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tie me up (and take me over)

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Jimin doesn't expect to come back from the studio so early in the night and he certainly wasn’t expecting anyone to be home yet either. Of course, as he makes his way to his room he learns that he isn’t alone. He can hear noises-- distinct noises--coming from Namjoon’s bedroom.


He has his suspicions, he’s not daft. He knows what the sound of skin against skin sounds like, if the moans weren’t enough already to tell what’s going on. As he passes by he finds the bedroom door cracked and while he’d most often leave the people be since walking in on members during an intimate moment has never been out the norm for their group, a voice makes him pause.


Or voices.


Jimin decides it wouldn’t hurt to peek.


The sight makes his stomach drop as arousal curls in his abdomen. He wasn’t expecting..this.


It’s a lot to take in at first. What catches Jimin’s attention most is Yoongi, wrapped and bound in rope, arms tied behind his back with his face against the mattress and his hips in the air. Then there’s the fact that not only is he with Namjoon but Hoseok too.


Yoongi turns his head to the side and Jimin freezes, fearful that maybe he’s been spotted, but when Yoongi speaks Jimin realizes it’s not towards him.


“Is that all you got?” Yoongi rasps with a smirk, “You can fuck me harder than that, Joon-ah.”


“You’re a mouthy little slut tonight, aren’t you?” Hoseok threads his fingers through Yoongi’s hair and pulls, lifting Yoongi’s front half off the bed.


Hoseok’s words makes Jimin’s toes curl even though he’s not the one on the receiving end. He’s never considered degradation a kink of his, he’s always preferred praise, but watching Yoongi be called a slut and treated roughly does something to his insides that ignites his interest.


Jimin shouldn’t be watching, he should stop. He should give them privacy--even though the seven of them have never known the meaning of the word.


Namjoon tongues his cheek, his grip on Yoongi’s hips tighten and the next thrust has Yoongi choking out a moan. He snaps his hips forward, sinking as deep as he can and Jimin can’t help but be a little jealous. Namjoon has been nothing but gentle with him, yet the way Yoongi moans makes him wish Namjoon would treat him like that, too.


“Should we stuff your mouth to keep you quiet? Is that what you want?” Hoseok asks Yoongi, his free hand cupping Yoongi’s face. His finger runs along Yoongi’s bottom lip and tugs on it until Yoongi opens his mouth and sucks on it.


Jimin can feel a flush rise to his cheeks and he feels too hot in the minimal clothes he’s wearing. He shouldn’t be watching when they don’t know he’s there but he can’t look away.


Namjoon shuffles forward on the bed, the snap of his hips making him hit deeper by the way Yoongi keens and tenses up.


“Fuck,” Namjoon breathes and leans his head back, “So wet and lose.”


“Yeah? Does hyung feel good around your cock, Joonie?” Hoseok encourages, slipping another finger into Yoongi’s mouth. He eagerly takes it, sucks on it so hard that he drools a little.


Namjoon grabs the meat of Yoongi’s ass cheeks; Jimin would bet that he’s gripping so hard it’s going to bruise and that idea alone almost makes him whine with want.


“Such a good slut for us, aren’t you,” Namjoon says, “Letting us use your hole.”


Yoongi can only moan around Hoseok’s fingers and arch his back more, his hips pushing back to meet Namjoon’s thrusts. Within a few more moments, Namjoon’s hips stutter and he groans low in his throat. He fucks into Yoongi through his orgasm until he’s spent.


Yoongi, however, is still painfully hard and dripping precome onto the bedsheets.


Jimin takes that as a sign that he should leave before they notice he’s there, he’s already seen more than enough if the erection straining against his shorts is anything to go by. He needs a shower, a long one at that. Maybe he should even pretend like he just got home so they don’t suspect anything when he turns the water on.


Just as Jimin deems that as the best thing to do he notices that Hoseok and Namjoon have switched places, with Hoseok shuffling up behind Yoongi and Namjoon tapping his come covered cock against Yoongi’s pouty lips.


Oh. They’re not done yet.


