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Call and Response

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Hitoshi slid off his shirt and stared down at the fabric in his fists. He sighed for what had to have been the 100th time that afternoon, psyching himself up.

“We don’t have to do this,” Tenya said from the bed.

Hitoshi grinned at him over his shoulder.

“It's a little late to be saying that now,” he said.

Tenya sat on the bed in just his briefs, sitting up right, his typical good posture, his hands folded in his lap. He had no right to be so proper when he was almost naked like that, staring at Hitoshi with nothing but concern in his eyes.

“You do not have to do this if you’re uncomfortable,” he said.

“I want to do this for you,” Hitoshi said, turning around to face his boyfriend. “And we’ve gone over everything time and time again. We made a good plan. I’m happy with it.”

Tenya still fretted, rolling his hands over one another. He was practically glaring up at Hitoshi, almost stern, as if Hitoshi had done something wrong. Hitoshi walked to stand in front of him, sliding between Tenya’s legs, and ran his hand up Tenya’s jawline, tilting his head up.

“Lets just. . . lets just go over it again. One more time,” Hitoshi said.

That seemed to sate Tenya. He nodded.

“Tell me what we’re doing,” Hitoshi said, still idly running his fingers up and down Tenya’s jaw. He looked at just that area, staring at him as if he were a prized pet and not his boyfriend.

“Me?” Tenya asked.

“Yes, you,” Hitoshi said. That command in his voice came through as he slid into his role.

Tenya swallowed, but Hitoshi didn’t miss that excitement in his eyes, that eagerness to please. His mouth opened and closed as he fumbled over the words.

“I can’t pull all the weight around here,” Hitoshi said, his voice dropping softer, darker. “Tell me what we’re going to do.”

Tenya smiled, his eyes practically glimmering in the low light of their bedroom. His leg bounced slightly.

“Face fucking,” he said, a little breathless and his face going red from the obscenity of the phrase.

Hitoshi ran the back of his nails up Tenya’s jaw.

“O-orgasm denial,” Tenya said as Hitoshi raked his fingers on the underside of Tenya’s jaw. He cupped his chin and tilted his head back, exposing his neck.

“Rough sex,” Tenya said.

“Mm,” Hitoshi said, tilting his head to the side, enjoying the way his fine hair fell back from his face. “And who tops?”

“You do.”

“Good,” Hitoshi said. “And what are the agreed on limitations?”

“No blood,” Tenya said. Hitoshi slowly turned Tenya's head to the other side and Tenya’s eyes followed him. “No choking. No intentional bruising. And you are not to make me hurt you.”

“Mm,” Hitoshi said, running his thumb slowly up Tenya’s jaw.

“And if something else comes up naturally,” Tenya said. “I trust you.”

Hitoshi tsked and looked to the side, dropping his hand. Not quite what he wanted to hear. Tenya reached up and lightly brushed Hitoshi’s legs.

“I do,” he reiterated.

“And if you want it to stop?” Hitoshi met his eyes again.

“I’ll end it,” Tenya said.

“And if I want it to stop?” Hitoshi asked.

“You’ll end it,” Tenya said, with finality. His voice an even rock for Hitoshi to cling to. He sighed for the 101st time.

“And I’ll be checking in intermittently,” Hitoshi said. “You remember the call and response?”

“Yes,” Tenya said, smiling broadly once again.

“If I don’t get a response, if you don’t answer or you say anything else, I’m immediately stopping it,” Hitoshi said.

“As we agreed.” Tenya nodded.

Hitoshi closed his eyes and schooled his breath, gaining control of himself. It was one thing to talk about it, it was a completely different beast now that they were in this situation. He reminded himself that they were safe, that Tenya wanted this, that he couldn’t deny his boyfriend when he was sitting so pretty, so eager for him. Hitoshi opened his eyes and fell into his role, pinning Tenya with a heavy lidded, intense gaze. His heart raced when he saw Tenya perk up at that, ready to do good, to be so good for Hitoshi.

