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baby alpha

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Seokjin’s morning started great. Like, really great. He has the day off but got up a bit earlier anyway to kiss Taehyung goodbye before he left for his classes. A day just can’t start well without kissing his boyfriend of three years. The love of his fucking life, if Seokjin has to be honest. They shouldn’t work, a beta and an omega, but somehow they made it work over the past couple of years. There was a lot of fighting and a lot of talking (so many nights with their hands clasped together while they discussed their feelings, the desperate need to be okay keeping them awake), but he likes to think it’s what made them strong. They fight less now, they understand each other in a way no one else does.

And it was worth all the fights, because the shit that tears other couples and mates apart? They’ve been through that already. And now it’s just bittersweet bliss. The ‘bitter’ part would be that Seokjin is only a beta and people throw looks at them all the time, wondering what an omega is doing with someone like him. Seokjin hates the pitiful expressions more though, faces that accept them only because they know that he’s a placeholder until Taehyung finds the right alpha for him, maybe even his soulmate.

Those looks usually make him pull Taehyung closer and drape an arm around his shoulder until there’s no space left between them, and it’s always answered with a kiss to his cheek, to his jaw, to his lips, to his ear, a promise to have hot shower sex back home. Taehyung can become quite aggressive when people don’t respect what they have, sometimes shoving his tongue down Seokjin’s throat right in the middle of a coffee shop, thriving on the scandalised gasps of the crowd.

Seokjin loves Taehyung’s dramatic side, and Taehyung is one of the few people on this earth who appreciate his dad jokes and sometimes they meet in the middle, having so much fun that Seokjin cries from laughing. They used to playfight a lot and Taehyung isn’t the typical omega, quite tall for one, and he can absolutely pin Seokjin down, can fuck himself on his cock when he’s in heat, and never makes the beta feel like he’s lacking something (like a knot).

"Life is good," is what Seokjin is trying to tell his coffee mug.

He’s in love and his morning started so, so well. Until everything went downhill. Only two hours after Taehyung left their flat he comes barreling right through the door, drenched in sweat and his chest heaving so hard Seokjin worries he might by hyperventilating. He slams the door shut behind him and locks it with shaking hands, a dry sob wrenching itself from his throat. They stare at each other for a brief moment and Seokjin barely has time to put his mug down before he has an armful of beautiful yet distressed omega in his arms. No, it’s not just distress, it’s sheer panic he can smell on his boyfriend, panic and… arousal?

He’s a beta, betas usually don’t smell anything and it took him years to actually figure out the anatomy of scents in the alpha/omega dynamics. Jimin and Namjoon’s disgustingly cute relationship helped a lot to learn about the fine nuances he can pick up on now when he’s close enough. And he is close, has no other choice with Taehyung clinging to him so hard he almost drags them both to the floor. His knees are weak, Seokjin realises, quivering with exhaustion. Did he run here all the way from university?

"Jin, Seokjinnie, Hyung, please."

"Tae, what’s wrong? What happened, love?"

"I didn’t mean to, I didn’t want this, it just happened and--"

"Tae, calm down." He has no alpha voice, has not the commanding gene in his blood that makes everyone offer up their necks to him, but that’s not what this is about. He just wants his beautiful omega to smile again, not crying from whatever burdens him.

"Hyung," he whimpers and Seokjin has never seen him like that. "I’m so sorry."

"Why? What happened?" He holds Taehyung’s face in his hands, strokes his cheeks with his thumbs gently, but it only makes more tears well up in the omega’s eyes, so he stops.

"On campus. I was late, for my class and..." He takes another deep breath. "He was there and he grabbed me."

"What? Who grabbed you?"

"He… alpha."

"Did he hurt you?"

"No, I… I grabbed him, too."

Seokjin freezes. "What?"

"I could smell him all morning, I didn’t know what it meant. And then he was there and he touched me and he… he asked for my name and I told him and then he said ‘I’m Jeongguk and now run’ and I did, I… wantedhimtochaseme."

The last few bits are almost slurred but Seokjin understands anyway. It all falls into place now. The smell, his behaviour. His beta nose really is terrible. It’s not panic, Taehyung reeks of guilt. Guilt and arousal.

"I’m so sorry," Taehyung wails, "I didn’t want this, I don’t want this."

But they both know he does. Technically every relationship has to fear that. It’s rare but it happens. True mates, soulmates. They gravitate towards each other and when they meet, the most primal instincts take over. Mating chases are truly outdated these days but they are common among soulmates. The omega will always let the alpha chase them. They are something to be earned, but not like a trophy. Alphas need to prove their value to the omega, need to prove themselves. Usually omegas search for a good hiding place, something that’s safe to them and Seokjin’s heart jumps a little at the thought that Taehyung seeked out him, not some abandoned warehouse or a forest. He ran straight into the safety of Seokjin’s arms. But how much does that mean now?

Seokjin had always worried about potential alphas to win Taehyung over, hell even omegas sometimes. Taehyung and Jimin were very much attached at the hip until Namjoon chased Jimin to a whole different country. To the end of the world, is what Namjoon had said to him when he finally caught him, that’s how far he would’ve gone.

Seokjin would take on all omegas and alphas in the world that came for Taehyung. He would fight to the death. But a soulmate? It’s one of the rarest things happening in the world. How can he compete with that? And how can he deny Taehyung something like that? Taehyung is still looking at him like he’s having all the answers in the world, like he can solve this in a heartbeat and make everything the way it was. God, he wishes he could.

"Tae, love," he murmurs, holding his face a little firmer. "I’m--"

They’re interrupted by a loud banging noise and Taehyung almost jumps into his arms at the sound. They stare at the door and watch the dust fall rom its frame in horror. What was that?

"Taehyung?." The voice on the other side of the door makes both of them shudder. He’s out of breath, just like Taehyung, voice a little scratchy, rough, not as deep as Seokjin expected though. "I know you’re in there, I found you. I can smell you even here, I… I don’t want to ruin your door, let me in."

Taehyung whimpers and Seokjin can feel the pressure against his body decreasing in a concerning way. He feels the pull, wants his alpha - his soulmate - to claim him, but his fingers are still holding on to Seokjin.

"Please, don’t," he whines and Seokjin doesn’t know who he’s talking to. Seokjin, Jeongguk, or the universe?

Seokjin himself feels like crying when he sees Taehyung almost collapse with how hard he’s sobbing, tears running freely now.

"Let me in," Jeongguk demands but it almost sounds like a question. His voice is just as wrecked as Taehyung’s.

Seokjin knows that he has to make a decision right now. He knows he has to, so he pulls Taehyung close to him, presses their foreheads together and takes a deep breath before he breaks his own heart.

"Love, listen to me. You’re going to let him in."

The shock forces Taehyung to pause, the wet streaks on his face drying silently. His beautiful eyes are so huge when he pulls away like he has been burnt.

"Jin… what."

"He’s your soulmate," Seokjin whispers, doesn’t know if Jeongguk’s alpha ears can pick up their conversation. "He will love you and he will be perfect for you. You won’t need anything else in your life."

"Don’t say that," Taehyung whimpers. "Don’t. I don’t want him."

"You do, Tae."

"It’s just my fucking body, that doesn’t mean anything."

"He deserves a chance, you both do."

"No!," he insists and there’s another knock at the door.

"Taehyung… I’m going insane. What’s that door made of? I’m kind of willing to find out right now."

Seokjin would laugh if this situation wasn’t so painful for everyone, especially Taehyung. God, he looks so torn. He’s torn on the inside and the outside, pulled into two directions. One that he chose and one that chased him. Who can fight fate? Who even wants to? Seokjin gathers all his strength so he doesn’t start crying himself.

"He needs you and you need him. I’m going to open that door now--"

"No, don’t leave --fuck, don’t leave me."

"I won’t," Seokjin reassures him with a firm kiss to his mouth. "I will stay right here and make sure he treats you well. I love you, okay? I love you so, so much."

Taehyung doesn’t say anything, just kisses Seokjin hard on the mouth, nodding silently. God, it fucking hurts. Everything hurts. Pulling away from Taehyung hurts, each step to the door hurts, opening it hurts, even fucking looking at Jeongguk hurts.

Fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck. He’s hot and beautiful and young and Seokjin almost passes out when he’s hit by strong alpha pheromones. Alphas are easier to smell, they’re born to even make betas submit but fucking hell. He smells similar to what Namjoon smells like when he’s close to a rut, only Namjoon doesn’t look like… that.

Jeongguk’s jawline is sharp from how he’s clenching his teeth, dark hair falling into his eyes while he’s bracing himself against the door frame with both hands. He’s like a wolf ready to pounce and Seokjin feels himself slowly stepping out of the way. He doesn’t even see the beta, only has eyes for the omega he chased across the city and Taehyung doesn’t even flinch when Jeongguk storms inside and reaches for him. They collide in a hard embrace, faces pressed into the side of each other’s necks to breathe in.

"There you are, fuck," Jeongguk mutters and Taehyung is still silent, maybe too overwhelmed by what’s happening. He certainly looks like it when the alpha keeps scenting him, pushing his nose under Taehyung’s jaw, kissing at his heated skin. Seokjin feels his own face flare up at the sight and he finally wakes from his stupor to slam the door shut. He crosses the room in quick strides, grabs Jeongguk by his collar and he growls when Seokjin yanks him back far enough so that he has to look at him, too.


"Kim Seokjin and this is Kim Taehyung, as you know. I’m his boyfriend and I know that means nothing to you, but it means something to us."

Jeongguk’s hand is still hanging in the air, reaching for Taehyung and the omega silently touches his fingers, like not having contact physically pains him. Yeah, definitely not something Seokjin can compete with. Not at all. But for some reason all Jeongguk does is stare at him like… like what?

"I know you both need to… you know..." He can hear Taehyung in his head, on a normal day. Really, Hyung? ‘You know’? Just say fucking, banging, doing the do, no wait maybe don’t, and Seokjin would laugh about it. "So just do it. We can all talk after."

"Seokjinnie," Taehyung whines again, but pulls Jeongguk close and then they’re kissing. Seokjin closes his eyes then, but that doesn’t make the smacking sounds go away or their mingling scents that make him feel… well, something.

They’re kissing, touching, biting, growling, whining and Seokjin can’t keep his eyes closed when they move to the bedroom, their bedroom and he can’t believe he’s going to watch some alpha fuck the love of his shitty beta life in their bed. The things they did on his bed. The rough and the soft things. The arguments that got lost in the sheets in favour of love, the blood, sweat and tears that will never be washed out. God, he’s not sure his heart will survive this.

But Jeongguk is good to Taehyung. Even though he’s impatient and needy he doesn’t push too hard, recognises the little hints Taehyung’s body gives even in his frenzy. And sometimes he catches Seokjin’s eye, when he removes another piece of clothing from Taehyung, when he sucks a bruise into Taehyung’s chest. It’s always with a little frown and Seokjin frowns right back at him, neither of them really sure what they should do with each other. And Taehyung? His sweet boyfriend is still torn, eyes moving between him and Jeongguk, the pull still too strong to do anything but react to what’s happening to him.

The first moan that comes from Taehyung has both Jeongguk and Seokjin hiss in arousal. He feels so stupid for just standing there, a couple of feet away from the bed, watching like a pervert, like a creep. He’s disgusted with himself because he’s getting hard from this, from having his heart broken and he doesn’t know how to be mad. He’s in pain and he’s horny and while he doesn’t want any of this to happen, he also kinda wants to have it all.

He wonders if that’s what Taehyung’s feeling right now.

What’s even stronger though is the urge to leave suddenly creeping up his spine. With Taehyung spread out on their sheets, eyes closed and hands buried in Jeongguk’s hair, he looks beautiful. He’s wet as if he’s in heat, more than he ever was with Seokjin and maybe there’s only so much that love can compensate for. All that hard work they both put into this doesn’t even come close to what Jeongguk can provide. Maybe it’s alright, maybe it’s better this way. Taehyung being happy is all that matters to him. And maybe this kind of love still counts for something, because he can think tacky shit like that without feeling embarrassed. It’s just so fucking true.

He gives in to that devastating urge to run and quickly picks up his jacket from the back of the kitchen chair to slip into the sleeves. His mug still sits there on the table, cold and abandoned and Seokjin fondly remembers how good he had felt when he took the first sip. That fondness quickly subsides and makes room for something else that has him move quicker as he grabs for his keys and his shoes. But before he can put them on, something tackles him on the way to the door. The impact sends his keys flying and then he’s roughly turned onto his back, hands curling around his wrists.

"Too slow," Jeongguk growls with that frown still on his face. He straddles Seokjin’s hips in nothing but his very tight jeans and Seokjin is pretty sure he shouldn’t find that hot.

"I didn’t--"

"You tried to run. From me."

It sounds like a question again, but it resonates within Seokjin and he wonders what that fucking feeling is.

"Let me go," he says and tries not to breathe too hard because everything smells like Jeongguk, Jeongguk and Taehyung. It’s too--

"No. I caught you." Jeongguk suddenly leans down and presses his nose against the beta’s neck. Betas do have a smell but they’re a very pale imitation of what omegas can smell like. Still, the alpha shudders and presses down and. Great, now he’s really hard. Hard under an alpha who’s probably five or six years younger than him. A baby alpha. Did the universe hate him that much?

"You didn’t catch me, you just..." he trails off, doesn’t know what to say when Jeongguk noses at his throat and suddenly withdraws with a gasp.

"I caught you," he repeats, like he’s in awe, and Seokjin wonders why him saying that feels so much more right each time he repeats it. "You were trying to run and I caught you. You’re… you’re mine, too."

Seokjin keeps staring. "What?"

"You’re so fucking hot," Jeongguk whines and that’s all it takes for Seokjin to lift his head so they can meet in a kiss. He has no fucking idea where all of this is coming from but one minute he was heartbroken and the other he’s… less heartbroken. He just let’s it happen for now, tries to turn off his brain in favour of being at least a little more okay. Jeongguk kisses him just as hard as he had kissed Taehyung and leads them both back to the bedroom where Taehyung is shivering and crying on the sheets, reaching out for both of them at the same time. He almost wants to cry himself because Taehyung still wants him.

"Wait," Jeongguk says when Seokjin tries to climb on the bed. He gets his hands under the hem of Seokjin’s Shirt first to pull it over his head. He was still in his sleeping clothes when Jeongguk showed up so it doesn’t take long to get him naked. To get all of them naked and Seokjin is quite sure that Jeongguk’s dick is here to murder both of them.

"Jin, Jinnie, babe, where have you been? You said… you promised..."

"I’m sorry," he mutters and wraps him up in his arm, peppering his face with little kisses until he relaxes.

"You both left," he whines.

Jeongguk makes an apologetic noise. "I had to go after him, I didn’t know until I caught him."

"Know what?" Taehyung frowns and then Jeongguk braces one hand besides either of them, kissing where their arms are around each other, satisfied with whoever’s skin he finds.

"I wasn’t just drawn here by you," Jeongguk says with a possessive growl and then eyes Seokjin through his messy fringe. "I’ve never met a beta who smelled as good as you. I had to chase both of you."

Seokjin’s brain short-circuits at the implication.

"But I’m just a--"

"Don’t finish that sentence," Jeongguk and Taehyung say at the same time, looking at each other in surprise. They smile then, turn those very beautiful smiles to Seokjin and he becomes a puddle. He doesn’t know how it’s possible but for now he will indulge in this. He finds that he wants to, even.

"You smell like each other," Jeongguk keeps rambling and kisses Taehyung’s fingers that hold on to Seokjin’s arm. "Smells so good. God, I should’ve known right away."

Taehyung whimpers and looks like he’s bursting with want. He’s as needy as he is during a heat but only faintly smells like he’s in one. There’s probably a war of hormones raging inside of him, triggered by Jeongguk’s chase. But how the fuck is Seokjin feeling some of that, too? It’s confusing. He’s confused about everything but he wants this and he knows what he has to do.

"Do you want his knot, baby?"

"Oh god," Taehyung moans and kisses Seokjin sharply. "I want. I want that and. I want you. I want you so much."