“Clean up the mess you made, hyung,” Namjoon says.


Jimin can’t leave now, not when Yoongi licks stripes up the side of Namjoon’s soft cock, lapping up every last bit of come before he takes the head into his mouth and suckles on it. Jimin bites down on his bottom lip until he can taste a hint of blood. His erection aches from how hard he is, how he desperately wishes he was in there with them.


Hoseok slicks himself up with lube, when he lines up with Yoongi’s hole he bottoms out in one smooth slide. From where he stands Jimin can see Namjoon’s come dribble out of Yoongi, down his thigh and Jimin’s mouth almost waters. Hoseok’s hands move from Yoongi’s hips, one holding onto the rope that binds Yoongi’s arms together while the other lands a hard slap on Yoongi’s ass cheek.

His moan is muffled with Namjoon’s cock in his mouth but Jimin still can hear it; it sends a shiver down his spine, his painfully hard erection twitches in his pants.


It doesn’t take long for Hoseok to build up to an unforgiving pace, one that makes Yoongi choke on Namjoon’s cock with every thrust. In the midst of skin slapping against skin and Yoongi breathy moans, a shrill ringtone sounds, disrupting the three. It takes only a moment for Jimin to realize it’s his phone ringing. Jimin scrambles for his phone, cursing himself for leaving his ringer on and for whoever felt the need to call him at this very moment.


“Who’s there?” He hears Namjoon call out and Jimin is absolutely mortified.


He manages to decline the call but he’s so petrified that his legs have turned to lead and he can’t move, so when the door suddenly opens all the way to a very naked Namjoon a very loud and startled noise escapes Jimin.




“I’m so sorry!” He blurts.


He’s red from the tips of his ears down to his chest.


“I didn’t mean to watch you guys! I got home early and I heard noises so I decided to check to see what it was and—“ Jimin’s talking a million words a minute, or so it seems from the way his explanation pours out of him.


He’s so embarrassed, he just wants a black hole to appear underneath him and suck him in.


“Jimin,” Namjoon says calmly, “It’s okay. You don’t need to apologize.”


Jimin furrows his eyebrows, unconvinced, but stops rambling.  


“We’ve all been with each other at some point, haven’t we? I mean, I walked in on Taehyung and Jin a couple days ago,” Namjoon says.


Jimin remembers Taehyung telling him about that but still. This is...different.


“But I was watching you guys when you didn’t know about it,” Jimin protests, looking off to the side so he doesn’t have to look directly at a very nude Namjoon.


He jumps a little when Namjoon steps a little closer and places a hand on his neck.


“It’s alright, Jimin. We don’t mind, do we?” He turns a little to address the two boys still on the bed.


Yoongi’s now sitting upright, still bound with rope, his chest against Hoseok’s back. It seems that while they stopped the scene, Hoseok didn’t bother to pull out. Instead Yoongi is just sitting, Hoseok’s cock inside him with his own resting against his stomach.


Hoseok wraps his arms around Yoongi’s waist and hooks his chin over Yoongi's shoulder to get a better look at Jimin.


“Why don’t you come in? You can watch us as much as you like,” Hoseok offers with a smile, “Or you can join us if you want to.”


Jimin glances between all three of them, not sure where to look. That...that sounds like something he’d like but it’s embarrassing to admit.


“You don’t have to if you don’t want to Jimin, it’s okay,” Namjoon reassures him.


“No,” Jimin protests, voice a little louder than he would like.


He clears his throat, “I mean, uh. I want to, I want to watch.”


He can feel how heated and red his cheeks are, burning up and giving away his embarrassment.


Namjoon holds a hand out Jimin and slowly, carefully, Jimin takes it. After Jimin fully steps into the room Namjoon makes sure to close the door and lock it behind them. Namjoon leads him over to the bed where he takes a seat against the headboard and motions for Jimin to sit between his legs.


Jimin tries to ignore the fact that Namjoon is still completely naked as he leans back against Namjoon’s broad chest. He feels strong arms wrap around his middle in a hug and feels the tickle of Namjoon’s breathing against his neck. He’s thankful that all three of them ignore the very obvious erection he still has.