Slowly, gently, Hitoshi placed both hands on either side of Tenya’s face, holding him like porcelain.

“Tenya?” he asked, his voice low and rumbling.

“Yes,” Tenya practically whispered.

And his eyes went blank.

Tenya’s typically squared off shoulders slumped, his body listed forward by half an inch, his mouth went slack. He stared at nothing as the brainwash set in. Hitoshi hadn’t gained complete control, didn’t want him recoiling so deep in his mind. He wanted Tenya aware of everything that was happening, wanted him to feel and see everything, just unable to do anything about it. As they had discussed.

Hitoshi hoped the nerves he felt didn’t show on his face. He didn’t need Tenya to see his apprehension, didn’t need him to worry. Not then.

He kept one hand on Tenya’s face, his hand trailing over the soft skin. He trailed his thumb over Tenya’s lower lip, his boyfriend still and unmoving as he did so. Unresponsive, unreacting. He tilted his hand, cupping Tenya’s face like a mask, and slid two fingers into his mouth. He had to open his jaw just a little and Tenya moved with his touch, soft and pliant with no resistance. Hitoshi slid his fingers in, pushing on his tongue, pushing his fingers to the back of his throat. Still nothing. He smirked and let himself enjoy this.

“Stroke yourself through your underwear,” Hitoshi commanded, voice still low. “Until you’re hard.”

Dutifully, Tenya’s hand came up and palmed the already growing bulge in his briefs. Hitoshi held Tenya by his jaw, tilting his hand and tilting Tenya’s head along with it. He watched Tenya work himself over in a perfect steady rhythm. It was tantalizing, to see the hidden shape grow. He eyed his boyfriend’s face and removed his fingers.

“Tongue out,” he said.

Tenya did just that, eyes vacant, mouth open and waiting, obscene and wanton. Hitoshi held him by the top of his head and guided his face down to the front of his pants. He pushed Tenya’s face into his still clothed crotch and sighed.

“Lick,” he said.

Tenya’s tongue began to move, stroking around the curve of his dick. Hitoshi’s nails dug into the back of his head, pushing down harder, and he threw his head back as he groaned. Yes, this would work nicely. He was beginning to slip into this, letting his boyfriend pleasure him on his command. It would be no different without the brainwashing, Tenya was always so eager to please, but there was something to this. He hoped Tenya was delighted within the cage of his mind.

“Stop touching yourself,” Hitoshi said, not looking, but knowing he obeyed his command within the second.

He stepped away just enough to pull the band of his pants down his hips, releasing his erection to the air of their bedroom. Tenya’s mouth still held open, his tongue still moving, his eyes unfocused and aimed somewhere in a distant corner. Hitoshi slid his thumb into the corner of his mouth, hand still on the back of Tenya’s head, and coaxed his dick into that wet warmth.

“Wrap your lips around it,” he purred.

Tenya’s mouth sealed close around his shaft, the tongue snaking back in. Hitoshi still held his mouth open with his thumb. He gently nudged Tenya’s head forward, gently pushed his dick in deeper. He heard a stutter of Tenya’s breathing, a choke in the back of his throat, but he wasn’t knocked out of the brainwash. Tenya’s nose pressed against Hitoshi’s abdomen, his glasses skewed on his face. Hitoshi wrapped his hand around the back of Tenya’s head and held it in a steel grip, making sure he couldn’t move.

It was time for a check in.

Hitoshi released his hold on Tenya. Immediately, Tenya’s whole body bucked and he tried to pull off Hitoshi’s dick. The hand on the back of his head clamped down hard, keeping him in place. Tenya grabbed Hitoshi’s hips and stared up over the frames of his glasses. His breathing was quick and choppy. His eyes wide and panicked and wanting, but he made no more moves to get away from the deep throat. Drool dribbled out of the corner of his mouth where Hitoshi still held it open. He held still, recovered from the instant shock of coming back to consciousness, waiting for Hitoshi’s command.

