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Thirteen Children's Tales

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Deep in the woods of larch and sweet

Fly magical geese, so black and so fleet

To a house that moves upon chicken’s feet

‘Tis the darkest evening if a child she meets


The Queen’s rage grows in a jealous spite

And threatens to unleash an endless night

Upon a beautiful girl with skin so white

‘Tis the darkest evening to take a bite


The soldier’s steadfast heart in bloom:

His ballerina; his love; his doom

Paper and Tin in their fiery tomb

‘Tis the darkest evening in the toy room


Beauty held captive in far castle’s tower

The Beast must die for his unloved hour

As petals fall from that curs’ed flower

‘Tis the darkest evening for true love’s power


The vicious wolf is spared by luck

Caught in a trap with his legs high-stuck

Peter and friends are pride-fully struck

‘Tis the darkest evening to be the duck


Oh! What a difficult choice has she

When rejected by her love-to-be:

To slit a throat or drown for free

‘Tis the darkest evening under the sea


When scolding an impish child right

Do not invoke a witchy fright

Not all evil comes at night

‘Tis the hottest noon to hold him tight


Pixsie dust makes one’s eyes so glossed

The naïve babe forgets the cost

To Neverland! Thus, stars are crossed

‘Tis the darkest evening to become Lost


Should the girl die from a trick of romance

Should he encounter the Wiła by chance

He shall find himself in a waltzing trance

‘Tis the darkest evening to forever dance


The pulsing rhythm of hooves that follow

The fear in his throat chokes his swallow

A head will be found on the bridge tomorrow

‘Tis the darkest evening in Sleepy Hollow


Siegfried was tricked; his vow was wrong

Odette’s last hope is shattered and gone

Forever she flies with the oncoming dawn

‘Tis the darkest evening for the Queen of Swans


The peasant girl was a clever disguise

But the sharpened spindle is your prize

Good fairies tell such terrible lies

‘Tis the darkest evening; so close your eyes


A little girl in a hood of red

Watched by eyes that blood hath bred

To Granny’s house the beast is led

‘Tis the darkest evening…


Unless you’re dead.