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Officer Bunny

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 Jeon Jungkook has lived his entire life in the one home, he lived in the countryside, with his parents and many siblings. His family was a well off one, as they have their own crop farm, which pulled in a lot of their wealth, Jungkook loved his family dearly, but sometimes he wished to be more than just a farmer, after all, it was a terrible stereotype for bunny hybrids to be farmers, Jungkook wanted to break that stereotype, by going into one of the toughest forces imaginable. When Jungkook first told his parents about his dream to become a police officer, they were both concerned for their sweet and innocent son.


''You know, it's very dangerous and difficult for a Bunny hybrid to become a police officer, Jungkook'' Said Mrs Jeon, in a worried tone, while his father nodded in agreement, ''Yes, it's just absurd, there has never been a bunny officer before, you could get injured or something much worse'' his parents both pleaded Jungkook to change his mind, but Jungkook was a stubborn bunny, and he would definitely not back down, ''I'm sorry Mum and Dad, but I have to do this, I want to prove that I can become a police officer, I will train hard everyday and I'll make you both proud'' Jungkook said, with a dorky smile that showed his bunny teeth, his parents knew that Jungkook was capable, but they were just worried for their innocent and oblivious son, but they both didn't argue against it any further, already knowing Jungkook has made up his mind.


Jungkook looked back at his family with a sad look on his face, even though he was leaving to go chase his dream, he was still going to miss his family very much, with teary eyes, he rushes to his parents, giving them a warm hug, ''I'll miss you both, but I promise that I'll become the strongest and fastest bunny hybrid officer ever'' he smiles again, as his family give him a warm goodbye, filled with support and love, because even though his parents didn't approve of Jungkook becoming an officer, they both knew that they couldn't stop their son from growing up any longer. Jungkook waved goodbye to his family, as he starts up his car, before driving off. Jungkook had only been to the city a handful of times in his life, and during those times, they were rather overwhelming as a child, especially since he got lost almost every time he went there, but that was partly his fault for wandering off on his own. What Jungkook learned from the city, is that it's much more open with diversity, don't get him wrong, his family taught him well and that everyone was still a person even if they had different morals or preferences, but not everyone around their area agreed with that.


It took Jungkook a few attempts to get into the police training academy, but after the 4th attempt, he managed to get in, the training was hardcore, they would wake up at 6.00 am on the dot, and got to sleep 9.00 pm on the dot, the training was also tough, Jungkook had to learn self-defence, and how to shoot a gun. Over the few months, Jungkook started to see a massive change in his body, before he was a bit scrawny and lanky, but now he had abs that were sculpted by gods, and thighs that could crush iron, Jungkook not only started working out because he needed to, but also because he started to enjoy it. After Jungkook went through the training academy, he finally was able to graduate and apply to become an officer in the city. Jungkook was standing in the line of other graduates, waiting to be rewarded with his badge, when it came to Jungkook's turn, he was in awe of his badge, and he swore that he'd wear it with pride on his first day of work. 





Jungkook walked into his first day on the job, looking around he saw other hybrids, such as wolves, bears, tigers, rhinos, basically every animal that wasn't considered as small and weak as a bunny, everyone looked at Jungkook, some in shock, some in confusion, he carried himself with pride, feeling the envy of some of the officers, as even some of them were not as well build as he was, but that was all down to Jungkook's dedication and hard work. As Jungkook sat down, the Chief had begun roll-call, then gave everyone their tasks for the day, as Jungkook watched everyone leave, he felt excitement and anticipation in his stomach, wondering what his task was. ''Jeon Jungkook? our first Bunny Hybrid, congratulations, you'll be on street patrol today, nothing too big, just making sure that everything is as it should be, you can handle it, right?'' Chief looked at Jungkook, although Jungkook felt slightly disappointed that it wasn't something bigger, he understood that it was his first day, so he politely nodded and left to go start patrolling.


 As Jungkook patrolled the streets, he found himself bored, he would much rather be chasing down bad guys than sit and watch the streets, but he figured someone had to do it. As Jungkook was sitting there, he noticed a mysterious figure, spray-painting on a wall, he knew that it was definitely vandalism to someone elses property, art or not, Jungkook hastily got out of his car, his tail wiggling with excitement as he was actually going to do something, as he approached the vandal, they seemed to whip round, as if Jungkook had just gave them a shock, he suppresses the urge to laugh, as he had to remain serious, ''Put your hands up, Vandal! your under arrest for vandalism, come with me or I'll use force!'' Jungkook glared at the person, who only just laughed a little, ''Oh yeah? and what's a Bunny hybrid gonna do? cuddle me to death?'' the figure snickered mockingly.