“Tenya?” Hitoshi asked.

“Yeth,” Tenya slurred around the dick in his mouth.

His eyes went blank again and the hands on Hitoshi’s hips plopped to the bed. Good, he was still on board. Hitoshi loosened his grip and slipped his thumb out of Tenya’s mouth, trailing saliva along his face. He held Tenya’s head in his hands and rocked his hips.

“Watch the teeth, Tenya,” he said. “There we go. Good.”

He pet back his hair. Tenya’s head shifted with the movement, cocking prettily around Hitoshi’s dick. Hitoshi held his face in his hands and slowly started to buck his hips forward. He moaned again, his head rotating in pleasure. He raked his fingers through that soft hair again, running his hands over his head, worshiping his boyfriend with soft pets as he fucked into his face.

“You feel so good Tenya,” he sighed.

He loved the feel of Tenya’s mouth. He loved to see his boyfriend’s eyes flutter up at him, a hand on the base of his cock and that talented tongue curling around his shaft. Hitoshi could have easily commanded his boyfriend to suck him off, but it would have lacked the creativity and finesse of a fully aware Tenya. Besides, they had agreed on Hitoshi’s control. He would do the heavy lifting, he would be the one to fuck into Tenya’s face.

Hitoshi snapped his hips forward, his dick hitting the back of Tenya’s throat. Tenya stayed deep under his control, the force of the blow not enough to wake him out of it. Hitoshi smirked and did it again. And again. He gripped the sides of Tenya’s head, holding him still, and rammed down his throat.

The room was quiet save for Hitoshi’s grunts. Tenya’s body flopped uselessly, his hands limp and twitching with each shove into his face. Hitoshi could have easily finished like that. He stopped and sighed, grabbing onto Tenya’s hair.

“Come on,” he said. “Let's switch it up.”

He crawled onto the bed, coaxing Tenya on to his back, his hard dick still buried deep in his mouth. He straddled Tenya’s face, his hips low, and rotated them to drive Tenya’s head into the mattress. Just to drive it home what he intended.

“Let’s see if you still trust me,” Hitoshi said.

He pulled out of that wet heat, letting his dick hover over Tenya’s open mouth, a trail of precum and spittle connecting them. He still held Tenya’s head in place, gripping him by his hair. Tenya gasped when Hitoshi let go of his control, but did not panic. He stared up at the dick that hovered inches from his face, his eyes crossing and chest heaving with every breath.

“Tenya?” Hitoshi asked.

“Yes,” Tenya gasped without hesitation.

Hitoshi’s smile went feral as Tenya’s body deflated against the mattress in compliance. He slowly lowered his dick into that open mouth and settled back to the hilt.

“Oh, fuck yes,” he hissed and began to buck his hips.

His body rolled in waves as he humped into Tenya’s face, still holding his head in place in an iron grip. His fingers tightened, pulling on his hair, his hips snapping forward into Tenya’s cheeks, and still Tenya did not rouse.

“Fuck, you feel so fucking good,” he ground out, his eyes squeezing shut. “Squeeze those lips a bit more, trap my dick in your mouth.”

He groaned as Tenya’s mouth sealed around his shaft, his head caught on his lips. He braced his knee around Tenya’s head, angling his hips, and driving the head of his dick into Tenya’s cheek.

“Ugh that's it. Good boy.”

Hitoshi’s self restraint began to stutter. His hips bucked a little too hard, his pull on Tenya’s hair a little too rough. He was getting close.

“Fuck, Tenya I’m gonna-”

He ground his teeth and squeezed his eyes shut, feeling the build. He pushed hard into Tenya’s mouth, pulling his head off the bed to meet him, and froze. He held his breath, a desperate whine slipped between his teeth. Until he couldn't hold it anymore and came. And with it, he released his control on Tenya.

