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To love Ru Elements.

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A few years later

celestia was sitting on a throne on the deck of a ship over looking a planet sized ring space station being built around and artificial star she herself had made and she smiled, “T-city will be done soon!!”

She looked around most of her guards were now anthro ponies like white furred stripeless showing Mobius anthro ponyfication potion had improved form just being zebra and as they all had wings it showed more as they were Pegasus but all looked female so still stuck with men becoming transwomen side effects.

she sighed all day when there was business she would be surrounded by eye candy hot mares and she couldn’t act on it , well she could but it would be unprofessional to ask her guards to fuck her when her wives were busy, plus sense she was now legally married to her girls it would be adultery unless they officially joined it, so hard temptation to resist … among other hard or semi hard things.

Celestia rolled her eyes and sighed as she looked to the guard to her left and said, “Yo E-cups how long till my city is done?”

the guard said, “Well it should be a year nothing of this scale has been built before!!”

Celestia nodded and got up as she said, “Ok then, Now Yomi is training the rookies, Eris is probably messing around Lala is inventing, So before I go off to bug my brides for sex to deal with this surrounded by foxy futa mares and normal mares all day thing anything thing important?” She asked wanting this to get a move on.

A guard a normal Deviluke one then ran in panicky saying , “We found a lab belonging to Orochimaru Empress!!”

the anthro sun goddess rolled her eyes and said, “three years and the bitch finally is found ok What the fuck did she do this time?” she asked as she walked, with the guard for the report gathering.


on and unknown planet in a ruined city

Orochimaru looked at her left arm now with a snake head and black dots tattoos she smiled as it came to life as a snake, “that witch’s power is now mine!!! She had nice plan but she want to use her own child as a weapon that is to far!!! Using children!! How digesting beside I think her powers look much better on me!!”

Grey who was beside his step mother smiled and said, “Everything looks better on you mommy!” he said happily and Orochimaru smiled and petted his head.

the mad scientist then said, “Cute for now but don’t go Oedipus on me I am your mother nothing more kay?” she said happily as the little alien boy seemed unchanged form the time.

Orochimaru then took his hand and said, “Now come on this City is dead let’s go to the witches lab collect this black blood stuff and add it to my snakes along with the weapon transformations this people had.”

Grey then coughed as he smiled and said, “ yes mommy!!”

Orochimaru’s point of view.

I sighed as Grey coughed, he had been coughing he had gotten sick and I couldn’t find a confirmation on what it was or how to treat it, well I knew how to cure it with the transformation potion that gave me my new body, But if I am going to change my son I’ll need to improve it to make it worthwhile a superior body.

…. When I collect the black blood I’ll spring it on him and have him help with the mods to his body when we are doing it if he says yes!! After all I need an heir and Grey is it!! It’ the hole reason I was in that pointless marriage to that loser.

Now then to the lab to the blood, I guess I smiled as I opened the lab and walked into it and grabbed the instructions for making black blood and smiled as I looked to Grey and said, “Grey What if mommy said she could make your sickness go away?”

Grey smiled and said, “you can mommy?”

I smiled happily as I got down and hugged him and said, “ yes but it would mean changing like mommy!! Becoming a transgirl, and all kinds of other mods!! I’ve gotten good at it I’ll give your new body what ever you want in it!!”

Grey smiled and happily said, ‘I want wings so I can fly!!” he said happily.

I smiled happily and flipped my hair going to be a fun day.

return to third person point of view.

Later on in the lab Grey was now dressed in a black Bikini now an anthro Zebra girl looking to be fifteen years old, bat wings on her back long flowing grey hair she flipped, her body was black fur with white stripes. She was sitting on a table happily rubbing her new d cup boobs.

Orochimaru smiled as she said, “I know your curious about them but please stop playing with them in front of mommy you know they are bigger.

Grey smiled as she hopped down shaking on her hooves for a moment before saying, “Sorry mommy but your still way prettier!!”

Orochimaru crossed her arms and said, “what did mommy say about Oedipus thoughts?” she sound firm.

the younger trans girl tapped her index fingers together and said, “that if I thought about mommy like that she would whoop me!!”

Orochimaru picked up a blue print in the lab and rolled it up and said, “yes now Mommy will let one time fly but I am not raising a sicko who wants to hump her mom so bend over it’s spanking time!!”

Grey was crying as she bend over against the table and said, “but I hate it mommy!!” she sounded super sad.

Orochimaru then spanked her making her cry as she said, “and that is such a relief for me!!”


the new eight were gathered at a council table as Celestia spoke, “Ok Orochimaru found What do we know and what do we do?”

Luna then said, “she probably has those lizard’s heir as her child and is mentoring him or she if gave him the potion to hide identity” she said tapping the desk.

Twilight sighed, “I can’t believe this three relaxing years two more till we can breed and this happens!! Looks let’s just go to this now dead world for our war and end this shit!!” she was clearly frustrated.

Rarity sighed and said, “yeah a world with a cartoonish smiling sun and moon that orbit it let’s go to that freak show!!” she said while applying make up in a compact, “I mean honestly who will miss that freakshow world.

Fluttershy rolled her eyes and said, “anyone unlucky enough to have lived through it!!”

Rainbow dash nodded and said, “ yeah big time!!

Applejack adjust the tie in her shirt and said, “Look I’m all for going anywhere so I don’t have to hear my mom and her new wife fuck all night long over me and my girls bucking!!!.... it’s probably not a good thing that I can have sex while hearing that is it?”

Pinkie pie laughed and said, “probably but any how yeah let’s do this this story’s expansion pack won’t have much of a story other wise I mean it’s been a chapter with no sex how odd is that?”

Celestia rolled her eyes and said, “ok we’ll go we’ll handle this and move on!!”

To be continued

the new eight herds.
Celestia( formerly Rito Yuuki of main earth) Yami, Lala and Eris
Luna ( formerly Akihsia Yoshi of baka earth) Yuuko Kinoshita , and Miharu Shimizu ( planet saved)
Twilight sparkle ( formerly Naruto or ninja earth ) Hinata and Kurama ( planet dying)
Rarity ( formerly courier of fallout earth ) Dr. Mobius and zecora
Fluttershy( formerly akira fudo the devilman of devil earth) cutie honey and Miki ( planet dying)
Rainbow dash ( formerly Ranma of martial arts world) Hideyoshi kinoshita ( has no reason to return home)
Applejack ( formerly max taylor of main earth) zoe drake and Oshizu ( mission save parents)
Pinkie Pie (formerly Deadpool of the marvel universe) Zastin and Tenjoin