“If you want to leave at any time just tell us, okay? We want you to be comfortable,” he says and it warms Jimin.


As much as he daydreams about being manhandled into submission by their leader, the way that Namjoon is always cautious of his wants and making sure he’s comfortable makes him go all soft on the inside.


Jimin nods so Namjoon knows he heard him.


“What about you guys? Are you sure you’re okay with me watching?” Jimin says to Hoseok and Yoongi.


Yoongi huffs with a small laugh, “Are you kidding? Hoseok loves it when he knows he’s being watched.”


Hoseok lightly slaps Yoongi’s thigh in retaliation which makes his cock twitch. Jimin tries not to make it obvious that he looks but he knows he’s been caught by the smirk Yoongi gives him. Hoseok moves a hand down and grips Yoongi’s cock tightly at the base, earning himself a groan.


“Don’t forget I can fuck you until I’m done and not let you finish, is that what you want?” Hoseok grumbles.


“As if I couldn’t find somebody else to finish what you can’t?” Yoongi bites back playfully.


Hoseok snorts, “You’d like that, wouldn’t you, you little slut?”


“If you don’t hurry up I will find somebody else to fuck--”


His words are cut off when Hoseok sharply thrusts up into him. Yoongi goes silent, the words fail him and turn into a moan.


“What was that?” Hoseok questions with another thrust.


Jimin is grateful that he’s sitting instead of standing now--the sight of Hoseok thrusting into Yoongi with slow but rough snaps his hips makes him breathless and he doesn’t think he’d be able to stand and watch very well on buckling knees. He doesn’t know whether to look at where Hoseok and Yoongi meet, with Namjoon’s come dribbling out, or at Yoongi’s pleased expression once Hoseok begins to properly fuck into him.


Yoongi looks like he’s lost in the way how good it feels, cheeks flushed, lips parted and eyes a little hazy. He looks so, so good, and in a way that Jimin has never seen him. Of course he’s fooled around with Yoongi, they’ve all fooled around with each other, but Jimin always preferred to be the one who bottomed between the two of them, he’s never considered being the one to top. But something in him grows jealous, he wants to be able to make his hyung make those noises and that expression too.


He doesn’t even realize he’s whining until Namjoon chuckles.


“Do you like watching hyung like this?” He whispers into Jimin’s ear.


Jimin nods with another whine but what Namjoon doesn’t know is how he wants to know what Yoongi feels like, what it’d be like to sink into him and feel his walls clench around him.


His train of thought is momentarily interrupted by Namjoon’s hands sliding up and down his sides, sliding lower and lower until they’re able to slip underneath his shirt.


“Is this okay?” Namjoon asks and Jimin nods again, maybe a little too enthusiastically.


Namjoon glides gentle fingertips over Jimin's skin up, up, until they brush over Jimin's nipples and he gasps. Jimin knows Namjoon so well he knows exactly the kind of fond, smile he must have as he rolls both nipples between his fingers until Jimin is squirming, arching his back and whining. Between the stimulation to his nipples, Yoongi's low moans and watching Hoseok hold onto the ropes that bind him as he fucks up into him--it's a lot.


He can tell his cock is leaking and a glance down confirms what he already knows. At first he told himself he was just going to watch but now he really needs someone to touch him and he desperately wants to pull those same sounds from Yoongi, but he's too shy and embarrassed to ask for that so instead he turns his head a little towards Namjoon.


"Hyung," he breathes.




"Hyung, can you touch me?" He asks, his voice low.


Namjoon presses a kiss to the shell of his ear, "If that's what you want."


"It is."


"Can I take your shirt off?" Namjoon asks and Jimin hums with a nod to let him know it's okay.


Easily, he slides Jimin's shirt up, over his head and tosses it onto the floor with the mess of everyone else's discarded clothes. Instead of sliding Jimin's shorts off he opts to just shimmy them down enough so he's able to slip Jimin's aching cock through the front of his boxers. The head is obscenely wet with pre-come and once Namjoon finally wraps his large hand around the base Jimin lets out a shaky moan at how good it feels to finally be touched.