Jungkook let out a huff of annoyance, pulling the vandal's hood down, to reveal an unexpectedly handsome fox man, Jungkook's breath was caught in the back of his lungs, as the person was the most gorgeous person he'd ever seen, the vandal seemed to notice Jungkook's change of expression, and smirked, winking at him ''What? cat got your tongue?'' the man teases, and Jungkook blushes from embarrassment, shaking his head, it didn't matter if the person was good looking, they were still a vandal, ''I'm going to have to ask you to pipe down, everything you say will be held against you'' Jungkook grabs the mysterious fox man, taking him to the car, making sure he was cuffed before forcing him into the back seat, ''Woah~! I didn't know that you liked it rough, Officer Bunny~'' the fox smirked, and Jungkook hid his blush 'Gosh darn it, this guy is seriously trouble'  Jungkook thought, but he decided to ignore the guy, before getting in the front of the car, and driving off to the station.


Much to Jungkook's surprise, despite the man's loud mouth, he wasn't putting up much of a fight against Jungkook, which made his job a lot easier, he brought the person in, going to the front desk ''I caught this guy vandalising the street'' Jungkook told the person at the front desk, who made the person fill out a form, before taking him to the holding cell, Jungkook looked over the form, Taehyung was his name, Jungkook liked it, he thought it sounded nice, it rolled off his tongue well, but he quickly shook that thought off before it even begun to grow, he did not know this stranger, he was just feeling this way because of the teasing, that is all. Jungkook walked over to where Taehyung was in the cell, he didn't seem to be too bothered by the fact that he was here, like he was used to it by now, ''Hey~ officer Bunny~ miss me?'' Taehyung smirks, causing Jungkook to roll his eyes so hard they almost fell out his body, ''As if, and it's officer Jeon to you, Foxy'' Jungkook retorts back, folding his arms ''Touche'' Taehyung says, the smirk still clear as day on his face.





Jimin rushed into the police station, where Taehyung was now out, waiting for him, since he paid his bail, Jimin sighs in relief, going to him, smacking his head, ''Are you an idiot? what were you thinking, painting on someone's property?? Taehyung, we've been over this before'' Taehyung only rolls his eyes, ''Yeah, Yeah, I know, I know, I'm sorry...I just really wanted to paint there, it was the perfect spot to paint'' Taehyung gives Jimin his signature pout, and Jimin can't seem to stay mad at him for long, ''Well, as long as you don't do it know you can't afford to get arrested, Tae'' Taehyung only nods to Jimin's words, hearing them 1000 times before, ''Anyway's my best Doggo friend, let us go home and eat the left over take out!'' Taehyung cheers, and Jimin can't help but swoon at Taehyung's happiness, he was 100% whipped. As they were leaving, Taehyung turns to Jungkook, with a smirk on his face, he winks at him ''Bye officer Jeon'' he says before he goes, leaving Jungkook in a mess.


''Who was that? I've never seen a Bunny officer before?'' Jimin asks out of curiosity, and maybe a little bit of jealousy, Taehyung only shrugs ''Officers Jeon, apparently, he's new I think, first Bunny cop around here, I bet he still thinks all innocent and sweet like'' Taehyung mocks before smirking ''It's fascinating, I want to learn more about this Bunny officer Jeon'' Jimin looks at Taehyung with worry, ''Don't tell me you plan on getting arrested again??'' Jimin eye's him cautiously, Taehyung shakes his head ''No, but I'll figure out another way to see him again'' Taehyung smiles at Jimin, before rushing inside their small apartment and to the fridge to heat up the left overs, Jimin laughs at his silliness, shaking his head ''Hey, wanna watch a movie??'' Jimin asks from the living room, ''Sure! put on that new action movie that just came out!'' Taehyung calls back, before coming back with their food, as they both sit and eat, while watching the movie.


