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The marble floor is cool and smooth against your bare feet. You shiver slightly as a few drops of water fall from your hair and run down your back. Though under normal circumstances it would be comfortable in such a pleasantly temperate place, without any clothing the air is almost cold, and the chill is only increased by the lingering water evaporating from your skin. But that is how it must be. To be allowed into the temple, you had to bathe in a sacred hot spring, and were not allowed to re-clothe yourself. After all, to meet a goddess, the Goddess, you must bare all. It would be the epitome of hubris to meet She who had created your form and have that work of Hers be shrouded in a mortal's creation...especially when this particular work of Hers is in Her own divine image.

Entering the inner sanctum, you see a magnificent throne with a statue of Palutena seated in it. This is hardly the first time you have seen an image of the Goddess, of course, but this is by far the most beautiful and the largest. Huge and grand as it should be, it is clothed in robes of flowing white silk that look like they could slip away at any second, in spite of being made of solid stone. The idea is not unpleasant.

Approaching the figure, you bow down in front of the divine figure and fervently utter a simple prayer, its adoration reverberating through your mind and soul with its earnestness. Leaning in, you place a gentle kiss against the foot of the statute. Rather than the feeling of cool, slick marble, as you would expect, your lips meet warm and soft flesh. Opening your eyes, you see that the pale stone has taken on a light pink tone, the most perfect and smooth flesh imaginable, with the perfectly trimmed nails painted a vibrant green.

“Welcome to my temple. I have been waiting for you for quite some time,” a voice comes from above. It is high and musical, with a playful and joyous tone.

Turning your gaze upwards, you are met with the smiling face of Palutena. Her hair is flowing softly in the air, and She radiates a warmth that you can feel reaching into the core of your being. Shocked at the sudden appearance of your object of worship, you bow down forehead, touching the floor as you murmur in a hushed tone of awe that you are not worth of being in such a wonderful presence.

“Now, now. It's very flattering and I appreciate it, but none of that just now. Lift your head.” The command is gentle but undeniable. Returning your gaze to Palutena, you cannot help but observe every detail of Her body. If a mortal is allowed the privilege to gaze upon a goddess, the Goddess, then it is only right that the mortal take in every heavenly detail, as much as she possibly can. The silk that had clothed the statue is now gone, leaving Palutena as naked as yourself. As befitting a Goddess, Her body can only be described as perfect. Her large, brilliant green eyes shine with a compassion unmatched even by their playful twinkle, and Her lips are plump and slightly glossy, framing a mouth which in its perfection could not help but make every statement it issued a divine proclamation. These and the rest of Her perfect feminine features are framed by Her long, shimmering green hair, a transcendentally wondrous mane that also frames a long, slender neck. That elegant throat houses the harmonious voice of a goddess, the Goddess, so it must be flawless, and it is. It leads down to large, pert breasts with prominent, pink nipples, each with a golden ring hanging from it that glints in Her divine light, as does the golden chain that connects these rings, a chain with a single, vivid, brilliant emerald suspended from it at the center of Her chest.

Below this, Her middle is flat and slim, while Her hips are wide and lovely, prominent with the promise of fertility. Her legs are long and slender, smooth and curved, sculpted greater than even Her beautiful statue had been. And, of course, Her feet seem dainty and elegant, even as Her divine amazonian proportions make them almost twice as long as your own face. Her hands are a display of art and articulation, with digits so sublime and beautiful that you think that it would be easy just to worship them alone, as the representation of perfection in tools of creation and utility.

And of course, at the junction of her legs is Her holy womanhood. No...that is a term for a mortal. Palutena possesses a Goddesshood; there is no other appropriate name. Surrounded by soft, bushy green hair, you can see Her divine labia, lightly parted and inviting. The godly bud of Her clitoris, thrice the size in proportion to Her person as of your own, has a glorious ring through it, just like Her nipples above, with an emerald embedded within the golden band.

Every aspect of Her appearance evokes a sense of perfection and wonder.

Rising from Her seat, the Goddess towers over you, reinforcing how magnificent She is with Her great size and stature - although She would be no less awe-inspiring were She no bigger than the nose on your face. Giggling faintly, She reaches down and offers you the soft, glowing palm of Her hand. The privilege of touching hands with this deity is the greatest gift of your life, and you accept it, trembling. She gently pulls you to your feet, and then down to sit upon Her throne, which is no longer marble, but soft and plush bedding. Your mind reels with the sacrilege of allowing yourself to dare touch Her sacred place, and yet how can you refuse when it is Palutena's own will?

