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gonna choke you.

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The villain had somehow gotten the upper hand,bringing a heavy fist against Bakugou’s stomach. The Villains rock solid quirk having the explosive hero’s quirk having little to no damage. Only small explosions and cornering the villain until back up showed up to take him down. He villain grabbed Bakugou by the throat, pulling him into the air.

“Listen here pretty boy, not you or anyone is gonna stop me!” The villain proudly yelled, as if he had won the fight of all fights. The back up had shown up, Best Jeanist using his fibers to quickly apprehend the villain and put a hand onto Bakugou’s shoulder.

“Good work holding the Villain here, Ground Zero. And thank you for not blowing up half the block at that.” Best Jeanist told him, but Bakugou rolled his eyes, he cared little. Too many civilians for him to go all out, he muttered his withdrawal and headed to the agency. He rubbed his neck and swallowed, he needed to get home already.

Power, strength, being number one, being acknowledged, being praised, touched by rough hands, being manhandled…. Being held down…. Choking…. Fighting back… oh fuck!

Bakugou gasped, his hand tight around his throat as he laid in bed, trembling. His left hand loosened from his neck, rubbing soothing circles into the skin, he probably bruised himself. His right hand still teasing at the head of his cock as he managed to ride out his orgasm, the last of his cum spitting out. His body hot, his face red he was sure his chest had turned pink from the force of his orgasm.

Breathe in. Breathe out. He reached down, pulling the small vibrator out of himself, it had been against his prostate just right. He felt his knees weak and sighed out, turning the little device off. He looked at his hand, seeing the cum sticking to his skin… disgusting. He brought his hand to his mouth, licking it clean. Masturbating was starting to get boring, if he had help from someone he could just let go, have whoever have their way with him. He would cum and cum and cum without having to keep up with his own stamina, have someone treat him like a bitch, treat him like the bitch he wanted to be. Fuck that, how could he claim that he’ll be at the top if he kept acting submissive, like a masochist. Bakugou pouted as he picked up the small towel at his night stand to clean himself up further. He felt sweaty and disgusting, a shower would do him good.

The warm water loosened his muscles, letting the spray of the water hit him directly on the face. Even if he put himself out there, who would be a good candidate to fuck? He thought to his former classmates. The class has dwindled in their third year, some just not being able to hold up with the pressure of being a hero and being constantly compared to the other top students. Students who were already being promised the world of heroes. The class had gone from 20 to 14, and there were only 5 of those who were close enough to Bakugou, some going overseas or across the country. He didn’t need a lover, there wasn’t any time for that type of shit! He needed a good fuck, to help clear his mind, then thank you and move on. He thought of the others near him.

Uraraka, Kaminari, Mina, Ojiro and Kirishima.

He tolerated all of them well enough, coming to respect most of those in 1-A over the course of the years. He didn’t mind if it would be a girl or guy, as long as he was completely messed up. Ojiro and Kirishima might be the best options in terms of strength. Uraraka and Mina in terms of teasing and being brutal in how they could get him off. Kaminari had gained better control over his quirk, even getting a girlfriend his second year who would tell everyone of how the electric teenager would zap her, her cheeks a bright red as she gossiped. Bakugou felt a shiver go up his spine, that could be fun, getting electrocuted, losing his mind. He turned the water temperature down, he didn’t need to get riled up again.

Coming out of the shower, putting some joggers on, he walks through his apartment to the kitchen. He should eat, after running around all day, getting hit pretty hard by a villain then coming home to relieve himself. There hadn’t been much time to eat. Going back to work for Best Jeanist for the year while he started building up his reputation to then make his own agency, it had been harder than he first thought but whatever it took, however much time it took. Bakugou Katsuki would be the number one hero.

He turned the television on to have as background noise while he cooked. He decided on stir fried vegetables, miso soup and rice. Simple enough he thought to himself. He washed his rice, putting it in the rice cooker and let himself relax as he cooked.

The noise of the television on the back of his mind, he listened to the news, chopping up some vegetables, making sure they were clean. The news anchor started stating the incidents of that day, a missing child found, the highway slowed down by a minor car accident, pro-hero Deku saved a couple of school girls from being hurt in a villain fight, a scandal between two politicians. WAIT! Bakugou snapped his head towards the TV.

“Fucking shit…..” he put down the knife and walked into the living room. He stood there with his hands on his hips as he watched that damn nerd, seeming shy, talking to the reporter, rubbing the back of his head. Occasionally looking away to smile brightly at some fans and wave.

“Deku! You’re back in Japan? What happened in America? When did you arrive back?!” The reported shouted her questions and shoved the microphone into Midoriya’s face and he took it, smiling politely.

“America was great, I did a lot of training and I’m back home just a couple of days ago to help where I can!”

Bakugou could hear some girls in the background giggling and cheering for that green idiot. He gritted his teeth. Deku… Deku… Deku… that nerd had gained a lot of traction his third year, becoming part of the top three and his friendly but heroic attitude got him a lot of fans. He was recruited in America and much of his news still traveled to Japan. Everyone loved him… loved him just like All Might. Bakugou balled his fists up, feeling small crackling in his palms at how angry he was. It was hard enough to become pro but with that smiling hero, it would just increase the competition.

The camera panned out, taking in all Deku’s new costume, as he signed some autographs and took pictures. Bakugou could only stare. Did… he get bigger? He seemed taller and had obviously gained more muscle. Deku’s neck thicker, his chest wide and stretching the cloth of his costume, and when Deku put an arm around a fans back for a picture, his hand nearly wrapped around her small waist.

He felt a pang of arousal in the pit of his stomach. What the hell… Why was that idiot triggering something in him. Bakugou didn’t hate Deku, just found him annoying in his rivalry. Always neck to neck with Bakugou, pushing himself farther and farther to the point that he had beat the explosive teenager in the third years sports festival, being reigned the number one of their school.

