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It's Okay

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Eijirou turned to the clock up on the wall. 9 PM. That was fine. The common room was getting quieter, students were dozing off around the couches, some still giggling softly.
Katsuki bounced his leg up and down. He looked around everywhere- very few people were still here, and the ones that were were paying absolutely no attention to him and Eijirou. Thinking about him, he turned to Eijirou to stare at him.
He's so handsome, he thought. Everything was perfect about him- except for his shitty hair. He stares at every detail- his cat shaped eyes and thick, dark eyelashes, prominent cheekbones, and a jawline Katsuki could cut vegetables with. Squishy cheeks that turned so cute when he blushed, an infectous smile that lit up the room when he showed his shark teeth. Gorgeous, and all his. He looked around once more before he smirked at an idea.
He turned to his boyfriend with sultry eyes. They'd been dating for a while, so he was comfortable with grabbing at him silently and starting to suck on his neck as quietly as possible. A familiar heat engulfed his abdomen, and he was drunk on the need to touch Eijirou. He needed to jack off, now. Or get Eijirou in his bed so they could fool around. He figures it was time, anyway. He loved Eijirou, and wanted to be more intimate.
Eijirou flushed at his boyfriend being lovey-dovey in public. "Babe, we're in the common room."
"I know taste good," he whispered. Butterflies filled Eijirou's stomach. "Let's go to my dorm."
Eijirou hummed in agreement, holding Katsuki's hand as they snuck upstairs. Katsuki opened his door and led Eijirou in. The were instantly connected at the mouth the second the door clicked.
They stumbled toward Katsuki's bed, Eijirou smiling in between kisses. "Someone's eager."
They landed on the bed. Katsuki was on top of his boyfriend, straddling his stomach and licking into his mouth. He sat up to look at the redhead below him. Eijirou looked down at the notable tightness in the blond's pants. He looked back up to his face- his eyebrows were raised, his mouth open as he was breathing heavily. His lips were red and glistening from the saliva coating them. He pulled his shirt over his head in a frenzy in an effort to get back to the other boy. He grabbed Eijirou's face and kissed him more. He tugged at Eijirou's lip with his teeth, earning a soft moan. He grabbed at the redhead's sides. Eijirou hummed in approval. Katsuki started moving lower and tugged lightly on Eijirou's shirt.
Eijirou froze.
He panicked and started breathing heavily. Damn. He was comfortable with Katsuki, and they'd made out while Katsuki didn't have a shirt, and he was fine (well, until Aizawa walked in and scolded them for being loud). But this time, it was different. Damn. Eijirou started shaking.
Overall, there was an inquisitive look on Katsuki's face.
"Shitty Hair, what's wrong?"
Eijirou shifted under him. Kastuki immediately got off of him and sat beside him. "What's the matter?"
He said nothing and looked at the floor.
"Hey, I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable, we've been together for a long time, I didn't...." Katsuki's voice trailed off as he watched Eijirou's face contort into a frown as tears welled in his eyes.
"Hey, hey, it's okay I'm here, calm down. Talk to me," Katsuki was trying to be as calm as possible but on the inside he was yelling at himself for not checking with his boyfriend.
"I don't want you to leave me."
His eyes widened. "Why on Earth do you think I would do that?"
Eijirou looked anywhere but Katsuki's face.
Two minutes went by of Eijirou saying nothing. The first words he spoke were, "Okay.. so you're aware that I get formally adressed by Ei instead of Eijirou, like on the billboards during the sports festival and stuff?"
"Yeah what about it?" Katsuki nodded.
"Well... It's because it's my birth name, not my nickname."
"But isn't it a girl's name?" He asked.
Eijirou nodded. "Yeah..."
"And why should I care that you have a girl's name?"
Eijirou tipped his head down and was almost silent. "I'm... trans."
Katsuki didn't really know what to think. He just sat there, looking at his boyfriend.
"I... I was born a girl, okay? I have breasts but i hide them cause i hate them, 'n I have, y'know... not a dick," he sniffled as tears gushed from his face. God, he hated saying stuff like this. "...'n I didn' wanna tell you because I was scared... 'cause you might break up with me because of it, and I don't know what to do, and trust me, I want to take the next step with you too, I've wanted to for a while and what if it ends up spreading and my parents find out, I'd be kicked out so fast, they just think I'm a butch lesbian and they already hate me for it, Katsuki...."
His voice trailed off when he looked at his boyfriend. He was silent while Eijirou explained. Oh god, what have I done, Eijirou thought.
"It's okay, Eijirou. I don't care."
Eijirou's tears flowed down his cheek. "You? Y-" sniffle. "You don't?"
"Of course not. I don't care if you don't have a dick. You're still hot as fuck and I will never judge you, babe." Katsuki plantes a kiss to Eijirou's trembling lips. It was soft, nothing like a few minutes before. A kiss of comfort, not a word coming from his mouth but saying everything Eijirou needed to hear. That it was okay.
Eijirou wiped the tears from his eyes.
Katsuki spoke up first. "Does anyone else know?"
"Yeah, Mina does. She's the only one from my previous school and she's my friend so I didn't want her to use the wrong pronouns here. She's been really good about it. The teachers too, I told Aizawa privately and he didn't care but he told the other to not let my parents know. They all adress me with the right pronouns for now, except when there's meetings and when they asked my parents if I could board. The family doesn't know that I have a boy's dorm and I intend to keep it that way."
"Is that why I haven't met your family and they don't know about me?"
Eijirou nodded. "Yeah I'm sorry about that, I wish I coild tell the world how much I love you." He cupped Katsuki's cheek and pulled him closer, locking lips. Eijirou slowly pulled off his shirt to reveal a black binder underneath.
"I... I want to continue what we started in here, Katsuki- if that's okay of course." He rubbed the back of his neck.
Eijirou concluded that it was more than okay, because Katsuki near tackles him smothering his body in kisses. He sucked on his neck before whispering. "You're so handsome, Eijirou Kirishima."
They made love for the first time that night, eyes glazed in contentment as the fell asleep next to each other.