"I’m here," Seokjin reassures him, pressing lips to his heated skin as Jeongguk carefully parts Taehyung’s thighs with his legs. It’s obvious how much he’s holding back, his hands shaking as they skimm Taehyung’s shivering body, bottom lip trapped between his own teeth. "You’re fine. He’ll make you feel so good."

"Fuck," Jeongguk curses and then he’s sinking into Taehyung with so much ease Seokjin isn’t able to look away.

He watches the young alpha bottom out with his eyes closed and his brows knitted. Seokjin can tell how good it must feel with the way Taehyung’s mouth drops open, groan turning into a gasp when he’s filled to the brim. It happens each time Jeongguk thrusts back into him, careful at first and then a little harder with Seokjin’s encouraging hand on his lower back. He knows how much his boyfriend can take (it’s a lot).

"Tell me how it feels, love," Seokjin whispers against Taehyung’s ear, ignoring his own achingly hard cock. Whatever is happening in front of his eyes is much more interesting to him.

Taehyung turns his head with one arm hooked around Seokjin’s neck, a physical reminder to keep his promise of not leaving him. The force of Jeongguk’s movements pushes the breath out of Taehyung’s lungs each time and it’s a familiar sight, something Seokjin never gets tired of but it’s new for him to see it from this angle. He looks so beautifully wrecked, not torn anymore.

"So good," he breathes. "Fucking good. I want his knot… so much."

Jeongguk’s hips falter and he leans down quickly, pressing his mouth against Taehyung’s scent glands where the mating bond would be placed. Now, this is a sight that both arouses and terrifies Seokjin. He can tell how much Taehyung wants this, his eyes rolling back with a whine but they’re still in a messy situation that isn’t completely sorted out yet.

"Help me turn him around," Jeongguk asks, head moving to kiss Seokjin hard. He stops fucking into Taehyung for a moment, hand tangled in Seokjin’s hair and it’s fucking good. He’s distracted by how Jeongguk licks into his mouth greedily until Taehyung lets out a complaining sound, mouthing against both their throats to get their attention.

"Come on," he mutters in tone that Seokjin is very much familiar with. He’s always like that when he doesn’t get his favourite snack during movie night. "Please."

"Does he always beg so prettily?" Jeongguk asks as they turn him onto his stomach, hands lingering on the flesh of Taehyung’s ass.

"Yeah, but not for everyone," Seokjin says and catches the alpha’s eye. Their frowns are long gone, replaced by a weird understanding and mutual want.

"Keep kissing him. You look so good when you kiss."

Seokjin doesn’t need to be told twice. He slips further down the sheets when Jeongguk pushes Taehyung up onto his knees and takes the omega’s face into his hands, smiling softly. But he only gets a pout in return.

"You keep talking like I’m not here, but I’m very much-- OH-"

"Yeah," Jeongguk groans as he pushes back in. "We know you’re here. And you’re so fucking wet, fuck. You’re dripping all over the sheets. Kinda makes me want to roll in it."

"Gross," Taehyung comments, making the other two laugh.

"It is," Seokjin agrees, pressing a soft kiss to Taehyung’s lips. "Can’t blame him though."

"God, fuck. Just fuck me. Kiss me. Both."

Instinct takes over when Jeongguk fucks him so hard that the bedframe makes dangerous noises. Kind of like the door frame when he tried to tear it down. It’s so hot. Seokjin has never been attracted to an alpha before, but damn. He swallows the moans that leave Taehyung’s mouth, one hand reaching down to press down on his own dick. He doesn’t want to come yet, not with his boyfriend falling apart right in front of him.

There’s something poetic about it, now that he isn’t distracted by his own pleasure. He can focus much better on Taehyung and the little changes in his face, the whispered pleas getting lost in their kisses. And Jeongguk isn’t just watching Taehyung, he’s watching both of them together, face red from his insane pace. Seokjin places one last kiss against the corner of Taehyung’s mouth before he rises to his knees and kisses his way up from Jeongguk’s arm to his neck and ear.

"Knot him."

"Hyung," he hisses, grabbing Taehyung’s hips so hard he’s definitely going to leave bruises.

"I know him, I know he can take it.I want to see."

"Jin," Taehyung whimpers into the pillow. "Jeongguk… please."

"See? He begs for it," Seokjin whispers into Jeongguk’s ear with his eyes fixed on the spot where his cock disappears in Taehyung.

His fingers slide down the alpha’s spine, grabbing a fistful of his ass to feel the muscle tense up when he pounds harder into into Taehyung. Seokjin can see how the knot starts to swell, the sight fascinating him so much he forgets to breathe. He echoes the moan that falls from both of their lips but then panics when he sees Jeongguk falling forward, his jaw going slack.

It’s his mating instinct kicking in, the desire to create a bond, to tie them together forever. Seokjin is caught between stopping him and letting him, the turmoil making him unable to move at all. But it turns out he doesn’t have to do anything because Jeongguk gets rid of the urge by biting into the pillow next to Taehyung’s head instead.

He growls and his hips snap forward one last time, the knot locking in so deep inside of Taehyung that the omega curls his fingers into the sheets, his feet drumming against the bed as he thrashes and rides out his own orgasm underneath him. They’re a mess, completely out of breath and Seokjin finds that he has never seen anything more hot or beautiful in his life. They’re perfect for each other, together, and despite what just happened and what they said, Seokjin still feels a little out of place. He’s not allowed to say it but he’s thinking it: I’m just a beta.

When they roll onto their sides to wait for the knot to go down, Jeongguk’s knees fit exactly into the hollows of Taehyung’s knees. They’re pleasantly exhausted and for a moment Seokjin is pretty sure his boyfriend passed out of from pleasure, but then his fingers are bunching up the sheets in front of him and he whines.

"Seokjinnie..." His eyes are half-lidded now, his hand reaching out.

Seokjin’s heart melts and maybe even his joints because he practically falls onto the mattress in front of him, fitting the three of them together with his front pressed against Taehyung and his fingers trailing over Jeongguk’s waist.

"Feels good?" He asks carefully and kisses Taehyung’s sweaty eyebrow.

"Yesss… I’m so f-full."

"Show him," Jeongguk whispers into Taehyung’s ear.

Then he feels Taehyung grab his hand to push it into the small space between them, against his belly that is indeed a little swollen. The beta has to close his eyes and take a deep breath so he doesn’t come right on the spot. it’s bad enough that the shifting makes his dick press against Taehyung’s thigh. Dangerously close to where Jeongguk is tied with him. Don’t think about it.

"Wish you could feel this too," Taehyung mutters and drags his hand up to twist his fingers in Seokjin’s hair, using the hold to get the kiss he deserves.

Seokjin can hear Jeongguk hiss at the idea, a little jolt making Taehyung whimper into his mouth.

"I would fuck you so good, Hyung."

Don’t think about it, the mantra in his head continues. And it’s not like Seokjin is built to take a knot. He’s technically not even able to take a dick without prep and to think he could survive a knot is a bit of a stretch (pun intended). But Taehyung’s eyes are shining and Jeongguk looks like someone who just had a fantastic meal and is now eager for some fucking dessert.

"Let him fuck you."

It’s too much. Again. He sits up immediately, trying to ignore the sting he feels when Taehyung wails. He doesn’t leave the room this time but sits at the edge of the bed with his face in one hand, the other grabbing his dick a little too hard.

"Jin? I’m sorry… Don’t be mad at me, please." God, he’s making his boyfriend cry.

Why can’t he just accept this and move on? He’s trembling, sweating and takes a few shallow breaths. There are these two very gorgeous boys in his bed, both of them want him, ask for him. One of them even loves him. He has never been insecure about his looks or his beta status. He has flirted with alphas, with omegas, and when Taehyung ignored every goddamn alpha in the room to give his intention to Seokjin, he had felt like the luckiest man alive. He didn’t feel superior just because he could ‘score an omega’, he was just happy that Taehyung chose him. Over and over again. Despite the issues they had in the past. So what’s different now?

Soulmate, Taehyung’s soulmate.

No matter how much they all want it, he does not fit in. Gods, he’s not sure he even wants to. Taehyung now has the chance to have a normal relationship that no one will ever question. Seokjin is the oldest here and he wants to make a decision that gets the two of them the happiest.

Because from what he can tell Jeongguk is the only alpha who deserves Taehyung. Not just because he took good care of him and asked to be let in instead of tearing the door down (even though he really wanted to), but because he didn’t let the heat of the moment get to him to mate Taehyung. Despite everything he held back. Seokjin feels like he fell a little bit for the baby alpha, just because of that.

"Can you relax, baby?" He hears Jeongguk mutter and then Taehyung whines. Gasps a little. Sighs.

It takes less than a minute and then there are Jeongguk’s arms wrapping around Seokin’s chest, alpha pheromones clouding his brain and letting him sink into the embrace.

"Hyung, tell me what’s wrong."

He can’t put it into words without feeling ridiculous. He just shakes his head, wondering why his dick won’t calm the fuck down when he’s feeling this miserable.

"I shouldn’t be here," he croaks, finally, after Jeongguk keeps hugging him for what feels like hours.

But at those words he freezes, his breath hitching, stopping, before it’s released again in form of a confused noise. "What the fuck makes you say that?"

"You’re soulmates," he says and grabs Jeongguk’s arm to pull it away. "I just don’t want to--"

"Kim Seokjin," Jeongguk growls. It should be terrifying but only makes Seokjin’s dick hurt more. The alpha pushes against his chin to make him look at Jeongguk. "Did you not listen to me? I said I had to chase both of you, didn’t I?"

Seokjin stares at him. Yeah, he said something like that earlier. Jeongguk stares back at him, that little frown back on his face that Seokjin would like to kiss away because--


"Yeah, you feel it, too. Why do you think that is? It’s not because you’re close to Taehyung. It’s because you’re my soulmate, too."

"Oh… Oh."

"There you go," Jeongguk sighs and presses a kiss against Seokjin’s neck, right where he had wanted to bite Taehyung.

Oh, fuck fuck. His poor heart and his poor dick. Luckily the alpha takes care of that now, his hand wandering down to the base of Seokjin’s cock, strong fingers wrapping around it. Seokjin’s head immediately drops back against Jeongguk’s shoulder, lips parted and eyes closed.

"You feel so good in my hand," he hears Jeongguk whisper. "And you’re both so fucking hot I can’t believe my luck. Please don’t feel bad about being a beta, I wouldn’t want you to be anything else. You’re so fucking perfect. And you took such good care of our omega, didn’t you? Don’t know since when you’re together but it must’ve been quite a while. Tell me how long, two years?"

"Three," Seokjin gasps when Jeongguk starts pumping his fist. The perfect squeeze. He’s not going to last, that’s for sure.

"Yeah, makes sense. With the way you kiss each other, the way he looks at you. He trusts you, so much. I hope you’ll both trust me like that one day. How many alphas did you have to fight for him, hm?"

"Tae… Tae doesn’t need me for that. He can fight them off himself."

Jeongguk hums and kisses at Seokin’s jaw. "I can see that. He’s so pretty and so strong. Did he have to fight others then to keep them away from you? You’re devastatingly handsome, hyung. Thought I’d faint on the spot when I saw you."

Seokjin is so close to the edge now (figuratively and literally) he has to hold on to the back of Jeongguk’s neck so he doesn’t slip off the bed.

"No," he gasps, but to be honest: ever since he got with Taehyung he was too busy trying to keep him to notice anyone hitting on him.

"Yes." Taehyung’s voice is so close all of the sudden and when he cranes his neck he can see the omega kneeling next to them with a dazed look in his eyes. "Just a few months ago. That beta barista wrote her number on your cup so you’d call her."

It’s hard to concentrate on that memory when Jeongguk squeezes his dick just so. They don’t go to the coffee shop that often because the coffee is shitty and they’re rarely in the mood for shitty coffee, but he remembers that one time he really craved it and Taehyung was being an ass who stole his cup and drank it himself with the most sulky expression.

"Tae," he moans.

"So you took care of each other. Good. I’m happy to join. I’ll love you so good."

The tip of his ear is suddenly stuck between Jeongguk’s teeth and that… that kind of gets to him. The build up was already so good and this little bite seals the deal. He comes all over Jeongguk’s hand, shivering in his hold. He’s not sure if he ever came that hard from a fucking handjob. Not that he never came that hard with Taehyung, but handjobs are quite rare with the two of them.

"So good," Jeongguk mutters when Seokjin finally calms down and then he drags him back into bed.

A second pair of hands help him and he’s pretty sure it’s Taehyung who wipes him down and then settles half on top of him. He opens his eyes in time to see the omega wipe at his own eyes and the high of his orgasm is immediately replaced by dread. He made his omega cry, he’s horrible.

"I’m sorry, love. I didn’t mean to..."

"Didn’t mean to what?" Taehyung asks and keeps sniffling. "Didn’t mean to dump me so I could be with an alpha I barely know? No offense, Jeongguk."

"Absolutely none taken. He was a bit stupid there," the answer comes cheerfully from behind Seokjin and then Jeongguk’s hot body cuddles his back.

"You’re a real brat, aren’t you, baby alpha?" Seokjin scoffs and turns his head.

He doesn’t expect Jeongguk’s self-satisfied smile to turn into a shy one. Or for his face to turn that red. Interesting. He will explore that another time.

"I’m sorry I made this about me," Seokjin says when he turns back to Taehyung. He strokes his cheeks and thumbs at the corners of his teary eyes. "I was never afraid of losing you until now and I thought it was for the best. The best for you. It didn’t even cross my mind, even when he said it, even when I felt it… that this should involve all three of us. But it makes sense now. I’m sorry, I really am. You know how much I love you, right? I would do anything for you."

Taehyung nods and snuggles into his arms, a familiar position for the two of them, that somehow feels even better with Jeongguk’s arm draped around both of them. "I know and I love you, too. But you’re still an idiot, to think my soulmate would be someone who doesn’t want you, too. Ridiculous."

"Yeah, you’re right. Real stupid of me. I’m a dish after all."

He yelps when Taehyung pinches his nipple. Jeongguk on the other hand snorts out a laugh.

"I can’t believe I’m dating an old man like you."

"Who says we’re dating?" Seokjin shoots back, which earns him another pinch from his boyfriend.

"Please date me," Jeongguk mutters then, all shy and quiet. It does something to his heart, same as Taehyung, who reaches over Seokjin to stroke the baby alpha’s hair and cheek.

"We will. We’ll just take it slow, okay?"

"Okay," he says and flashes them a brilliant bunny smile. What the fuck, how is this the same person who fucked Taehyung into the sheets and got Seokjin off by muttering filth into his ear? "Jimin will never believe me when I tell him this."

Seokjin and Taehyung both freeze.

"Jimin?" Taehyung asks. "Park Jimin?"

"Yeah, you know him?"

"You know him?"

Jeongguk blinks. "We’re in the same dance class. We’ve been preparing a dance with Hobi for weeks now."

Seokjin is speechless. Taehyung is not.

"What the fuck? You’re JK? That boy from Busan who dances his heart out and asked Namjoon for rap lessons?"

Jeongguk’s eyes begin to sparkle. "Namjoon is so cool, I want to be him when I grow up."

"Oh god," Seokjin groans, "we’re really dating a baby alpha."

"Hyung," said baby alpha whines and then proceeds to press his face into the beta’s shoulder. "I’m 21. I’m an adult, you know."

"Well, thank god for that."

"Who are you texting?" Jeongguk frowns when he notices Taehyung’s furious typing on the phone.

"Jimin, that total fucker. He’s my best friend. I’ve called him my soulmate for years."

Jeongguk’s eyes darken. "Oh really? Your soulmate?"

"It’s their thing," Seokjin chimes in and squeezes Jeongguk’s neck. The alpha relaxes instantly. Interesting. All very interesting.

"Don’t be mad at him? He didn’t know."

"Of course he didn’t know, how could he? I’m mad at him because he never introduced us. We could’ve had this so much sooner."

"What did you tell him?" Jeongguk asks.

