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Heroes Stranded: Anthology

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After the events of Chapter 26: [Best Friends with Benefits]


You were beyond relieved that Kaminari had taken over the explanation of the plan; you're not sure you had the energy or the capacity to explain it and explain why it was the best option. After dinner, the others cleaned up and left. You didn't do much in the way of hugs- not that you had been in the last several days, anyway. Not since you and Todoroki stopped talking.

You watch from the couch as Kaminari stretches in the floor. He had a funny nightly routine, you found out, where he'd do some type of stretching-yoga hybrid. You hadn't seen it til now, and damn, did this boy have a body. Well, you'd seen it, but you didn't get to fully appreciate it until he stretched himself in his boxers in the middle of the living area. Your eyes rove across his arms, shoulders, neck, pecs, abs, thighs, calves, and back up.

He notices your wandering gaze. "Enjoying the view, baby girl?"

You grin at him, remembering what he'd said earlier, about a certain pet name. "Yes, daddy."

Kaminari stiffens where he stands, looking at you in surprise. It melts to a sultry look. "Hmm, does my baby girl need some love from daddy?"

You bite your lip, sitting up a little straighter. You nod.

"Use your words," he teases, continuing his stretches.

You hum softly at the sight. "Yes daddy. I want you."

"Want me to what?" he asks, stretching his calf muscles.

"I... I want you to touch me," you say, a blush forming on your face.

"Touch you where, baby girl." He stops stretching and takes a step closer to you. You look up at him as he towers before you as you sit.

"Touch... touch me here." You flush a deep pink as you point between your thighs.

He raises an eyebrow, leaning down to grab each thigh with a hand. "You want me to touch your thighs? To grab and play with them?"

You shake your head, pouty expression on your lips. "Up more."

"Up here?" He places his hands on your low stomach.

You sigh. "Lower."

His hands slowly trail down. "Tell me what you want me to touch, baby girl. Do you want me to touch your pussy?"

At the word you shiver. You nod.

"Say it," he encourages, hands tracing dangerously close to the area.

"P-Please, daddy, t-touch my pussy."

Kaminari smirks up at you. "Good girl," he praises, placing a hand on your clothed heat. You groan as he massages the front of it teasingly.

"Daddy~," you whine.

"Yes, baby girl?" he asks with a wicked grin.

"More," you say, wiggling your hips.


You nod. "Take my clothes off."

"I'd like to see you do that, baby girl."

You watch him with big eyes as he stands you up and switches places with you.

You bite your lip nervously. You first bring your hands to your shirt, peeling it off your body slowly. You leave the lacy bra, taking your bottoms off first. You peel them down just as slow as you did the shirt, watching Kaminari's expression as you do a little dance with your hips, all for him.

"Fuck," he whispers to himself. "You're so beautiful, baby girl."

You smile softly, stepping forward and straddling him in your undergarments. "What do you want me to do now, daddy~?" you ask with a languid sway of your hips.

He smirks at you, capturing your lips. You sigh into the kiss, his passion driven into it almost immediately, your tongues dancing and exploring the other's wet mouth. You revel in the novel feeling of his tongue piercing; the smooth metal and wet tongue diving across your own was a wonder.

You blink as he releases the kiss. "Sit up, baby girl." You sit up. "Good girl. Now, I want your leg over the side of the couch. Can you do that for me?"

You nod, swinging your leg up and over the side, as he requested. You blush; your panties are inches from his face.

"Good girl," he purrs, stroking gently on your inner thighs. "Now, I'm gonna eat your pussy." He looks into your eyes. "Tell me what I'm going to do."

Your face can't possibly get warmer at this point. "D-Denki," you whisper.

He clicks his tongue, hand wrapping around and smacking your ass sharply. "That's not what you're supposed to call me right now, is it."

You shake your head.

"That's right. What do you call me?"

"Daddy," you say breathlessly.

"That's right," he says, smirking. "And what is daddy going to do to you?"

"D-Daddy is going to eat my pussy," you whisper.

"That's right," he whispers back, pushing aside your panties and diving in.

You release a high pitched moan, sighing as his tongue draws a long stripe across your wet cunt.

