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Life with Dio

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You remember the day Dio Brando arrived at the Joestar Mansion. While you hadn't known any better you had found him lovely.

You had found the two just in the nick of time and popped him in the jaw before he could lay a hand on Erina.

Dio was disgusted with allowing himself to be hit by a woman but at the same time he was struck motionless by your resolve. You had more in that single moment than Jonathan could conjure in his entire life.

His goons are shocked and they move forward preparing to strike you. The one who is less than bright decides to open his mouth and his next sentence created a turning point within fate, forever altering it.

“You'll die a worthless cur Y/n. Just like your parents and once Dio here is done with you we’ll all make sure you are buried right next to them ”.

Before another remark can be made the first boy is suddenly thrown to the ground. You are in slight shock not expecting him to do so. Dio beats them both for a good while, you honestly don't know how long. When they leave there's blood running down their faces.

You and Erina share a knowing look despite his awfulness he is so very vulnerable in that moment. Something akin to a spark of humanity that was suddenly ignited when it was previously thought long gone. Erina goes without another word and you both carefully watch her until she's out of sight. A few silent minutes pass before Dio gets up from the puddle and starts walking back to the manor.

You walk by his side, all the way back to the manor and it scares you when he doesn't say or do anything. Like a scared tiger inside a boy and you corner him knowing the evil that is so close to corrupting his soul. All you can do is try and drown him in your own love and hope the awfulness in you is enough to bring out the good in him. Surprisingly he goes into the library instead of his room and he doesn't act like you are there which is better than him chasing you away.

“Read to me will you, Dio?”.

There isn't a response from him instead he draws you into the world of Mary Shelley's The post Modern Prometheus. You fall asleep within the fifth chapter but he still reads on until the story is finished. When you awake with your head on his shoulder neither of you say anything. You notice his eyes seem a lot less dark now.

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A year goes by and you being by Dio's side comes at a steep price. Jonathan was always on edge around you, not understanding how you could trust Dio. After all Jonathan did not have many friends after the boxing incident.

Save for you and Erina keeping him company. Which you couldn't always do since when you weren't working you made efforts to be near Dio. Usually it was spent in silence unless either of you wished to discuss something like the books you were reading. The moments of that happening were extremely rare but you always enjoyed them the most.

Sometimes you would catch Jonathan peeking around the corner but he would play it off and say he was simply looking for Danny.

You know he felt betrayed by you but never mentioned anything of it. It was far better this way at least this kept Dio from his plans for a moment longer. Which you were beginning to find out through oh so subtle words and monologs of his.

Dio was money hungry for the Joestars fortune. With a temper that didn't relent you were rightfully worried. Luckily you were learning to work around and sort of help mold into something else ever so slowly.

As long as you stuck around Dio saw no need for having any followers. If he ever saw the boys who almost hit you he would give them a cruel glare that they would then soon turn and run the other way.

After a few months you notice that the arguments Jojo has with Dio soon starts to lessen greatly. Instead the boy spends most of his time looking over his mother's relics more than socializing. Which does not go over well with Mr. Joestar.

Usually Jonathan would never say anything against his father but he soon grows a backbone when George threatens to send away all of his mothers odd belongings. With neither of them willing to back down it doesn't take long for you to overhear the plans he has created for Jojo's future.

“And then after boarding school, you shall be attending the same college as I did. You need to take over the family company as the only heir ”.

Mr. Joestar bellows either not knowing or caring his voice can be heard throughout the mansion.

You were in the library cleaning at that particular moment while Dio sat in a nearby chair reading a book on England's history.Surprisingly Dio says something about the Joestars for once.

“I almost feel sorry for Jonathan, his fate shall never be his own instead his father's… its almost ironic that free will is the one thing I have that he does not”

You are sort of stunned that Dio has sympathy for Jonathan but before you can question it any further Dio begins his reading once more. A few days after that you have helped Jonathan pack and he is set to go.

However he definitely is trying as he might to do so very unwillingly. For now it is simply a matter of a visit to the boarding school to go over his classes for the next year.

After everyone says their goodbyes to JoJo, you oddly begin to feel dizzy as you head up the front steps. You try to ignore the feeling for the rest of the day but the feeling only gets worse not better.

