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Sleepless at Midnight

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The room was still as the late hours of night crept in. Pannacotta Fugo sat awake on his bed, gazing outside his bedroom window. He had a hard time sleeping most nights, this night didn't seem to be different. He knew Buccellati would scold him if he found out how late the teen stayed up. Fugo watched a raven land on top a roof. It preened itself for a bit, it's black feathers almost glowing in the bright moonlight. It began cawing loudly. "Caw, caw." Fugo repeated. It was a childish habit he somehow developed as a young boy, despite his strict upbringing. Ravens were his favorite bird, they often visited him when he was alone and somber. It flew off a moment later, he waved it goodbye. Sighing, he fell back into his sheets. Not only could he not sleep, but he was unbelievably bored. He almost wished Buccellati would burst through the door to assign him an urgent late night mission. That was never going to happen. Instead what burst through his door at that moment was a small figure clad in orange. Fugo nearly jumped out of his skin. "Fugo, you awake still?" Narancia knew how to make an entrance, as always. "Narancia! What the hell? Don't you have any idea what time it is!?" The raven haired boy laughed "Yeah, do you?" Fugo was starting to wish he carried a fork with him at all times.. "What do you want?" The obnoxious intruder looks down, shuffling his feet. "Well... uhhh.." Fugo looked at him with a blank expression "Well?" "I couldn't sleep! It's too cold, and I'm lonely!" What a childish excuse. "So you decided you'd bother me about this?" Narancia nods "I just wanna hang, is that so bad?" It wasn't. In fact, Fugo actually rather liked the idea. Narancia had a habit of being unbearably annoying at times, but he was also fun to be with. Fugo could listen to the little mafioso's ramblings all day to be perfectly honest. He couldn't just admit this though, that would be far too easy. "Fine. Close the door, would you?" Narancia smiled looking up "Hell yeah!" He slammed the door behind himself and dive bombed into Fugo's bed. "Cazzo, Narancia! Don't be so loud!!" Narancia ignored him, burrowing into the blankets like a small dog. He nuzzled up to Fugo, causing the younger teen to blush. "Thanks, Panni!" "...Don't get too comfortable.." Narancia only giggled.

Fugo hesitantly swung and arm around Narancia's back to hold him close. The other hummed contentedly, nuzzling his face deeper into Fugo's neck. He was right, tonight was rather cold. Fugo hadn't noticed before feeling the warmth radiating from the bombastic boy now curled on top of him. This wasn't the first time something like this happened, far from it in fact. If Fugo had bothered to keep track this might be somewhere close to the hundredth time. Neither teen knew what to call their relationship, and honestly neither really cared to think about it. They didn't need a label to parade around, they only needed each other. Even so, Fugo knew his heart did funny things when Narancia was around, especially on nights like this. Intoxicating as it was, it also scared him like nothing else. His anger was undoubtedly the biggest road block. He flew off the handle too often, and he was so cruel whenever he did. You don't hurt the people you love, Buccellati was the one to teach him that. The first person to ever truly care about him. He loved his capo like a brother, maybe even like a father. Fugo wished he learned that important lesson sooner in his life. Now it was too late. He was too troubled. Too broken. He wasn't sure if he could bring himself to get into a relationship until he knew he had himself under control.

Sudden movement brought Fugo out of his self loathing and back into reality. he looked up to see his partner slowly sitting up. "Narancia?" The boy in question stayed quiet, looking out the window next to Fugo's bed. He layed his arms on the cold windowsill, and rested his head on top of them. "My brain is too loud. I thought bein with you would help me shut it up, but it ain't workin." The albino scooted next to Narancia, looking out the window with him. "Did you.. want to talk about it?" Narancia said nothing. Fugo hated how grim he looked. Before he could make a move to comfort him, Narancia's face shifted into something more exaggerated, an expression far more suited for someone like him. "Woah! Fugo, look at that!" A raven flew onto a rooftop, accompanied by a pure white dove. The birds rested next to one another, preening each other, and cuddling for warmth. An unusual sight to be sure. "Doves are my favorite. They're super pretty, don't you think?" Fugo nods. The mismatched birds began to drift off to sleep. They looked so content. "They're like us, aren't they, Panni?" Fugo turned to look at Narancia, surprised. "Like... us? How do you mean?" "Ravens and Doves are different in alotta ways, but deep down they're the same." Narancia reached for Fugo's hand, holding it tightly in his own "Just like us." For a moment Fugo could do nothing, but stare deep into those sparkling purple eyes. How had he not noticed how beautiful Narancia's eyes where before? Slowly, he leaned forward, mind lost in a purple haze. Narancia hesitated before mirroring his movements. They were both new to kissing, it was obvious in the way their nervousness pushed them forward, but neither one cared. They pulled back after only a few seconds, silently staring into each other's eyes. It had been a long time coming, in truth, but even so both teens couldn't help being suprised. Fugo might have been about to say something, but before he could his cute companion quickly pushed forward for another kiss. This one was longer, more passionate. Fugo fell back onto the bed, pulling Narancia down with him. They giggled like school children as they bounced lightly on the springs.

"Wow, that was- wow." Elegantly spoken, Pannacotta. Way to go. Narancia hovered over him, smiling "Yeah, I know. I didn't think you had it in ya, Panni." Fugo pouts at that. "What the hell is that supposed to mean?" "Don't play dumb! You know how long I've been waiting for you to make a move!?" Narancia kisses him before he even had the chance to bite back. He laughs at Fugo's exaggerated pouting, laying his head back down on the other's chest. "I think I can sleep just fine now, don't you?" Fugo nods, still in slight shock over everything that's happened. His arms moved to hold Narancia regardless. His body was fully on autopilot.

"Buonanotte, Fugo." He kisses the top of Narancia's head, and closes his eyes. "Buonanotte, Narancia."

That night both teens slept soundly. It was the most relaxed they'd felt in years, but all good things must come to an end unfortunately. When morning came a few hours later Fugo was the first to wake. He tried to maneuver himself out of his teammate's tight grip on top of him with no luck. He'd have to bite the bullet and wake Narancia himself. As expected the boy immediately groaned loudly at the rude awakening "Nooooooooo, it's too earlyyyyy." "Narancia, we can't waste away in bed all day." "Why noooooooot??" Unsurprisingly, This was going nowhere. "Five more minutes? You're so warm and soft, I don't wanna get up yeeet." The albino sat up, watching the orange boy slowly slip down. "You're so mean, Fugo." "Yeah, yeah, I'm the worst." Despite Narancia's childish behavior, Fugo couldn't help but smile. That is until he noticed something he hadn't last night. "Is that my shirt?" Narancia froze. "You little thief! I've been looking for that everywhere!!" "I've never even seen you wear it before! Like hell you were lookin for it!!" They started wrestling on the bed, fighting over the large comfortable shirt. Things, it seemed, hadn't changed as much as Fugo thought they had.