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Just as Fate would Have It

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Sometimes, Bruno felt mocked for his relationship with Leone.

Of course, they had no issue with them both being male, but rather with the inconvenience of it. One lived in water, the other on land. One could walk while the other wasn't quite used to using his "legs" in such a way. It seemed too opportune for them to see each other, yet they managed surprisingly well. Although, there was one thing that really got the octo going, and that was uninvited guests.

Even if the supposed "intruder" was very much announced to be visiting, unless Leone knew them, they were a threat. Suffice to say, when some buff stranger came waltzing into his personal area, he was pissed.

"Hey, who the hell are you?!" he yelled.

The other man was clearly startled, probably having previously assumed the room was empty. "Good God..." he muttered.

Leone stayed on guard. "I asked you a question, signore."

"I'm here on business." the tall man spat.

"And what business do you have in this room?"

"God, just let him in; I'm dying..." an unknown voice squeaked. "He's here to get me some damn water, that's it."

Leone paused. Buccellati never told him another of his kind would be visiting. "Drop him and leave." Leone ordered.

The man walked in with the other in his arms and crouched down by the edge of the pool. The other pushed his built arms away, gracefully falling into the water.

"You don't have to treat me so delicately, Jojo."

"Yeah, yeah... Just don't get hurt in here and I'll consider." the man, affectionately called Jojo, chuckled and pat the fluffy mass of hair on the other's head. "I'll check up as soon as the initial meeting is through."

"Can you look and see what they've got to eat here?"

"I believe we have a surplus of cherries, if that's what you're looking for specifically." Leone informed them both. "I believe Buccellati mentioned one of you two having quite the penchant for them, yes?"

The other mer splashed the water as he flicked his tail up and down with a grin on his face.

"God, you can be so childish sometimes." Jojo stood. "You'd best not try anything, anji."

Leone, who obviously didn't speak their native language, was pissed. Not even at whatever he may have just been called, but at his colleague for failing to give him any description of the guest. He had no intention of talking to the other beyond basic formalities, most definitely including his relationship with that man.

"Hey, you're Abbacchio, right?

"How do you know my name?" Leone snapped.

"Bruno told me and Jotaro on our way to this room. He figured we'd get to know each other for the while I'll be here, so-"

"Do not refer to him so casually." Leone interrupted. "Unless you know him like I do, he is, and likely will remain, Buccellati to you."

"Sorry, sorry, I didn't realize you were that close to him."

"May I ask, then, what your relationship with him is? I assume you two are rather close considering the nickname."


"Oh, uhh, do you mind me asking how long?"

"I think we're going on 4 human years?"

"Damn. Have either of you proposed?"

The fluffy-haired mer flushed. "I mean, I wanna, or I want him to, but last I checked, interspecies marriage is illegal where we're from. Like,I'm sure if I gave him a shell or coral or something like that, he'd take it just as readily. But he deserves more."

Leone nodded along as he was told about the other's marriage problems. When he'd completed his tale, Leone gave him advice in the form of his and Bruno's proposal.

"... So what ended up happening was we had one of the other members conduct the ceremony. No legal or forged documents. Just a smartass homosexual and a clever mafia boss."

"So the cultural differences didn't make it awkward?"

"Not at all. It might've made it a bit more special, if anything." Leone chuckled and sank himself to the bottom of the pool. He was embarrassed, to say the least. He never thought he'd ever get the chance to talk to another mer about his husband, let alone give relationship advice to another mer in the same spot.

Apparently, hours had left, and he was seeing his acquaintance leave in his lover's arms.

"Kakyoin, he didn't do anything, did he?" Jotaro asked, clearly concerned for the other's safety.

"Nothing violent or sexual, if that's what you were worried about."

Jotaro sighed. "Thank you for keeping your hands off of him. I'll be sure to let Buccellati you weren't as violent as he made you out to be."

Leone scoffed. "You two just got lucky, trust me."

"If you say so, Leone." Kakyoin smiled. Abbacchio waved to them as they left the room in favor of their own.