No one is allowed in besides the doctor and after the first day his visits become a rarity. When he does come he is quite rude to you.

Spending most of his time complaining about he had plans for that night and how if it weren't for Mr.Joestar's money you would likely never see a doctor even once in your life.

Any of your requests for water or other things go unanswered and he starts to come to check on you less and less. The lack of care he gives you soon makes your sickness much more worse.

By the third day you start experiencing hallucinations. At first you begin to hear the shadows move and crawl towards you.

When you lie awake at night it takes everything in you not to begin shaking from both the cold air or the fear the sickness creates in your own head. You hate being able to tell what's happening in your surroundings without any control over it.

During that time you honestly were unable to tell that you have company in the room with you. You stop being scared of the shadows and begin to converse with them after all what did you have to lose ? You were likely to die now you were so sure of it.

You wonder morbidly if you will die without knowing love, without ever being kissed.
Dio almost leaves you fed up with your childish whining proving you were just another thing he could live without you holding him back anymore.

He almost is to the door until you admit that you expected your death would be like this; alone. The phrase strike a chord with him and his thoughts are filled with memories of his mother.

The young boy sits by your side and he doesn’t leave. A death alone was something only the truly awful deserved. A fate that was unworthy to you, it wasn’t his problem but if he could he would do anything to stop it from happening in such a way.

The thing you could remember was that there was an angel is above you with golden hair. Who would sing a lullaby of beetles who dream underneath the moon as they mess with your hair and your face. Having you sip on the tiniest spoonfuls of water that if were a drop more you would choke upon.

If you had the strength you’d ask them to just keep singing instead of messing with such trivial things. But they never relent and its soley because of them you are able to get better

When you come out of your fever almost a week later you oddly see no sign of the doctor.
The Joestars arrive back home a few hours after you had awoke. From the whispers of the maids who came in to check on you once you hear that Dio had went through the trouble of telling them to rush home urgently.

You only hear bits and pieces of Mr. Joestars exchange with the doctor. None of its good , in fact it begins to make your headache a bit.

“I don't pay you to nearly allow my servants to die within my care!”

“ What did you expect me to do her survival was unlikely and I don’t plan on dying because of some poor plague ridden child”.

Is the last thing you heard the doctor say before him and Mr. Joestar began yelling. Dio shuts your door as he rounds the corner telling you to rest before you get sick again.

Mr.Joestar ended up having the man exposed for his malpractice and not able to find anywork in the countryside any longer. Of course no one wants to speak on the matter so its soon swept under the rug and you stop asking. Despite being a fellow servant to the Joestars the others didn't couldn't care for you. They had their own children and families to worry over and you were simply another mouth to feed.

Despite you knowing you considered Jonathan and Erina to be more of your family than you ever did of your own blood relatives.

You didn't doubt the doctor would still be employed if it weren't for Jonathan's sentiment towards you.
As soon as he sees you, Jojo is back to being sweet and as thoughtful as ever like these last few months of awkwardness were finally erased. He sneaks you the biscuits you enjoy most fresh from the kitchens. And it takes a lot for you not to cry tears of joy when you realized how much you truly missed your friend.

“Dio was most angry about the doctor he is the one who convinced Father to have him fired”.

Jonathan tells you in a voice you can't recognize as being his own. There's too much hate and anger within it, he almost sounds exactly like Dio does.

“After Dio told me what had happened while I was away we spoke without fighting for once”.

You are too shocked to speak for a second not once for a year were the two boys able to stand to be in the same room even in silence.

“If you were left alone like that you would have died Y/n. No one wanted to catch your illness so your door was sealed. If it weren't for Dio I don't know what I would do if you didn't make it…... ”.

Jojo's smile doesn't reach his eyes but he joking punches your arm and tries to keep the conversation going. You already were through so much already and Jonathan had a bleeding heart for trying to fix everyone around him but himself.

“Even if I dislike him I can tell he cares for you and that's enough for me to have at least one thing in common with him”.

“I'm glad you finally accepted my decision Jojo but just because i'm friends with him never means I will let you go”.

You say giving him a tight hug that would be ill fitting given both your social statuses. However none of that matters to either of you and you hold onto each other even tighter. Not wishing the moment or care you had for each other to ever fade.


