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Life with Dio

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You remember the day Dio Brando arrived at the Joestar Mansion. While you hadn't known any better you had found him lovely.

You had found the two just in the nick of time and popped him in the jaw before he could lay a hand on Erina.

Dio was disgusted with allowing himself to be hit by a woman but at the same time he was struck motionless by your resolve. You had more in that single moment than Jonathan could conjure in his entire life.

His goons are shocked and they move forward preparing to strike you. The one who is less than bright decides to open his mouth and his next sentence created a turning point within fate, forever altering it.

“You'll die a worthless cur Y/n. Just like your parents and once Dio here is done with you we’ll all make sure you are buried right next to them ”.

Before another remark can be made the first boy is suddenly thrown to the ground. You are in slight shock not expecting him to do so. Dio beats them both for a good while, you honestly don't know how long. When they leave there's blood running down their faces.

You and Erina share a knowing look despite his awfulness he is so very vulnerable in that moment. Something akin to a spark of humanity that was suddenly ignited when it was previously thought long gone. Erina goes without another word and you both carefully watch her until she's out of sight. A few silent minutes pass before Dio gets up from the puddle and starts walking back to the manor.

You walk by his side, all the way back to the manor and it scares you when he doesn't say or do anything. Like a scared tiger inside a boy and you corner him knowing the evil that is so close to corrupting his soul. All you can do is try and drown him in your own love and hope the awfulness in you is enough to bring out the good in him. Surprisingly he goes into the library instead of his room and he doesn't act like you are there which is better than him chasing you away.

“Read to me will you, Dio?”.

There isn't a response from him instead he draws you into the world of Mary Shelley's The post Modern Prometheus. You fall asleep within the fifth chapter but he still reads on until the story is finished. When you awake with your head on his shoulder neither of you say anything. You notice his eyes seem a lot less dark now.