"Daddy," you whine, shivering in pleasure. The nun of his tongue piercing rubs deliciously against the entrance to your pussy, and even more so when he continues on you your clit. 

He licks his lips. “Fuck, baby girl, you taste delicious. You’re so wet for daddy, aren’t you?”

“Y-Yes, daddy,” you say through a shuddered breath.

His fingers tease the tight entrance of your womanhood. He slowly dips a finger inside, relishing the soft wet warmth of your cunt. You moan in time with his finger as it reaches his knuckle. His tongue goes back to your clit when his finger begins to retract, then back in. His finger leisurely enters to the knuckle and exits until the first joint, never leaving you fully, as the tip of his tongue traces the perimeter of your clit, carefully avoiding his piercing,much to your dismay.

His finger begins to move faster. His tongue matches its pace. In and out, curling his finger deeply, as if searching for something. When he adds a second finger, he flicks your clit with the cool metal in his mouth. You twitch and moan sharply at the contact.

“F-Fuck, daddy,” you cry out.

His two fingers thrust even faster now, at a pace that’s driving you towards incredible pleasure. His tongue flicks your clit back and forth, teasing the sensitive bud with the occasional suck and smack with the piercing. You feel yourself edging closer to climax.

“Daddy- daddy I’m- I’m gonna-“ you stammer, hands sharply grabbing his hair.

“Go on, baby girl,” he says deeply, fucking you with his fingers. “Cum for me. Cum for daddy. Cum.

At his command, he draws a flat tongue over your clit, brutally fucking your pussy. When the metal ball hits your little pearl, you’re overcome with a crashing pleasure, overflowing and tingling, pervading every part of your body. You feel amazing.

You sit there as you catch your breath, watching with awe as Kaminari slurps your juices off of his fingers once again. It doesn’t seem to be a sight you’ll get used to, you don’t think. 

“Thank you, Denki,” you smile sweetly, claiming his stained lips with yours. You taste your own salty essence in his lips. You moan at the taste. “Oh, I do taste delicious,” you say, tone teasing.

He smirks and smacks your ass. “Hell yeah, baby girl.”

You smile and stand. “Hell yeah, Denki.”

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After the events of Chapter 29: [Perspective]


You hold Midoriya's hand, gently leading him to your bedroom. His face holds a dazed blush. Despite being older than you- even in the usual timeline- he seems very unaccustomed to anything romantic.

He stops when you enter your room and climb onto your bed.

"You said you wanted to do it again, right?" you ask with a gentle smile.

He gulps, nodding.

"Then join me."

He obeys slowly, swallowing thickly as he watches you sprawl deliciously across the bed. You wear a thin tank top with no bra and barely-there shorts. Your nipples perk in excitement as your body slowly moves side to side, enticing him to come closer.

He eventually climbs onto the bed, placing a leg on either side of you, leaning down. Your eyes lock as he hovers above you, mere inches away.

"Izuku," your voice comes out as a bit of a whine.

"[Y/N]," he whispers, voice reverent. He quickly captures your lips- but rather than a hesitant, resistant one like before, he tries to throw caution to the wind. Granted, he’s still gentle, but his pace is faster and his movements are deeper. His tongue peeks out and licks across your bottom lip. You open up your plush lips in acceptance, greeting his tongue with your own.

His body gradually lowers as yours lifts, your warmth meeting his stiffening bulge. You smirk into the kiss, feeling cocky, and grind yourself against him.

"Ah-!" Midoriya groans loudly, relishing the feeling.

His reaction makes you want to hear more. You snake a hand down and gently run a hand over his clothes member. His breath shudders, lowly moaning your name.

"Izuku," you breath softly. "You’re so hard."

He shivers. "I can’t help it," he pants, "you’re making me so aroused, [Y/N]-chan."

You bite your lip, looking into his emerald eyes. "I can help make it better," you whisper. "Do... do you want me to?"

He nods after a moment. "Please, [Y/N]-chan."

You smile softly. "Then sit up."

You both move slowly, pecking kisses on each other whenever your eyes find an exposed patch of skin.

You push him gently so he sits up, his back against the headboard. Your fingers hesitate over his buckle for a moment.

"I... I might not be very good at this," you warn with a blush.

