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Blessed Accidents

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With quirks and secondary genders, life on earth seemed to be more exciting then ever. Midoriya Inko, a young female Omega could easily have argued against it though. Her days being filled with work and rejecting overexcited Alpha’s. Omega’s being the child baring secondary gender, despite primary gender, one would have expected them to be kind and caring, sweet little things that must be protected. In fact, it was far from it, everyone knew you were more likely to survive a rampaging Alpha, but a rampaging Omega? You may as well have your funeral planned for the following day.


She lived a normal life, until one day where the actions of one villain changed her life along with the lives of two other people, but not necessary for the worst. Inko found herself being held hostage one day, the villain whisking her away, people yelling for heroes as they vanished. The villain goaded about his quirk to the Omega, telling her that she would be bred by a pro hero by the end of the day as he tied her up, Inko glared at him with a steeled Emerald glare, before he left her in a room, waiting for the unfortunate hero to come along and get tricked into the trap.


The heroes rushing to her aid was the number one hero, a powerful Alpha, All Might. Whilst he was the hero most in the spotlight, he always made it clear that saving people came before interacting with fans, but he was always happy to greet them with a bright smile. The second was  younger, newer Underground hero, an Omega who went by Eraserhead. Both were nearby when the call came in, and they met each other as they raced towards the warehouse the intel said the civilian was being held. The heroes just shared a glanced and determined nod, in silent agreement of a rescue team. Eraserhead could get the civilian out of there as All Might dealt with the villain.


The villain was the first one they encountered, there was a brief fight but with two heroes one with a pure power quirk, they were easily able to take the villain out. Eraserhead head tied the villain up a little on the tight side and kicked him aside, feeling a little odd, but he shook his head and ignored it. He glanced at All Might, who seemed unaffected, they both got hit by the villains quirk, but nothing had happened, so maybe it had not work after all. With a little more searching, the Heroes were able to locate the room the civilian had been trapped in.


The heroes entered the oddly clean room the civilian was tied and gagged in, the villain had positioned her into a kneeling position, her eyes hardened, but softened when she noticed it was heroes and not the villain, yet her eyes seemed to be pleading for them.

Eraserhead approached the beautiful greenette woman, and carefully began untying her, whilst doing this, he could felt heat beginning to spread through his body, his hands became slightly shaky. He ignored it, believing it was likely due from the adrenaline of the fight with the villain. All Might, deeming the room safe, also approached, removing her gag, uttering assurances to help calm her as any hero would do in a rescue like this.


“- Everything will be all right now Maam, for I am her with my fellow pro-hero!” All Might beamed.


“His quirk...” The woman blurted out the instant the gag was gone.


“Already taken care of by Eraserhead here. There is nothing to-“ All Might began.


“No, you don’t...” She cut herself off with a rough groan as Eraserhead managed to fully untie her. She could feel herself starting to emit pheromones as slick started to drip down her thighs. “It trigger’s h-heats..” Inko’s breaths came out in soft moans as she started to nuzzle into the fellow omega behind her. A heat-induced haze settling over her mind. Eraserhead couldn’t stop the groan that escaped him, flushed with the heat curling though him. All Might stared in shock, starting to smell the pheromones both Omega’s were emitting.


“Shit..” Aizawa hissed, feeling cool slick starting to drip from him. “M-my quirk didn’t cancel his...”


All Might, despite trying to hold back his urges, started to feel heat washing through his body, making his bones heave, both Omega’s were beautiful, and right in front of him. Lust and the want to mark their skin blanketed out his mind, he didn’t register himself moving forward, getting closer to the omegas.


He came back to himself as he heard the gorgeous sighs coming from both omegas, he had them both under him, and was rutting in-between their bodies, nuzzling their faces. All Might pulled himself back, panting at the effort he needed to use to ignore their whines of disappointment.


