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i bet you’ve wondered where i’ve been

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“So… you’re leaving tomorrow?” Flame questioned.

Umber nodded, taking some of his favourite graphicolls from Flame’s shelves.

“I’ll be okay without you, if you’re wondering,” the red dragon added, hoping to break the silence.

Umber was usually very talkative, but right now he was very focused in making sure he had everything he wanted to take with him.

“I know you will, Flame,” the MudWing smiled up at him, making the other melt.

There was more silence before Umber buttoned up his satchel and tossed it beside his bed. To be honest, Flame was going to miss him. I mean, it was pretty obvious to his other friends, but still. Umber told him he’d be gone for a week with Sora and their siblings, which was fine, because Umber would be happy. That, and if he were happy, so was Flame.

“Don’t try and get in any trouble while I’m gone, please?” Umber joked.

Flame stifled a snort, “of course, Mud-Muffin.”

Umber hid his face in his talons, “I can’t believe you still call me that,” he mumbled.

Flame barked a laugh, wrapping his silky wing around his boyfriend. Umber rested his head on the red dragons’ shoulder, his eyes fluttering. Flame leaned against his shelves, closing his eyes as well. While a bed might be more comfortable, he had Umber in his arms, which was pretty great in his opinion.

The ruby-red dragon woke up with Umber flinging his bag over his shoulders. He groaned, cracking his back as he got up. The brown dragon ran over to Flame, enveloping him in a tight hug. Flame wheezed, pressing his snout against Umber’s.

“I’ll see you in a week, Flame,” Umber murmured.

He let go of his boyfriend and collected his bag again.

“See ya,” Flame nuzzled Umber’s cheek before he left.

Afterwards, he passed right out again.