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that's my girlfriend.

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“He’s a water bender.”


The murmurs began as soon as Lance arrived in Ba Sing Se showing off his waterbending and the crowd grew angry rapidly.


“Get out of here!” One of the elders shook her fist at Lance, “The last waterbender that came by here left a mess and she left us to clean up after it!”


“Yeah, for a full week we had water in our ears! She was a real trickster and we didn’t want to harm her, but boy, she could have used some time out caved in a rock!” Another shouted and Lance grinned playfully, knowing full well who it was that had wreaked such havoc on the city.


“Please forgive my sister Rachael. You see, I was having a waterbending competition with her to see who was the most skilled and she appears to have taken it too far. But you see, I’m here to see my girlfriend. She’s an earthbender.” Lance bowed and felt a tomato erupt on the back of his neck.


“Girlfriend?” Someone in the crowd scoffed, “Which one of ours would ever date a waterbender? You all are so fickle.”


Lance felt something flicker in him and the source of the voice was lifted up into the air with water, “Sorry, could you repeat that?”


“LANCE!” Her voice rang out above everyone else’s and he excitedly dropped the person to face her.


“Pidge!” Lance exclaimed, and he began to make his way towards her but realized he didn’t need to. “That’s my girlfriend!”


Everyone was making way for her and bowing to her. Lance was a bit puzzled on why everyone went out of their way to hush and make way for her.


She looked angry as she made her way to him. Should he run? Did he have time to run? Oh no, it was too late.


“I’m gone for a day at most, and you’re already giving these poor, innocent bystanders problems?” Pidge is crossing her arms and Lance tilts his head to the side, a frown playing on his lips.


“But Pidgey, you know I’d never do anything to upset you.”


“We literally had to kick your sister out for the remainder of the week because of the mess that you helped start. As a matter of fact, you should get out, too.” Pidge’s eyebrows are furrowed in anger and he knows he should be scared, but she’s not really angry.


He can sense when she is and she’s not really at the moment. She’s faking it and he falls down in front of her on one knee.


“No, absolutely not. We are too young to get married, Lance.” Pidge refuses, shaking her head, “I am going to ask you to leave or you can challenge me to a fight. Either one works for me because you’re going to get your ass kicked one way or another.”


“First of all, that’s not what I was going to ask, but it’s nice to know you’ll say yes when we’re older.” Lance stands up, brushing himself off, “But I’m really feeling this tough love. Isn’t this how I won your love? By battling you and defeating you?”


“If I remember correctly, though you gave it your best effort, you failed. But you did win my heart, I’ll give you credit for that, Lance.” Pidge pulled him closer to her by the shirt, “Make no mistake I will not go easy on you just because you are my boyfriend.”


Lance audibly gulped, “Nature and and me. But you love me, so I know by the end of the day, you’ll still be in love with me, no matter how badly you defeat me and I look like a fool.”


“True,” Pidge winks at him, “But less talk, more action. We have a date to get to later.”


“That we do.” Lance inhales a deep breath, “I’m looking forward to it.”