He turned off the television and angrily got back to making his dinner. He couldn’t stop thinking about that fucking idiot, how dare he come back to Japan, how dare he be popular, how dare he look good, how dare he look powerful, like he could… he could… completely destroy Bakugou.

Bakugou shook his head, trying to get rid of those thoughts. His ears turning hot and he stood still for a moment… Maybe Deku wouldn’t mind, Americans were a lot more perverted, maybe it had rubbed off on that nerd… Maybe Deku had come back with more confidence. Maybe Deku had become experienced, maybe he would grab Bakugou and- he slammed his hands down on the counter, letting out a yell. Stop thinking about that guy! There’s no time to do that sort of shit right now! Not with Deku! There was a plan set in motion for the path to Number One, little things like this could, should not get in his way!

He finished cooking and ate his dinner quickly, washing up the few dishes he used and went to his guest bedroom to work out the frustration he had. He wasn’t going to think about that nerd anymore, he had a mission and nothing was going to get in the way. Not Deku, not wanting to fuck him, not anything!
For the next week, everything seemed fine, great even. He had been kept occupied and when the quarterly stats came out he was ecstatic to see his stats and fans had nearly doubled from just a few months ago. He only looked at his own, not daring to look at anyone else’s. He couldn’t worry about them. He was washing up and getting ready to leave the agency. Bakugou’s phone began to ring from his pocket, he saw a picture of his red-haired friend with the name “Eijirou Kirishima” at the top. He let it ring for a little before answering, putting it on speaker and placing it on the counter top as he made sure he looked fine before leaving

“What do you want? I’m at work.”

“Eh? Don’t be like that Bakugou! Can’t I call as a friend?” Kirishima’s happy voice came through and Bakugou felt a small smile on his face. For being annoying, his small group of friends had kept him around and he was glad for that.

“Alright, what do you want though?”

“Let’s go drinking! It’s been a while since we hung out! We’re gonna get food and drinks, Mina already got the room!” Bakugou could nearly hear the fist punching through the air, the happy exclamation of his friend. When he didn’t answer, Kirishima continued. “It’s all on me, I got a huge raise today and I wanna celebrate!”

“Fine, Fine. But I’m not getting drunk.” He heard Kirishima cheer and Mina in the background letting out gleeful cheers as they got more people to come. “Wait, whos going? Just us or-“ before he could continue asking , Kirishima and Mina cursed, quickly hanging up on him. Bakugou rolled his eyes, he would just leave if they tried anything weird but he didn’t even know where. Oh. He received a text from Mina with the address of the place and what room they were gonna be in, telling him he could bring a guest if he wanted. Yeah right. Who? Some intern who turned red whenever he asked for paperwork?

He could use some good drinks, he likes nice stuff not that cheap beer shit. He left the Agency and went home to change into some jeans and black shirt, simple? Not like he wanted to impress those fools. And if he was drinking, he didn’t want to be so worried about being uncomfortable. He left the apartment and figured out the place was close enough to walk. He enjoyed the cool air, and got to the restaurant in 20 minutes.

“Katsuki!” He felt himself jumped from behind, a pair of tits again his back and he turned his head back to see big, gorgeous eyes staring at him happily. “You actually came!” Mina loosened her grip so he could turn and hugged him properly. Her soft perfume filling his senses and he wrapped an arm around her waist. This wasn’t so bad every once in a while.

“Hey, I told spiky hair I was coming, didn’t I?” He spoke into her hair, closing his eyes for a moment before pulling back and she grinned at him. She dusted off his shoulder, she probably got makeup on him or something.

“I guess so! I haven’t seen you in a few months, even though I only live like an hour away! I’m even more beautiful now huh?” She raised her eyebrows and ran a hand down her body, leaving it on her hips, her short dress riding up her thighs, exposing more skin than the usual girl would be used to. Bakugou smirked, eyeing her up and down.

“I thought you just gained weight.” She instantly smacked his arm and giggled, knowing he didn’t mean any harm by it. She hugged his arm, his arm right in the middle of her chest and she pulled him inside. He barely reacted, she had become more touchy-feely since graduating and would nearly throw herself on anyone from their friend group, even to the point of Bakugou sleeping with her when they worked together for a month when they started their road down being pro-heroes. Her confidence basically radiated off her pink body, she was sexy and she knew it. No harm done, she even liked the attention when the boys would turn red or try to act like it didn’t turn them on just a little bit. She would openly say when she wanted to have sex, and she trusted her friends enough to do it to her when both of them wanted.

She stood on her toes, whispering into his ear, breath hot against his skin.

“It’ll be a little while before everyone shows up, we’re kind of early...” She looked at him through her lashes and he blinked, he looked around at the nearly empty restaurant. He instantly got the hint. She pressed herself a little closer, smiling coyly at him. Her looked back at her and nodded, she immediately pulled him to the restroom. It was clean and personal. He locked the door, knowing no one would bother them. This was for the better, maybe this was the shit he needed in order to get sexual frustration out of the way, so he could concentrate on working harder.

She instantly pressed him against the door, lip gloss against his lips. Sweet, he thought and quickly kissed her back. One arm around her waist, the other hand grabbing her ass. Mina giggles against his lips and moved to his neck, giving him little nips and kisses. He let out a groan, her leg pressed between his. She wasn’t really one to take it slow and she knew what she wanted, exactly how she wanted and when she wanted.

“Your ears are turning red…” she teased, biting his ear lobe, he responded back to her by smacking her on the ass, making her jump, pressing her body hard against his and giggled again. It was just a little game to her and that was fine, he didn’t need any of that commitment shit. Both of his hands on her ass now, pulling her cheeks apart and letting go, feeling as the skin bounced. She pulled away, opening her clutch and pulling out a condom, handing it to him as she jumped up on the sink. Mina spread her thighs, showing him the lacy material of her thong. She pulled down her garment and let it hang off her ankle, he stared and swallowed, rubbing his sweaty hands on his jeans. He watched her fingers slid down, rubbing her clit for a moment, a small moan escaping her. Fingers spreading soft pink folds to reveal she was already wet.