Tenya’s muffled sound of surprise was drowned out by Hitoshi’s short shout. Tenya slapped at his hips and hiccupped little stutters around the rush of cum that shot down his throat.

“Swallow it,” Hitoshi commanded without the power of his quirk, but filled with power all the same. He shook Tenya’s head for added effect. “Swallow it!”

Tenya clamped his hold down on Hitoshi’s hips, his fingers shaking, but he closed his eyes and settled down. Hitoshi could feel his tongue moving, his mouth undulating as he tried to take all of Hitoshi’s load. Hitoshi pulled out, despite Tenya’s hold on his hips, and he hunched over his boyfriend like an animal.

“That's a good boy,” Hitoshi cooed, petting back his hair. “Good job taking it, Tenya.”

Tenya’s eyes fluttered back in his head, the words washing over him, like the giant walking praise kink that he was. Hitoshi sat back, resting on Tenya’s chest, and pet his face. Tenya’s eyes blinked open and he tried to catch his breath. A bit of cum had dribbled out of his mouth. Hitoshi grinned at the fucked out sight before him.

“Tenya?” he asked.

Tenya swallowed heavily, sounding dry.

“Yes,” he rasped.

His gently blinking eyes, unable to focus on Hitoshi, stopped trying all together. His breathing instantly returned to even. Hitoshi wiped at the cum at the corner of his mouth, leaving behind a wet streak on his cheek.

“Well, we got a little down time now,” Hitoshi said to the unmoving creature beneath him. “It's going to take me a bit to recover.”

He leaned down, holding Tenya still between his hands, not like he needed to.

“And I did promise you a pounding,” he whispered against Tenya’s lips.

He kissed Tenya, his mouth still slack and open. It was strange to kiss him like that, to not get a response. Still, Hitoshi tilted his head and licked into Tenya’s mouth, tasting himself in there, making out with his unresponsive partner. He pulled back, keeping himself the only thing in Tenya’s field of vision. His glasses were skewed and fogged over, his face flushed. He was perfection.

“Lets see if we can’t have some fun with this,” Hitoshi said, sitting upright and reaching behind him. He stroked at Tenya’s still trapped erection with tender loving care. He toyed with the idea of releasing Tenya once again to hear his whimpers and soft little groans, but Hitoshi wanted to make him scream.

Hitoshi crawled over his body and grabbed the bottle of lube, patiently waiting on the bedside table. Hitoshi half wished he had the foresight to have left out a glass of water, but he wasn’t about to leave to go get one. Brainwashed or not, he wasn’t going to leave Tenya alone mid session. Especially not this one. Instead he licked his lips and kicked off his pants, working the bottle open as he did.

Hitoshi lubed up and began to finger himself. He stared down at Tenya, just lying there like a dead fish. While Tenya might have been enjoying watching Hitoshi, Hitoshi couldn’t help but feel bored.

“No, fuck this,” he said and took Tenya’s hand into his own. “You do it.”

He lubed up two fingers and positioned them at his hole.

“Finger me,” he commanded and jolted when they rushed inside. “Not so fast! Ah! Slow down!”

Tenya's fingers moved in and out as a steady piston, keeping a pace as unnatural as a metronome. Hitoshi's body rocked with it. A slow grin split his face and he looked over Tenya, knowing he could see him.

“Ah, that's better,” he sighed.

He straddled Tenya on his knees, still holding his wrist. He scanned away from that blank face, down his toned body, and raked his nails across Tenya's muscles. Had he been aware, they would have flinched and twitched under Hitoshi's touch, but under the brainwash, Tenya was still. He looked back to Tenya's face.

“If I'm gonna sit on that dick,” he said, removing Tenya's hand from his ass. “I'm going to need a little bit of extra prep.”

He slid Tenya's third digit into his mouth and sucked on it. Tenya stared at him with blank eyes and a slack jaw, hopefully whimpering in his mind. Hitoshi dragged his teeth across his skin as he pulled the finger out.

