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To love Ru Elements.

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On the Ninja planet Twilight was holding her girlfriend Hinata panting Cosmos’s head still staring at her only for it to be knocked back by a massive fireball and she looked up to see Celestia landing.

She smiled, “your not alone Twilight, … We’ll explain later let’s handle this universe destroyer first!!” She said happily.

A moment Later Eris showed up next to Yami and Yami made her hair into cannons and fired as eris snapped her fingers charging the blast with chaos making them ten times larger.

Luna landed and fired form her horn a massive energy blast hitting it dead on making it fade!!

Rarity showed up on the ground holding her two blasters firing them as she charged them with magic and looked to Mobius, “Darling care to explain why she seems to be fading away?”

Mobius pulled out an alien blaster and fired on Cosmos and said, “Why simple she has no body she is just energy a body recharges it’s own energy!!! No body no recharge so sooner or later she will fade away!! She has no body to take damage with as such it appears she fades and lose power faster when hit!! That normally won’t make sense but as it’s a chaos being it makes perfect sense!!” she sound kind of happy.

Fluttershy was in her devilmare form and breath fire on her making her scream, “So she was dying and want to take the multiverse with her how funny!!” she laughed at it a mocking laugh.

Cutie honey smiled as she held her sword she was in her combat form and slashed her sword sending out a slash wave that hit the large energy head making it scream, “then I guess this world took a number on her before coming down just to Twilight and her girlfriend!”

Rainbow dash then flow at high speed making a sonic rainbow witch knocked her away as she hovered in the air, “Ok can we just finish off this dying bitch so I can go back to fucking my Otaku boyfriends ass!! As it’s my turn on top!!!” she said clearly showing her focus was not on the fight!”

Applejack sighed as she held out a staff and span it around making it fire off a lighting bolt at the thing as she said, “I miss Chomp!! He would make this so much easier!!”

Pinkie pie was just shooting, “Oh please you’ll get your arc sooner or later right now let’s fucking end this!!! “

At that moment the Chaos being roared knocking the, all back and she formed a claw to smash them but it was knocked back by two ted beams that is when they spotted Mazinger with it’s wing firing it’s breast fire attack.

In it’s cockpit Lala was sitting smiling, “I put the star engine prototype into the weapon systems I’m beaming her with star power endlessly!!” she said happily as Cosmos was fading more and more as she said, “And as a Machine can do continuous fire this is going to be easy!!”

Twilight smiled at it as Cosmos finally faded away and she happily held her knocked out girlfriend, “we did it!!!... but everyone else is gone!!”

Devilmare patted her back, “most of us know your pain!!”

Later on our eight pony futanari were together posing for a group shot, Twilight dressed in a version of Celestia’s outfit but with gold replaced by orange.

The girls all blow kiss into the picture for it as there lovers watched and had a nose bleed, they all giggled happily.

A week later on earth Celestia was in her school uniform walking to school with Lala and Yami smiling.

Celestia’s point of view.

so as soon as we got back Pinkie and Zastin seduced tenjoin and pinkie went to go get her daughter and bring her to her new home.

Rarity and Mobius are on there home world as this valley all became futanari zebra following Cosmos’s death as we make them a colony.

Luna is thrilled to be adopted by my parents and happily calls them Mommy and daddy while going to school with her girlfriend here.

Ranma and hideyoshi both love my schools girls uniform and are pretty much seen only wearing that sense.

Twilight and Hinata also enjoying being school girls and each other I mean out of all of us they are the most walked in on while fucking.

Fluttershy and Honey are also finishing school here and as for me well.

I moved my mane behind my ears as Lala and Yami chased off men and women trying to ask me to marry them, everyone wants a hermaphrodite and as the new prettiest women in the galaxy my love troubles have doubled as now dudes want me including my best friend I then spotted Kenichi holding floors at me and I quickly used magic to through him away, … so kind of the same.. other then I seem to have become a worried mother when I am away form Celine.. and the front gates and there was all the other girls here who had feelings form ready to hand me flowers or try to grab my tits in the case of Risa and Mio.

I quickly had to make a magic shield around myself and make a run for it! With a smile on my face My new body and looks may be a headache but I have my harem I have love I have family and I have power to help those I care about!! Witch after a small brake I’ll happily get to helping Applejack then work on my new city plans!! I smiled I won’t trade this for the world as I ducked to avoid our principle.

Point of view change to third.

On fallout earth zion canyan.

Rarity was holding her protonic axe standing before a down and beaten Mobius and a anthro Zecora who was now naked showing she was a futa along with her wide hips and large easily d cup tits but the shred fabric around her shows she was dressed.

the enemy Rarity was swinging at was a yao Guai and in one swing she cut the mutant bears hand off before firing a horn blast killing it by shooting it’s head off.

Zecora got up and kissed her and said, “you dared to save my life so I will join your herd if you care?”

Rarity quickly undressed as she got down and helped Mobius undress, “We would love to darling now then!” she then bend Mobius onto her hand and knees and the doctor moaned happily as rarity trusted into her trans gender ass.

Mobius moaned happily while using her tail to rub her thing, “Oh that’s what I need after a fight now Zecora your options are my mouth or Rarity’s pussy or ass your pick!!” she said happily while panting with hearts around her head

Zecora smiled as she got behind rarity rest her boobs against her back and trust into the uniforn anthro’s pussy making her happily yip as she trust and spoke, “After I fuck you, you will fuck me!!”

Rarity happily moaned out a yes!


to be continued.

the new eight herds.

Celestia( formerly Rito Yuuki of main earth) Yami, Lala and Eris

Luna ( formerly Akihsia Yoshi of baka earth) Yuuko Kinoshita , and Miharu Shimizu ( planet saved)

Twilight sparkle ( formerly Naruto or ninja earth ) Hinata. ( planet dying)

Rarity ( formerly courier of fallout earth ) Dr. Mobius and zecora

Fluttershy( formerly akira fudo the devilman of devil earth) cutie honey ( planet dying)

Rainbow dash ( formerly Ranma of martial arts world) Hideyoshi kinoshita ( has no reason to return home)

Applejack ( formerly max taylor of main earth) zoe drake and Oshizu ( mission save parents)

Pinkie Pie (formerly Deadpool of the marvel universe) Zastin and Tenjoin