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taeyong entered the university campus, just like every day and it wasn't a wonder to the pink haired boy when all the fellow pupils of the college came to address the kingka of seoul's most prestigious art college, seoul arts college for youth. the college surpassed all the other colleges, and it was a whole new world to taeyong and his enthusiasm for dance and rap. taeyong's feet entered the rather quixotic institute, and everyone saw his brown eyes twinkle as he looked around the campus and everyone admired the man for his absolute love for what he actually took sincerely. "sir taeyong, what would you like your baby boy to do for you?" a very familiar voice makes taeyong snicker as he turns to the owner of the deep voice.


"johnny, fuck off. i'm not dating you, and will never-" taeyong halts as if his eyes are looking for someone else, waiting for someone else to be in front of him. "he's in the vocal training room, go retrieve him." johnny consciously notifies as he smiles as he sees taeyong's face just glow up. taeyong was johnny's everything, his best friend, his buddy, his family and johnny would do anything to let that innocent smile linger on his face ceaselessly. taeyong clatters his way through the crowd of classmates, just to reach out to his precious, to embrace him and chant poems of love to him. taeyong yearned to let him know that there was no one his heart belonged to and will never because taeyong vowed to himself that he would never let him be the cause of someone's tears before he set off his journey to see the whole world and reveal his dreams to him, step by step.


he didn't let his feet stop till they took him to the training room, and once they did stop, taeyong saw the room right in front of his eyes. he lifted his brawny arm to push over the door, but instantly paused when he heard something, someone distinctive. it was not his jaehyun.


but taeyong stood there, desiring to hear the stranger's singing skills, rivaling them with his jaehyun's. the longer taeyong stood there, the less he repented his choice of sojourning there. the male voice behind the entrance was so rich and pleasing, it was as smooth as the golden nectar, just as clear as the crystalline diamonds taeyong treasured. taeyong discerned that the male's vocal range was really wide, and any bass would go with his vocals. taeyong's foot tapped along with the unknown flow the man was singing at, and taeyong came to a recognition that the man had picked up a quicker pace, so by now he was rapping and taeyong was beyond impressed. as a man molded by rap, taeyong thought this guy just needed inadequate polishing in his rhythm and he'd shine as brilliant as a diamond.


taeyong was so into the rhythm and harmony that he left one particular overlooked, the man had finished his training. taeyong's head faced the ground as he attempted to freestyle with the remembered beat, and his hands behind his back and foot following up with taeyong's freestyle.  the pink haired boy suspended as he felt someone patting on his shoulder, and he glanced up to see an astonishingly handsome man, but taeyong couldn't identify him, keeping in consideration that taeyong knew every being in this institute due to his great civil skills.


taeyong faced a golden-haired angel - individual - whose eyes just enthralled taeyong, beckoning him to study more behind the golden eyes. taeyong halted in his spot as the man abruptly made eye contact with him, loading up some type of euphoric sensation into taeyong's current emotionless figure. taeyong let the golden-haired scan him wholly, audaciously retaliating. a navy blue skintight full-sleeved shirt with black skinny jeans, his golden eyes concealed behind the gold-rimmed spectacles he wore that taeyong didn't regard earlier, but to assume the man in one word, taeyong would choose the word 'expensive.'


"i-i uh-" taeyong forced up his mouth, stuttering as he saw the man's perfect and plethoric red tinted lips curved into a little grin, which was somewhat unusual because lee taeyong never stammers. a small chortle ejects from the golden-haired boy, which sounded so sweet to taeyong that he just wanted to just- do something to the man. "i'm a transfer student from china, dong sicheng." the golden-haired boy, now named sicheng, stretched his hand to let taeyong do the equal and as soon as their hands brushed, taeyong knew that they were going somewhere. rendering the gallant behavior, taeyong beamed as well, letting his pink lips flash sicheng his charming toothy smile. "i'm lee taeyong, nice to-"


and taeyong was discontinued by the bell, prompting sicheng to laugh again - and god, taeyong just desired to hear the man laugh and laugh because he sounded so lovely. "what's your first class, taeyong?" sicheng asked him, his accent really thick and he sounded a little verbose, which sicheng was- that is after months of preparation. and taeyong on the other hand quickly felt flushed and fuzzy after hearing sicheng call out his name, it was like taeyong's name was just for sicheng to call out daytime and night. taeyong gave sicheng a short smile before responding, "dance. what about you?"


sicheng's eyes lightened up when he apprehended taeyong and he shared the same class. "we can go together! come on, don't be late!" sicheng eagerly gets ready to race, continuing his arm so that taeyong can hold onto it and that's what taeyong did. and they both just raced like that, but taeyong does not enjoy agility and acceleration even a bit, and sicheng ran like his life depended on it. "sicheng, slow down!" taeyong accomplished to call, as he saw the hallways converging in a blur, and he started to feel a wee light-headed. sicheng somehow sensed it, and regulated down but not due to taeyong's light-headedness but because of someone barring their way. and of course, it was none other jung jaehyun, unquestionably piercing through sicheng but his gaze spontaneously stirred towards taeyong, who also appeared to regard his boyfriend.


taeyong just staggered off sicheng's hand, correction, forced sicheng's hand away from him - and ran to embrace jaehyun and placed a clumsy kiss on jaehyun's plump lips he yearned so much, even though they just met recently. sicheng just bought up his hand and saw it before glancing back at the pair. suppressing the discomfort at the back of his heart, sicheng broke out with his signature grin. sicheng saw the admiration the couple transferred just by seeing each other, just by grinning at each other, and sicheng assured himself that he'd get himself, someone, he can have times similar to what taeyong and the other man, whom he didn't know, shared.


not wanting to interfere in anything, sicheng discreetly made his way to his dance class, earning dubious looks from every pupil present. sicheng had his own atmosphere, his own incomparable vibe, his own distinctive way of walk, and all these agents fascinated the other students. "new, perhaps?" sicheng detects a sound from his back, as he turns around to face a man considerably smaller than him, but it was sufficient for the man to pull off a baby effect that sicheng found remarkably dainty. sicheng agreed adorably, as he bowed as he discovered from his tutors. it's all about respect over there, your best performance. sicheng could hear the words reverberate through his clouded subconscious, but instead of receiving the same bow in return, sicheng just heard the man chuckle. sicheng raised an eyebrow, and set his few books on the tables nearby, and turned around to the same man.


"a penny for your thoughts, sir?" sicheng doubled his arms, and just narrowed his gaze towards the smaller, who tried his best to repress his laughter. "n-no, you're just so appealing, it's really hilarious!" the shorter pulled sicheng's cheeks with sheer affection, as sicheng just rolled his eyes and huffed. "i'm ten, nice to meet you-"


"okay, class! hurry up and collect around me!" their dance professor, mrs. min, proclaimed and sicheng scampers over to the crowd but fails to remark that taeyong's now in class. "we have a transfer student from china, please be nice to him!" the teacher claps her hand twice, and sicheng takes this as a hint for him to stand in front of the whole class for introduction. breathe, head high, and a bright smile. sicheng substantially heard his father's voice when sicheng had to introduce himself in a business conference he was visiting with his father at the age of four, and since then, sicheng's been really positive in his oral skills. with a gorgeous toothy grin on his gleaming face, sicheng took a deep breath and faced his audience. "hello, i'm dong sicheng and i'm a transfer student from china! i hope we all will be good companions in eventuality, and i look forward to socializing with you!"


sicheng felt positive enough, but once the audience applauded for the golden-haired boy, his chest was filled with contentment for himself. their dance instructor concurrently grinned along, picking up an interest for the chinese student. "okay, so as for the commencement of another beautiful year at this campus, the dance department proposed the idea of a lovely welcoming show!" the teacher familiarized the class, and not even two moments passed and everyone was busy whispering about the new affair planned. sicheng incompetently stood in the crowd, fiddling with his fingers as he quietly waited for the instructor to resume. meanwhile, taeyong stood at the other side of the room but never let his eyes leave the chinese man. sicheng was surely something and taeyong would really look forward to knowing the gentleman more.


"i'll be picking partners for this class, and you all will prepare something royal and prestigious, mirroring the institute's honor," the teacher continued with a courteous smile, "and it's not important for your routine to be similar to a ball dance or anything as such. think outside the box and let the inner royal in you reflect." sicheng held upon a soft smile because he knew that this routine wouldn't be tough for him, sicheng was nurtured and brought up as a perfect being and nothing less than a royal himself. the instructor started uttering some obscure names sicheng could care less about, and he was just lost in the thoughts of taeyong and the other man. they were dating and sicheng was sure about that, but what about the emotions sicheng read in taeyong's eyes when he looked at him? was it awe or reverence?


sicheng was perplexed, but he tried to shake off his pointless thoughts. it's your first day and you're already trapped in between your feelings, sicheng inwardly sighed and gave up on his complex thoughts. his grip on sanity was already really loose and he definitely didn't want a man to let him go of his sanity. and not to mention, taeyong was already taken. "and dong sicheng!" the teacher abruptly declares and sicheng speeds up to the center while facing the teacher, bewildered. the teacher lets out a small chuckle and points towards his right, sicheng's front. sicheng turns to his front, and an enchanting smile crawled up on his red lips. "your partner, lee taeyong."




jaehyun nonchalantly fiddled with the plastic fork in his hand, more of, playing with the pasta on his plate. jaehyun appeared lost in thought, and johnny was being a really good buddy, so he thought of pretending like he was concerned. "jaehyun, what's up?" johnny waved his huge palm in front of jaehyun's face, which surprised the poor boy. jaehyun winced and threw his back on his chair, which caused his back muscles to throb. seizing his back to control the discomfort, jaehyun's legs hit the chair, and jaehyun tripped and was about to hit flat on the ground. johnny appeared upset as he heard the other boy yelp in agony but rushed to his aid. wrapping a firm arm around jaehyun's waist, johnny pulls jaehyun's body closer to him, saving the boy from falling down. the position from far really seemed intimate, jaehyun's arms around johnny's neck and johnny's arms around jaehyun's waist, both of them looking into each other's eyes, their hair somehow messed up.


if anyone wandered in at this moment, they'd think that johnny and jaehyun were making out, but before they both could even discern those circumstances, someone walked into the deserted cafeteria. it didn't take johnny two seconds to apprehend that someone walked in, and he pushed away jaehyun from him and turned around to see a very unknown face. jaehyun landed flat on his ass, and he left out a hiss, before looking up to the person because of whom he was in this position.


jaehyun's eyes fluttered to see the same golden-haired boy he saw earlier this morning - fuck, it's that guy who is friends with taeyong. jaehyun had never panicked in his life like how he did that moment, he bolted right up and just shot sicheng a very apprehensive smile. "uh- you're new, right?" johnny stiffly muttered, which sicheng unmistakably heard and to which he excitedly responded. "yes! i'm dong sicheng and i'm a transfer student from china!"


johnny's heart utterly thrived at the chinese boy's smile, that johnny took a few steps forward to stretch his arm to the golden-haired. "i'm johnny suh, and that is jung jaehyun." johnny introduced, and sicheng turned to jaehyun, who was this close to actually pissing his pants. sicheng then flashed him the fraudulent smile, that even a blind person would know that it was fake just by the mood the smile had set. jaehyun certainly didn't give a fuck at that point, he just didn't want the sicheng guy to misinterpret the situation and go snitch about him to taeyong. "we should get going, sicheng! see you around!" johnny says and grasps jaehyun by his wrist, and pulls him up back up on his feet, but within jaehyun was ready to cry his heart out. johnny was doing everything to prove it to sicheng that they had something when in actuality they were the best of mates. but sicheng doesn't know that, which worries jaehyun a lot.


sicheng waves the two a warm goodbye, his lovely grin never leaving his face. and once the two were out beyond sicheng's vision, the chinese plopped onto one of the cafeteria chairs and deeply breathes. wasn't this jaehyun guy dating taeyong? or were they just really, really good friends? nah, scratch that. there was no way those two were just buddies. sicheng's thoughts were clouded with complicated thoughts, and on the other hand, taeyong was in the institute's dance practice room, dancing out his prepared routine. taeyong was really a swift learner, and a great detailer so him thinking about a routine this early was not a huge astonishment. taeyong was just anticipating for his partner to join him, and voilà! they'll be settled in no time.


