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PTA Vibes

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“Yes, Lara?”


“I need you to -”




“- fuck with Dean for me.”


“I destroyed his marriage. Why are you so insatiable?”


“He cut me off in the parking lot last night and I know he saw me! I had three screaming children in the car!”


“it’s five am.”


“That’s when normal people wake up!”


Rio glanced over to where Beth was curled up beside him, nestled into his shoulder. She did always get up this early when they started dating, he remembered. Now she sleeps in until 12 on weekends and lets him wrangle the kids into eating breakfast, getting dressed, and going outside. 


“No, it’s not,” he says, smiling to himself. 


“I’m not asking for much,” Lara said.


“You’re like a blackmailer, you know that? Keep asking and asking for more.”


He realises too late he just makes it sound like he's under Lara's thumb. Oh wait. He winces a little.


“Can’t you just go to Kenny’s next swimming race and rub it in a little?” 


“I’m going, I don’t know if he is.”


Beth stirred beside him. He lowered his voice more but she opened a sleepy eye and smiled at him.




He nodded.






“Tell her I’ll draw his attention to several unflattering comparisons when I drop the kids off at his place tomorrow,” she says, snuggling back into him and closing her eyes.


"You hear that?”


“I accept but only if she makes at least five. And at least three of them need to be emasculating!”


“Bye, Lara.”

“Don’t hang up on me aga-”

He threw the phone back on his night stand and pulled Beth closer to him, kissing the top of her head. The morning was perfectly silent. He’d get up soon and make breakfast (pancakes or waffles?) and make sure the kids get dressed before Beth wakes up. Then he can take them to the park for a bit so she gets a quiet morning before he has to go out and take care of some business. Maybe he’d get some flowers on his way home and drop them off at her office at soon-to-be Marks’ Motors. He likes the way she laughs when he does shit like that - eyes crinkling at the corners - and teases him for being a sappy excuse for a gang banger. ‘ you’re a badass excuse for a housewife’, he says back.