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Fit for a Conqueror

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“So that’s my plan - what do you think.”

Walhart’s face stayed utterly neutral as he contemplated Anna’s scheme. The Conqueror towered over the sitting woman, almost lording over her personal office with his mere presence. He stood, like a crimson monolith, and mulled on the particulars of this grand scheme.

It was...eccentric, to say the least - the kind that could easily be interpreted as conquest across all the realms. And while the notion of such a domain did entice him, the means of doing so were less than appealing to him. “...I fail to see my part in this.”

Anna grunted in frustration before trying again. “Okay look - I had to really grill Kiira on this to get the specifics, but apparently these things are super popular in her world. They’re pretty easy to make with some treated leather or a hide. Buuuut - while it’d be easy enough make the smaller ones and call it a day, I want to focus on making some that are more...particular, to someone of of your statue.”

“My stature?”

The commander held up the Conqueror’s medical dossier. “According to your clerical records, you are among the top three most equipped in the Order, and the one most suited to the angle I plan to take this thing.”

“...Why is that documented?”

“For...medical reasons. Anyway, you’re one of the most suited to this particular niche, hence your part. Your usual duties with the Order will not be compromised.”

“...Very well.” Walhart relented. “So who is your first subject for these...conq-doms?”

“I don’t think that’s how they’re pronounced. But anyway, she should be here in an hour. Let me give you a rundown of how things are gonna go...”

Anna looked over at their first ‘actress’. Walhart stood next to her, with an unreadable expression. A shelf full of the sound-echoing tomes from her botched beach plan stood at the ready, along with the first batch of their product.

Walhart gazed at the familiar, smirking woman. “...Commander, a word?”

Anna sighed but nodded. The two temporarily excused themselves to the pending backdrop of this little scheme - a spare room that had been converted to an opulent looking bedchamber, complete with sensual candlelight. A lectern sat in front of the poster bed, ready to accept the recording tomes when they got into action.

Walhart waited until she shut the door before speaking, ”Your ambitions are lofty, which I admire. But how is immediately bringing in her supposed to aid us in this endeavour? Is the intent not to be discreet in who’s involved with this...proposal, of yours?.”

The commander scoffed at him. “Really, the mighty Conqueror is arguing the merits of discretion? What’s the matter - turning craven?”

A testament was made to his indomitable will that he remained utterly non pulsed at her accusation. He spoke with a level-head and a clear, rumbling voice. “Boldness is only a pace away from ruin...but I do indeed see the merit in this. Very well.”

Anna nodded and turned back to the office. “Good. now let’s get to it.”

The two returned to her desk. Walhart remained silent as he passed the glaring brunette. Her violet and lavender armor glinted in the candlelight. The little hairpin behind her ear shined with an almost sinister edge. He let a thin, unnoticeable smirk adorn his lips.

Supposedly a part of this little venture would be the allure - the appeal behind its marketing and branding. Walhart knew who he was, but if this was to go out across Zenith or even into the other realms, he needed to sell it to the ignorant. He needed to BE the Conqueror.

And who better to start with than a lover of the man who bested him?

Anna turned back to the woman on the couch. “So tell me Sumia - why are you interested in helping us?”

Sumia shifted her hands onto her crossed knees. She leaned in and spoke with an uncharacteristic confidence and chill. “Simple - I already know you’ll fail.”

Anna blinked in shock. “Wait, what?”

The pale flower wilted and swiftly clarified herself. “N-Not you commander! You.”

Walhart peeked an eyebrow. “Pardon?”

Sumia continued. “Commander Anna’s call for a ‘discreet’ test for women for a very niche appeal market, and who’s here but the ‘mighty’ conqueror. I can put two and two together.”


Sumia was doing everything in her power to keep from crumpling before him, but her scorn fueled her resolve. Years and years of reading novels had given her an idea of how to play up a character, and she used it now. Perhaps it was poured on a little thick, but this was one of the guys that made Chrom’s life a living hell. She could afford to be spiteful...probably.

