that right now. Yoongi was his, his alpha.

Maybe the mating would happen later, Jimin didn't know, it was hard to think when Yoongi was fucking him so hard it was hard to breathe, let alone think about things like mating and dedicating their lives to one another. But they would, Jimin was a responsible, independent omega. Except right now, begging for Yoongi to knot him. He could be an independent omega later.


Right now, he had his alpha. Not one of those alphas who took what he wanted, or thought he knew better than Jimin. Yoongi was the kind of alpha Jimin could have only dreamed of, like all the versions he'd written about in his books blended together into a small compact form with a grumpy smile and a caring heart.

Jimin had his alpha. His alpha.

Chapter Text

If someone had told Jimin a year ago about the changes his life was about to go through, he would have thought they were crazy. A year ago, Jimin was lonely, worked too much, and pined for a child he thought he'd never have.

But having a sweet and caring alpha that didn't belittle him for his work, or treat him like trash? It was almost too much for him to fathom. But here he was, secure in Yoongi's arms, the alpha sleeping peacefully. Sometimes Jimin woke up in the middle of the night and just stared at him, wondering so many things about their future. Would Yoongi always be so sweet? Would he always smile so softly and treat Jimin like he was the most precious thing in the world? Would he still fuck him like a man possessed? He hoped so. He hoped that nothing would change their relationship, and if things were to change, it would be for the better.

Yoongi and agreed to tearing up the contract, a simple matter with the lawyer and a few signatures later it was no longer hanging over their heads like a sword of Damocles. It meant Jimin knew for sure that Yoongi wanted to be there for him, and not for money. Yoongi wanted him as much as he wanted Yoongi.

It's not like anything really changed for them. Yoongi went to class, Jimin continued his book. They went out on dates when they had time, enjoying dinner together or going to concerts. It was nice. It was sweet. It was the kind of thing Jimin had fantasized and dreamt of and made for whole plots in his books.

Jimin had never knew that such a life could exist for him. That there really were kind alphas out there. Of course, he knew a few, but they had found their mates. Jimin had just assumed there weren't any left out there for him. But Yoongi wasn't just a perfect alpha, he was Jimin's perfect alpha, made just for him.

"It's like fate," Jimin said, curled up on the couch with Yoongi after a night of takeout dinner and furious making out during the movie. "If I hadn't met you, I probably would have tried to have a kid with Seokjin."

"Jin?" Yoongi looked at him strangely. "Why him?"

"He was one of the other potential matches," Jimin said. "If the last alpha I had to meet that day was an asshole, like the first one, I would have gone for it. I knew Jin, I knew he was a good alpha. It was just weird with the Jungkook thing."

"Right, that would have been awkward," Yoongi nodded slowly. "Probably a good thing for them that I showed up too then huh?"

"By the way Kookie's smiling lately, I'd say so," Jimin chuckled, looking down at his flat belly. "Hopefully good for us too."

Yoongi slid his hand into Jimin's and laced their fingers together. "It will," he said softly. "Jimin… I love you."

Jimin froze, sucking in a startled breath as his eyes snapped up to Yoongi. He was looking intently at Jimin, eyes full of vulnerability, hesitance. It was the first time, and he was waiting for Jimin's response. Jimin was not going to panic over hearing that for the first time from anyone. He was not. What he was going to do, was sit up, and kiss Yoongi.

So he did, crawling up into Yoongi's lap and kissing him with every bit of feelings he could muster. Yoongi's response was hesitance at first, but his arms wrapped around Jimin's waist and pulled him close.

"Yoongi," Jimin murmured, resting their foreheads together. "I love you too." He did. It took him three months to get there, to be okay saying it, and yeah Yoongi saying it first eased that weight of guilt from his shoulders. He loved Yoongi more than he thought was possible.

"Jimin, I know it hasn't been long but-"

"Yes, yes, yes," Jimin whimpered, wrapping his arms around Yoongi's neck and kissing him again. "I'll mate with you."