Taehyung was no genius, but he was sly, growing up, Taehyung lived in a poor neighbourhood, he would have to search the streets for spare pennies just to be able to get enough for his family to buy a small slice of bread between them. He had always envied other kids who got everything that they ever wanted, he was always bullied in school for being almost dirt poor, and not being able to have nice things like everyone else, it was around his first year of high-school that he met his best friend and dog hybrid, Park Jimin, Jimin was kind, he didn't care that Taehyung was poor, and often got him nice gifts, even if Taehyung had kindly refused, Jimin was Taehyung's best friend, and he was always there for him, even when his mother got sick, and passed away sadly, Jimin comforted him and even begged his parents to take him in, Jimin's parents weren't all that fond of Taehyung, because they felt like he was a bad influence, but he made Jimin happy, so they allowed it. 


It was around his final year of high-school, that Jimin began to experiment more with his sexuality, he never told anyone about it, but he had a few relationships here and there, his longest being with Min Yoongi, a friend of his and Taehyung's still to this day, they broke it off because Jimin was clearly in love with Taehyung, which made things awkward between them, leaving poor oblivious Taehyung in the dark. Jimin only accepted his feelings for Taehyung a few years back, he knew that he'd never confess these feelings, but it wouldn't hurt him to just relish in what he had with Taehyung, even if it meant only being friends, he was fine with that for now, after all, Taehyung flirted, but he never showed interest in anyone, but recently Jimin begins to worry that maybe one day his Taehyung will leave him, and find another, he just hoped that when the time came down to it, that Taehyung would choose him.


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Taehyung was determined to see Officer Jeon again, he wouldn't admit to it, but the bunny interested him to the point of him stopping vandalism on the streets, Taehyung thought back to the way Jungkook pouted whenever he called him 'Officer Bunny', he thought that it was really cute, he shook his head, 'I do NOT think he is cute!'  Taehyung thought, not  wanting to admit it to himself, he sighs getting up and getting ready for the day, hoping to bump into the Officer without him having to do anything, Taehyung hops into the shower, washing himself the best he could before coming out again, once he put on something comfy yet stylish, he leaves his house.


Taehyung was a free-lancing artist, he did occasional commissions, but it was difficult for him to get jobs, now apart from Taehyung's vandal-ish tendencies, he's no criminal, he honestly just didn't know that he was painting on someone's property is all. He started street art when he was a kid, he used to draw on the ground in chalk when he was bored, and it became something he enjoyed doing, he liked filling the dull grey streets with colour and creativity, he thought it would also brighten people's moods too, since he loved cheering people up and making them happy, aside from the tease that he was, he was a good person, he just happened to be a victim of an unfortunate life, but that didn't stop Taehyung from trying to be as optimistic as possible, his friends like his optimism, it lifts them up when they are down also.


He walks into the conveniences store, going to the back, looking around for something he could buy and eat, since he didn't have much at home, he looks around, as an employee eyes him suspiciously, he tries not to raise that suspicion, it was no surprise really, with his poor back ground, people would most likely see him as a thief, not only that, but he was also a fox hybrid, who were seen as sly and manipulative, he didn't see it that way, foxes needed to survive, they don't want to hurt people, they just do what they can because they don't know what else to do, and he understood that, there were times when he was also desperate enough to do almost anything, stuff that he might not admit now. The employee leaves, and he sighs before picking up what he wanted to buy, going to the cash register, but before he can do anything, the manager comes out, and walks over to him, ''Is there a problem, Sir?'' Taehyung asks, trying to be polite, ''Yes, my employee said that you have been trying to steal something'' the manager said, Taehyung froze, he didn't think that the employee would do anything, besides, he was innocent.


''I'm sorry Sir, but I am not stealing anything, I'm paying for this'' Taehyung tries to interject and defend himself, ''Well, we'll just have to body search you just in case'' the manager said, making Taehyung turn around as he did a body search on him, ''I swear, y-you won't find anyth-'' Taehyung was cut off, as the manager pulls out a candy bar from his pocket, he paled, he didn't know how that got there, ''What is this then?'' The manager looks at him, he starts feeling nauseous, ''I-I swear I don't know how that got there! I didn't put that there, please believe me!'' Taehyung panics, he was a trickster and playful, but never a thief, though his background and what he was, was against him right now. ''I'm calling the cops, hopefully they can deal with a thief like you'' said the manager before doing so, Taehyung prayed to every God imaginable to save him then.