Sumia stepped up to his broad chest with an uncharacteristically haughty smirk. “So, how small are we talking here?”



‘This is gonna make me rich!’

“Why do you insist on this farce, Man-spawn? Is my presence here enough to declare my intent?”

Anna winced at the Taguel’s blunt ire. “S-Sorry, Panne, but it's just a simple little interview. Anyway, just sign here please.”

Panne leapt off the couch and stalked to the commander’s desk. She eyed the parchment with an almost ferocious gaze, glancing over the parts that bore no interest until she found something that gave her pause. “Isn’t it impossible for Heroes to be bred here?”

Anna nodded. “As far as we know, yes...but it never really hurts to be cautious, right?”

Panne sighed but scratched her name on the line. “Fine. you have my mark. Now where is this ‘conqueror’?


‘Damn, Taguel’s are freaky as hell…’

Anna leaned back, acting coy. “So Ursula…why should we consider you for our project?”

Maybe the third applicant wasn’t the time to start acting picky, but Anna was feeling pretty confident now. She was pretty much ready to sign off and get the Blue Crow into bed...but Anna wanted to start building things up - getting more exclusive with her plan.

Ursula laid back, arms across the back of the jet-black couch. Kiira had said this was a ‘part’ of the ambiance, though it was hard to really talk to the Summoner now that she was a blushing wreck.

“Simple - I crave perfection, dear commander. Anything less is simply not worth my time, nor my attention. What I the perfect man. The perfect man to call my lord - the pinnacle of power, and the one being that could bring me to my knees. “

Ursula leaned in, showcasing her barely restrained breasts. “And I have reason to believe that your Conqueror is that perfection I seek.”

Anna resisted the urge to roll her eyes and held up the sheet. “...Alright, sign here!”


‘Man, the echoes in this room really are perfect…’

“...Is three not enough?”

Anna sputtered in protest. “Absolutely not! These are just the rollout lines - the stuff that will get merchants interested in holding our product.“

Walhart eyed the trio of tomes on her desk - the ones that had recorded his exploits with the women. The Commander had a piece of paper atop the stack with various lines scribbled on them. “And what are those?”

“Taglines! Think of them as a short speech before the battle in the bedroom. I made them based on your individual scenarios.”

The Conqueror eyed the list, specifically the ones that were circled. “...There is a certain...power, in these,” he admitted

“OOOH! That’s perfect! That’s the hook line for sure!”

Anna swiftly pulled out another sheet and started scratching down more lines. Walhart eyed her quill for a few moments before demanding an answer. “Explain.”

Anna put down the quill and turned back to her unlikely partner. “Okay these three are taglines - stuff that goes over the logo-”

“What logo?”

“...Details for later! Anyway, those are taglines that can get swapped out...but this is the hook- this is what you say. Tada!”


“...A reasonable philosophy.”

“I knew you’d like it! Anyway, we need to get ready for the next client. Be back here after dinner, okay?”

Walhart nodded and excused himself. The call of Askr’s earthly bounty sung to the Conqueror. Before he resumed his carnal conquest, he would feast on the finest salad that the Order could procure.

Anna watched him leave with a big, almost goofy smile on her face. Things were going so well now - She was certain this would work. ‘I’m feeling good about this!’

‘Damnit! I knew this thing was gonna go south...’ Anna quietly lamented her lot. Still, she made a good show of trying to remain professional. “Okay Olvia - why are you interested in...this?”

The Feroxi dancer shrunk further into the couch. Her lascivious outfit looked almost at home compared to the black couch. If only she wasn’t such a timid little flower squrming so hard that worms would be envious. “W-Well...I...I-I-I-”


Anna blinked before turning to Walhart with confusion. The Conqueror stood aside, hands grasping his trusty axe, and eyes shut. He spoke again. “She told you?”