For a long while you couldn't make sense of the entire situation. You had thought you figured Dio out but it seems like you didn't know him at all really. The more you thought on it you were beginning to think just maybe Dio didn't know himself too well either.
To be totally honest you viewed Dio like a timer who would be set off to betray the Joestars in one way or another.

You couldn't understand why you had assumed he was from poor circumstances like you and yet while he got the bigger end of the stick (unlike you) he did not truly seem happy at all.

And despite all his possible reasons for not saving you and yet he still did it. Which always left you with the single question that burned in your throat why?. Perhaps it was sentiment? You wondered not knowing how to describe it.

You assumed Dio only tolerated you, but if what Jonathan said was true made a mess of things you thought you knew. You hoped one day to figure out the meaning behind these questions.

Instead of worrying the whole thing out of proportion some more you spend a few weeks in the sun as per a better doctors orders. And while you are more than happy to play with JoJo and Erina you still feel lonely. Dio has been avoiding you since you stopped being sick. When you tried to talk to him he simply ignores you and acts like nothing ever had happened.

So you wait until he's ready to be with you once more. When he decides to speak to you again you promise yourself that you will figure him out completely so you will understand why he is the way he is. You don’t think it's too likely but you’d like to help him at least half as much as he helped you. Even with your doubts and worries you make a promise to see it through even if you learn things you wish you wouldn't have known.

It only takes a few weeks before Dio’s pride breaks and he comes back to your side like a stray cat. You start to mindlessly inch closer to him as a result of that.

“Have you seen any of the new books in the library?”.

Dio asks asking as if not a day went by.

“I have not, but would you care to show them to me? It would be very appreciated Mr.Brando”.

You even curtsied which is something you were told to do for both the lords but never saw any real need to.

You are worried for a second when his face becomes sour at the mention of his last name but the look fades as soon as it appeared.

Dio holds out his hand and you take it. You both have to ignore the warmth the other person's hand lends and the quick sudden beating of your hearts.

“You did the curtzy all wrong again Y/n, I will have to show you how it is done properly later or else you will continue to be just as corny as Jonathan is .”

Your pout brings an honest laugh out of Dio and you honestly are quite aware of his beauty once more.
You laugh and poke fun at him in order to not let your eyes linger on him the rest of the way to the library.
Dio does nothing but tease you just as much finally happy to have a play of words with someone of equal wit.
During your whole stay in the library never once does your hand stray away from his.
If anyone was to see either of you they would think you fancied each other. Which was simply not the truth, at least not quite yet….
This was the year you had made a promise to yourself and you would then spend the next two years with learning the past and possible future of Dio Brando. You could only hope it wouldn't be a hopeless one you'd find.

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The boxing ring the city boys had set up was nothing more than four corners comprised of long sticks and strings. But you have to give it to them, from dawn till dusk they remained there with a fight always going on. It usually made a good spectacle for you and Erina to watch from afar.

But today with JoJo and Dio's foolish endeavor to team up for the Saturday match. You both would be watching in the front row for the first time. You never suspected it to be possible but Dio actually appeared to be making amends with JoJo. Unless this was the start of a new plan to get the Joestars fortune. Which either option could be likely but since you still had a bit of a cough from your sickness still, you decided to ignore the later option for just a bit longer.

The boys they were going up against were older, stronger and taller than the two of them put together. Farmhands were known for getting told off frequently for harming the livestock.

And knowing Jonathan's previous track record for fighting, you didn't know how the situation would be playing out.


The fight begins and is lost to you within a single blink. Dio gains the upper hand right away, sending the redhead a good blow to his head. Jonathan holds his own well enough but he's got nothing close to the fighting prowess of Dio.

Erina looks away at the first drop of blood that streams down Jonathan's nose. Somehow this gives Jonathan the strength he needs to knock out the other boy out before he can even blink.

And of course, there's lots of cheering, Dio was becoming more known as a champion of the ring. You and Erina sway through the crowd to get to the boy's side which takes longer than you'd expect. But once the two of you get there Jonathan spins Erina around. And for a while you feel so happy you could sing.

The few minutes of celebration, however, is soon ruined when you all overhear one of the city boys talk a little too loudly.

