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“Oh, it’s someone from U.A. Cool! Let me have your autograph!” The man in the black hoodie puts his arm around Izuku.

“Fuck off crusty lip man,” Izuku says with a sneer.

“Crusty lip man? That’s one way to call me your brother. After all I’ve done for you too ‘zuku?” Shigaraki hand snakes to Izuku’s neck. All but his middle finger is touching his neck.

“Eat my ass. What do you want Crusty?”

“Kurogiri wants to know what you want for dinner.”

“Mac and cheese.” Shigaraki’s grip tightens.

“We don’t have mac and cheese. We have soba, cold or hot.”


“Okay.” They move to sit down on the bench behind them. “Now, about the Hero Killer,” Shigaraki starts. “I just don’t get it. Why does he get more attention than me? I’m obviously-”

“Please don’t. I hear enough of this at home, don’t start here too. I’m out with my friends, please crusty lip man. I’ll give you Chapstick,” Izuku begs.

“Stop. Calling. Me. Crusty lip man.” Shigaraki tightens his hold even more on Izuku.

“Please, I’ll give you Chapstick!” Izuku fake cries. 

“Brat. Stop crying, I’ll take your fucking-”

“Deku?” Uraraka stands in front of them, a confused look on her face. Izuku and Shigaraki look up. Izuku continues to fake cry.  “A friend? No..” She whispers to herself. Shigaraki gives her a horrid smile. “Get your hands off him…” Uraraka says, eyes wide in fear.

“It’s nothing! I’m fine! So don’t come close!” Izuku yells. Shigaraki lets go of his neck and throws his hands up.

“Oh, you had a friend with you? Sorry ‘bout that.” Izuku coughs his lungs out. “I’m off then.” Shigaraki gets close to Izuku’s ear. “I’ll see you later. Make sure to bring that Chapstick.” He walks off.

“Deku!” Uraraka rushes towards Izuku’s side. “Are you okay?” Izuku rubs his neck.

“Yeah, I’m okay,” He states. He stands up from the bench.

“That was Shigaraki! What did he want? We have to tell security!”

“No!” Izuku yells, frantic. Uraraka gives him a questioning look. “I mean, he didn’t hurt or threaten me about anything, so why should the heroes waste their time on a search that isn’t going to find him? He’s probably long gone by now!” Uraraka sighs.

“Okay Deku. I really think we should report this though. What if he does this to an innocent person?”

“Fine, I’ll go report it. You find the rest of the class and tell them we should leave.”

“Will do Deku!” She whips out her phone and begins calling her classmates. Izuku starts calmly walking off to security, but as soon as Uraraka back is turned he darts out of the mall.


Walking down the sidewalk, Izuku pulls out his phone. He looks for the contact and dials the number.


“Shittyhands went to the mall while you were with your class?”


“He was talking about it the whole morning after you left. I was about to make him into toast. It was so annoying,” The voice over the phone replies.

“Did Himiko know?” Izuku whines.

“Yes, she tried to stab Shitty Hands multiple times until Kurogiri teleported her out to get some groceries.”

“Ugh. I’m coming home now.” Izuku walks towards the bar.

“Okay, see you there.” Dabi hangs up the phone.

Izuku makes the trek home to the bar. Uraraka texts him and asks where he is. He doesn't lie, simply saying he isn’t feeling well and went home.

He stands in front of the bar door, ready to take a long nap and hang out with his family. He reaches for the doorknob.

“Oh fuck. I forgot the Chapstick.”