Olivia looked away in shame. “Y-Yes.”

Walhart sighed and tightened his grip on his axe. “And you’re here to avenge her - to fight for your friend’s sullied honor?”

Anna chimed in, still a little perplexed at what was going on. “I...don’t think the weapon triangle will apply here.”

The Conqueror nodded in agreement. “Most likely not, no. but hardly the matter to contest here.”

Walhart finally opened his eyes and beared down the squirming dancer. Olivia flinched, but didn’t look away. There was something in his gaze...something in his voice.

“Little dancer, there is nothing to be gained in deception. If you are here, it is because you want to be here, not because of what Sumia told you.”

He stepped past his axe and came up to her. Her wide eyes flickered down at his crotch before trying to lock gazes. His rumbling voice almost thundered in her ears and rattled her to her core.

“So...what say you?”


“Oh Oh! S-Soo much - T-Tooo mu-uuuuuhCCCCCCCH!!!”

‘Wow, she is really flexible…’

Anna fought back the impulse to throw the contract at Lyn and hurry her into the set. ‘When I got Lyn’s signature, I didn't think it was this one! “Okay...Lyn, so you want to take part in our

“Yes, I do. Are we getting started?”

“E-Eager, huh?! Well just let me finish the questions and we’ll get you in there,” Anna insisted. “So why do you want to take part in this?”

Lyn glanced down at her insufferable gown and snarled. “I hate this dress - I want it ruined.”

“I...uh...well, okay then. Just sign here.”

Lyn struggled off the couch and over to the commander’s desk. As the faux-bride signed her papers, Anna was able to notice something. There was a little wet patch on the white fabric, letting Anna see Lyn’s well as a distinct absence. “Sooo quick question - are you wearing underwear?”

“...should I be?”


‘Using sash as restraints and the skirt as a gag...damnit, I should be recording the visuals as well as the sounds here! Curse you, Anna!’

“...I’m sorry, but we’re not so keen on bringing weapons or implements like that on set anymore - too many on-scene accidents. So I’m afraid I’ll have to decline your request to use...” Anna paused and glanced at the list. She looked back to the squirming woman with a brow raised. “...really?”

She plaid with her long hair, looking aside with a clear blush on her cheeks. “Um well...In truth I’d kind of like to take place in a role-playing segment..if you’ll have me.”

Anna was intrigued now. “Oh? What kind of scena-...ah, it’s on the back.”

The commander turned the paper over and looked at the elaborate plan listed in keen penmanship. “Let’s see...storm the castle and...oh. Ooooh.”

Anna glanced up with a gold clear in her eyes. “I think this can be arranged. Let me just get our assistant to set things up for you. Come back in say...two hours, and we’ll be ready to start. Does that sound good, Lady Deirdre?”

“That sounds wonderful.”

“OOOOOOH NAGA! Yes! Yes! YESSSSSSSSSS! S-such power!”

‘Wow...that’s...that’s actually kinda impressive. No wonder she brought the chains.’


Anna turned in shock to her partner, along with the newest woman being interviewed for a role. “There is nothing to be gained in this - we already have a sufficent number of ‘petites’.

Anna was struggling to respond when the litle ginger-headed sweetie cleared her throat. “May I have a word with him, please?”

The commander reluctantly nodded and sat back. Walhart didn’t budge an inch, neccesistating her to get off teh couch and walk over to him. Her frizzy hair barely even came up to his pelvis. She still tried to stand on her toe tips and told him clearly. “Do this for me...and I can get her to come in. She’s already interested, she just needs a little...push.”

Walhart pondered this offer before doing something that shocked Anna to the core. He smiled. Not a sneer, not a smirk, not even a thin slit of teeth. An honest, devious smile. “Is that so, little lamb?”

“Commander, I have no further objections. We should start immediately.”

“Yes! Yes! YeeesSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Riiiip!

‘...How the hel did she tear into the matress so easily?! What IS she???’

