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Behind The Mask

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Viper´s POV 



Later they made themselves comfortable in the living room, on the couch and chairs. Skull was bundled in a blanket and sandwiched between Reborn and Fon. 

Slowly Skull began his tale. 

“I...first you need to know my true name. I...”, Skull sighed and swallowed hard. “Viper probably knows me...” The Acrobaleno narrowed their eyes at Viper and Viper frowned not liking where this was going. 


“I am Lord Hadrian James Potter-Black-Peverell.” 


Viper gasped. “ are...” Skull´s, no Harry´s face showed only resigned acceptance, while Viper was positively gaping. 

“Fuck...oh fuck...that´s...”, they had never seen Viper this out of it. 

“What do you know?”, it was a command, Reborn wanted answers, now. 

“He is, Lord Potter-Black-Peverell! The Savior, the Defeater of the last Dark Lord. 


“He is the current Dark Lord!” 


“Dark Lord?”, Fon´s questioning gaze landed on Hadrian. 

“They proclaimed me to be the next Dark Lord, I am not”, Hadrian´s voice was firm, allowing now arguments. 

Then he turned to Fon, uttering only one sentence: 

“I am a wizard.” 

“Fucking hell”, mumbled Viper under his breath, trying to progress that their supposed weakest link was the most powerful wizard to ever live, the battle commander of the wizarding army and killer of the man, nobody was even brave enough to speak the name of. 

Shit, he really had a lot to make up for. No more payment for his services needed for the next few lives of Lord Potter-Black-Peverell. 



POV Skull 



After Viper had somewhat calmed down. Harry began a short introduction about the wizarding world. “The witches and wizards live in a secret society, almost completely isolated from all non-magic users. We, well they, call the non-magical people muggles. We have a law, similar to Omerta to make sure nothing leaks out.” Verde was busy scribbling in his notebook, while he listened with rapid attention. Reborn had put on a stoic mask, betraying nothing. Colonnello was skeptical. Viper was as white as a sheet and mumbling incomprehensible words. Fon was silently giving support by placing his hand on Harry´s knee. To make sure they fully believed, he waved his hand. Immediately sparks flew, coming together in shapes. A small dragon was happily bouncing around, breathing fire (well more small sparks) now and then. Verde scrutinized the spectacle judicial( What do you mean by this?) The supposed Dark Lord vanished the dragon and levitated one of the cushions to him. Then after another wave of his hand, it turned into a small puppy. The dog barked and licked Harry´s hand adoringly, but still wasn´t able to make him smile. Verde was the first one he handed the puppy, the scientist´s eyes were wide open, his mouth opening and closing rapidly. “Remarkable...” Colonnello was very eager to play with the dog as well. “You are born with magic or without it. Magic can be used for almost everything, as long as you can imagine it. Well and as long as you are strong enough". Harry explained. Verde turned to Viper. Viper was gaping, staring blankly at Harry´s hand, then at the puppy, then back to the hand again. “Viper?” 

“Wandless magic...he did...fuck how strong are you?”, eyes full of awe and gratitude met his. He was damn glad there was not an ounce of fear present. It would have destroyed him... 

“Apparently stronger than Merlin”, Harry said nonchalantly. Viper choked on his spit. Colonnello took pity and patted his back. Reborn raised an questioning eyebrow. “You can´t simply transfigure an cushion into a normal animal...that´s very hard magic...and without a wand...that´s impossible.” “Viper, I have a damn lot of magic in my veins. After I learned to control it, it became as easy as breathing for me. For me magic is like another limp.” He studied the men around him. “I am glad I don´t need to hide anymore. I will supply you with books about magic, for now we should come to more pressing matters.” He signed deeply and took a deep breath. Fon moved closer to him, pulled him flush to his side. Harry´s nodded thankful. Reborn, who was sitting on his other side, leaned in closer as well. Colonnello shot him an reassuring smile, Viper righted himself grimly, and Verde put his notebook on the side for once. 


“Before I was born, there was a Dark Lord...” 

He recounted my parents death, briefly his Hogwarts Years, but only those he came in contact with Voldy the final battle and him leaving the wizarding world behind. 

