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Jazz Band Shenanigans Part 1

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Ukai-sensei walked into the room. He handed the first chair players their folders and let them take out a part before passing it to the next person. The band read over their part of Bad Romance in near silence.

“Ukai-sensei?” Shibayama raised his hand. “Is anyone going to play the solo part at measure 52?”

Ukai laughed. “It depends. The last time we had a solo, the soloist didn’t show up.”

“TENMA-SAN!” The second and third years said, their voices rising in volume.

“What?” recent transfer Atsumu looked at his laughing section, dumbfound.

“Who’s Tenma-san?” Hinata asked confusedly.

“Tenma-san’s a bari-sax player.” Kuroo explained, turning around. “He had a solo for our last concert of the year last year, and he didn’t show up.”

“So Mizoguchi-sensei had to sub in for him.” Konoha added as fresh laughter erupted from the french horn section.

“I’m still completely lost.” Atsumu said.

“Don’t worry, Mr. First Chair.” Konoha said, still chuckling. “You’ll get it soon.”

Atsumu shot his fellow saxophone player a glare as more laughter somehow came out of the clarinet section.

“Okay, can we play sometime today?” Ukai-sensei asked.

“Yes sir!”


"Hey, Udai, do you remember that one time-"

"Shut up, Tsukishima!"

Akiteru laughed. "We're not dropping it that easily!"