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Jinki woke up and ran out of his boyfriend's room so he could go to the bathroom. It wasn't that bad. Yet. He knocked on the door and Kibum answered. "Hey um how long are you going to be?" Jinki bouncing a bit. "Jinki I just got in the shower." He answered. Jinki just went to the living room and saw Jonghyun in there. Jonghyun got up to greet him with a kiss. "Morning baby." Jonghyun said. "I made you eggs." Jinki looked down at the dish with eggs and bacon on it. "Thanks." Jinki said while he sat down in his chair. He looked over at the bathroom door to see it was still closed. Jinki just ate his breakfast while he waited for Kibum to get out. "Are you okay? You seem to be acting weird this morning." Jonghyun said. "I really need to pee but Kibum is in the shower." Jinki replied. "It can't be that bad. Surely you can wait 5 more minutes he said to Jinki. The truth Jinki can't wait 5 more minutes. He feels like he is going to burst. He repositioned himself in the same chair he has sat in for the last 20 minutes. Jinki grabbed a fork and stabbed his hand with it hoping the pain of his bladder would go to his hand. His hand hurt but he soon had to fix the belt he wore on his jeans. "Oh my gosh." Jinki said about to cry. "Bang on the door" Minho suggested. Jinki wiped his tears and just banged on the door a few times. "Guys, I can't get out!" Kibum yelled. "Why?" Taemin questioned. "Our door is locked from the other side." Kibum explained. They all forgot until he mentioned it. "Also another group has the key right now." Taemin said. Jinki just went to sit on the couch. Jonghyun came over to rub his back with the hope that he just relaxes his muscles. Jinki didn't realize that he was peeing until he uncovered his face. "Jinki. I love you." Jonghyun said as he smiled. "Jinki just cried and burried his face into Jonghyun's shoulder.