“You don't want to hurt me, right?” he asked not expecting an answer.

He lubed up all three fingers, pressing them close together like a drill, and repositioned them at his hole.

“Now, slowly this time, put your fingers in my ass again,” he said.

Following his command, Tenya blindly slid into Hitoshi at a glacial pace. Hitoshi closed his eyes and moaned slowly. He could feel his arousal already building again, even if his body wasn't so quick to catch up.

“Open your fingers,” he said once Tenya was fully in, his eyes still closed. “Stretch me open. Ah! Not so fast, not so wide. Damn, Tenya.”

Hitoshi gasped and bucked as Tenya had no choice but to obey.

“Close them,” he commanded and Tenya obeyed. “Okay, twist your hand. Ah! Tenya! Open again, a little at a time.”

He continued on like that, letting his doll of a boyfriend prep him, pushing back on his fingers until he felt ready. He pulled Tenya out and he continued to hold his hand up like a claw. Hitoshi crawled off his boyfriend, off the bed, hooking his fingers into the band of his briefs and slowly peeling them down his legs, leaving them just before his engines. Hitoshi held the base of Tenya's impressive cock and licked a stripe up the underside. He only received silence as a response. There was no need for the seduction or allure, Tenya couldn't see him, but he did it anyways.

Hitoshi climbed back up, straddled Tenya, and slowly sat down on his dick. A low involuntary moan escaped him as he was stretched and filled. He bit his lip and stroked himself, a second erection on its way. He grinned in supreme satisfaction and let go of Tenya's mind.

Tenya gasped for air, as if he was emerging from underwater. He grabbed Hitoshi's hips enough to hurt. He bucked and jolted and Hitoshi had to clamp his legs to stay on top, bucking like a bull rider. He laughed and jerked himself faster.

“Hitoshi,” Tenya whined. “Hitoshi, please.”

He only smiled a cheshire's grin, his head slowly cocking to the side.

“Hitoshi.” Tenya threw back his head and gasped. “Please! Put me back! I'm-I'm going to. . . Ah!”

“Already?” Hitoshi rolled his hips, making Tenya's eyes bulge.

“Oh. Damn. Yes!” Tenya sobbed. “Yes! Please Hitoshi, yes! Ahaha, please. Yes, yes!”

“You know better than that,” Hitoshi said. He pumped his thighs and began to ride, petting down Tenya's chest. “You're not supposed to cum yet. Hold it.”

“I can't, I can't!” Tenya panted.

“Yes you can. Hold it, Tenya.”

This was working nicely. Tenya losing control and struggling against his orgasm made Hitoshi's dick grow hard in his hand. As much as he tried not to, Tenya pushed Hitoshi down with his tight grip, bucked his hips in every futile twitch of desperation, hitting spots deep within Hitoshi to aid his erection along. The pain on his face was intoxicating, his reactions always a direct line to Hitoshi's arousal, better than any control could ever give him.

“Please put me back under, Hitoshi,” he begged. “I can't-I can't hold it. Please brainwash me. Please, please.”

“Hold, Tenya.”

“I'm going to- I can't- Hitoshi please!”


Hitoshi said the word with finality and more command than his quirk could ever hold. Tenya bit his lip and squeezed his eyes shut. His whole body quivered and he held his breath. Hitoshi leaned in, crawling his palms up Tenya's body.


“Yes!” Tenya screamed.

His whole body spasmed. His eyes bulged wide and his back arched. Hitoshi’s body was jolted up again. Tenya's muscles went stiff, his grip was strong enough to bruise. And then he was still. His body deflated to useless and once again his eyes went blank. Hitoshi smiled and leaned forward, getting into Tenya's field of vision.

“Don't. Cum,” he commanded.

No reaction, just a frozen doll of a man, screaming and begging inside his own mind. Hitoshi crawled off Tenya, that dick sliding out slick and leaving him feeling empty. He sat alongside his prone boyfriend and pat his chest.

