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To love Ru Elements.

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In side a shower Applejack was washing with Zoe and Oshizu, when Zoe grabbed applejack’s c cup boobs from behind and smiled, “Got your tits!!” She said happily.

Applejack blushed, “Zoe sugar cube I know my hormones make it so I am irresistible but time and place!! We have to save the universe then hope those jackasses in the time machine find us so we can save our parents even if they do disapprove or think I’m a freak!!” She then looked down to her dick still in it’s sheave as she said, “beside he’s not coming out!! He’s tried hiding in his cave!!” she said pointing at it!

Oshizu got down and start washing applejack’s ass making her eyes widen as the ghost girl said, “you forget you have another set of gentiles for us to play with down there!” she then stick a finger in there making applejack’s tail curl into a heart.

Zoe giggled and blushed, “that’s right been having some much fun going on pony rides I forgot scissoring was something we could do!!” she smirked evilly as Oshizu pinned her Applejack.

the former boy’s eyes widen as she tried to cover it and said, “Hay hay!! How would you like me to hold you down and say I was going to scissor you!!”

Both girls licked there lips pervertedly showing the Futa’s words were falling on deaf but horny ears.

outside the hospital area.

Zastin was happily walking off to report saying, “perfect Lala’s magic making collar will wake everyone up so we can move on to helping them repair there planet and move on! Plus the new battery for the ship should be on so we can get to the haunt for the final two to figure out how we are supposed to handle cosmos.”

that is when he drew his green energy blade as two came at him!! And he turned to see a Pinkie Anthro.

She was pinkie pie but in a black bra and panty set, and a vest slash belt combo with a symbol in the middle, she had guns holstered to her legs and two laser blades in hand! She hit the symbol and teleport to behind him and yelled, “BOO!!”

Zastin turned to blade another strike only for her to put one of the blade handles at her side and draw her gun to fire a laser shot, witch made Zastin jump to the left, “We are looking for you to help save the universe why are you attacking me!

Pinkie pie rubbed her easily e-cup boobs, “One I’m not form this universe I’m form the marvel universe formally named Deadpool!! And if I’m going to be a chick with a dick mightiest well go with this herd thing to find a husband and wife and make my little Elly belly lots of younger siblings!! You look like a handsome knight! So want to see if you were all looks and no substance before I stick my legs behind my head and suck my own dick while offering to let you fuck me in the pussy!!”

Zastin looked red, “And what makes you think I would do such an act with you?”

Pinkie pie shaked her Hartman hips makings her boobs giggle, “Look at me!! Thanks to this merge I keep my healing factor with drop dead gorgeous fur looks besides this story runs on everyone wants a hermaphrodite!!”

An hour later Pinkie was naked legs over her head sucking her dick cumming in her own mouth so much she had to spit it out and cum all over her face and mane as Zastin who was shirtless trust in and came in her pussy.

That is when they heard Celestia yelling “IN PUBLIC ZASTIN!!!!??” That is when the two turned to see Celestia Luna, Fluttershy, Rarity, Applejack, and Rainbow dash standing arms crossed.

Luna rolled her eyes, “We all want to breed and be bread the fact this change makes us sterile for five years is killing us all and we all understand our hormones are over powering!! And we’ve all been walked in on but at least we do it behind close doors to start with!! I mean Pinkie pie!!! Have some glass party girl!!!” she said crossing her arms at it.

Rainbow dash crossed her arms, “And someone get Pinkie pie some cloths other than bra and panties I understand fur is hot but people are going to look up to us and we don’t want them spanking to us to much!!” she said clearly rude about it

Fluttershy who was in a simple white dress rolled her eyes, “I am kind of on pinkie pie’s side I like naked better too!!”

Applejack adjust the tie of her shirt, “they aren’t even cute bar and panties!! They are simple black!!!”