It felt like the longest 10 minutes of his life, as they waited for the police to show up, Taehyung felt dread and fear, he didn't want to be known as a thief. To his surprise, who showed up was none other than Officer Bunny himself, he felt a little bit of relief, but it was still not fully gone as he knows the Officer wouldn't believe him. Jungkook got out his police car, and entered the store, a bit surprised when he saw Taehyung, who was looking at the ground, ears pointing downwards like a dog who just got scolded, ''What seems to be the problem here?'' Jungkook coughs, remaining professional since he was working, ''I caught this fox man stealing from my store'' said the manager, Taehyung looked up, trying to defend himself ''I-I swear I didn't! I don't know how that candy bar got there, but I wasn't going to steal it! I'm innocent'' he pleaded, hoping Jungkook would have mercy on his unlucky soul, ''I know this one, I've only been on the force for about a week and he's already made himself known, I'll take him'' Jungkook nods at the manager before grabbing Taehyung and exiting the store.


''Please believe me Officer Bun- I mean! Officer Jeon, I didn't try to take that candy bar! I'm innocent, I'm not a thief'' Taehyung looks at Jungkook, feeling himself almost cry, he didn't want to be punished for nothing, sure when he vandalised, he deserved it, but at this moment he was sure that he was innocent in this case. ''I swear I didn't take it...'' he looks down sadly before getting in the back of the car, Jungkook felt his heart sink, he really did believe that Taehyung was a thief, but the way he looked at him it was so genuine it was frightening, 'He is a thief, he got caught stealing! plus he's already a vandal too!' he tried to reason with himself 'But the way he looked at me, he was so cocky before! but now he looks like he was innocent in this case, it was too genuine to be a lie''  Jungkook's thoughts were all jumbled up in his head, his conscience and his mind were fighting, the evidence was there, but somehow Jungkook's kind heart saw past it and somehow saw truth in what Taehyung was saying, he sighed, getting into the car, before beginning to drive.


It shocked Jungkook, at such the difference in Taehyung's behaviour, before he was cocky and a tease, but now he was quiet and reserved, Jungkook felt sort of pity and sympathetic towards him, he sighs, making a turn that went another direction away from the station, Taehyung looked up in confusion, ''W-What are you doing? the station is that way'' he points to the other direction as he mumbles, ''We're not going to the station'' Jungkook looks at him through the viewing mirror, ''What? have you h-had enough of me? are you going to take me out yourself?'' Taehyung jokes and lets out a weak laugh, ''No, it's just...well, I don't believe that you actually stole seemed too genuine to be lying'' his ears flatten down in embarrassment, Taehyung looks at him, smirking a little at that, ''What? have you fallen in love with me already~?'' he bats his eyelashes to mock him, Jungkook shoots him a glare, but he was still blushing, ''P-Pipe down! I could always turn around you know'' he pouts, and Taehyung smiles a bit, ''Yeah, Yeah..''.


Once Taehyung told him his address, he takes him there, not that he was excited about knowing where he lived or anything, Taehyung got out the car, ''Heh, now you can stalk me and make sure I'm following the law everyday'' he winks, Jungkook blushes and his ears flatten, as he frowns ''No way, I'd never do something l-like that'' he coughs, Taehyung laughs, ''Sure you wouldn't if you did, you'd probably lock yourself up for breaking the law, because you're that stubborn about it'' he jokes, before turning to Jungkook, ''Do you wanna come inside? I could make you some coffee, you know, as a thank you..?'' Taehyung awkwardly fidgets, as he wouldn't pass up the golden opportunity to get to know the officer, Jungkook thinks for a moment, before nodding ''Sure, I haven't gotten a break all day, so I would like that'', he gets out the car, and Taehyung energetically runs to the door, Jungkook had to hold back a laugh, as he thought it was a bit cute, but ignored that thought.




