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i bet you’ve wondered where i’ve been

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He was going to have to lie. To his birth father of all dragons. There’s absolutely no possible way this could go wrong. At all.

Wildfire looked down at him, waiting. He was at least twice Flame’s height, scaring him more than he wanted to admit. He could always tell him she was up north, or that she was dead or something. Maybe he could say she moved, tried to move, dying while moving-


Flame’s breath hitched. Riiight, I should probably say something right about now…

“I haven’t seen her in a while. Last I heard, she moved to the Sea Kingdom with…” say it, say their names, drag them down, “...Nautilus and Squid.” He felt Wildfire relax. “I don’t know why she would do that, I mean they aren’t very nice to be around.”

The larger dragon tensed up again. By the moons, why did I keep talking!

“She lives with the SeaWings now?” Wildfire rumbled. Flame nodded, his tail twitching. “Alright, I’ll go there tomorrow. You better not have lied to me, uh, what was your name again?”


“Flame… very fitting… we are very alike, son. We even have matching scars!” He exclaimed. The smaller SkyWing flinched.

This was it, he could finally learn about where his birth father went, but after this he wasn’t so sure anymore. He inhaled.

“Do you want to hear about how I got this scar?” Wildfire pointed at the near identical scar stretched across his snout. Flame choked. It was a topic of interest, or however Starflight would put it, he supposed. He nodded again.

Wildfire sat down and opened his wings to present nearly all of his scars. There were at least twelve that Flame counted. How was he still alive…?

He answered as if he could read Flame’s mind, “I got most of these scars fighting SandWings and IceWings, never really saw any SeaWings. Those claws those pieces of scales had… damn…” Wildfire trailed off.

“How aren’t you dead then?” He sputtered, “SandWings hurt a lot, and I can only imagine IceWings, s-so-!”

“I don’t know, honestly.” Wildfire looked blank. That must’ve struck a chord, oop.

“It all started when I was apart of the guard,”

Oh here we go...

“I was one of Scarlet’s top guards, alongside Avalanche and Osprey. We confronted that monster and her wretched waste of scales mother years ago, just before she left me…”


“Avalanche thought I didn’t notice you. I saw where she hid you, but that was it. She left me and took you with her.” Wildfire dug his claws into the rock, his nostrils smoking. “I stayed alive to see her again, I would do anything for her.”

Okay, so lying was definitely the best decision. Maybe this salamander-brain can drown somewhere away from my family.

“I- I see…”

“If she’s not in the Sea Kingdom, I’m coming back for you. I need you in my life…” he begged, dropping to his forearms.

That’s weird that’s weird that’s weird-



“I’d die for her…”

Flame held his tongue. Suddenly, the shadow of another dragon appeared above him.

“You will.”

The dragon landed in between the two, spreading her wings. She snarled at Wildfire. Flame’s talons were glued to the ground.

“Go back to the center or you’ll be late, Flame.”


Avalanche blasted fire at Wildfire, striking him in the side of his face. She turned back to face Flame, “I said go!”

Flame turned on his heels and took off. His heart was pounding. Avalanche was right, if he didn’t leave now, he would definitely get in trouble. He flew away like his life depended on it, like it might’ve. He didn’t know. He glanced back at his birth parents fighting, maybe at some point his mom would tell him who won.

He crashed into his room, knocking over most of his graphicolls. He sighed, putting them back up and crawling into bed.