Anna pushed the blank sheet across the desk. “So tell me princess - why are you interested in our project?”

The serene-looking woman took it and started writing. She had to squat down to reach the desk, which lead to her sizable tits pressing into the furniture’s edge. Her hand swiftly worked in elaborate, graceful strokes. Her lips intoned a tune, but Anna simply couldn’t hear the princess - no one in the Order could, except for the Summoner.

She finished wirting and turned it back to Anna with a flourish.

I’m intrigued by the prospect you’re trying to bring about and the potential that it could offer. The potential of being able to enjoy passionate relations without the burden of bearing a child is an enticing one, and I’ve heard excellent things from some of previous patrons. I aslo find your subject to be an intriguing specimen and I’d be remiss to say the idea of such a potent weapon used against me is...shamefully exciting.

Is that to your liking?

“It is indeed! Just sign here and we’ll get you all set up, Princess Gunnthra. Enjoy!”

Pap pap pap pap pap pap pap pap pap

‘...You know, I don’t know what I really expected with the whole ‘no voice’ thing…’

“...Nino...what are you doing here?”

The happy mage was kicking her feet as she beamed. “I’m waiting for Mr. Walhart!”

Anna leaned in, “May I ask why?”

“He said to meet him here for a lesson?”

“What in the hell kind of sick sh-?”


Anna’s head whipped towards the set’s door. There he was -Walhart himself, with armor fresh and immaculate. Anna could see that his hair was still damp from the shower. ‘Wait, was he in there the whole time?!’

Nino beamed and waved. “Mr Walhart!”

The Conqueror merely nodded his greeting. “I trust you are ready for your next lesson?”

Nino eagerly nodded. “Yes Sir! I finished the chapter you asked me too as well.”

Walhart nodded in approval. “Very good - so you are now familiar with the backgrounds of the two dragons?”

The young mage flinched. “Umm...sorta? I had a hard time on some of the words, sir.”

He walked forward, letting the set door swing shut behind him. “That is understandable - The Tree and the Ingle does tend to have some rather odd word choices. A little more coaching will make the matters clear.”

“Okay! But there’s one more thing, sir.I couldn’t find Palla though - and her sisters said she was supposed to be here.”

Walhart remained nonplussed and simply said, “I trust that she’ll be with us in due time.”

Anna watched the oddly serene conversation before she noticed that the door hadn’t been completely shut. The commander looked into the set and nearly choked in shock. ‘W-What?!’

She could just make out the disheveled bed, and the crumpled, messy young woman atop it. Whoever she was, she’d been through the full might of the Conqueror, and had clearly loved every second of it. Her face was obscured by long hair. Long, green hair.

One look at that and the headband that bound her wrists behind her made it all too clear who was in there. The commander’s mind struggled to process what she was seeing, just out of Nino’s innocent, shining eyes. ‘ W-Wait - how did I not HEAR any of that?!’

“Um, sir? Why did you want me to read this? Aren’t you against dragons?”

“I am - but I can appreciate the lessons of the dragons, even if I find thier necesity in the world to be questionable. Mankind must be able to stand on its own two feet, not be weak and feeble beneath the heel of a dragon.”

Nino looked down and whimpered out, But I can’t read - d-does that make me weak?”

Walhart shook his head and spoke with firm resolve. “Only those that never seek to better themselves are truly weak. Now come along.”

Nino leapt off the couch and came up to him. The small girl was barely even past his hip, but she bore no fear in the face of the mighty Conqueror. Walhart turned to Anna. “Commander - I will be unable to attend to my duties for the duration of the day.”

And that was it - he was gone out the door, with an exuberant Nino following behind. Anna gazed at the closed door, followed by another glance at the eldest whitewings quivering, messy ass.


“Why am I interested? Well that should be obvious I think.”