It was small inside the apartment, and a bit run down by the looks of it, but Jungkook wasn't going to be rude and say that, it was just obvious that he and Taehyung both had very different lives, as he now lives in a pent house apartment in the city, that would cost an arm and a leg to get. Jungkook awkwardly sat down on the couch, as Taehyung was energetically rummaging around the kitchen to make him some coffee. Jungkook heard the door, as a guy walks in carrying a bunch of bags, but not just any guy, it was the guy from before, Jimin, he thinks he was called, he wondered what kind of relationship he had with Taehyung, 'It's not like I care or anything! I'm just being a nosy bunny is all..'  he tries to convince himself, ''TaeTae! can you help me with the- hey, why is the Officer from before here?'' Jimin stops mid sentence when he noticed him, expressing worry, which was understandable, Taehyung pokes his head out the kitchen, ''Oh! ChimChim! you're back! oh and Officer Jeon is just here for some coffee that I offered him!'' Taehyung smiles as he gives Jungkook his coffee, which he says 'thanks' for, then helps Jimin with the bags, the dog hybrid eyeing Jungkook sceptically, before turning his attention back to his crush.


Jungkook quickly became aware of the crush Jimin had on Taehyung, it was almost pitiful the way the guy would fall over whenever Taehyung did anything, he almost felt bad for the guy, but then again, he's never been in love, so he didn't understand. As Jungkook was in the company of Taehyung, he realised just how wrong he was about the guy, Taehyung was actually kind and charming, and charisma literally radiates from him, sure he was a bit of a tease, but he could literally befriend anyone, and Jungkook found himself quickly beginning to see why Jimin had a crush on him, he felt bad about judging Taehyng before, as he was actually a really nice and energetic person, with the cutest box smile he ever saw that it almost hurt him, he also felt comfortable around them both really quickly, as both of them were friendly too.


''So! Officer Jeon! how did you become a cop? I mean it must've been hard, considering the bunny hybrid thing'' Taehyung asks, feeling intrigued, ''Please, call me Jungkook when I'm not arresting anyone, it makes me feel too stiff if people call me that all the time, and yeah, it took a lot of work, I actually wanted to become an Officer to prove a point that anyone can become anything with determination and work, I was stubborn, so no one could really convince he other wise'' he smiles, showing his bunny teeth, which Taehyung thought was cute, ''Well it certainly paid off! I mean you look pretty good~ for a bunny'' Taehyung winks and teases, Jungkook learned that it was just apart of his personality, but he couldn't help but blush, and feel a bit worried as he felt Jimin's gaze bore into the side of his head, he coughs, ''U-Uh, what about you? you know stuff about me, I wanna hear about you..'' Jungkook says as he tries to shift the topic, ''Hm, well I just do whatever, I guess, I wanna be an artist! you know? but it's difficult getting commissions, honestly, the street art was just something I did as a kid, but with chalk, I didn't have video games or anything, so I just did that to keep myself entertained, then it sort of just became something I loved, you know? I liked seeing the streets all colourful instead of grey, a-ah also I didn't mean to vandalise, I just didn't know that some places were property and stuff..ChimChim alway gets on my case about it too, but that's just cause my doggo is worried for me!'' he grins, ruffling his hair, as Jimin was trying to hide a blush, Jungkook smirked a bit, ''Mh, you're a good artist, Taehyung, if you stick to paper I think you'd be very successful one day'' Jungkook said.


Taehyung blushed a bit at the compliment, looking away out of embarrassment, ''Thanks..'', Jimin felt a pang of jealousy in his chest, he wanted Taehyung to make that expression because of him, not Jungkook, he frowns a bit, before snuggling close to Taehyung, ''Don't be shy, TaeTae, you know I'd love your work no matter what!'' Jimin smiles, causing Taehyung to smile back at him happily, ''Mh! yeah, because you always support me Jiminie! that's why I love ya!'' and with that, Jimin basically melted into a puddle onto the floor, Taehyung just obliviously smiled at Jungkook, who awkwardly stands up, ''Well, I think I should be going now, I got a call, so I should go, it's been a pleasant surprise to get to know you both, and here's my number if you want to talk again'' Jungkook gives Taehyung his number, who smirks in return, ''I got your number already, Kookie? I thought I'd have to try a little harder~'' Taehyung says, which he chooses to ignore, before leaving and being greeted off by Taehyung.