"I just insulted him and he doesn’t know why. Hah! When’s your next dance practice? Jin and I will come pick you up." Taehyung’s grin is vicious.

"He’s a wild one, isn’t he?" Jeongguk whisper yells at Jin.

"Oh, baby," Seokjin laughs and kisses Jeongguk’s forehead. "You have no idea."

Chapter Text

Seokjin holds Taehyung’s hand in his, fingers entwined, thumb stroking along soft skin. They enter the building together and follow the sound of music echoing through the halls. Or maybe Seokjin just lets Taehyung drag him along, he has been to the practice room before, unlike him.

"They’re not done yet, shouldn’t we wait outside?" Seokjin tries to slow them done by putting his weight into the opposite direction and Taehyung whines instantly.

"But we haven’t seen Gukkie dance before!"

"Actually, I haven’t seen any of them dance before."

"Which is a shame in itself. They’ve invited you to their competitions over a hundred times."

"I’m just not into dancing."

But he thinks he might change his opinion on that when they slip into the room and see the three of them dance in front of the big mirror. Seokjin’s not even able to react properly, unlike Taehyung, who gets rid of his jacket and sits down next to the door so the dancers won’t feel disturbed. Seokjin on the other hand just stands there and gapes at the way the three of them move. They’re completely in sync, Jimin in the center with the other two alphas at his sides backing him up. It’s not a sight you see every day and both Jeongguk and Hoseok are probably the only alphas Namjoon trusts to be alone with his soulmate. Not that he’s overbearing or anything, but Seokjin knows that feeling of constant worry.

Jimin holds his ground anyway and Seokjin is too busy staring at his other boyfriend, his… soulmate, to think of anything else. Jeongguk’s hair is just the right kind of messy, the sweat drenched ends falling into his eyes and his movements sharp and clean. Everything about him screams sex, from the oversized shirt he’s wearing to the army pants and his timberlands. What’s making it almost unbearable to watch though is the look in his eyes. It’s predatory, downright filthy, especially when he’s touching himself during the bridge of the song, his body rolling in fluid motions. Seokjin’s mouth is so dry he might die from thirst right there.

Jeongguk must’ve noticed them because when the song comes to an end he tries to show off with his very own dance break while Hoseok and Jimin laugh and tease him. He stops after a while and bows deeply, turning into their direction with a sunny smile that is right up there with Taehyung’s. God, Seokjin is so weak.

"Taetae!" Jimin squeals when he sees them. "I didn’t know you’d come! Thought you were still mad at me."

"He’s mad at you? What did you do again, Jimin-ssi" Hoseok asks with a fake-shocked gasp.

"Nothing! I don’t know! Tae just keeps sending me grumpy emojis."

"Aw, it’s okay Chimchim. I’m not mad anymore." He gets up from his place on the floor and flies right past Jimin to jump into Jeongguk’s arms instead. "You were so good, Gukkie!"

"Gukkie?!" Jimin screeches.

Seokjin almost laughs at Jimin’s confused expression. It gets worse when Taehyung kisses their boyfriend, despite all the sweat, and it’s almost like Jimin.exe stops working. Even Hoseok’s eyebrows climb into his hairline.

"What the fuck," the alpha mutters to himself.

Seokjin smiles and steps closer with his hands in his coat pockets, waiting patiently for Jeongguk and Taehyung to part. When they do, Taehyung turns to his platonic soulmate with his hands still placed on Jeongguk’s cheeks to squish them together.

"I was mad because you failed to introduce me to my soulmate."

Jimin.exe seems to go into a complete shutdown for about five seconds. Then he throws his arms up.

"Oh my god! That’s amazing, I thou--" then his head snaps around to Seokjin, his whole face and body falling. "Oh no."

He runs into Seokjin with outstretched arms that hook around his neck while he keeps apologising for something that isn’t his fault and then pulls back to cup his face and ask if he’s alright. The concern in Jimin’s eyes is quite touching and Seokjin feels like tearing up a little. He never questioned their friendship but he’s Taehyung’s best friend above everything else so it’s nice to see that he still seems to care about Seokjin in a situation like that.

"I’m fine, really. Jimin, stop touching me, jesus. I told you-- are you crying?"

"Shut up, I’m having a breakdown here, what do you mean you’re fine?"

Seokjin chuckles and pats Jimin’s damp hair. "It’s alright, he’s my soulmate, too."

Jimin’s mouth drops open. "Wha--? Two soulmates? Wow, I mean… wow. But does that mean you and Taehyung have been soulmates, too? I am confusion."

"Doesn’t really matter," Taehyung cuts in, arm still around Jeongguk. "I’ve always loved Seokjinnie, that counts more."

Hoseok lets out a sob next to them. "I’m gonna cry, I’m so happy for you."

"Please, can everybody just stop crying? We’re all fine and it’s good," Seokjin whines.

He wasn’t initially fine but he is now, he thinks. They’ve talked it over in the past couple of days and they will try to date, together and in pairs so they can get to know each other properly. Seokjin’s concern about just being a beta and his fear of being excluded is mostly gone now. It’s hard not to see how much Taehyung still loves him and how much Jeongguk wants him. He really hopes that want will turn to love one day.

"I can’t stop crying," Jimin interrupts his thoughts and sits down in the middle of the practice room.

Taehyung tsks and lets go of Jeongguk to hug Jimin from behind and rub their faces together. He can hear Jeongguk and Hoseok suck in a sharp breath and he can’t blame them. Seeing two omegas scent each other is always a lovely sight.

"Come on, Chimchim. That’s a bit much, even for you."

"Shut up," Jimin wails. "Y-you and Jin-Hyung have come so far and I was rooting for you so hard. A minute ago my world was ending but I was so happy for you, that you could experience what I have and… and..." His hiccups are indeed a little dramatic and Seokjin frowns when Jimin leans away from Taehyung to press a hand down against his own abdomen. "I’m in an emotional state at the moment, okay?"

Then it clicks.

"Jimin, are you pregnant?" Seokjin blurts out and his eyes dart immediately to Hoseok for confirmation.

The alpha gives him a brief nod in return. Alphas usually sense something like this first because it makes the other omega less desirable, even if the scent doesn’t change that much in the beginning. Which would explain why Jeongguk and Taehyung look so shocked at Seokjin’s words. They didn’t notice. Seokjin wouldn’t have either, despite his trained beta nose that mostly picks up on the distress radiating from Jimin.

"I am and I’m so happy and I’m happy for you," Jimin chokes out. "Don’t scare me like that again please."

"Oh my god, Jiminnie!" Taehyung rounds the other omega to kneel in front of him. "I’m so sorry for that but… but you’re pregnant! Oh my god!"

Then they’re hugging and both crying and Seokjin buries his face in one hand. They’re truly something else. Platonic soulmates at its best. Seokjin takes a deep breath and when he runs a hand through his hair he makes eye-contact with Jeongguk who’s still on the other side of the two omegas, lip stuck between his teeth. They’re probably both thinking the same. His mind did wander there for a second, the image of Taehyung with a soft and round belly entering his thoughts vividly. Seokjin has always been family orientated and he and Taehyung definitely wanted to have children in the future. To have that kind of talk with Jeongguk seems a bit soon but judging by the alpha’s look they don’t need to worry about that.

"You’re pregnant," Taehyung repeats and shakes Jimin by his shoulders. "Pregnant!"

"Hella pregnant."




"Someone make them stop," Jeongguk sobs.

"I need to get laid," Hoseok sighs.

And Seokjin is developing a headache.

He keeps his headache for five more weeks actually. Life is good and dating is fun. Jeongguk and Taehyung went to an art gallery together and two days later Jeongguk and Seokjin had some ‘romantic’ barbeque. They’ve become inseparable in such a short amount of time it feels a bit surreal. Seokjin still remembers fondly how the three of them went out for some stargazing, holding each other’s hands. It’s Seokjin’s favourite memory they made so far.

But the thing is… Taehyung and Jeongguk slot together perfectly. They know their place when they date each other, they’re an omega and an alpha after all. With Jeongguk and Seokjin it’s still awkward at times, when they don’t know how to behave around each other. Seokjin doesn’t want to challenge Jeongguk in his alpha nature but he can’t be someone he’s not. When they had their barbeque it was obvious to him that he’d pay, he’s the hyung with a job after all. Jeongguk had still blushed and seemed uncomfortable, especially when Seokjin helped him into his jacket. Their kisses are great but short and when they pull away they both always look at the floor.

It’s pretty ridiculous, according to Taehyung. The three of them fucked on first sight so why is dating so hard? They did agree though to hold back with more sex until they all settled into this relationship. Seokjin thought it would be easy but it’s actually not. Because he wants Taehyung 24/7 and he wants Jeongguk 24/7. He just doesn’t know how to want them properly, so it’s back to the awkward circles they dance around each other. It gives Seokjin so much of a headache that he calls in sick on wednesday when his boyfriends are at uni.

He starts the day by making tea instead of coffee and wraps himself in Taehyung’s nesting blanket that smells of an omega ready to mate. It’s comforting enough to make him fall back asleep for an hour or two.

The banging sound of the front door wakes him eventually. That and the sound of keys being thrown onto the kitchen table tells Seokjin that it’s definitely not Taehyung. It’s Jeongguk and he’s in a mood. So the beta drags himself out of bed and is quite surprised when he finds Jeongguk angrily fixing himself a sandwich. He’s torturing the tomato and the ham, slaps the bread on top of it so hard that it’s all mushy when he picks it up.

"Jeonggukkie? Shouldn’t you be in class?"

Just a few days ago they had given Jeongguk a key to their flat. It was so much easier when none of them had to get off the couch and could just wait for Jeongguk to join them in their cuddle pile. He usually still announces himself before he’s coming over but he didn’t this time. The young alpha looks like a deer caught in the headlights and immediately drops the sandwich like he did something wrong.

"Hyung, I didn’t know you were here, what’s wrong?"

"Yeah well, I just asked you the same thing." Seokjin crosses his arms over his chest. "I had a headache earlier so I stayed home. Why are you skipping classes?"

"I’m not… not exactly skipping."

"Then why are you here?"

Jeongguk is behaving odd and Seokjin doesn’t understand why. He’s a little red in the face, as if he’s ready to beat someone up and basically radiates alpha pheromones. Something must have upset him greatly. However, he isn’t in a mood to answer, instead he’s picking up the sandwich off of the floor and throws it into the waste bin, ignoring Seokjin.


"I don’t want to talk about it."


Seokjin’s tone seems to make him snap. "I’m failing my class, okay? My professor is an asshole and he’s letting me fail because--" He stops himself right there, lips pressed together.

"Because what?" Seokjin asks.

"Doesn’t matter."

When Jeongguk’s whole face flushes with anger Seokjin is pretty sure he knows what’s up. He knows their boyfriend is usually quiet and reserved but he can be a bratty alpha from time to time. He can’t handle authorities well and it has gotten him in trouble before. Jimin has complained about him more than once, how he doesn’t even call him hyung. Seokjin hasn’t said anything before because their relationship was still new and delicate. There never was a right moment to bring it up. But they are alone now…

"You talked back, didn’t you?"

Jeongguk starts to frown but doesn’t look up. "No..."

Seokjin hums. "You don’t need to lie to me and Tae, we know you pretty well. Is your professor an alpha, too?" When he gets nothing but a nod as an answer he steps further into the kitchen and pulls back one of the chairs to sit down on it with an expectant look.

"What..." Jeongguk shift his weight from one foot to another, glancing at Seokjin through his fringe.


There’s a beat of silence. Then: "What?"

"Sit." Seokjin pats his own knee, not breaking eye-contact with Jeongguk. "Come on."

He doesn’t show it, but he’s nervous himself. He always is around Jeongguk, but if there’s a chance to settle this awkwardness, it’s now or never. Jeongguk hesitates for a moment, then he lowers his gaze and moves forward to flop himself down on Seokjin’s lap. He’s all stiff and doesn’t know where to put his hands so Seokjin pulls him closer until his side rests against Seokjin’s chest, one hand on Jeongguk’s waist and the other on his knee.

"Tell me what happened."

Jeongguk takes a deep breath and then tells him everything. How his professor keeps picking on him because he’s the only alpha student in his class, the rest being mostly betas and a few omegas. How his professor ‘lost’ his paper and now accuses Jeongguk of never handing it in in the first place. How Jeongguk yelled at his professor in front of the whole class and was then thrown out, not knowing if he’s allowed to return.

"He’s a fucking dick," Jeongguk finishes, kneading his fingers in his lap while Seokjin tries to soothe his temper by thumbing over his knee.

"Sounds like one. He feels challenged by you. Or did you do anything else?"



"I… at the beginning of the semester I was talking a lot during class… chatted with some… some omega girls. It was before..." He takes a deep breath and looks up, unable to go on.

"Before you met us, it’s alright. We all have our experiences."

"Taehyung said you were his first serious relationship. He wasn’t yours?"

Seokjin chuckles. "I’m a bit older than you two. I had my fair share of… fun… and relationships. I had a boyfriend for a year and then dated a woman for another three years. It didn’t work out. I met Taehyung and Jimin at a nightclub that Hoseok dragged me to. All eyes were on me that night because of my amazing dancing skills."

Jeongguk honest to god giggles at that, his nose all scrunched up and his bunny teeth showing in all its glory. Seokjin can’t help but laugh along with him and he’s glad to see that Jeongguk already calms down.

"I’d give everything to see that."

"You really don’t want to see me dance." Jeongguk pouts and Seokjin melts what the fuck. "Now, stop distracting me. We were talking about you and your disrespectful behaviour."

"Hyung," Jeongguk whines. "He was being mean."

"He was more than that but that’s not the point." Seokjin’s hand starts to wander from Jeongguk’s knee to the inside of his thigh, making the young alpha’s mouth drop open in a gasp. "The point is that you were being a brat."

"Oh god," Jeongguk whispers and closes his eyes when Seokjin presses against his dick with the heel of his hand.

"And no one tries to challenge you because you’re an alpha. So when you try to get a rise out of them it doesn’t go the way you want it to, hm? Did you do it on purpose? Did you want your professor to bend you over his knee and punish you?"

Jeongguk wreathes on Seokjin’s lap, his dick swelling rapidly. Seokjin didn’t get to touch him like that when they first hooked up and he’s savouring every second of it. It’s a nice and thick dick that would feel amazing inside of him. But there’s something else he wants right now.

"Hyung, I’m..."

Seokjin hums. "No, I think you want to be good. You want to be appreciated. You’re like Taehyung, aren’t you? You both want to be earned, you don’t want your submission to be taken for granted. I can see that and you’re so fucking worth it, Jeonggukkie."

Jeongguk tips his head back and lets Seokjin slowly get him off through his jeans, with nothing but his hand and his words whispered against Jeongguk’s neck. He has grown hard himself already and he knows Jeongguk can feel it. He grinds down on Seokjin to make him moan and it… kind of makes him lose his cool. He shoves his hands under Jeongguk’s ass and quickly heaves him on the edge of the kitchen table, with himself pressed between Jeongguk’s legs. Yeah, that’s right where he wants to be.

"Oh shit," Jeongguk groans and stares at Seokjin like he didn’t expect him to be that strong, or dominant. "Jin, I want..."

"Yeah?" Seokjin has his hand on the small of Jeongguk’s back and rocks against him. "Tell me what you want, I’m listening, baby."


Oh, Seokjin remembers that reaction, remembers that blush. "You’re our baby alpha, I just want to take good care of you. Tell me what you want, I’ll give it to you so good."

"Hyung." Jeongguk squeezes his eyes shut and holds on to Seokjin’s shoulder. "Please."

"Do you want hyung to fuck you right here on this kitchen table? Tae will be so mad, he hates fucking on surfaces that we eat from. But I think I’ll get away with it, since you look like a fucking three-course meal anyway."

"Did you just," Jeongguk gasps and laughs at the same time. "So bad."

"My jokes are great. Now shut up, baby alpha."

