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Faking a smile

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Pretending to smile was easy for me. All I have to do is move the corners of my mouth.


 It's been a while since I forgot to actually smile, but I often wonder if it was really worth smiling.


When I used to play with my brother, laughter filled the place, when I used to spend time with my mother, our smiles were pure and when I used to spend time with my father, my smile was one of pride.


Once I finished playing with my brother, those laughs turned to jealousy. Once I finished spending time with my mother, that smile turned into a grimace. Once I got away from my father, that prideful smile became a grudging smile.


Then I thought, maybe I never actually smiled and I was pretending all the time.


When all of a sudden I was all alone, without my brother by my side or my parents supporting me, I decided that my most lethal weapon would be my fake smiles.



If I can pretend to smile therefore I can also pretend to be a child who is asking for sweets and the moment they are near me, I will stab them mercilessly.