“Okay, roll over and get on all fours,” he said.

Tenya did as he was told, presenting himself as pretty as a picture, all rigid and right angles. His cock stiff and his head upright, both pointing ahead. Hitoshi pat his back side, turning him in just the right way. Hitoshi held on to Tenya's hips and let a stand of spit dribble over his wanting hole. Hitoshi rubbed it in and couldn't help but smile. Tenya would have a conniption if he went in with saliva alone, so Hitoshi went for the lube and slicked up Tenya's ass and his fingers.

The lack of reaction when Hitoshi slid in was disappointing. Tenya was typically so vocal and would be squirming. He was reactive and every reaction was always to 11. It was almost boring without those little noises and pleas and twitches of his ass. Hitoshi smiled as an idea popped into his mind. He knew how to get a reaction. After all, Tenya did say he wanted it rough.

After he started slow, gently twisting his finger against Tenya’s tight rim, sliding in and out. He lubed up a second finger and it joined the first. He pushed against the muscle, working with methodical attention, no more enthusiasm than a salary man at the doldrums of his desk job. Hitoshi poured a veritable waterfall of lube over Tenya’s ass, coating his fingers, and making it as slick as possible to take what Hitoshi had planned.

He pushed his fingers in as far as they would go as quick as he could. Tenya’s body rocked, but he was still deep under the brainwash. Hitoshi did it again. Still nothing. He grinned and on the third thrust forward he grunted, throwing his shoulder into it.

Hitoshi finger fucked his boyfriend, picking up speed and force as he did so. He braced himself and held tight on to Tenya, pounding his fingers in and out of his ass, scissoring them inside his heat as he did so. He kept going and going, until he felt the strain in his forearm from the effort. His knuckles hit Tenya’s fleshy back side hard enough to ring a smack loud in their bedroom and Tenya’s whole body rocked forward.

He called out into the room, his arms no longer containing the strength of Hitoshi’s brainwash to keep him upright. He fell forward, one hand slipping off the bed.

“Hitoshi!” he called out, his chin almost hitting the mattress. He propped himself up, his body still rocking as Hitoshi thrust his fingers in and out, in and out.

“Ah!” Tenya choked. He gripped the edge of the bed tight, his teeth bared, and could barely get the words out. “Ah Hitoshi please. Please brainwash me.”

“Well, since you asked so nicely.”

Hitoshi ripped his fingers from Tenya’s ass too quickly and Tenya sobbed. He pressed his forehead against the bed, his shoulders trembling in little hiccups. Hitoshi wiped his hand on Tenya’s hip and he positioned himself behind his boyfriend. He stroked himself a couple of more times, finally fully hard again, and lined himself up with Tenya’s well prepped hole.

Tenya held his breath, waiting for the dick that didn’t come. Hitoshi smiled down at his cowed boyfriend, stalling for long enough to make him whine in need.

“Tenya?” he asked, as sweet as a song.

“Yes,” Tenya said, his voice shaking.

All the tension fell from Tenya’s shoulders. His hand fell off the bed and his cheek hit the mattress. Hitoshi pushed his dick in, feeling the friction.

“Get back on the bed, Tenya,” he said. “We don’t want you falling off.”

Tenya’s hand planted itself back on the mattress and he rose up again to all fours. Hitoshi rocked his hips slowly, testing the waters, feeling the tight and the heat around his dick. He pet at Tenya’s skin appreciatively, grabbing handfuls of ass to hold onto like reins. He so wanted to give him a good smack, but that would wake him up. And that's not how Hitoshi wanted that to play out.

Hitoshi thrust his hips forward and bottomed out in one foul blow. Tenya’s body rocked at the motion, but otherwise stayed stoic and slack jawed.

“Harder then?” he asked.