Around 10 minutes after the pair their leave, Bruno waltzed through the door.

"Leone," his smooth voice echoed. "How are you feeling?"

"I'm fine, tesoro. What about you, though? You look like shit."

"Yes, I'm fine..." Bruno yawned. "Just a little tired."

Leone pulled himself over the edge and slowly slithered not too far from it, right where his husband was crouching. Leone held his arms out, inviting Bruno closer. He scoots over, almost immediately fainting the second he feels the familiar slick, semi-warm skin wrap around him. Leone gasped slightly as he lowered Bruno's head to his lap. He rubbed his shoulder briefly before letting it settle on his bicep.

"You need to stop tiring yourself like this, Bruno. It's not good for your health."

Bruno shifted a bit to hide his face in the flesh on the lower half. "You're sooo squishy, Abba... Like a pillow."

"As long as it's comfortable and gets you to sleep, I guess I don't mind." Leone laughed lightly and placed a kiss on his head. "Goodnight."

He felt Bruno mutter something into his lap before he, presumably, fell asleep.

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Jotaro entered the room, likely looking for Bruno, maybe 15 minutes after the latter fell asleep. Leone was hunched over him, feigning sleep like he usually did when Bruno exhausted himself like this. Upon hearing the doorknob squeak, his head shot up, the violet in his eyes swiftly drowning in piercing yellow.

  "Am I interrupting something?"

  "Do you need something?" Leone viciously asked.

  "I need saltwater. Most dolphins can't survive in fresh or chlorinated."

  "There's a bucket over there."

  "Good lord, you sure are protective of him." Jotaro muttered.

  "Take the water and leave."

  The two made intense eye contact before a small, high-pitched squeak broke them from their standoff. Leone's eyes returned to their usual violet as he reverted his attention back to the man in his lap.

  "Good morning, mio diletto." Leone cooed. He leaned down for a kiss, which the other drowsily returns.
  "Good morning, Abba..." Bruno yawned. "Even though it's not even nine..."

  "Just go back to sleep. You're exhausted."

  "I won't disobey only because it's the truth," Bruno chuckled. As he rolled onto his other side, he caught a glimpse of a much larger figure standing by the edge of the pool. "Hello, doctor..." he muttered as he loosely put his arms around Leone's waist before passing out in his lap once more. Abbacchio shot the biologist in the back a harsh glare, not wishing to disturb his tailmate's slumber. Jotaro headed out of the room immediately, not wanting to know what may happen if he stayed after what he just saw.

  On his way back to his room, Jotaro ran into a familiar face. Mista, Giorno's right hand man, who seemed to take personal offense to any negative views towards the man.

  "Hey, Dr. Kujo, you need any help with that?"

  "I'm just fine, thank you."

  "Then 'night, I guess."

  Jotaro nodded and continued down to his room before he realized he couldn't open the door with his hands full and called to the other.
   "Actually, if you wouldn't mind..."

   "No problem! Do you want me to carry both buckets or just one?"

   "Just one," he replied as he handed one of the heavy pails over. Mista took it, only slightly thrown off by the weight at first.

   "I haven't carried one of these in a while."

  Jotaro hummed and nodded in acknowledgement, making it clear to the gunman that he had no interest in talking to him.

  They were only about a minute from his room, so it wasn't too unbearable. When they arrived, Jotaro, after unlocking the door, threw his key in carelessly and grabbed the handle of the other bucket.

   "Thank you," he said blankly before shutting the door in Mista's face.

   "Of course, sir!" Mista yelled through the door. Jotaro sighed.

   "Sorry I took so long, Emmy."

   "It's fine. The toilet isn't all that cramped, so it makes for a good temporary living space."

  Jotaro chuckled and began carefully pouring the water into the relatively large tub the room supplied. As he went to pick up the second one, Kakyoin let out a guttural whine. "Put me in first," he demanded. Had it been anyone else, Jotaro would have sighed and ignored them. However, knowing how much his tailmate enjoys it, Jotaro sets Kakyoin down in the tub and pours the other bucket's contents over his head. Kakyoin makes some sort of purring sound while cracking a grin. God, he was so childish sometimes. In the newfound quiet, they both heard a tiny growl.

