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The Other Parent AU Drabbles

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Miss Valentine/Mikita


She’s used to the brats by now, the bosses 3 sons are trouble makers but fairly entertaining really, especially when they annoy some of the other members.

The Princess though, well Mikita was used to the girl just being a tag along to the boys or the boss but…she’s been hanging around their casino base for the past week only the boys and the boss aren’t here instead she’s following her around.

It’s getting kind of annoying she manages to manoeuvre found and corner the brat and “IWAS HOPINGYOUCOULDSHOWMWHOWTOLOOKCOOLLIKEYOU” the Princess says quickly face flushed bright red.

….what? Mikaita isn’t sure if she just thought that or said it out loud but the Princess continues.

“…I…I dad’s been getting be to wear more princessy stuff and it’s pretty but I can’t be a pirate wearing that at least I can’t fight in it…not well at least and…” she blushes more looking down “I want to be able to look really pretty and fight well like you”

Mikiata stress blankly before hugging the Princess excitedly.



When Crocodile arrives back he’s walks past the agents rooms and hears “And see it heels like these you should be able to run well and gouge people’s eyes out if push comes to shove”


“Right now I think the best colour for you would be”

He just keeps walking.





Mr 5/Gem


He keeps mostly to himself at first when he’s not dealing with his partner, that is until.


Gem turns and looks down to see one of the Bosses kids, the black haired one with freckles.

The kid keeps staring at him expectantly so he just nods and tries to keep walking.

“That is so cool!” the boy says “how big of explosions do you make”

He doesn’t say much the brat will most likely get bored soon enough.


“HEY” he turns to look at the brat when he hears him, the boss was meant to be arriving later today so he wasn’t expecting to see any of the brats when he sees the kid he notices that he looks exhausted like he ran all the way here.

The kid beams up at him more shoving his hands forward “Look Gem Look!” the kid says as his hands turn to fire.

“…you got a devil fruit” he says staring at the flames a logia type…and that means both Ace and Luffy have devil fruits that’s 2 out of 4…

He doesn’t even want to think about the property damage.

Ace just smiles “Yeah I got it a little while ago I really wanted to show you see its super cool like yours I know I can’t make things explode well not yet but”
Gem cuts him off in shock “…wait kid did you…run all this way just to show me?”

The brat rolls his eyes “well duh of course I wanted to show my coolest uncle the coolest devil fruit power”

…Gem didn’t cry at that no one was there no one can prove anything.





Miss Merry Christmas/ Drophy and Mr.4/ Babe


Ok do they knew it was bad idea.

But look.

The littlest of Crocodile’s kids however was so stubborn.

Insanely stubborn.

They were going to break eventually.

And in their defence it was the kids idea.

“I’m rubber I’ll be fine”
“Come on”




Still yeah.



Hitting the kid with the brat was a bad idea.



Hitting the kid full force was even worse.


But hey come on at least Drophy managed to find the kid in the desert in only….


2 hours.



He was fine.

He even wanted to do it again.




They really hope the boss never finds out.


They are also very very glad that they got the one kid who does NOT understand blackmail.





Miss Goldenweek/ Marianne


She’s a little awkward around the kids at first, after all their around the same age…still their ok.

She doesn’t really mind any of them they’re nice but they haven’t interacted to much.

That is until one of the bosses sons, the blonde one, the one who dresses smartly like the boss and has burns all up his right side.

He walks up to her awkwardly glancing up between the book in hands.

“Ummm I’m sorry to bother you” he says sitting down “I was just hoping you could” he shifted from foot to foot “teach me to draw” he continues quickly “I mean I want to archive and write about our journeys when we go off when we’re older but…I think I won’t be able to describe something but I want to share them so I was hoping you could maybe help me with that please”

Marianne sits up a bit at that eyes shining, she’s never had someone want to learn art before.

Some have wanted to learn about her skills but not the art.

She smiles slightly and moves over to let him sit next to her.