And he does. He presses his lips together, eyes huge and waiting. Seokjin knows some betas and alphas who would get a sick thrill out of this. Who would take Jeongguk’s vulnerability and use it to break him. But that’s not the type of person Seokjin ever wants to be. Taehyung is a gift. Jeongguk is a gift. And he will fucking treat them like one.

"Such a good baby," Seokjin praises and when he cups Jeongguk’s cheek he practically melts into it, preening like a pup after doing its first steps. "Now all you have to do is say it."

"Say what?" He mumbles absentmindedly.

"Ask me to fuck you." Jeongguk’s eyes fly open, so dark with lust it makes the beta shiver. But he stays silent. "Come on, love."

"I… I want you to fuck me. Please fuck me?"

"Of course, baby." He leans in and that’s when he realises that they haven’t kissed yet. They freeze for a moment, both replaying every memory of their awkward liplocks in the past. The breath they’re sharing becomes laboured with every passing moment and then Seokjin closes the distance. Their lips collide messily and it reminds Seokjin of the day they met Jeongguk. When he had tackled the beta to the floor and claimed him as his with a kiss. Guess it’s time to claim him back.

"Wait here," Seokjin says after they part with a soft wet sound and he smiles at the way Jeongguk chases his lips, how he even tries to slip off the table. "I said: wait. I’m just getting the lube."

"If Taehyung was here we could use his slick," he mutters quietly, almost as if he’s talking to himself.

The mere idea has Seokjin’s dick throb painfully hard. "Fuck, we’re gonna do that one day. Definitely."

Then he sprints into the bedroom and returns with a half-empty bottle of lube, pleased to see that Jeongguk indeed waited. He’s shivering though, his fingers clasped around the edge of the table. Did Seokjin do that to him? He smiles to himself and slots back into the warm space between Jeongguk’s legs, leaning in for a softer kiss. The little noise Jeongguk releases makes him press in deeper to pry his mouth open with his tongue. He gets lost in the taste and the feeling and when he finally pulls back Jeongguk is a panting mess, mouth shining wetly.

"So pretty," Seokjin whispers and helps Jeongguk out of his shirt and then his jeans. Having a naked Jeongguk on their kitchen table must be one of the sexiest things he’s ever seen. "Have you done this before?"

"Only to myself," he says, legs spreading further when Seokjin presses one lubed finger against his hole. "Oh."

"I will go easy on you, then."

"Don’t," Jeongguk whines. "Don’t go easy on me."

"Oh?" He raises an eyebrow. "Think you’re a big alpha then? Not our baby alpha?"

It’s the first time Jeongguk does more than just react and complain. He isn’t necessarily bolder, he’s just more determined, leaning in to brush their noses together. "I can take it, hyung. Make me take it."

Seokjin hisses and tries to get his own dick under control while he shoves in his finger the way Jeongguk wanted him to. There’s a soft gasp falling from the alpha's lips, a slight twitch of his dick. Seokjin wonders what it will look like when his knot forms outside of someone. He really wants to find out. By the time Seokjin has his third finger inside, Jeongguk is a whimpering mess against his neck, holding on to his shoulder for some leverage.

"So good, hyung."

"And you take my fingers so well. Can’t wait to get my dick in you. But first..."

He twists his fingers when he dives in deeper, curling them at the right angle to--

"Oh, fuck." Jeongguk almost jumps. "That feels good."

Seokjin is determined to make him feel even better, thrusting fast while Jeongguk kind of gives up and just drops back onto the table, cursing and begging at the same time. Seokjin wishes he could take of photo of that, just for himself and Tae and no one else. He doesn’t want the world to see Jeongguk like this. He’s not just their boyfriend or soulmate, he’s their baby alpha and the only other person Seokjin feels protective of like that is Taehyung.

"You have to stop," Jeongguk groans. "Or I’m gonna come."

Seokjin chuckles. "That’s the plan, baby."

"But it’s too soon." He bites down on his bottom lip when Seokjin puts his free hand down on the table to get a better angle with the other hand. He doesn’t stop though.

"Oh, Jeonggukkie. You’re with us now, that means infinite orgasms till you forget your name."

"I... can’t. Fuck."

Jeongguk comes right after that, dry and hard and for a moment Seokjin worries he might slip off the table because he’s squirming so hard. Seokjin grabs his waist tightly and keeps prodding against Jeongguk’s prostate until he’s almost crying and begging him to stop.

"What the fuck was that," he wheezes after he has calmed down, hands covering his face. His dick is still hard, the way it should be.

Seokjin grins after cleaning up his hand and presses soft kisses on Jeongguk’s thigh, his hip, his stomach, his chest. As soon as Jeongguk pulls his hands away, Seokjin grabs them and entwines their fingers above Jeongguk’s head.

"Felt good?" He asks and proceeds to kiss up his throat, trying to ignore the urge to mark him. He’s not an alpha but since Jeongguk stumbled into their lives he kind of understands the need to claim.

"Too good, what the fuck hyung."

"Did you really never find your own prostate?"


"We have so much to teach you, god."

"So what’s next?" Jeongguk asks eagerly and sighs all sweetly when Seokjin proceeds to kiss him thoroughly.

"Now," he says after both of them have turned breathless. "I’m gonna fuck you."

"Fuck yeah."

Even though it’s kind of hot when only one of them is naked, he can’t wait to get his clothes off. He quickly pulls his shirt over his head, leaving his hair all tousled. When Jeongguk stares at him without even blinking he pauses with his thumbs hooked into the waistband of his sweats.


"Nothing..." A familiar blush creeps into Jeongguk’s cheeks. "You’re just… really fucking hot, hyung. It’s not fair."

Seokjin knows he’s good looking, he makes jokes about it 24/7 and tells people he doesn’t even know that he was once nominated as best looking student - and won. But having someone look at him like that? Saying it with the utmost sincerity? It humbles even the most narcissistic bastard.

"You just want me for my good looks, I knew it," he jokes to hide how flustered he is (alphas usually don’t find him hot) but then Jeongguk sits up and wraps both arms around his neck, squeezing him between his legs.

"You smell so good, hyung."

"I smell like Tae," Seokjin reminds him. He has been sleeping in his scent after all.

"No… I mean yes, but I can smell you, too. Taetae has this sweet smell that makes me go nuts whenever I’m near him. But you’re.. spicy. You smell spicy and I want you to… to fuck me. I want your dick in me."

Seokjin takes a very deep breath, tries to calm himself down so he doesn’t just explode all over the young alpha…

… oh well.

He quickly pulls his phone out of his pocket and puts it on the table next to Jeongguk before he drags down his sweats, all while he kisses Jeongguk senseless. He wishes Taehyung was here to see this. Which gives him an idea, but he’s not sure if Jeongguk will mind. Maybe they should’ve talked this through first but Seokjin didn’t really have the time to think about it. It was so tempting, so--

"Jiiiiin," Jeongguk whines because Seokjin was so caught up in his own head that he just stopped doing everything. "Just put your fucking dick in me, I’m dying over here."

"Are you now?" Seokjin drops his voice a little lower and stretches his back to get a better look at Jeongguk all spread out on their kitchen table, flushed and gorgeous with a filthy mouth. "Didn’t know you were the one giving orders."

Jeongguk pulls his face into a stubborn frown and tries to tug at Seokjin’s arm to get him back down, to get him inside but Seokjin won’t play by his rules. He grabs his phone from the table with his face as blank as possible, like he’s not interested in the way Jeongguk puts himself on display, the baby alpha trying to seduce his beta hyung. He opens his messages and checks up on an unread one from Namjoon before he moves on to his chat with Taeyhung. The last message is from his boyfriend wishing him a wonderful day and he tries hard not to smile.

"Hyung," he hears Jeongguk beg but there’s still a nagging undertone to it that Seokjin doesn’t appreciate.

"What do you want?" He asks calmly.

"Hyung," he repeats, a little more desperate this time.

"You know what I want to hear."

The annoyed and very disrespectful huff he gets as a response makes him type out the following words:

Hey, love. I know you’re probably still busy with your classes but I have a very desperate baby alpha in front of me, begging me to fuck him. It wasn’t planned or anything and I know we wanted to wait before anything else like that happens again, with the rough start we had and all, but that’s why I don’t really wanna finish this without you. Let me know what you think?

He hits send and then takes a quick look at the alpha. He’s pouting now with even deeper lines on his forehead. Oh, he wants it, it’s quite obvious when Seokjin lets his gaze travel down to where his dick is hard and dripping pre-come on his ridiculous abs.

"All you need to say is please, you know that, baby. It’s not that hard isn’t it?"

Jeongguk’s breath quickens and then he covers his eyes with a desperate growl. Seokjin smirks and looks back at his phone when a message pops up.

Taeloveofmylife: Are you serious?

It’s hard to read the tone of this message, it could be anything from mad to excited but before Seokjin can write anything else Taehyung starts to flood their chat.

Taeloveofmylife: I’m in the middle of my class I can’t just leave :(

Taeloveofmylife: Dammit, is he actually begging?

Taeloveofmylife: I want to see that

Taeloveofmylife: And hear that

Taeloveofmylife: fCUK

"Time-out," Seokjin suddenly says and meets Jeongguk’s eyes when the younger peeks through his fingers. "I want to send Taehyung a picture of you, like this. I will leave out your face but I won’t send it if you’re not comfortable. I just want Tae to know how good you look and I want him to get his ass over here so he can join us. So. Will you be my partner in crime?"

Jeongguk chuckles and drops his arms to the side, thinking about it. Seokjin is glad that he does. After a few seconds that feel like five minutes he gives him a short nod. Seokjin beams. He lifts his phone in front of him, makes sure for the light to catch on to the shape of Jeongguk’s muscles, the flushed colour of his skin, his fucking hard cock. He only allows Jeongguk’s swollen bottom lip on the picture because he feels like that really completes it, and then he snaps the picture. Sending it to Taehyung takes a bit longer due to their shitty wi-fi but the reaction comes almost immediately and consists of three words:

Taeloveofmylife: On my way

He doesn’t tell Jeongguk yet, instead he puts his phone away and leans forward with both of his palms resting on the table, his own dick pressing delicately against the soft skin between Jeongguk’s thighs.

"Now… are you done with your attitude? Will you say please like a good boy?" Jeongguk takes a deep breath. Then another. And another. "Look at me, baby."

He does and that’s probably what breaks him. He reaches out with trembling fingers and pulls lightly at Seokjin’s shoulders.

"Please. Hyung, please fuck me."

Well, fuck. Not able to suppress a moan at those innocent words falling form sinful lips, Seokjin reaches between them to take himself in hand. He catches some of the lupe that is running down Jeongguk’s skin and then starts to press against his stretched out hole.

"Yes," Jeongguk hisses.

Seokjin watches his face carefully as he sinks in, making sure not to hurt him. He doesn’t need to worry though, not with the blissed out expression on Jeongguk’s face. Does he like it so much? Seokjin wonders what this bliss tastes like and leans down to brush their lips together. Jeongguk immediately wraps his arms around Seokjin’s neck and they share a soft sigh through their kiss.

Seokjin keeps one hand on the table and places the other on the small of Jeongguk’s back to help him sit up. He doesn’t let go of Seokjin, not even once, but has to break their kiss when the beta starts to thrust into him. His head falls back into his neck and he looks fucking divine like this.

"How do you feel, baby?" It’s so hard to hold back and he’s sweating from concentrating so hard but he wants to make sure Jeongguk is alright with this.

"So good," Jeongguk mutters. "Full..."

"Yeah? Want hyung to fuck you harder or is it too much?"

"Oh..." Jeongguk’s grip loosens slightly when Seokjin accentuates his question with one sharp roll of his hip. "Harder."


"Harder… please."

"I like you so much when you’re polite." He leans in to kiss along his jaw, whispering into his skin. "Don’t worry. I won’t tell anyone."

His hips snap forward and he takes the table with him, moving it a few inches closer to the isle. Jeongguk looks at Seokjin like he didn’t expect him to have it in him but then his eyes shine with want and he takes the next thrust with a deep moan.

"Fuck! Jin-hyung..."

He establishes an almost brutal pace, fucking his way through to his own orgasm that’s embarrassingly close already. And then everything comes to an abrupt stop when the door opens. There’s no hallway to connect the other rooms when you walk in. You’re right in the kitchen, so that’s how Tae finds them, with his scarf dangling from his shoulders because he probably put it on in a haste, his face red and his chest heaving from how fast he ran to get here. The other two might not look better, all sweaty and messy from grabbing each other like drowning men at sea.

"You’re both filthy animals you know that?" Is the first thing Taehyung says as he closes the door with his ass and rips off half of his clothes. "That’s my grandma’s table."

"I liked your grandma," Seokjin comments, which is probably the least sexy thing to say in a situation like that. It’s actually a sad thing because he really, truly means it. He really loved Taehyung’s grandma.

"I know and she liked you, too. She wanted you to marry her but you said you couldn’t break my heart. You’re such an anime love interest."

Seokjin grins and accepts the kiss Taehyung brushes against his lips, holding his face in both hands. Then he turns his head and kisses Jeongguk hard enough to push him back down onto the table.

"Tae," he gasps.

"Let me see you," Taehyung whispers and pulls back to appreciate Jeongguk’s body, his gaze lingering where Seokjin has his dick in him. "So gorgeous. You like how Jin fucks you?"

Jeongguk nods shyly and Seokjin is glad to know that he’s not the only one melting at this sight of their boyfriend. Taehyung lets out a strangled squeal and kisses him again, well he actually lies half across the table and on top of Jeongguk, his hand travelling down to his dick. The alpha hisses at the sensation and Seokjin feels like fainting because Jeongguk’s clenching around his dick and that’s fucking hot.

He slowly starts thrusting again as he watches Jeongguk and Taehyung kiss and stare into each other’s eyes. He wished he didn’t have to blink.

"Feels so good," Jeongguk moans and Taehyung smooths a hand across his forehead, pushing the hair out of his eyes.

"I know, Gukkie. I know what it’s like. Jin-hyung always fucks me so good. I’m glad you get to feel that."

Jeongguk’s fingers were clenched in the back of Taehyung’s shirt but now they loosen, traveling down to the omega’s jeans like he’s trying to feel him up. "Are you… you’re wet. I can - fuck - smell it."

His voice hitches with each of Jin’s thrusts and the beta can smell it too now. Taehyung’s arousal invades his nose and he’s so overwhelmed by it, he can only imagine what it’s like for an alpha and an omega.

"Why wouldn’t I… god. I’ve been wet ever since I left class. The picture Jin sent me was so fucking hot. And you two look so good together." He bites his lips and quickly looks at Seokjin. "I… I thought I’d just watch but… can I join?"

Seokjin’s hips stutter. "Are you seriously asking me that? You never have to ask. Come here."

When Taehyung is close enough so he pulls the omega in by the back of his neck, kissing him the way he knows he likes it, with his tongue licking deep into his mouth. Taehyung makes a desperate noise and holds on to him, but Seokjin soon breaks the kiss again, muttering a "Please don’t ask ever again," and then dives right back in. They only stop when they hear another pleasured voice. Jeongguk, who has been watching them. Who has been jerking off while watching them. Seokjin quickly catches Jeongguk’s wrist and clicks his tongue.

"Good boys wait, don’t they?"

"Hngh." Apparently there isn’t much coherent speech left in him.

"I thought I’d let Taehyung ride you while I fuck you, but..."

"Hyung, I’m--"

"He has been a real brat today," Seokjin says against Taehyung’s ear but doesn’t bother to whisper. "He played big alpha in front of his professor."

"But he’s just a baby," Taehyung coos and it’s almost too much for Jeongguk, he hides his blush beneath his hands and turns his head away. Taehyung looks at Seokjin. "You could let it slide, you know."

"He didn’t even apologise."

"I’m sorry!" Jeongguk almost yells. "I’m… really sorry. I’ll be good, hyung. Taetae. I promise."

"Aww, see?"

"Fine," Seokjin mutters. "Get your wet ass on him, love."

Taehyung is naked in no time and quickly climbs onto the table, bracing himself with one hand against Jeongguk’s chest. "I really missed you like this, Gukkie."