“When I saw you, I thought about doing this, you’re always so willing and you give it so good, Katsuki.” She hummed his name, two fingers slipping inside, a soft gasp leaving her swollen lips, her fingers curling how she liked, thumb swiping over her clit a few time. She sang softly about how wet she was and eyed him, telling him to come closer. Bakugou let out a groan, unbuckling his belt and pulling his pants down to his thighs as he stood between her soft, welcoming thighs.

“Yeah? Fuck… this pussy wet for me?” He grinned at her, slipping a finger in with her. She was hot, walls tights around his finger. He couldn’t wait to get inside of her. She nodded quickly, her short hair bobbing. Putting her arms around his neck, pulling him closer, her tongue dancing along his lips before pushing in. Bakugou pulled back from her, his finger slipping out and he brought it to his lips, licking his finger clean. Mina smirked and pulled him back again, needing to be in control, nipping at his lips, whispering obscenities at him. He moaned against her mouth as he rolled the condom on, pumping himself for a moment. He rubbed his head against her folds, feeling how slippery she had become even with the rubber over his shaft. Mina reaches down, guiding him inside of her, moaning softly as he entered her. She grinded her pelvis towards him, trying to get him all the way inside to which he gladly did, pushing in to that heat.

He bottomed out, waiting a moment and when a hand reached into his hair, gripping and nearly pulling his hair out from the root. Their eyes met, she smirked and pulled harder, his groaning urging her to be rougher with him. She reached behind him, scratching down his back and giving him a smack on his ass. When he gave hard thrust, she did it again. A small amount of acid seeping from her hands, not enough to damage his skin, just to burn a little, maybe leave a little mark. She knew how much being rough made him go faster and harder to seeking pleasure for the both of them. When he hissed, pulling the top of her dress down to expose her breasts, taking a nipple in his mouth. Mina smirked, scratching up his back again, watching his eyes flutter. A little pain always got the blonde off, she had realized when they first started messing around. She wanted to mark him up, bite him, give him acid burns, make him cry but Bakugou would get so mad and probably never do it with her if her marks showed through his clothes or hero costume.

“You’re so good at this… just like that, I’m gonna cum,” she moaned, rocking back against him, chasing her own orgasm, feeling teeth against her chest, biting and licking. Oh this was so much fun. She pressed a hand against his cheek, their eyes connecting as he continued to thrust. Her hand slid down, touching his throat then applying pressure, his rhythm stuttering as he panted. “Katsuki, you’re so hot, want me to choke you?” He just nodded, groaning out loud when the pressure around his throat tightened, oh fuck yeah, he was cumming and he pushed in a few more times. Ass cheeks tight, pelvis to pelvis as he saw black spots blurring his vision, an arm around his partners waist, holding her close. He was moaning like a bitch, Mina smiling at him, not far behind him. She loved seeing him like this, her other hand reaching down, rubbing her clit as her own orgasm washed over her, breath hitching and she let out a low moan, body completely stiffening up. Their groins rubbing together, feeling waves of pleasure drum through them as they finished.
More people began to arrive, the restaurant became noisier and noisier. The pair fixing themselves in the mirror of the bathroom. Mina reapplying lip gloss and powder to her face, she adjusted her dress. No visible marks, that was for the better. She gave Bakugou a once over, he looked normal but she knew his back and top of his ass were all marked up, a little burned and scratched up. She blew him a kiss which he scowled at, looking back at the mirror to try and tame his hair, all that hair pulling making his hair seem even more wild.

“You look fine, like none of this ever happened!” She chirped, knowing it would settle the butterflies in his stomach, he did care about his appearance. “Kirishima and the others should be here by now.” Mina popped her glossy lips and smiled at herself.

“Others? Who else is fucking coming?” Bakugou questioned, making sure his belt was on right and comfortably.

“Mm… Ojiro couldn’t make it, he had a lot of work. So… Uraraka, her boyfriend, Kaminari, his girlfriend… You, me, Eijirou, some interns from our agencies… Midoriya and his girlfriend?” She softly said that last part, looking at him sheepishly. His face turning red but in anger this time.

“You invited that fucking idiot?! I’m leaving, this shits stupid anyways.” He stopped as Mina grabbed his hand to stop him from leaving the restroom, if he walked out that door she wouldn’t be able to convince him anymore.

“Midoriya might not even show up! He said he wasn’t sure because he was busy with work! It’ll be fun!” She nearly pleaded, her lips pouting. Bakugou stared at her, letting out a sigh. If he didn’t show up, the better. All the others were fine as long as they didn’t pester him too much. He pulled his hand out of her grasp and looked at himself in the mirror again. Muttering that he’ll stay for a while, Mina cheered and gave him a quick hug. It seemed too innocent for what had just happened a short while ago. They walked out together and found the room they were supposed to be in. Finding some interns, Kaminari and his girlfriend, some civilian girl that had caught his attention. Kirishima and Uraraka engaged in loud chatter as her boyfriend drank a beer and chuckled along as Uraraka told a story of some weird villain she had captured the week before. Kaminari the first to notice the pair.

“You guys made it! Bakugou, it’s been too long! Mina, looking gorgeous baby girl!” He patted Bakugou on the shoulder and wasn’t blasted away, fuck yeah, making progress. Mina smiling at him, jumping at him to give him a tight hug. She had missed her friends so much, she was sure to have a great time. After everyone greeted each other, Mina sat with Uraraka and Bakugou sat with at the corner of the table next to Kaminari, his back facing the door.

After a good hour, everyone was digging into the food and drinking beer or liquor. Kaminari retelling the story of how he impressed his beautiful girlfriend, who rolled her eyes and grinned next to him, quickly correcting him saying that he wasn’t that cool and he made a fool of himself trying to do a weird pick up line. Bakugou chuckled, the girl didn’t seem so bad and kept his friend grounded. He sipped on his drink, shaking his head as Kaminari continued his stories, animated hands everywhere. Kirishima adding to some stories, since their agencies worked together many times being so close to each other, on the same block actually.