He bursts into the bosses office with the cry “YOU’RE CHILDREN ARE MONSTERS!” he cries out.

Crocodile just hums in response and doesn’t look up from his papers.

“This is the last straw” he continues “do you know what they tried to do to me!?” he doesn’t even wait for his boss to respond “TURN ME INTO A HUMAN CANDLE!”

Crocodile does look up at that eyebrow raised.

“…well you are made of wax”

“THAT’S WHAT THEY SAID!!” he yells back glaring and grabs his hair pointing at the singe mark on the edge of the three “THEY SAID THIS WAS THE WICK!!”

Crocodile is able to not laugh with great restraint…also he can’t actually fault his kids logic.

“THEY ARE MONSTERS AND I’M DONE” he yells loudly as he storms towards the door.

Crocodile just glances back down at the papers “are you quitting?” he asks calmly.

There a moment of silence “NO!” he yells before leaving the room.

Crocodile shakes his head, well at least this only the 3rd time this week…tough it is only Tuesday.




Mr.2/Bon Clay/Bentham


He’s only recently joined and hasn’t really seen his boss much when his boss asks him.

“…do” the man pauses for a moment before continuing “do you know where Iva..Ivankov is?”

Bentham stares shocked for a moment.

But then…

He looks; he notices the bindings under the shirt.




He cringes and looks sadly up “Sorry…no” he says and watches the other sag slightly in his chair “I think they were captured but…but I don’t know for certain” he wishes he could say something more but he can’t.

The boss just nods “I…thought as much thank you” he says lightly.

Bentham knows he has an opening to leave but “Um Boss” the man looks back up at him “You called them Iva?” he knows this may be a sensitive topic but, well he can’t help his curiosity.

“Yes” the boss nods glancing up at him “we know each other… or we did awhile ago but…I never had the chance something” he trailed off smiling “something else happened and then afterwards I couldn’t locate them”

Bentham wants to ask what but “Dad?” he turns and sees the door to the office open, the bosses youngest son glancing in tiredly.

“Luffy what are you doing up?” the boss asks smiling softly.

“Couldn’t sleep” the boys grumbles “Ace keeps kicking my head” he climbs into the bosses arms as he gets closer “and Sabo’s snoring REALLY loud”

Bentham looks between them.




He looks between the 2 and suddenly understands exactly what the boss meant.

“Who are you?” the little boy asks looking over at him.

He meets the little kids eyes and smiles giving an exaggerated bow introducing himself before spinning around and changing faces the little boy bursts out in laughter and claps excitedly.

Bentham grins back.



He will always claim that he is the favourite uncle.

If anyone says otherwise they’re a liar.




Miss Doublefinger/Paula


She is going to murder the brats.

The boss might be upset, well ok probably murderous, but honestly once she explains it to him, he’ll understand.
He’ll still kill her yeah but he’ll understand.

And it will be worth it.


Besides she’s going to die of embarrassment afterwards anyway.


They just had to find out didn’t they.


She’s been moaning to the boss about her crush, because he has such bad taste he literally can’t say anything insulting.
He likes tall, pink and psychotic for crying out loud!!!


But the brats heard her waxing poetic about Makino, because she’s perfect.

Beautiful, smart, sunny, sweet, patient as all get out case and point she deals with those 3 on a regular basis and has not committed homicide.
And now they are trying to set them up.


Which is why she is now staring at the giant flag visible to the entire TOWN!!! Reading


Makino please go out with Paula she thinks you’re pretty!


She is going to shish kabob them!!

“Hi there” she turns to Makino whose smiling at her.


…She wants to die she’s so embarrassed maybe if she makes a run for it she can jump into the se..


“Do you…would you to go get dinner tonight?” Makino asks her with a shy smile.





She takes it all back





Mr.1/ Daz Bones


He’s the first one to join the organisation.

When he meets the boss, there’s only one kid.

And he’s barely a kid.