"I missed you too," he whispers.

Seokjin feels like he’s going to die he’s so turned on. Just by them missing each other and looking so hot together. He gets why Jeongguk felt the need to touch himself when he saw them kissing.

"Don’t let him knot you this time," Seokjin tells the nape of Taehyung’s neck while he takes Jeongguk’s dick in hand and rubs it between Taehyung’s wet cheeks. "I wanna see what it looks like."

"Fine," Taehyung moans and moves his hips. "Just get his dick in me."

"You’re both terrible brats," Seokjin comes to the final conclusion and lets Taehyung sink fully down on Jeongguk’s dick.

What follows is something Seokjin couldn’t even explain if someone asked him to. (Yoongi sometimes asks inappropriate questions like that and Seokjin doesn’t know him well enough yet to figure out if he’s joking or not. Yoongi is the only friend Jeongguk brought into their group, their… pack. Him and Jeongguk were both some alpha loners who could only stand the presence of each other. Yoongi doesn’t smile a lot but when he does it’s usually Hoseok’s fault. They spend a lot of time together recently and Seokjin would say they’ve become good friends, best friends even.)

"Ah," Jeongguk’s hands come into his line of vision, holding on to Taehyung’s ass that meets Jeongguk’s cock and Seokjin’s hips at the same time, over and over again. The wet squelching noises become louder, more filthy and he has to close his eyes for a moment or he’ll come too soon.

"Oh f--"

Well. It’s the effort that counts, right? No one can blame him, considering how tight Jeongguk gets around him every time Taehyung slams down. He comes hard and muffles his moan against Taehyung’s shoulder, his teeth catching a bit of skin to hold on to, but not hard enough to make him bleed.

"Do you feel that, Gukkie?" Taehyung mutters as he bounces on Jeongguk’s cock. "I love it when hyung fills me up. Do you love it, too?"

Jeongguk nods. "Yes. I love it."

"Can't wait for one of you to get me pregnant one day, ugh."

Is it possible to come twice? Because Jin feels like it right now. He still pulls out though so he can crouch down and watch it happen. Jeongguk’s knot is already slightly swollen and he knows Taehyung is fucking thirsty for it. But Seokjin has a plan that he doesn’t want ruined. Next time Teahyung is in heat he’ll get as much of Jeongguk’s knot as he needs. Taehyung is late for his heat anyway, it can’t be that far away now.

He recognises the tremble in Taehyung’s body when he comes and the arch of his back. Seokjin makes sure to fit a hand between them, to keep him from slamming down on Jeongguk’s knot.

"Sorry," Taehyung whimpers and quickly pulls off, remembering what Seokjin told him earlier.

He looks so blissed out and his knees quiver when he stands. Jeongguk on the other hand complains loudly at not being able to knot properly. But Seokjin is right there to squeeze the knot with his hands and then goes down on him, taking him into his mouth. He had fantasized about this a lot. About tasting Taehyung and Jeongguk at the same time.

The alpha is all wet with the omega’s slick and his own come that Seokjin swallows in huge gulps. He has heard that alphas come a lot more and a lot longer but… that’s next level. Is that what Jimin has to deal with every time Namjoon mounts him? For the first time he doesn’t wonder what’s it like to be an alpha but to be an omega. But it’s no use, he will never be either of those. He’ll always be a beta, something in-between.

"Oh god, hyung." Jeongguk’s fingers thread into his hair, begging him not to move because he’s so sensitive.

Seokjin just stays there, wishing he could take the knot into his mouth, too. There’s another hand stroking his neck up and down, and lips caressing his cheek.

"Does it taste good?" Taehyung asks and Seokjin pulls off with a wet sound, his lips all smeared with slick and come.

He kisses the omega with parted lips and Taehyung moans into his mouth, tasting him thoroughly. It’s one of the things they always like to do a lot: just kissing and touching for hours and hours. They don’t have time for that now, mostly because Seokjin’s knees are starting to ache and someone has to look after Jeongguk, who has kind of passed out on the kitchen table( that moved quite a distance. They even knocked over two chairs, when did that happen?)

"Come on," Seokjin mutters and lifts Jeongguk up from the table the same way he fucked him earlier, with Jeongguk's arms and legs firmly wrapped around him. He smiles when Taehyung follows them to the bathroom and already fills the bathtub with warm water.

"You still with us?" Seokjin asks while they wait, ignoring the already sore muscles of his arms. Jeongguk is made of muscles so he’s obviously quite heavy.

"Mmmmhmgpfh," Jeongguk hums with his face smushed against Seokjin’s neck.

Sadly the bathtub isn’t big enough for the three of them but at least Taehyung can climb in and help Seokjin take care of their fucked out boyfriend. It’s what he enjoys the most to be honest, to look after his boys and whenever he gets the chance to kiss either Jeongguk or Taehyung, he fucking takes it. He loves them so much it’s scary. And even though they’re all soulmates, it still kind of scares him. Doubts, doubts, fucking doubts.

Which is why he just kind of freezes when he dries Jeongguk off with a soft towel and the alpha just blurts it out.

"I love you, hyung."

Chapter Text

Seokjin squirms against the sheets, buries his face and fingers in the pillow to muffle a moan. Or maybe a scream. The pain he feels is faint but it’s so overwhelming that a few tears escape his eyes. He didn’t know taking a knot would feel like this.

"You’re doing so well," Taehyung whispers and strokes his back up and down while Jeongguk tries to keep still, but his laboured breath tells them that he would love to go a little harder, to fuck Seokjin on his knot. Taehyung would do it, could do it, but Seokjin is absolutely at his limits.

"That’s it," Jeongguk murmurs when Seokjin finally goes limp and just relaxes. Oh. Okay. Yeah that’s… that feels fucking amazing. All stretched out and filled up. He can see now why Taehyung loves that feeling so much. "God, you feel so good."

Seokjin takes a deep breath when Jeongguk mouths at his neck, right where the scent glands are that betas don’t have. He doesn’t seem to mind, just curls himself over Seokjin’s back. He doesn’t even turn them on their sides, it’s like he wants to hog the beta like a good smelling blanket.

"You’re so cute," Taehyung whines and kisses both of them softly.

When the knot finally goes down Seokjin knows that he won’t be able to do this every day. Not even every week. Maybe once a month or twice a year. His ass will need a lot of time to recover from that.

"I’ll get us something to clean up," Jeongguk says as he carefully removes himself.

"Don’t we have time to shower before we meet the pack?" Seokjin grumbles.

"Nope," Jeongguk chirps and bounces off to the bathroom in all his naked glory.

"He just wants us to reek of him in front of other people. I should never doubt that he’s an alpha," Seokjin fake complains.

Taehyung chuckles and pushes at Seokjin’s shoulder to make him roll onto his side. Then he moves closer, curling one arm around him so they can kiss with both of their heads comfortably on the pillow.

"You know why," he whispers so Jeongguk doesn’t hear them. "It’s been two weeks since he told you that he loves you and you haven’t said anything back yet."

"Has he told you that he loves you?"

"Yeah… Only a day or so before you fucked his brains out on our kitchen table. He was scared of telling you because he still can’t make sense out of you. And to be honest, neither can I and I’ve known you for ages. It’s not like you to be so closed off. Don’t tell me you still have your doubts?"

"No..." Seokjin says and it’s technically true. He doesn’t have any doubts about them being soulmates and in love. Of course he loves Jeongguk, too. But once he says it there’s no going back. It’s not a matter of whether he wants them or if they want him. He knows they do and he knows he wants them. If he confesses, he won’t be able to make the hard decision of backing off, which he still thinks would be best for Taehyung and Jeongguk. "You know I love you. And I love him, too."

"Then tell him that," Taehyung says. "Because I’m pretty sure he thinks you don’t want him like he wants you."

"But that’s bullshit."

"Tell him… please tell him."

Seokjin groans. "Why the pressure?"

"Well, mostly because it’s been two weeks, like I said. But I’m also close to my heat and Jeongguk’s obviously close to his rut. If it aligns then… then we could..."

He trails off but Seokjin knows exactly what he’s talking about. Mating. He’s talking about mating. You can either do it during a mating chase or when heat and rut happen at the same time. Fuck, it suddenly feels way to soon and gives Seokjin even less time to come to terms with the fact that he should leave. Because he’s just a beta he can’t even fucking mate. He may be able to take a knot every once in a while and make an alpha submit to him, but… his body is not made for all of this.

Back then, before his parents got to know Taehyung properly, they really wanted him to settle down with a beta girl. And even though Taehyung’s grandparents loved him, he could tell that they wanted something else for their boy as well. This is a fucked up mess. What was fate thinking when it made him bond to an alpha and an omega? There’s no way this can work out with all three of them. He will always be the third wheel, not because of them, but because of the society they live in.

"Jin?" Taehyung looks scared. "It was just an idea we had. We don’t want--"

Seokjin cuts him off with a kiss. he pours himself into it so whatever happens he will never doubt that Seokjin loves him.

"Let’s talk about this tomorrow, yeah? I can’t think like this, I’m still dripping with Jeongguk’s come."

Taehyung laughs and Seokjin is very proud of his distraction skills.

"There you are, we’ve been waiting for ages," Hoseok complains with a bottle of soju in his hand. Yoongi grabs his wrist and makes sure that he doesn’t spill any of it with his exaggerated gestures.

"Sorry," Jeongguk says with the brightest smile and his arms around each of his boyfriends. "We were busy."

"Yeah, we can smell that," Namjoon comments with a scrunched up nose. "If you’re late anyway you can at least have the courtesy to take a shower." When Jimin rolls his eyes next to him he lifts an eyebrow. "What?"

"Remember when you made me wear your sweater to class so no one would hit on me?"

Namjoon stares at him. "That was two days ago."

"Exactly. So don’t act like you’re any better. You alphas always want to mark what’s yours." Then he beams at Taehyung and lets the other omega crush him in a hug. "Taetaaae."


Seokjin smiles and shoves at Taehyung to make room for him and Jeongguk as well. Since that makes Namjoon almost fall off the other edge of the bench he takes the seat on the other side of the table, next to Yoongi and Hoseok. Seokjin wonders if that’s just an excuse to play footsie with Jimin, who already pouts when he notices that his alpha is gone from his side. Which truly is a rare sight now that Jimin is pregnant. But knowing they’re surrounded by pack seems to calm Namjoon down. The tips of their fingers touch across the table and Jimin smiles at Namjoon like he put all the stars in the sky.

"Someone get me bleach."

"Don’t be like that, Yoongi." Hoseok is all over the other alpha, who is somehow not bothered at all. "Young love is great."

"Greatly overrated," Yoongi mutters under his breath.

"Bleach sounds like a good idea," Seokjin comments and puts one arm around Taehyung and his other hand on Jeongguk’s knee. "Or soju."

"I’ll get it," Jeongguk announces eagerly and leans in to kiss Seokjin’s cheek. "Anything else?"

"Uh, no," Seokjin says. "That’s all."

"I would like some whiskey, actually." But Jeongguk is already gone, completely ignoring Yoongi and firmly concentrating on his mission.

Yoongi eyes Seokjin suspiciously. "Guess he has a new favourite hyung now."

"Ah." Seokjin awkwardly scratches at his chin and tries to ignore the pair of eyes burning holes into him. Two pairs of eyes actually.

"He wants to please you," Taehyung tells him quietly. "He doesn’t want to disappoint you."

"He could never disappoint me," Seokjin answers immediately because it’s true. Jeongguk is so good. He’s the only alpha who deserves someone as perfect as Taehyung.

"I don’t want to repeat myself but: tell. him."

"I will, okay? I promise."

He’s not sure he can keep that promise but he makes sure to give Jeongguk an embarrassingly long kiss when he returns with three bottles of soju (one for Seokjin, one for Taehyung and one for himself. Yoongi is only mildly irritated.) and rubs constant circles into his back. His hands though keep travelling to more intimate places the more bottles of soju he downs.

Jimin laughs at something Hoseok says and Namjoon elbows Yoongi to ask him for a collaboration because they’re both into rap music. At some point Jimin is not next to Taehyung anymore but on Namjoons lap to make sure his mate doesn’t drink too much. The bonding mark on his neck looks like it’s been re-opened recently and every now and then Namjoon pushes his face into it, nibbling and sucking until Jimin squeals and gasps on his lap.

Textbooks say you not only feel the bond physically but also in your heart, your very soul. It’s something you can’t describe in words, something you have to experience. Only Seokjin will never get to know that. As soon as the three of them are mated he’ll be like an intruder. If either Jeongguk or Taehyung are in the hospital, only one of them is allowed to visit the other. If they’re ever trying to buy a house it’ll be Taehyung and Jeongguk who will have to write down their names. This is just… all of this was a stupid idea. Soulmates or not, fate is wrong.

Seokjin must have gathered so much bad karma in his past life that it’s coming for him now to bite him in the ass (which is still hella sore, in case anyone was wondering). Putting everything he wants right in front of him and forcing him to step away. Why can’t he just be an omega or an alpha? Why didn’t he just fall for another beta? Which he wants to slap himself for because he’s so in love with Jeongguk and Taehyung he can’t even think of anyone else.

"Excuse me, loves of my life, I have some important business to attend to," he slurs as loudly as possible and stalks off in the direction of the toilets to relieve himself.

After washing his hands for what feels like ten hours he doesn’t return to the table but gets some fresh air instead to sober up. He leans against the wall and closes his eyes, taking some deep breaths. He thinks of the future of their pack. With Namjoon and Jimin being so happy, with Jeongguk and Taehyung being so beautiful together. Hoseok and Yoongi will find their fated omegas too, he’s sure of that. And then they’re perfect, the perfect pack with the perfect dynamics and they will have babies and raise them in the safety of their den. Yeah, Seokjin won’t be selfish any longer.

"Hyung?" He recognises the smell of Jeongguk and hates how it makes his inside tingle and his heart beat faster.

Jeongguk sneaks both arms around Seokjin’s waist and rubs his neck against Seokjin’s shoulder. He’s scenting him, god.

"Hey," Seokjin croaks. "Where’s Tae?"

"Still inside, stopping Jimin from showing off his new dance moves he learned from Hobi-hyung."

"Why are not helping him stop Jimin?"

"He has Namjoon for that. And I… I wanted to see if you were alright."

"I’m fine." Seokjin says and winces when he shifts his weight from one foot to the other. "Just a bit..."

"... sore?" Jeongguk grins and it’s fucking cute. His hands grab Seokjin’s waist a little harder. "I loved being inside of you. It was so good. I loved… I love--"

"Don’t say it," Seokjin snaps, harsher than he intended to and seeing Jeongguk flinch makes him want to die. "I mean… fuck."

"It’s okay," Jeongguk mumbles and slowly steps back. "I don’t want to pressure you. I know it’s not… I mean I don’t know what I did wrong, but. I can do better?"

"No, you can’t." Seokjin sighs.

"What do you mean?"

"What I mean is that you’re perfect, you and Tae are so perfect together, and you did nothing wrong, so I will… I will just step out. It’s fine."

"No, what… what do you mean?."

"I think I’m gonna throw up," Seokjin says in a monotone voice. And then he does throw up, right there on the streets and it’s Jeongguk who makes sure he doesn’t puke on himself.

I’m so in love with him, he thinks and when he’s finally done throwing up Jeongguk tells him to wait so he can get some water. But Seokjin doesn’t wait. He stumbles back inside only a minute later and the first person he runs into is Hoseok.

"Oi, Seokjinnie you… kind of smell disgusting. Is that vomit on your shirt? How much did you drink!?"

"Can I crash at your place?" He asks miserably and he must be a miserable sight too because Hoseok doesn’t even ask any other questions. He takes Seokjin back to his flat, onto the very comfortable couch that he’s so ready to pass out on. He faintly remembers Hoseok taking off his shoes and whisper shouting at someone else, whoever that is. Oh man, he probably prevented Hoseok from hooking up with some hot omega.

"’m sorry," he mumbles and then falls asleep.

