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Just as Fate would Have It

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It wasn't that it didn't feel good, it was more a matter of place. There he was, lying on the floor, too hard to move himself back into the water. There was a bit of a sanitary and an ethical issue with just ejaculating on the floor. Cleaning a trail of dolphin juice the length of two Jotaro's didn't sound like the best scenario. The only other option was to endure the pain and crawl to the pit of water. At least the edge wasn't too far. He tried his best to not make a huge splash as he settled back in.

The first touch was overwhelming. He had to bite his lip to keep from being too loud. His sharp teeth bit through and made him bleed a good amount of blood. It was his own scent, but it was overwhelmingly arousing. It overtook his senses and sent him over the edge. He stroked himself slowly to ride it out and was only brought out of his haze when he heard a loud splash.

Oh shit.

Something fell into the water. What was it? His load. He forgot to aim so it wouldn't make such a mess.

"Shit," he hissed.

He heard a groan and a creak from the bedframe. Jotaro rolled over and peeked over the edge of the bed. He was met with a wide-eyed Kakyoin sitting in a bloody-watered pool with cum splattered all over his face.



"Where'd you get those marks from?"

Kakyoin silently averted his gaze.

"Don't wanna tell me? Then how about the stuff on your face? What is it? How'd it get there?"

Confused, he reached up to touch his face, mortified to find it'd gotten all over him. "How did I not..."

"Noriaki,"  called sternly. "You still have some explaining to do."

"Uhh, so basically, I uh..." the mer stuttered. "S-so Buccellati came by earlier and dropped some stuff off, right? But since you were asleep, I had to answer, and I stretched my, um... thing trying to open the door and it slipped out and the only way to get it back was to, y'know..." Kakyoin grinned sheepishly.

"See, that's why you need to wake me up in those situations," the taller man sighed. "For now, though, I guess we should get you cleaned up."

The mer nodded slowly, not looking his tailmate in the eyes. As he was picked up and carried to the shower, he felt something warm and wet drag across his forehead.

"You always taste like the sea," the tall man said. Kakyoin replied oh-so cleverly with, "I'm a fucking merman, what did you expect?"