"Aw, look," Hoseok says to Yoongi, "Look how turned on Jiminie is watching you get fucked."


Jimin whines, Hoseok's words make his cock twitch in Namjoon's hand.


Namjoon strokes him at a leisurely pace, twists his wrist as he nears the head and swipes his thumb across the slit before he strokes back down. It's simple but to Jimin it feels intense with three pairs of eyes on him, watching how turned on he is and how desperately he wants it because he's watching his hyung get fucked open.


His thighs shake on one particular stroke and his hands instantly make grabby hands for the closest thing, which happens to be Namjoon's thighs. He grips them tightly, his back slightly arched while he searches for more friction by thrusting up into Namjoon's hand. He wants more, so much more.


Hoseok slows his movements down to more of a grind, watching Jimin from over Yoongi's shoulder.


"You should see yourself, Minnie. You look so cute when you're desperate for cock," he says.


Jimin whines, eyes glued on the pair in front of him.


"Or maybe, you want to fuck hyung too?" Hoseok says with a pointed thrust that nearly causes Yoongi to lose his balance. He manages to catch himself, but the moan he slips out is so wanton and pretty it makes Jimin's head fuzzy.


Hoseok's eyes widen a little, "Oh? Is that what you want? Do you want to share hyung? Do you want to fuck him like the slut he is?"


Jimin's breathless and too dazed to form words so he nods enthusiastically. He takes a deep breath and tries not to let Namjoon trailing fingertips up and down his shaft in the most torturous tease distract him.


"Please," he whimpers.


"Did you hear that? He wants to share you," Hoseok says to Yoongi, who's now more coherent since Hoseok has stopped moving his hips.


"Do you want that, slut? Do you want to let little Jiminie fuck you?" Hoseok continues, and Jimin knows he's asking for permission before he does anything.


Yoongi licks his lips, Jimin's eyes track the movement.


"Yeah," he breathes, "Gonna show him how good it feels."


"Think you can take us both?" Hoseok asks which makes Yoongi snort.


"Better than you ever could," he says.


Hoseok slaps Yoongi's cock, not enough to really hurt but enough to make him stutter and moan.


"What do you say, Minnie? Hyung will let you fuck him and after a little while we can both share him. How does that sound?"


It takes a moment for Jimin's mind to catch up with what the two are talking about but then his eyes widen as the realization hits him. He's only done something like that a couple times, mainly with Taehyung and Jungkook, so his stomach leaps with excitement at being able to do it with two of his hyungs.


"Yes, please," he says, his voice a little small.


"So polite, such a good boy," Namjoon murmurs into his ear; it's almost shameful how the praise makes him flush worse than spying on his band mates fooling around with each other.


"Joonie, help him take off his shorts. He doesn't have to move but can you help him lie down a little more? It'll be better for the angle," Hoseok says.


It makes Jimin feel warm inside for an entirely different reason that the three of them talk so casually about him while he's right there, doing all the work so he doesn't have to. Namjoon does like Hoseok said and once they're resettled with Jimin as naked as the rest of them, his head on a pillow on Namjoon's lap with his legs spread out around Jimin.


Hoseok helps Yoongi shuffle forward on his knees until he's straddling Jimin's hips. He's still bound with ropes around his legs and torso but Hoseok takes off the ones around Yoongi's arms so he can hold himself up at least. The ropes leave behind red indents on Yoongi’s pale skin that Jimin's eyes are drawn to, the way they twist and wrap around Yoongi's arms. With one hand on Jimin's chest, Yoongi reaches behind him and takes Jimin's cock in his other hand. Jimin's stomach leaps with anticipation.


"You good, Minnie?" Yoongi asks, lightly tapping Jimin's cock against his hole.


"Yes," he breathes, too excited to speak any louder than a whisper.