“Eraser, Midoriya-san...” All Might was pleased he could just about remember the name of the civilian they had been sent to rescue, "You both don’t want this, we shouldn’t –” He attempted to defuse the situation, but it only backfired as both omegas were so deeply lost in the haze of their heats, their own lust. They jumped and pinned down the hulking Alpha that was releasing such a delicious scent, Eraserhead and Inko nuzzled either side of All Might’s neck.


“Gods, you smell so good.” Eraser groaned as he rutted against his colleagues side, his body burned and ached with want. All Might succumbed to the over powering heat flooding his mind at the sensation of two damp pants rutting against him. Instincts took over. Kissing, warm caressing hands, a flurry of movement, clothes discarded or just left open.


Eraser panted and groaned, soothed by the touches of the alpha. Large warm hands played with his entrance, he gasped into Inko’s mouth. She moaned back into his, both being touched and prepared at the same time. Inko arched into Aizawa as the warm digit moved inside her. She didn’t know when or how she ended on top of the other omega, or when the other’s lower half was raised onto the Alpha’s lap. Inko rutted and writhed as the body beneath her tensed and a loud guttural moan escaped the man. All Might had entered a searing, tight, wet heat. Continuing to slide his digits in and out of the greenette, he pounded into his comrade.


All Might lean over both of them, licking up the back of Inko’s neck, he couldn’t help byt order his other omega to do something.


“Use your mouth on her chest, Eraser.” He growled out the order, shifting and drawing a scream from the black haired omega as he hit his mark.


Eraser didn’t bother replying, raising his arms as he ran them over the woman’s sides. Fondling and caressing her sides and front. Suckling her neck, feeling it tense and relax with each groaning moan that escaped her.


Aizawa screamed out as he spilled onto their stomachs, his distantly felt hot liquid flooding him. All Might made sure to carefully pull his still hard member from the black haired omega. He gentle set the man to the side, the man drifted out feeling satisfied to the image of All Might entering the omega woman. She arched back into him at the pleasure of having the throbbing member now at her entrance. She was turned to face him, clinging to his shoulders as they kissed.


Time blurred, and all too soon she screamed and clenched down on him hard. All Might came whilst still thrusting into her tight heat. Carefully, he slipped out of her heat, she drifted in and out of consciousness. Slumping, he set her in front of Aizawa, who instinctively began to spoon her, the Omega’s relaxing in their calmed scents, and the protectively warm scent of their alpha. All Might curled protectively around them both, drifting out of nothingness with them.



All Might frowned down at the floor, his sidekick, mentor and best friend stood around him.


“No one blames you for this, the Omega’s don’t either.” Nighteye assured him.


“I should have had more control...” All Might groaned, ashamed of himself.


“No one knew the villain’s quirk, no one could have expected this.” Gran Torino said. “What has happened, has. There is nothing we can do but move one.”


“I didn’t even get to apologise in person...” All Might looked up at them.


“They had a feeling you would grovel before them begging for forgiveness. I quote from one, I don’t want him running to be begging for forgiveness when he has not doing anything wrong. We are all the victims in this.” Tsukauchi Naomasa, a young detective and good friend of the hero smiled sadly. “And they are right, you are a victim in this too Toshinori, you didn’t have control, and no one can blame you.”


“If it makes you feel better, you will see them again.” Nighteye was looking out of the window, Toshinori raised his head to look at him.


“When? He asked


“I don’t know.” Nighteye smiled. “But you will get to say whatever you want when you do. And they won’t blame you then.”

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Midoriya Inko and Aizawa Shouta, the two Omega’s of the event were left with a little something after leaving the hospital that day, a few weeks later they both found out.


“Pregnant...” Inko gasped at the doctor, she immediately knew the father, how could it not be. Guilt tore at her heart, she had to tell him, but he was the number one hero... she knew the poor man was probably tearing himself up over the event... this would be a permanent reminder of the day.


“Miss Midoriya, I understand the circumstances in which this occurred. I would like to say everyone here will be fully supportive in whatever you choose.” Her doctor said, Inko looked down at her stomach, they all expected her to have an abortion. Of course they did, all Omega’s who had not wanted a child at the time or were raped had one.