“What?! Bro! It did not happen like that! You completely messed up with the hostages! You nearly zapped all of them!” Kirishima laughed, slamming his hand on the table, Kaminari blushed and stuttered trying to come back from that. Everyone laughed and poked fun at the blonde. Bakugou had to admit, he was having fun. The girls giggled and looked beautiful, the guys having fun and telling stories that may or may not be 100% true but it was fun nonetheless. Uraraka was the next to talk about how she had learned a self-defense style to quickly apprehend criminals who would get too close to her, everyone was making small noises of being impressed. Ooh. Aww.

“It’s sometimes better to not use-“ Uraraka was cut off by the room door sliding open, Bakugou didn’t bother turning, assuming it was the hostess bringing more food or beer. “Izuku!” Uraraka stood quickly to hug her friend.

Bakugou stared at his food and couldn’t find it in him to turn to look at his rival, heat starting to burn his neck and the pit of his stomach. He couldn’t look, he should be fine, after his little hook up with Mina. He should be satisfied but he wasn’t. He turned his head finally, seeming Uraraka pull away from Deku and he glanced at the beautiful girl he had brought with him, Hatsume, he remembered from the support class. They must have gotten close when she traveled to America to continue upgrading his suit with all its new perks to support Deku’s self-destructive ways. He saw Hatsume sit in front of him with the other girls and he swallowed the knot in his throat as he saw Deku take a seat next to him. The idiot turned and flashed a small, perfect grin at Bakugou. He was even bigger in person, his biceps stretching the t-shirt to the max, his torso strong, his jaw nice and square, his thighs tight in his jeans, in the best way possible, practically stretching his pants at the seams. Bakugou quickly tore his eyes away from his body, to look at Deku in the face.

“Kacchan, it’s been so long since I’ve seen you.” Was the small greeting and Bakugou couldn’t help the shiver that ran down his spine, his rivals voice smooth and velvet, deeper than on TV. Probably nerves that made his voice pitch.

“Not long enough.” Bakugou replied, turning away downing the rest of his drink. He placed his glass down, and watched as Deku grabbed the bottle of liquor and immediately refilled his glass then serving himself one. He shouldn’t keep drinking he was a few drinks in, he knew he would probably stumble out if needed. Deku held his glass up as Kirishima thanked everyone for coming, holding his own little toast, announcing his raise and how he hopes to become a great hero. Bakugou drank from his cup as everyone did. “So is that your bitch?” He didn’t realize why it came out so suddenly, but Deku’s attention was on him and Deku let out a chuckle, shaking his head, so used to the cursing of his childhood friend.

“Not exactly, she’s just working with me, I try out her inventions and she upgrades my suit when I need it. We have fun every once in a while.” Deku explained, his cheeks dusting in pink, serving himself another drink, Bakugou placing his hand on top of his glass to reject being topped off. So it’s like that, little worthless Deku likes having fun for the hell of it, maybe if he could just get the mood right, the hero would grab him by the neck and-. “I saw your stats for this quarter, Kacchan, it’s really impressive, you’re rising up really quickly.” And the fanboying began, Bakugou rolled his eyes and ate some food, as a way to not respond to the nerd. He didn’t want to blow up in front of everyone anymore, having grown past that, but how could he ignore Deku when he wanted to be under him so badly…

“It’s all my hard work, idiot. What about you, thought you had it better in America, had those fancy agencies loving you over there.” Bakugou gruffly said, eating a piece of chicken, leaning against his palm, fiery eyes staring at soft green.

“I guess I just missed home,” this time Bakugou ate up all this toxicity and grabbed the bottle, filling Midoriya’s glass and then his own. He held his glass up for Midoriya and a soft clink sound when their glasses touched.

“Maybe it won’t be so bad seeing your stupid face around, but don’t think you can beat me.” Bakugou sipped on his drink, Midoriya laughed and smirked, sweat prickling Bakugou’s nape.

“Just watch, I’ll get to number one first, Kacchan!”

They talked like if they were the only two in that room, everyone in their own little conversations and Bakugou had to admit… it was nice. He hadn’t realized how far Deku had came, the way he talked just beamed confidence and when he turned towards the explosive hero, his legs spread a bit and his eyes scanned down, seeing the obvious bulge in Deku’s jeans. He looked away and downed his drink, he was fuzzy and knew he had to get some air. Was he the only one feeling fuzzy? Everyone had been drinking, they were slurring their words and laughing even louder than before. He stood up, stumbled out to the patio to get some air, he would probably have to call a cab to take him home. Didn’t want to bump into someone, fan or villain, he wouldn’t make it in any situation. He had overdrank. Deku filling his cup as soon as it emptied, fucking nerd always had to be doing something!

“Kacchan, are you alright?” He heard behind him, he waved Deku off, letting the night breeze hit his face. “Do you want some water?”

“No, just fucking leave me alone.” Bakugou growled, he just needed to be alone, alone and not with that fool, not with that… hot piece of ass fool. “I’m leaving, I already had too much to drink anyways.”

“Let me drive you home then! I brought my car, and I haven’t drank as much as you.” And whose fault would that be! Maybe help your so-called friend moderate how much they drink in a short amount of time instead of pushing them to drink, drink, drink! Deku had noticed that Bakugou seemed less hostile, simple slurring his words and such. He went inside to grab his coat, Hatsume telling him she would be going home with one of the interns, a wide grin on her face, even so far as giving him a little wink before turning back to the cute intern, the girl giggling at everything Hatsume was saying, joke or not. Deku raised a brow and nodded, saying goodbye to the table. He explained he would be taking Bakugou home too, there was some disappointed sounds but they all bid him farewell and that he had to hang out again some time. He smiled and closed the door, walking back out to the patio to see Bakugou with his eyes closed, letting the air hit him. Deku stood there for a moment, taking in the view before clearing his throat.