Yoongi sinks down slowly and fully seats himself on Jimin's cock. He's obscenely wet from a mixed combination of lube and Namjoon's come but it only serves to make the slide easier: there's absolutely no resistance. While loose he's also incredibly hot, engulfing Jimin and adjusting to him so well. Jimin doesn't know why he's never asked to top Yoongi before--except maybe he does and maybe it's because he loves to be on the other end--but he just might get addicted to the way Yoongi feels around him and the cute little noises he makes as he begins to move, lifting himself up to fall back down.


He looks to Yoongi's flushed face, eyes hooded and lips parted with heavy breathing. He looks so, so pretty. Yoongi runs both his hands up Jimin's chest to steady himself while his hips pick up in rhythm. He looks just about as lost in how good it feels as Jimin is.


Namjoon brushes Jimin's bangs back out of his face.


"Look how good you make hyung feel," he says and Jimin almost preens at the praise.


He's making Yoongi feel good, making him let out those sweet little moans.


"How does hyung's slutty hole feel, Minnie?" he hears Hoseok ask him.


Jimin has to take a moment to swallow hard and rack his brain for words, any words.


"Feels good. Loose and wet," he says.


Namjoon rolls Jimin's nipples between his fingers and makes him gasp. He wasn't expecting the sensation and between the way Namjoon tweaks his nipples and the way Yoongi bounces on his cock, it's a lot to take in. It feels almost overwhelming enough that he forgets what else is in store. That is until Hoseok puts a hand on Yoongi's hip to still his movements so he doesn't get hurt while Hoseok works Yoongi up to two lubed fingers to stretch him further.


It feels a little weird--Hoseok's fingers inside Yoongi alongside his cock--but it must feel good to Yoongi based off the way he keens. His eyes are closed, lips in an open pout as he pants, clenching around both Jimin and Hoseok. He’s worked open with copious amounts of lube until the slide of Hoseok’s fingers is smooth, catching little resistance.


"Do you need another?" Hoseok asks Yoongi and presses kisses along his shoulder, up to below his ear. Jimin is only a little jealous. He wants kisses too.


"No," Yoongi says, breathless, "I'm good, you can go ahead."


"Are you sure?" Namjoon asks before Hoseok can.


Yoongi opens his eyes to look at him with a dark, sultry gaze.




Hoseok places a hand between Yoongi's shoulders and slowly leans him forward to get a better angle from behind him. Jimin hears the wet sound of him slicking himself up, despite already being prepped from fucking Yoongi beforehand. Hoseok has always liked it wet and messy.


He takes it slow, the way he pushes himself in. Yoongi clenches his fists, searching for purchase on anything. Mindlessly, Jimin reaches out and intertwines their fingers. Yoongi squeezes his hands with a deep, guttural moan as Hoseok slowly inches in.


All three of them take a moment to breathe, adjusting to the feeling. While Jimin's not new to the sensation, Hoseok is thicker than Jungkook and Taehyung. He's a little in awe at how well Yoongi handles taking them both.


"How do you feel?" Namjoon asks, reaching out to cup Yoongi’s cheek with one of his large hands.


Yoongi sighs with content, a small smile playing at his lips, "Full."


Namjoon chuckles, "Yeah? Does it feel good?"


"Mhm," Yoongi hums and rocks his hips a little, finally giving the three of them a little friction that set Jimin's insides on fire.


"You're such a good slut, aren't you?" Namjoon says and hearing Namjoon say something like that only stokes the fire in Jimin's veins.


"He's so wet, Joonie," Hoseok says, once again stilling Yoongi's movements with hands on his hips.


"You love being fucked like this, don't you?" Namjoon adds on and Yoongi only nods with a breathless agreement. He’s too lost in pleasure to retort back with a snide remark to either of them.


Hoseok moves his hands up to the ropes wrapped around Yoongi's middle and he holds on, using them to hold Yoongi steady as he finally begins to move, thrusting in and out at an excruciatingly slow pace. He doesn’t want to hurt Yoongi so he stays gentle and unhurried but the friction alone is what feels so overwhelmingly sweet to Yoongi and Jimin both.


Jimin’s sure it feels good to Hoseok too by the way he groans and pants, his eyes glued to where they both slide in and out of Yoongi.