“I-I want to keep them.” Inko decided, placing a hand on her stomach. “They deserve a chance to exist.” Her doctor smiled softly and nodded.


“Then we can set up appointments...” He began to explain how he would help her through the stages of her pregnancy, Inko listened with a soft smile, her hand never leaving her stomach where the small spark of life began to ignite.


Upon getting home to her small apartment, she sat at her desk and began to search for a way to contact All Might, but she stopped, getting up going to the papers from the whole case where the villain had used her as bait. She skimmed through the pages until she found what she was looking for.


If you have any questions or need any advice after the fact, please contact Tsukauchi Naomasa at: ##########


Inko picked up her phone and began to dial the number.




Aizawa Shouta had been through the same thing, having gone to Recovery girl, he had gone home think about it all. It was a life changing decision, and a hard one. He knew no one would blame him having an abortion, this wasn’t exactly a conscious decision made during that time... Shouta groaned and sat up, why did this have to be so hard?


“Shouta?” He heard his flatmate, best friend and headache, Yamada Hizashi come back. The blond-haired beta looked into his room “You okay man?”


“I...” Shouta stopped, how was he going to tell him? He decided to do it the way he does everything else – bluntly. “I’m pregnant.” The beta froze, he ended up settling into Shouta’s desk chair.


“Okay... and how do you feel about that?” Hizashi asked, Shouta looked down.


“I-I don’t know.” He admitted. “I have no idea what to do.”


“Well if you chose the keep them, you know you’re not alone. Nemuri and I will always be here to help you.” Hizashi gave him a small smile “Why not seek out that other omega?” Shouta looked down and glanced at Hizashi.


“I think the case had a number for someone I could contact…” Shouta said, Hizashi smiled.


“I looked through it for you. You get some rest.” Hizashi told him, Shouta nodded in thanks with a soft smile.




Tsukauchi had heard nothing from the Omega’s and thus expected them to be doing well, until late one evening, as he was just preparing to leave, his desk phone rang. He quickly answered.


“Good evening, Detective Tsukauchi Naomasa speaking, how can I help you?” He said.


“H-hello. I’m Midoriya Inko… I… this was the number on the case files….” A young woman said


“Ah, Miss. Midoriya. I am glad to hear from you.” Tsukauchi sat down at his desk with a small smile. “Is everything okay? Is this to do with the case ma’am?”


“In a sense… I guess it can be considered part of it…”  He took notice of the nervousness in her voice. “I need to contact All Might, I…I’m expecting, and the pup is his… he deserves to know…” Tsukauchi’s eyes widened. Toshinori was going to be a father?


“I will be happy to set up a meeting between the two of you.” Tsukauchi smiled. “I will work on it, would it be possible to speak to you in person soon ma’am?”


“I, I’m free tomorrow, if that is okay.” Inko asked.


“That would be fine, Miss. Midoriya, is around midday fine?” Tsukauchi questioned.


“That would be perfect. Thank you.” Inko replied.


“I will see you tomorrow then Midoriya.” Tsukauchi had put the phone down for a few minutes when it rang again. “Hello, Detective Tsukauchi speaking.”


“Ah, hello, this is Aizawa Shouta, one of the Omega from that case…” A voice replied, Tsukauchi’s eyes widened. Seriously? Was it possible that both Omegas…


“How can I help you Mr. Aizawa?” He asked


“I… I need to get in contact with All Might… the events of the case… I am now carrying his pup…” Aizawa spoke. Tsukauchi was both stunned and excited. Jesus Toshi.


“Well, I am free around Midday tomorrow, if you wish to speak, it maybe easier to discuss in person, we can never be sure who is listening when on the phone.” Tsukauchi said


“I will see you tomorrow.” That was all he said before the call ended. Tsukauchi sat back in his chair. Jesus Toshi, you’re gonna have your hands full.



Inko and Shouta looked at each other, then the door opened and Tsukauchi entered.