Jimin wondered if that was what had had Yoongi so down the past few days, wondering, over analyzing, fretting about saying the words and asking for what he wanted. Another omega might have found the hesitance annoying and weak, but Jimin found it endearing. That Yoongi would be so mindful of their relationship and not rushing into anything that he worried Jimin would say yes. Of course ye was going to say yes.

"Right now?" Yoongi asked, sucking in a breath because Jimin had latched his lips against Yoongi's neck, that sensitive spot just below the ear. If he nuzzled his nose into Yoongi's shirt a little he could scent at Yoongi's scent gland and bite it. He could claim Yoongi as his and make sure no other omega ever dared touch his alpha.

"Right now," Jimin groaned, worrying at the skin as he trailed his lips down. "Please, alpha."

Jimin felt a shudder go through Yoongi and before he could even make a noise of protest, Yoongi was standing up, Jimin secure in his arms as he took him to the bedroom. Their bedroom because Yoongi was never staying in the guest room again. Yoongi kicked the door shut behind as Jimin giggled at Yoongi's show of strength. Okay, maybe Jimin had never thought he'd be mated, but now that it was happening? There wasn't anything else he wanted more.

Except, maybe there was one thing. That one thing that had brought them together in the first place. But they would have to wait, would have to see doctors and figure out how to help the process along. There was time, Jimin wasn't due for another heat for months.

So this? Mating sex? Jimin was going to enjoy. He wanted to to feel Yoongi in every possible way. If that meant tearing Yoongi's clothes off of him, he was going to do that. If it meant growling at him to stay still when he'd pushed him down, he would. If it meant licking every inch of skin from his ankles to his eyebrows then he would.

"Jimin," Yoongi groaned, his hands fisting into the sheets when Jimin traced his way back down Yoongi's body to suck his dick with more enthusiasm than he had ever had for anything else in his life. He wanted it sloppy and wet and for Yoongi to come over and over again until they were both satisfied. "Shit, Jimin, what… what are you-" Yoongi gasped, his head rolling and back arching when Jimin sank his mouth down further than he'd ever gone before.

"Mine," Jimin growled, crawling his way back up after Yoongi had came down his throat. He licked his lips to clear the remnants, eyeing Yoongi hungrily. "My alpha."

"Hey, hey wait," Yoongi whispered, stopping Jimin before he could start attacking his neck like he wanted to. "Jimin, you're… you're in heat."

Frowning, half from being stopped and half from Yoongi's words, Jimin pulled back. "No, can't be," he said. "I just… I just had it."

"Two months ago, that's enough time between isn't it?" Yoongi said, lifting his hand to check Jimin's forehead. "You're burning up."

It didn't make sense, there was no way. They weren't even mated yet, but he was feeling the same way he had during his heat. The possessiveness, the animalistic need to feel Yoongi. Yoongi was right, he was going through another heat.

"I don't understand," Jimin whispered, letting Yoongi roll them over so Yoongi was the one looking down at him.

"I don't know either, but I'm okay with it," Yoongi said, leaning down to kiss him again. Jimin didn't need to reply, because he was more than okay with it. He just wanted to ravish Yoongi and be fucked and mated so bad. So bad he was whimpering and pushing and trying to get Yoongi to move and when Yoongi did, Jimin screamed into the kiss.

Jimin didn't know what way was up or down by the time Yoongi started fucking him. He was crying out in bliss, scratching his nails down Yoongi's back and all he wanted was for Yoongi to claim him already.

"Alpha," Jimin wailed, back arching off the bed and thrashing his arms when Yoongi had pulled back to fuck him harder and harder until Jimin couldn't even take a breath. "Claim me."

It all happened so fast but seemed to take forever at the same time when Yoongi leaned back down and bit into his neck. Jimin screamed, coming between them. He could register Yoongi was still fucking him, slower and more languid while Jimin came down from his high. The need in him felt sated but the bond itched to be complete. Yoongi still had his face buried in Jimin's neck, giving Jimin the opportunity to lift his head and bite down on Yoongi's scent gland. Jimin knew Yoongi was coming in him, the bite triggering his knot and Jimin never felt better from the intensity of it all.