As Jungkook got into his car, he becomes a blushing mess, ''He called me 'Kookie'! I have my own nickname now!, does that mean I'm special to him like Jimin is? no we only just met! but still...he gave me a nickname...that must mean something..right?'' he blushes, and bangs his head on his steering wheel, to which an old lady gives him a strange look, he just awkwardly smiles as she walked by, ''God, this guy is something else, he's already got me whipped and it hasn't even been an hour!'' Jungkook sighed, he now understood Jimin's problem, as he too was now whipped for the man that is Taehyung, how are they both going to survive now? Jungkook suddenly gets a text which pulls him out of his thoughts, he checks it, smiling at who it was, not even realising that he was so happy just from the mere text.


'Hi, Kookie! this is Taehyung! I just wanted to say, have a safe drive, and if you get shot, I'll never forgive you for dying just as I befriended you!  if  you die then I'll die with you! ride or die >:0'


Jungkook let out a dopey smile, at how cute and funny Taehyung was, it was melting his heart at how adorable someone could be, he waited a few minutes, before texting back, not wanting to seem desperate or something.


'Yeah, you too, and I wouldn't die yet, I'd literally live just to see your smile one last time :)' 


Taehyung was taken back at the response, but smiles anyway, he liked this version of Jungkook, he wanted to bring the funny and flirty side of him out more.


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Jungkook and Taehyung were finally getting along, they surprisingly had very common interests, such as video games and even photography. It's been about a month since they first met, and Jungkook thinks that he's making very good progress at getting to know Taehyung, he learned about Taehyung's hard past, and that he was bullied a lot for who he was or how he lived, he felt really bad for Taehyung, and that if they'd met under different circumstances, they would've gotten on really well. Even though it's been about a month, Jungkook still hasn't met Taehyung's friends, apart from Jimin, who was still no closer to getting Taehyung that he previously was before, Jungkook was really nervous in meeting them, as he was told lots about them from Taehyung, he practically knew them all, from how much Taehyung told him, but it still wasn't the same as actually meeting them. Jungkook sighed, as he was finishing filing a report, he sipped his coffee, thinking about Taehyung, Taehyung had been on his mind a lot lately, every since he met him, he couldn't stop thinking about him, Jungkook didn't know what it was, but Taehyung could just capture the attention of an entire room from just entering it, Jungkook knew from the moment Taehyung first smiled at him, that he was screwed.


Once he was done filing the report, he checks his phone for the time, he realised that his shift was almost over, so he headed back to his desk to gather his things, he got a text on his phone, it was from Taehyung, Jungkook felt his heartbeat quicken, Taehyung had no idea the power he held on people, Jungkook sighs, before checking the message, ''Hey! Jungkook! I was wondering if you wanted to hang out today? it's been a while! and my friends and I were going out for dinner, so I wanted to invite you along so you could meet them officially! but- it's okay if you don't want to- I mean'', Jungkook blushed, Taehyung was just too cute, it was going to be the death of him, he quickly replied back, saying he would come, while Taehyung told him the restaurant and when to meet them, Jungkook was Beyond nervous, he didn't want to look like a fool in front of the people dearest to Taehyung, so he quickly went home to get ready, he had about 2 hours to shower and pick out a classy yet casual outfit.


Jungkook literally ran into his million dollar apartment, sparing no time in taking his police uniform off and getting into the shower, he was all sweaty from a hard day of work, so he really needed it anyway, Jungkook scrubbed every part of his body well, even his ears and tail, making sure that they were nice and clean, since he wanted to make a good impression on Taehyung's friends, that could hopefully be his new friends too, since moving to the city, Jungkook made a couple of work friends, but none that he could hang out with like he does with Taehyung, so he thinks it would be nice if he could actually properly make friends with them. Jungkook got out the shower, and dried himself off, he went to his luxurious walk in closet, to pick out something that would be casual yet put together, even though Jungkook was very rich, his closet was full of black hoodies, white T-shirts and black jeans, he rarely had anything with colour, looking through his closet, he finds a nice dress shirt, that wasn't too stuffy or too plain, and then some nice pants to go with it, once he picks out his outfit, he gets ready.


Once Jungkook was ready, he tries to kill time by playing on his phone, since he had like 30 minutes to kill, once the time went down, he left 10 minutes earlier, because of how nervous he was, he got into one of his many cars, picking one that wouldn't make him look too flashy, since they didn't really know about his money, and it's not like he was hiding it, he just didn't want to just be known as a rich guy, as Jungkook pulled into the restaurant parking lot, he waits a good 5 minutes, before leaving his car, he didn't want to seem to eager or desperate, or look awkward by sitting at a giant table and being the only one there, he tries his best to calm himself, since he wanted the night to go well, wanting to be better acquainted with Taehyung's friends, hoping that he get's their approval.