“I am sorry for not informing either of you that each other will be attending this. I got your call first, Miss. Midoriya. You came in not long later, Mr. Aizawa.” Tsukauchi apologised


“You too…” Inko looked at Shouta. “You’re… expecting a pup?” Shouta looked down and nodded.


“I thought as the two of you wish to inform All Might, you would like to meet him together. As a beta, I can’t pretend to understand, but from what I have read about it all, I thought the two of you would feel better meeting him, in your own terms, together.” Tsukauchi sat across from them. Inko smiled softly.


“That is considerate of you Mr. Tsukauchi.” Inko smiled, Shouta nodded in agreement.


“Would you like me to leave so you two can discuss what you would like to do?” Tsukauchi smiled, when the two omega’s agreed, Tsukauchi stepped out of the room, letting the Omega’s talk.



“This is a mess,” Shouta muttered “Not a worst case scenario… but a mess nonetheless.” That cause Inko to giggle nervously.


“I agree.” She nodded, and looked down at her hands. “I-I’m glad to see you’re doing well.”


“Likewise…. So, when did you find out?” Shouta asked.


“Only yesterday. It was… a shock…” Inko said


“I know… but…” Shouta ended up smiling a little. “It’s…”


“Exciting?” Inko finished, they looked at each other. “Do you have any names in mind?”


“Hitoshi for a boy, Hikari for a girl.” Shouta replied.


“They are both so cute.” Inko cooed.


“How about you?”


“Izuku or Izumi.”


“Cute… How do you think he will react?” Shouta asked, deciding to get the main worry out of the way.


“We both know that All Might is a selfless man, we can assume he has blamed himself for what happened… when we meet him, he will likely bow down and ask for forgiveness.” Inko sighed. “He was just as much of a victim as we were…But as for the fact we are carrying his pups… I don’t know.”


“Tsukauchi knows All Might, right, think he knows him on a personal level?” Shouta muttered.


“Oh, that way we could ask Tsukauchi how All Might feels about Pups… maybe we should think of rules for the meeting first.” Inko said


“He stays on his side of the table, and he is not allowed to apologise.” Shouta said, Inko nodded.


“Maybe, that if he decides he wants nothing to do with us, he still needs to help out, they are his after all.” Shouta nodded, they continued to discuss the plans, before letting Tsukauchi back in.


He nodded to each of their rules to where they wanted to meet, to when. Tsukauchi accepted them all.


“Oh, Tsukauchi, do you know All Might on a personal level?” Inko asked


“Yes, to a fair extent, why?” He looked at them confused.


“What are his opinions on pups of his own?” Shouta said, Tsukauchi smiled softly.


“He gave up on having pups the moment he became the Symbol of Peace. He hated the idea of having his job place the ones he loved in danger. But, I know he will be thrilled, and your pups… well, they will be the most spoilt pups in the whole of Japan.” Tsukauchi smiled. The omega’s felt a little relieved at that information. Tsukauchi waved them off, now just to make the meeting with Toshi.

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The two omega’s asking for the meeting to occur a month from that day, and the first two weeks were purely Inko and Shouta getting to know each other, the two of them working through their pregnancies together. Third week, the two of them ended up getting a house together, deciding it didn’t matter what All Might said, they would raise their pups together. There were four bed rooms, one for them, one for a nursery, and one would become their nesting room. Working together, they made a nest they saw as perfect, and the first night in the house was spent in the nest.


The day got closer, and the Omega’s were worried, of course they were. But they knew, as long as they stood together, it would all be okay.




When Tsukauchi first told All Might of the meeting with the Omega’s, the hero panicked. He wanted to see them, but he knew he deserved the majority to blame for the event, despite what everyone told him.


“Calm down Toshi, they don’t blame you, never have. They just want to talk to you. Maybe, they can help you feel better about it all, you three were victims after all.” Tsukauchi told him.


“Yeah, maybe…” Toshi sighed, Tsukauchi put a hand on his shoulder, before leaving.  Toshi sighed, he wanted to see the omega’s, but he couldn’t help the shame that came upon him. “please forgive me…” He whispered to no one.