Anna clicked her teeth at the constant dancing around the matter. She was sorely tempted to just boot the woman out on the spot, but there was simply no way she could reasonably do that. Not with someone as temptuous and voluptuous as her. “...perhaps, but it’s still better to have it down just for the record. Think of it as adding some flair to the fantasy.”

Aversa laughed from the couch. “Well, I can certainly see the allure in that now. Very well, commander - allow me to indulge.”

“I’m all ears.”

“What I want - what I crave most of power. I want to be at the side of a man who oozes command - who simply doesn’t know what it means to be weak. The kind of man who can easily storm a castle single-handedly, leaving cooling bodies and cooing maidens in his wake.”

Anna finished wiritng that down, along with some notes about future advertising taglines. “I think we have just the fix for that. Someone whom I think you already know. Just sign here, and head back onto the set.”

Aversa rose to her feet with practiced flair. Her heels clacked against the stone floor as she approached Anna’s desk. “I’m sure...and I trust I won’t leave here...unsatisfied?”

AAAAH! S-So Bigggg. S-S-Ssshoooo Shtrooooongaaaah.”

‘That sounds like satisfaction to me...’

“Queen Mikoto...what a pleasure seeing you out of the...infirmary.”

The queen of Hoshido sat on the couch, nonplussed by the devastation around her. She kindly smiled as she explained, “Yes, you’ll find your troops are quite invigorated and ready to go. The barracks might need with a good cleaning however”

“But this isn’t the time to discuss that - i’ve heard of your little plan, and would like to offer my services.”

Anna resisted the urge to immediately sign her - this WAS the Queen of Hoshido, who were one of the Order’s largest contributors of manpower. Even given Mikoto’s antics, this had far more cause to backfire than to succeed. “Are you certain? There’s ah, only one subject involved. Given your usual tas…”

Mikoto cut her off. “Mmm, that may be so. Still perhaps it's time for a change of pace- quality over quantity?”

The queen rose to her feet, letting her robes fall graciously around her. “Now...where do I sign?”

Walhart entered briskly at the annointed time. He seemed to be in finer spirits today, especially after the previous two sessions. Anna perked up at his presence. “Oh good, you’re just in time for the next shoot.”

The Conqueror watched as Mikoto turned to face him. His milky white eyes fell over her serene, almost calm expression. “...You are the Hoshidan queen.”

Mikoto laughed. “That I am. I trust that won’t be of any issue?”

Anna cut in - “Nope! No problem here! So let’s just grab one and a tome and-”

Mikoto reached for the supply and pulled a few out. “Let’s take three….just in case.”

“Mmph- Shhhhoooo guuudddd….”

‘That’s a lot of spit...aaaand there’s more holes in the sheets. Great…’

“Thank you so much for coming, lady Cecelia.”

Cecelia politely nodded. “I must admit, I’m…*reluctant*, to accept this little offer of yours. But I suppose it can’t really hurt,” she admitted.

The commander eagerly nodded before trying her little plan. “Actually if you wouldn’t mind, I may have a certain scenario that I think you’d be perfect for...if you’re interested.”

Cecelia’s brow raised, but she still made her way over to Anna’s desk regardless. She eyed the lascivious missive with growing blush on her cheeks. “...Oh my.”

She finally set it down, unable to hide her grin. “It does sound rather intriguing. I accept.”

Anna pulled out a pair of false glasses and handed them to Cecelia. “Alright - after you, Professor Cecilia. Let’s go see your student now…”


*’Well damn - this might just be the hottest one yet!’*

..And what can I do for you, little prince?”

Walhart remained composed, even in the snarling face of Sigurd, Lord of Chalphy. It didn’t take a fool to know why he was there, before the Conqueror. Least of why his comrades from Leonster and Nordion rode beside him.

Sigurd snarled, ice dripping from his tongue. “You know why I’m here…”

The Conquer sneered before turning to the man’s companions. “Indeed. And I trust that is why you begged for aid? A boon against the might of Walhart?