taeyong was overjoyed, he habitually was considered for a solo routine but this time, he had an associate. which meant that sicheng was also an outstanding dancer, and taeyong could do nothing but wonder about how pleasant and lovely it would be to finally have a partner. jaehyun and johnny did not take up dance, as their semester and career plan focused on vocals and sketching, and they both were impeccable at it. taeyong had completely different career options, he had an everlasting passion for dance but slowly grew some sort of affinity towards rapping, which his teachers did not leave unnoticed and urged him to change his classes, but taeyong chose both, not completely wanting to give up one for the other.


the practice room was brilliantly lit, and the wooden planks made it easier for the dancers to smoothly drift over it. taeyong felt jaded sitting and idling for sicheng, so he decided to recommence his dancing, and danced to precisely nothing. taeyong just let himself free to wherever his thoughts carried him to, his delicate body floundering all over the practice room. taeyong soon came to the cognizance that he was dancing to the cadence of love, just chaste and genuine love. a faithful romanticist he was, he had really good knowledge about all varieties of love tales, and taeyong would just rant all his sentiments about love to jaehyun, and the younger would just listen to his boyfriend speak and would include a few smiles here and there.


jaehyun treasured the pink haired man and was ready to do anything for his satisfaction. and taeyong was just an innocent, young boy trying to live out his dreams. taeyong's face always crimsoned when his thoughts flew over to jaehyun, and taeyong had to pause to just recuperate from the lovely thoughts he had about his other one. "oh, i'm so sorry! i just ran into some fascinating people, and it just made me a little late!" a panting sicheng's husky voice reverberates through the room, substantially echoing making the man's voice sound even more satisfying. taeyong just looked up to the golden-haired, and gave him a petite smile before showing him a thumbs up.  "it's alright, chenggie. i've prepared our routine anyways, and i'm looking forward to showing it to you if you don't mind that is."


sicheng nearly choked on the nickname he'd just received, but immediately covered it with a flimsy cough and a dark hue of magenta tinting his cheeks. taeyong softly chuckled at how he got the boy agitated, but nevertheless, rushed to the center of the room to take his opening position. sicheng glimpsed at a small device placed onto a seat nearby, which sicheng later identified it as taeyong's mobile phone, and hurried to pick it up and saw a piano piece paused. sicheng looked up at taeyong for approval to press play, which taeyong allowed by giving him a short smile. and the moment the music commenced, taeyong did nothing but hypnotize sicheng by his elegant moves and wow, taeyong was so excellent at this. sicheng made sure to capture every one of his moves, in case taeyong asks him to redo the whole, and sicheng couldn't help but let his eyes unblushingly devour the whole sight in front of him.


sicheng, stop. he has a motherfucking boyfriend. he recalled to himself and took his bottom lip under his teeth, biting them really hard to numb all the other useless sensations he felt. and thank the lord, taeyong had stopped right on the spot before anything undesired happened. with a pleasant smile on his face, taeyong beautifully bowed to finally put his little show to a wonderful end. sicheng just gazed at him in reverence and started applauding in order to express his admiration for the older. taeyong suddenly felt a little modest and humble in front of the taller, as he let his hand ruffle his own pink hair into a fluffy mess. "was it good-"


"it was phenomenal, yongie!"

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sicheng sat frustrated in his art class, whirling his pencil around his slim forefinger, trying to think of what he could possibly sketch. he felt so unenterprising that he was actually considering to excuse himself from the class and go outdoor to seek for some motivation and perhaps, then sketch a beauty. but sicheng didn't need to execute plan a, because plan b came walking in class like a whole museum art piece himself. sicheng was not going to lie at all, but jaehyun was surely an aristocrat with excellent looks and behavior and maybe, sicheng hasn't quite seen the whole jaehyun to actually decipher his apprehensive and tensed behavior earlier that day.


jaehyun entered the classroom with a haste grin, which the teacher over-looked and told him to take his seat, which resulted to be close to sicheng and gave sicheng a good side profile of the man. jaehyun didn't seem to really notice his surroundings, and opened his sketchbook and unobtrusively started sketching without any interruptions or anything as such. sicheng kept on gazing at jaehyun, completely bewildered over his charm. sicheng made sure to take intermissions from his stare so that jaehyun wouldn't suspect anything wrong, or feel uncomfortable. sicheng's hand started to sketch some extraordinary outline but sicheng didn't quite take any particular interest to it and just let his hand freely travel around the parchment paper he was reckoned to sketch on. after getting a little used to jaehyun's visuals, sicheng glanced over to his whatever sketch and just burst out into a pleasant grin.


they really were right when they said that you draw what you think about or examine because sicheng found an imperfect but satisfactory outline of jaehyun's demeanor, him sketching some nonexclusive landscape whereas sicheng sketched the actual artwork himself. there was only attraction rather than feeling sicheng felt towards jaehyun, unlike taeyong because when sicheng is with taeyong, he can feel that light sparkle. time raced as usual and class time was over, but sicheng just sat there, wanting to finish the whole portraiture. jaehyun got up from his bench, assembling his respective items and some instinct of his told him to turn behind, which he did and almost spontaneously grieved. his least favorite view of them all — dong fucking sicheng.


not that jaehyun resented the boy — but jaehyun resented the boy. sicheng reflected some bad but really good vibes, and jaehyun wasn't having it because jaehyun was a man with his own vanity and would snap at anyone whom he thought was greater than him or someone he deemed worthy of his foul remarks, and in this situation, jaehyun conceded the first. but that was definitely not today because sicheng also had something against him, which he planned on clearing right then and finish off the matter. he struts over to the back where the chinese man sat and crosses his fingers that he doesn't have to encounter something uneventful or destitute with sicheng. jaehyun watches the whole class filter out of the art room, and to their respective pairs or friends to walk back home but seeing sicheng so focused in his work and how he didn't let time decide whether he should stop, which made jaehyun esteem him in his own way and behavior.


jaehyun tenderly taps sicheng's shoulder, but received nothing but just a simple, deep-toned hum which ran down shivers jaehyun's backbone, if he was not to lie. "sicheng, look —" jaehyun began, not caring that sicheng wasn't really hearing but it seemed like sicheng identified jaehyun immediately and piped up really swift. he tossed away the standard lead pencil he held and instantly held — no, jostled — the sketch up jaehyun's face. not foreseeing this sudden attack, jaehyun intuitively recoiled away from the drawing but soon reacquired his senses. disremembering his previous statements he had pre-planned in his head, jaehyun gave this simple sketch his inclination. jaehyun seized the book from sicheng's hand, earning some weird giggle from sicheng but jaehyun found it adorable — heck, everything the boy did was adorable. and jaehyun resented it.


promptly scanning over the black and white sketch, jaehyun started making few assumptions as to who the mystery man was — wait a whole second, was that jaehyun? — and soon came to the conclusion that he was drawn really professionally and in that sketch, jaehyun looked a nice hundred times better. jaehyun looked over from the book to the smiling gentleman and gave him a favorable smile which rather startled sicheng because all he received since morning were scowls and looks of anger. jaehyun couldn't find his voice from within because how could he condemn such a decent and good-hearted man, and just how dare he? "i— uh, this —" jaehyun stammered, glimpsing back and forth from sicheng to the sketch, not having the guts to even speak up. sicheng just chortled and pulled over a chair from nearby and placed it opposite him, and indicated the elder to have a seat, and jaehyun willingly obeyed.


"see, i'm not going to tell taeyong about whatever i saw in the school cafeteria. don't worry and just go clear out everything with him, because cheating is bad, right?" sicheng kept on shocking jaehyun with his gentleman-like behavior and mood, that he was just too disconcerted to defend himself and go against sicheng like he incipiently planned on doing. "see, you're misunderstanding. johnny and i have nothing between and whatever you saw was just the product of bad timing and a mere coincidence, and i swear." jaehyun tried rendering but knew he was getting shit like, "stop lying! " or "whatever, i hate you and i'm going to taeyong anyways! "


but what he actually got was an understanding nod followed by sicheng's signature grin. "then, there is no problem at all! i know you like taeyong and you trust him and he trusts you and whatever lover stuff you guys abide by." sicheng cheers and substantially quickly lifted up jaehyun's mood, which made sicheng even more content. jaehyun didn't expect this but he wasn't complaining either because the result was startlingly positive. running his hand over his nape, jaehyun rigidly laughed and dodged any eye contact with sicheng because he felt that blameworthy. "sicheng, i'm—" and before jaehyun could proceed further, sicheng had already thought of articulating. "yeah, i know that you're sorry for acting like a bitch, well at least i thought so, to me earlier and yeah, i forgive you because interesting friendships usually start off with some silly misunderstanding and a lot of negative assumptions!"


jaehyun was actually tearing up because the last thing he was expecting was this, but jaehyun was also a master in discreetness so he hid his overly emotional behavior behind a grin. "you interrupt a lot, little one." jaehyun notes with a faint smug look, receiving a high-pitched but a very adorable whine from sicheng, making jaehyun giggle like he didn't hate the boy just a few hours ago. "i'm not little, i'm a big boy!"






taeyong was surprisingly really apprehensive because he really never had a partner for his dance projects, and there was no way taeyong was staying at the institute to practice with sicheng. taeyong was intending to ask sicheng to accompany him to his secret dance rehearsal place, and no one, not even jaehyun knew about the place was what made taeyong so troubled in asking sicheng. rubbing his hands to enhance friction between his palms, taeyong was trying his best to warm himself as he waited for sicheng to come outside the campus as he swore to. it was nearly three in the afternoon and it was really freezing that for about two seconds, taeyong thought about ditching sicheng so he could go over to jaehyun's and just cuddle him.


but predestinately, sicheng came out that very moment and taeyong mentally cursed at himself for even thinking of such negative thoughts while all the chinese boy wanted was to partner up. taeyong cleared his throat and with a grin, he advanced towards sicheng and so did sicheng. taeyong was fully clothed with a viscous jacket whereas taeyong discerned that sicheng just had his same full-sleeved navy blue shirt, but this time, sicheng hid his hair under a black beanie. sicheng burst into a simper upon seeing his newly made friend, and without hesitating, he concealed taeyong into a friendly hug. moved by the abrupt act of friendship, taeyong couldn't bring himself to wrap his arms around sicheng, he just couldn't for foreign reasons. sicheng slowly came to the consciousness that taeyong wasn't hugging him back, and pulled away from him incompetently.


"yikes, i'm sorry. it's just that i happen to adore hugs, and you looked warm and all so," sicheng lingered off, despairingly not wanting for the situation to turn cumbersome. taeyong pauses and casually grins at the man, before tapping his shoulder stiffly. "it's alright, i just don't have the habit of hugging people other than johnny and jaehyun —" "if you don't mind me asking, what relation do you share with jaehyun?" sicheng intervenes yet again, another person. taeyong looks at him with a bewildered expression and a look that truly screams ' are you blind or what? '


"um— we're dating? i thought you knew, i mean we're pretty obvious and open about it?" taeyong sheepishly shrugs, not comprehending to where sicheng was trying to take him but not making it uncomfortable, taeyong grabs sicheng's sleeve and pulls him outside the steps of the school's grand entrance and took him to the sidewalk. sicheng just felt really warm and giddy from the inside when taeyong's hand hauled onto sicheng's sleeve, but he wasn't quite sure why that small of a gesture made him feel so warm. "okay, so i'm going to take you to a very secret place. and, you aren't allowed to tell anyone about it." taeyong places a warning finger onto sicheng's chest, which would've frightened sicheng if not followed by taeyong's goofy grin.