Leaning down so that your eyes meet, Palutena beging to speak. “I know this must be quite the surprise, but I have been looking forward to this day for a very long time. You see, though I do love all the people of the world, I have been looking for someone with whom I could share my love with on a more...personal level.” Each word bathes you in Her breath. Warm and sweet smelling, it almost makes you feel lightheaded.

“I have watched over all the people who worship me, and have seen that none is more devout than you. You love me more than any other. I am a Goddess, and you see me as that, and worship me for it, and that's as it must be...but even as you do, you also see me as much more,” She says, smiling.

“So, basically: want to be my lover?” She asks, cheerful and blunt, with a merry tilt of Her head.

The words are nearly more jarring than the Goddess showing up in person.

Seeing your reaction, Palutena laughs, such a wonderfully charming laugh. “I know it must be quite the shock, but pick that jaw up off the floor, now. This really is happening!” She tells you sweetly. She steps forward, standing directly before you. The Goddess stands tall and glorious, so much that you only stand a few inches below Her breasts.

“We can discuss things to your satisfaction later, my dear, but for now...I'm eager to consummate this, the first moment of our eternity together,” She tells you with an inviting smile, tilting your chin upwards as She leans down.

Palutena’s lips meet yours. They are soft, sweet, and ever so warm. Your body nearly gives out beneath you, but somehow you stay standing, though it is much more difficult as you feel Her tongue slip into your mouth, tenderly exploring it and caressing your own, encouraging you to do the same.

The pleasure soon overcomes your disbelief, and you begin to kiss back. Palutena lets out a low, soft moan as you return Her efforts. Her hands reach into your hair, running through it and down your back. Everywhere Her fingers touch tingles with an erotic warmth unlike anything you have ever experienced. You feel as though you could climax from this alone, the gentle and loving passion of a divine being.

She pulls you closer to Herself, and you feel Palutena’s breasts press against you, Her erect nipples rubbing against your skin. The smooth, warm metal of Her piercings is too much to take, and you feel a wave of pleasure wash through your entire body as warm, wet arousal trickles down your legs. Breaking the kiss, Palutena looks down at you with tender affection. Without saying a word, She begins to kneel, kissing along your neck tenderly. You cannot help but feel guilty, for a goddess, the Goddess, should never need to lower Herself before a mortal...yet how can you protest, when it is Her will to do so? How can you protest, when it is out of love, love for you, love for you that you still cannot believe you could be so blessed to receive, that causes Her to do so? And how can you protest, when it feels so good that your voice has escaped you?

She works Her way down to your chest, as the grandeur of Her love is sweetly pressed against you with every peck. Taking one of your nipples between Her lips, She suckles gently. Your body acts on it own, your hands reaching to Her head and touching Her hair before your reverence can stop them from committing such an act of arrogant sin. Her hair is softer than silk and warmer than the sunlight, and you cannot take your leave of it, so wonderful is it to feel and know.

Suddenly there is a small, sharp pain in your breast's peak. It is brief, and somehow, not entirely unpleasant. Releasing the hard nub, Palutena nods approvingly, a creator satisfied with what She has wrought. "That looks very good,” She decides, Her tone soft but pleased. "Now you'll always carry my touch with you, my love."

Looking down, you see that there is now a small silver stud running through your nipple. Each end is capped with a diminutive emerald, much like the one that hangs elegantly between Palutena’s breasts.

She gives it a small flick with the tip of Her tongue, and you cannot contain your delight at the pleasure that this divine new accessory gives to you. It is as though the holy pleasure of Her tongue is blessing the very core of your sensitive peak. She moves over to the other one, and begins to give it the same treatment. Once more the pain is brief and oddly pleasant. Now that both nipples have been baptized in the silver and brilliant green glory of Palutena's glory, healed instantly by and desirous to feel more of Her holy touch, She begins to kiss a trail down and along your stomach. Each kiss is a heavenly light bathing your senses, nearly making you peak again and again.

When at long last She reaches your mound, She inhales, giving a slight moan. You can see your own fiery blush reaching down past your collar...that such perfection would see fit to lower Herself to enjoy the simple pleasures of your mortal body...

