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Kim Seokjin was 17 years old when he was dared by Jeon Jungkook. The condition was to buy 35 cups of diet puddings at their favorite bakery shop and eat it. He accepts because, who rejects free foods?

So there Seokjin was, sitting in a corner in the bakery shop, enjoying his puddings. He was in his 18th when he saw someone enter the bakery. It’s Yoongi, his friend since he was 11. Probably here to buy some bread for his mother. He ignored him in favor of scooping some more puddings but when he looked up again, he locked eyes with Yoongi. The said man just stared back at him, then at the puddings in the table, then back at him again. They stay like that for a whole solid minute until the cashier asked Yoongi what his order was.

Once Yoongi finished buying, he approached Seokjin and said, “Hi Seokjin.”

“Hello Yoongi. Would you like to sit down?”

The said man sits down in front of him and stared again.

“Yes Yoongi? Something wrong?” Seokjin asked as he was finishing his 25th cup.

“Why are you eating so many puddings?”

“Oh these? I lost in a game with Jungkook and he dared me to eat at least 35 cups of pudding.” He said as if it was normal for a single person to eat these much, “And you know how much I love food, what more if it was free.”

“Oh, okay. I need to go; my mother is waiting for me. See you around Seokjin, or should I say, Diet Pudding Cup Boy?” Yoongi laughed as he was walking away.

Seokjin just stared at the boy’s retreating back, ears red from what he has said. He suddenly feels so conscious about eating at the bakery. But meh, he is in his 33rd cup, he should finish it before he goes home and tell Jungkook that he did it.




Few days after the incident, Seokjin came across Yoongi who is on his way to the university library.

“Hello! Heading somewhere?”

“Heeey! It’s Diet Pudding Cup Boy.”

“Stop calling me that.” Seokjin laughed.

“But it’s funny. I’m going to call you that every time I see you.” Yoongi started walking, leaving Seokjin behind. “I’m heading to the library. How about you?”

Seokjin catch up with him and match their steps, “I’m heading at the SC office, I need to talk with Namjoon about school festival. Bye!” he said as he jogs first to head on the SC office.

“Bye Diet Pudding Cup Boy!” he waved at Seokjin. Seokjin waved back laughing.

Everyone around Yoongi looked at him with a questioning look. He shrugged and continued walking towards the library.


True to his words, Yoongi kept calling Seokjin ‘Diet Pudding Cup Boy’ that everyone started questioning why he is called that way. They never explained but just laugh at it, leaving those who asked more puzzled.




“Puddin’, I’m heading out now. Just message me if you want something so I can get it in the store on my way home. Bye!” Yoongi said as he puts his shoes on and head for the door.

“Okay Yoongichi. Be safe!” Seokjin shouts, focus still on the tv as he crushed Jungkook’s character.

Jimin, Jungkook and Taehyung just looked at Seokjin with knowing look.


It’s been eight years since then, Yoongi and Seokjin became roommates when they found out they are working in the same company. More like, Yoongi bribe Seokjin to live with him because “Puddin’, the rent is high, I can’t pay it on my own. And since we are workmates, let’s be roommates as well.” “Fine. But you will go grocery shopping every 2 weeks.”

(And Yoongi’s nickname to him has been shortened into Puddin’.)

Back to reality, Jimin nudge Taehyung to ask Seokjin what’s been bugging them for all those years. Taehyung just glared at him and gesture that their hyung is still playing. Jimin just rolled his eyes.

“Hyung, I’ve been wondering—” Taehyung gets cut off when Seokjin suddenly shouts and throw himself to Jungkook.

“You are cheating! How could you do this to your hyung?! I didn’t raise you to be a cheater!” Seokjin shouts and at the same time, wrestle the said man.

“I am not cheating. You are just worst at this game.” Jungkook said as he tried to get his hyung off of him.

Jimin and Taehyung just gives up on whatever they were going to ask.




Yoongi is in a bar with Namjoon and Hoseok drinking away the night since it’s Friday. They are gossiping about the rumored relationship of their boss and his secretary when Hoseok’s phone rings.

“Hello? Oh hyung. Yes, he is here already. You want to talk to him?” Hoseok gives his phone to Yoongi, “It’s Seokjin hyung, says you are not answering your phone.”

He took the phone and, “Hey Puddin’, I’m sorry I didn’t notice your call. My phone is in silent mode the entire time. Yeah, I know. I’ll make it up to you when I go home. I’ll buy you your favorite ice cream. I’m really sorry Puddin’. Okay okay, bye!”

He returned the phone and look at the two boys in front of him, “Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Are you and Seokjin hyung dating?” both Namjoon and Hoseok said.

“What? No, we are not. We are just roommate. Why are you asking? The kids asked the same thing to me last week.”

“Then why do you act so domestic and why do you call him ‘Pudding’?” Namjoon question.

“Because we have been friends for the last 16 years and I call him that because I saw him one time eating 35 cups of pudding. Now, if you have nothing better to ask, let’s continue drinking because I have to be home before midnight or else Seokjin will be mad at me for not bringing him his ice cream.”

The topic was dropped, and Min Yoongi gets to go home before midnight.



A couple months after, Yoongi’s been stress. Being the company’s star producer and song-writer, stress eventually gets to him after sleepless night. Seokjin also notice this, for there are times where he’ll see Yoongi spacing out while having dinner or while they are having their movie nights. But whenever he asks the younger, he will be always dismissed as the younger said that he is only tired.

But then, one night as Seokjin finished washing their dishes and was about to head to his room, Yoongi blocked his way and just stare at him.

“Hi. Why are you blocking my way?”

“I have to ask you something Puddin’.” The shorter man said seriously.

Shocked at the sudden seriousness, Seokjin just nod. “Okaaaay. What is it Yoongichi?”

“Everyone thinks we are dating, so here it goes. Are we in a relationship? Or are we in a brolationship?”

Seokjin suddenly laughed his squeaky laugh that everyone loved. Yoongi just stared at him again wondering what he said wrong.

The older man was still laughing when he pats him in the shoulder, “Look Yoongichi, if you wanna date, that’s cool with me.”




Then he straight up kiss Seokjin in the lips.




It’s been 2 years since Seokjin and Yoongi started dating, and they’ve never been happier. Everyone, especially their friends are relieve knowing that their hyungs are finally together.

And whenever they re-tell their story on how they got together, Yoongi will just start at how he gave Seokjin the nickname ‘Puddin’’.