More of screaming tiny ball of noise.

It’s strange to see the boss discussing plans of espionage and criminal organisation with a kid nestled in his arms.

The first time the boss asks him to hold the kid he freezes.

He’s not , he doesn’t he doesn’t know you act with kids how you’re meant to not… how do you not mess kids up?

He’s used to cutting and killing, he's blades and sharp edges how does he not do that.


That kid is put in his arms, and big black eyes blink up at him curiously.



He stares back down.


When the boss comes back and he keeps holding the kid the boss doesn’t comment just gives a small smile.



He is the favourite uncle.

(He’s number 1 for a reason after all)




The almost member
Nico Robin


She stands in the office staring at the Shichibukai.

This is a risk.

The shichibukai are tied to the world government, allying with them is a huge risk.

But…she knows there’s a poneglyph here.

She can’t let this lead pass through her fingers.

It’s the last one she has.

This is her last chance.



She stands confident, she’s just explained how she can help, and he needs her.

He’s after Pluton, of course he is, but it’s no good to him unless he has someone who can translate it.


He needs her.



The man keeps staring at her intently; it’s different form the normal look, the look of greed, of a mind running through a million possibilities.

Instead he’s examining her, gaze searching.

“Well Nico Robin”

She stands tall and waiting

“I’m afraid I will have to reject your generous offer”

Robin feels her stomach drop and the world fallout from under her.

This makes no sense.

He’s trying to take over Alabasta.

He’s trying to get Pluton.

Why would he not take her help.



She’s going to protest, argue, something.

Because this doesn’t make sense!



But then



“Uncle, sorry to bother you I was just hoping” the door opens and


Robin locks eyes with the princess.


The princess of Alabasta


Standing calmly and completely at ease in the Baroque’s works base.


Calling the Shichibukai uncle.



She locks eyes with the Shichibukai and then runs.

She’s run for years.

This is just one more.



Vivi yelps and moves out of the way eyes wide.

She looks after the running dark haired women and then looks back to Crocodile, he just waves off her apologises.

“did I interrupt something” Vivi asked looking worried.

He shakes his head laying a hand on her head “nothing to worry about” yet at least he thinks.

He should call Cobra let him know about Nico Robin… but

And since Luffy, and the cursed parental instincts there is always a but.

But he’s seen her wanted poster, that of a child.

A child who did nothing wrong.

Who just knew too much.

He curses his sentimentality and pointedly looks away from the door, he looks the other way.

Instead he smiles down and asks “so what did you need?”

Vivi smiles shyly up at him “I just…how how’s the best way to navigate to calm belt” she pulled out a book looking harried “ because if there no wind really and with all the sea kings, I’m trying to come with a good plan…one that’s Luffy proof…and Ace proof to”



Robin frowns down at her lap, her senses now on high alert, she’s waiting for guards or pirate or marines or anyone to charge in.

She took a risk and it backfired.

She can’t understand how, it doesn’t make sense everything she heard…all the clues they pointed towards…but they’re wrong there’s no fight, Sir Crocodile is clearly working with the King.

Robin frowns, there are too many variables to many things that she doesn’t understanding, that don’t make sense.

She closes her eyes tightly as the realisation hits her, this was her last lead and she’s just destroyed her chance of getting it…the chance is gone.




What is she going to do?


She stares blankly and tries to process.


But then she hears


“so what they’d never trace it back to us”

“that’s right they’d blame the pirates”

“you’ve lost it those pirates work for the government”

“so they’d blame the government not us”

“or the king”

“face it we could do it on either”

“I’d be easy”

“Look we’ve got to do something! Those ones are related to those celestials I don’t care how good they seem they’re just as bad as the rest of them!”


Robin glanced at the group of people huddled in the corner, she recognised the flag the revolutionary army or no…more like a poor imitation.

She looks at them.

This is her last chance, her last shot.


She has nothing left to lose.



It’s her final gambit.


She walks towards them.