"Are you sure the Joestar brat didn't put a good luck spell on their gloves? He couldn't have one otherwise right".

Jonathan leaves quickly after that obviously pissed off with the boy's remarks. Erina follows him not knowing what else to do.

While Dio leans close to you, his breath tickling your ear in an odd way.

"What did they mean by that Y/n?".

You back up a bit from him and try to hide your obvious goosebumps.

"Mrs.Joestar was believed to be a witch by some of the locals".

You say not sure how he was able to live here for so long without hearing the rumors

Dio might have as well have been a cat with seven canaries in his mouth. His smirk was completely devious and you knew there was no way you'd get out of the trouble he had planned out. Whatever idea he got into his head wouldn't end well.

Dio stuffs the remaining money in his pocket before he runs up to where Erina and Jojo had left to. While you take your time to catch up.


"We shouldn't let those ruffians ruin our perfect Saturday". You say.

"I have an idea".

Jonathan says with a wry grin finally coming back onto his face.

"I know a game we could play in over there near the edge of the forest".

He says with no intention of elaborating on his game any further.

"My parents don't like me being so close to the woods".

Erina says worriedly looking to the forest as if she went any closer it would swallow her up whole.

"Oh, why Erina with such strong men as myself and Dio around there's nothing for you to fear!".

She seems dejected but agrees to go along with it for Jojo's sake. The closer to the woods you get the quieter Erina becomes.

The oak tree Jonathan picks for you all to sit under is an absolutely perfect wonder, hiding you all from the sun's hot rays.

"So what game have you dragged us here for JoJo?".

Dio asks sitting against the base of the oak tree.

"It's one that I hear is popular in the dormitories.".

"Then why don't you start us off ".

"Never have I ever thought to be a lawyer before".

When Dio ends up flipping him the bird, JoJo just laughs and says it's your turn next


"Never have I ever…".

You stop not entirely sure what to say, this isn't a game you had ever heard before.

"Come on Y/n I know your pretty little mind can come up with an even better question".

"Never have I ever kissed someone".

You say at a loss for words, Jonathan and Erina both put a finger down. It eases your slight shame when you realize that Dio is in the same boat as you.

Four questions go by quickly after yours until Jonathan gets stuck trying to think of an easy one.

"Never before have I ever killed someone".

Jonathan says casually expecting the question to be a useless one. When Erina Pendleton puts a finger down however it shocks everyone of you.

"It's not funny to joke like that Erina".

"I'm not lying". She says with deadly seriousness.

"It's not good to lie in the woods where fey can hear you after all".

Its quiet for an unbearably long and odd moment until Dio speaks up.

"Maybe it's time we just head back for today".

He says a little too happy to leave the woods with his own secret left unknown. However it turns out Erina's paranoia was right, you did feel something follow you and the boys back home to the manner.


Over the next three days, Dio seems to run into a slew of things caused by bad luck. First one of his shoes goes missing and then just before noon one of the vases nearly fall right on top of Dio's head.

The crash puts both him and you on edge. You especially because you caught a glimpse of what caused the vase to fall. So despite every part of you trying to turn away, you continued to look for what you saw. You end up following it to the gardens

"Why are you hurting Dio he did absolutely nothing wrong!".

"Is that what you think?"

The fey asks sneering all its pointy little teeth at you.

"He lied during a game of truth and if you can't make him tell you by tonight there will be consequences for all of your friends".

You hurriedly run until you are out of breath in front of Dio's room. While you know you knocked upon his door louder than you should have the matter was absolutely urgent.

"During the game did you lie or bend the truth even once?".

Upon your question, Dio's curious look fades to a distressed blank one and he closes the door.

"I think it would be better if you just left it be Y/n".

"Dio please if you don't tell me then something awful will happen!".


When he chooses to remain silent you know it's inevitable that something bad is going to happen soon. You walk away slightly peeved off unaware that the poor boy was trembling on the other side of the door.

For the rest of the afternoon, you slack on your chores to read the hidden book upon fairies in the library.

As wild as they were it seemed the one that was tormenting you was on the weaker side of the scale.

As long as you did whatever they requested and you timed it just right you could save yourself and your friends.