Quan tightened his grasp on Gáe Bolg. “We are not here because of craven pleas, but because our sworn bond demands us.”

Eldigan nodded in agreement, Mystletainn gleaming in his noble hand. “This is a matter beyond thrones - ready yourself, usurper.”

“You intend to stoke the flames of war? Then so be it! All of you- on me now! I will SHOW you what the Conquer can do!”

“Wow, you really showed them…”

Anna sighed before turning away from the comatose Conqueror to the two healers on hand. The other three lords were equally unconcious in the other cots. “I trust there will be no conflict of interest here, you two?”

Ethyln kept herself composed and level-headed. “What he did to my husband will have no bearing on my role as healer, commander.”

Lachesis nodded in agreement. “Just don’t expect either of us to be coming down to your office offering to spread our legs in amends.”

“Right...just call me when he wakes up, and please don’t let the others attack him again.” Anna pleaded.


Anna snapped the tome shut and scribbled down another tagline. With Walhart out of commision, that gave her time to catch up on the entries that she’d backlogged on.

“Okay let’s see...Conquer the Stars - easy! So that’s Ophelia down.. Now who’s next…” she pulled up the next tome and flung it open.


“...Ugh, the chandeliers still busted from that high note. Good to see having a kid didn’t change that I guess.”

“C-Come on! You call that F-fuck!-FUCKING?!”

“Never seen anyone act so bold in the middle of a hold...that one’s gonna be tricky. What’s next?”


“Court’s in your favor - that was easy. Next!”


“...okay I’m gonna come back to that. Next one…”


Always nice to have another bride to fall back on for tolling bells. Okay, one more.”


“Something something, ‘tame the wild mare. I need more wine…” Anna leaned back and sighed. “At least we can keep going tommorow. Just need to see what happens I guess....”

‘Why is this happening?!

“Kana...I’m very, very busy. I’m sure your papa is lo-”

Kana growled, cutting Anna off. Her small body almost sunk into the battered couch. “Cut the shit, Commander - you know damn well why i’m here.”

The manakete’s suddenly deep voice threw Anna for a loop. “I...I’m afraid I don’t understand,” she admitted.

Kana shook her head and sighed. “I haven’t been called a ‘child’ in almost twenty years- the last time I called my father ‘papa’ was THIRTY years ago… and you know that.”

Anna gulped, already not liking where this is going. “I see. A-And how can I be of-”

The manakete cut her off again, practically fuming. The small little dragon girl had the grown woman practically quivering in fear. “Do I need to spell it out for you? I’m horny. Not ‘heat’ or whatever excuse that summer tramp is using to swing her watermelons around - horny.”

Anna sputtured at how blatant and overt Kana’s admission was. “I-I-I...Y-You can’t really expect me to accept this!”


Anna gawked at the sack sitting on her strained desk. She glanced between the thousands of coins and back at the smug little dragon woman. “W-Where did this-?”

Kana shrugged. “...Dragons like gold, don’t they?”

“I-I...H-How long do you think yo-”

“All day.”

Anna was seriously mulling Kana’s offer when the Conqueror himself finally strolled in. his usual demeanor was even more dour as he tossed Wolf Berg to the side.

“Commander, I insist that you act with greater discretion - it's getting tiresome having to navigate scores of angry, jilted me-”

“...Why is she here?”

Anna struggled to speak as she stared at the piles and piles and PILES of gold.“...Your services have been bought for the remainder of the day...also, this is one of those ‘keep this secret’ moments I was telling you about.”

Kana smirked with triumph before leaping off the couch. She reached for the crumpled box beneath her money bag and pulled out a whole roll of inventory, much to Anna’s shock. Walhart was still trying to process this turn of events as she started dragging him by his wrist.

“I have... reservations about this,” he protested. Kana simply laughed.

“Have as many as you want - I only need the one. Now get moving -we’ve got a lot to cover.”