   "Sorry, I didn't get you any food," Jotaro yawned.

   "I'm fine, JoJo. You, on the other hand, need some sleep."

   "But you're hungry-"

   "I'd rather wait till you wake up. I don't want you passing out in the halls where I can't find you." Kakyoin pouts. "Now go to bed. Get some rest. I'm right here, too, it's not like I can't reach you just as easily as you can me."

   "Fine, fine. Goodnight." He leaned down for a kiss, which the mer was more than happy to supply.

   "Goodnight." Kakyoin sunk back into the water. Even though he doesn't technically need sleep, he enjoys the feel of it and has adopted a regular sleeping schedule like most humans'. Because of complications due to his species, he couldn't sleep the way the tub seemed to support until he noticed the headrest was moveable. Kakyoin felt himself gasp. He'd never imagined the large mansion would accommodate just about anyone. Just as soon as he was in awe, he was in slight pain. He never realized how shitty it felt to stay up for this long. He adjusted the piece and laid his head down, making a mental note to never stay up over an hour after usual.

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Kakyoin had been up before Jotaro, as usual. A series of taps at the door prevented him from trying to lay back down at the bottom of his little pool. He didn't want to say anything, as that might wake him. As much he loves the big guy, he's kinda scary at times.

After a few minutes of the annoyingly persistent tapping, Kakyoin dragged himself out of the water and crawled over to the door.

"Who is it?" he asked in a hushed tone.

"It's Buccellati. I have some things I thought I should drop off. Can you open the door?"

"I can try," he sighed.

Balancing on his tail wasn't the hardest thing to do, but god did it hurt. His slit stretched to a point where his business could slip out at any given moment, and it hurt like hell. Not to mention, imagine opening a guest's door to see them with their dick out.

His slightly webbed fingers finally gripped the doorknob and turned it, falling back when it opened. Only when he went to move did he have a problem. It wasn't that there was stuff in the way or that he was too much pain to crawl. It's a bit bigger than that.

"Kakyoin? Are you alright?"

The dolphin flinched. "Uh, yeah. Can you just leave the stuff on the floor?"

Abbacchio whispered something indiscernible to Buccellati. He nodded slowly before looking away to set the bag down. "Well, let one of us know if you need anything else, ok?"

"Right, thanks," he smiled awkwardly.

Buccellati closed the door and Kakyoin let out a sigh of relief as he involuntarily slapped the floor with his caudal fin. He crawled away from the door to check on Jotaro. Good, he's still asleep, Kakyoin thought. That was good. His man desperately needed the rest. The only thing, though...

"I've gotta deal with... this..." he groaned silently. He looked down at himself. Can I really? He knew Jotaro wouldn't wake up for a bit, so he really couldn't do anything else. I guess I don't have much of a choice...

Reluctantly, he reached down with a slightly shaky hand.

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It wasn't that it didn't feel good, it was more a matter of place. There he was, lying on the floor, too hard to move himself back into the water. There was a bit of a sanitary and an ethical issue with just ejaculating on the floor. Cleaning a trail of dolphin juice the length of two Jotaro's didn't sound like the best scenario. The only other option was to endure the pain and crawl to the pit of water. At least the edge wasn't too far. He tried his best to not make a huge splash as he settled back in.

The first touch was overwhelming. He had to bite his lip to keep from being too loud. His sharp teeth bit through and made him bleed a good amount of blood. It was his own scent, but it was overwhelmingly arousing. It overtook his senses and sent him over the edge. He stroked himself slowly to ride it out and was only brought out of his haze when he heard a loud splash.

Oh shit.

Something fell into the water. What was it? His load. He forgot to aim so it wouldn't make such a mess.

"Shit," he hissed.