He thrust again, his hips smacking hard enough to make Tenya’s ass ripple. Still, Tenya stayed under. Hitoshi grinned ghoulishly and began thrusting in earnest. He pounded against Tenya in quick jerky movements, each thrust smacking hard enough to ring out the sound of flesh against flesh. Hitoshi grunted and groaned and grabbed tight to Tenya’s hips, pulling him back to meet his dick each and every time.

He fucked hard enough that the force of it stung and Tenya finally gasped as he came to. He slid again, his head now pliant enough to whiplash with the motion, and his glasses flew off his face when Hitoshi hit hard again.

“There you are,” he growled.

Tenya scrambled to hold onto the sheets, to not fall off, his ass high in the air. He choked and tried to say words, blubbering nonsense instead.

“Tenya?” Hitoshi asked.

“Yes!” Tenya managed to scream.

It was almost fun to watch his body go from a coil of tension and panic to deflated bonelessness. Hitoshi gave him and Tenya a reprieve, slowing down his pace and power for a few rocking moments. He rolled his hips, digging his dick deep into Tenya’s ass. Hitoshi groaned and rocked his head back, trying to keep control. He’d promised Tenya. He’d give it to Tenya.

He thrust hard again and again and a third time before Tenya made a small choking noise, his head rearing back.

“Tenya?” Hitoshi asked.

“Yes,” Tenya whimpered.

Tenya went down again, but Hitoshi fucked into him hard enough to push his chin off the bed and Tenya sobbed as he immediately came back.

“Ten-ya?” Hitoshi sang mockingly.

“Yes!” Tenya cried.

His eyes went blank. Hitoshi planted his foot on the bed, yanked Tenya’s hips to him, and hit hard enough to bruise. Tenya screamed, sounding near tears.









Every hit dragged Tenya forcefully from the brainwash, only to be put back in just milliseconds later. His body was no longer able to keep himself up, his hands slipping as he drooped over the side of the bed. Hitoshi was nothing but helpful and pressed his shoulder down, pinning him in place.

“Tenya,” he growled, digging his nails into his skin and practically drooling possessively over him.


Hitoshi fought against his orgasm, feeling it build painfully, but he didn’t want this to end. He got the needy begging sweet Tenya he wanted all while giving him the brainwash he begged for. Hitoshi wanted to drag his teeth across his skin, wanted to dig into him, wanted to bend and twist him to every which way Tenya was ready and willing for. The muscles in his thigh burned as he thrust his hips once more, the ripple of Tenya’s skin shuddering under his grip.

“Tenya!” he screamed, out of breath.

And got nothing back.

Instantly, Hitoshi halted, still buried to the hilt inside his boyfriend. His grin dropped and he stared wide eyed at the useless creature beneath him. Tenya had stopped trying to hold on, one hand flopped uselessly off the side of their bed, the other feebly grasping the blankets. He was pushed down face first, his neck bent at an awkward angle, his cheek smashed against the mattress. His eyes were closed and he’d been crying.

When he became aware that Hitoshi was no longer moving, Tenya’s eyes blinked open, trying to orient himself. He swallowed and it sounded like he was trying to push a clump of dust down his throat. He looked up at Hitoshi, a wet tear trailing down his cheek.

“No, Hitoshi, please, yes,” he begged. “Please please I’m sorry, please don't stop. Yes. I’m sorry yes. Please yes.”

Hitoshi wasn’t going to put Tenya back into a brainwash. He couldn't. That moment of cold terror had effectively put an end to that. But they were so close and Tenya was begging so sweetly. Hitoshi decided to take advantage of Tenya's trust. He wouldn't brainwash him again.

But they could finish.

Hitoshi focused solely on Tenya’s ass and dragged his body back onto the bed. He fucked into him quickly, holding nothing back, and it wasn’t long before he came. He ground his teeth together, spilling into Tenya, listening to his lover's low moans. Hitoshi hadn’t fully finished when he pulled out, still dribbling cum, and flipped Tenya onto his back.