He runs a hand in your hair. "If it’s you, [Y/N]-chan, it’ll feel amazing, I know it."

At his encouragement, you open his buckle, and unzip. He lifts his hips for you to slip off his pants as he unbuttons his shirt, leaving him in boxers.

"You too, [Y/N]-chan," he pants as he watches you.

You nod, sitting up. You peel off the tank top, leaving your chest entirely exposed. You blush at his darkening, enamored expression, slipping off the pants as well, leaving you in only your panties.

Leaning down, you slowly pull off his boxers. You gasp slightly when his large, thick cock springs free of its restraints.

"W-What’s wrong?" Midoriya asks nervously.

You shake your head. "Nothing. It just looks... big," you finish with a blush. You’re not sure of his measurements, but for never having seen one up close, it certainly seems big.

He blushes. "I-If it looks too big, you don’t have to do anything-"

"No," you correct quickly. "I’m..." you blush, "getting excited, is all."

"Oh," he breaths. A hand weaves through your hair to the back of your head, encouraging you up, closer to his mouth. You tilt your head up and meet his lips gently.

Feeling brave, your hand wraps around the base of Midoriya’s dick. He groans into your mouth as you slowly begin pumping up and down. He kisses you rougher as your hand picks up pace, gently squeezing and gripping and grinding his thick member- you can’t wrap your whole hand around it, even.

You pull back from his mouth, meeting his eyes with a soft, slightly mischievous glimmer in yours. Shimmying down, you lay on your elbows and knees, backside pushed up behind you. You watch your ministrations from eye level, mouth watering at the sight.

"I want to taste it," you murmur without thinking. The dick in your hand twitches. You smile, looking up at him through fluttery lashes. "Do you like that? Do you want me to taste your dick, Izuku? Can I taste your cock?"

He releases a shuttered breath, cursing. "Please, [Y/N]. I-I want your mouth on me."

You smile and nod, looking back down at the thick rod of meat in front of you. Your hands continue to pump it slowly as you lean forward to plant a gentle kiss to the tip, licking your lips to taste the bead of precum that smeared them.

The taste was unexpected, but not unwelcome. You venture close once more, giving the head of his cock a kitten lick. You sigh as he groans, hips moving on their own.

You work your way down his shaft, alternating kissed and stripes with your tongue. Your hand stops pumping as your mouth reaches the base, lifting the thick member so you can give the underside a slow lick.

"F-Fuck," Midoriya groans. You have never heard him swear, you don’t think, and the timbre with which his voice trembles makes you incredibly wet.

You hum gently as you move back up to the tip, encasing it between your lips and giving an experimental suck.

His breath hitches, breathing heavy. "Does it feel good when I suck it, Izuku?" You ask somewhat innocently. Part of you is genuinely curious; part of you wants to hear him say it.

"Yes," he breathes, "yes, please, [Y/N], do that again."

You grin. "I’ll do more than that, I think."

You wet your lips in anticipation as you lower onto his girth, mouth stretching wide as you slide halfway down. You feel a gagging in the back of your throat, and pull back up, hollowing your cheeks as you do.

Midoriya gives a long, low moan. You hum onto his dick and feel it twitch inside of your mouth. Midoriya’s hands gently wrap into your (h/c) locks and pull them away, his arms blocking your sight and giving you tunnel vision of his delicious cock and forest green curls.

You repeat your previous action, this wrapping your hand around his base and slowly pumping what parts your lips can’t reach. Down, gag, up, suck. Down, gag, up, suck. You continue this, finding a rhythm, speeding up. You find yourself heating up at each jab to the back of your throat.

Midoriya’s hands encourage you to go faster, pushing down as you go. His hips meet you as you lower your mouth onto him.

You move your hand from moving along his girth to rest at the base of his rod, ramming his big cock down the entirety of your throat.

He moans loudly at that, holding your head there. Your eyes roll back at the fullness. Your nose is stuffed into his curly hairs, preventing breathing, and you begin to tear up from the lack of air.

You retract for a swift breath, but Midoriya’s hips snap forward to bury you once more. Every time you pull back for a fleeting breath he buries his thick cock deeper down your throat. You moan, loving the feeling of his cock slamming repeatedly down the back of your throat, his rock hard member making you raw.