Hoseok is nice, he always is. He lets Seokjin take a nice shower in the morning and even makes him breakfast so he can recover from that massive hangover. Yoongi isn’t that nice though. He was the one waking Seokjin up with a pillow to his face, yelling at him ("What have you done to my Kookie? Why is he crying? Are you an idiot? GET UP") and now glares at him over the rim of his mug while Seokjin tries to get some greasy seafood and rice into his sensitive stomach.

Seokjin hasn’t really questioned Yoongi’s presence in Hoseok’s flat. They’re friends after all. But now he notices that there hasn’t been anyone else sleeping on the couch. That Yoongi is holding a mug that’s definitely not from Hoseok, like he brought his own, and… he’s wearing the other alpha’s shirt. They kind of smell like each other, don’t they? When it hits him, the squid falls from his chopsticks.

"Wait, are you two hooking up?"

"Betas really do have shitty noses, huh?" Yoongi shakes his head.

"Don’t be so sexist," Hoseok says and hooks one leg over Yoongi’s knee. "He’s trying very hard."

"Not hard enough," Yoongi growls.

"Hey, we don’t know what happened between them."

"All I know is that he made Jeongguk cry and Joon says that Taehyung is worried out of his mind, so in my eyes he fucked up."

Seokjin had seen the missed calls and messages on his phone but didn’t dare to read them yet.

"Oh my god Yoongi, I love you but shut up."

Is… is Yoongi blushing? Did Hoseok just say he loves him? What the fuck is happening?

"What the fuck is happening?" He says out loud.

"We’re not just hooking up," Hoseok says. "We’re kind of dating."

"kind of?!" Yoongi hisses.

"Dating. Full on dating. Dating as in cuddle dates and kissing dates and dinner dates and theatre dates and--"

"Alright, alright," Yoongi interrupts him with a gummy smile.

"I didn’t… know that."

"We didn’t tell the others but they could smell it. It’s more like an open secret, you know."

"Yeah, I’m sorry I have a ‘shitty nose’ and a shitty perception and… shitty everything."

"Jin..." He can’t remember Hoseok ever looking that concerned. "We’ve known each other for years and I have never seen you like this. What is wrong? Tell me?"

"I… just don’t want to be in the way."

"Which way?" Hoseok frowns.

"In the way of Taehyung’s and Jeongguk’s happiness?" He mutters and shoves some seafood across his bowl.

"No," Hoseok says. "Not again, Kim Seokjin. Don’t do this again."

"I don’t know what you’re talking about."

"You’re putting yourself down because you’re a beta and think you’re not good enough for them. You did the same to other omegas that flirted with you and I thought you were past that when you met Taehyung."

"Well, he deserves more. They both do. And now they have each other and no one will give them odd looks or prevent them from buying a house because they’re in a weird relationship. Their babies will go to the best of schools and they will see all the plays and concerts they do. Everyone will praise them for being such good parents and no one will ask any questions."

He’s wheezing by the time he’s finished and drops his chopsticks on the table, face buried in one hand. He can’t be the only one seeing it.


"Do you remember two years ago when we all went to the zoo? There was some couple’s discount because it was valentine’s day and we only got it because they thought you and Taehyung were together. Just two couples and their weird beta friend tagging along. This shit happens all the time and I ignored it because Taehyung made me so happy and I could see he was happy, too. But now he can be happy without all of that shit and it would be really fucking selfish of me to deny him that."

"Fucking selfish is what you are, yeah."

"Yoongi," Hoseok whines and places a hand on his arm.

"It’s fucking true." Yoongi puts his mug down and Seokjin wants to kind of shrink down in his seat when the alpha pheromones hit him. They’re definitely not friendly pheromones.

"What gives you the right to decide what’s best for them? They chose you already! Not just that, you are soulmates. You have it confirmed by the universe and you still question them? They should dump your sorry ass."

"They should," Seokjin says and suddenly a mug is flying right past his head.

"I’m gonna murder you," Yoongi says and it sounds like the calm before the storm. "I’m gonna murder you and bring them your heart so they can step on it and you’ll know how they felt when you crushed theirs."

"I can see why you and Namjoon get along. You have a talent for diction. I heard you already produced some songs, can I listen to them?"

"Shut up," Yoongi growls.

"Alright," Seokjin mumbles to himself and rolls his eyes.

"Do you think Hoseok will leave me one day?"

Hoseok gasps. "Yoongi--"

"Shut up, babe."

"Alright, love," Hoseok sighs with a dreamy expression on his face.

"So?" Yoongi looks at Seokjin expectantly.

He can only shrug. "I don’t know what he will do. But why would he?"

"Because we’re both alphas and people will give us odd looks for the rest of our lives. We can’t mate, we can’t even adopt babies and if we have babies, only one of us can put down our name as the parent."

It's kind of the same with the three of them isn't it? If Jin gets Taehyung pregnant only he can be the official father, not him and Jeongguk. Would that stop him from being with them?

"That’s… yeah, that’s some hardships. But I guess your love can overcome that."

Yoongi hums. "If an omega came along to steal Hoseok away, you know what I would tell them?"


"I would tell them to piss off because they can’t love him like I do."

Seokjin risks another glance at the two of them and Hoseok looks at him with his chin propped up on one hand, grinning like the sun, like he’s not even interested in any omegas and never will be. Now that he thinks of it, he doesn’t remember seeing Hoseok around any omegas, ever. But he has always been close to Namjoon. He even brought an alpha friend to their bar once but that only lasted a couple of times.

"Oh fuck, I’m an idiot," he hits himself in the face with the palm of his hand. "You’re gay."

Hoseok sighs. "I guess it’s kind of our fault, too. We’re so used to sense this stuff just by our noses and instincts so that we don’t talk as much as we should. You’re a beta, we can’t expect you to know everything." There’s a pause, then he looks at Yoongi. "Jeongguk and Taehyung feel all of that and it’s so goddamn clear to them that they probably never told him. I can’t blame him for having doubts. He needs to hear it."

"Jeongguk told him that he loves him, how much clearer can he be?" Yoongi growls and throws his hands up into the air.

"Well, I love Seokjin too, but that doesn’t mean the same."

"Oh, whatever." Yoongi shakes his head. "All I know is that they had a choice and they chose you, Kim Seokjin."

Did they? "Oh..."

"They could have dumped your ass already but they didn’t. They will never be happy without you."

"That’s love, bitch," Hoseok says and high fives Yoongi, who looks a little upset.

"I fucking hate that show."

"But you still watch it with me, that’s love too, bitch."

"I think I need to go," Seokjin suddenly says.

It’s the first time he sees Yongi smile at him. "Yeah, you do."

Chapter Text

He’s wearing one of Hoseok’s shirts that’s too tight around his shoulders but thankfully doesn’t have vomit on it, and his jeans from last night. Who needs underwear, right? God knows what happened to the jacket he was wearing yesterday. On the train back home he reads the messages Taehyung and Jeongguk have been sending him. It’s mostly questions of where he is and what happened. Jeongguk has sent him tons of apologies and promises to fix whatever went wrong and Seokjin wants to go back to hitting himself. His last two messages are from Taehyung at 4 AM and Jeongguk at 5AM.

Taeloveofmylife: Don’t you fucking do this to us.

JKbabyalpha: I never wanted to fuck up what you and Tae had.

When he finally climbed the last stairs to their flat he opens the door as quietly as possible and puts his keys on the kitchen counter while toeing out of his shoes. He can see that the door to their bedroom is opened so they’re probably not in there. He finds them in the living room, curled up together on the couch and sharing a blanket.

Jeongguk is asleep against Taehyung’s shoulder but Taehyung is very much awake and looks up from his phone when he notices Seokjin by the door. They stare at each other for a long time and the hurt must show on his face too because the omega’s carefully schooled expression begins to crumble the longer he looks at Seokjin. Jeongguk suddenly stirs after taking a deep breath in his sleep and he looks fucking awful, like that was the first bit of sleep he had all night.

"Hyung?" He mutters, smelling the other before he sees him. When he opens his eyes Seokjin is already on his knees in front of them. He bends forward and presses his forehead and palms against the floor, squeezing his eyes shut.

"I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have said any of the stuff I said last night and I shouldn’t have left like I did. I’m sorry I made both of you feel like I’m not a hundred percent in this or that I don’t love either of you because I really fucking do. I’m sorry I keep thinking about how the two of you would be so much happier without me because I’m just a beta - I know you don’t like me saying it but it’s true and… and there’s so much stuff about your dynamics I don’t understand or can’t because I am what I am and I love you both so much but I feel like I’m failing every time. I’m failing you and I hate it. I want you to be happy because you both deserve to be happy. With me you’ll constantly have to explain yourself. People will give you odd looks, they will question what we are, everyday. But I realised it’s shitty of me to make this decision for you, so I apologise. I’m sorry. Please don’t hate me."

He doesn’t dare to move, not even when he hears Jeongguk’s quiet sniffles. Oh god, is he crying? He has never seen Jeongguk cry. Or any alpha for that matter.

"Do you know why I fell in love with you three years ago?" Taehyung suddenly asks. "Look at me, Jin." He hesitates, not sure if he’s ready to face them. But then he sits back onto the back of his heels and meets Taehyung’s gaze. Oh no. He’s crying, too. "I fell in love with you because you were the most confident person I’ve ever met. You didn’t care about people being better than you or hotter than you. Which isn’t possible anyway, I know. You and Jeongguk are on the same level when it comes to hotness. That’s not the point though. You always made me feel wanted, you always respected me and the way I am, you accepted me. And not once did you worry about any alphas around me because you knew what you had to offer and you offered me everything I needed. I fell so hard for you and I love you so much that it’s killing me to see you like this. Where the fuck did that confidence go?"

"It’s… it’s different now. Jeongguk isn’t just an alpha, he’s your soulmate."

"But we’ve been over this. He’s your soulmate, too. You know that, we told you, why are we having this discussion again?"

"He doesn’t feel it," Jeongguk interrupts him and wipes at his nose with the back of his hand. "That’s why Hoseok called me earlier. He… I know you can’t feel it like we do, hyung. That’s where we fucked up, I guess."

Taehyung makes an irritated noise. "What do you mean we fucked up?"

"I… you and me, we feel it in our bones, we feel it everywhere. We know what we are to each other and we can smell it even more. There’s no room for any doubt but… Jin-hyung, he’s a beta."


"It’s not a bad thing. He’s a beta and we should treat him like one. Hoseok says that’s why we need to tell him."

"But we did," Taehyung whines.

"But did we really? Taehyung?"

"What are you talking about?" Jin asks carefully.

Jeongguk takes a deep breath. "You smell good, hyung. You and Taehyung both smell like my soulmates. But I also fell in love with your confidence and your cooking skills and your dad jokes and your laugh. I obviously love Tae differently because you’re both different people but I love you just as much as I love him. You’re… you two are the only people who can… handle me, you know? I’ve had one or two relationships before and they ended badly because I’m a fucking mess. Maybe that’s why I need two soulmates. Because as much as you want to believe that Taehyung and I would be happy without you… we wouldn’t. We wouldn’t work and… I’m not in this if it’s only one of you. I need you both. I’m not sure I ever talked this much before in my life and I’m bad at words but I need you to know that. Because it’s all so clear in my head, my instincts tell me that whenever I’m near both of you. So, yeah. I love you..."

Jin is kind of stunned. He didn’t expect any of that and certainly not from Jeongguk, who’s now picking at a loose thread of the blanket and probably isn’t aware of Jin’s speechlessness or the way Taehyung stares at him lovingly. Kind of the same way Hoseok looked at Yoongi.

"Gukkie said it better than I ever could. I don’t care about what other people say because they don’t matter. You do. You always put me first. I didn’t realise it before, but you… you tried to be an alpha for me, didn’t you?" Taehyung frowns at Seokjin. "I guess you have some of those traits but you really forced yourself into some of it. God, we were always so good at communicating and sorting things out but I completely missed that. I’m so stupid."

"Don’t," Seokjin says. "Don’t feel stupid. I didn’t force myself to do anything, I love you and want to give you everything you need."

"Yeah and apparently you always thought that wasn’t enough. I only wanted you, Seokjin." His tears are spilling again and Jeongguk immediately hugs him closer. "I never felt like I was missing out on something. I was so happy with you, just with you. And when Jeongguk found me I was so scared and the only place I felt safe was with you, so I ran home. To you."

Seokjin vaguely remembers thinking of that, too. How good it had made him feel that Taehyung still wanted him.

"I’m sorry," he whispers.

"Don’t be. It seems like I really didn’t tell you often enough. But I will now. We both will. Jeongguk is right, you’re a beta and can’t magically sense it like we do. I didn’t want you to put yourself down so I kind of ignored that you’re a beta instead of acknowledging it. I should have appreciated you more. And please stop feeling bad about it, I sometimes wished I was a beta."

Seokjin blinks. "What?"

"Who wants to go through a heat? It’s kind of scary to be driven nuts by your hormones. When Jeongguk said you knew how to handle him I wanted to agree, you know. You can handle me. I panic every time I open an envelope, thinking they will cancel my scholarship, or worse: our internet. I panic when we’re at parties cause all those scents overwhelm me. But you don’t. You’re always calm and know exactly what to do to make me feel safe. I always wanted to do the same for you and I fucking failed. I failed and you felt like I didn’t want you."


"But I want you. I want you both so much. I want you to love me and I want you to love each other and I want us to be happy. Us. The three of us. Together. Not two and one but three."

Oh wow, Seokjin is the biggest idiot on this planet. He knew they loved him but he was pretty sure they would be happy without him,too. Turns out they’re not and he made them cry.

"I’m sorry," he repeats. "I’m truly sorry for the way I behaved and for what I said. And I’m so sorry for not saying it back, Jeonggukkie. Of course I love you, too."

Jeongguk’s eyes suddenly go wide and his bottom lip starts to tremble. Nope, Seokjin can’t have any more tears. Fucking insecurities, they can fuck right off to where dad jokes are dead and the sun doesn’t shine. He rises to his feet and joins them on the couch to kiss away Jeongguk’s sadness and Taehyung’s fears. He will make up for what he did, no matter how long it takes.

And maybe there is that kind of connection between the three of them, even if he’s just a beta. Maybe these overwhelming feelings are not just his own. He will deal with that and he will learn and make them both so happy.

"There’s something else I want to know though," he says. "Since when have Yoongi and Hoseok been a couple and why did no one tell me?"

Jeongguk’s jaw goes slack at his words. "They’re what?"

"Oh my god," Taehyung says. "You two deserve each other, you’re both oblivious idiots. Maybe I should leave you both instead."

"Too soon." Seokjin winces. "That’s too soon to make jokes about it."

"But that’s like - our thing."

"Can we go back to where you mentioned my best friend being in a relationship with my hyung?"

"Oh baby," Taehyung sighs and pinches Jeongguk’s cheek. "How did you not notice?"

"I was busy!"

"Busy with what?"

Seokjin almost chokes when Jeongguk’s sweet and dopey smile returns with violent force. "Busy with my soulmates."

And maybe it’s… just that simple.

Chapter Text

Seokjin has worked for barely two hours when he got the call from Jeongguk. He usually receives texts from his boyfriends or sometimes a voice message but they never ever call, especially not Jeongguk. He hates calling people. So that gets Seokjin’s attention and he quickly moves on to the building’s bathroom before he picks up.


The first thing he hears is Taehyung’s pleading voice in the background. Little gasps and whines and some… filthy vocabulary.

"Hyung." Jeongguk’s voice is much nearer, much more agitated, and out of breath. "I need you to come home."

"What is wrong? Is Tae--"

"He’s in heat…. He. He wants you and I’m…"

They have talked about this, weeks ago. Jeongguk’s and Taehyung’s cycle was still fucked, so when the omega suddenly went into heat and Jeongguk’s rut wasn’t triggered in the slightest they decided to just wait and not force it. Seokjin had figured it could take years for it to happen at the same time, but it’s been literally five weeks and three days.

"You’re in rut?" He asks carefully.

