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Behind The Mask

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POV Skull


Later Skull and Verde were alone in the house.

Skull was singing happily. With nobody watching he was free to do as he liked. He danced around the kitchen, cleaning.

Then he put together his and Verde´s meal on a serving tray. Still lightly humming he knocked on Verde´s lab door. “Verde, I brought dinner.” The door had no handle, it was locked with a electronic door lock.

A moment past and a disgruntled: “Yes”, sounded. The door opened. Cautiously he stepped into the room, making sure he did not trip over or destroy, as Verde called it the order. Skull, mindful of the things on the desk, set down the tray and waited. Verde was busily connecting wires in a strange huge metal box.

As soon as Verde seemed to come out of his thinking process, Skull took his chance. “Verde, please eat dinner with me.” The scientist turned to the stuntman. “With you?”, he asked with a raised eyebrow, staring down on the smaller man. “Yes, I will make sure you eat this time. So I might as well join you. Food always tastes better if you share.” “Lackey, I don´t have time for this. You go and eat in the living room, just leave mine here.” Skull deflated slightly and put his hand lightly on researchers arm. “Please, you need to eat.”




POV Verde


Verde was so shocked of the sudden contact, that he just stood there listening. “Your body needs nutrition or he will shut down. You will make mistakes. Your research and experiments will suffer, what if you faint in a critical moment? I don´t even want to think about your lack of sleep. Please, it will take only ten minutes and then you can work much more efficient.”

Verde stayed silent, studied Skull. “Fine, but give me five minutes to finish this.”

The researcher was stunned by the dazzling smile Skull bestowed upon him. His heart was pounding, he couldn´t look away. Damn, that lackey.

Verde turned back to his experiment trying to get his heartbeat under control.




POV Skull


While Skull looked around, he noticed the construction plan of the experiment Verde was currently working on. Intrigued he bent over the plan.

“Verde? If you connect these wires...”, Skull spun around, eyes wide in panic.

“It will explode!”

Too late.




Skull was thrown back. His magic surged to the front. Protecting him from the flying metal shards, cushioning his fall. In midair Skull turned and flicked his hand at Verde. Protecting him as good as possible. His ears were ringing.

He coughed, the damn metal box was in shambles. It smoked and some pieces had caught fire.

“Verde?!” As he got no reaction, he jumped alarmed to his feet. The lab looked like a hurricane had ran amok. Gingerly, but as fast as possible he made his way over to Verde. He was slumped on the wall next to the door.

His eyes widened. Fuck! Metal shards had pierced his skin. Skull had not been fast enough to protect him from them, he was only able to lessen the damage.

“Verde?!” Skull knew he had to keep calm, long years of practice made him capable do just that.

First he checked his pulse. Still there!

But one of the shards was dangerously close to Verde´s heart. As more smoke filled the room, the automatic fire sprinkler finally started. Ten seconds later they were fully drenched. Bloody fucking hell.

Skull checked a list in his head.

He had no choice, he had to remove the shard immediately. He wouldn´t be able to move him otherwise.

Damn, Verde had fucking luck, that he was a wizard. Healing was never his strong point, but he was able to help him enough. He would survive without any lasting effects.

Skull had never abandoned his magic, he was not allowed to. He had to let out his magic once in a while, he had to train it or his body would suffer. The downside of being a impossible powerhouse.

After taking care of the one critical injury, Skull hoisted him up and dragged him to the living room. For just a millisecond he was tempted to grab him by the feet and drag his head over the floor...but nope. Damn he should really work on being more evil. He dismissed magic right from the start, it had exposed him to much already by healing the fucking idiot. With a long suffering sigh he shook his head to get at least rid of some of the annoying water. It was getting into his eyes. He really would like a towel right about now...or better a warm shower. But no, he had to patch up a dumb scientist, who didn´t know when to sleep and eat!!! Why always him?

Leaving Verde lying in a heap on the floor for a moment, he grabbed the extensive first aid kit and a plastic blanket. Then he lengthened the couch, put the blanket on top of it and heaved Verde on said couch. The researcher grunted in pain. “Shh, you are fine”, of course Skull without missing a beat tried to sooth him with slight humming. Never mind that he just ranted about said idiot... With steady hands he started to cut his cloth to make room to work, removed shard after shard, disinfected the scratches and took care of the burns. Half way done and Verde stirred. “Shh, keep still. I need to take care of your injuries.” Verde tensed and tried to sit up. “Don´t move, please.” Skull caressed his cheek, looking him deep in his eyes. “I am half-way done. How strong is the pain? Let me give you something to help."