"Does he feel good, Minnie?" Namjoon says.


Jimin licks his lips, his head a little too hazy to be able to form anything perfectly coherent.


"Y-Yeah," he moans, "Feels really good."


"Is hyung a good slut for you?"




"Say it, Minnie. Tell hyung what a good slut he is for you."


His cheeks are on fire when he meets Yoongi’s gaze and his mouth is suddenly dry. Jimin swallows hard.


“Hyung’s a good slut for Minnie,” he breathes.


“Good boy,” Namjoon murmurs and Jimin almost doesn’t catch it because Yoongi then decides to lean down further, shifting the angle of both men inside him just so he can capture Jimin’s lips in a kiss. Between the praise and hungry way Yoongi kisses him, Jimin almost comes right then and there.


The kiss is a little messy and a bit uncoordinated but it’s sweet and combined with everything else it makes Jimin’s toes curls. He knows he’s not going to be able to last much longer. With the heat burning in the pit of his stomach, Namjoon pinching and rolling his nipples while giving him praise and the way Hoseok feels sliding against him inside of Yoongi, it’s all building up too quickly.


Him and Yoongi both are a little out of it--sharing more moans and little pants than actual kisses. Their parted brush against each other with every breathy moan.  


He can hear Hoseok cursing under his breath, the friction picking up momentarily before he stills with a gasp. And then Jimin feels it--he feels Hoseok filling Yoongi with his come. After taking a moment to catch his breath Hoseok carefully slides out, a mess of come dribbling and leaking out of Yoongi as he does so.


Yoongi immediately rocks his hips back, trying to take more of Jimin and sink down deeper. He’s too out of it to determine which one of the others laughs but then Jimin hears Hoseok speak.


“Greedy little slut, isn’t he?”


Namjoon hums in agreement, “He already has two loads in him and he still wants more.”


There’s the distinct smack of a hand against skin--or more specifically, Hoseok’s hand against the meat of Yoongi’s ass. Yoongi lets out another breathy little moan against Jimin’s kiss swollen lips and it makes him a little dizzy with pleasure.


Jimin squeezes Yoongi’s hands, still clasped in his, and then let's go to wrap his arms around Yoongi’s middle. He rocks his hips up in a sloppy rhythm, fucking up into Yoongi’s loose, wet hole.


“Look at them, they’re so cute,” Namjoon cooes.


“Are you going to be a good boy and make hyung come on your cock, Minnie?” Hoseok eggs on.


Jimin whines, his movements grow quicker, more desperate. He wants to be good for them, for all of them. He can tell that Yoongi is growing close to his orgasm by the way his thighs shake and tremble, his moans pitched higher with eyes shut in bliss and lips formed into a permanent pout. He knows he’s not far behind either but he has to be good and make Yoongi come.


“Hyung feels so good,” he mumbles against the skin of Yoongi’s collar bone. He mouths against it, not quite enough to leave a mark but it busies himself.


Jimin digs his fingers into Yoongi’s pale skin and hears Hoseok slap his ass cheek again. Everything is too much all at once. Jimin arches his back with the force of his orgasm as it hits him, his head digs into the pillow in Namjoon’s lap. He whines low in his throat, toes curled and fingers gripping tight.


With three loads inside him Yoongi finally comes: shaking, nearing oversensitivity and with his eyes rolling to the back of his head. His body gives out and he collapses on top of Jimin, still trembling from the aftershocks of his orgasm, and makes a mess of his come on Jimin’s stomach. The movement makes Jimin slip out of him and he’s sure that Yoongi must be positively leaking come by now, a thought that sends a bolt of heat down Jimin’s spine.


But that’s a thought for another day. For right now, he’s tired. Not nearly as much as Yoongi who is finally coming back to his senses after blacking out for a moment there. Around the pair of them Namjoon and Hoseok are shuffling about. Namjoon gently sets the pillow Jimin's resting his head on, on the mattress and goes about searching for his underwear while Hoseok heads into the bathroom. A few seconds later Jimin hears the bath start running and then Hoseok returns.