Anna never left her desk to bring in the tome. Perhaps that was for the best.

Anna glowered at the trickster with pure, unbridled contempt. Loki merely sat on the couch, legs crossed and hands on her knees. Her mockery of a spring outfit almost melted into the worn, black cushion. A single carrot arrow between her fingers.

Silence permeated her office, hanging over them more than the icy chill of the commander’s scorn. The trickster wasn’t fazed in the slightest. If anything, she almost revealed in it.

Loki brought her arrow up to her lips, giving it a simple little smooch. Her tounge came out to coild around it and lather it in her spit. As if the act wasn’t blatant enough, the trickster stuffed the whole thing in her mouth and bobbed her head along it.

Anna watched the wanton display with the same niggling contempt. She reached for her pen and quickly scratched in the details.

“...Sign here, and get in there.”


‘That’s for getting an alt before me, you bitch.’

“Just sign here...and here...and initial here.”

The quill dropped back in the pot. Anna glanced at the release form one last time and nodded in approval.

“Okay Celica-”


Both women jumped in shock as the wall behind the couch broke away. The Conqueror himself practically flew into the room and sized the complying princess. “Wha-?!”

The two were already on set before Anna could even grab her tome…


‘...I need to get my hands on this holy book.’

“...So they just fight in mud?”

Anna nodded. “That’s what Kiira said, yeah.”

Walhart stroked his chin in contemplation of such an odd form of sport. “Seems rather frivolous to me.”

The commander shrugged. “Apparently it’s popular back in her world, at least with some unscrupulous folks.”

“...Do you hear something?”

Anna perked up at his inquiry. The office sounded mostly silent, but she did indeed hear something...something nearby.

“It’s coming from the bedroom.”

The commander nodded at his assessment and rose to her feet. She approached the door, holding Noatun and ready for anything. As she approached the sealed, noise-muffling door, Anna could make out muted noises - there was definitely someone in there.

She threw open the door and charged in. “ALRIGHT WHAT’S_?!”



“So...why are you interested in this project, Lady Ceada?”

Ceada pushed her hair back and offered a simple smile. “I just want an opportunity to cut loose, nothing more. I trust my condition can be accepted?”

“Well let’s see...”

Anna pulled up the written restriction that Ceada had offered her.

“...Really? So not even penetration?”

Ceada confirmed with a determined gleam. “Indeed - my butt and my lips are all I can offer.”

She turned to the towering, impassive Conqueror. “I have no qualms about laying with you, but know that my heart, and my womb, belongs to Marth. If you can accept that, than I see no reason to delay.”

Walhart mulled her offer before simply asking, “And tell me this - If I break you, then what of the ‘hero’-king?

Ceada laughed at the notion. “You’re welcome to try...but you won’t succeed.”

Walhart grinned at her bold words. He stepped up to her as she rose from the couch, barely even reaching his chest. “You’ll find me quite insistent.”

The princess returned his smirk with hers, punctuated by a tapping his chest with her pommel. “Talk is cheap.”

Anna watched them walk into the set. The Conqueror’s fist was firmly on Ceada’s shoulder. The commander wiped her brow and whistled. “...well, things are heating up for sure.”


*‘Well at least this one saved on some material, and the clips are hot as hell...Time for a revival I think!

“Commander, this farce has gone on long enough - time after time I am forced to deal with the insistent assaults of jilted men and wrathful fathers. There is only so many weaklings that I can deal with before I…”

Walhart’s ire subsided the moment he saw who else was in Anna’s office. He stood in place, letting the door slam shut behind him. “...You are Queen Henriette.”

Henriette gave a courteous, light bow. “And you must be the almighty Conqueror. I’ve heard quite a bit about you - it seems that the Order has become quite attached to you, my dear!”

The queen turned to face Anna, never losing her smile. “Speaking of, darling daughter hasn’t been around now, has she?”