 "well, let's go then!" sicheng enthusiastically cheered, letting soft giggles leave his mouth as taeyong hastened him over to someplace, the cold air making him feel ticklish. the duo stop at this lake, sicheng has no idea where it emerged from and has no knowledge as to why taeyong bought him here. noticing sicheng's unclear and alert expression, taeyong tugged his sleeve once more to get sicheng's attention from the beautiful landscape. sicheng took time to reply — of course, the scenery was way too appealing for anyone's eyes.


but involuntarily, sicheng turned to face taeyong, who had some sort of satisfaction in his expression. "it's really beautiful, right?" taeyong asked the dark blonde, who shifted his gaze back to the view and so did taeyong. the lake was crystal blue, the small waves splintering by to produce a calming sound, the tree branches that loosely draped over the water body and the pink flowers that shimmered as the winter dew added some sort of aesthetically gratifying brilliance to it.


the wind made the vines dangle off the tree, teasing the surface of the water, rhythmically dance to the cadence of nature. all of this was enough for sicheng to feel so warm and fluffy inside that he just wanted to hug someone, but he knew his options were really restricted so he decided against it. "you're the only one who knows about it, cheng." taeyong's voice remains low, like he doesn't want to obstruct the amicable environment. that statement nearly caught sicheng off-guard, a sense of mortification and maybe honor that he was the only one but a question remained in the back of his head. "not even jaehyun?" he abruptly spoke, kind of alarming taeyong but taeyong covered it up with a gentle smile, not completely sure as to why sicheng asked him that. "nope, not even jaehyun."


and sicheng broke out into the most charming smile ever, little fits of giggles escaping him as he returned to glimpse at the spectacle, and taeyong just watched him with extreme affection and admiration. the way sicheng would smile and giggle for the smallest of things, the way the crimson on his cheeks deepened when taeyong touched him, the way sicheng would explode of happiness when taeyong would pay the scantiest attention to his existence. he had not even met sicheng about seven hours and all these thoughts rushed in, making taeyong feel a little light-headed at the accolades that he suddenly made way for in his thoughts when sicheng's face was remembered.


 "a specific reason for bringing me here?" sicheng thoughtlessly asked, and taeyong wasn't quite sure whether sicheng was not earnest and didn't know what was happening — oh, taeyong thought as his gaze fell upon his hand tightly holding onto sicheng's, taeyong's long sleeve engulfing half of his little hand, making it look so cute that sicheng couldn't help but tangle their fingers together. but no hard feelings, right?


taeyong flushed pink like the roses hanging over the vines, as he let go of sicheng's hand causing the younger to softly laugh at the older's fastidious situation. and as this friendly scene proceeded, the audience— consisting of a few open-minded adults and a lot of the students who attended their university —behind them unknowingly awed at the couple who were inattentive to what was happening and the misunderstandings that grew as they laughed off their problems.


soon, taeyong bought sicheng around the plain where he would practice alone and revealed to him that no one knew about this place for taeyong's own privacy. the mood turned very professional and serious as both the individuals worked on their project, improving each other when they made mistakes and giggled when either of them pulled a shenanigan. the four o' clock meetup somehow extended to eight, and the pair didn't even know when the beautiful blue sky transitioned to the murky orange heaven and both bid each other adieu and went about different. taeyong thought about the shortcomings in their routine and how he could improve whereas sicheng thought about the butterflies that awoke in him when taeyong touched him to correct.


 the way his gentle hand gripped his bicep to show him how to fitly perform the step, or when he ruffled sicheng's hair to shake off the fallen petals of the hanging roses which kind of formed a disconnected crown upon his golden hair, making him look like a prince, taeyong thought to himself. but, sicheng wasn't allowed to feel like this? he just met taeyong, and taeyong isn't even single. what was sicheng even thinking about? "you can't fall for someone who will never be yours, sicheng. don't make the same mistake again, you'll regret it." a voice inside sicheng spoke to him, and sicheng knew it was true but he couldn't help but just get lost in the thoughts of his wonderful first day as a transfer student, very prompt to count the next of the days cheerfully.

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"shit, what's this?" johnny mutters quietly as his thumb scrolls down the university's official gossip page, where all the students could be filled up with the latest news about the campus and the beloved students. johnny had paused his daily scrolling session to something which had finally caught his eye — but he was sure that it was definitely not healthy for a gossip. "fuck, this is going to be a whole scandal, i swear to god," johnny whispers to himself as he enters the campus to their wonderful garden, "taeyong's gotta tell me what's happening." johnny almost instinctively shut down his phone as someone back hugged him, which damn sure startled the taller, but he did turn around to see the culprit — jung jaehyun, with such a devilish yet adorable smile.


"hey, jackass! what's up?" jaehyun greets as he slings a loose arm around johnny's collared neck, and both of them walk towards the entrance of the school's main building. as one of the popular kids, both of them had an intricate taste in fashion that made them always stand out from the crowd. today, jaehyun wore something plain and simple, which was unusual, a white shirt tucked into tight, black jeans. and johnny, on the other hand, wore a white shirt with white jeans and an ocean-green pullover, which covered his white shirt but let his collar pop up. "nothing much, dude. the same old shit, practicing, practicing and practicing." johnny mumbled incoherently, his mood undeniably very off after the morning news and jaehyun quite caught up to it. they reached the staircase to the main entrance and jaehyun stopped, which caused johnny to stop as well, to which he let out a short whine. "jaehyun! come on, let's go!" he whined like a small kid, fondling with his phone impatiently, like he was waiting for jaehyun to leave so could check something on it.


jaehyun eyes the electronic with narrow eyes, which weirded and freaked out johnny but before he could shove down the electronic down his pocket, jaehyun had snatched it from him. johnny's heartbeat almost halted as he realized that the scandalous article he was skimming through was open right there. all he could do was pray to god that jaehyun doesn't throw his phone down, and accidentally kill taeyong. johnny swore that his death had dawned upon him as he saw jaehyun's eyes widen when he switched on johnny's phone, and johnny tightly shut his eyes to avoid consequences.


"johnny," jaehyun's stern voice ringed through johnny's ears and fear builds up in his veins, "you changed your password once again? without telling me the new one?" and that's when johnny believed in the power of god, he sighed in relief which almost raised some sort of suspicion in jaehyun, but johnny could care less now. "yeah, i changed it.." johnny trailed off, and snatched his phone from jaehyun's hand and pushed it into his pocket and turns around to face the university's entrance once again. "you're acting suspicious, johnny. is something wrong?" jaehyun questions the man and quickly catches up with the pacing man, pulling him by his pullover.


"e-everything is fine, just stay with me the whole day. it'll be fine."






sicheng couldn't wait to go to university another day, he just loved being there and learning more about his passion — taeyong was also one of the minor reasons too. sicheng wasn't quite sure if he admired the man or it was a small crush, but he could not wait to see the man again. he just felt that the man's beauty was way too underappreciated for only jaehyun's eyes, and he too wanted to socialize. he pulled the expensive, golden-cream duvets off his half-naked body, and shot up from his comfortable bed in a jiff. he glanced over the clock and caught a glimpse of the time, six o'clock. another hour and half, sicheng had for dressing himself up and taking care of his appetite. he could do it, right?


he let his bare feet tingle as the rich fiber of the velvety carpet that floored his room brushed against his feet, making him feel a little ticklish. he got up with a small smile, and headed to the washroom to groom himself and take care of his morning looks. he took a quick shower and finished the more important business, and headed to the huge full-length mirror he owned and which covered one of the four walls of his room. all sicheng wore was a pair of black briefs and the rest of his well-proportioned body was bare. it was a matter of great awe that sicheng owned these well-maintained body proportions, it was not common in his well reputed family, but he was told to practice it.


sicheng then carried himself to his rich wardrobe and scanned through it to find something suitable to wear for that day, and gripped himself a pair of white jeans and a maroon sweater followed with a maroon beret. he quickly dressed himself up and proceeded to brush his hair gently, and styled it in a way so that his bangs will give him a sort of an innocent look, which was highly encouraged — more like, ordered. sicheng then sat onto his chair which was placed directly opposite to his dressing table, and stretched his hand over to grab some items to cover up his light flaws, and applied some tint to make his lips look a little more red than usual. after some light eye-makeup and lip tint, the finished product made him look pretty, almost beautiful.


sicheng grew up in a family where looking innocent and pure was highly encouraged, even if it meant applying feminine products to eradicate the slightest of flaws. they had this reputation they held in the society, pure but not naive pretty but not seductive. it was more of like a mantra, and gender wasn't looked upon as some type of obstacle because if the dong family wanted to achieve something, they'd do anything for it. latching the lid over his lip tint container, sicheng gave his hair a slight brush as it adds more volume to his hair, which makes the whole look very royal. he looked at the finished product and smiled at how pretty he looked, he had this deep desire in him to wipe off all this makeup and dress up manly, but he couldn't bring himself to do that because it felt so not right.


he shrugged off his irrelevant thoughts and pushed them at the back of his head, and got up to grab his bag which he hunched over his shoulder and moved out of his room. the scent of pancakes and the delicious smell of maple syrup made sicheng light-headed, the warmth of the living room every time he stepped into it was so indescribable. "dong? is my baby awake?" he heard the sweet voice call out for him, and he let a bright smile pick up his broken and dull expression. he runs to the kitchen to see his most favorite sight in the entire world, and engulfs him in a warm hug.


sicheng could feel the person's chest vibrate as they shot rings of laughter throughout their body, and it made sicheng feel even more warm. "sicheng, i'm not going anywhere. you can leave me now." the person tells sicheng in a stern tone, but they blew their stern cover with another session of their sweet laughter. "you know how much i love you, kun." sicheng mutters as he nuzzles his face into kun's neck, and tightens his grip around kun's waist. "i know, i know. i love you too, sicheng. a lot more than you imagine." kun replies as he lets the taller man chuckle into his neck, and kun never felt so happy.


sicheng pulls away eventually, pressing a sweet kiss onto kun's nose before heading off for breakfast which kun had set up on the table already. sicheng smiles as he digs right into his food and kun follows to sit right opposite sicheng, and places his chin onto his hand and observes sicheng. such a sweet sight, kun wonders and unknowingly breaks out into a smile. "kun-ge, you want to eat with me?" sicheng looks up to kun with such innocent eyes, and his cheeks puffed up with the pancakes he stuffed. kun coos at the sight and shakes his head, motioning sicheng to continue his breakfast.


sicheng paused to argue with kun, but decided against it because kun always won arguments, no matter who is wrong or who is right. "do you want to do something after your university?" kun breaks the silence which was only haunting him because sicheng had his own pancakes to attend and consume. sicheng pauses from his eating session and looks up to kun, with his brows furrowed and lips forming a little pout and cheeks filled with the heavenly breakfast which made sicheng look so cute that kun was about to die.


"oh, yes! i have something after university with my friend, we're going nearby a lake—" sicheng nearly choked when he saw kun raising his eyebrow and smirk, "—we're not going on a date! he's just a friend!" kun lets out another hearty laugh and watches sicheng crumble in embarrassment, as the tip of his ears turn red and so does his face. "kun-ge, don't tease me." sicheng mumbles with food in his mouth, lips forming another irresistible pout. "okay okay, now hurry up and finish your food. don't want to be late for your second day!" kun rushes sicheng, as he took his last bite and wiped his maple syrup coated lips with a napkin.


kun hands him his bag and pushes him to the door, edging him to get out. "i'll be back soon, kun. please wait for me." sicheng bows down and greets kun goodbye, after placing a chaste kiss onto the older's cheek. kun waves him goodbye and shuts the door once sicheng went out of sight and into the lift. kun grazed his fingers across his cheek, where sicheng had kissed him, and felt the red lip tint color the tip of his long fingers. kun never felt so happy in his life, being appointed as sicheng's 'friend' and caretaker for his stay in korea was the best decision ever made.


he had known sicheng since they both barely knew how to speak, their parents being the best of friends. sicheng could trust kun with his entire life, and vice versa. when kun heard that sicheng was going out of china to korea, he was very broken but when sicheng's parents gave him the proposition of accompanying him since kun knew decent korean and had been there before. kun couldn't say no, he loved sicheng a lot. but all in a friendly way, maybe a little more but so does sicheng so it's balanced. if anyone saw how domestic and affectionate they were, they assume that both of them are married and will be celebrating their fourth anniversary.


it was weird when people assumed they were dating, were they really really obvious? kun would always wonder, but shrugged it off. heading back to his room to sort out his daily chores, kun finally found a way to keeping himself busy. meanwhile at the institute, things weren't looking really bright and great. taeyong had entered the campus, to see everyone huddled up into groups and whispered gibberish. keen eyes on taeyong, and a few glares were also thrown in. what was happening?


he lowered his gaze to avoid all interactions, and surprisingly, no one came to him for greetings or simple conversations. anxiety build up taeyong's veins, and his grip over his books became tighter. suddenly, he felt a rise in temperature but the actual temperature remained cool. cheeks flushed, and his red face kind of confirmed his guilt to others, or at least that's what they assumed. and all of a sudden, the murmurings and all the uncomfortable atmosphere came to an abrupt pause and so did taeyong's pace. he turned around, like all the others, just to see his dance partner. people's eyes widened and they resumed their whatever gossip but sicheng was an oblivious baby so all he did was smile and rush to a flustered taeyong.