Taehyung was happy when Jungkook agreed to go out to dinner with him and his friends, he was really nervous about them meeting in the first place, his friends were really protective of him, and would hunt down any guy that they didn't agree was okay to hang around him. Taehyung texts his friends telling them that Jungkook was coming along, Jimin walks into the room, ''Jungkook is coming?'' Jimin asks, with a puzzled look, Taehyung nods, ''Yeah, I thought it'd be a good way for him to meet everybody, since he doesn't know many people in the city yet..'' Taehyung explained, ''Oh, I see..'' Jimin mumbled, Taehyung smirked, ''What, Jealous, ChimChim~?'' Taehyung teased, but he didn't notice Jimin's face turning a bright shade of red, Taehyung turns away, shrugging his clothes off, since he didn't want to wear his paint covered clothes to dinner, Jimin rushes out the room, flustered, zooming to the bathroom, Taehyung just gives a puzzled look and shrugs, ''Must've really needed to go'' Taehyung mumbles.


Jimin hid in the bathroom for a good 10 minutes until he calmed down, sure, it wasn't Taehyung's fault that everytime he saw him, his body would react like a teenage boy with raging hormones, the dog hybrid sighed, splashing some water on his face to cool down, fixing himself to look less of a mess, sure he's seen Taehyung's body before, I mean they were bound to eventually when growing up, but since Jimin has discovered his crush on Taehyung, he couldn't help but notice the little things about him that he didn't really care for before, like how his golden skin looked, or his soft tummy that he just so desperately wanted to caress, or Taehyung's soft thigh's, people can call him a pervert all they want, but Jimin can't help the feelings that he has for his best friend, especially when his best friend was practically an angel, sent to make his life 1000 times better, Jimin just hoped that he could endure it, he already noticed that Jungkook and Taehyung have been getting close, he feared that he'd lose his best friend if he didn't confess to him, but if he did, he'd risk losing him as well, Jimin was in a corner, and he didn't know what he should do.


Once Jimin finally calmed down, he goes to Taehyung, he felt himself get winded a bit as he sees Taehyung, usually, Taehyung would wear comfy attire, baggy shirts and baggy pants, although he looked great, it was nothing in comparison to this, Taehyung was really a beautiful person, and what he was wearing, it made him look even more ethereal, like a real life, walking earth-angel, his hair was styled, covering his forehead, but it suited him, his hair was also grey, he also wore earrings, one of them was a long one, while the other ear was a short one, he also wore a red shirt and black pants, which suited him really well, and from what Jimin could tell, Taehyung also wore a little bit of make-up, Jimin was really blown away by how Taehyung looked, sure, he was beautiful wearing anything, but when Taehyung goes all out, then you better hold onto your socks, because they'll fly off. ''-ChimChim? are you listening? I asked how do I look?'' Taehyung snaps Jimin back to reality, Jimin shook his head, ''Uh, sorry, I was distracted, I think you look great, Tae!'' Jimin flashes a smile at Taehyung, who kindly returned it.


The walk to the restaurant was a nice one, they didn't live far from the place, so they just decided to walk there, since it was a nice day, Taehyung was excitedly looking around, as Jimin smiled and watched his childish like wonder, like he was seeing the city for the first time every time, it really amazed him how optimistic Taehyung really was, and how cute he could be, people always judged him, thinking he was just a dirty no good thief, but Jimin would smack them all if he could, because Taehyung was the best person he knew, though, he sometimes didn't mind keeping Taehyung to himself, because others would snatch him away if they knew him for who he really was, and Jimin wanted to keep Taehyung by his side for as long as possible, they walked into the restaurant, and everyone else had just arrived too, he saw Taehyung happily hug Jungkook, and he knew it was going to be a long night.