“How do you feel, Min?” He asks Jimin, affectionately brushing back Jimin’s sweaty bangs.


He feels warm and sated but words don’t form in his mind. Jimin hums with content which seems to be answer enough for Hoseok.


“Hyung?” He gently shakes Yoongi’s shoulder and gets a groan in return.


“How do you feel?”


Yoongi groans at him, low and short.


Hoseok laughs, “That good, huh?”


Another groan, more petulant than the first.


“We need to clean you up, you’re a mess,” Hoseok continues.


Yoongi turns his head to peak an eye open at Hoseok. Jimin doesn’t have to see his face to know that he’s glaring but with a pout.


“That’s your fault. And his,” Yoongi retorts, nodding towards Namjoon.


“What about Jimin? It’s not his fault either?” Namjoon asks, his tone playful, as he dumps all of their dirty clothes into his hamper.


Yoongi shakes his head, “Nope. Just you two.”


“Come on, I’ve got you a bath started,” Hoseok says and Yoongi groans in protest.


It takes a little convincing, with Hoseok promising that they can sleep after Yoongi washes up and that Jimin can join him in the bath, but eventually Yoongi sits up and let's Namjoon manhandle him into the bathroom. He’s still too weak and fucked out to stand on his own. When Namjoon returns Jimin gives him the most pitiful pout he can muster.


“Me too?”


With a sigh and an affectionate smile, Namjoon helps Jimin into the bath too.


Hoseok pops his head in the door as they settle in, now with a clean shirt on, “Make sure he actually gets clean and doesn’t drown.”


Yoongi flicks water in Hoseok’s direction instead of coming up with some snarky reply. Jimin reassures Hoseok that he won’t let Hoongi die and then they’re left alone to soak but with the door open. Just in case.  


Yoongi settles down with his back against Jimin’s chest and let's himself sink further down into the water, his body completely relaxed. Jimin presses kisses to Yoongi’s temples, cheek and jaw. He covers the elder in chaste kisses until Yoongi turns slightly to be kissed properly. It’s sweet and innocent, no more than the soft, delicate slide of lips against lips.


Jimin ends up helping Yoongi clean himself, using his fingers to make sure all the come is out and then he rubs Yoongi’s sore muscles. The ropes left marks on his skin that slowly begin to fade but Jimin knows it will take some time before they’re completely gone. He presses more kisses to Yoongi’s shoulders, neck and cheeks as he gently massages his calves and thighs. Yoongi said they were the most sore so Jimin pays extra attention to them.


By the time Namjoon comes in to check on them thirty minutes later Yoongi has dozed off, snoring lightly against Jimin’s neck. The water’s lukewarm, opposed to the scalding hot Hoseok made it, per the way Yoongi prefers.


Jimin and Namjoon both wake Yoongi up with gentle kisses and soft voices. After the two of them are dried off, dressed in a couple of Namjoon’s shirts that they both drown in, they head back to the bedroom.


The sheets have thankfully been changed and Yoongi immediately claims the middle spot, his body practically melts against the mattress as soon as he falls into bed.


“Do you wanna sleep in here with us, Min?” Hoseok asks, coming up behind him to wrap his arms around Jimin’s waist.


“Is there enough room?”


“Has that ever stopped any of our cuddle piles before?” Hoseok nuzzles his face against Jimin’s neck and breathes in deep.


That’s fair enough, Jimin tells himself and joins Yoongi in bed. He shuffles in close and Yoongi automatically turns onto his side to pull Jimin impossibly closer and tuck his face back into Jimin’s neck. By the time Hoseok snakes around Yoongi, arms wrapped around him, and Namjoon joins by curling in behind Jimin, Yoongi is already asleep again. Jimin finds himself too tired to keep his eyes open, they slip closed before the bedside lamp is even turned off. He feels the bed move and two kisses to the apple of his cheek, one right after another. Goodnight kisses from Namjoon and Hoseok.


After a murmur of “good nights” Jimin falls asleep, feeling warm, content and safe next to three of the people he loves most.