"yonggie, how are you?" sicheng asked but made sure to tone down his loudness, noticing people's fixated gazes on them and how taeyong shrunk into himself from all this negative attention. taeyong just shifted closer to him, not very close as how sicheng would prefer even though he despised skinship. the other students seemed to enjoy the drama in front of their eyes, while some others were quite angry and taeyong could feel it. he whimpers and moves even closer to sicheng, who gladly wraps his arm around taeyong's neck, and taeyong just melted into his touch. taeyong craved human contact, no matter who it is.


"yonggie, are you fine? do you want to leave from here?" sicheng softly asks, his grip around taeyong's shoulder ever gentle. taeyong just whimpers and nods his head in agreement and sicheng takes off with the older safe in his arms. the speed was undeniably very uncomfortable for taeyong but he really wanted to get out of the main hall. he just shut his eyes tight, and inched closer to sicheng. the dark blonde felt much warmer and he smelled like roses, taeyong would literally purr if he got a chance to.


meanwhile sicheng's main focus wasn't taeyong in his arms, it was how scared he looked when people pierced their gazes towards him. didn't everyone love him? what had happened? even when sicheng entered the campus, everyone seemed to whisper about him too. even though it's sicheng's second day and his fresh popularity almost seemed like a dream, his main focus was taeyong and his comfort. that's why he took him to the vocal training room, because when sicheng first came to the campus, no one was there.


he soon located the room in the quiet hallway, and barged into the room to see that they had company today. sicheng didn't like that two figures were already in the corner, so he protectively slid his arm onto taeyong's waist instead of his neck, and pulled him closer. taeyong opened his eyes upon the sudden contact and felt a blush rise up on his cheeks as he saw sicheng's arm around his waist. but thoughts were interrupted by sobs and silent cries, and they sounded way too familiar.


taeyong looked up to see that two figures already occupied the corner of the room, which he recognized as the vocal training room, and saw one of them hunched into the other's arms, crying. the one who lend his shoulder looked up to the guests and taeyong froze right in his tracks. the other did the same, and taeyong could feel blood rising up in his veins. he was eternally fucked, oh so he was.


it didn't take him half a second to recognize the other crying individual because that man also raised up his head to see taeyong and sicheng. seeing the position of the two men, the other resumed his crying and went straight ahead for the taller man's shoulder. sicheng was this close to killing himself, he was the most dumb man on this planet and he knew he deserved nothing but death then. he removed his arm away from taeyong's waist, and stepped away from him.


taeyong grabbed the opportunity to rush to the two other men. "johnny, why is he crying—" taeyong was interrupted by the taller's icy yet familiar gaze telling him to step away immediately. taeyong was beyond confused, he didn't know what was happening but he put two and two together and blamed himself. "jaehyun baby, why are you—" and once more, johnny had interrupted. "can't you just shut up for once? stop playing dumb, and stop your whole act or whatever." taeyong had never ever heard johnny speak so cruelly and coldly. disgust and anger dripped from every syllable johnny spoke, and taeyong couldn't help but tear up.


sicheng wasn't the best either, he felt extremely guilty and really wanted to leave so that those three could talk it out. but he used his senses and realized that doing so would worsen the situation. he needed to stay quiet and not interfere in other matters. jaehyun seemed to regain his senses and he turned around from johnny's chest to face his boyfriend, who looked as broken as he did. his stare then shifted to sicheng, who silently whimpered at the intensity of the gaze.


"he's the one," jaehyun spoke to taeyong, who had already started crying. "it's him, isn't it?" jaehyun whimpered, his lips quivering and tears threatening to start flowing again. taeyong pathetically turned to sicheng, and furiously shook his head. "i d-don't know what you're s-saying." johnny lets out a scowl and scoffs at taeyong, startling him. "taeyong, will you stop lying? you met him just yesterday and you've hit it off?" he mocks with his eyes darker than the night sky and crueler than the worst of emperors. taeyong looked back at sicheng and gestured him to explain what was actually happening, but sicheng just shook his head.


neither of them two knew what was happening, but johnny was fuming with rage. "listen to me johnny, i don't know what you're saying and i definitely do not have anything with him." taeyong manages to choke out between his sobs, and jaehyun cried louder and louder. taeyong was broken, he didn't know why jaehyun was crying but he wanted to know why he was so that he could comfort him. "so, you aren't fucking sicheng? taeyong, i thought you were better than a lying bitc-"


"johnny, don't you dare call him something he's not. you don't know what's actually happening and we don't either, so coordinate with us and clear all the misunderstandings." sicheng sternly calls out, his tone as cold as ice. johnny looked rather offended when sicheng opened his mouth, what was he even thinking? jaehyun suddenly silenced his sobs, and got up from johnny's embrace and stood up while wiping away his tears from his face.


"johnny and sicheng, both of you. leave, now."

Chapter Text

"there is no one i love more than you, please believe me," or, "he's no one to me. we just met yesterday!" word by word, syllable by syllable, sicheng's heart would crumble into fine pieces of an emotionless pit of agony.


he stood outside the room with the older, who taunted him with his haunting and piercing stares. sicheng felt so alone and hurt, and he didn't even know why. it's just been one day, just been one day, he'd continuously repeat to himself.


there was another thirty minutes till classes began, but sicheng wanted to escape to anywhere he got a chance to. there was this undeniable feeling in his heart he couldn't ignore, but he had to. johnny patiently sat outside, expression monotonous and he had the most chill aura around him.


meanwhile, sicheng was agitated and confused. he didn't want to ruin anyone's healthy relationship, but he wanted to be jaehyun so bad. he wanted to feel taeyong's hand caressing his cheek softly as he muttered endless chants of admiration. he wanted taeyong to steal little kisses from him, he wanted taeyong to decorate his body with butterfly kisses.


infatuation, mere infatuation, sicheng told himself to calm his nerves down. no one can fall in love with someone in just a day, that's impossible. well, maybe it was possible. but how will sicheng know? he is well-versed in everything except love, that goddamn emotion that makes sicheng feel so fuzzy that he just has to shut himself up.


moments later, sicheng and johnny face two happy and giggly men, and johnny couldn't be more content. his smile was the brightest after seeing taeyong and jaehyun kiss like before, even though his suspicion on sicheng never wavered away.


"i'm sorry for calling you names, taeyong. it was kind of like in the heat of the moment, you know. but, i'm glad that you and jaehyun made up. it's nice to see the nation's power couple back together." johnny remarks with a small laugh at the end, and the two men just smiled at each other.


sicheng couldn't bare to see anything happy, he was feeling nothing but extreme sadness. without bothering to say goodbye, he raced his way from out there as he tried to blink away all the tears from his golden eyes. 


what hurt sicheng even more was that taeyong didn't even bother to spare a glance at him, but why did it hurt sicheng so much? they had nothing between them, taeyong wasn't obliged to pay attention to him. 


"stupid taeyong, stupid me, stupid feelings—" sicheng muttered in between his silent sobs, his vision blurry due to his tears. he hung his head low when he saw all the students looking at him, they seemed to know what was going on. they seemed to know everything.


sicheng just shut his eyes tightly, immediately wiping the tear that fell. he walked to his first class, photography, because he didn't know where to go. studying the school map beforehand was a wonderful idea. on his way, he crashed into another human figure and that caused the items of the other to fall onto the floor. 


"oh lord, i'm so so sorry—" sicheng apologized instantly, crouching to collect the fallen items and the other figure imitated. "oh no, it's fine— wait, are you crying?" the other, a male, spoke up abruptly, dropping whatever he had collected and lifted up sicheng's jaw with his forefinger.


"t-ten?" sicheng choked out, and suddenly he saw ten's eyes soften upon the sight of sicheng tearing up. "oh, my poor sicheng." ten cooed and widened his arms so that sicheng could engulf him and maybe feel better, and that's exactly what sicheng did.


feelings felt overwhelmed and sicheng couldn't control them, and just ran to hide himself in ten's embrace. ten reciprocated the hug and softly stroked sicheng's hair and whispered some calm lyrics.


sicheng's sobs slowly quietened down and all that escaped his lips was soft whimpers. it was a weird scene but was really heart-warming, seeing two guys on the floor with various objects around them but it seemed like none of them cared because of how protected they looked in each other's embrace.


"sicheng, what happened?" ten gently asked him, his soft strokes never halted. sicheng just mumbled some incoherent terms and just shook his head, snugging deeper into ten's chest and wrapping his arms tightly around ten's petite waist, ten was so warm.


that made ten giggle, but he had to break away because how weird would it look when their professor would look at the scene. sicheng whined when he lost contact, but ten just shook his head glaringly, in a light way. 


"let's get inside the classroom first, and then you have to tell me what made you cry, alright?" ten's voice remained so tender that it seemed like if ten went even a little high-pitched with his voice, sicheng would break. that's how fragile he looked.


sicheng hesitantly nodded and returned to pick up the fallen items and noticed a dismantled canonent G III QL17 on the floor, and it looked pretty expensive. sicheng picked up the pieces and just looked up at ten with fear and guilt in his eyes, but ten just reassuringly nodded his head.


"no no, it's fine. it was old anyways, i'll buy another one." ten said, but with a underlying tone of despair. sicheng firmly shook his head, and stood up from his sitting position. "no, i'll buy you a new one. i damaged it, so i'm getting you a new one."


ten shook his head in disappointment and ignored what sicheng said. carrying all the collected items in his hands, he proceeded towards the classroom. but sicheng ran to follow him, and saw ten drop all his stuff onto a table and he turned around to face the chinese.


"i don't think we've had a proper introduction yet, so hello! i'm ten and i'm thai!" ten forwards his hand to shake hands with the chinese, and they briefly shake hands for two seconds. "and i'm dong sicheng, as you know, and i'm chinese!" sicheng tries to lighten up the mood by going a pitch higher, but his voice was way too deep for that so ten just laughed.


"okay okay, jokes aside. now, tell me why you were crying?" ten changes his tone to a more serious one and sicheng just freezes once again and he goes back in time for a while. "i uh, i don't really know but uh, it's something related to taeyong?" sicheng tries to word his sadness but clearly fails at it.


ten looked visibly shook at the mention of taeyong's name and lowered his gaze, as if he didn't want to talk about taeyong. "uh, so do you know j-johnny?" ten nervously plays with his fingers, but sicheng didn't understand the emotion.


"yeah, i do know him too. but i guess we're not on good terms," sicheng shrugs, unsure of what his relationship with johnny was. a silent whimper escaped ten's mouth and that's when it hit sicheng — ten was sobbing.


sicheng immediately embraced the thai warmly, just like how ten did earlier. "it's okay, don't cry. if you're not comfortable in telling me, then don't." sicheng mumbled into ten's hair, tightening the hug and started stroking the shorter's back.


ten pulled away from the hug and messily wiped away his tears before firmly nodding."no no, i'm going to tell you, it's not a big deal anyways. johnny was my ex-boyfriend, and he broke it off with me saying that he was in love with someone else and i was never enough for him. never wanted to cross paths with him after that, that bitch broke my heart into a million pieces. we dated for three years, cheng, three years!


sicheng stiffened a bit at the story and looked at ten with soft eyes, his heart warming up in pity for the older. "uh, don't cry, tennie! it'll be alright, now that i'm here!" sicheng cheers up, trying to balance the mood with his smiles and laughter. 


seeing sicheng's smile, ten smiled because sicheng looked really adorable when he smiled. "yeah, it'll be alright." and then, after a few moments, the class started to fill up and classes soon began but ten and sicheng were inseparable.


soon, it was lunch time and sicheng stuck with ten, trying to avoid taeyong in every way possible. sicheng found out that he only shared dance with taeyong, but ten was also there so sicheng stuck with ten. taeyong's and sicheng's eyes briefly met for a minute, which seemed like a whole hour to sicheng but he loved every moment of it.


taeyong's eyes seemed to have the whole galaxy in them, his eyes shining brightly like the stars he adored. but then, the emotions in taeyong's eyes changed when sicheng looked away as quick as possible. taeyong was hurt, what did he do that sicheng refused to even look at him?


but taeyong shrugged it off as maybe sicheng wanting to find someone else as a friend, and he could ask sicheng what was wrong when they would meet up at the lake anyways. he didn't need to worry, so he just left the situation hanging.


meanwhile, our boy sicheng had found quite a few people at the cafeteria staring at him and ten, and sicheng wanted to end himself right there and then. he stuck closer to ten, who wrapped his arm around sicheng's shoulder and bought him closer to ten, flashing a fake smile to anyone who looked at sicheng in a questionable way.


sicheng was really nervous, it was his second day and everyone seemed to hate him for some reason he didn't know about. he felt out of place and he was super grateful for ten to be by his side. "don't worry, chenggie, big brother is here for you," ten smiles at sicheng and ruffles his hair, as they both head towards the table ten sits at with his friends.


they both reach there to find three people sitting on the table, and ten urged sicheng to sit with them. sicheng lowered his gaze and sat quietly next to ten, and he could literally feel the piercing gazes of the three men on the table.