"Close. Just… very close. I can feel it. I -- Taehyungie, can you please stop just for--hngh. Sorry, hyung. I mean." He takes a few deep breaths. "A few hours maybe. Tae is…"

He trails off and Seokjin realises how overwhelmed the young alpha must be. He’s never been with an omega in heat while he was in a rut, at least that’s what he told them. He used to spend his rut either alone, in the gym to get it out of his system, or with an omega he’d never see again.

"Baby," Seokjin murmurs while he makes sure all the stalls are empty. "Thank you for calling me, I know your hormones must be going wild right now."

"It’s so hard, hyung. He smells so good."

"I know. But you know how to take care of him, right? It’s in your blood."

"But we want you here," Jeongguk complains and there’s a fussy undertone that Seokjin knows is accompanied by a stubborn pout.

"I know. I’ll see what I can do. I think I still have a few sick days left. You take care of our boyfriend until I’m there. I don’t trust anyone but you."

Jeongguk’s breath hitches loudly through the phone. "No one touches him but us."

Seokjin hums and drops his forehead against the wall, closing his eyes. He’s trying very hard not to get… well, hard. He can only imagine what they both must look like, so needy and desperate to mate. Yet the first thing they do is call him. He’s some lucky bastard, isn’t he?

"You’re a good boy, Jeonggukkie. I love you very much. You and Tae. Tell him when you knot him, yeah? Make him feel loved until I’m there, okay?"

"I love you, too," Jeongguk whimpers, as if he still can’t believe it. It hurts Seokjin to know that this is his fault for stringing Jeongguk along after that first time he confessed to him. "I’ll be good to him."

Seokjin smiles. "That’s my baby alpha." Jeongguk’s pleased little sigh makes him shiver. "Hand the phone to Taehyung, okay? I just wanna talk to him for a second."

"Of course. Come home soon.." There’s a few muffled noises and then there’s a familiar voice in Seokjin’s ear.


"Hey love," Seokjin says softly. "I’ll try to leave work but it may take a while. How do you feel?"

"Hurts," Taehyung huffs and then sniffles. He always is so sweet during his heats but also gets annoyed by his own behaviour. It’s always been adorable and Seokjin loves to tease him about it. "I need you, hyung. Need you both."

"I know. That’s why I’ll hurry. Jeongguk is with you though and he’ll look after you. He will make you feel very good. You remember what it’s like to take his knot, don’t you?"

Taehyung groans, the rustling sounds of the sheets become louder. There’s also the wet sound of someone’s lips kissing along soft skin. Jeongguk is probably trying to soothe Taehyung but that will only turn him on more. "So good. Want his knot. Oh god."

"I see you’re in very good hands. Be good to each other, I love you very much."

"Loveyouloveyouloveyou," Taehyung babbles. "Be quick, hyung."

"I will. Now have fun," he says with a grin and when the line goes dead he takes a few deep breaths.

It will be hard to explain this to his boss. Maybe he should just tell him that he’s actually sick. It’s what he always does when Taehyung went into heat. Last year Seokjin had been battling a flu that had taken him ages to recover from and when Taehyung went into heat not long after that he didn’t have any sick days left. So he wasn’t allowed to leave. Which is bullshit. If he was an alpha this incident would be treated as paid leave. But he’s a beta and not supposed to be with an omega or an alpha. Last time he was forced to let Taehyung go through it alone. It was the worst three days of his life and he doesn’t want to repeat that.

Fortunately, his boss is very understanding when Seokjin tells him that he has been throwing up in the bathroom and would like to go home for a few days and that he’ll be back as good as new after the weekend. As fast as humanly possible he collects his stuff and rushes out of the office building.

It still takes him over an hour to get home and by the time he has run up the stairs to their apartment he’s sweaty and out of breath. His hands shake as he opens the door with his keys and he’s immediately hit by the heavy scent of sex in the air.

"Fuck," he mutters to himself and gets rid of as many clothes as possible as he approaches their bedroom door.

He leaves his shoes by the entrance, loses his jacket half across the kitchen and by the time he’s pushing into their bedroom he has loosened the tie around his neck. He’s kind of stunned when he walks inside. The first thing he spots is Taehyung spread out across the sheets. He’s passed out on his stomach with his legs still slightly parted and a concerning amount of come dripping out of him. Seokjin has barely time to appreciate the soft light hitting the omega’s bronze skin before his back is slammed into the door and he has an alpha all over him. An alpha who is clearly in rut.

Jeongguk is naked, his skin flushed and his face pushes unter Seokjin’s chin, making him raise it so he can properly scent him. His hands are all over the beta, tearing at the shirt that is still tucked into his pants. When he has succeeded in pulling it out he gets his fingers on Seokjin’s skin, digs his nails into his waist and presses him harder against the door.

"Got you," Jeongguk whispers with a feral grin and then uses his hands to tilt down Seokjin’s face.

They kiss, though it feels more like Jeongguk is trying to eat him up. Seokjin is definitely not complaining. He gets his own hands on the alpha’s back, feels the muscles work underneath. If he wasn’t hard before he’s definitely now. Jeongguk doesn’t pull back far enough to break their kiss but he leaves enough room for both of them to get their hands in-between and undress the beta. Seokjin opens his own pants while Jeongguk is busy ripping the buttons of his shirt. They fly everywhere and then Seokjin is finally naked. He sweats even more with the alpha’s heated skin against his own. It’s a familiar feeling, Taehyung is the same when he’s in heat.

"I want to fuck you," Jeongguk mouths against his lips and then just… fucking lifts him up by his thighs.

A startled sound escapes Seokjin’s mouth and he quickly wraps his legs around Jeongguk’s waist. He expects the alpha to maybe just carry him to the bed or to give up after a few moments, but he doesn’t. He stays right where he is, kisses the air out of Seokjin’s lungs and purrs deep in his throat.

"How stretched are you, hyung? I know you got off in the shower this morning, got yourself all nice and clean because you knew Tae’s heat is close. I need to fuck you."

"Yeah, it’s… it’s fine."

"Don’t wanna hurt my hyung," Jeongguk slurs against the corner of his mouth, teeth grazing his skin. "Love my handsome hyung."

If Jeongguk keeps talking like that he’ll make Seokjin come before he even gets the chance to put his dick in him.

"Just go slow," Seokjin assures him and brushes some sweaty strands of hair out of his eyes. "I know you’ll make me feel good."

"Always," Jeongguk breathes and then reaches between them.

Seokjin watches in amazement. Even with only one hand he doesn’t lose his grip around the beta. His cock is still wet with his own come and Taehyung’s slick, making it all slippery when he prods at Seokjin’s hole. It’s a tight squeeze when he rolls his hips forward and Seokjin lets his head fall back against the door, eyes closed. The slow drag doesn’t feel bad and he adjusts quickly enough so he doesn’t yelp when Jeongguk suddenly hoists him up to get a proper grip on him. The movement makes Seokjin fall back onto his dick and it pushes the air out of his lungs.

"Oh god," he wheezes. "Gukkie--"

"Yeah? Feels good? Tell me, hyung." His alpha voice really is something else.

"It’s so good. You’re gonna make me come," Seokjin moans.

Jeongguk starts to thrust in earnest, spurred on by whatever is showing on Seokjin’s face. There must be something because whenever Seokjin opens his eyes half-way to gaze at Jeongguk, the alpha is already staring at him and his hips snap forward, or rather upward. He fucks into Seokjin, fucks him against the door which is protesting in its angles but the baby alpha doesn’t care. He’s a brat and takes what’s his.

It’s fascinating, really. Seokjin has never seen an alpha in rut, only once when he accidentally walked in on Jimin and Namjoon in the studio. How was he supposed to know that this is what the sounds behind the door meant? He could smell something but that could also have been a man working his ass off and not opening the window for a day. But he remembers the possessive flash in Namjoon’s eyes when it was Jimin who got between them to kind of protect Seokjin from the alpha’s wrath. He didn’t appreciate someone getting close to his omega.

He admits that he was a little worried Jeongguk’s instincts might not work in his favour. That they would see Seokjin as a threat to the omega in heat. But as their relationship has proved more than once since it started: it was stupid to worry. Jeongguk looks at Seokjin the same way he looks at Taehyung. He craves them both.

"Love fucking you," Jeongguk groans as he mouths and nibbles at Seokjin’s collarbone, his thrusts becoming harder as he squeezes Seokjin’s ass. "I want to… want to..."

"What? What do you want?" Seokjin asks, his voice hitching every time Jeongguk slams into him.

"Breed you" Jeongguk blurts out and then whines. His movements falter and he hides his face in Seokjin’s neck, like he’s embarrassed. Cute.

"Oh Gukkie," Seokjin whispers and hooks one arm closer around the alpha, the other reaches down to his cock to stroke himself along with Jeongguk’s thrusts. "I wish you could."

"Hyung..." He sounds so desperate, like he needs to come but can’t, like he… like he’s waiting for... permission? "Please."

"You can come, baby. Fill me up, yeah? Like you did with Tae. See who you can get pregnant first, hm?"

"Oh." Jeongguk throws his head back, his hips bucking once, twice, and then he comes.

Seokjin enjoyed the fast build-up and is close himself when he sees Jeongguk let loose like that. He spills all over his hand and shudders at the sensation of being stuffed, along with his orgasm ripping through him. Thankfully Jeongguk didn’t push in far enough to knot him. He kind of admires Jeongguk’s self-control in a situation like this. They smile at each other, out of breath and ready to pass out.

It should be Jeongguk’s thighs that quiver after he puts him back down on his two feet but it’s Seokjin’s knees that feel a bit wobbly. Jeongguk looks so pleased with himself and lifts Seokjin’s hand to his mouth. He licks him clean and hums at the taste of it. Seokjin wonders if his come tastes as good to him as Taehyung’s slick.

"I love you," Seokjin says eventually and pulls Jeongguk in for a kiss, tongue licking behind his teeth lazily.

"Too," Jeongguk murmurs into his mouth, then leans back. "Love you, too."

Seokjin grins and tries to ignore the gross feeling of come dripping down his legs. He understands the need of a knot now. He wouldn’t say no to a plug that keeps it inside. How does Taehyung deal with that? Which reminds him… He needs to check on his other boyfriend too, who is still snoring into the pillow.

But when he tries to step past Jeongguk, the alpha moves with him. He blocks his way to Taehyung and there’s a conflicting expression on his face.

"We’re not done, hyung."

"I just want to check on Tae."

"He’s fine," Jeongguk insists with a frown and his hands reach for Seokjin. "I’m not done with you."

"Jeongguk," Seokjin says in his dad voice but it’s not working this time. The alpha huffs, feels questioned in his status and pushes against Seokjin’s waist to keep him away. Or maybe close.

"You smell like mine," he says absentmindedly. "You’re mine?"

"Of course."


"So we’re done?"

"No," Jeongguk says and they stare at each other.

The mood in the air changes and Seokjin does another experimental step to the left. Jeongguk mirrors it again, though he takes a step back and drops his arms, not leaving the beta out of his sight.

He gets it then, the territorial behaviour, his bratty attitude. Seokjin knows that game and maybe a rut is the right time to indulge him.

"Ah, that’s what this is about." Seokjin moves until they’re chest to chest. Jeongguk’s jaw is set, showing off its hard lines through tender skin. He’s breathing through his nose and Seokjin carefully cups his face to keep him in place. "You want to be the one in charge here? You think we’re playing by your rules but we’re not." Jeongguk tenses up immediately and when his mouth drops open to pant, Seokjin lets his thumb trail across his bottom lip. "There you go. You want to be good for us, don’t you?"

He’s so close to giving in, he can see it in the way Jeongguk leans into his hands and his body but as soon as he realises what he’s doing he snaps out of it.

"What are you--" Jeongguk cuts himself off and grabs Seokjin’s wrists. "I’m not that easy."

Seokjin licks his lips. "Oh? Do I have to make you then?"

It’s a challenge and he’s not sure Jeongguk is going to take it, but he is pretty sure that’s what he wants. It’s why he misbehaves in front of authorities, why he keeps overstepping his boundaries.

"Try it," Jeongguk whispers then and pushes his body against Seokjin’s, forehead against forehead. "Try me."

Seokjin braces himself both physically and mentally for what he’s about to do. He doesn’t know if he actually can do it. As a kid he has stayed out of trouble. He was the one getting an adult to break fights off. But now he’s starting one with his soulmate, which feels ridiculous. But also thrilling. And scary. Jeongguk is made of muscles, so he has to be smart about this. An alpha in rut is all about instincts and right now those instincts tell him to get the beta underneath him.

Seokjin is the first to move, tries to wrap both arms around Jeongguk to get him out of the way. But Jeongguk chuckles and frees himself quickly by holding on to the beta’s wrists. It’s pushing and pulling, underlined by sharp gasps and growls, mostly from Jeongguk. He seems to enjoy it though, his eyes sparkle with mischief and his grin is feral when he slams into Seokjin.

The movement makes him stumble and presses the air out of his lungs. There’s a foot behind his leg and suddenly he goes down with Jeongguk on top of him. He keeps struggling and tries not to be weirded out by the boner he’s sporting, even though he just came. Maybe it’s Jeongguk’s cock and his still swollen knot that gets trapped between them, or the way Jeongguk tries to bite him.

Yeah, it’s… definitely the biting thing. Jeongguk nibbles and nuzzles, seems very distracted by the vein on Seokjin’s neck. He pushes his nose against it and breathes in. The beta uses that moment to roll them over and sit on Jeongguk’s thighs. Jeongguk’s hands immediately dart out to push him off but Seokjin gets a hold of them and pushes down with all of his weight, until the alpha’s wrists hit the floor. They’re both breathing heavily, not averting their eyes as they fight each other’s hold. Jeongguk is so fucking strong that Seokjin can feel himself start to sweat from the effort to keep him on the floor.

He’s almost ready to give up, to let Jeongguk just win, when his eyes trail down the young alpha’s neck to where his scent glands are swollen and flushed. Is it always like that? He knows Taehyung is more sensitive there during his heat and likes it when Seokjin mouths and licks at that spot. He feels himself lean forward and instead of going slow he opens his mouth wide and clamps down on Jeongguk’s neck, biting hard enough to leave at least some kind of mark.

He expects a reaction from Jeongguk but not for him to yelp and thrash underneath him. He whines, slurs Seokjin’s name in all its variations and then hyunghyunghyung until he suddenly goes slack underneath him. He submits and when Seokjin carefully pulls back, Jeongguk’s eyes are wet with tears.

"Don’t cry." He loosens his grip on Jeongguk’s wrists and cups his face so he can pepper dozens of kisses on it. "You’re so beautiful. So good. I love you."

"Again. Please..."

Seokjin smiles. "I love you," and then drops the softest kiss on Jeongguk’s lips. It makes the little alpha sigh in relief.

It’s almost like this little playfight got him off the same way sex did. Seokjin feels like he should’ve researched a bit more before Jeongguk went into his rut. When they talked about it, Jeongguk had said there wouldn’t be much of a difference to Taehyung’s heat but that doesn’t feel quite right. Seokjin begins to understand that with both of them in this vulnerable state he has much more responsibility on his shoulders. He hopes he won’t fail.

Jeongguk lifts his head from the floor to deepen their kiss and Seokjin gets lost in it for a moment. He only pulls back when he hears a gasp from the bed and meets Taehyung’s eyes over its edge. The omega has wriggled over to watch them with one hand between himself and the sheets. His eyes burn with lust and Seokjin gets a familiar fluttery feeling in his stomach.

"Hey love," he says and smiles when he feels Jeongguk’s nose rub along his throat.

"Welcome home," Taehyung croaks, his voice laced with affection. "I missed you."

"I missed you, too." Seokjin slowly lifts himself off of Jeongguk and helps them both on the bed. "Have you been good for our baby alpha?"

Taehyung nods and rolls onto his back, making grabby hands for Seokjin. "I took his knot and it was amazing."

Seokjin hums and crawls in between his legs where it’s all warm and wet. "Want me to take care of you, too?"

"Yesyesyes," Taehyung hisses, the heat triggering his wicked tongue. "Fuck me, Jin."