So when your feet begin to move on your own and there's nothing you can do to stop them, it doesn't surprise you. Your friends, however, were not faring so well and they all had fearful looks across their faces.

It hurts that you have to keep quiet but it was for their own good in the end.

The magic brings you to the edge of the woods where you played the game a few nights ago. And of course, the ugly little blue mushroom rat is awaiting the four of you on the closest tree branch.

"What a fun show this will be~ and it's all thanks to you dragon born".

"Who is he talking about?"

Jonathan shouts casting suspicious looks to the rest of you.

Dio, of course, has that angry look across his face which gives him right away. Before Jonathan can yell at him Dio takes the knife out of his pocket and tries to throw it at the fey. It is sent right back his way however and despite his quick reflexes it still knicks his cheek.

The fairy laughs at the useless attempt to kill them.

"How pathetic! the very truth you tried to conceal will now be heard by the ones you wished to never hear it most!".

After a few more too high pitched giggles, the fairy tells the four of you the rules for the 'game' they had planned for you.

"Tell your darkest truth or else a fairy ring will surround you and you won't be coming back. But I don't think there are some things a few of you are willing to share even if your life depends on it".

Because you have no other choice you try to keep your voice from shaking, fey were just as fickle as humans and if they could hear your fear they would be after you like wolves.

"If you don't think we are capable of doing so than I would like to make a wager with you".

Its beady little eyes gleam at your suggestion and it jumps from the branch.

"What do I get if you lose?".

Fairy's had only one thing that came from humans and they craved it like candies.

"My heart".

Your friends all gasp and Erina tries to tell you to stop what you are doing. This would make there be no choice but for them to say their truths. At least you could only hope that would be the case now….


Instead of shaking your hand to seal the deal they bite down on it, as they continue smiling as your blood drips down their chin.

Erina sniffles even louder now, while Jonathan tried to comfort her as well as he could.

"Let's start with you Lady Y/n!~ And get the easy truth out of the way".

You thought about it deeply and it took even longer to get those words out of your mouth.

"Sometimes I think about how awful and boring my life is going to be as an old maid and it makes me hate both of you".

Dio didn't hear a single word you said and Erina and Jonathan don't look as surprised as you thought they would be. Maybe they knew those true dark thoughts of yours all along.

Erins turn is next, which is then followed by Jojo's both of which you aren't able to hear despite their lips clearly moving.

So when Dio Is the last and takes the longest to speak it begins to worry you. Once he looks at your shaking form however he confesses shaking knowing that this truth had the potential to destroy his whole life thanks to whoever who heard.

"I lied when I said I have never killed anyone. I killed my father by slowly poisoning for months. ".


By the look on JoJo and Erina's faces, you know that his confession was only heard by you. Which you don't have time to think about the full meaning behind what that exactly meant.

"We played the game and since you are the loser I am able to claim my reward".

"Your cleverness will be the undoing of you one day".

It mumbles, the grass beneath its feet beginning to smolder.

"Your reward shall, however, come to you all the same now what did you decide as your reward?".

"I want you to tell me your true name".

If the fairy could have killed you right there they surely would. A name was a fairy's lifeline but after your research, you knew better than to trust a Seelie fey.


The blue little mushroom rat creature finally reveals, the words being spat out of their mouth with such hate.

"Vane you are never to cause harm to anyone I care about ever again, now run along".

You command not happy with the situation that occurred in the slightest, but at least it is over now.

Your heartbeat finally returned to its normal pace.

"I think it would be best if we all declare secrecy on everything we heard from each other tonight".

Is all you can manage to say while the others are too frightened by what had just occurred.

With that, you all agree and head to your home's. Erina was far too frightened to be by herself so Jonathan offers to walk her home.
So it leaves you and Dio to walk home slower than you had ever done so before.

Dio uses his handkerchief to tie up your hand where Vane had bitten you.

"Why would you do such a stupid thing Y/n?".

He asks as he stares at the wound still not fully believing what had just happened.

"Even if we listened by the end they were going to steal one of us away into their world..."

It's silent for a good while before you open your mouth to break the oath of never speaking on it again.

"I promise that one will ever know what you told me".

"Aren't you afraid I'm going to do something to you as well?".