He heard a groan and a creak from the bedframe. Jotaro rolled over and peeked over the edge of the bed. He was met with a wide-eyed Kakyoin sitting in a bloody-watered pool with cum splattered all over his face.



"Where'd you get those marks from?"

Kakyoin silently averted his gaze.

"Don't wanna tell me? Then how about the stuff on your face? What is it? How'd it get there?"

Confused, he reached up to touch his face, mortified to find it'd gotten all over him. "How did I not..."

"Noriaki,"  called sternly. "You still have some explaining to do."

"Uhh, so basically, I uh..." the mer stuttered. "S-so Buccellati came by earlier and dropped some stuff off, right? But since you were asleep, I had to answer, and I stretched my, um... thing trying to open the door and it slipped out and the only way to get it back was to, y'know..." Kakyoin grinned sheepishly.

"See, that's why you need to wake me up in those situations," the taller man sighed. "For now, though, I guess we should get you cleaned up."

The mer nodded slowly, not looking his tailmate in the eyes. As he was picked up and carried to the shower, he felt something warm and wet drag across his forehead.

"You always taste like the sea," the tall man said. Kakyoin replied oh-so cleverly with, "I'm a fucking merman, what did you expect?"

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Bruno closed the door. It was still rather early and he'd rather not wake everyone else. He sighed as Leone's arms tightened around his shoulders.

"I don't wanna dig into something personal, but how?" Bruno asked.

"How what? How do dolphins get erect? How did I know that was happening? Be more specific, teso."

"The second one, mostly."

"Body language and odor. We give off a certain scent to alert surrounding mers we're hot and ready-"

A pounding sounded throughout the entirety of the huge building, cutting their conversation short.

"I'll go check who's there, I'll be right back," Bruno said, rushing to the pool.

"No, take me with you. It could be a trick."

Bruno sighed. "There's still a large pipe leading to the moat, right? You can keep watch from there, okay?"

Leone nodded and headed through immediately.

Bruno left the room to see who was at the door. He called out first, not wanting to get hit in the face. When he opened it, a man with dark brown hair tied into several loose ponytails was frantically looking around.

"S-sir? Can I help you?" Buccellati asked nervously.

"Shit, right. Don't call me insane, but have you seen any, uh, mermen around here?"

Bruno shook his head. "I can ask around, though."

"Really? I, uh, thanks. He's blonde, got scales across his eyes kinda like a mask in some shade of pink or purple, I really can't tell. He's got a lavender streak in his hair, too. If you find him, please let me know as soon as possible."

"I will. Where will I find you?"

"I'll probably be walkin' around here, so I can't say for sure, but..."

"Alright. I'll get to it, then." With that, Buccellati closed the door and headed to Leone's pool first. As he approached the door, he heard some kind of commotion on the other side. He hesitantly opened the door.

The thrashing stopped.

"Oooh, he's a pretty one, too," an unfamiliar blonde man purred. "Might I ask for both of your names? This one's a bit stubborn."

Abbacchio pushed the other off and swam over to Buccellati. The latter quickly grabbed his waist and hoisted him up and into his arms. The yellow gremlin smiled. "Aww, are you two tailmates?"

If Abbacchio were close enough, he'd whack him just for that.

"There's a man out on the bridge looking for someone who fits your description," Buccellati told him. He tried to keep the bite back for now.

"And what description would that be?" the eel snapped.

"Merman, blonde with a lavender streak and scales like a mask. Sound like you?"

"Aww, he does care! My Illuso loves me," he cheered. "I don't wanna keep him waiting, so I'll be going. But don't expect this to be the only time we see each other, okay?" He disappeared into the pipe. They both sighed.

"I'll have to to tell him he's on his way. Do you wanna come with me?" Leone nodded into his shoulder.

As he opened the door, the brunette came into sight.

"Illuso," Buccellati called. The man turned around. "He's on his way. I told him you were by this bridge, so keep an eye out for him around here."

"Oh, yeah, thanks," Illuso chuckled. "Was he any trouble?"

"More than a bit," Abbacchio muttered. Buccellati chuckled and kissed his temple. "He says quite a bit."