“ has been such a long time since I have had a chance to smell something so wonderful,” She murmurs softly to Herself. Her warm, heavenly breath moving across your crotch brings you over the edge once more, and you quake in helpless bliss as your nerves twist themselves in pleasurable knots and your insides pulse in happiness. You cannot help your reaction to the gentle attentions of the most beautiful Goddess in all creation, cannot restrain your orgasm in the slightest, and a small splash of nectar escapes you and lands against the bridge of Her nose. Before the horror of your lewd sacrilege can hit you, Palutena looks up at you with a mischievous grin, and gathers the fluid evidence of your pleasure with Her fingertip.

“That was quick. Guess I've still got it!," She says with a smile and shrug. "It's flattering that I excite you so...I just hope you don’t get worn out too quickly. I want to have plenty of time to enjoy you,” She licks Her finger clean. The divinely obscene sight of the Goddess licking your juices up sparks a new wave of arousal within you, and you feel yourself already back on the edge.

Leaning in, Palutena places a gentle kiss against your sensitive bud. Much like before, there is a sharp yet enjoyable sting, much stronger now, which soon melts away into pleasure. You feel Palutena tug at the silver, emerald-embedded ring now piercing your clit with Her lips as Her tongue dances along the tiny organ. Burying your fingers in the lushness of Her hair, the whole world seems to flicker as the most potent orgasm yet tears through you. Not relenting even as you quiver and moan, Palutena slips a finger into your folds, curling the digit and rubbing your inner walls, drawing out more and more pleasure with every second of your climax.

When at long last She pulls away, you fall to the ground, spent and hazy. Palutena grabs you and pulls you into another kiss. The taste of Her lips and your own juices is heady and delicious. Without parting, She guides you into a position so that She is cradling you in Her grand, divine lap.

Ending the kiss, She leans Her head back, exposing Her pale and graceful neck. Too far gone with desire and pleasure to worry over the propriety of touching a goddess, the Goddess, you begin to lay kisses along Her neck. Her skin is supple and soft; the feeling is so wonderful that you could easily be content just to do this alone for the rest of eternity.

Yet you know that will not suffice. She is perfection incarnate, and She deserves the best you can give Her, and better. Moving down to Her chest, you envelop one of the perfect pink nubs of Her nipples. The chain seems to vanish so as to not get in your way, though the rings remain in place. As you flick the bit of metal with your tongue, She strokes your hair, cooing in pleasure.

As you suckle, you are once more surprised. Warm, sweet milk begins to flow into your mouth and down your throat, filling you with a sense of contentment and love like none you have ever known. Looking down at you with those brilliant, shining eyes, Palutena brushes your check with Her free hand, the other still running through your hair. She gives a small grin. “You seem surprised? I'm a Goddess, a creator...a mother, more than any other woman ever has been. Of course I carry milk..."

You spend several minutes gulping down that wonderful, nourishing milk from the Goddess’s breast before it finally seems to empty. Never have you known a more heavenly or delicious meal, and if there were anything but happiness in your mind right now, you might wonder how you will ever go back to consuming mortal food. But your mind is not on such things, only the bliss of this quiet, perfect moment of divinity. You move over to Her other breast and begin drinking from it hungrily, almost ravenously, despite the fullness you already feel in your stomach.

Moving Her hand from your face, She places it on your belly. “A thought comes to me...a grand way to show our love,” She says tenderly. You feel something deep inside your body shift, and you know somehow that you are pregnant. Knowing and feeling that the child of the Goddess now lives within you fills you with more love and joy than you could ever believe possible.

Suddenly you are no longer so full...there is a new thirst within you, a deep need in your body and soul to fill yourself with the perfection of Palutena. Redoubling your efforts to drink, you can see and feel your stomach already growing larger as the glorious fluid flows gently down your throat. The milk of the Goddess is fueling the growth of your child, each gentle gulp growing and nurturing her better than your body alone could in a full week..

All too soon, though, Palutena is emptied of her rich mother goddess's milk. You release the now drained nipple, and Palutena shimmers and fades for a brief second. You find you are now resting on a pile of lush pillows, your head lifted slightly, with Palutena standing over you. Her waiting and wet slit is positioned so that She merely has to lower Herself to meet you. She moves down, pressing Herself against your mouth.

Though it would have seemed like an impossibility, the taste of Her arousal is even better than Her milk. The soft green hair around Her mound tickles your lips and nose as you lick Her grand clit, taking it between your lips and gently suckling at it as your tongue flicks at the golden ring embedded within the large pleasure button.

“Ahh...that good...I knew that...that you would be wonderful!” Her words melt away as She moans loudly, rocking Her hips against your face.