Tenya had nothing left in him. He was kitten weak and pathetic. He fell onto his back uselessly and did nothing, could do nothing, when Hitoshi sat on his chest. He pinned Tenya’s arms beneath his legs, and pushed down on his collarbone with a sneer.

“Please Hitoshi,” Tenya begged. “I can obey. I'll respond. I didn’t- I want- Please.”

“I don’t need to brainwash you for this next one,” Hitoshi purred.

Gently, he lifted Tenya’s chin with a single finger.

“Cum for me, Tenya.”

Tenya choked on his scream and his back arched under Hitoshi's weight. Hitoshi had him pinned, his knees on Tenya's elbows, his hands pressing into his shoulders. Strength along with Hitoshi's weight held him down. He could feel Tenya's hips leave the bed as he bucked into his orgasm. Something hot and sticky hit Hitoshi's back.

Hitoshi hovered over him, watching Tenya's skewed face distort from screams to sobs to soft little sighs. It wasn't until Tenya breathed, low and slow and his body sagged, did Hitoshi smile.

He shifted until he no longer held Tenya down, opting instead to simply hover over him. He held Tenya's face in his hands, precious and so very breakable, and kissed him softly. He brushed his lips against Tenya's, coaxing Tenya's mouth to move with his own.

“Good job, Tenya,” he whispered and felt Tenya's breath shake against his face. “You did so well.”

Only vague whispered sentiments of praise. Hitoshi couldn't go into anymore detail than that or Tenya would go off in a spiral. Hitoshi pulled back and surveyed his boyfriend. Eyes hazy and glossed over, not really registering what he was seeing, mouth open and slack jawed.

But not brainwashed.

Hitoshi shifted off Tenya and the bed. He didn't make it far before he heard a feeble whimper.

“Hey, I'm not going anywhere,” Hitoshi said, taking Tenya's hand. “I'm right here.”

The contact seemed to satisfy Tenya and his eyes fluttered closed. Hitoshi stretched to their dresser and managed to grab the box of tissues with the tips of his fingers, not letting go of Tenya's hand. He wiped himself down first, cleaning the lube between his legs and the cum on his cock. When he addressed Tenya, he gasped sharply and his whole body twitched.

“Shh,” Hitoshi said and practically stroked him as he cleaned his stomach. He ran his thumb over the back of Tenya's hand.

Tenya sighed again, settling into the sheets, and he stared up at Hitoshi. A weak smile twitched on his lips. How could someone so fucked still look so sweet?

Hitoshi threw the tissues to the floor and put Tenya's fallen glasses on the bedside table. He curled up next to Tenya and tucked the sheets around them. He pulled the big man into his arms, cradling his head against his chest. Tenya hiccuped and he nuzzled close, holding Hitoshi a little too tight.

“I'm sorry,” he said, sounding clogged, like he might cry. “I failed. I didn't-”

“Shh no Tenya,” Hitoshi said and pet at his hair. “You were perfect. You did everything right.”

For a second, Tenya was tense in his arms again, but Hitoshi could feel the moment he chose to believe him, slumping against his body. Hitoshi pet back his hair and kissed his head, humming how Tenya liked. He thought Tenya had fallen asleep until he spoke again.

“Was it good?” he asked, his voice muted against Hitoshi's chest.

“We can go over that later,” Hitoshi said. “Rest now.”

Tenya grumbled and Hitoshi could practically feel him fretting, worrying about someone else in the way only Tenya could. Hitoshi sighed and smiled, stroking back his hair, and indulged Tenya one more time.

“It was good,” Hitoshi said and he meant it. “It was so fucking good.”

Tenya's arms tightened around Hitoshi, holding him just as tightly as Hitoshi held his mind. Hitoshi could feel Tenya's smile against his skin.

“How about you?” Hitoshi asked. “Everything you wanted, Tenya?”

Tenya pulled back to look up at Hitoshi, sleepy and soft and smiling.