Jimin had heard sometimes an omega or an alpha can black out from a mating bond during a heat. Jimin didn't think he had, but his head was too swimmy to register most of what happened next.

He knew Yoongi had settled on him, letting the knot go down as they caught their breath. He had his arms loosely wrapped around Yoongi's neck, tracing the skin on his shoulders in small circles.

"Yoongi?" he whispered, checking to make sure Yoongi was okay.

"Hm? Am I heavy?" Yoongi murmured, struggling to get up onto his elbows. "Sorry. You okay?"

"Perfect," Jimin said, smiling tiredly up at him. "Just, perfect."

Yoongi gave him a smile back that was just as tired and leaned down to kiss him. The fire that had been burning under Jimin's skin was tempered for the time being. He ad no idea how long this heat would last, but he didn't mind it really. If he had his way, he'd fuck Yoongi all day every day, heat or no heat.


But, at the end of three days, Jimin was bone tired, and more than okay with his heat breaking before he even passed out. He was sure Yoongi was okay with it too. Neither of them had really prepared for this, hadn't expected to go through with it so soon. But freshly mated and bred for days, Jimin was… hopeful.


"I can't believe the first time I'm hearing you got mated is right now," Taehyung hissed at Jimin.

"You went into labor, what was I supposed to do?" Jimin scowled at him. "I can't believe you're yelling at me seconds before I get to meet my second god son."

"I'm considering revoking and making Jungkook my kid's god parent," Taehyung grumbled. He leaned back in his hospital bed and sighed tiredly. Jimin had got the call that Taehyung went into labor shortly after he and Yoongi had finished cleaning up from his heat. It had been a grueling ten hour labor, and he could tell Taehyung was exhausted. But seeing Hoseok outside the nursery, pointing at their second son excitedly to Namjoon and Seokjin had been worth it.

"You wouldn't dare," Jimin said, glancing at Jungkook on Taehyung's other side. "Don't you dare accept. Those kids are mine."

"Right, absolutely," Jungkook nodded, though he looked between them with wide eyes, like he didn't know who to listen to.

"Anyway," Taehyung rolled his eyes. "So you mated?"

"Yeah," Jimin nodded, settling back in his seat. "Funny thing though, I went into heat."

"Again? So soon?" Jungkook blinked in disbelief.

"Yeah, took me by surprise too," Jimin said. "I'm.. taking it as a hopeful sign this time."

"You two must have an insanely close bond," Taehyung said. "That he can trigger your heats before even being mated, and so quickly? That's… almost unheard of."

"I know, I'm going to talk about it with the doctor," Jimin said, rubbing his hands together. "Set up an appointment for two weeks from now."

"Just don't stress yourself out, please?" Taehyung said. "If it doesn't happen this time, it's not the end of the world. There are options."

"I know Tae, I know," Jimin said, reaching over to curl his fingers around Taehyung's hand. "I just think it's a good sign, is all."

"I hope it is," Jungkook said. "Um, this is really not the place to talk about it, but you'll find out soon enough." He squirmed a little in his seat. "Seokjin and I have… talked. About some things."

"You and Jin?" Jimin frowned. "What kind of things?"

"Well, not just Jin. Me and Namjoon and Jin," Jungkook said, shrinking down in on himself. "Seokjin… wants to help us."

Taehyung and Jimin traded concerned looks. Surely he wasn't talking about….

"Namjoon's okay with you and Jin fucking again?" Taehyung asked, bluntly. "Kook, that's dangerous territory."

"I know! But, Seokjin is an alpha I've accepted before, and it was Namjoon's idea," Jungkook said. "Jin just wants us to have a family."

"Even if he's not involved?" Taehyung asked. Jimin kept quiet, not wanting to give away he knew more than he should about Seokjin.

"He will be involved," Jungkook said, looking away. "We… want him involved."

Jimin sighed, not sure what to make of that. But he trusted the three would work themselves out. "Well, at least I won't have to worry about Joon and Jin biting each other's heads off at dinners anymore."