"It's probably a very dumb choice in your eyes but you are my friend and I trust you. So next time you should listen to me when I say its a matter of our lives at hand".

He nods not happy for causing such trouble to only have you learn his secret in the end.


Not another word was spoken on what anyone had heard but as you drifted to sleep you wondered what awful secrets Jonathan and Erina were keeping from you.



Due to how the events of last week Jojo kept Danny near you just incase a fey was near. But thankfully Dio sneaks you away from the protective boy to look into supernatural matters before you died from boredom.


On the second floor of the mansion, all of the rooms remained sealed up besides Dio's and Jojo's.

It often troubled your curious mind on what could be within every single room by such heavy locks. You tried not to question it, it was rude to think ill of the dead after all, but the thought was always there.


"If Mr.Joestar sees us he won't be very happy".


From what everyone said Mr.Joestar deeply loved his wife and that the treatment of her possessions was simply what she always requested if something was ever to befall her.

You hope her possible ghost doesn't hate you or Dio too much for breaking into one of the rooms.

The whole room is pretty lackluster filled with dust, at least it seems that way until you come across a box with another large lock. Dio opens it just as quickly as he did with the door's lock.


A mask was in the box along with a few different rings and a set of cards. You can't bring yourself to even touch the odd mask out of fear it would pop up and bite you.

Dio actually laughs at you and sets the mask within another random box where it would be hidden among its contents.

"It's worthless, not even a graverobber would touch it, so don't worry yourself of it".

Dio takes the shiniest of the two rings contained in the box while knowing you wouldn't pick anything he hands you it along with a deck of cards. For now, they would have to due since there were no fairy banishing charms.

Dio props both the locks back up and there was no way anyone could have ever known you were in there.

Dio immediately follows you to your room to figure out what made the items so special they would need such a heavy lock.

The only legible writing on the ring is R. Frost, which did not give either of you any clues to what it could mean or possibly do.

Tarot was something you had never heard of before but when you asked Dio on it he simply said it was popular in London.

'A chance for you to guide and protect yourself from all things natural and supernatural' was how he described it.

"Who taught you all about this?".

You ask as you shifted through the cards grim artwork that almost felt as if it held its own breath.

"There always was someone selling fortunes at a corner, I was always bored so I couldn't help but listen in. It's a nice thought to think we are all fated toward something, wouldn't you agree Y/n?".

It's not just in this stuffy room did you think about what both of your futures would hold. It seemed no matter where you looked the whole world would remind you that Dio surely was going on to better things. Mr.Joestar along with his tutors always spoke at length about him and his intelligence.

You had the oath you bound yourself, you know half of the story but you felt there was a lot more to be uncovered still.

So it only seemed fitting that your first question with the be on what had happened in Dio's past.

You shuffle until one of the cards pop out which you took as a sign to stop.

His past was represented by the V of Pentacles. Which upon your further prompting from Dio it's meaning dealt with poverty and insecurity toward money. Which was something you could have guessed before. However, getting such an accurate card made your confidence in the cards spike even more.

You then moved on to get a peek into what his future held, and you graced with pulling 'The Tower'. Which Dio describes as being a sign of disaster usually due to one's pride.

For your last draw of your own curiosity you decide to ask on your own future.

The card which had shown your future was a reversed Ace of Cups which you didn't bother to ask about. But the feeling it gave you looking at it alone let you know it wasn't something pleasant.

It seemed a lot of awful upcoming things would be in store for both of your futures. Which you weren't quite keen on focusing on.

Mrs.Stanley then comes in to tell both you and Dio to ready yourselves since a guest would be arriving in the evening. Thankfully you hide away the tarot deck from her line of vison just in the knick of time.

As soon as he leaves the room she doesn't wait to start giving you a lecture with an evil stink eye.

"You know that boy is too good for you do you not?".

You nod of course you knew but quite frankly you were starting to get fed up with everyone's treatment of you as a servant.

"Then I suggest you stop humoring yourself now before you make yourself out to be a bigger fool than your parents".

And with that, she leaves the room not even bothering to look at the hurt across your face she knows she has caused you.

You only have your tears stop halfway as you put on your work uniform. Before you leave you put the tarot deck away and slip the ring into your pocket where you would soon forget about it being placed there.