You warm with the pride and happiness of being praised so by the Goddess, but even that is only at the back of your mind. Right now, you can feel every moan and twitch that She makes almost as though it were your own. The pleasure you give Her makes you feel even better than when She did it for you. Palutena is sharing Her pleasure, the pleasure of a goddess, the Goddess, with you, and it is so overwhelming that the only thing you can do to handle the overload of bliss is to press on and focus everything you have upon furthering Her pleasure and desire.

Watching Her face, you see that Her eyes are half closed and fluttering with every ragged breath. The chain has reappeared between Her breasts, and sways with each movement She makes. Using both of Her hands, She massages Her own breasts, tweaking and pinching Her nipples, which causes tiny droplets of pearly white milk to dribble out. You know you emptied Her entirely, the delicious mania Her milk gave you would not have let you do anything less, so She must already have replenished Herself...perhaps a mother goddess is incapable of being without milk. The tiny droplets run down Her stomach, along Her mound, and into your eager mouth.

When Palutena finally climaxes, the pleasure floods your mind just as She floods your mouth with the large gush of that heavenly juice. The taste alone would be enough to make you go over the edge as well, if the indescribable pleasure of the orgasm of the Goddess were not already blinding your mind and senses with pure, luminous pleasure. You scream with delight that you were not designed to be able to handle.

Palutena's orgasm is long and only seems to get more powerful with every passing moment. It ravages Her for an hour. She releases you from your connection to Her after only a few minutes, which is a relief, for you know your mind could not have survived the pleasures of a goddess for this full hour. Instead you watch Her as She quakes over and over again, and you lick Her to heighten pleasures already beyond your grasp. Somehow it never becomes any less enthralling to watch the bliss wrack Her body and pulse through Her heavenly veins, and you find at the end of its hour that you only wish her climax could have kept going. Seeing the Goddess you worship and love in pleasure is the greatest thing that has ever happened to you.

She rises from you and the drenched sheets, for Her wondrous pleasure never stopped flowing throughout Her orgasm, and heaves a deep sigh. “That was wonderful. It was perfect,” She says, sounding exhilarated. You swell with pride once more that you could satisfy the greatest of all beings.

“But we are far from done, my beloved,” She says, moving down so that She is at your feet. Sitting down, Palutena pulls you in close, locking legs so that your womanhood meets Her goddesshood. Moving Her hips, She rubs against you, soft and slow, sending ripples of pleasure through every nerve, and you press back against Her in turn, becoming used to the new weight of life you're carrying and using it to add more force to your movements. Silently She takes your foot and gently kisses the sole, before moving to your toes, sucking each one gently. Eager to return Her gift, you take Her foot and reflect the action. Just like every other part of Her, Palutena’s toes are wonderful and perfect, soft and curved, dainty yet in no way fragile.

Releasing your foot for a moment, Palutena speaks softly. “You are so very beautiful and radiant with my child,” She whispers in quiet delight, as She presses against you a little more, adding to the pleasure. “I think I would like us to go through this experience together, and so that I can be as radiant as you now are..."

Grinding harder against you, Palutena moans deeply and loudly. The sounds of Her pleasure are enough to cause you to join Her in climax. As droplets of your nectar squirt from your quaking cunny and into Her body, you can somehow feel that She has taken that essence of pleasure and created life within Herself from it...a sister for the daughter you're carrying.

Drawing away, Palutena moves to your breasts, latches onto your nipple and starts suckling. Just as when She planted life inside of you, something seems to shift inside, and you can feel milk starting to flow out of your breast. Your divine lover slurps loudly as She drinks, Her own belly growing quickly, rounding out as your child develops inside of Her, nourished at the same incredible pace by your milk as your first daughter has been by Hers. Moving over to your other breast, Palutena drinks deeply, looking you lovingly in the eyes as She does.


* * * * * * *


You rest your head against Palutena’s shoulder, your hand on Her belly, swollen as it has been thousands of times over the wonderful centuries you've been with Her. Together you look down on the human world.

“Our daughters have done much good for the people of the world, haven’t they?” she muses.

You can only nod in agreement. The many, many daughters that you have borne each other have spread far and wide, demigoddesses who lead the world with the perfect wisdom they learn from their holy mother, the practical ingenuity they learn from their once mortal mother, and most importantly, the love they were raised upon from both. Peaceful and prosperous, the human world is almost a heaven in its own right now...but it still cannot compare to the joy of an eternity within Palutena's arms.