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Another Drabble Collection

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Maybe some people would call it obsession. Others would tell him he just had low self-esteem. But that wasn’t true! He was sure that it was normal to spend hours comparing yourself to your rival, picking out any possible way he was better than the multicolored superhero. He was a symbol for the beaten-down and trodden, something the cheerful and naïve Bravoman could never hope to be. He spent far more time training, learning all the tricks and secrets of his rival’s life. And his enemies. And… did he have any other redeeming qualities?

He was the better hero, right?

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Reverse Waya had a lot of regrets.

She regretted her younger days, chasing after Bravoman with reckless abandon. She regretted not paying better attention to his anti-matter counterpart. She regretted not heeding the warning signs, ignoring them in her obsessed passion. She regretted not questioning “Bravoman’s” change in personality sooner. She regretted not trying harder to stop him, when she realized the truth. And she regretted never being fast enough to save everyone.

But despite all her regrets, she had decided something one chilly summer night: after everything she did wrong, she would do her best to say “never again.”

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There was only one person that could make Bravoman see red.

“B-man, there you are!”

The hero let out a groan, dragging a hand down his face as he turned to face the counterfeit actor.

Please tell me you’re not here to file another lawsuit, Brave.”

“Nah man,” Brave responded. “Juuuust… You didn’t tell me you had another clone.”

“What-” He cut off at the sight of another waiting behind Brave. A man purple on one side, and multicolored on the other, with a single scar across his right eye.

There were two people that could make Bravoman see red.