It was the longest two weeks of Jimin's life. This time felt even worse than the last time. He didn't want to get his hopes up, didn't want to think that he could be pregnant and start planning the future. Not like last time. Last time had been hell. But, he couldn't help it. He couldn't help holding a hand to his bell and looking at his profile in the mirror, wondering if that was just gas or a bump.

He couldn't help walking aimlessly through the baby department of the clothing store, touching little onesies and booties and tiny little shirts with cute sayings on them. He wanted it, so badly, that sometimes he would cry in the middle of the night. Of course Yoongi held him through it, tried to help with soothing words. Yoongi always knew what to say, always made things better.


"I didn't expect you back so soon," the doctor said, frowning at Jimin's chart. "You're positive you went through another heat?"

"Yes," Jimin said, squeezing Yoongi's hand tightly. "Are… are you saying that I'm not, that we're not-"

The doctor looked up and smiled. "I'm not saying that at all. Congratulations, you're pregnant."

Chapter Text

"It is completely unfair," Taehyung said, shaking his head at Jimin. "You don't look like you've gained any weight, anywhere."

"I beg to differ," Jimin retorted, trying to get comfortable on the couch but his back was aching. "My pants don't fit anymore, or any of my shirts. I've got this massive belly. I haven't seen my toes in weeks!"

"Been there, twice," Taehyung said, bouncing his eight month old son on his knee. "But I mean, you have barely put on any weight anywhere. I gained like, half a person with Yeonjun."

"That's because you kept eating ice cream for every meal," Jimin said, squirming. "Yoongi!"

"Yes?" Yoongi emerged from his room with Jimin's heating pad in hand. "Back again?"

"Yeah," Jimin pouted, watching Yoongi plug in the heating pad and helping him get settled with it. "Thank you."

"I'm gonna make dinner. You staying Tae?"

"No, I've gotta get home soon," Taehyung said. "Hoseok's at home with Soobin, I need to take over for him."

"You should have brought him with," Jimin said. The pad started to heat up under him and he hummed at the relaxing heat.

"He has a cold, didn't think I should bring some germ infested kid around you," Taehyung said. "You're due any day, would be terrible to get sick and go into labor."

"I don't even want to think about-" Jimin stopped, a spasm of pain rippling through him. "Oh…" he sat up, hand going to support his belly as another cramp hit him.

"You okay?" Taehyung set Yeonjun down in his carrier before going to Jimin's side. "Is she kicking?"

Jimin shook his head, latching onto Taehyung's shoulder. "No, this, this hurts. I think something's wrong."

"I think you're going into labor," Taehyung said. "Does it feel like your belly is squeezing itself into a ball?" Jimin nodded, his grip on Taehyung's shoulder tightening. "Hey, Yoongi! You might want to put a hold on dinner!"

Yoongi was at the door in seconds, eyes wide. "What's wrong?"

"Might want to get the car started, and grab the baby bag," Taehyung said. "It might be false labor, but-"

"Oh, baby," Yoongi blinked, and he stood there for a few seconds just staring at Jimin, unmoving. "Baby?"

"Yoongs, do not freak out on me right now," Taehyung said, snapping his fingers. "Baby bag. Car. Go. Then come up and help your mate to the car."

"Right. Baby. Car," Yoongi nodded dumbly and started moving towards the front door.

Taehyung sighed, helping Jimin up to his feet. "Alphas are utterly useless," he grumbled.

"Hoseok didn't freak out, did he?" Jimin asked, leaning into Taehyung's side. The pain had ebbed a little, but there was a persistent ache.

"Hoseok left me in the middle of a grocery store when I went into labor with Soobin," Taehyung said. "Remember I said I had to take a cab to the hospital?"

"You didn't tell me that," Jimin chuckled. "He went to the hospital without you?"

"Yes, the idiot," Taehyung shook his head. "At least he was there when it mattered. Just like Yoongi will be."

"Tae, I'm a little scared," Jimin admitted. "What if something goes wrong?"

"Nothing will go wrong," Taehyung assured him but Jimin wasn't convinced. Complications happened. Especially with male omegas. Their reproductive systems were similar to females, but not similar enough. Some doctors didn't know how to help male omegas during childbirth.