"Yeah, he's a handful. Sorry I let him slip out."

"Don't worry, it's nothing a little conversation can't handle."

"I doubt he listened," Illuso snorted.

"Hey, I may be a little shit, but I'm not that much of a little shit."

"Melone, there you are!" Illuso exclaimed. "You scare the shit outta me when you go off on your own like that."

Melone pouted. "Yeah, yeah, you and Ghia always say that."

"Because it's true. Just because Ghia's mer too doesn't he can come after you."

"I get it, you two love me," he sighed. "Just take me home already."

Illuso chuckled and picked him out of the water. "Thanks again,"

Buccellati waved to him. "I'll keep an eye out for him in case he gets out again," he joked. Illuso began to chuckle with him. Somewhere, a bell sounded. Abbacchio tightened his grips. Buccellati, though a bit confused, held him closer as well. When the mer settled his chin on his shoulder in such a way that left his nose pressed against his pulse just beneath his ear, however, he seemed to get the message.

"I'll see you two around, I suppose? I have some business to take care of, so I have to go."

When he looked back up, they were gone. "Where'd they go?"

"Home," Leone coldly replied. "They left. Gone." He kept repeating anything synonymous with "gone" while his tentacles roamed across his lover's body, slowly running up and down his legs. Bruno could feel the brisk air as Leone inhaled his scent. "Maybe we should, too." He punctuated his "suggestion" by licking up under his jaw.

"Stop feeling me up, I can't really walk with tentacles between my legs, now can I?"

With a grunted sigh, Leone retracted his appendages and was rewarded with a bit of praise and another kiss on the temple.

"That's my good boy," he thrummed.

Leone made an embarrassing sound against Bruno's neck before lightly nipping at the soft flesh. The dark-haired man turned to face away from the door and walked back inside. As usual, the door shut on its own, leaving the two to do whatever they wanted/needed.

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Illuso did his best to not make a scene when walking through the small village. It wasn't every day you see a man carrying some unholy combination of a human and a seahorse. If he had any control over his partner, he'd keep him inside at all times, but the clever guy just had to find some way to get out.

"How did he know my name?" Illuso wondered out loud. "I don't think I ever told him..."

"I, um, said it. In front of him. On accident," Melone admitted.

"That makes sense," the brunette hummed.

Melone looked at him puppy-eyed. "You're not mad?"

Illuso chuckled. "Nah, he was a good man. It's probably easier in case you get out again."

"I'm sorry..." Melone mumbled.

"Hm?" Illuso asked in response.

"I'm sorry, Illu. I don't know why I keep leaving, but it's stressing you and Ghia out."

"I'm gonna need to find a way to keep you put."

"I'm sorry..."

Illuso sighed softly. "Just don't do it again, okay? I'm always scared something'll happen to you."

"I know..." Melone sighed as his tailmate approached the door. "You can chain me up if you need to..."

"Wh- no, I'd never-" the brunette stuttered. "Why would ever do that?"

"I don't know, it's the only thing I can think of that'll keep me put."

"You can keep yourself inside just as well," Illuso huffed. "I don't wanna risk Ghia hurting you, even if it's just on accident."

Someone sighed overdramatically from behind the door. "Are you two gonna come in?" Formaggio's squeaky voice whined. "I've been standing at the door for the past 30 minutes waiting for you two dumbasses to get back!"

"That's your own problem, man," Illuso chuckled. "But yeah, open the door before Mel dries up."

The door opens and, unsurprisingly, Formaggio has Prosciutto in his arms, who seems unusually pouty.

"You can't leave him in the general area?" Illuso asked.

"No," Formaggio replied bluntly. "Riz'll give him smokes."

"Where does he even get them from?" Melone wondered. "He can't walk."

Formaggio gave a shrug and a non-committal hum. "Dunno. Don't really care as long as Pros over here doesn't get his webs on 'em."

"Can you put me down? Ghiaccio's chamber doesn't connect to the main one, right? I'm dying out here."

