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To love Ru Elements.

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Luna was flying over what looked like a sea of demon clowns firing off energy Blast form her horns as she pulled out a d-dialer and said, “Ok evil Clown demons everywhere!!!” she said as she fired beams at the balls of light they became as she added, “How are we on recovering girls?”

Miles away in a tent hospital.

Yuuko and Miharu where in nurse outfits trying to in check mash ups between humans and weapons with the Anthro potion to return them to normal but it wasn’t taking as Yuuko said, “As far as we know it only worked on Spirit thanks to status as a death city!! No other weapon is recovering through it!!”

Miharu then sighed as she added, “Not one!! We’ll check in with Mobius soon to see if she can figure it out!! Right now we are just waiting for extraction and pick up!! To move this to a more safe place!!

Back with Luna she sighed and said, “and we haven’t found another living death scythe either!!” She sound sad but seen screamed in horror as a demonic humanoid guillotine was wrapped around her and he laughed out, “I justin law shall cut off your head in the name of my lord the Kishin!!!”

Luna then growled as she made magic explode form around her knocking away the monster and making it turn into a red soul as she panted and held her heart in the air flapping her wings, “if he didn’t take time to talk that would have been the end of my life!!!”

Elsewhere on the planet.

Nightmare star formerly Maka was dressed in a copy of Celestia outfit to fit her down the streets of death city.

Beside her was spirit dressed in Black jeans high heel boats a green dress shirt with only the middle button, buttoned and a black jacket She turned into her scythe form with now was white with red strips and Maka grabbed it.

Spirit then said, “Now Remember honey you only have an hour before it’ll be your turn to watch your little sister Celine so let’s investigate this then get back!! It’s dangerous here!!”

that is when a shadow arm came at them and Maka span her mother’s scythe form blocking the arms as what looked like Death the kid with lines running along his mouth came out limping.

Death the kid smirked and said, “look a younger one of the replacements?” he said sounding insane.

Spirit then spoke up her voice being a lady’s Kid wont’ recognize it as she said, “Kid I am a Death scythe where is your father!!”

Death the kid smiled as he held his head with his left hand making the lines connect and said, “he died so I’m the new grim reaper!! The new god of death!!! And I only know of one death scythe who was a scythe you look similar but not the same!!” he said as he summoned is reaper jets and used them to charge up a black blast.

Nightmare star then said, “Kid you know my voice!!! It’s me Maka, well I go by nightmare star now!!”

Kid held out a hand making his attack freeze as he said, “So you aren’t being replaced but changed into a new form to survive the flood of madness In this world.. but I’m seeing only women!!”

spirit then turned her blade into her upper body, “sadly the change is for a one gender race so everyone looks female, but I was male before so I still have those parts, My little maka here need a blood transplant form her new mother Celestia so she became hermaphrodite with both”

Kid rubbed his chin and simply said, “that sounds like a lovely level of biologicaly symmetry you should be proud of Maka sorry Star.. Say any chance I can turn in patty and Liz to get them back?”

Spirit then returned to full anthro form and dust off her boob and said, “Kid first put the blast away!! Second the change thing isn’t working on noun death scythes”

Kid then point up making it fire up harmlessly and he said, “right sorry sorry!! Just gone mad form all the mess and finding out the Kishin is my big brother!! Then the witch’s daughter who used the now dead demon sword sucking my dick as she though I would kill her other wise was another eye opener!! Her name’s Crona She knows what she was doing … witch brings up a lot of horrible possibilities now that I think about it!!! Oh well a dick suck is a a dicksuck!!”

Star made a grossed out face as Spirt crossed her arms and said, “Star don’t go doing that you’re a herm your going to want to both do that and have it done to you when you’re hormones come in!!! I even hear it’s normal for Futa like you to self suck them!!”

Kid raised an eye brow and said, “ Kinky real Kinky!!! Would love to see it if you want to be watched Maka!!”

Maka screamed and fired off a fireball form her horn as she used to royal Canterlot speaking voice to yell out, “ PERVERT!!!!”

Kid jumped it and land summoning his skate board as he smiled, “are we a fiery little sun goddess I know as you have divine wave length like mine!!! Now take me to this space chicks with dicks trying to save my world so I can help we need to waken the demon weapons to handle the clones then find and kill my big brother!! Hold on I’ll go get Crona, She’s my bitch now for lax of a better term!! So hold on give me ten minutes to pull her out of hiding!! She is a scared shitless little bitch but I love the way her body makes mine feel!!” he then skated off

Star was red and hiding her face.

spirit patted her back and said, “ always the good looking ones that are freaks aren’t they honey?”

Star was hiding her face saying,” No no!!! It’s not like that!!!”

Spirit then sniffed her, “you having a hormonal race I get when I look at your other mothers so yes it is!! So while we wait for him to get back Time for mommy spirit to give you a play book!!”

the young Alicorn anthro then yelled out, “NO!!!”

elsewhere in a lab hidden base.

Grey was naked In front of the mirror turning around and smiling as she looked at the space between her ass and balls witch had a pussy, “ my balls are on the outside unlike those other herms but still got both thank you mommy!! This body is perfect!!” she said happily.

She then turned around and laid down on the bed and rubbed her left breast with her left hand as her right hand rubbed her Futanari dick witch was hard and nine inches long and she moaned happily at it.

outside Orochimaru put and ear and blushed as she walked off, “I’ll leave my daughter to enjoy her new body but right now this world is a mess I can’t run anymore I think it’s time to work out a deal with our solar goddess I work for her my daughter is safe!!! Should work.”

Later on, on top the remains of the Death weapon meister Academy.

Orochimaru was standing still as Celestia put a collar on Orochimaru’s neck, “there if you think of betrayal or harming anyone in my emperor this will explode killing you!!! And you won’t be paid for your work!!!”

Orochimaru smiled and said, “what ever so long as my child is safe and sound I’ll be good!! Now then take me to the lab let’s focus on saving the army this world had in training before going mad god hunting!!”


To be continued

the new eight herds.
Celestia( formerly Rito Yuuki of main earth) Yami, Lala Spirit and Eris
Luna ( formerly Akihsia Yoshi of baka earth) Yuuko Kinoshita , and Miharu Shimizu ( planet saved)
Twilight sparkle ( formerly Naruto or ninja earth ) Hinata and Kurama ( planet dying)
Rarity ( formerly courier of fallout earth ) Dr. Mobius and zecora
Fluttershy( formerly akira fudo the devilman of devil earth) cutie honey and Miki ( planet dying)
Rainbow dash ( formerly Ranma of martial arts world) Hideyoshi kinoshita and Blair the cat
Applejack ( formerly max taylor of main earth) zoe drake and Oshizu ( mission save parents)
Pinkie Pie (formerly Deadpool of the marvel universe) Zastin and Tenjoin