“...Cheakerface approached me a year after I joined the circus. He threatened”, he stoked and had to breath in deeply “Luna, and... I don´t think he knows about magic, only that they are...were very important to me. You know what happened in the end.” He stared off to space, but lastly choke the rest out: “Yesterday I got a call that my last remaining family, in all but blood, was killed. The funeral is in two days.” Tears were running down his cheeks, he pressed his hand to his mouth, trying and failing to keep a grip. 

Fon didn´t falter, he pulled Skull on his lap, enclosing him in his arms, silently cooing and soothing the little one. His storm flames were running amok in his body, demanding to destroy, to destroy everyone who hurt his Sk..Harry. Did he want to be called Harry? 

Reborn´s eyes were hard as steel, one hand was destroying the couch, so hard was he burying his fingers in the leather. The other hand was running circles on Skull´s back. 

Colonnello had sat down in front of Harry, slung his arms around on of Skull´s legs, letting his flames sooth. 

Verde and Viper scooted closer, wanting to hug their small one as well. Needing the contact, needing to make sure he was with them, safe and cared for. 



POV Skull  



Viper approached him, needing to know, how Skull knew she would be knowledgeable about the wizarding world. Skull smiled and explained, because he was so in tune with his magic he had felt that she was a squip the moment he had first seen her. But Skull had been sure the mist user was raised in the wizarding world, at least for a few years, after they had danced together. Viper´s dance steal had just been to similar to the lords he grew up with. 


The next few days were spent cuddling and reading, learning about magic. Skull was never alone, someone was always there for him. He was sure he would feel constrained after a while, but...the others presence, their flames, calmed him, made him feel better, made him feel protected and warm. 

The most difficult decision came, when it was time to go to bed... 






“I will sleep with you, to keep away the nightmares”, came Reborn´s announcement after dinner. Skull could only stare and nod, but was glad he wouldn´t have to face sleep alone. 

“Oh, no, kora. I won´t let you alone, in a bed, with him”, Colonnello pointed at Reborn, as if he was a monster incarnate. “Ho, will you now?”, Reborn had already aimed his Leon-gun at Colonnello. 

Verde pulled his glasses up: “If that is the case, then I shall share his bed.” Verde smirked slightly. 

“Oh, no Verde you don´t have to go so far. I have already slept with Skull once, I will gladly do so again”, Fon interrupted, seemly sincerely. 

That sentence caught the attention of the fighting duo, for once they had one opinion and voiced it as one: “You have what, (kora)?!” Fon cursed himself, he shouldn´t have announced that. Well shit happens. 

Viper had narrowed his eyes all the while, he and Skull had come closer in the last week and he won´t sacrifice him, especially not after what he had done for the whole world. 

Skull contemplating if him saying something would change anything...he came to the conclusion, that they had forgotten he was even in the room. These man really were one of a kind and he wwouldn’t have it any other way. 

In the end Skull had to be the voice of reason, if he didn´t want to replace the whole living room. “Why don´t we just camp in here together. Nobody is left out and everyone can keep check on the others.” A round of nods and it was decided. 

We were all lying on the living room floor. The couch had been pushed away, before another fight could break out about who was allowed to sleep on it. They had found enough futons for everyone. Skull snuggled into his fluffy blanket and pulled a pillow closer to his belly, curling around it. He was positioned in the middle. After quite a bit of shoving, Reborn had taken resident on his left side, Verde on his right (he had used an unnoticed moment to claim the sleeping place). Fon was above him, while Viper and Colonnello were perched close to his feet. 

Skull phrased the sentence repeatedly in his head, finally gathered enough courage to kick his inner butt and ask: “Can...please someone accompany me to the funeral...”, his voice was quite, timid, already almost resigned to be rejected. He lifted his head and looked Reborn in the eye, who was smiling sadly. 

“Of course, you don´t need to ask.” 

“Damn right, kora. We won´t let you go alone.” 

“That´s correct”, announced Verde. 

“We are with you.” 

“You won´t face them without us”, Viper added. He could only smile slightly, tears of gratitude brimming in his eyes. “Thank you.” 

“You are our little one”, with that sentence Reborn pulled him flushed to his chest. Even though Skull´s face warmed and turned red, he snuggled closer, listening to the hitman´s calming heartbeat.