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Sleepy, Spicy, Stupid

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Kai feels an indescribable, odd kind of pleasure when he wakes up to the feeling of his lover pushing his cock into him, trying to keep silent as he can while getting off on him.


He doesn't mind, they have discussed this sometime before, and Kai had the exact same rights to do so with Hari, if he should want that. But he's always liked it this way… it's so fucking amusing, after all.


He's on his front with his face mildly shoved on the pillow, hugging it in a comfortable position. Hari had spread his legs and worked his way between and inside, rocking his hips slowly rather than hurried to come. Ha. He must be thinking he's the cleverest, the subtlest, look how I'm using his hole, he'll be so surprised…! Nonetheless, he lets him have his fun. It doesn't hurt, letting Hari get away with something every now and then.


The best of fucking this way, is when he takes him from behind. Kai is able to pretend he's asleep easily while the other has his way with him. He stifles his sounds against the pillow and breathes deeply, polishing his act, hoping he'll last.


Some minutes pass like this, with Hari's cock sliding in and out smoothly, careful to not brush his prostate, and Kai has his eyes shut tight, keeping his face buried. Slow and cautious, his lifts his hips a bit to make room for his lowering hand, which he wraps around his already hard dick. His body moves on its own accord, half pushing back on Hari's thrusts, and next thing he knows he's biting his lip. He's enjoying this way too much and soon he'll lose his facade. It's time to stop.


He yawns softly, stretching his back and blinking slowly as if coming to his senses, then twists his neck. He turns his head to him with a startled stare, and lets the blush colour his cheeks, feigning surprise and annoyance at what Hari is doing.


His partner notices he's awake, and with a pleased smile he bends down to spread kisses all over his neck, not stopping the grinding of his cock in Kai's ass. “Good morning!”


Kai sighs heavily and leans on Hari's touch, but his voice is sour when he replies.


“You are the less patient man on earth…”


But is difficult to play bitterness when he gasps between every word. Hari doesn't miss this.


“I think you like it well enough…”


It could be, but he doesn't want to come just yet, not like this. Also, Hari already had his fair share of satisfaction, and where's the fun in that?


“Hmm. I'd like to sleep some more.”


And he draws back from the cock inside of him completely, and shuffles to the other side of the bed, as if disposing himself to sleep again with all the intention. He hears Hari frustrated groan and opens one eye to look at him, and smirks at his pouty face and resigned posture, still hard and on the edge of bursting. Good.


“Later, ok?”


And Kai closes his eyes and turns his back to him.


The weight of his lover sitting against the headboard and muttering something under his breath reaches his senses, amuses him to no end. He can just picture Hari, crossing his arms and wondering what he did wrong this time, why he couldn't convince him. Oh, Kai is too unfair.


And at last, the brunette rolls on his back and lazily directs his stare to Hari, who stares back in return. He lets him roam his eyes all over his form, sees him linger on his erection and the hand between his thighs, where Kai has slipped two of his fingers.


Before he can say anything, he sits up and suddenly pushes Hari down on the sheets, crawling atop him. “Well, maybe sleep can wait for me…” And he takes a hold on his cock to slip it inside, moaning softly.


Yes, he likes it when he wakes up to his lover's dick pushing inside of him.