"Promise?" Jimin looked at Taehyung with wide eyes.

"Promise," Taehyung said, squeezing his side. Yoongi made it back upstairs before Jimin could waddle his way to the door, seemingly having found his brain in the car. He grabbed the baby bag Jimin had prepared for a hospital stay and helped Jimin down the elevator to the car. Taehyung was going to make the necessary calls and follow later.

"Don't you dare have that baby before I get there Park Jimin!" Taehyung called after him before the elevator doors shut.


Luckily for Taehyung and all of their friends, Jimin did not have a short labor. Unluckily for Jimin, he had an eighteen hour grueling labor that made him want to kill every doctor and nurse who poked and prodded at him. At one point he begged for Yoongi to find him a knife so he could cut the baby out himself. Yoongi, as usual, calmed Jimin down with a nuzzled against his scent gland and whispering softly to him.

It was probably in the twelfth hour that Jimin realized he would have never been able to do this alone. His pregnancy, the labor, every step of the way Yoongi had been there for him. If it was running to the store to get Jimin the things he was craving. Yoongi did laugh at him when Jimin was stuffing his face with mangoes that one time but he could be forgiven.

"You hate mangoes though," Yoongi had said when Jimin had demolished his third of the four in the bag.

"But the baby loves them," Jimin said, full on pout on display.


How could Jimin have been able to do anything without Yoongi? Yoongi who had made him food, who had helped him in and out of the bathtub, who had been at his beck and call for every second. Jimin liked to think he was a strong omega, could handle anything, but maybe he hadn't been as strong as he thought.

"I'm really glad you're here," Jimin said, utterly exhausted. Yoongi's hands were cradling one of Jimin's hands from where he sat beside the hospital bed. Jimin had never been so exhausted in his life, but seeing and hearing their little girl when she was put in his arms for the first time had been the most beautiful moment in his life. With his mate nuzzling into his neck, whispering how proud he was of Jimin, and the little face of their baby looking up at him, Jimin had never felt more at peace.

"Where else would I be?" Yoongi said in response. Their baby had been taken away to get cleaned up and do all the things they had to do with newborns. The nurse had assured Jimin they'd bring her back soon.

"I kept thinking about how I had said I was going to do all of this, raise a baby alone," Jimin said. "I'm glad you're here, because I don't think I could have done this without you."

"You would have, and you'd have been great at it," Yoongi said, kissing Jimin's fingertips. "You are strong, and determined and everything that I admire in a person. I'm lucky I'm here, with you. You know, even if things hadn't gone the way they did, I think I would have wanted to be here either way."

"I would have let you, but I'm curious why if you were so ready to give up your rights," Jimin said. "You wouldn't have watched her grow up. You'd only remember her as a tiny little thing in my arms."

"True, but it would have been something," Yoongi said. "I'm glad I will be able to watch her grow up. I'm glad I get to be her father too."

Jimin smiled, tugging Yoongi's hand to get him to move closer. "I'm glad too. You're going to be, the best father to that little girl, just like you're the best mate to me."

Yoongi smiled, kissing him on his sweaty forehead. "I love you."

"I love you too," Jimin murmured, sighing tiredly. "You gonna go give the good news?"

"Yeah, I'll let you rest okay?" Yoongi said, pulling back. "I'll show off our little miracle."

"We're not naming her that," Jimin said.

"I know, I know," Yoongi chuckled, getting to his feet. "Oh, you should know, Namjoon, Jungkook and Seokjin aren't here."

"They're not?" Jimin frowned at him. "They were here earlier weren't they?"

"Yeah, but Jungkook's heat hit," Yoongi said with a smirk. "Namjoon said they'll be by when Jungkook's fit for going out in public again."

Jimin snorted out a laugh, rubbing at his tired eyes. "They're forgiven then. And Yoongi?"

"Yes?" Yoongi sighed a little, he'd only gotten two steps.

"You gave me a baby, that's pretty amazing, you know?"

Yoongi's smile widened and he looked down at the floor, his cheeks red. "Yeah, I know."