"Prosciutto, you're a needy bitch you know?" Formaggio sighed. "Take 'im with you, I guess."

Before any of the other three could say anything, he placed Prosciutto on Melone and walked off.

"Can you hurry? I don't wanna die-" Melone wheezed.

"I'm not that heavy, shut it."

"Both of you, stop," Illuso whined. "I can't carry both of you."

The brunette crouched down and Melone pushed at Prosciutto's shoulder with his fingers. The latter blonde made a sound of disdain. "You heard him, get!"

Melone pushed him and Prosciutto rolled onto the floor. "The hell's your problem?!"

"I guess you aren't territorial," the lavender-blonde mer responded. "Not a good sign, Pro."

"You're just a jealous bitch," Prosciutto retorted. "Sounds like trust issues. That's not a good sign, Mel."

"You two," Illuso warned.

"Oh, is it illegal to want to keep a mate?" Melone shouted.


"I bet you're not thinking like that when you mess around with Ghia-"

"Prosciutto." Illuso pulled Melone back.

"Oh, what," Prosciutto sighed as he rolled onto his stomach. "Am I wrong?

"You know damn well what the situation with him is," Melone hissed.

The blonde on the floor just scoffed. "Yeah, sure, hide your commitment issues under the guise of love. Just don't bother trying to convince me it's more than a fling."

"Excuse me?!" Ghiaccio roared. Somehow, he'd managed to crawl to the main area from his enclosure.

"Ghia, perfect timing," Illuso sighed. "Take Mel back with you, I've got another blonde brat to take care of."

"He just called us fuckbuddies and you expect me to just leave?"

"Ghia, please, I'm gonna die if I have to be around him any longer."

Illuso put a hand on Prosciutto's back and held him down before he could try getting over to Ghiaccio and Melone. "Ghia, leave, now. For all our sakes, get yourselves back to where you need to be."

Ghiaccio was about to yell something at Prosciutto, but Melone weakly pinched around his gills and told him to go. The blue-haired mer muttered a  "fine" or two before dragging the both of them back to the pools.

After the last of the squid's tendrils was out of sight, the brunette picked the mer off the floor and headed towards the main pool area.

"Didn't Formaggio tell you to take me somewhere else?"

"You asked to be put back in. Unlike Formaggio, I don't give a shit if you dry up and die an early death."

Prosciutto, surprisingly, didn't bite back. He just kept his mouth shut until Illuso was out of the room.

As soon as the addict was in the water and out of his arms, he rushed to his and Ghiaccio's chambers to check in on him and Melone.

When he entered the room, he noticed Melone and Ghiaccio in the latter's makeshift nest. The blonde had tangled himself in his sea-dwelling tailmate's tentacles, rubbing his cheeks against the long ones hanging from the sides of his head. Ghiaccio looked unusually contented with his arms around the other's waist. He didn't snap like usual when the door creaked open and slammed close, either. He was too busy taking his primary lover's scent in. He did flinch when Illuso sat behind him, hanging his arms and legs over his shoulders.

"Hi," the brunette mumbled with his cheek against the squid's fluffy hair.

"Illu," Melone looked up and left Ghia's tentacles alone in favor of Illuso's foot. He dragged his long, dull claw-like nails across the bottom and consequently got kicked in face.

"Stop, you know that tickles," the brunette chuckled. Melone leaned back against Ghiaccio, who snorted when his body fell on his.

"Is he sleeping?" Illuso poked Ghia's cheek. The mer muttered something in response, but neither of the other two could understand what he said.

"Does that answer your question?" Melone smiled

Illuso shrugged. "Guess so." Definitely explains the calm look on his face.

Melone noticed how Illuso looked like he was trying to fall asleep. "Ghia's a squirmer," Melone warned. "He can't stay still in his sleep."

Illuso hummed softly, but made no move to get up. The blonde sighed and smiled at his tailmates. "Goodnight then, I guess. Hope you don't drown." That got a chuckle out of the brunette. Melone smiled and leaned back. A little nap won't hurt.