"so, before you say anything or make any assumptions about my new friend, i'm going to introduce him to you all," ten begins his speech but sicheng keeps his gaze lowered, "this is dong sicheng and he's a new transfer! if you hear any rumor about him, just shrug it off because it's not true."


sicheng could hear the three mutter something and he just waited for them to respond, he just wanted to have friends and we already have him involved in this so-called rumor. "oh, so he's chinese?" a voice pipes in, he sounds very cheery and happy so he doesn't hate sicheng, that's nice. "uh yes, he is chinese. i expect you all to be nice to him because—"


"hey sicheng, you wanna date me because you're mad cute," sicheng hears another guy say which makes sicheng go red with embarrassment. "goddammit nakamoto! can't you like not flirt with every human you see?" ten yells at this nakamoto guy, and sicheng slowly raises his head to scan the three men.


really goddamn attractive, were the first thoughts of them when sicheng looked at the three. "so sorry for that, chenggie. yuta's an asshole, but hello? guys? introduce yourselves!" ten, once again, yells at the three men who flinch at ten's high-pitched yell. ten was really, really loud.


 "hello, i'm kim jungwoo," says the blonde one, and sicheng recognizes his voice as the guy who asked ten whether he was chinese or not. "i'm moon taeil, nice to meet you, sicheng." says the guy with red hair, and sicheng smiles at him to be polite. "and, i'm nakamoto yuta and i think you're really cute." says the nakamoto guy before winking at sicheng, and the chinese shies away.


ten glares at yuta from the corner of his eye, but yuta being the lovely asshole he is, ignores ten and continues staring at sicheng with his classic heart eyes. "so, welcome to the clique, chenggie!" ten says with his bright smile, and tens' smile make everyone smile, and so did sichengs'.


soon, the five were immersed in a deep conversation with each other and the other students stopped looking at sicheng and minded their own businesses. except taeyong. he wanted to know why sicheng was completely ignoring him, like not even a glance. 


sicheng had the time to laugh and talk with his new friends but not taeyong, and it saddened the older a lot. did sicheng suddenly lose interest in him or something? did taeyong do something to upset him? was it something about the morning incident?


the lake was the answer to all of taeyong's questions.


❛ ━━━━━━・❪ ❁ ❫ ・━━━━━━ ❜


sicheng bid his new friends goodbye, and saw them walk off to their respective houses and then, started his journey back to his apartment. it was fairly a good day, if you eliminate the whole morning incident, and sicheng was a little bit happier.


it feels nice to have friends, and friends like ten were one in a million and sicheng really looked forward to speak to him more. sicheng set his journey, with his hands in his pockets and lips curved into his lovely smile. 


the sky was cloudy and grey, and the winds were strong but sicheng could care less about it. he found such good company that even the saddest of things couldn't make him sad anymore, he couldn't wait to tell kun about it.


as he was distracted by thoughts, sicheng didn't notice that it was already drizzling. sicheng let himself get soaked, he liked the feeling of water on him, it was calming and soothing. but then, there was a shadow over his head, it was an umbrella.


sicheng looked behind to identify the owner of the umbrella, and saw one of his favorite sights, lee taeyong. but taeyong's eyes weren't shining as usual, they were dull and sad. "aren't you coming for practice with me?" taeyong spoke as he came closer to sicheng, covering himself up too from the rain.


taeyong sounded so astonishingly sad that sicheng just wanted to hug the sadness out of him, taeyong just seemed very sad. "uh— i'm kind of busy," sicheng decided to lie his way out, he wasn't mentally prepared to see taeyong after this morning but his heart just warmed when he saw taeyong's eyes water.


"so, you're n-not coming?" taeyong's voice this time, comes out as a mere whisper and sicheng's heart broke bit by bit when he saw taeyong like that. he opened his mouth to defend his answer and just leave taeyong alone, but nothing came out. 


sicheng knew he had to agree because he couldn't just leave taeyong like that. "n-no, i'll come with you, alright? i'll just text my friend that i'll come home late, hold on." sicheng gave in with taeyong, and sicheng swore on the cloudy sky that the moment sicheng said that taeyong's eyes just brightened up like the bright summer sun.


sicheng stepped out of the shade of the umbrella to text kun, but taeyong inched closer to him and put the umbrella over sicheng's head again, safeguarding him from the rain. "don't go like that in the rain, you'll get sick. take this umbrella and then go and text your friend," taeyong offers sicheng the umbrella and steps away from him, standing at a considerable distance.


sicheng just stared at taeyong in awe, taeyong gave up his umbrella and stood in the rain for him? sicheng's heartbeat fastened, and his entire body warmed up in some emotion. taeyong caught sicheng staring at him and smiled at sicheng, his eyes shining brightly and overflowing with care.


sicheng could almost feel his heartbeat quickening, and cheeks were flushed. he removes his smartphone from his bag, and quickly sends kun a text message reading, "i'm coming home late as i told earlier in the morning." and kun quickly replied back approving his message. after texting kun, sicheng just stared at the blank screen, he didn't want to face taeyong.


why didn't he want to face taeyong yet? because his heart started beating rapidly and his body grew warm and he overall felt happy when he saw taeyong, and sicheng didn't want to feel that at all. he didn't know what emotion he was experiencing and he didn't want to know either.


but the rain was very heavy around sicheng and realization hit him quick that taeyong wasn't under the umbrella and quickly looked up to see taeyong absolutely drenched but with a solemn expression, almost like he wasn't mad at sicheng for hogging the umbrella.


but sicheng wasn't heartless nor shameless so he ran to taeyong and bought him under the shade. "i'm very sorry, my friend was having a pretty long conversation with me." sicheng apologized but taeyong just laughed. "it's okay, should we head out before you catch a cold,"


taeyong was the one who was drenched and he was worrying about sicheng, if that is not such a gentleman-like quality? sicheng blushed like usual and immediately looked down to avoid eye contact with taeyong, and that made the older laugh.


then, sicheng could feel a hand holding his as taeyong takes off to some place where they could stand dry. and so he did, he found shelter for the two in a cafeteria close to the university and taeyong pulled sicheng in with him.


"um, what is happening?" sicheng asks taeyong as taeyong shoves him into the corner of the cafeteria, and then proceeds to look around like he's hiding from someone. "jaehyun told me he doesn't want me practicing with you at the lake,"


sicheng was visibly offended by that statement and taeyong could see his little smile turning into a scowl upon the mention of jaehyun. "and that's not because of what happened today, chenggie, it's because he doesn't want the other students to get the wrong idea about us,"


"we're just friends and nothing more, and probably will be nothing more,"


and from then, sicheng refused to hear whatever taeyong said after that. sicheng just blankly stared at taeyong, just watching his lips moving but sicheng didn't want to hear anything. it had been two days, just two days.


just friends and nothing more.

Chapter Text

❛ ━━━━━━・❪ ❁ ❫ ・━━━━━━ ❜

sicheng wasn't going to fall for this ridiculous shit, he was not going to fall for a man who is already taken. he wasn't that evil, you know— the ones in the movies. sicheng didn't want to be an interruption but god, he really wanted to be the reason behind taeyong's smile.


sicheng tried to convince himself that he does not enjoy it when taeyong smiles at him with his eyes sparkling like the bright constellations sicheng loved so much. a lover of astronomy and only astronomy, sicheng indeed was.


while in china, sicheng was so eager to study the cosmic world that he somehow managed to convince his parents to get him a home tutor for astronomy. he was taught about so many magnificent things, and how that the outer world isn't just twinkling stars.


it's more than that and sicheng loved every bit of it. he was just an eight year old boy when he started with astronomy and now eleven years later, he's pretty well-versed. but when he saw taeyong for the first time, he never felt happier.


 two weeks had passed away and the duo were very into their practice. sicheng decided to forget his feelings for a while but when taeyong came closer to him to fix his posture, sicheng's ugly heart started beating faster and faster.


"hey, i was wondering, do you live alone? or with someone?" taeyong abruptly asks as the duo take a break from their intense practice session. "i live with my friend, kun. why do you ask?" sicheng replies with a rather confused look. 


"ah, no. just wanted to know, but anyways, wanna hang out with the gang?" taeyong politely asks with a hint of hopefulness, and his tender smile everlasting. how was sicheng supposed to say no? "i don't think they like me—"


"no no! they do like you! it was just that one time they misunderstood! i made sure to actually tell them what we are, so please?" taeyong clings onto sicheng's arm and slightly pulls it, pouting a bit for extra effect. today was not sicheng's day, that was for sure.


"okay, okay! don't be a pouty baby about it! i'll come," sicheng finally sighs, not knowing that taeyong's cheeks flushed as he heard sicheng call him a baby. "oh, okay then! so where do we hang out?" taeyong asks a little impatiently, the main reason being that his sicheng isn't stolen by whatever ten's clique.


his sicheng? taeyong almost choked on his spit, what was he even thinking? but why was he so bothered by that? he should just ignore it, sicheng isn't his anyways. for god's sake, he's taken by a gentleman, why is he even bothered by this?


"yongie! yongie, are you even listening?" taeyong hears someone calling his name, and sees a huge palm being waved in front of his face. "uh, sorry? i just zoned out, please repeat?" taeyong looks at sicheng intently, and sicheng could almost see his eyes sparkle in awe.


taeyong's eyes really resembled the stars in innumerable ways and it made sicheng really fuzzy and warm inside. "why don't you all come at my place? we can hang out at my place, if that's comfortable—"


"that's perfect, chengie! i'll go and tell them! i have to go on a date with jaehyun, now! bye bye, see you later!" taeyong hastily packs his stuff and rushes out as fast as he could from the practice room at the university, and sicheng stands there utterly confused.


there was no way taeyong's heart was beating so fast and so swift around some guy he saw just weeks ago, at least not the same way his heart beats around jaehyun.


❛ ━━━━━━・❪ ❁ ❫ ・━━━━━━ ❜


"kunnie! my friends are coming over today, so please don't be mad at them! please, please?" sicheng begs the older, literally following the older around the house like a little puppy. 


"sicheng, are you sure these people are safe? you can't just trust anyone these days, you know—" saying kun was angry at sicheng for inviting people over whom he didn't know was an understatement, kun was livid.


"kunnie! why don't you want my friends to come over? do you not like me anymore or do you not trust me anymore?" the last part came out as a whisper as sicheng's eyes already began to water, he didn't like it when kun was mad at him or his decisions.


kun sighed and turned around, but his attitude changed as soon as he saw sicheng's glassy eyes. the boy was just way too soft to disregard sicheng's request and now with the glassy eyes, it became so hard. but protecting sicheng was like his main priority, he couldn't just let anyone be friends with him.


kun let his anger slide past him and gently walked towards sicheng and wiped away his tears, and wrapping his arm around the younger's waist. "baby, you know i'm just worried about you. your parents didn't just send me with you to take care of you, they also sent me so i can protect you from all the evil. you're so pure, sicheng, they don't want anyone to harm you—"


"my friends aren't that bad, kunnie! i promise, i promise. please," sicheng continued to beg kun, and now that kun has his arm around sicheng, it made it easier for sicheng to kiss kun's nose. also known as, kun's absolute weakness.


kun really liked it when sicheng kissed him, sicheng's lips were super soft and kun's skin was super soft so it was more of a win-win situation for both. it was totally without feelings though, neither of them liked each other in that way, they just had different ways of showing affection.