The explosive hero turned to him and slowly stood up, losing his balance for a second. Deku grabbed him by the elbow, instantly noticing that his hand wrapped around the whole elbow. He swallowed and let his grasp loose as Bakugou mumbled idiot and pulled his arm away, saying he could handle himself.

Deku asked Bakugou where he lived and got an answer quickly enough, knowing in what direction his apartment was. He ushered Bakugou in his car and got on the other side, starting the car up and starting the quick ride. Not a word was shared between them the whole 6 minute drive. Bakugou looked like he was starting to fall asleep, his head tipping but trying to keep himself awake. Deku smiled, just like a kid.

When they got to the apartment, Deku parked across the street in some open space. He went around and opened the door for Bakugou, helping him out, the liquor seeming to set it more with time, making Bakugou continue slurring his words, and he didn’t seem to mind the helpful hands that were keeping him sturdy.

“I live…first floor, apartment 3… The elevator is over there….” Bakugou slurred pointing at the elevator, Deku chuckled and shook his head, explaining to his drunk friend that they didn’t need the elevator if they were on the first floor. When they got to the apartment, Bakugou shamelessly leaned against Deku, fumbling with his keys before tossing them at his companion. “You fucking do it, they don’t wanna work!”

When he finally figured out what key it was, he opened the door and turned the lights on, noticing immediately how clean and organized everything was. He closed the door behind him, slipping off his shoes. Not seeming like a man lived here by himself, Deku really needed to take example from this, his apartment still in shambles even though he had been there for over two weeks already. He helped Bakugou to the couch, then going to the kitchen to get his friend a glass of water.

When he went back into the living room, Bakugou had laid on the couch, muttering about how he didn’t need help and he was capable of doing it himself. Deku just agreed with him and put the water on the table, crouching down to remove Bakugou's shoes. He realized how small the blondes ankles were, and his legs. He had realized how tiny the man's waist was on the small walk from the car to apartment as he basically carried the drunk man over. Deku swallowed and put his shoes by the door, what was he thinking. He was just cloudy, the alcohol just getting to him is all. He had never had thoughts like that about men, especially not his childhood friend. He sat on the coffee table and continued inspecting his friends face, not finding any blemishes or scars on his face, must have been from his mother's quirk, he had always had such nice skin. But Bakugou did take after his mother and she was beautiful by all means. It was just Deku appreciating beauty in all its form, in women and one man.

“The fuck you staring at, Deku?” Bakugou slurred, sifting up and reaching for the water, taking a sip for his dry throat, feeling himself sober up as he finished the glass. Waving it at his rival to go get him another, which he complied and quickly refilled his glass, the glass being downed once again. Deku just shook his head, trying to look at anything that wasn’t Bakugou, a few minutes passed by without him realizing it, had been caught up in trying to decipher a weird piece of art Bakugou had hanging on the wall.

He let out a weird squeak as Bakugou, leaned in really close. Their faces just a couple of inches apart, wide eyes staring back into narrowed ones. “Now you can’t fucking look at me?!” Deku said nothing, his gaze switching between Bakugou's eyes and mouth. A few moments felt longer, neither of them moving, feeling the tension between them. Could either of them do this? One drunk, barely sobering up and one buzzed, it wasn’t right, it shouldn’t be. Oh but it was… Bakugou closing the gap between them, soft lips pressed hard against Deku’s. The motions sloppy and the taste of alcohol heavy on Bakugou's tongue as it slipped into the others mouth. Deku pulled away for a moment, breathing hard and turning his head to get a better angle, his hand grasping the back of Bakugou’s head, the hair softer than he would have expected. The blondes hands pressed firmly against Deku’s thighs, gripping and massaging the muscles there.

Bakugou let out a small soft moan, the hand on his head accidentally pulled on his hair and Deku pulls back, apologizing immediately. He was shut up quickly by lips, pressing sloppy kisses into his mouth, tongue licking his lips and over his teeth. Before he is able to reciprocate properly, the blonde stands quickly, nearly falling over and wiping at his mouth. Holy fuck, if he didn’t fuck Deku now, he didn’t know when he would get the chance. Deku looking up at him, not sure what the next move was. The front of his shirt was grabbed and he was pulled forward, basically being thrown onto the couch. He adjusted himself, swallowing and letting Bakugou take the reigns at the moment. It had been a while since Deku hadn’t been in charge during sex, the suddenly change of pace throwing him off slightly. He sputtered and stuttered as Bakugou knelt between his open thighs, a cheek pressing again his hardening groin.

“K-Kacchan! You don’t have to do that!” He shut up as Bakugou glared up at him, telling him if he really didn’t want him to just use his stupid quirk to take the blonde off of him. He watched as his rival tongued the front of his jeans, rubbing his dick through the material. Deku swallowed as Bakugou smirked up at him, unbuckling his belt. He raised his hips to help him pull his tight jeans down enough to expose his cock to the cool apartment air.

Bakugou nearly drooled, the cock in front of his face half-hard but it was thick and veiny, knowing that when it fully filled out it could absolutely wreck him in every way he wanted. He looked down to see heavy balls, full of cum just waiting to be swallowed.

“Who knew you were such a big boy, Deku.” Bakugou teased, rubbing his tongue down the length down to the balls, nipping and peppering kisses along the rough skin, relishing in the groans coming from the male. The length twitched in front of his eyes and hardened. Bakugou grabbed it by the shaft and pressed his cheek again the hard cock. Deku just watched, breathing heavily, holy fuck he was gonna come just from being teased. Bakugou's eyes sultry and wanting, the alcohol must have let the blonde become unreserved and let out whatever slutty ways he had. Deku immediately threw his head back onto the couch as he felt the head of his cock taken into that hot mouth, he looked back down, pushing Blonde hair out of the way so he could properly watch the demonstrations being done on him. He watched as his cock nearly disappeared into warmth, the contractions of his friends throat as he was deepthroated left him shuddering. He pushed his hips up for a moment and then stopped as Bakugou pulled back, his eyes watery and he coughed for a second, not expecting the sudden force at the back of his throat, but fuck he liked it. The blonde let out a breathe and licked his lips, rubbing a hand up and down the hard cock, jerking It slowly, loving the way it pulsed and twitched in his hand. “Fuck my throat.”