All Might looked up when the Omega’s entered, he didn’t move from his seat, from the look in his eyes, Inko and Shouta knew he had no idea what this was all about.


“I will be outside if you need me.” Tsukauchi smiled and left the room. All Might watched him go confused, before looking back at the Omega’s nervously.


“Please don’t feel so afraid All Might… we’re more afraid of how this will go…” Inko said, trying to comfort him, but it seemed to have the other effect. He bowed his head sadly, the omegas shared a looked, and Shouta decided just to get on with it.


“We’re bother pregnant… almost five months…” He said, All Might looked up at them, eyes wide.


“We both decided to keep the child, but both know you have every right to know, and decide whether you want to be part of their lives…” Inko muttered


“Of course I would want to be part of their lives!” All Might burst out, before gathering his emotions up and blushing deeply, Inko found it endearing, Shouta huffed and shook his head. “Um… if that is okay with you two…”


“We were hoping you would be, but we need to decide how this will work… And we should introduce ourselves properly….” Inko said and bowed her head lightly. “I am Midoriya Inko, pleasure to meet you.”


“I’m Aizawa Shouta, hero Eraserhead.” Shouta said


“I’m Yagi Toshinori, Hero All Might. I am glad to see you two again.” All Might smiled softly. “How, would you like this to work?”


“Well, Shouta and I are… working on being a couple, and we would love for you to be part of it. If, you don’t want too of course, but we want you to be part of the pup’s lives.” Inko said, Shouta held her hand.


“The choice is ultimately yours.” Shouta added. Toshi looked between them.


“I want to be there, for you and the pups.” Toshinori told them. “If that is okay with you two.” The omegas were quick to embrace the Alpha.


“We’ll be happy to have you Toshinori.” Inko smiled softly.



Tsukauchi looked into the room to see them all hugging. He smiled at the scene and backed out, deciding to come back in an hour, letting them bond. After the meeting, and all the plans were set in place, the Omega’s invited the Alpha around that evening.


“I would love too, but I still have an afternoon of work ahead of me…” Toshi began.


“Oh, then!” Inko got out a small pad of paper and handed him a piece. “This is our address and phone numbers, drop me a text or a call hen you are done, I’ll get dinner on and we can spend sometime together.” She smiled, Toshi nodded and slipped the paper into his pocket and smiled at the omega’s.


“I will see you later then.” Toshi smiled.


“Be careful in your last jobs.” Shouta said, and they parted ways.




“How was the meeting?” Nighteye asked as his friend came in, Toshi just nodded with a small smile on his face.


“It was good. Great.” Toshi sat at his desk, Nighteye gave him a strange look.


“You seem… Happy.” He commented.


“I am gonna be a father.” Toshi said with a silly grin, Nighteye actually looked away from him.


“Oh. Which one of those Omegas?”




“Both?” Nighteye looked back at him in shock. Toshi nodded.


“Two pups!” Toshi grinned. “I should have asked what names they have in mind… I can ask them later. They invited me around for dinner tonight.”


“I-I am happy to hear that.” Nighteye smiled softly. He listened as Toshi wondered out loud what he could do to make the pregnancy easier for the omegas, what things they will need, what things they had to get. Nighteye knew he was look for babygrow on the internet, he just huffed lightly and let his friend do his own thing, he took control over Toshi’s paper work. But he would occasionally suggest small ideas to the other Alpha, who would beam at each one.



“Hey Shouta, what did Mr. Tsukauchi whisper to you before we left the station?” Inko asked curiously, as the two Omegas cuddled each other in the nest. Shouta huffed and smirked.


“He said be prepared, that Toshinori will likely start looking for baby gifts now… maybe we should join the nursery with the spare room, just so there is enough room for toys.” Shouta smiled, Inko giggled lightly, and sighed.


“I have a good feeling about this Shouta.” She said softly, Shouta hugged her close.


“Me too.”