"okay, fine. but if i don't like them, then i don't want you talking to them at all." kun finally caved in, and the moment he did, he heard sicheng squeal and decorate kun's face with kisses all over. "i love you so much, kunnie! thank you!"


it gave kun eternal happiness when sicheng smiled, he really wanted nothing else but the younger to smile. sicheng was brought up as a pure child, he didn't know anything sultry or sensual. he didn't get the adult jokes, or anything of such sort.


and kun really loved that thing about him, sicheng's pureness. it made him look like such an angel, and which he was. it made kun really angry when people thought of sicheng in a way which doubted sicheng's purity, his sicheng wasn't like that. his sicheng was pure and not like the others.


"kunnie? can you select me an outfit? i can't decide," and in a few, kun is dragged to sicheng's closet where he's thrown out a million options. it didn't really take kun ages to figure out that sicheng was trying to impress a certain someone. "so, who is this special someone you're dressing up for?"


kun didn't receive an answer but the evident blush on sicheng's face gave it away. hovering over a blue shirt and white jeans, kun smiles and picks it up and hands it over to the younger. "you wore this when we first came here, wear this."


sicheng looks at kun's longing expression and his wonderful smile and just stares and ponders over how much kun cares about him. it's a matter of immense pleasure to have someone like kun in your life, someone you can trust with all your heart and all your secrets.


"kun-ge, have i told you how much i love you?" sicheng abruptly says with all seriousness and kun just smiles and response. he knows how much sicheng loves him, he is well aware. "i know, baby. now, go and dress up before your certain someone comes because you've gotta impress, you know!"


placing a chaste kiss onto kun's cheek, sicheng rushes to change himself and he does it all with a smile. knowing that kun will forever wait for him, and that if everyone turned their backs against him, kun will never. 


it's their bond— just their own special bond. they weren't sons of famous business partners, no— they were more than that. they were more than just friends, they were just destined to take care of each other.


sicheng knows that even if he has the dirtiest secret of them all, he can into kun's arms and rant out to him about it. kun will listen, kiss his forehead and help throughout. kun was just sicheng's big, fluffy teddy bear whom sicheng loved a lot. 


sicheng would never want for kun to stay mad at him over anything. kun deserves the best for whatever he's doing for sicheng, giving up his own life in an unknown country for sicheng being at the top of the list.


kun was there from the beginning and he will be there till the end, sicheng just knows it. sicheng knows that his story will never begin with just sicheng's name. it'll always be sicheng and kun, never separated from one another. 


sicheng would not like his story's beginning to be something without kun, he just didn't require kun, he needed him. he had to make kun proud of whatever sicheng does in his life, and starting from now, it's going to be taeyong.

Chapter Text

❛ ━━━━━━・❪ ❁ ❫ ・━━━━━━ ❜


it felt nice to see jaehyun and johnny return to their normal behaviors around sicheng. taeyong was really happy that their misunderstanding was cleared out, he loved his jaehyun way too much to lose him over such a trivial matter.


it took taeyong no time to convince jaehyun and johnny to hang out with the chinese, they weren't even a bit reluctant. they knew they messed up their beginning of theirs and sicheng's friendship, but that wasn't going to continue. that was the decision made by the two of them.


so with gorgeous smiles and lovely attitudes, they showed up at sicheng's given address and waited for their host to invite them in. in a few minutes after their knock, the door was opened to someone— who was not sicheng or even resembled him in the slightest way.


"ah, you must be sicheng's friends! please come inside, don't worry, i'm quite related to sicheng to live with him!" the man introduced them to the rich and expensive interior of their massive and spacious apartment, sicheng was very rich it seemed.


the three of them stood near the entrance as this said man rushed to one of the many rooms and dragged out an angel— sicheng, taeyong means, who looked rather happy than surprised to see them a bit earlier than the time decided.


"oh! you guys actually made it! i'm very happy you all came, please have a seat on the couches! kunnie, would you please please get them something to drink—"


"oh, please don't take the pain. we don't require your utmost hospitality, dear sicheng's beautiful friend—"


"johnny, what the fuck are you saying? um, ignore the bigfoot, we'd like uh, water maybe!" jaehyun retorts at his taller best friend who was clearly shooting heart eyes at this other man at sicheng's house. "johnny, control your hormones. it's not the time," jaehyun whispered to johnny only to receive a scowl from him.


"i want myself a good man, and i know he's the chosen one!" johnny whisper-yells but taeyong has to clamp his hand over johnny's mouth before johnny could say more since this said johnny's two second crush had already presented them with water.


he takes a seat opposite to the trio, maybe trying to initiate conversation with them since sicheng was busy brushing his hair in his room. "i'm qian kun, sicheng's um— b-best f-friend? yeah, that's how you can put it. um, and i'm also chinese if you didn't guess by now,"


"chinese, huh? interesting, maybe you can teach me some chinese—" johnny is again rudely cut off but jaehyun slapping the older's thigh, which makes him scowl again. "i'm very sorry about johnny— oh, and wait! i'm jaehyun and this is my boyfriend, taeyong!"


kun was a bit surprised, if two of them were dating each other and the other guy was showing interest in rather kun, then whom did sicheng like? "nice to meet you three, now if you'll excuse me, i'll grab sicheng for you all," kun needed answers from sicheng.


"did you look at his manners? he seems like he was raised in a royal family, and he is so goddamn gorgeous!" it's taeyong's turn to sigh this time, johnny was sometimes very.. undescribable.


meanwhile kun rushed to sicheng's room to still see him grooming himself, and that flared him up. "dong sicheng, there are guests in this house and you're still busy with yourself? where are your manners gone?"


kun's immediate anger caught sicheng off-guard, he knew he was dragging the whole grooming himself thing a bit too much but seeing such an unexpected reaction from kun was suspicious. "kun-ge, is there any problem? do you not like them?" sicheng curiously inquired from the older, there has to be something wrong with the older's behavior.


kun deeply sighed and moved a bit closer to sicheng, "is there something i don't know about your certain someone?" and maybe sicheng understood what he meant, but to save his integrity and shame, he played dumb. "huh? i do not understand?"


kun's seventh sense immediately rang throughout his whole body, sicheng was playing dumb and kun knew it. "sicheng, i'm going to repeat myself once more, okay? is there something i do not know about this certain someone?"


and sicheng knew he had to give in, but what would he tell kun? "hey, i think i have a crush on a guy who is taken by this other gentleman who is in very much love with my supposed crush, and i think i'm some bad guy in their story?"


that was not how sicheng wanted his answer to be, he didn't want kun to think he was some sort of evil little witch, even though sicheng trusted him not to think so negatively about the younger. "uh, maybe he's dating someone else?" sicheng squeaked and timidly made eye contact with the older, who seemed to have all emotion sucked out from him.


"jaehyun or taeyong?" kun asked, his tone almost scary because of how monotonous he sounded. sicheng was afraid to answer but he knew he had to or else he'd disappoint his kunnie, which he did not want to. "taeyong," he replied with a deep sigh, feeling very guilty about even having feelings for the korean in the first place.


sicheng closed his eyes and waited for kun to yell at him and correct him and tell him that it is wrong to like a someone who is already taken, but it's kun we're talking about here. instead of the expected, sicheng receives a warm hug from kun and sicheng almost melts into kun's arms.


sicheng hides himself in kun's chest, not entirely caring about his freshly gelled hair but only caring about the man who held him. and kun doesn't hesitate to tightly embrace sicheng, letting one of his hands to softly stroke the younger's gold hair.


"chengie, do you feel good around him?" kun softly asks sicheng, his voice as tender as his embrace. and instead of words, sicheng just nods his head because he knew kun would understand. "then, be careful. don't hurt yourself, and don't hurt taeyong, okay? i like him, he doesn't seem bad for you,"


"but then remember and consider everyone's feelings, alright? but don't feel guilty about your feelings, you just like him, you're not planning murder, right? and if you want anyone's support, remember your kunnie is right here for you," and kun's finishes it up with a soft kiss pressed onto sicheng's head.


"i love you, kun-ge." that's all kun needs to know that sicheng understood, they didn't need paragraphs to communicate with each other or express their feelings. they just had their special ways. "i love you too, sicheng."


it was that moment sicheng realized he had guests over, and kun somehow sensed it so he immediately left sicheng. "now, go go and impress the guests." kun sends the baby off, and chuckles at how quickly sicheng made his way into the living room. "and, if possible, keep the bigfoot away from me, he's a big no-no,"


but kun whispers that so no one necessarily heard him, and he too follows sicheng to the hall. just to find two people sitting there with sicheng, taeyong seemed to have disappeared. kun was confused and so was sicheng, but before kun could ask, it seemed like sicheng already did.


"he went to get water for himself, and i think he went in that direction," jaehyun proceeds to point in the direction of sicheng's room from where kun and sicheng came from after their little moment, and sicheng just nodded.


but kun sensed something wrong again, and he knew that sicheng was in deep trouble. if taeyong was lingering around that place, then he would've definitely overheard the conversation the two chinese men had. and people, sometimes, tend to misunderstand kun's and sicheng's relationship.


kun didn't want anything to go wrong in sicheng's and taeyong's friendship, he didn't want taeyong to misunderstand anything before anything between sicheng and taeyong begun. "um, sorry. i think i lost my way to the water, but i'm back, i guess." everyone heard this broken and slightly depressed voice emerging from behind, and everyone turned around to see a mop of red hair.


kun knew that this was going to be very complicated to explain.


❛ ━━━━━━・❪ ❁ ❫ ・━━━━━━ ❜


"hey, sicheng. do you live all alone or with someone?" this was not the first time sicheng had heard this, first it was from taeyong and now it's from ten. "no, i live with my friend, kun." sicheng replied again, a little giggle almost erupting from the déjà vu vibes he got from the conversation.


"kun? oh, so he's chinese as well?" there was a sudden hint of excitement in ten's voice, and sicheng was fairly amused. "yeah, last time i checked, he was chinese." sicheng replied with his ugly dry humor ten was very much annoyed by, and he then proceeded to whine about it.


they were in dance class and their instructor had given them a few instructions about the welcoming event which was to be held, and which also happened to be the day after and the entire university was buzzing about it.


sicheng was too preoccupied with ten to even notice that taeyong was in class, and it kind of hurt taeyong's feelings. his own partner wasn't sparing him a glance? taeyong could just guess sicheng's sports about this event.


and after accidentally over-hearing kun's and sicheng's very private conversation, taeyong was mad because sicheng never told him that he and kun shared a relationship which was to be labelled as "a million percent more than friends."


but sicheng decided to skip that whole fact and thought it would not affect taeyong at all? what a loser, taeyong shrugged to himself and clearly didn't want his thoughts to be dictated by the chinese man but he couldn't just help but think about that conversation.


he knew that they were talking way earlier but all he heard was them telling each other their i love you's and they sounded so genuine, that it kind of bothered taeyong. "hey, do you think kun and sicheng are, you know, not friends?" taeyong asks his boyfriend and best friend after they left their house, and both of the tall men look at him as if he was crazy.


"uh, yes? they're hundred percent best friends?" they weren't quite getting taeyong's point but whatever, taeyong shouldn't care about sicheng's personal business anyways. it's not like sicheng belonged to him or whatever, oh god, he was so stressed. all taeyong needed was hugs and kisses from jaehyun right now.


"taeyong and sicheng?" taeyong was forced to snap from his la la land when he heard his name being called out by the teacher, oh and sicheng's too. taeyong, avoiding contact with sicheng even after noticing the boy's polite smile, rushed to the front of the class and stood diligently.


sicheng followed and in a few minutes, both of them stood in front of their teacher. "hm, can you both open for the show? like the opening act? or would you prefer to be chosen as the ending? because usually taeyong opens, but we have sicheng too this year, so any advice boys?"


before taeyong could open his mouth, sicheng already began speaking on behalf. "sir, i feel like we should be the opening act as it would create a good impression of the audience right from the beginning, as taeyong hyung had choreographed a very graceful dance, too good actually. but that's my input, rest depends on taeyong hyung,"


sicheng always knew how to leave taeyong absolutely flabbergasted and taeyong hated it. "uh, yeah. i agree, yeah?" taeyong managed to speak out some sort of language, and the teacher smiled and clapped his hands to gather the rest of the students' attention.