You mumble his name around his dick, causing him to stiffen and twitch from the vibrations.

"F-Fuck, I-I think I’m-“ he pants heavily.

You hum loudly, completely smothering yourself with his cock, letting him rut shallowly until his cum sputters out into your throat. He groans loudly as he climaxes, pushing your head down entirely to the hilt. 

You gulp and gurgle, trying to keep the immense amount of cum in your mouth. Your mouth retreats up to the tip, slurping up the last bit from the head and releasing it with a pop. You lick your lips with a hum of satisfaction. You open your mouth and stick out your tongue to show him your empty mouth.

His dick nearly hardens once more at the sight. “Y-You really took it all...?”

You nod. “You taste so yummy, Izuku, I couldn’t help it. Your dick, your cum, it’s so delicious.”

He groans softly. “You said you got excited...” he says with a glance down to your panties.

You nod, biting your lip.

“I’d help, but I don’t know where to touch... can you... can you show me? Teach me, so I can help you next time?”

You smile, rocking back onto your knees sliding the panties down. You trail a hand down to your heat. You run a finger between your folds, relishing the slick Izuku’s accidental face-fucking had caused. You show him the gooey string between your fingers, then slurp it up in your mouth. He shivers at the sight.

You sit back into your bum, sliding the panties off fully. “Swap with me, Izuku. I’ll show you how girls feel good.”

He nods, swiftly moving to make way for you. You lean back against the headboard of your bed as he lounges at the foot, looking like a Greek sculpture. It wasn’t hard to get excited at the sight of him and his defined muscles, even if he hadn’t just fucked your face and cum down your throat.

You spread your legs wide. Your dominant hand finds your sensitive folds, peeling them aside, baring your wet cunt to him. He sucks in a breath at the sight. You slide a finger up and down the slit, spreading the arousal on your fingers. 

Your other hand fondles a breast, tweaking and pinching and twisting the nipple. You give soft whines at the feelings. 

Your hand between your legs finally reaches up to your clit, rubbing slow circles around the senstive bud. You moan quietly at the contact, hips wiggling involuntarily. 

“Mm,” you bite your lip, body writhing as your fingers move faster, the hand on your breast moving down to insert one finger into your burning heat. You gasp at the addition of a second finger, fucking yourself harder. 

“F-Fuck, fuck, fuck, Izuku,” you whine. “Izuku, Izuku, I want- I want you to touch me, to make me feel good too.”

Midoriya blinks, nodding. He slowly approaches your prone, messy body. He gently removes your hands, replacing them quickly at your whine of disapproval. He wastes no time in plunging two fingers into your cunt, the other finding your clit and rubbing circles around the sensitive pearl. 

“I-zu-ku-“ you gasp through his thrusting fingers. “Fu-u-u-uuuuck,” you groan as he speeds up.

Your hands fly to your breasts, hips thrusting down to meet his surprisingly skilled fingers.

“Izuku- I’m- I'm gonna- I'm gonna-!” you warn, voice thick with arousal. Not a moment later does he rip your orgasm from you, the feeling overtaking you as you twitch and moan under Midoriya’s hands. 

When you finally come back down, he retracts his soaking hands with a blushing smile. “You look beautiful when you... you know...”

You blush profusely. “S-Shut up,” you mumble, grasping for a napkin or something to wipe up his fingers with. He chuckles at you while you find one, handing you your panties and putting his boxers on. 

Wiping his hands clean, you lay next to him, both sweaty and satisfied. You look up as he places a soft, lazy kiss to your lips. He smiles shyly.

“We... We should do that again sometime.”

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Some point after the events of Chapter 28: [Pick Your Side]


You writhe in Dabi’s grip, his breath hot on your ear as he holds you. Your back is flush against his chest, your legs straddling his thigh.

"You look so delicious, riding my leg, doll," he purrs into your ear. You’re not sure how you ended up in his lap, your cunt pressed flush against his muscular thigh, but the pressure you feel down there is absolutely divine.

His hand slides up your shirt, caressing your stomach. The soft sensation contrasting with the rough way you ride his thigh causes you to gasp. You groan at the feeling. "Dabi," you whisper harshly.