“I can’t do that! I could hurt you!” Bakugou rolled his eyes, letting go of the shaft, hearing a soft slap as it flopped onto Deku’s stomach, so heavy it couldn’t support its own weight.

“Either you do it or you can fucking leave so I can find someone who will.” He hissed back, his hands slapping down on thick thighs. He looked positively pissed but the tears in his eyes, his red checks and salvia dropping from his chin didn’t really enforce his words too much. Deku just looked at him for a moment, heat pooling in the bottom of his stomach and then nodded. Bakugou seemed to beam, taking Deku hands, licking at his palms before guiding them to his head, one near his temple and one at the back of his head. He told the other hero that he would smack him on the thigh if he needed to breathe but otherwise not to stop, he was a big boy, he could take it, one way or another. Bakugou grabbed the shaft and guided the tip back into his mouth, pushing the cock into his mouth and looking expectedly at the green haired man. Deku let out a small breath he didn’t realize he was holding, readjusting his sitting position. He guided Bakugou’s head down, let out a grunt as he pressed the blondes face against his pubic hair. He watched his friends expression, not seeing him look bothered, in fact he looked like he was in heaven, his face red and tears forming in his eyes. He felt Bakugou swallow around him and he groaned, the heat just right and perfect.

“Here I go…” Deku muttered to himself, pulling Bakugou’s head back and then back, moving his hips. Starting off slowly, soon feeling nails dig into his legs, seeing his friends impatient gaze, as if telling him to hurry up. He nodded and started a slightly faster pace, he knew he wasn’t going to last, losing himself to pleasure. Letting out soft groans and moans, he watched Bakugou shift to take his cock farther back and moan and Deku gave a particularly hard thrust, his eyes nearly rolling into the back of his head. He watched with wide eyes, the blonde seeming to relish in Deku being rough with him. Feeling a boost of confidence he started to thrust harder, his stomach coiling up fast, feeling his balls tighten as if he was going to cum. He pulled his cock out of Bakugou’s mouth and before the blonde could protest, Deku smacked his cock against his long time rivals cheek, he did this a couple of times. A sloppy, lopsided smile on Bakugou’s face as he smeared pre-cum on smooth skin.

“You gonna take all my cum, Kacchan? You gonna swallow everything I give you?” Deku whispered, knowing his words could be heard in the quiet apartment. Bakugou felt his own cock twitch as he nodded quickly, the nerds cock being shoved back down his throat as he was throat fucked for a minute. His head still as Deku moved his hips at his own pace, his eyes never leaving Deku’s face, he wanted to see what pathetic face he would make when he came down his throat. “Oh fuck…” he heard groaned into the air and then hot liquid shooting down the back of his throat, his head head securely against Deku’s pelvis, not giving him chance to breathe or move until he was done cumming. His eyes finally letting his tears escape, hotly running down his cheeks and onto Deku’s pelvis. When he was done, Bakugou pulled back, letting out a couple of coughs and he breathed heavily as he watched the cock soften half way, a small spurt of cum dribbling from the slit and he leaned forward licking it clean but had his head pushed away as he suckled on the sensitive tip. He smirked as Deku mumbled about waiting that he was too sensitive for that right now.

He wiped his mouth on the back of his hand and tucked Deku away in his jeans. Zipping him up roughly, making Deku jumped as he was sure he had caught a pubic hair or two. He chuckled and leaned up, pushing his tongue into Deku’s mouth, forcing him to taste himself. The two kissing, drool escaping their mouths. Bakugou straddling down on the taller hero, nearly mewling as he rubbed his hard on down onto Deku’s thigh. He sighed and bit his lip, his pelvis grinding and seeming to move on its own, he was sure he would cum if he could just do it a little harder. Deku watched, completely entranced and soon his hands found Bakugou’s hips, pushing him down foreword, their groins rubbing together. His stamina not failing him as he already felt himself getting half-chub. Bakugou stopped and thought for a moment, what’s the next move? Sex in the living room? Does he kick the other out and masturbate? Was his ego deflated enough to properly tell Deku to fuck him senseless?

“Come to my room now, Deku.” The roughness of his voice does it all, he feels himself being lifted and carried, the green hero walking quickly and is guided by Bakugou to what he was sure was a little tidy room, probably just like his room at the U.A. dorms. He saw two rooms, one with a bed and walked into that room. Deku giving himself a small pep talk in his head, if his assumptions were right, this would end up just were he wanted. He tossed Bakugou on the bed, hearing a string of curses but they cut off as he pulled off his shirt. Bakugou stared and licked his lips, his eyes wandering over the muscular body in front of him, eyes looking at all the new scars, the way the muscle moved as Deku threw his shirt on the ground and unbuttoned the button of his jeans. Bakugou also making quick work of his shirt and pulling down his jeans and briefs, exposing his lithe body and hard on. He laid on the bed, leaning against his elbows, one knee raising, half hiding his groin in a coy way. Eye contact not breaking and Bakugou smirked, wondering what move the nerd would do next. “You’re just gonna stand there with your dick in your hands or are you gonna do something with it?” He teased, tilting his head to the side, eyes shamelessly staring at the standing man's groin.

“I want to fuck you, Kacchan…” Deku put a knee on the bed, leaning over the blonde, licking his lips but not touching him. He needed the explicit permission, what if they both regretted it? Their rivalry would never be the same, he didn’t want to be hated. “I want to mess you up, make you cry…” his words soft toned but Bakugou heard them loud and clear. His cock twitching, pre-cum dribbling onto his thigh. He raised a leg, pushing Deku back with his foot just a little, smirking at him, eyebrows raised as if telling him to keep going, tell him what else he wanted to do. Deku let out a long sigh, swallowing and gathering his thoughts, he wrapped his hand around the small ankle and placed a kiss at Bakugou’s leg, pushing his leg high up and nearly completely on top of the blonde, he took all of the lithe body under him and blinked. He needed to be honest that’s all, the worse is that Bakugou doesn’t like what he hears, takes control again or kicks Deku out. He was sure Bakugou was in control, just toying with him, letting him think he was the one making the moves.

