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Oh, Baby

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"It is completely unfair," Taehyung said, shaking his head at Jimin. "You don't look like you've gained any weight, anywhere."

"I beg to differ," Jimin retorted, trying to get comfortable on the couch but his back was aching. "My pants don't fit anymore, or any of my shirts. I've got this massive belly. I haven't seen my toes in weeks!"

"Been there, twice," Taehyung said, bouncing his eight month old son on his knee. "But I mean, you have barely put on any weight anywhere. I gained like, half a person with Yeonjun."

"That's because you kept eating ice cream for every meal," Jimin said, squirming. "Yoongi!"

"Yes?" Yoongi emerged from his room with Jimin's heating pad in hand. "Back again?"

"Yeah," Jimin pouted, watching Yoongi plug in the heating pad and helping him get settled with it. "Thank you."

"I'm gonna make dinner. You staying Tae?"

"No, I've gotta get home soon," Taehyung said. "Hoseok's at home with Soobin, I need to take over for him."

"You should have brought him with," Jimin said. The pad started to heat up under him and he hummed at the relaxing heat.

"He has a cold, didn't think I should bring some germ infested kid around you," Taehyung said. "You're due any day, would be terrible to get sick and go into labor."

"I don't even want to think about-" Jimin stopped, a spasm of pain rippling through him. "Oh…" he sat up, hand going to support his belly as another cramp hit him.

"You okay?" Taehyung set Yeonjun down in his carrier before going to Jimin's side. "Is she kicking?"

Jimin shook his head, latching onto Taehyung's shoulder. "No, this, this hurts. I think something's wrong."

"I think you're going into labor," Taehyung said. "Does it feel like your belly is squeezing itself into a ball?" Jimin nodded, his grip on Taehyung's shoulder tightening. "Hey, Yoongi! You might want to put a hold on dinner!"

Yoongi was at the door in seconds, eyes wide. "What's wrong?"

"Might want to get the car started, and grab the baby bag," Taehyung said. "It might be false labor, but-"

"Oh, baby," Yoongi blinked, and he stood there for a few seconds just staring at Jimin, unmoving. "Baby?"

"Yoongs, do not freak out on me right now," Taehyung said, snapping his fingers. "Baby bag. Car. Go. Then come up and help your mate to the car."

"Right. Baby. Car," Yoongi nodded dumbly and started moving towards the front door.

Taehyung sighed, helping Jimin up to his feet. "Alphas are utterly useless," he grumbled.

"Hoseok didn't freak out, did he?" Jimin asked, leaning into Taehyung's side. The pain had ebbed a little, but there was a persistent ache.

"Hoseok left me in the middle of a grocery store when I went into labor with Soobin," Taehyung said. "Remember I said I had to take a cab to the hospital?"

"You didn't tell me that," Jimin chuckled. "He went to the hospital without you?"

"Yes, the idiot," Taehyung shook his head. "At least he was there when it mattered. Just like Yoongi will be."

"Tae, I'm a little scared," Jimin admitted. "What if something goes wrong?"

"Nothing will go wrong," Taehyung assured him but Jimin wasn't convinced. Complications happened. Especially with male omegas. Their reproductive systems were similar to females, but not similar enough. Some doctors didn't know how to help male omegas during childbirth.

"Promise?" Jimin looked at Taehyung with wide eyes.

"Promise," Taehyung said, squeezing his side. Yoongi made it back upstairs before Jimin could waddle his way to the door, seemingly having found his brain in the car. He grabbed the baby bag Jimin had prepared for a hospital stay and helped Jimin down the elevator to the car. Taehyung was going to make the necessary calls and follow later.

"Don't you dare have that baby before I get there Park Jimin!" Taehyung called after him before the elevator doors shut.


Luckily for Taehyung and all of their friends, Jimin did not have a short labor. Unluckily for Jimin, he had an eighteen hour grueling labor that made him want to kill every doctor and nurse who poked and prodded at him. At one point he begged for Yoongi to find him a knife so he could cut the baby out himself. Yoongi, as usual, calmed Jimin down with a nuzzled against his scent gland and whispering softly to him.

It was probably in the twelfth hour that Jimin realized he would have never been able to do this alone. His pregnancy, the labor, every step of the way Yoongi had been there for him. If it was running to the store to get Jimin the things he was craving. Yoongi did laugh at him when Jimin was stuffing his face with mangoes that one time but he could be forgiven.

"You hate mangoes though," Yoongi had said when Jimin had demolished his third of the four in the bag.

"But the baby loves them," Jimin said, full on pout on display.


How could Jimin have been able to do anything without Yoongi? Yoongi who had made him food, who had helped him in and out of the bathtub, who had been at his beck and call for every second. Jimin liked to think he was a strong omega, could handle anything, but maybe he hadn't been as strong as he thought.

"I'm really glad you're here," Jimin said, utterly exhausted. Yoongi's hands were cradling one of Jimin's hands from where he sat beside the hospital bed. Jimin had never been so exhausted in his life, but seeing and hearing their little girl when she was put in his arms for the first time had been the most beautiful moment in his life. With his mate nuzzling into his neck, whispering how proud he was of Jimin, and the little face of their baby looking up at him, Jimin had never felt more at peace.

"Where else would I be?" Yoongi said in response. Their baby had been taken away to get cleaned up and do all the things they had to do with newborns. The nurse had assured Jimin they'd bring her back soon.

"I kept thinking about how I had said I was going to do all of this, raise a baby alone," Jimin said. "I'm glad you're here, because I don't think I could have done this without you."

"You would have, and you'd have been great at it," Yoongi said, kissing Jimin's fingertips. "You are strong, and determined and everything that I admire in a person. I'm lucky I'm here, with you. You know, even if things hadn't gone the way they did, I think I would have wanted to be here either way."

"I would have let you, but I'm curious why if you were so ready to give up your rights," Jimin said. "You wouldn't have watched her grow up. You'd only remember her as a tiny little thing in my arms."

"True, but it would have been something," Yoongi said. "I'm glad I will be able to watch her grow up. I'm glad I get to be her father too."

Jimin smiled, tugging Yoongi's hand to get him to move closer. "I'm glad too. You're going to be, the best father to that little girl, just like you're the best mate to me."

Yoongi smiled, kissing him on his sweaty forehead. "I love you."

"I love you too," Jimin murmured, sighing tiredly. "You gonna go give the good news?"

"Yeah, I'll let you rest okay?" Yoongi said, pulling back. "I'll show off our little miracle."

"We're not naming her that," Jimin said.

"I know, I know," Yoongi chuckled, getting to his feet. "Oh, you should know, Namjoon, Jungkook and Seokjin aren't here."

"They're not?" Jimin frowned at him. "They were here earlier weren't they?"

"Yeah, but Jungkook's heat hit," Yoongi said with a smirk. "Namjoon said they'll be by when Jungkook's fit for going out in public again."

Jimin snorted out a laugh, rubbing at his tired eyes. "They're forgiven then. And Yoongi?"

"Yes?" Yoongi sighed a little, he'd only gotten two steps.

"You gave me a baby, that's pretty amazing, you know?"

Yoongi's smile widened and he looked down at the floor, his cheeks red. "Yeah, I know."