Jungkook shifted nervously, as everyone arrived, Taehyung was the first to greet him with a hug and a smile, Jungkook could feel the stare that Jimin gave him, but he tried to ignore it, because it made him uncomfortable, everyone sat down, and Jungkook looked at them all, there were 4 other people in total, without counting Jimin, Taehyung or himself, he looked at the first man, who had mint green hair, he was a cat hybrid, he looked a bit tired, maybe it was because he was a cat hybrid, or maybe he was just an insomniac, but from what Jungkook learned, he'd guess that this person is, Min Yoongi, Taehyung's friend from high school, that dated Jimin for a while, Taehyung told him that Yoongi slept a lot, regardless of being a cat hybrid, ''Hello, I'm Jeon Jungkook'' Jungkook nervously greeted the man, Yoongi simply nodded, ''I'm Min Yoongi, but I'm sure Taehyung told you about me, he's told us a lot about you'', and both Taehyung and Jungkook blushed at that. Jungkook shook his head, and looked at the next man, he had red-ish hair, and he had a big smile on his face, he was also a dog hybrid, like Jimin was, Jungkook thinks this person was, Jung Hoseok, Taehyung told him that Hoseok was optimistic and happy, he was also kind and funny, Jungkook already liked him, and hoped they could get along, he smiles shyly at Hoseok, who's smile widened, ''I'm Jung Hoseok, but you can call me Hobi, or J-Hope, I'm your hope, your my hope, I'm J-Hope'' he does a little dance, and Jungkook laughs a little at his silliness, already taking a liking to him, ''I'm sure you are'' he replies, with a toothy grin.


The next man he meets, is a koala hybrid, koala hybrid's were rare, since the most common hybrids were dogs and cats, so he knew right away that this person was Kim Namjoon, from what he was told from Taehyung, Namjoon was smart, he was a great writer, but he was very clumsy and a terrible cook, he even got the nickname ''God of Destruction'' from his friends, because he broke almost everything he touched, Jungkook thought it was funny, as he too knew people who were clumsy like that, Namjoon smiled at him, showing off his dimples, ''Hey, I'm Kim Namjoon, it's nice to meet you'' Namjoon greeted him politely, which Jungkook kindly returned back to him, lastly, there was Kim Seokjin or Jin, Taehyung told him that Jin was a great cook, and even owned a restaurant, he even told him that Jin was really good looking, and Jungkook had to admit, that he was indeed really good looking, even on the level of Taehyung, he also was told that Jin makes terrible dad jokes, and had a weird laugh, but was funny and kind, which added to his charm, Jin turned to him, and winked, ''Hello, I'm World Wide Handsome, Kim Seokjin, but you can call me Jin'' Jin smiled, Jungkook felt a bit shy, but Taehyung told him that Jin sometimes was like that, so he smiled back at him kindly.


The night went well, Jungkook learned a lot about the others, Yoongi was a musician, he listened to some of his songs, and he'll admit, they were really catchy, he also learned that Hoseok was a dancer, at the same studio as Jimin, and they both held performances every month, he'd be genuinely interested to see them perform, Namjoon told him about his books, and his upcoming book that he was writing now, while Jin told him about how his restaurant was doing and stuff, he also found out that Namjoon and Jin were dating as well. As the night continued, the sun had went down, and everyone said their farewells, Jungkook thinks that he did well today, and genuinely liked Taehyung's friends, as everyone else left, Taehyung and Jimin stayed behind to talk to Jungkook, well mostly Taehyung, ''So, I think it went well'' Taehyung smiled at him, god, he really liked his smile, ''Yeah, hopefully they liked me, I get a bit nervous meeting new people'', Jungkook smiled awkwardly, rubbing the back of his head, ''What? you? I would've never guessed'' Taehyung teased, and Jungkook pouted at him, as Taehyung burst out laughing, ''Well, goodnight Jungkookie, I hope that we can all be friends really, I think they like you, and it'd be nice to have another friend in our group'' Taehyung says, before leaving with Jimin, leaving Jungkook to go home.


As Jungkook arrives home, he looks around his big apartment, feeling a bit sad, before at the restaurant, it was lively and fun, and coming back home, to a cold and lonely apartment, made Jungkook feel lonely, as he changed out of his clothes, and crawled into bed, it felt cold, he wished to have someone to share it with, 'Hopefully that person being Taehyung' Jungkook caught himself thinking, and that's when Jungkook came to the realisation, that he has a crush on Taehyung, and he also knew, that Jimin did too, what was he going to do now?.