“I want to bruise you… Grab your hips and hold you in place as I fuck you… I want to bite you.. Wanna choke you… Make you beg…” his lips now against Bakugou’s neck, his clothed groin grinding against the blondes naked ass. Bakugou let out a soft sigh and gave noises of affirmation, urging him to continue. “You gonna let me, right? You gonna let me do whatever I want, right? Gonna take my dick and cry for it?” Bakugou just nodded and threw his head back as his clavicle was bitten and sucked on. Oh fuck, that’s exactly what he wanted, everything he wanted. Who knew the shy green haired teen from childhood would turn into such a sexy older man, into everything Bakugou was desiring. Words were one thing, he hoped Deku could back it up with actions. He moaned as hands pulled his hips towards Deku, grinding back. He put his hands on Deku’s chest pushing back for a moment.

“Condoms and lube in that drawer, get them now.” Bakugou pointed at his night stand, the top drawer. Deku nodded and pulled back, opening the drawer, seeing the lube and condoms that he was sure would fit. He swallowed hard, his breathing heavy as a dildo and vibrator were right in there too. Bakugou had done this to himself before, had he thought of him? Had he been rough on himself? Edging himself to the brink of orgasm, gasping and moaning as he played with himself? He was brought out of his thoughts as he got kicked from behind, he quickly grabbed a couple of condoms and the half empty bottle of lube and returned to his previous position. He pulled Bakugou’s legs over his hips, the blonde letting himself be moved however the green haired man saw fit. “You’re pretty big, make sure you do it right… wouldn’t want you hurting me.” Bakugou teased, a smirk on his face, if it was tight he wouldn’t mind, he actually wanted it like that, so that he could feel the burn and stretch of Deku’s girth. His back arched as the cool liquid of the lube was poured on him, looking at Deku who just stared as the liquid poured past Bakugou’s balls, down his ass and covering his asshole. Deku capped the nearly empty bottle and tossed it on the bed, watching as he rubbed the lube on his fingers and pressed a finger in, groaning as it slipped in without resistance, the heat nearly unbearable. He swallowed as he imagined just how hot it’d be wrapped around his cock. Bakugou grinded on his finger, telling him to hurry up and add another one. Deku obliged quickly, adding another finger and scissoring them. It was similar to scissoring a girl, sort of. Girls had their own wetness and it was easier to finger them before fucking them. Bakugou was just like that, moaning as Deku’s fingers slided over his prostate, his cock twitching in delight. His eyes closed, enjoying the gentle touches for now, knowing rougher moments were to come.

Deku watched and slipped in a third finger, it was tight but he quickly made work of the soft hole. “You’re so hot, Kacchan… Gonna make you my cockwarmer.” he leaned down, nipping across the blondes chest, going back to his neck, sucking hickies into the skin. Bakugou gripped Deku’s hair and pulled on it, bringing back up to his mouth. They kissed ferociously and he reached down, pushing Deku’s large, scarred hands away. Telling him to hurry up and fuck him already, that he’d be fine. Deku swallowed and nodded, he pulled his cock out and rolled the rubber on, smearing the lube from his hand on his himself, groaning out. He grabbed Bakugou’s arm, flipping him over, smiling when Bakugou didn’t protest against being moved. He pressed the blondes chest against the bed, getting one of the pillows to go under his hips to raise his ass just enough. He looked at the marks across his back, he didn’t pry because it wasn’t any of his business. Bakugou was in bed with him at that moment, not anyone else. He thought very carefully, the next step.

Deku sat on the back of Bakugou’s thighs, his thumbs spreading the blondes ass cheeks and pressed his thumbs into the soft, loose hole. The rough material of his jeans, scratching the soft skin of those beautiful thighs. He’ll have to have them wrapped around his head one day, listening to Bakugou cry while he ate him out or sucked his dick. He raised a hand and brought it down, a loud smack sounded and explosive hero let out a pitched moan, looking back and smirking, swaying his hips. The cock-tease, Deku did it again, on the other cheek. Matching red marks on both now. It was such a beautiful contradiction from Bakugou’s white skin. He rubbed his cock between the plump cheeks and leaned down, a hand pressed against the the blushing nape, pushing his friend harder into the mattress.

“Tell me you want me inside…” Deku whispered into his ear, Bakugou swallowed, the feeling of the thick cock rubbing against his hole, threatening to enter and rub him so good inside. He tried pushing back against him but was held in place. “Come on… just tell me you want it, tell me how you want me to fuck you…” The breath hot against his ear and he nodded, he could comply this once if it got him exactly what he wanted.

“Fuck… Fuck me, Mess me up you fucking idiot. Force me to take your big dick, even when I’m crying.” The tip pushed in and his eyes rolled to the back of his head, he gasped and bit his lip.

Fuck yes. Fuck yes. Oh fuck yes.

“Make me your bitch. Make me want nothing more than your cock. Go harder, you idiot. I’m not some chick, I can take it, oh fuck!” Bakugou moaned out, his voice going up an octave, panting as the rest of of the length pushed in. He keened as balls slapped against his ass, oh god, he could feel it in his stomach. He didn’t know what else to say, his mind blank. The only thing on his mind was getting fucked.