"Shh," he hushes you. "The others haven’t noticed yet. You’ll be fine, so long as you keep your voice down, and do as I say." His hand trails down from your stomach to your panties, your wet arousal making them sloppy. His fingers graze just inside them, feeling the slick he caused. You bite your lip harshly.

"Fuck, doll, do I turn you on that much? Are you getting all wet just from grinding on my leg, like a little bitch in heat? Aww, what a good girl, listening to me. So obedient," he snickers, voice lowering an octave and rumbling against your back. "I think I’ll have to reward you."

Both of Dabi’s hands grasp your hips to maneuver you, making you spread your legs in the center of his lap. A hard rod presses against your ass, and you inhale sharply as he causes you to reveal yourself to those in front of you- Twice, Compress, and Spinner. They hadn’t noticed you yet, but the positioning was still not ideal for you- or at least, that’s what you thought. The three still mulled around the warehouse, completely oblivious.

Dabi lifts your skirt so your panties are on display. He peels them aside, cold air hitting your pussy and causing you to squeak. He chuckles.

"You gonna show them what a good girl you are? How obedient you’re being? You’re gonna do so well- taking my fingers, my cock, everything. I’m gonna fuck your tight little pussy and your pretty puckered asshole. Maybe if you’re good, I’ll let one of them fuck your mouth, or even your pussy while I fuck you somewhere else. Would you like that, doll? Getting fucked by two, three, four dicks?"

You can only moan softly in response, hips wiggling in desperation. "Please, Dabi."

He chuckles. "Since you said please, how can I refuse?"

You bite into your lip so hard you’re surprised blood doesn’t draw. You scream in pleasure when Dabi plunges two fingers into your soaking cunt, immediately fucking you with them. They’re so clever, so so clever. You love his fingers inside of you, twisting and punishing and piercing and pushing. His thumb brushes teasingly against your sensitive bud, causing you to jolt.

"Ah, did I find your little sweet spot, doll? You’re such a good girl, keeping quiet as you have. Time for a treat."

You’re lifted suddenly, whining at the loss of his fingers. The emptiness is momentary; the head of his cock brushes against your lower lips. Your hips frantically twitch, begging for stimulation. Dabi laughs softly. 

“You’re so eager to be fucked in front of everyone. Do you want them to get involved, doll? Is that it? What a naughty girl I’ve found. Naughty girls don’t get warnings or time to prepare.”

He slams the entirety of his thick meaty rod into you. Your lips fall open, releasing a high-pitched, sensual moan. Your head is thrown back as Dabi grabs a fistful of your hair, the other hand gripping your hips as he slams into you over and over. Your moans are short, breathy, and in time with his thrusts.

“Da-a-a-a-bi-i-“ you gasp out in a whiny, desperate tone.

“What is it, cocksleeve?” He chuckles as you tighten around him at the filthy name. “Dirty little thing. Do you like me calling you what you are? A cocksleeve? Nothing but couple of wet holes to take my fingers and mouth and dick. A wet pussy to fuck as I please.”

You shake your head. “N-No,” you groan. He tugs your head back by your hair, forcing you to look up into his intense cerulean eyes while he fucks you.

“Yes,” he grunts, voice laced with lust. “You’re mine to finger and mine to fuck and mine to devour. Mine, mine, mine. Do you understand? Who do you belong to?”

“Y-You,” you moan.


You!” You cry out, not concerning yourself with volume control. “Yours, Dabi, I belong to you, please, don’t stop, please make me feel good, I love your cock, Dabi~.”

Your head is wretched around to look in front of you. Your pussy clenches when you see three fully nude figures in front of you, three raging hard-ons of various lengths and girths, but all undeniably delicious-looking. Your mouth waters at the sight.

“What do you think, doll? Can my cocksleeve be shared with more than one dick? I doubt they’d feel as good, but I think they’d be a nice addition to mine. What do you say to me, for letting you get more dicks inside of you, doll?”

You turn to him, eyes lidded. “Thank you, Dabi, for letting me get fucked by so many dicks.”

His smile is wicked. “Good girl. Now, get fucked.”

You jolt awake in your bed, feeling a dampness between your legs. “Fuck,” you mutter. “That dream again?”