Rarity adjusted her mane with one hand while looking at her reflection in her energy axe, “true red sports bra and shot shorts would look so much better on her!! And make by some fish next sleeve gloves just for naughty look!!”

Pinkie pie wiped her face up and said, “that’s nice and all but can we get to saving the multiverse I would like to use my teleporter to pick up my daughter and start being a loving mother type milf!!” she said happily about it.

Celestia then said, “I understand this I just want to get this over with so me and my herd can mother the hell out of Celine!! New battery is in so let’s get pinkie dressed and go to the last reading and find Twilight!!”

Later on Pinkie is modeling the outfit Rarity talked about for Zastin, “You like Zastin? I know you do as I hand your boner hitting your cup!! I hear back on Celestia’s home planet there is a rich girl madly in love with you well we’ll just have to tag team seduce her so I can have a husband and wife what’s our future wife’s name honey?”

Zastin had a nose bleed and said” Tenjoin Saki”

Pinkie pie smiled and said, “Nice to know now get your jaw off the floor unless you want to take turns blowing eachother in witch case keep it own while I slide off my shorts cup and thong!!

Meanwhile on a planet.

A twilight sparkle bear hooves in a black shirt with the back ripped to let out her wings and orange pants was panting she had a headhand with a leaf on it tied around it her body was glowing golden and red as she stood in front of the downed Hinata, “I have to protect her!! Kurama got any more chakra to give?”

Inside of her a giant demon fox said, “I wish Naruto I’m sorry Twilight I am at my limits!!”

Twilight then put her hands in a sigh and said, “Shadow clone Justus!!” she then sent out clones to tackle what looked like an energy cloud with a face as she picked up Hinata and flow off.

to be continued.

the new eight herds.

Celestia( formerly Rito Yuuki of main earth) Yami, Lala and Eris

Luna ( formerly Akihsia Yoshi of baka earth) Yuuko Kinoshita , and Miharu Shimizu ( planet saved)

Twilight sparkle ( formerly Naruto or ninja earth ) Hinata. ( planet being destroyed )

Rarity ( formerly courier of fallout earth ) Dr. Mobius

Fluttershy( formerly akira fudo the devilman of devil earth) cutie honey ( planet dying)

Rainbow dash ( formerly Ranma of martial arts world) Hideyoshi kinoshita ( has no reason to return home)

Applejack ( formerly max taylor of main earth) zoe drake and Oshizu ( mission save parents)

Pinkie Pie (formerly Deadpool of the marvel universe) Zastin


Pinkie pie was naked smirking as she rubbed her hand along the sheave her thing was in when not in use, “Hello perverts who red this story!! And I mean that with love formally Deadpool you know!! And here we are one chapter away for the final battle of an arc and lets see now I see one high school arc and three more adventures before we get to finally breed!!”

She then blow kisses and rubbed her boobs, “thanks for enjoying wish we could get some comments but the hit counter is doing great, well as great as it can all things involved and as you see we’re just a silly little naughty comedy most of the time it’s why I fit in!!”

She then put in her teleporter and put her laser sword hands on her hips as she put her gun holsters back on and said, “Now I have to go get my bra and panties back to go get my cloths back form that stupid alien slime that got on and stole everyone with tits cloths!!” She then hit the teleport button and left.

Eris then showed up naked rolling her eyes, “No class that one!! Well thanks join us next time when we fight cosmos and end our first arc and also don’t be afraid to comment our writer wants this to be the best little porn with plot he can right so feed back ideas and suggestion are welcomed, but if you are pointing out a spelling mistake our writer is dyslexia so just try not to be rude about a spelling mistake when bring it up ok? Good?”

Eris then snapped her fingers making her cloths appear, “Now I think my little slime joke has gone on long enough Yami is already going to hair mace my ass to hell when she finds out so I best stop while I’m going to enjoy the punishment on my asshole!!! I may need to give though to turning my self into a futa with a pussy like Celestia at this point and all.”

End omake.