“Kacchan, you really can take it… it’s all the way in, can you feel it?” Deku hand reached under Bakugou, pressing a large hand inside his lower stomach, making the blonde groan and turn his head to glare the the man inside of him. “Can I do whatever I want? You’ll let me?” Bakugou just nodded and felt his body be pulled back as Deku began to ram in and out of the smaller hero. A hand pushing Bakugou’s head down into the mattress, the other nearly wrapping around the entirety of the delicate hip. His body moved with the force, his hand reaching down to grab his cock, pumping it in time with the thrusts and moaned out loudly, who cares who heard him. He was gonna cum and they had just barely started, his voice cracked as he warned Deku of his fast approaching orgasm and then it all stopped. Deku had pulled out, his hands off Bakugou.

He practically saw red when he turned around, hand raised, crackling pops coming from his hand. He was going to blow this idiot up, fuck him for messing with him like that. But he stopped, his wrists being grabbed by one single hand and he was pushed down onto the bed again. Chest to chest with the green hero, Deku shook his head. Using his free hand, he guided himself back into the blonde in one swift motion. Bakugou nearly shrieked at how fast, rubbing hard against his prostate that way.

“You’ll cum when I let you, you can’t do anything unless I tell you. You’re my bitch, right, Kacchan?” Deku coyly said, beginning his assault on the hero underneath him. He watched as Bakugou’s cock bounced in time with his thrusts, leaking clear liquid over his stomach and thighs. The blonde began to drool, mouth open, panting and moaning. Saying slutty things to the man above him, in hopes he would be rougher and let him cum. “Kacchan, you’re so tight. This hole is mine now, no one's gonna fuck you like this okay?” Deku pressed as far as he coul, grinding his pelvis in, watching Bakugou twitch and groan, teary eyes watching him through thick lashes. He just nodded, a hundred thoughts running through his head. When did Deku get this brave, he would never let someone else talk to him like this so casually. His arms getting sore from being held up so high and tightly but it didn’t seem like they would be let go any time soon. Then the best part, a strong hand touched his neck and he felt time stop, he watched Deku’s lips pull at the corners and how he moaned his name out, Kacchan, Kacchan, Kacchan, Katsuki….. the hand tightened around his throat, immediately he felt the difference, he couldn’t breathe, his body stiffening. He wanted this, he wanted this, he loved this, his cock, twitching and his body so tight, he could snap. He never thought someone could make him feel this good, he had day dreamed about it, masturbated to this, wished for it day in and day out but now. It was heaven.

Bakugou’s face bright red, tears streaming down his face and his tongue sticking out, panting loudly. He didn’t know how much longer he would last. Deku watched, fascinated. He would have never expected the blonde to be so shameless, chasing his orgasm. He looked down and saw that Bakugou was already cumming, untouched. He groaned, his hand loosening around the blondes throat, his own orgasm threatening to burst at any moment. Hot, hot, hot. His body burning as he managed to thrust a few more times as he came into the condom. He held himself up with an arm, panting. He let go of Bakugou’s hands, rubbing the red wrists, maybe he had held on too tightly through the whole ordeal. He caught his breathe and saw Bakugou smiling at him, he had never seen that type of smile from his friend. Lazy, satisfied, in love… Deku let out a shaky breath, he wanted to memorize that face forever.

“Don’t think we’re done here, fucking nerd.” Deku was pulled down by the back of his neck, sloppy kisses on his cheeks and mouth. The blonde was going to be the death of him, his cock already getting ready for some action again.
Deku blinked in the morning, a small beam of sunlight against his face. He looked over at the small clock on the nightstand. It was still pretty early in the morning, he could afford a little while more in bed. He turned, draping a heavy arm over his bed companion. Kissing the crown of blonde, ruffled hair. He took the scent in, completely content.

“You’re suffocating me, you creep.” Bakugou mumbled from Deku’s hug, squeaking out as he was squeezed and rolled over to lay on top of Deku. He crossed his arms on top of the mans chest and stared at him, green eyes sparkling at him, expecting a kiss. He’s not getting it, no matter how much fun they had the night before. No matter if Bakugou might have accidentally told him he loved him. He had meant his dick, not Deku himself. Obviously. “What are you staring at?”

“You… You’re beautiful in the morning, Kacchan.” Bakugou frowned, raising his hand, small blasts against Deku’s face. He became flushed and embarrassed pushing himself up to sit. Deku laughed, his skin sparking as he activated his quirk to avoid getting hurt by the heat of the hero’s palms. “Don’t be like that, come on, I thought we had so much fun last night… All those nice things you said…” Deku smiled, his hand running down Bakugou’s back, eyebrows raising in amusement as he felt the goosebumps rise across the bruised and red skin. Lovely.

“Fuck off…” Bakugou grumbled, but not pushing the other away when he received kisses on his neck and back. He let himself be pampered, be rubbed in all his sore spots. He turned and looked at Deku’s amused face, he didn’t want to kick him out, but this lovey-dovey shit was breaking his resolve down FAST. “Go take a shower, I’m going to make breakfast.”

Swinging his legs off the bed, he’ll have to wash the sheets today, he stumbled over to the dresser and pulled on some sweats to walk around in, pulling a black tank top over his head. He looked in the mirror, Deku still staring at him. “Go now or you can leave!” He threw a pair of larger sweats at him, probably Kirishima’s. Deku laughed and nodded, getting out of bed, holding the sweats in his hands, and walked naked out of the room to the bathroom across the hall. When he heard the water turn on, he let out a breath. He looked himself over in the mirror, his neck bruised up, from bite marks and from being grasped too hard. He looked completely fucked out, he loved it. If he could look like this all the time… he wouldn’t mind… Deku coming around… staying the night… leaving some extra clothes… Bakugou daydreamed for a while, making omelets and warming up some rice from the day before. He snapped out of it, hands grabbing his waist, water droplets on his neck, peppered with kisses again. He said nothing and continued cooking.

“I like you, Kacchan.”

“Do you like me or does your dick like me?”

Deku hummed and smiled against the warm skin, he took too long to think, resulting in getting kicked.

“Both? We both looove you, Kacchan. You took such good care of us last night.”

Bakugou felt his ears turn red and waved the male off, telling him to set the table while he finished cooking. Maybe… it wasn’t so bad. He could commit for a while.