“Nope! Never, your majesty! Not even for a moment, I swear!”

“...Lovely! So, I trust everything’s in order?”

“Uuuhh, y-yes your majesty! I’ll just do the paperwork afterwards. Let me just grab a tome and-”

Anna reached for one of her recording tomes, only for Henriette’s gloved palm to lay flat on the book’s cover. “Mmm, I’m not so interested in reading, or company. Lets just leave it here for now, agreed?”

“I..Well that’s…”


Henriette let go of the satchel and smiled. “I trust that will be no concern?”

Anna looked at the overflowing satchel and the numerous golden coins pouring out of it. “...None at all! I’ll leave you two alone then. See you tomorrow, Walhart!”


Walhart stared at the doors for a moment before turning back to the beaming, chipper queen. “...So what are your goals, Queen Henriette?”

Henriette smiled. “Simple - I want you to break the bed - discreetly, of course.”

Walhart smirked.

“...SO who else is even left now?” Anna asked. Her office was occupied with her newest cohorts and benefactors, busy combing through the ledger for potential new talent...and also Kiira, who was just rocking herself for comfort in the corner away from the couch.

Mikoto thumbed through the list of completed ones to make sure there were no duplicates. “Let’s see - Ayra, Elincia, Noire, Nailah, L’archel, K-wait, Kagero??” she gawked.

Anna merely shrugged and held up the tome with the kunoichi’s session. Her thumb flicked it open.


Kiira curled herself into a ball at the lascivious screams. The poor Summoner was at her wit’s end, frantically chewing her hair. Aversa paused long enough to give the pitiful girl a genuine pat for consolation.

It didn’t help.

Mikoto tried to get back on track. “A-Anyway...there’s also Charlotte, Lute, Selkie, Velouria...really, Setsuna?”

“Don’t. Just...just don’t.” Anna insisted before tossing that particular tome in the fireplace. The commander turned to Loki - the ‘normal’ one. So who have we sent the invitation too?”

Loki pulled up a scroll and ran down the names. “Hmm, Cordelia’s said no - all of them, by the by. Same for the other Lyns. no other takers from Archena, Valentia, Jugdral, Elibe, Telius…”

“What about that second page?” Anna asked.

Loki flipped over to the next scroll. “Camilla, Camilla, Camilla, Camilla, Camilla, and...oh right - Camilla. No such luck I’m afraid.”


The assembled women yelped in shock as the doors flew open. Walhart thundered in atop Walhorse, Wolf Berg in hand. He bellowed out.


Anna scrambled up from beneath her desk, cradling Noatun. “W-What’s going on?”

Walhart was too preoccupied to immediately answer. The Conquer had dismounted Walhorse and swiftly threw the couch against the door. “WE ARE UNDER SIEGE!”

The Commander barely had time to get on her feet before her desk was thrown atop the couch, further reinforcing the barricade. “W-Who’s attacking?! Embla, Muspell?!”

Eeeerk - SNAP!

The door to the bedroom set came off with ease under Walhart’s mighty attack. It joined the pile alongside whatever other furniture he’d already pushed there. The Conquer turned back to Anna and grimly declared. “Nay...all of them.”

“A-All of them?”

“See for yourselves - out the window!”

Loki, Aversa, and Mikoto stepped over to the indicated window and looked out in awe and terror at the hordes outside. Am army of men and women marching on Anna’s office - armed to the teeth and very, very angry.

Loki looked at the chaos with an uncharacteristic frown. “I see...Archeneans, Valentians. Heroes from Jugdral, Elibe, Tellius…”

“Oh my- Hoshido AND Nohr as well?” Mikoto gasped at the bulk of the army. She saw several copies of her children within, easily consorting with their sworn enemies before a common goal.

“Wait - who are they on the side there - the smallest group?” Aversa asked.

“Those would be the ones from Jugdral, my dear.” Loki explained.

“Why me?” Kiira wailed in the corner.