"okay, class! taeyong and sicheng will be opening our show and the rest will receive their lineups shortly, put on a wonderful show people! i know you guys can do it!" the teacher encourages and the rest yell out agreements and praises, it was always a good atmosphere during dance class.


soon, the students were busy discussing their performances and the teacher was busy deciding their lineup. "yongie hyung? you haven't spoken to me since yesterday, is something wrong?" taeyong hears sicheng behind him and taeyong really wanted to (i) strangle sicheng (ii) then strangle himself.


taeyong turned around to finally notice sicheng, and the poor boy had absolute no idea why taeyong was full-on ignoring him. "i don't know? i'm like not ignoring you? if there is something, then you're the one ignoring me, you idiot!" was what taeyong wanted to say but didn't because he wasn't cruel and didn't want sicheng to think he had issues. which he, by the way, did.


"no, sicheng. i'm not ignoring you, just busy." taeyong replied with half a heart because he didn't really want to wear his heart up his sleeve. taeyong didn't dare to look up into sicheng's eyes because wow, taeyong was being such a bad friend.


"taeyong hyung, did i do something yesterday? something to upset you?" sicheng gently questioned, his voice so soft that taeyong wanted to cry for absolute no reason. "no, chenggie. it's alright, you didn't do anything. i just slept the wrong side today," a beautiful and believable excuse put forward by lee taeyong !


"hm, then i'll try to bring up your mood. want to grab ice-cream during lunch or something?" sicheng offers, knowing very well that no one can resist ice-cream. "as much as i love your company, i don't like ice-cream, sicheng. i'll pass on that offer," another excuse to not hang out with sicheng.


taeyong loved it when jaehyun fed him ice-cream, whilst both of them were all cuddled up in soft blankets and star-gazed. he loved it when jaehyun looked at him like taeyong was the only human in this entire universe, he just loved jaehyun so much.


 "uh, then it's alright. we'll meet up later for practice, right? i'll do something then!" sicheng cheerfully smiles and claps his hands like an excited kid, and taeyong swore he heard some girls aw over that.


sicheng was cute, but taeyong didn't want to catch unnecessary feelings for anyone, especially with a boyfriend as beautiful as jaehyun. if sicheng was just his friend, then he was just his friend. nothing more, nothing less. 


Chapter Text

❛ ━━━━━━・❪ ❁ ❫ ・━━━━━━ ❜


"kunnie, can you pick me up today from university? i checked the forecast today and it's going to hail and i don't want to catch a cold, you know," sicheng called up kun during lunch so that the older was informed in advance. "okay, where will you be?"


sicheng quickly looked at his schedule and checked his last period. "at the music room," and with that, the phone call ended and sicheng was dragged by ten to their table. "hey sicheng, heard you're opening for day after's show?" yuta asks sicheng as soon as sicheng reaches the table.


"yeah, with taeyong hyung!" sicheng perks up and his smile just never leaves, which causes yuta to jump from his seat to just pull the younger's cheek. "ah, you're so cute!" he coos at the chinese and leaves his now-reddened cheek, and sicheng nearly slaps yuta.


"hey, ten aren't you participating?" jungwoo asks as ten didn't mention anything about the show and his participation. "i was supposed to but some students were told to pair up with the painting class, and we all know who is in that class."


sicheng could see taeil clenching his jaw tight, yuta's smile dropping really quick and jungwoo just looked really mad. "so, i chose to play the grand piano for the show!" ten smiles brightly, and the mood suddenly changed to a happier one.


"ah! i'd kill to see you play again, ten." taeil remarks and jungwoo agrees and so does the japanese. "taeil hyung is singing this year with sohlhee, and jungwoo is up with the ice-skating shows," yuta informs and sicheng realizes that this isn't just a dance program, it's everything.


and sicheng wanted his and taeyong's routine to be perfect, just like the choreographer.


❛ ━━━━━━・❪ ❁ ❫ ・━━━━━━ ❜


kun parked his mercedes near the university entrance but no one was pretty much around, considering the fact that the university hours ended an hour ago. but kun was told to pick sicheng up so he entered anyways.


the university was extravagant indeed but kun wasn't impressed because he never really was fond of performing arts, he was a business student. but when he continued to walk down the empty hallways, he realized that the students really had passion for what they did.


up came in front of kun was the university guide, which is supposedly to help visitors getting about the university. he quickly located the music room on the guide and started walking towards the room.


there was something about the silence— something comfortable and homely. it made kun feel like he was back in china, at the playground near his house during the early hours of the day. it was a really comfortable silence, there was no sound that could be heard.


but kun heard only him breathing and it was nothing to out of the ordinary, but it just made kun feel grateful. the gratitude in his veins was equivalent to the number of breaths you take in a day, he was just a very thankful man.


thankful for everything he had in life, the people he was surrounded by and how much they loved kun. the silence highlighted the magnificence of kun's existence, and kun found that really calming.


his feet didn't stop till they reached to turn the corner of the music room, that's when kun heard something. it was one of kun's most favorite sounds— the piano. the pianist who probably was playing it started off gently, maybe testing the instrument out.


kun just stood at the corner, wanting to listen to this stranger. and soon, the comfortable silence was disrupted by a very familiar melody, kun's favorite actually. growing up in a very well-off family, kun was made to learn the piano.


to ease his beginner's difficulty, kun's instructor advised the little kun to spend his leisure time listening to classical pieces. so did kun and he's still very fond of classical music. but beethoven was someone kun looked up to as a young pianist, so his pieces remained special to kun.


and when kun heard this stranger ever so melodiously play für elise on the piano just had kun's heart. kun could hear the grace the person possessed and the talent this person owned was beyond the limit.


note by note, kun started to feel a bit too enthralled by this unknown pianist whom kun didn't know but really wanted to. kun knew für elise belonged to a much of a tragic background story but the way this anonymous angel played it, it seemed like it was a love song.


imagine being so invested and in love with your significant other that the rest of the world didn't matter— that's how this pianist made the piece sound like. no matter how much kun would try, whenever someone would play this piece, his heart would flutter at an unprecedented but rapid speed.


the melody of the piece caught kun off-guard and he knew he had to verbally appreciate this person. he turned around the corner to discover this huge door, a similar door you'd find in a palace and that's where the music was coming from.


kun still moved towards the door, the piece sounded ever so beautiful now to him. he gently pushed open the huge door, which surprisingly didn't make any noise and kun's eyes lay upon the back of a certain individual playing the piano, placed right in the middle of the room.


the lights were switched off but there was a window at the right, and just a couple of rays from the cold sun fell upon this piano and the person playing it. the person stopped playing the piece, probably sensing someone's arrival.


"continue playing, please." kun's soft voice requested, which may have appealed to this individual because they immediately started playing the piece again. this went on for about ten minutes and the pianist came to a stop, the ending was also just as gentle as the beginning.


"here for someone?" this individual spoke and judging the vocal range, kun presumed it was a man speaking to him. "you have got that right, gentleman." if one thing kun really loved about his upbringing was the fluency in his speech, regardless the language he spoke.


the man just laughed softly, his laugh echoing through the dark room and he sounded really wonderful. "i was passing by and heard you play a beautiful piece, and let me tell you, you justified the beauty of the piece." kun went on further, the tenderness in his voice not disappearing for a second.


"why thank you," the man replies back but then, he moves to face kun forward and by god's magnificence, kun had never seen such a beautiful creature. it looked like the man was intricately carved carefully by god himself, just perfect.


a single ray of light shone on the man's face and kun could see the hazel in the man's eyes. almost almond shaped, but with a soft curve that outlined his upper lid, and his irises shone brightly with a warm hazel with specks of blue decorating them. the man had long lashes that gently landed on the man's under eye area when he blinked.


the man had almost perfect and milky skin, the softness of the skin very evident. the man had no scars, nothing absolutely on his face which categorized under a blemish or anything which disintegrated the man's beauty.


kun then observed the man's plump lips, they were the most beautiful pair kun had ever seen. they were curved into a polite smile and the rosiness and lusciousness of his lips captivated kun. they looked very mesmerizing and kun almost wanted to touch them to confirm their existence.


the mop of brown and messy but luscious locks adorned the top of the man's head, and strands of hair covered his forehead and a little section of his eyes. his hair looked soft and fluffy, silky and smooth and kun wanted to run his hands through the man's hair.


the man wore a simple white t-shirt and black pants but his physical proportions and figure made his outfit look princely. the man wasn't too short, definitely shorter than kun, but almost the perfect size to look adorable.


the way that man looked so tenderly at kun that kun could hear the angels play für elise from the skies in the background, now it felt like a real love song. both of them just continued staring at each other, but at a very large distance away from each other. kun didn't like that.


so kun walked closer towards the man, who didn't move even an inch. it was scaring kun, to say the least. someone as beautiful as that man could be an illusion, but kun wouldn't appreciate that.


but as kun came closer to the man, the man's eyes sparkled in the sunlight and kun was just pure mesmerized. kun now stood two steps away from being very close to the man, but this time the man stepped two steps forward and by that time, both their hearts were racing.


it seemed surreal for the both of them, almost feeling like it's a dream but sometimes, reality seems too good to be true. by now, both the men are very close in distance that even if one leans in by an inch, their noses would be touching.


"ten, my name is ten." the man— now named ten— spoke and kun could feel the shorter's minty breath on his face. "and i'm kun, qian kun." kun introduced himself and for a fraction of a second, ten thought he heard the name somewhere but shook the thought off.


none of them know what is so entrancing about the other but they couldn't help but feel some sort of electricity between them, it was very naturally dawned upon the both. "please tell me you're not a beautiful fragment of my delusional imagination," ten's voice comes out as a whisper this time, as he slowly raises his hand to caress kun's cheek softly.


"i wouldn't wish that i was, because you too indeed, look so unreal and majestic for reality." kun whispers back and ten could almost hear his racing heartbeat, and it was just a matter of seconds when a shimmer of pink was sprinkled onto ten's cheeks.


that made kun smile, and once kun did, ten's heart just bloomed like a flower in the sunny meadows during the hours of spring. "you're really such a flower," kun's smile never leaves his face and neither does ten wish so, but seeing kun like that was just so blissful.


"i can't believe i met you like ten minutes ago and my heart's already racing," ten laughs and abruptly wraps his arms around kun's waist and hugs him tight and close. "and you're really warm," ten giggles into kun's chest and kun laughs too, wrapping his own arms around ten's petite body.


"it feels like a fairy tale, even though i just met you." kun comments and he can feel ten hum into his chest and kun just melts. "you're just like a little baby," kun remarks and ten just continues to smile, "baby ten."


ten almost purrs, not just because kun is warm but also because the warmth reminds him so much of his home back in thailand. "you feel like thailand, kun." ten mutters and falls deeper into kun's embrace and kun just accepts whatever he's receiving.


"you're thai? that's wonderful," kun remarks because the shorter almost looked chinese to him. "where did you think i was from?" ten inquires, curious to know what kun thought of when he first saw ten. "from heaven,"


if it was literally anyone else who said that, ten would've gagged and would've blocked them or something but hearing it from this stranger, it felt good. "hey, kun?" ten again mumbles and kun hums in response. "want to get coffee? i'll pay,"


"what gentleman would i be if i don't pay? i will pay, not you." kun firmly disagrees, he doesn't like it one bit when the other person offers to pay for kun, he's loaded for a reason. "you can pay me back later, i wanna be the gentleman!" ten pulls back from the hug and pouts as he whines, and kun just looks very amused. "and how do i pay you back?"


"with your very warm hugs!"


❛ ━━━━━━・❪ ❁ ❫ ・━━━━━━ ❜

Chapter Text

❛ ━━━━━━・❪ ❁ ❫ ・━━━━━━ ❜

"uh, so where's kun? it looks like, he's around four hours late?" taeyong awkwardly informs a very worried and agitated sicheng, who is constantly checking his phone for any sign of kun's phone call or text message. "he's so punctual, taeyong! he can't be four hours late!"


"maybe he's caught up in some work—"


"what if he's kidnapped? what if they flew from china to get him? he's not even the heir to his parents' company! but i am— oh my, they're onto me! taeyong hyung, call the police right now. kun-ge is kidnapped, i know it!"


