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You Don't Even Know My Name

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Carol Aird had an entire life. She was a beautiful woman living on the west coast with her daughter. Her best friend lived a short walk away. She also had a good relationship with her ex husband Hargess Aird. And in one single night it was all taken away. The night one of the most powerful drug lords had a hit taken out on him, that life ended alongside the man. Carol and Rindy Aird died. Louise, Lou for short, and Dylan Miller is what came out. And since Abigail Gerhard was a member of the Aird family, she too had died that night. Tammy Kluger is what came after.

Since their families were all on the west coast, the people handling their protection decided to place them on the opposite coast. A small town in New Jersey no one would ever think of. It was a good area though. Safe and close to the city. Over the past few months, the three of them settled in and developed a routine of sorts. The hardest part was getting used to their name changes. Thankfully, Carol's daughter was at an age where she wouldn't ask too many questions about it. So after just a few weeks Rindy was already used to it. The adults took a little longer but were able to adjust and their new identities felt as if they have always been these people.

Now that the summer has passed them, winter is creeping up. Thanksgiving has just ended two weeks ago and the small town is buzzing with Christmas excitement. Carol and Abby have no clue how the holiday will be. It's the first major holiday since Harge's murder. That is why she was currently wondering why she decided it was a good idea to drive into New York City on a Sunday morning just to get some shopping done. She was also wondering how she would end up getting a parking spot that didn't require her to walk an insane amount of blocks. After driving once again down the street of the toy store she needed to go she managed to find a spot across the street. She hurriedly parked and put coins in the meter and crossed the street to begin the process of gift shopping.

Surprisingly enough, the store was almost completely empty. If she didn't see employees working Carol would have thought the store was closed. As she walked further inside, a few workers greeted her and said if she needed help not to hesitate to ask. After what happened, Carol does everything to keep to herself and to simply not draw attention to herself. But of course the longer she went through things on shelves the one toy Rindy specifically asked for was nowhere in sight. So Carol found herself approaching the counter to ask the young woman for some help.

"I wonder if you might help me find this doll for my daughter." The second her voice left her throat the cashier turned to face the owner. Carol was met with the most beautiful green eyes she has ever seen. That's why she had to produce a folded piece of paper with the name on it.

"Oh I'm afraid we're all out of stock. But we have plenty of other dolls; all kinds really." The young brunette was almost rendered speechless as she became locked with blue eyes.

"Oh. Well I probably should have looked sooner for it."

There was a pregnant pause. Neither woman could look away from each other and didn't want to. It wasn't until a man walking by cleared his throat that they were able to speak again.

"Maybe I could help you find something else for your daughter."

"What did you want when you were four?"

"Me?" The young cashier paused to think back to that age. "A train set."

"Really? Do you know much about trains?" Carol noticed how when the woman smiled two dimples appeared causing her to smile.

"I do. And we actually just got a new model in. It's hand built with hand painted cars. You might have seen it when you came into the store."

"Do you ship?"

"Yes of course. You could have it in a few days."

"Well, that's that, sold." Both women were smiling. As Carol waited to begin filling out an order form she looked the girl up and down before speaking again. "Shall I pay now?"

"Oh yes of course!" As she reached down to get the form she mentally rolled her eyes at herself. "If you'll just fill this out please."

"Of course." The older woman took the offered pen and began adding her information onto the blank page. Before doing so she took her leather gloves off. For some reason she didn't want this interaction to end.

"I love Christmas. Wrapping presents and all that. And somehow you wind up overcooking the turkey anyway. Well, at least that's what happened to my mother. All done."

"I'll be sure to hand this in and you'll see the train set in a few days..." The cashier wanted to know this woman's name as if she wasn't just a customer.

"I'm Lou, Lou Miller. And your name?"

"Therese Belivet."