"Oh god," Jeongguk whines next to them.

He watches Seokjin push into Taehyung without any restraint, their bodies flush together and their lips locked. It’s a weird sensation, because he’s still a little sore from Jeongguk fucking him but being inside Taehyung always feels so good. He knows what Taehyung wants when he’s in heat. He wants it hard and rough and fast. When his heat is almost over he’ll want it slow and sweet but they’re not at this point yet. All he needs now is a good dicking and Seokjin will give it to him.

"Yes," Taehyung repeats over and over again, lets Seokjin swallow the words and praise until they’re both so breathless that they can’t kiss anymore, their lips only loosely resting against each other. "Good. So-- good."

"Yeah?" Jin asks with another pointed jab of his hips.

"Oh-- fuck."

"What else do you need, hm? Want to taste our Jeonggukkie?"

Taehyung nods. Seokjin pulls out in one swift motion and wraps an arm around Taehyung’s waist to flip him over. The omega lets out a tiny impressed squeal and Seokjin locks eyes with Jeongguk.

"You heard him, baby. Lean against the headboard."

Jeongguk can’t speak, only move. Taehyung fits between them perfectly, he’s all snug against the alpha’s thighs and doesn’t waste any time to get his mouth on him. At the same time Seokjin spreads Taehyung’s cheeks with his hands to watch his dick slide back inside. Everything’s so wet and the squelching noises do things to him, get him closer to the edge than he should be so soon after he already came on Jeongguk’s cock. The alpha in question has his fingers tangled in Taehyung’s hair and tries his best not to push too hard. Seokjin is doing enough of that already, trapping Taehyung between them with each thrust. Instead of keeping the omega on his knees he has his thighs over his own and uses them as leverage to fuck into him.

"How does it taste, love?" He asks, knowing fully well that Taehyung can’t answer, he just moans pitifully around Jeongguck’s cock. "Yeah, that’s what I thought."

Jeongguk doesn’t seem to know where to look. Sometimes his eyes are fixed on Taehyung’s lips, but then they flicker over to where Seokjin is fucking him so hard that he forces Jeongguk’s cock deeper down Taehyung’s throat.

"Hyung," Jeongguk gasps with a twisted expression on his face.

"Soon," Seokjin promises. He knows Jeongguk wants to knot properly, the urge must burn under his skin and Taehyung’s mouth won’t be able to take it. His lips are already red and swollen from… well, everything.

Seokjin is determined to get Taehyung off at least once before his own orgasm, so he leans back a little, thrusts up into him rather than down. The reaction comes instantly, Taehyung starts to whimper and squirm with Seokjin penetrating his prostate. He knows the omega’s body so well, knows how to tease him, knows what he loves and dislikes. He doesn’t appreciate his hair being pulled but he likes a firm hand in it to ground him, like Jeongguk does right now.

The only difference is that it took Seokjin over a year to learn all of that while it all comes naturally to Jeongguk. He’s not bitter anymore, he’s glad that Jeongguk knows what to do by instinct. They are soulmates. And even if Taehyung and Seokjin were not, they would still fucking feel like they are. They know each other so well, know each other’s deepest fears and secrets, things they slowly start to share with Jeongguk now.

Jeongguk, who stares at Seokjin and bites his lips, like he wants something.

"Can you come, Tae? Hm? For Gukkie and me?"

Taehyung pulls off of Jeongguk’s dick when Seokjin begins to thrust harder. He’s pressing his face into Jeongguk’s abs and pants heavily, his fingers digging into the sheets. Oh yes, he’s close.

"Seokjinnie," he whimpers. "I’m--"

He tips over the edge before he can finish, briefly looking over his shoulder before his eyes roll back and his head drops forward again. He’s cursing, moaning and pushes back on Seokjin’s dick when the other stills his hips.

"Don’t stop," Taehyung whispers and Seokjin grins, knows how much he loves it when it’s too much.

So he thrusts again, fucks into him with short and quick movements until he has to close his eyes and spills into him. He tips forward, overwhelmed by the feeling that overcomes him and is surprised when Jeongguk is there to catch his face and cover his mouth in a kiss. Seokjin moans against his lips as he rides out his orgasm.

Usually he’d try to give Taehyung some more relief by pushing his fingers in along with his dick, to imitate a knot as best as he can. But he doesn’t need to anymore and instead of feeling like he’s been replaced or that he’s not good enough, he just feels relieved that Taehyung gets everything he wants. Which includes Seokjin, apparently.

"You’re so handsome" Jeongguk mumbles when Seokjin breaks their kiss and then is pulled in again because Jeongguk is a possessive beast. "So hot. I love you."

"Love you, too," Seokjin says quickly, in case Jeongguk tries to attack his mouth once more, but this plain little answer seems to make him so happy that he smiles sweetly, all lost in their mutual love.

Which in turn makes the urge rise in Seokjin to kiss him again. And again. Fuck. He could do this for hours with both of them. When he finally pulls out of Taehyung he’s only half satisfied and Jeongguk’s dick is so hard it must hurt him.

"It’s time, Gukkie. We talked about this, remember?"

"Yeah… we’re..."

"You’re going to mate our Tae. And it will be perfect. Don’t be scared, okay? I’m right here."

Jeongguk nods and already moves. Even in his rut he’s so careful and concerned, Seokjin wants to kiss him... again. Dammit. He barely suppresses the urge and makes room for Jeongguk to move back between Taehyung’s quivering legs. The omega has his cheek pressed against the mattress and his eyes closed with a little frown on his face. Seokjin places his head next to his and smoothes his thumb over the wrinkle between Taehyung’s eyes.

"You alright?" He smiles when Taehyung opens his eyes and blinks at him. "Jeonggukkie is going to give you his knot. And his mark, right here." He rubs his fingers over the spot between Taehyung’s neck and shoulder.

"Oh," Taehyung sighs and then sucks in a sharp breath when he feels Jeongguk sink into him. "Oh god, yes. Gukkie..."

"Fuck," Jeongguk curses. "I’m gonna fuck you so good, Tae. I’ll mate you. Do you want that?"

Taehyung nods furiously against the sheets and pushes onto his knees so he can properly meet his alpha’s thrust.

"I love you both so much," Taehyung whimpers. "Want it so bad. Need it."

"We’ll take care of you," Seokjin mutters and kisses his shoulder. "You get everything you want."

He is a beta, just a beta, but he has something like an instinct, too. Something that makes him protective and is the reason why he feels so drawn to the both of them. He props himself up on one arm and presses more little kisses to Taehyung’s cheek and his throat. His heart doesn’t stop hammering in his chest.

"Do you trust me?" He asks Taehyung, makes sure he understands the question even in his heat muddled state.

"Yeah… yes. Always."

Seokjin smiles. "Good." Then he moves down to Taehyung’s scent glands and starts to suck at the skin around it. To prepare it for Jeongguk’s bite. He wants the skin to shine in purple, like the pretty flower that he is and he can hear Jeongguk curse at the sight. Taehyung whines and begs him for more but that’s all Seokjin can give him. Jeongguk will do the rest. Seokjin will be the one to start a war and Jeongguk will be the one to end it. That’s how they work now.

It doesn’t take long until Taehyung’s skin is unrecognisable and he trails his tongue over his artwork, as thoroughly as he can, because Jeongguk’s pace has become more brutal and it’s hard to keep Taehyung still.

"Hyung," Jeongguk gasps and when Seokjin lifts his gaze he can see how close he is. He needs to do it now.

"Come here," Seokjin mutters and tugs at the back of Jeongguk’s neck, guides him down to Taehyung.

The moment his knot catches on to the rim of Taehyung’s hole, he’s biting down hard. Seokjin watches it and has to wince when Taehyung releases a pained scream from his throat. It must hurt a lot, it’s bleeding too, and yet Taehyung turns his head to give more room. Jeongguk rewards him with an appreciative growl and slowly calms down with Seokjin’s hand rubbing circles into his neck.

"Loveyoulovelove," Taehyung murmurs quietly, so overwhelmed by everything that a few tears gather at the corner of his eyes. It must be happy tears, Seokjin can feel that. Not through a bond like the one Jeongguk and him will have from now on, but through the bond they developed in the past three years.

When it’s all done Jeongguk finally loosens his jaw and laps up the blood that drips down Taehyung’s neck. It should be an ugly sight, an ugly wound, but Seokjin can’t help but find it beautiful. The little red smudge Seokjin left on Jeongguk is nothing compared to this.

"Good," he whispers and presses a kiss to both of their heads.

They’re completely out of it and when Jeongguk rolls them onto their sides it only takes a few seconds until they fall asleep. Seokjin uses that time to clean them up and get a bit of fresh air into the room. Not that he dislikes the smell but the lack of oxygen is kind of killing him. He also collects all the stray clothes from the floor and puts them into the basket in the bathroom before he moves back to the bed. He quietly climbs back in next to them, facing Taehyung and making sure both of his mates are still breathing. They are mates now, aren’t they?

He doesn’t mean to fall asleep but everything’s so cozy when he curls his arm around Taehyung and Jeongguk, they both look so happy in their sleep. And that’s all that matters to him, that they’re happy. Which apparently they only are when he’s with them. He might slip up every now and then, he might doubt it again, but they’re probably right there to remind him until the day he dies. It’s a comforting thought to fall asleep with.

He wakes to Taehyung’s lips on his jaw, kissing and nibbling with a satisfied purr.

"Hey Tae," he croaks, not yet awake enough to open his eyes. When he does Taehyung looks surprisingly focused, like his heat is over. But it’s only been a day, hasn’t it?

"I suppose mating ends the cycle early," Taehyung answers his unspoken question. "How are you feeling?"

"How are you feeling?" Seokjin asks.

"Happy. Deliriously happy." He intertwines their fingers and presses a firm kiss to Seokjin’s lips. "I’m so glad that I have you and Jeongguk forever now."

"You know that you would have us even without the bond, right?"

"Yeah, but… but I can feel it now, too. I can feel some of the things Gukkie feels, you know?"

Seokjin never asked Namjoon about bonds, it’s a very intimate topic after all, but he also never thought it would be relevant for him. "Really?"

"Yeah. I wish you could feel it, too. How much he loves me and how much he loves you."

Seokjin tries very hard not to blush, but judging by Taeyhung’s growing smile, he’s failing. Before he can respond, Jeongguk opens the door. He put on Seokjin’s sweats and he’s carrying a tray with yesterday’s leftover kimbap on it, and a bottle of water. He beams when he finds his mates awake and quickly puts the tray on the safe end of the bed before he leans over to give both of them a deep kiss.

"I brought food," he announces.

Taehyung doesn’t even bother to sit up, he just stretches across the sheets and waits to be fed. It’s part of their aftercare routine and Jeongguk seems very happy to indulge. When Seokjin moves to help him though, the alpha clicks his tongue and pushes him back down next to Taehyung.

"My turn," he says firmly and seems very serious about it, so Seokjin doesn’t challenge him (this time).

It’s nice, if he’s being honest. Of course Taehyung looks after him too when he needs it, but this is different. It’s just nice. He opens his mouth obediently when Jeongguk feeds them in turns and helps them drink. The alpha complains when they try to use their hands so they stop trying after a while. When their stomachs are full, Jeongguk finally allows himself to have a few bites as well. He’s still hungry though, Seokjin can tell, and offers to buy him some food later.

"Okay! I think I want ramyeon… or sushi. " Jeongguk doesn’t even pretend to be humble. What happened to their shy baby alpha?

"I knew you secretly liked it when I paid for everything on our first date."

"Hyung, stop."

"I could pay rent for a whole year from what you ate that day."

"You sound like an old man," Taehyung laughs.

"I feel so old next to you two."

"Maybe we’re into that," Jeongguk says with a grin.

Then he finally joins them in their cuddle pile, or rather throws himself on top of them to smother them with kisses. He scents them, like he wants to make sure that not even a shower can erase the smell. His breath hits Seokjin’s neck and Jeongguk stills, which makes the beta look at him.

"What is it?" Jeongguk’s frown is back, the one Seokjin saw on him the very first time they met. Like he’s trying to figure something out. "Baby?"

He takes a deep breath. "I still have the urge to… to bite. To mate. I-- I want to bite you."

Which kind of leaves Seokjin speechless. Sure, when Jeongguk was mating Taehyung he had wondered what it would feel like, but… he hasn’t really thought about it until now. He can’t deny that the idea intrigues him. Very much so.

"We can try?" It’s Taehyung who reacts first, facing both of them with his boxy smile. "I like the idea. Hyung would look so pretty with your mark."

Jeongguk nods. "He would. As pretty as you." Taehyung’s face heats up at that and his smile turns shy. Jeongguk kisses that smile softly and then returns his gaze back to Seokjin. "Can I, hyung?"

"Yes." It’s a bit embarrassing how fast he responds. "But… please don’t be disappointed if nothing happens, yeah?"

"Sure," Jeongguk says and quickly turns Seokjin onto his back. "This side." His fingers trail over the right side of his neck. "The opposite of Taehyung’s. Is that okay?"

"Yeah, just be gentle. I don’t have heat pheromones to dull the pain."

"Which reminds me," Taehyung pipes up. "Doesn’t Gukkie have to be in a rut?"

"I don’t think so," Jeongguk answers."In school they always said that it depends more on the omega than the alpha. And… I don’t know, I didn’t feel the need earlier. But I feel it now. Feels right"

"Just go for it," Seokjin says softly and presents his neck to Jeongguk. "We’ll see what happens."

Pain. Pain is what happens. It really fucking hurts but it’s something he’s craving too, deep in his bones. It gives him satisfaction in a way he’s never felt before and the fact that Taehyung is holding his hand while Jeongguk marks him permanently probably adds to it.

What doesn’t happen though, is some magical bond developing between them. Seokjin doesn’t feel any different when Jeongguk pulls away. He’s still hopelessly in love with his two boyfriends, mates, soulmates. But his precious little baby alpha starts to cry and sits up, fat tears that could be right out of a ghibli movie roll down his cheeks.

"Hey, no. No, what’s wrong?" Seokjin whines when he sits up as well and the pain in his shoulder increases. "Baby, don’t cry."

"I just… I wanted it to work… so bad. I’m sorry." Jeongguk wipes at his eyes. "You deserve so much, hyung. And I can’t.. give it to you."

This is bad. Very bad, because the tears start to well up in Seokjin’s eyes, too. "Stop. Please don’t cry."

"But now I made you cry!"

"Because I love you so much and I don’t want to see you cry." He grabs Jeongguk’s wrists so he stops rubbing at his eyes. "Please look at me?"

"Why?" Jeongguk whines and he seems to be so disappointed with himself.

"So I can tell you how much I love you and if I can’t make you feel it through a bond I will say it ten times a day, or twenty, if you want. I love you, Jeonggukkie. You and Tae. I will tell you both, I promise."

"But..." Jeongguk seems to be running out of words. "But hyung..."

"I know, it won’t be the same, but it doesn’t have to be. Having you two like this is enough for me. And… I’m not going to lie, this hurt like a bitch but I really fucking liked it. And I will keep this mark for you, because I still want everyone to know that I’m mated to an alpha and an omega. I... I think... a mating bond can be broken, but a soulmate bond is forever."

Jeongguk stares at him and it’s like his statement only re-opens the floodgates. "Really?"

"Really." Seokjin leans in to kiss him. "I love you and I feel it everywhere. The fucking universe brought us together. And who knows? For a beta I have a pretty good nose and I did feel the urge for a mating chase when we first met. That’s something, isn’t it?"

Jeongguk sobs. "I love you."

Suddenly there’s a pair of arms looping around both of them and Taehyung muffles his words against their skin.

"I love you and now we’re all crying," he sniffles.

Seokjin can’t help but laugh. "So is that a bond thing or a soulmate thing?"

"I don’t care," Taehyung says. "As long as we’re happy."

"That’s very fucking corny thing to say at the end of the story," Jeongguk complains.

"But this is not the end." Seokjin kisses his cheek. "It’s just the beginning."

"Oh god, just put on some clothes and buy me sushi."