"why do you always worry about him? is he like your boyfriend or something?" taeyong snaps, absolutely done with sicheng talking about kun when they could be practicing. sicheng looked at taeyong like he was some alien, "kun-ge is my boyfriend?"


and then, sicheng bursts out into laughter and this seemed to annoy taeyong even more. "okay, so he's your cousin or brother and i'm misunderstanding stuff? honestly, let's just practice—" taeyong grabs sicheng's and drags him to the wooden floor of the university dance room.


"taeyong, kun to me is just like johnny to you. he's my best friend, okay maybe a little more than best friend, okay no. that sounds weird but don't worry, kun-ge is just my best friend." sicheng smiles at taeyong and taeyong's heart just softens at the younger's smile, sicheng is really so naive.


"okay then, now let's practice! the show is the day after tomorrow! come on!" taeyong urges as he goes to switch on the music. "ah, hyung! we've been practicing for the past five hours, let's do something else!"


"okay. let's do what?" taeyong folds his arms and rests all his weight at one side of his hip, sicheng was probably going to say something like ice-cream and dessert. "let's star gaze, the sky is kind of clear tonight." star gaze? weird but it's something new, so why not? "okay, but only for some time—"


"oh my god, okay mother! only for some time then we'll practice!" sicheng whines which makes taeyong laugh because of how adorable sicheng sounded. "okay then, son. let's go to the rooftop, heard it's open or something!"


taeyong grabs sicheng's hand and runs out of the room, the cold air tickling both of them, making them giggle and laugh. taeyong's grip around sicheng's hand never wavers as they make their way up the stairs, almost like taeyong's afraid that sicheng will leave.


and sicheng wasn't complaining, even if heart was fluttering and taeyong's smile looked so pure, it just felt nice that someone was holding you up. the boys stop at the door to the rooftop and taeyong leaves sicheng's hand to push open the door, and when he does, the starry sky falls upon their sight like a blanket.


even if it was a polluted city were living in, the stars were seen some days and today was one of those days. they twinkled bright and looked like diamonds embedded on a black canvas, they looked too royal. taeyong felt absolutely compelled to appreciate those diamonds, and regretted not doing this earlier.


"they are so pretty, right?" taeyong hears sicheng say but both their gazes were upon the sky, the scenery in front of them was just too prepossessing to look away from. "mhm, so pretty." taeyong exhales and his smile is unceasable.


"i learned astronomy, you know. some of it, not all of it." this causes taeyong to look at sicheng with a perplexed expression, like he was very confused as to what sicheng said. "study of celestial objects, but i was focused on stars more."


taeyong was interested in this astronomy thing, he's never heard of it before but he'd like to know more. "that's, uh, cool. i've never heard about it before, tell me more?" sicheng was in awe, no one ever asked him to teach them about what sicheng enjoyed learning.


"are you sure? there's lots of mathematics, physics, chemistry—" sicheng could then see the hesitation on taeyong's face and chuckled, "okay, let's start with the non-mathematical parts? constellations and something more maybe?"


taeyong smiled and that's all sicheng needed as an answer. "but how come you've never heard of astronomy? aren't you pretty well-versed in everything?" sicheng inquires but he is not confident in his question, after all, it was based on a rumor that taeyong knows about everything.


"nah, i don't know stuff about mathematics and that. i know more of other emotions, like maybe, love?" taeyong answers and catches sicheng off-guard, taeyong knew about love and those uncomfortable emotions that made sicheng want to cry?


"you know stuff about love? really, like you know how it works and functions?" sicheng sees how taeyong's face scrunches up in disappointment when sicheng objectifies love as a machine. sheepishly running his hand over his nape, sicheng flashes a small smile. "sorry, i don't know much about love."


it takes taeyong a few moments to react to what sicheng told him, but a few minutes later, his face brightens up just like a star in the sky. "okay okay, i have a deal." taeyong comes closer to sicheng and whispers as if he's selling sicheng drugs and illegal matter.


sicheng stifles a chuckle at the older's goofiness but plays along, "okay, what's the deal?" taeyong gives sicheng the brightest smile before sicheng notices that his eyes are literally twinkling too, like the stars. "i'll teach you about love and you teach me astronomy, deal?"


taeyong extends his arm forward and sicheng considers the deal for about a quarter of a second before immediately agreeing, extending his arm to firmly shake taeyong's hand. "deal, yongie hyung." sicheng smiles and so does taeyong and sicheng could feel his heart almost pausing.


the stars shone even brighter and the clouds cleared their way for the peaceful moon to rule the night sky. just like how sicheng cleared his heart so that taeyong could rule his heart, and at this point, sicheng didn't care whether or not taeyong had jaehyun.


he really liked taeyong's company and even if it meant that taeyong would never like him back, sicheng just wanted him around. maybe if sicheng learned more about the thing he feared, maybe his heart will soften and finally accept the fact.


accept the fact that taeyong is the brightest star sicheng has ever seen in his entire life.


❛ ━━━━━━・❪ ❁ ❫ ・━━━━━━ ❜


kun was obviously carried away— he had an amazing sky, amazing food and the most important, an amazing individual next to him. "so, now that i have told you almost everything about me, tell me about yourself." ten's tender grip around kun's arm as they strolled around the park made kun just very happy.


"i'm not very interesting, ten. just all you need to know is that i'm not a serial killer," kun broke out into a soft smile as ten whined upon receiving such a dry response. "but you're very interesting to me, kun!"


kun blushed and ten definitely noticed and teased about it till kun finally caved in. but he wasn't going to tell ten about sicheng, not now. "okay, i'm qian kun and i'm from fujian, china. i studied business and i look forward to take up a position—"


"oh my god, kun! that's boring boring and study study, i know you're smart and intelligent! tell me what you like so that i can buy you that!" at this point, anyone would've deemed ten as an annoying brat but kun continued to smile. "i like airplanes."


"uh, do you have something else you like that will not cost my entire life plus another ten million?" kun laughed warmly and wrapped his arm, which was around ten's arm, around ten's waist. "i like um,"


ten looked at kun in extreme hope that kun wouldn't say something like gucci because ten wasn't loaded, he can barely breathe so there is no way he can earn money, let alone spend. "you like?" ten repeated, hoping that kun would say something like chocolate because ten really wanted to get kun something, but affordable.


 "i like you."


❛ ━━━━━━・❪ ❁ ❫ ・━━━━━━ ❜

Chapter Text

❛ ━━━━━━・❪ ❁ ❫ ・━━━━━━ ❜


"love, you know, is the emotion of absolutely submitting yourself to your lover— keeping in mind your comfort level. it's the emotion of immense reverence for your lover, to such an extent where just their name will make your heart flutter,"


sicheng just heard taeyong speak so fondly about love was so mesmerizing, taeyong had a beautiful smile on his face as he spoke. sicheng didn't even realize that taeyong's words and smile had made him smile, but it felt nice.


the starry night that enveloped the two males and the moonlight that shone on them, it almost retracted all their fatigue. the atmosphere was so comforting and soothing that it didn't even feel like they practiced for so long.


"do you feel like this around jaehyun?" sicheng abruptly interrupts and taeyong almost instantly broke out into a lovely smile. "yes, he's my everything and more." seeing taeyong so happy made sicheng very content, maybe he didn't like taeyong. maybe he just wanted to see him happy. 


"have you ever been in love, sicheng?" taeyong inquires about a question that was lingering at the back of his head but after seeing sicheng visibly pale made him regret asking. "uh, i used to like— no no, downright in love with him."


"but he told me that he liked someone else and that i was a nuisance in his relationship with his other partner," sicheng looked rather troubled when he spoke, "and i didn't even do anything to his relationship! i just told him that i loved him so it wouldn't be awkward,"


"but he just shut me away," seeing sicheng pout so sadly just disheartened taeyong, he didn't like it when his friends were sad. "aw, it's okay! you'll find someone else here then!" taeyong tried to cheer up the mood but it didn't work, so sicheng turned to taeyong to glare at him but seeing the pink-haired so jolly, sicheng smiled.


"you really are something else, yongie hyung." sicheng muttered to himself as taeyong returned to watch the bright moon in the sky. taeyong was so pure hearted and such an overall wonderful friend, sicheng really looks forward to be with him more often.


❛ ━━━━━━・❪ ❁ ❫ ・━━━━━━ ❜


"hey, johnny? did you see taeyong around? i searched the entire backstage for him, but he wasn't there!" a very worried jaehyun asks johnny, who was very busy scrolling aimlessly through aesthetic photographs on instagram. "oh, that's funny! he was looking for you as well!"


jaehyun frowned at how fate wasn't allowing him to meet his beloved, and johnny just chuckled. "cheer up, lover boy. i saw him near the makeup station!" and with that, jaehyun took off to find his baby. "and be careful, his clothing is expensive! don't rip it off of him because he looks hot!"


jaehyun decided to ignore that last statement from johnny and proceeded towards the makeup station, where all the performers were getting ready for the year's opening event. jaehyun scanned over the huge crowd of people he didn't really care about and his eyes stopped at his prince.


taeyong was laughing at something sicheng told him, who stood in front of him, and that made jaehyun very happy. his boyfriend was finally making friends and that was more than enough for jaehyun.


after assuming bad stuff about sicheng ( which proved to be false ), jaehyun decided he would not even try to intervene in taeyong's and sicheng's friendship. he trusted them both, and jaehyun doesn't want taeyong to limit his social circle to just him and johnny.


jaehyun loves it when taeyong opens up to people other than him and johnny and seeing taeyong so comfortable with sicheng was very refreshing. "baby, what's up? and hello to you too, sicheng! both of you look wonderful!" jaehyun compliments the dancers and they smile in gratitude.


if jaehyun wasn't wrong, they were performing on a piano piece because they didn't want to lose the class of the event. they were clothing that is worn by the princes and their makeup was justified with the theme. "i'll grab my other friend, see you both later!"


and with that, sicheng excuses himself and the two lovers just look at each other with love in their soft gaze. "you look beautiful today, hyung." jaehyun crouches to sit on one knee as taeyong was seated, so jaehyun sat down to match taeyong's level.


"and you do too," taeyong's smile looked so genuine and pure that jaehyun wanted to do nothing but embrace the older in his arms. "but i am not wearing anything extravagant." jaehyun remarks, he wasn't even wearing makeup and all nor wore clothing like taeyong.


jaehyun watches as taeyong leans and presses a soft kiss onto his lips and jaehyun smiles. "you will always look pretty to me, no matter what you wear." jaehyun could hear his heartbeat fasten and his cheeks reddening but he hid his blush by kissing taeyong again.


"oh lord, what is going on here?" the couple hear someone behind them and they look around to find johnny standing there with his camera. "why do you have a camera, john?" jaehyun positions himself right, stepping away from taeyong to look like they weren't kissing or anything.


"you know i used to be in the photography class, right? so, the professor asked me to snap some pictures of the event." johnny informs and taeyong realizes that if johnny is working with the photography class, he will have to work with him


"are you sure you want to work for the photography class? there are some people around there—" taeyong was interrupted with someone loudly entering backstage and everyone's eyes fall onto this individual, ten chittaphon.


taeyong could see johnny froze in his spot but ten didn't seem to have noticed johnny's existence. taeyong saw how johnny's jaw dropped when he saw sicheng run to ten to hug him, and followed sicheng was a guy, taeyong thinks, named yuta.


"sicheng is friends with him? what the actual fuck," johnny turns around with disappointment smeared across his face and jaehyun pats johnny's back, reassuringly. "it's okay, john. it's not like he's going to come up to you and say h— "


"um, johnny suh? professor said that you're partnering with me," ten suddenly appears out of nowhere and johnny just looks very startled, and when the fuck did the professor say this? "o-oh, th-that's alright, uh— i have to use the bathroom now so you can get your camera?"


and saying that johnny ran away and taeyong could see ten's lips curve into a mischievous smirk and ten turns to face taeyong and jaehyun and gives the a tight-lipped smile before scurrying off to his other friends.


"well, that was really shit." jaehyun muttered and taeyong hummed in agreement with his head tilted sideways, and both of them have stoic expressions. "this is going to be very interesting to watch, i'm anticipating."



❛ ━━━━━━・❪ ❁ ❫ ・━━━━━━ ❜